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Thanksgiving - A History Of Thankfulness In A Life & Death Struggle

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 21, 2020 2:46 pm

Thanksgiving - A History Of Thankfulness In A Life & Death Struggle

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 21, 2020 2:46 pm

So much to be thankful for!  Jerry The Christian Body Shop Guy is in studio with Robby.  A look back at the pilgrims at the 1st Thanksgiving and such encouragement from Angela, Trey, Laura and Casey.  HAPPY Thanksgiving.  This one in far from a turkey :)


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This is good Truth Network we each of the sea is seen as far radio show the way in the face so you will, today's Christian Car Guy show Thanksgiving history of thankfulness to life and death struggle yeah if you're American, there is a history that you learn today I was not really that aware of it about as I studied it today. I was just like time blown away and so I'm sure a lot of that today but you know you is you heard that we gather together one of my favorites not really from even a kid as a kid, I remember that song so well when I thought about this season of gathering together and you know that happened to be really cool.

It's the hymns ensemble which you are. That's an a cappella and MS that is the lockdown session that's made did that. You know via resume call together which is on YouTube, really a beautiful thing to see that here they are.

You know that that that they're able to praise and you hear the you know you set and bump using throughout the show so you can be able to hear that a minimum of 10 hours.Joshua David Harris at end just a phenomenal musical version of a batch but anyway so we can opportunity Tony Jerry absolutely we'll talk about that.

You notice that what the new norm is not sure really what it is that something you so if you know and once I get the post something. I think it's really cool. It Christian Car and so my granddaughter Lila right she is a treasurer above treasures as far as I'm concerned. Anyway, she gave me a birthday card that I you know some. He says Robbie what are some of things that you're thankful for this year. In 2020, had the ultimate birthday card especially if you're the Christian Car Guy and so I if you look at the picture on my website of today show, which is Thanksgiving history of thankfulness in life and death struggle bearing front and center is a picture of Lila's handmade right touch love it when I do that and it says happy birthday Poppa and then if you look closely, it says it looks like an odometer that's tripping over from $0.64-$0.65 she for the odometer right I.old Dr. M you know there's all sorts of cool things in that card. Like she says don't worry pop if there's a lot of stuff coming your way. That's wrong.

At least you have ugly grandkids and stuff like you know pop is your name because you're too cool to be called grandpa and and then there was another thing amasses old studies have shown that old age.

I mean, excuse me. Studies of shown that birthdays you know lead to a longer life that the more you have, you know, the longer your Cimino, it's just that you got so I think some do that. I do believe that this was the other.

So for five pages that she had put together from stuff I might dislike me.

You know how cool is it that we get to have kids and then we get to have grandkids and at some point in time. Who knows maybe we'll get to the point where we have great can't grandkids but you know before I get into the history of Thanksgiving, which to me is just significant. I hope it blesses you as much as I was blessed with a dentist really is unbelievable to me when I understand now about what the pilgrims real Thanksgiving may have been not the one in 1621, but the one in 1623 so if you're not familiar with that especially the details of it working to go there. But before we get there, Jerry. I've got other things that I'm hugely thankful for is a Christian Car Guy the Jesus flavor.

Love right this week. Another quick like it's the same poster Christian Car Guy. We have close their of our precious Jean who needed a car right sheet was over 80. I will quote her actual she's over 80 and she needed a car because her navigator had essentially cracked so there she was, and we been scurrying around for maybe two months to try to meet this particular need and and kinda neat. She was in Charlotte and the donor of the car was in Marksville, North Carolina, and so it's kind of cold that we get to play the middleman in this case Scott Martin are wonderful, in which I'm just praising God for him. I mean how much the fees done for the Jesus flavor love since he joined us in the summer.

Been praying that God would provide all my goodness to be provide.

Scott is just an amazing man and so if you go to Christian Car you'll see where Scott's there with her and the donor that they gave her the car and if you kissing the smile on her under her mask. I could see it but it was she was just delightful and I got to take her to go get some gas in the car you know that it's just unbelievable that I get to see what God, I mean he's he he he loves to show us how he meets needs, from all sorts of different things and so I think of right right this minute we have two other cars that within the next two weeks were to be able to give people that from nominal phenomenal generosity that that we received an and financial donations this year and people helping us in in in all these things and and then in our really cold that that we get to share lives and pray with these wonderful and a single mom's widows and families in crisis. They ended a you know it always points back to the reason they never do that is because of Jesus Christ and that's so much power in that tent that you know when when when God meets needs, and then people can say that note with some of the season of Thanksgiving. How many people just go out this morning and walked out the front door.

One of their and opened the car door stick key in crank it up and went on about how may times you to stop and just be thankful for that because of that is such at all strong blessing that we just unfortunately just overlook so many times. I mean, until you don't have it and then you realize just how valuable transportation is and how much you know you have stories about the note that our parents and grandparents. You know what you didn't have transportation step is just a different time today. I just don't know how anybody can can do it not just hurt so much when there enough lobster magic transportation and now the sudden, then whenever God provides, so we want and are into his courts that you not the hundred Psalm, which a lot of people say that Moses actually wrote which would make sense since it's so much about Thanksgiving and in a you know they got all the feasts and in an ingathering idea was originally written in those books by Moses and so the hundred Psalm is like enter into my gates with thanksgiving and will go more into that later in the show, but the ideas how cool would it be if on the show right now. Today we we you listening me and Jerry and my one with producer Bethann Otley enter into his gates with thanksgiving of like how cool are the things that God has done in the midst of all that is going on so we have a live show here.

We would love to hear your testimony right we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony to testify right now is bless his name was something that you think he did that was really really cool this year and and and all you have to do is call 866348788486634 truth. If you digitally gifted. That's not like me. It's 866-34-TRUTH 87884 so I was thought that the first official Thanksgiving was in Plymouth colony in 1621 Indians calling all that you know good harvest after a brutal winter in 1620 and 1621 there like 100 pilgrims it came to that call on the County man but interestingly, over half of them right at half of them died that first winter.

But here's the mind blowing statistic 14 out of the 18 lives died that winter that first winter so you know that Maine 04 left and if you're related to somebody on the part of my genealogy. I do have somebody that was how cool is that the God provided all these Americans from four wives, I mean that that was a deal. I mean it.

And so you know I thought that was the deal and and certainly there's a lot to ponder on that Thanksgiving feast which was kind of serendipitous when you hear the whole story.

Soria get into the one that happened in 1623, which was the one that they officially called as a Thanksgiving that was written a lot more about vice Bradford and Slobodan when we traditionally hold so when you hear this by fighting us to blow your mind with so when we come back when I do that, but more that I need testimony. What is he doing in 2020, 866348788.

You're listening to the Truth Network and in the be will be will all be all of those verses. This is the Christian Car Guy show today show is Thanksgiving. A history of thankfulness in life and death struggle which is kind of where we been Adam for some strange reason, but nonetheless I don't know if you had a couple things in those verses that we all sing. Hopefully Thanksgiving. You know that clearly all glory be thine, because he's in our side and is just you know and and it says we been winning since the beginning. I mean we know the end of the story and in an all this stuff that we are hearing from the world. I mean it's clambering because it knows that it's time is short.

I don't know how much time it is but it's short and it's going to clamber to get our attention. So why don't we clamber back in Thanksgiving when we clamber back when we enter into his gates and and share how cool he is a mean it just it really really is a talked about my granddaughter got to be in a play that was done the at and I mean how cool was it when she called me face time right afterwards because she knew I'd seen them on assuming what her expectation was that I would tell her you all meant. But she knows because I'll be totally engaged. I will just tell you did great. You know she played the part of Jane and Mary Poppins. You can imagine, you and I will sprinkle sugar. My heart was gone. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious on the science but anyway she knew I wouldn't just say oh you did great anything great.

I was like oh man in the time that you are sing and playful sugar and you did that little per where need your disk beautifully to let you know and comes in she was and I saw that in her eyes that she loved loved loved to hear that I was seeing her in her glory while in Ogata, show me this week time again that he loves that kind of thing he beat me another reason why we love that kind of thing that our hearts grade that kind of thing is because he loves that kind of thing and we have an opportunity today to share where we are not only so I'm doing something cool about how it can appear wedded and did whatever happened, I mean this is kind of what he loves this stuff and we get a chance to do that. So please call.

He would love that we would love it. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 name escape becoming members from second is million times are called about so the first Thanksgiving. We forgotten is an article that I found where you'll find all this. I've linked to their Christian Car it will get started from the Togo's perspective, their first formal celebration of the day of Thanksgiving giving in Plymouth came not in 1621, but nearly 2 years later, in 1623, where comparative comparatively unfamiliar with it, because frankly, we get bored with the pilgrims once we carve the turkey we condense theirs we condense their story to three key events, the Mayflower compact the landing at Plymouth Rock in the first Thanksgiving and quickly lose interest thereafter. In reality the pilgrims struggle for survival. As you can see the advantage of turning your phone off before you get on their the pilgrims struggle for survival continued at least another two years. This was partly due to the criminal mismanagement of the London's financers bankrolled the colonies so in a corruption in government is not something that was new to the time he made they they were experiencing the stuff firsthand life and death like big time so only weeks after their 1621 harvest celebration, the pilgrims, the pilgrims were surprised by the arrival of the ship Fortune the 35 new settlers on board were nearly doubled their depleted ranks. Unfortunately, they arrived with few close no bedding or pots or pans and not so much as a biscuit cake or any other rituals of food right so as William Bradford vividly recalled.

Indeed, the London merchants had not even provision the ships crew was sufficient food for the trip home.

The result was that rather than having a good plan a for the winner of the pilgrims who had to provide food for the fortune to return, which I think that's really cool to you during mean that they literally didn't disable you guys sorry you gotta go back. We don't have food for everybody right for it to feed an additional 35 mouse through the winter and once again they face the prospect of starvation, fearing the newcomers would bring famine upon the governor immediately reduced to feed the weekly food allowance by half in the following months, hunger pinched them sore so by May they were almost completely out of food. It was no longer the season for water file and if it not been for the shellfish in the bay and the little brain. They were able to purchase from passing fishing boats they might've well start so the harvester 16 to provided the temporary reprieve for the hunger, but it fell far short of their needs for the coming year and by the spring of 1623.

The pilgrims situation again was dire, as Bradford remembered their trial.

It was typical for the colonists go to bed at night not knowing where the next day's nourishment would come from for 2 to 3 months. They had no bread or beer or any other food, and God fed them almost totally out of the seat and adding to their plight.

The heavens closed up around their third week in May and for nearly 2 months. It rained hardly at all. The ground became parched.

The corn began to wither and hope for the future began dying as well to one another boatload of settlers arrived at July that were also much dismayed by their first side of the Plymouth colonists, many of whom are ragged in apparel and some better than half naked pilgrims for their part, could offer the newcomers nothing more than a piece of fish and a couple water you know, while so you know, we compare our general we think where we are in turmoil and and then hopelessness now in so many ways and think back and knowing that there completely dependent on they know what's coming in the winter of their lives and in Plymouth colony now and so the corners time.

So in the depths of this trial, the pilgrims were sure of this much.

It was God who had sent this great drought and it was the Lord. He was frustrating, the great hopes of a large crop and I also knew that God was not caprice of nature, but the handiwork of the creator who created all things according to counsel of his will. So, fearing that they had done this thing for their chastisement, fearing they got it done this for. They chastised the colonists agreed to set part a solemn day of humiliation to seek the Lord by humble and fervent very distressed so we have a wonderful partnership to call that we will get to come to break immediately and then will finish the story of what happened in the drought have 16 more Christian Car Guy show from upstate you're listening to the Truth Network and Thanksgiving history and thanks life and death struggle and if you know you look in Leviticus that this feast. Talk about life-and-death struggle. I mean they were facing the Red Sea in the Egyptian army and you know they had their own. It's kind of the way goes down, then this thing and you know but anyway I'm so excited we have Trey is in Winston-Salem and he's got a Thanksgiving trader on the Christian Car Guy show them on board and Robbie are you doing what you I am I am really getting excited to hear your story. While I folded it out against the Lord this morning with opportunity and there's a lot in the Scriptures that vision errors. But, you know, God has blessed this year. What made a lot of parts without administrative clearance to this year. The increases came in and there a while which is in turn brought Rudy in my life.

United return of investment in the blessings from claims you send pictures later. No other claims. As you spend extraordinary that only God could date you nine and you got right and ANAs aware of everybody's not like any tranquilizers and the clouds we lose sight of that which labor which leave those circumstances and we get aggravated and all that stuff but the dream of the day. You know God is in control United Society United New Year's online agencies united all the grinding and uniting nothing thinking is wisely accordance and I think of the day you'll handle United.

I think that the regulator myself, you know, we get called out a lot of times all material things is really not not you notice it doesn't really like anything what God is interested in is still dreaming.

Gaining children to the kingdom and that's really at all the stuff that weekly everyday cars you not houses and I got the right thing, not what you even put all you know were witchy what you wear United you not like. We lose sight of that so much.

You know not really think that shake anything like insert statement were going for applicants to try to get people's outback United focused on human like him know that he is our provider is any light but yeah but God is really going to hear from a is really been almost like a vacation. I may not missed out on some of the restaurants and stuff. They believe that people are struggling in being. I really resent that prevailed and by in a different light. But United signed United Almighty is really saying they have me up under his wings notice, but he didn't.

Uniting is really being not a bad year for my uniting outside of just endlessly United and struggles in spirit before going.

But at the same Thomas also gave me more opportunity witness and talk more people that Christ is loving you. Nine and it really is the name of the harvest is ripe out there. Many people thank you God bless. I'm so grateful for your calling you testimony and I know God loves it. So thank you.

Keep up the great work.

My friend got next up we have Angela is in Burlington, Angela, you're on the Christian Car Guy show good morning good morning I woke me a couple of Mark here my apartment and not realizing there are going to start out making the all the things taken away from me and I'm not going Lord public to stop public to look at that clear look at it all and every person, every 20 no nightly here taking graded maybe a little more thankful person yeah me too. You know, we think we've got shortages. I just think about how we could offer as a piece of fish and some water. You know, and we worry that were short on toilet paper. It's it's a contrast like oh my goodness like oh wow God.

Oh wow and and I love, don't you love it when the Holy Spirit discounted catches the light. Robbie, you know this. This is not can be good for your heart is not good for my heart right. It's a beautiful thing. I'm so grateful that you called her that that's that's that's the stuff they do mean God was just helping us with even how we how we react all this stuff right in her political but good greater but I promise you.

There are people going to be alone on Thursday and this is what I'm going to be on the bottle and call someone your wife and out like they might not like what they think that's a great idea. That is just my Thanksgiving like I'm going to start making thank you Colbert all day Friday like the thank you card and get them in the mail. I'm good to be spending my Thanksgiving. That's awesome and that's thank you, Angela, and I want to say thank you Robbie about the state thank you network your banking thank you thank you thank you thank you Bobby. Your laughter over the radio and make me smile and I appreciate that you asked me clearly.

I love it when you blessed so I I'm blessed to hear your voice and blessed that God is provided in this opportunity for all to worship him through radio. So how cool is that your bet that I would like to say hundred Christian cardiac show on the air big thank you to all will think that's a great reminder. I'm feeling like this laggard yeah really late you have. There are so many that put so much in the distant stations across the country, not just the Truth Network Laurent you know we have wonderful wonderful affiliates of the sub you know wonderful to us and all those people in all those places God provides all that. So thank you and let the great reminder to me now okay all the cars and people were there people there help later had car problems and our current dictation practice.

Thank you Angela God bless you have a wonderful weekend thanking you also exonerate God bless. Alright so next up. Oh wow, I just come off Laura, who I hope will call me back because we wanted to get her instead of but anyways you call back Laura we would love to hear you from Raleigh so getting back to Edward Winslow rightly explained that their hope was God would be moved to Mercy to look upon them and grant the request of their souls, which was mercy so thing about this, they called this fast Jerry. It was eight or nine hours right and if we sit in church we look at it while he went 20 minutes now, here we go. You know I have you ever been to a guy. Remember promise keeper meeting in Washington DC. One time that I attended and we prayed for almost 10 hours. You know, and there were different people he got there and let that prayer JFK Stadium that we know I was there. That is awesome him. This one was actually in the square in Washington DC okay okay okay yeah that alien man-to-man thing. Yeah, in the in the mall yeah and you are that I will have that one to call and when the people gather together like that and they got a chance to do that well let's get our arms around that our ancestors and Thanksgiving and they were there because down and they had no water.

So what happened will find that we come back plus Laura called back so I'm so grateful for all my critics last segment and we need your call 86634878. You're listening to the Truth Network and We all all the knee and the and I will see be you know what today's show Thanksgiving. A history of thankfulness in the life and death struggle.

I think about that last verse from we gather together and you hear how it says can we escape the tribulation.

Well I am about you, but times may be tribulation, but he allows us an escape right if we really hold fast to what this August. I think he's triumphant. He's one of the steel is one and we know that although these things go on.

We can have complete peace because his piece he left with his.

It's here it's in our heart. So whatever you feel about your eschatology. I understand, but I really feel like this is a sense how I can escape the jubilation. I'm currently going under. It is, is clearly through this thankfulness in the midst of a life and death struggle so for some of us Thanksgiving can be a struggle with those around the table and if that's the case for you. The good news is today at 1 o'clock right on the cure with Amy Cabo there to be talk about relationships and communication in the slideshow. You can call in and help out with that. That's a really cool thing. It's here in the Truth Network is can happen at 1 o'clock Eastern.

You know on this that I want to finish this story when we got three more wonderful call so hopefully we'll get to those all is well, but the colonists awoke year you heard this story the corn was down there and rained and I hear they were united been through all this tribulation right in what they do they pray, so the colonists awoke on the appointed day the cloudless sky which wasn't a good thing for them just by the way, but by the end of the prayer service, which lasted 8 to 9 hours and to become overcast. Can you picture Elijah there praying for the and by morning and it began to rain this it would continue to do for the next 14 days in Bradford his own document said sweet and gentle showers right that revives the corn quickly now. After that shower still in July. This was not a no member, but immediately they proclaimed an official Thanksgiving as a result of this rain, and so the and in and what God had provided for clearly their crops to live and to revive the hope so you know just a little tidbit they called this officially there Thanksgiving.

This is the first time that they actually use those words and not an ingathering by the Thanksgiving and the official one was. Interestingly, in July, in response to God providing in this life and death struggle. So I mean how cool is that just like really just lessens my heart so we got Lori and Raleigh that I'm hopefully not getting cut off. This time Laurier on Christian cardiac show good morning, I can't take radio on all the time. Actually, 24, seven, and I leave it on my cat Kayla get lonely and get down from time to lock my brother. We were we were best friend, and it's been a couple years that it is time during the holidays.

I'm sure a lot of people know what I'm talking about that and health issues going on. I did it, like brisket going through my mind that that it got darker tonight and brighter light all night. My dad forgot over the years, but give me strength. Strength and I never feel even even the darkest times.

I never feel alone and I just thank you for never leaving me overtaking me always there and I think that he did not give me little clear that Binkley don't think I get that completely email my friend.

Thanks and I were doing a segment encouraging person come up later today means talking about, you know, what would it be like if Jesus wasn't here and all this I mean like I can't even imagine that like lamb I had on the pillow without him. So you know, you're right on the button Laura God bless you, thank you so much for calling in today I'm really here to let you know you always make people feel that we like. I don't think you realize how much you mean to people and what like real God is good and then you make me feel good. Believe me abide all right. We got Casey. Casey would just have a couple minutes can you kind of can's densest so we can get the gist of it so at some encouragement for those who are unemployed.

I lost my job at the end of February and you write as COBIT was hitting and shutting down everything and I looked, and wondered how we were going to be able to survive really all that but six months worth of unemployment and hundreds of applications seem to go nowhere until one company reach out to me.

No effort of my own, only God providing and started a job in all that time didn't miss a single bill didn't have to get into savings that we felt like he had led us to put aside for frame that we were honoring who wanted to go to seminary I have to touch any of that money and he just continued to provide an if that weren't enough of that went awesome enough.

He then got me connected to the Truth Network to you.

You were talking earlier at the top of the show about being able to provide cars. There are people in need and you're working on that right now with Scott and I just can't believe how that connection through my new job being on the road a lot more often than I was before listening to your network gave me the ability to connect with the customer and fill a need for her. Aside from what I was there to do for my job so just honor God for all that you guys are doing through Jesus labor love and not a lot of encouragement to those who are right now my soul Casey. I you know II just think about you know what Moses thought when he was there. William Bradford thought when he was there and all these people with such struggles get.

They clearly were were coming into his gates, like coming in the telecommand God you are so cool this is the stuff you do and I can imagine the people out there right now Casey with her struggling over job. It's so good for their souls, what a testimony. Thank you so much for calling Casey makes my day gets all of the calls did really God bless him. Yes yes yes so I do have Scott's common enemies just got 30 seconds so Scott, whatever you got my wonderful friend on the Jesus labor love, sure, quick. What a privilege and a blessing to talk to you today Robbie. What a great show and I thought Lori and Kate so uplifting and glorified be a party or show yet been a great week, we can reach out and try to help people. Such a privilege. I really enjoyed your show today and I really like what Lori said. The doctor denies the brighter the light yellow line that went down that's good so Scott why we run out of time and I know there's other people that want to call in family you can share your testimonies anytime always powerful sure was somebody dinner this Thursday. Thank you all so much for this wonderful show Jerry out of the gutter. Forget this had powerful mind you, not one when they stepped in. We just taken Thanksgiving just call somebody note in the family thankful you are for what they've done in your life INS that I is that she's got it going all my callers. I desist you know how blessed are we thank you and everybody enjoy your Thanksgiving. Remember slowdown during that only too fast right Jesus walked everywhere he went 33 years. Thank you so much for all you guys do fluted you're listening to the Truth Network and

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