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OH Christmas Tree!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 5, 2020 4:22 pm

OH Christmas Tree!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 5, 2020 4:22 pm

Robby & Christian Insurance Guy, Bill Mixon, remember their favorite Christmas Trees.  Trees.  More important than we all think.

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Christmas gift why not the one with the chicken leaving applicable waves as Christmas gifts chicken maybe it's not the get for your family, but it gives the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens and provide food and nourishment for family and they can sell those eggs at the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asia. 1% of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family of Jesus family this Christmas and give them a six explanation see chickens and camping. This is Jim Graham from the masculine dirty podcast where we explore relationship instead a religion every week your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network so want to play I spy all right, I'll go first.

I spy something green tree. I spy something tall tree. I buy something with Mark three by something vertical log treat radio show. Chris oh Chris you might guess that Christmas tree today on the Christian card.

I show Bill Mixon. You might say Robbie what trees have to do with Carswell just to throw this in the sand.

Not totally off-topic but Henry Ford used wood in this model to actually bid in the floorboards and one of the genius things he did because he was all about making cars as inexpensive as possible as he had the people that were shipping stuff to him. Bill Shepherd and he would give them specific dimensions on how he wanted his crates because they reduce the crates the boards of the cars and the woody had this big to take other places. Guess what, he burned it may try calling when you see kings for charcoal.

That's from Henry Ford, it's true, and that was his other company.

Besides making cars and so there's a man that knew how to save a buck. I'm just saying and he is that in order to create the least expensive car ever made and a lot of what we're doing here in America in the car business today. Much, much of it had to do with that kind of thinking some trees from my perspective were to get in the Christmas trees right to get into trees all over the place. But first I gotta tell you that if you're wondering about the two moons that's called moose or mousses.

I thought the two mousses there from Brother bear, and their plan I spies on the funniest she seen the movie you know what I'm talking about the vertical log is correct and then the little girl from Christmas Chronicles 2 on Netflix.

Oh my goodness what a movie like if you like Christmas movies. I just 90 now it's Kurt Russell Goldie Harmening can't miss it's it's it's awesome Bill not only doing talk trees. Today I'm a Christian card.

I miss good time to get a treat and actually I am going to Boone, North Carolina, and later his eyes he shows are over with my family were going to do our traditional Christmas tree and what a day to do this is just perfect to see uncle at the guidance and teach me some about trees so also we don't want you to miss out on the fact that the end of the show today. Last segment will be lamest progress.

Chapter 10 valiant has another two rooms to visit and Anna Natalia.

I'll never forget when I read the book the first time these two rooms shocked me know and like. It took me days to figure out all that was being brought out by John Bunyan in this and so I think you will really really enjoy this episode and it might in out tickle your thought processes about some conventional Christian thinking you may have that you made possibly rethink. I don't do stuff to look at.

So, but it does seem like God has been showing me trees are your semi if you're if you know me well you know I get a word of the year I start playing in December and actually am praying now for my word for 2021, and in my word for 2020 was in fact a hobbit in Hebrew, which means love and it's kind of a God expressed love okay but also for whatever reason he has had me looking at trees all year long and studying trees and studying that in Hebrew and thinking about it so it's kind of cool configured to drive from Rockingham County about 3540 minutes from the station every day. A couple three times whatever I do and I see all these trees and all.

If you know this, but there is a letter in Hebrew called us at eight and is that a stand for righteousness okay and so you begin to think about a tree right no matter what you do with it. It always points to the son right now that then you got a whole thing on son forming right yeah you got the point that the sermon matter what you do.

Everybody got the sun matter what you done SOM but anyway if you think about trees do do that and so you can put them on a somehow or another they always points where they can get the branches in the sun is just what they do and so I been thinking about trees and I been thinking about remember and all of a sudden my boss comes in on Monday and I honestly did not want to record the segment with Faustus can be a completely transparent is like Robbie I need you to record this with me and I was like man I haven't eaten all day. I had some blood tests.

Earlier in the day was among the elements and still is. I can only take 15 minutes, which in your raise your eyes are delayed yesterday, but then all my soul what God had for me, as is my dear boss, and his discipleship in his. He is a student of the word of God. He just really is and he was we were courting a segment on the 23 where the two thieves are on the cross. Now you may note that trees are what they used to make the cross okay and and and it is a tree on which we become righteous through the blood of Christ, so that this is no like there's a connection here and still is talking about the two thieves in Jesus is in the middle and an another one. The question he loved to ask everybody is how many thieves asked for salvation at the cross 12. They both did, but the one was mocking him when he did it and also heat.

The heat that he loves to throw that out there but don't read it in Luke 23 for yourself you'll see it.

They both ask and actually both marked according to Matthew. But then there was a change of heart on the second thief, which was a big deal when you look at what he says in the right translation for it. It it's mistranslated in places, when you look at it but it says his quote was Lord. In other words, he put Jesus where he belonged. Lord, repentance, and then what he said. Remember, remember me when you come into your kingdom right. What a statement I mean, what a statement and then Stu pointed out in this set me on the world like oh my goodness, to point out he said when was the last time you heard that. Remember me before the thief set it on the cross and if you think about it if you take communion a lot which I really really enjoyed doing it was Jesus at the Last Supper he said do this in remembrance of me in writing and even when you took the wind and this idea of remembrance, and still even went back to Joseph right when the butcher of the baker and candlestick maker. Remember, he said remember me right and the guy didn't remember but eventually did so as I start to think about this.

Remember, remember, and it was just it was going through my head and all of a sudden I remembered this study. I once did. On Luke excuse me on Deuteronomy 2122 right which I have here on a paper plate.

You'll see why it's on a paper plate. If you go to Christian Car because I I started to think about. This is where we get the idea of hanging someone on a tree is is from Deuteronomy 2122 and since somebody does something worthy of death you hang him on a tree while I knew what that look like in regular Hebrew books Holy Spirit just prompted me to go to the ancient ancient Hebrew was a completely different script and's and the Jews teach that maybe that was a common way but if you look at the most ancient Hebrew. You can find like stuff they found on vases and the King David's time to find it's a different script in the Hebrew that you will normally see today will this become significantly smiling but but it's a lady my paper plate so I had that I couldn't find anywhere were somebody had.

Deuteronomy 2122 in that ancient script so I took the time to write it out. I didn't write it out right to left.

I mean, I went from right to left. I did go from left to right like you normally would do Hebrew so I could see it is impaired English and when you look at this.

I'm telling because good letter to love which is in this several times is across and so on. It says you hang him on a tree and you put that in ancient Hebrew and by the way, I got a picture of my drawing there Christian Car you to find.

There are three crosses. There are two males and three shepherd's task is to use pictures right instead of letters and these pictures are very significant and at the end of the verse when it says tree.

Guess what you got.

It's it's is that it it's that tree right that were all made righteous on and if you think about the thief that was on the cross. That didn't get to go with Jesus in paradise.

He was made righteous to his own way by the law.

I mean, you know, he might not let their so there's a whole lot about this trees like there's so much to learn and you and I believe where I have another paper plate. I am armed with paper plates today as I've been writing and thinking and studying about and yes it may have some listening to the Truth Network and

We learn from all your beauty and and and as I was remembering.

I met him. I hope you're gonna remember your favorite Christmas trees.

We go throughout the show and Collison 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but after this opportunity to think about the thief on the cross and Jesus saying remember me in communion as he did as is. I'm going home and I'm looking at these trees and I'm seeing the branches and I'm thinking oh my goodness this is God painting a picture to for me to remember all that's involved here and so this morning Bill like my paper plates, but I just I had to take notes and I wanted to write him fast and there was a paper plate). I liked so I just did. So I decided that just go on an adventure. See what all I could find as far as trees in the Bible so this is real quick, but interesting to cover some space in a in a minute of things that I wouldn't help but note a case so you got Genesis 1 tree show up first thing and also you wouldn't you would note that the word earth itself ends with his attic because it even sounds like if you were to hear it in Hebrew the word earth sounds like at switches the word for tree not asked in my opinion is if you think about all the trees that you would see Genesis 2 right God points out two different trees. What is he got the tree of life, and a tree of knowledge of good and evil, and certainly a lot of Genesis 3 has to do with some eaten of the fruit. It's Genesis 6 what's Noah's Ark build out of which by the way, the word for one entry of the same word in Hebrew so it's built out of gopher trees.

Whatever those might be. Genesis 18 when the three people come to visit Abraham right that we believe are the Trinity or I believe it in way they sit under the shade of a wide tree now. One of things I hadn't thought about actually till this morning when Abraham went to the offer up his son. What was he going to use for fuel like oh by the way would be all the burnt offerings in order to make things right. What were they going to do. They were going to use would you ever thought about it I just think about it this morning and in Genesis 40. We talked about, you know, Joseph, guess what happened to the candlestick maker whatever guy was the peacock on a tree right unless you have thought about it but Moses is Aaron's rod however you want to look at you now you might know it's an almond branch once again treat night so interestingly, when you start to see the judgments that are in Exodus that the starts put out on the on the Egyptians and later you'll see it in Revelation.

What is eat eat what seem like the mountain is wiping out trees seriously. It has to do the judgments and then Exodus 15 Eileen thought about this one. You remember when the water was bitter. What made it sweet. It didn't say through in a little branch. It says he threw in the whole tree.

It was, you know that that that water was made sweet with a tree by and then obviously got the ark of the covenant was made out of wood. All the polls for the tabernacle there all that eat there there. I am his attic switch and I am just as is the letter that would mean I and so it's like you're seeing righteousness when you see a tree. I'm just saying it's kind all connected Bill and it's very exciting.

Translated gala now right which we know that you know in book of Esther.

There was a pretty tall and so you know, and I didn't go all the way through it. But again, when you get into how they got rid of you know mold and mildew and different things that they were doing as far as it turned different diseases see how often do you cedarwood and once again once again and I'll it's it's just all over the place and I kinda forgot this one lives in their that when the dove comes back to know what you got in his mouth tree just an olive leaf or whatever that looks like but we know it came from Brian and things have been made right. I am. It's a beautiful thing service as we go out and look at our Christmas trees. I just thought I would.

You know, add this little you know tidbit in for us to just think about on either you may not agree with half what I said fine, just make your own connections and think about you know where all is God showing up in the trees and and this year it for me.

In North Carolina Bill, I have never seen an I don't want to seem trees. I could never seen, but the fall colors were out of this world cool this year. I mean absolutely beautiful and from the time that I started to think about this whole idea in the spring and the summer. I can see that and let God's love flows through trees and some marvelous ways you had been getting the police issued and send me I have I have done more leaf gathering. I think I have ever well it comes with that so now the idea is for you to think about it like that.

God give you an example, a minor master for years Bill about the interview got one your favorite Christmas tree that you can remember as a kid. Well, I can remember. I want out of his friends house, his name is Ray Frick. This is, I was probably six okay but as remember he had a nickname Ray Frick and he had those bubble lights on his tree big ones.

You know not the little ones that they have to date. This was a this this screwed into the regular light thing in this huge thing was making bubbles in the lights everything Linda had and that this whole tree was covered with and I just sat there in total, all like man like I can remember seeing Matt as a little kid and it just brought this warm fuzzy feeling so.

What's yours 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Bill when I was in in college as staying in the old old mobile home was eaten beans and mashed potatoes a lot yet. Just very frugal. Well we put up the tree in that little place we were staying and decorated it with homemade ornaments and when I started in the insurance business. I would put a tree up early, as in Rinaldi Village and they decorated my tree had all kinds of ornaments that I'd say his college days fitted base layer. The first ones that will put all those wonderful little and then came the gifts of the tradition. What's your deal. We would love to hear at 866-348-7884 so you can remember.

Remember you're listening to the Truth Network and who grew to a and done all alone and you will will and that is Andre Bowes, Sally, which, if you have had a chance to hear him saying and you insist really amazed that God has given him.

And so I enjoyed that very much, and it all has to do with today show, which is oh Christmas tree.

I mean just seemed pretty simple, but we gotta tell you that coming up Ryan on at 1 o'clock. The cure with Amy combo and her husband Boris have fun barely talking about Amy's actual childhood abuse and how she survived it.

It's going be a very exciting showroom. Of course we live in. A chance for you to call him show comes on 1 o'clock Eastern on the Truth Network.

It's very fun love with those guys do so along the guidelines of right trees in remembering so, the idea of remembering well my kids laugh at me because I mother's people. I like to laugh a lot and I like to cry a lot a good day for me as if I cried a lot and I laughed a lot. So I like to watch Christmas movies because I cried all the way through the including Christmas Chronicles to which you know my kids just laugh at me no end about that. All that but nonetheless if you think about the word sentiment or sentimental right I will just share with you.

Like Jesus says to remember in the when you remember things it touches that place in your heart that makes you laugh or make you cry so you might say I'm a very sentimental person. While I enjoy that very much but interestingly, our culture does not agree with that so much since you look at the current definition of sentimental in the new Webster's dictionary. It says resulting from feeling rather than reason or thought. That's the B definition are marked by governed by feeling sensibility or emotional idealism having an excess assessment or sensibility That Webster said it may team 28 a lot different from my perspective abounding was sentimental just opinions.

Reflection is a sentimental discourse expressing quick intellectual feeling like what white light late.

We went from being an idiot because we feel so much to being intellectual.

How did this happen saw us to trust in time.

Every that's just I just been thinking about it. The culture does not like us to remember to they really don't big date they really don't much variation.

Sometimes I don't much care for my laughter and sometimes it definitely don't care for my current but God loves. I can assure you he's all about that stuff. I got Anna's got in Huntersville has her favorite tree poem. I'm excited about that and I happen to know beyond later as a Road Runner in Christian card I theater but I would love to hear your poem well. I love my new apartment. Good night Carolina tree Navy. I just love what you're talking about it that last time I wrote dad would had actually at the age and I grant, and that almond tree I wrote dad would browbeat and I is the Lord can make them. Dad would grout it surely revived me that if just a piece of wood that cut off a tree has no life, dead and gone.

Hatchet Niagara name DI cut and shaped into all and have no connection to the tree that can't can still do miracles that dad would make. He is laying down I live hand and we cannot clean the tree. The tree that held our precious blow away the car three door the life that God when we're connected to the tree and when God typed that dad led what about the block that almond every connection to the tree.

The Lord is still the same today. He hasn't got me here dad would highlight and reconnecting to tree it died so awesome I may want to call man absolutely beautiful. Thank you loving everything is taken Scripture where you know they put that hole in me wanting to sit in Jeremiah's references is at the beginning has been a consistent vision so it's not uncommon to have a almond branch vision is its firstfruits on the left knee that, but in spring time of Israel. The very first fruit.

The first blossoms on any trees in Israel are the almond trees are the firstfruits, so that's a picture of what Jeremiah wants. Seeing as well.

Beautiful stuff back and love Christian card I theater Antonia coming up here and let out but now I got my old friend I'm so glad she called back yet. I haven't heard from her in a few weeks we got Sarah Linda is in Port Orchard and I'm very anxious to hear about your favorite tree all will all make it very dirty and my daughter didn't we green almond. They were really neighbor. They were soft and I mean they were amazing and that brought that memory, you know memory I have is the tree of my family always had Christmas tree different meal country they weren't at that time my dad was in the Christian at the time my mother had some issues with with with the Lord. And anyway, but they loved and they always had a tree and they always saying that they can Christmas you know and and finally, both my mom and dad came what my dad came to the Lord.

My mom came back great. Years later, but those trees and you know when I was little, we didn't have right like you do now handle and and it was in the evening there traditionally will anyway. They had Christmas in the evening that stated it gets handled and placing that Christmas Carol and I remember that when I was 59. Dad was clearing land to the plate make big orchards, and anyway he was clearing this damn thing. I would about three or four I guess and I played in the in the hollow where the huge tree and I put I put put little things in those true and I've always felt that you know it. It at we we we put the treasures that we've received it anyway. We're putting the poem gets the board of the expressing truth in life and we have had treasures that God is given way down to the roots of our life and anyway I'm I got to know where is the old country all in Dona it would all I know I've been to Estonia and call it a stone. Always wondered how you're supposed to say why I only knew a few words of it is going in and others like that anyway so this week we we went there on the way to Russia.

One time I they told the students, Estonia, Estonia was the most overrun country in all of history but everybody when they want to conquer anything. The first thing they took our stuff.

Okay, I emailed all Banyan all week grading for her has been to a been killed in the Lord and that it was a beautiful place. It was like this date of at Western Washington where a lot of trees and and that greenery and that no mountains but it was very surrounded by water. It was a beautiful place and he said he wanted it, so great to hear from you again. God bless you. That was wonderful.

Bringing those memories. Now remember this one. Thank you, thank you, Bill. I am giving you much time so you got 22nd lab doing lots of hiking this year a bit. I've got 200 miles in the national forest and have really enjoyed trees just it's been a beautiful season to be Altman googling to Grayson Highlands. If you don't get out and walk get out and walk and if you get at the height find a wonderful spot to go and talk to God wonderful place in the shade. So now we got plans progress, not like chapter 10 of the office for that coming up, and so much more on the treatment today listening to the truth and status event at a little distance from the door and tableside with the book is in corn before the name of him should enter therein. He also saw it in the doorways to keep the door resolved amendment would enter her in mischief they could now was valued somewhat last when Everyman started back for fear of the arm sedans saw a sedan very stout countenance named Harold, he came up to the sedan that was sitting there at the table saying my name at the table had put down Harold's name. He saw Harold a Hummer drawing his sword and put on his and rushed for later before Harold's not at all in so after he received attempted to keep them out with. There was a pleasant voice heard from those that were within even of those that drove upon the palace shall see Harold a Hummer when such garments as they then valiant smiled and said I think this is written in Michael 1112 and from the days of John the Baptist until now heaven suffers violence hits day stay till I have shown more after that she'll go on my way so infinity took him by the bumper again and let them into a very dark room where there sat a sedan and iron. Now the sedan to look promising. Very sad. She sat with her headlamps looking down to the ground or tie rod ends folded together in. She sighed as if she would break her heart. Vincent left means. This means being you have a word with his name is roadrunner your family background. A Plymouth went on now machine process once was that I thought Cindy thoughts and I shouldn't but what now and I'm sure I change now. This condition, I left off to watch the top.

I dreamed this got to me by how I can then said valiant to infinity, but is there no hope for such a sedan is this. Ask Teresa, do you think there is no hope.

What is now asking is there no was be kept in the iron cage of despair. I saw one of the less it is very forgiving to myself this is to ask my friend, which, what did you bring yourself into this condition in the enjoyment of which I promised myself that is is well let me out and with me this roadrunner's Ms. be remembered by the everlasting. This is called help me to watch and be sober, to pray that I be shown the calls of this roadrunner's is time for me to go on my way now to live show show show go on the highway for the next exciting episode of Christian theater. Any dip stick and radiator to review today's episode when sword but I really didn't see the point in like when you hide it like a giant lump in my throat to the plight and of despair see anything but a big lump in my heart.

Realizing sometimes see in Hebrews 66 talk about those who have tasted the goodness of the line, yet still way how many times Knowing God's blessing and then thinking that spirit extinguisher fire of the Holy Spirit in our hearts.

He was evident that he might stay diligence and in order to make hope. Sure this is the Truth Network

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