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Christian Car Guy - Cost Of Not Following Directions & The Joy Of The Prodigal

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 26, 2020 4:21 pm

Christian Car Guy - Cost Of Not Following Directions & The Joy Of The Prodigal

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 26, 2020 4:21 pm

Robby cuts wait - something else cut through...and it cut through Robby's finger.  Bone and all. YUCK.  IF only Robby had followed those pesky instructions.

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This is Darren Kuhn with the masculine journey podcast research the ancient paths to find ways that God brings light into a dark world and help set men free from the struggles that we all face on a day-to-day basis. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network world be like no as you can see everybody need direction sometime radio show healing from you Ray and I been trying to put my finger on the list that you get a minute.

It's an inside joke from outside the second of the cost of not following directions.

Today I'm a Christian Car Guy show and the joy of the prodigal, so the cost of not following directions. If you go to Christian Car Guy right now we have a beautiful picture of Robbie holding up his finger and so that you understand understand the cost of following directions. I got a new hedge trimmer Jerry cut through anything and you know the somewhat you know, reliable person. I decided to have all these warnings and I read them very carefully actually did nobody believe it but I did and one of the warnings it said very clearly couldn't been more clear is keep both hands on the handle of hedge trimmer at all times one would happen if you didn't get the time I thought of that makes good sense know that does because if your hands are there, behind the guards was no way they can get hurt.

That would be so you know, two hours later as were trimming, trimming, trimming, and there was this really high height is one of those tall skinny bushes and I said to you, but the really clean and a top on that Windows can do that and so naturally I can't reach that high with two hands and and and so what I do.

Jerry Drescher said I could get us a safety ladder now now now know I read with my one hand and then it just didn't look quite right so I went to put the other hand up there to try to get even and boy before you could hardly think you know there was my little finger so ended up with a trip to the hospital and all the sudden my lesson plan for the week became healing because it's really hurt. I want to tell you it was not on painful. I won't go into the gory details of all that took place but I will tell you that hurt. I can imagine. So I put my finger on this title of the cost of not following directions in the joy of the product so as you might imagine there's a lot of places this applies to the carpet, especially if you repair your own car so Jerry and I been working on a little bit of a list of things that might be helpful to you so you don't end up looking like Robbie's hand here are worse Ed but also there's a spiritual lesson here that's just really unbelievable so the thing that I haven't really told a lot of people is that when I when this happened to me. I almost immediately knew it was an attack from the enemy and specifically what he was getting at. Because what it happened like all my stories. It's a bit complicated but anyway I was at a boot camp last summer and a friend of ours, you know, we came to pray that night for the people of the camp and all this and he walks in with his guitar and he goes I need to break an agreement, meaning he did and made an agreement with Satan that I really can't play the guitar and I can't sing, you know, because I heard years ago people said that it was I wasn't good and so I never want to get out in front of anybody in sing and play. But I really want to break this agreement and I want to do that from you guys and so my friend Jim Ricky gets out there and I mean he was like wowsers yeah that's an agreement you need to break because you really can play and sing and and as I was watching him do that. It was like oh why play the guitar and actually is to play at weddings and also purchased a lot of people asked me to play right song form, etc., but summary told me I was very good, long ago, and I put the guitar way and some to my my kids would get me to get it out but I went well when Jim did that of the boot camp.

I so I need to break this agreement and I had wanted to play the tune. Actually, the piece classical gas since I was little kid and I knew some of it but I wanted to play the rest of well if you ever see her watch somebody play that it's it's pretty involved but it is one of the thing it involves is your left little finger constantly because most of the courses played with your little finger and so I've been practicing literally for its lack, the Sunday before I cut my finger. It was like maybe 10 hours I practiced getting my little finger strong enough to play this song since the very second I am pulling down my hand from being whacked by the wax by the by the hedge trimmer. I'm like you did it didn't unite like I know exactly why you went for that finger. And I know eggs exactly what you know what all this is about an and and my wife are courses taken me to the hospital shortly thereafter. You know you can picture the scene and hobbies going be so stupid. How could I be so stupid and shows why you so manager's officer because it might be able to play classical gas at the boot camp that I would not promise myself to go. So you're upset about us saw Europe's you're not upset about your finger.

I said no.

I'm just so you know I could just because what it did for my heart. You see, my heart was set on you know this adventure. I'm gonna God and I don't know if you do this to John Eldridge talk teaches us is very very helpful to asked Jesus to catch your heart when something like this is happening is like something's happening. That was really designed to break your heart and into discourage you from something that you felt you were called to do and so I started to pray Jesus catch my heart catch my heart and so the next morning as I would get up and begin by time. All the sudden I began to say what what what I need and and Jesus told me healing is which need not just healing of your little finger which clearly you know if you heard last week, so it's wrapped up like a little blanket and all that stuff and it's been an and they bound up the broken finger, and maybe another set the captives free, but he was telling me. Let's look at deeply.

This word heal and you may know that you may have heard that one of the things of God is Jehovah Roth and that word Rafael is the word heal in Hebrew, but I wanted paid particular attention to the middle letter of that Roth episodes "th" that that we would usually uses and after that that word is actually called a pagan and he that letter is called a pay in Hebrew, and that letter looks very much like the mouth of God.

And if you go to Christian Car

I would picture my fingers you can see that in the bandage and you can see a picture of the pet which is critical to this understanding of healing okay is inside of that letter pay while you look at the outside of it. It looks like a mouth and it really is God's mouth that literally means that in Hebrew, but inside of that letter is a bet and that bet that letter in Hebrew. The second letter their alphabet is the letter that starts the Torah and the Jews teaching.

I believe it's completely true that when God spoke the world into existence that through his mouth.

Now he was creating a home where he could go sit down and put his feet up and all his stuff and that is why the, the pay has inside of it. A bet okay and so when you think of the prodigal right he needed healing. He was he was out there in the pics.right and and and what did what happened to his heart when he needed healing. He needed to seek the father's face and he needed to go home okay so when you look at that "th" in the middle of this word healing. You see, you begin to see this while my heart is yearning to see God's face and it's yearning to come home okay and and in that yearning right.

If you think about second Chronicles 714 if you will write term for American ways. Seek my face and I will heal your land well see you turning our eyes off of ourselves and on looking for God's face is an amazing kind of healing and when we can talk more about that.

We got more stupid human tricks we can talk about things that we've seen that might help you out and we got your story, your stupid human trip for you that you follow the directions. 866-348-7884. You're listening to the Truth Network and world would be like old directions. As you can see everybody need direction sometime yes I am back probably bring it back. I've been been trying to put my finger on this title of this you and that the cost of not following directions in the joy of the product was named today showing a little wordy, but it kind all comes together and you know during the break, Beth and my wonderful Teresa said Rob you need to tell them this is just a little boo-boo on your finger.

There is this severing of the bone kind of thing that like open fracture that really freaks out doctors in all sorts actually took place on Monday night so you know I do have more than just a booty call. A big boo-boo and as Jerry pointed out sometimes when we don't follow directions.

God allows us to wallow in the unit. Like the prodigal son like you got to eat some pig pods.

You gotta get a full feet of of what this is, in order for you and I love the line in the prodigal story that just hits me all the time.

There's a point where he came to his senses that actually is the word teshuvah if you were to back into Hebrew and I and the idea is okay if believe me I shot off Mike, the crossbow in this company will not following directions and now I've pruned my finger and for the first few seconds you don't feel it, Jerry. I may not. I did now you know it. I knew we were in deep trouble, but I didn't feel it. But in about 15 seconds.

All of a sudden I was like wowsers him he listing her in. And of course it still hurts right this minute. Ever since it ever since the accident, but the point is is that at some point you come to your senses and my senses are saying you need to do something drastic right this minute. You need to get a tile you need to know stop the bleeding all the stuff that's going on.

I need to go to the hospital you you know you need a doctor at end. Fortunately, God gave us senses in order for us to come to our senses and then return right because the that's the idea. Now you know the image I think about the prodigal son story and we just think how the trajectory of that story had once he it's bit all that wealth and once he had lost everything.

The father heard that and sit servants and messengers say come home son. I know you know now you broke. You have nowhere to turn. Come back home what what what what would what would be the story, then it would be no story right there been no change. It would have been no showing grace.

Instead, father allowed him to hold water. And until he finally came to his senses right right and he had to make the decision to turn and and to return, which is to get back you now to where you once belonged and and that's the beautiful picture that were were illustrating today. We hope in a Christian Car Guy show in a course, this show is live and so we would love your story of where God allowed you to Waller okay. End the picks up whatever that felt like her look like in order to make whatever impression on you so that you could begin to see and so I I clearly see, I really do that God allowed me the pain of this experience in order to impact me with something that he wants me to do and and a magnet reveal all that just yet, but we are as time goes on. But meanwhile we do want to we do want to say there are some stupid human tricks.

We would like you not to attempt on a car okay and and and some of these you just may not be aware of that. I want you to be aware of.

So you decide she I need to work on my ignition switch or I need to work on something on the steering caught my horn button anything like that you decide in your steering area that you want to work on something. Okay, warning warning will Robinson disconnect your battery anything any anything to has electrical core, even if the doctor working on this at the current anything to get to it. What you may end up shorting something up because you know what day it happens a lot because there are sensors for the airbags there okay and if you trick the wrong thing when you're in the steering, your car when you've do you think it was just ignition switch, you can replace texting you know you fire the airbag. Often it hits you in a place that you want supposed to be hit know you weren't wearing your seatbelt and all the stuff there's all sorts a little booby-traps that Satan would love to show you so you can Waller like Robbie that we all are all alike. Rob you want to follow the directions which you know anybody who's gonna tell you anything about replacing missions which are doing some ministering, forcing her to tell you and and I agree anything electrical disconnect the battery so simple you could take the good and the negative table off the positive cable often and and put some more tape it over so that can't touch possibly in the way you go, you can't just just be in stipend you talk about following directions, but with our with our cars and and in the automotive industry. Even mechanical shops and body shops and service centers. You know they they need to make sure they know what the warnings are and procedures on things because back when Ford came out with the magnesium radiator support you noted that the old way of doing that you made welded new lease. If you know anything about magnesium pit goes up in flames. Pretty quick. There were cars and vehicles in the Ford F1 50 there were burnt down burnt because of not following the proper procedures. The warnings were out there mean it in the towing industry. When BMW first came up some the hybrid cars and with all the new electronics and stuff. You had to undo that negative cable before you jumpstart a mullet for the computer system on MME would do thousands of dollars damage will people, individuals were not follow those directions which they should be looking at owners manual but also the people were calling out towing companies that should know and they were doing the same thing because I didn't follow and look to see what the instructions were and what that the hazards manual that now and and something as simple as just checking your car all my gosh you don't realize that when you when you lift up the drive wheels there. You now have a freewheeling vehicle and if there isn't something that that that's behind the rear wheel that could cause your car will just roll right off the jack and there are tons of accidents where physical people of physically hardened himself because of just not following a simple set up in the block of wood in the front the simple things just know when to follow the directions for choices like life.

If we follow the direction how we know you got that story you got a call this 866-34-TRUTH 87884. I would love to hear when you didn't follow directions that have to be about a car.

We would love to 866-34-TRUTH 788.

You're listening to the Truth Network and world would be like old directions.

As you can see everybody need direction sometime.

Well, today's show, the cost of not following directions in the joy of the prodigal, and so for those who know me well know that I really resemble goofy in a lot of ways it is the voice of Danny dipstick on both told you that some thought blockaded with visa director and so my family are revealing so you may wonder, you know. Yeah that's kinda how that goes. But there is a cost about following directions, but there is also joy that God's got a healing for you as you seek his face and when we got a lot more on that. We got some more ideas of things that we don't want to do that to follow directions for your car but we also have Sarah Linda is important Washington like well and she's got us the story force good morning Sir Linda how are you I actually am doing very well, to be above the take down right now and I did trying to find a way to begin my story about Eric. My granddaughter went home to be with the Lord last week, Lee and we had that service that and she lived with the valiant long effort. Stop the leukemia that you know the leukemia. I didn't understand that it would avoid it.

Working with Bill quite but failed that the body and help me go right in your body and date. They rolled and and that's what's been happening with the state deleted Seattle and other play and in the good white quick. Our to protecting the body and can barely 90 barely any way she completely and I guess that I like. We have to come to understand following the Lord and his ways and I just tried to write down click it that I could let you retailing about that Ford find one.

I think you said we can't do the old ways of doing bleak. He followed the owners manual and our heart to two and do it right that like I'm just coming to write it all out because there you know I'm I'm that old model T Ford 1927, where we we use. We have to really direct contact with the Lord nowadays and not because he working in and in a special way line and fill that spirit of love that followed directions and we are seeing the results of that hill. We need to get greedy, get on board with that with Dan on board with the program with the Lord We Pl. in Saratoga. I was all right and we prayed for her number months and and I'm always so grateful that you called in and gave us the updates home as I was actually thinking about this Sarah Linda this you know because I like the infection from the wound in my finger started actually getting into some old ones I have in my leg and stuff from last post on the great sheep in my leg starts slowing up like my finger was following up and I thought all my goodness, I might be getting septic and this could be the big one and and then all of a sudden I felt because I was really looking at this word heal and it was like well I'm in God's presence. If I'm seeing his face.

Then I'm healed right. I'm healed. Whether my body is healed or not. And so I'm praying that for your family as I know right now there almost they've been they've had a horrible suffering they've got it.

Dear dear dear loved one, especially her fianc, did you tell me where we're going. I'm going to give it to anyway I'm getting my wedding way. My well anyway I'm giving my husband wedding ring in my one that gave me with the diamond and to keep because they think you know where you see we're still we're still moving on clear. I know, and I got a real glimpse of her, and it welcome to little going and she and you know she's dancing with the Lord is the Lord of the dance just is and I know where she is also known and well really have that in our heart. It's amazing I still grateful for libel. I woke up this morning and I got all you know that you and your program and I did a bit dry.

I wrote down the amount that Ford knew that I am.

I just can't tell you how much we appreciate we really do your staying so close to us and allowing us the courage of calling today and sharing with us what's really, and a chance to pray and to so let's just pray right now is an okay Jesus, we don't understand we really don't and these losses are hard and may hurt but they hurt terribly and and and we thank you for Erica's homecoming. We thank you she's there with you analysts was the servant's husband Ray for God that's got yeah yeah we could lay their gracious young man from the Lord very deeply and we pray for all her family, that you would comfort them as only you can comfort them with your presence, and we have since Jesus came. Amen Linda God bless you and keep current steering in the right direction of truck follow directions. Thank you servant cutlass. So Jerry you you come up you know that's that's tough suffering insistence that I'm so grateful for listeners like Solomon, we have lots and lots of them did come to the community but we share bad news but no sharing great news to me and saddened heartbroken for her and her family to lose Eric on this side of heaven, but also you have to rejoice in the eye. She went home and got a new address and that's with our Lord and Savior here on earth.

I know that good friend of mine's mother just passed away last night and told same thing you know it's took her last breath was. She struggled last night taking and had no problem this the next breath was in heaven and while there is a power and that is a company that absolutely and because she you know eventually returned home. I know I have that that is the deal and you know all things are going to remain. I mean that's the promise and and is he actually heals our land for real and he actually makes all these things brand-new week and we can rejoice, but that we will be to with Lord of the dance at some point time so we got some other things to make sure that people are aware of, you know from the stent you as a tow company. You come up upon people all the time that it done some things that you let go if you just looked in your owners manual you what is this another one that comes to mind. We talked about that jumpstarting for one thing, but then also just people don't realize that even if you don't comes when you take don't stick something inside your door. Now these new causes airbags to step to sticking close hangers in it. Shorting out airbags shorten electrical systems and yeah like your watch your keys here, now you're going to stick a coat hanger down.

Not a good idea so we got a lot more Christian Car Guy shall become effective.

You're listening to the Truth Network and You may so today on the Christian Car Guy show the cost of not following directions. Enjoy the prodigal. But before we go much further than that and I just want you to think that what you just heard and that I give you ever come to the point with God. At some point that you felt like you were trying to swallow the ocean. I just love this distant line like oh my goodness and and I actually have an experience of me trying to swallow the ocean here a minute get to in a minute but I need to mention that coming up at 1 o'clock on the Truth Network we have Amy Koppel show the cure and she's got the producer of the movie against the tide.

I can be talking science and faith, which is a live show comes on 1 o'clock across the Truth Network with Amy and Boris, those wonderful delightful show your chance to call in to that shows well. We love doing my shows here on the Truth Network so 1 o'clock Eastern on the cure so Jerry interesting as I was. I can't get this is I is out many time I think about seeing God's face. Something happened to me before I did the Christian Car Guy show years and years and years ago that I hold close to my heart like my testimony like in my bosom that I will never ever ever forgetting what it was. As I was praying. One night in 2006 about a lot of things that had nothing to do with what happened. I mean I was praying I had all these things on my heart that I thought were really really important, which now none of them I have it all written in my journal a minimum and let me in anything that was of any importance except what happened that night was Jesus showed up and says to me Robbie what you want in the way you showed up. I don't know if you've ever this have this happen, but it was like to do this all the ocean I like fell on my face because it was terrifying.

It was like I've never had been in prayer where Jesus showed up and scared. This was like, what do you want and it was like all my talk, she's here and he really want to know what I want and oh my gosh, you know, this is this is what's going on and I glibly answered because I didn't even enter just shocked me so bad I was like well I just want to serve you and and he says do you know what he said there was no condemnation in it, but it was it was a question. Do you and as he said it these things start to flash through my mind like they say your life it can appear before your face.

Well guess what. Apparently they keep records because all these incidents are in fleshly reminding the lightning speed like a bum bum bum bum boom. Every single one of was an impression that he'd given me to call somebody write a letter go have lunch reach out and touch a friend that she hadn't seen in whatever. The time and it was so cool that I was like oh I can do this. I don't have to go to Africa. This is what you want me to do this, you wanted me to call Ray Frick you want me to do that and so I jump up and I get a piece paper.

Start writing all these things and refresh my memory because I just saw 100 of a new nose like this, like file cards like you did you serve in all these things were simply the directions that he gave to his disciples love one another is assessable just that simple. And so I was just like oh I returned G you know it was like the prodigal, like I've been I was like oh goody I get to go home and have a steak dinner with dad. I mean, I can see what I need to do. I can do this stuff and so I lay back in bed and I was just like to repenting and enjoying that.

All of a sudden I start to see this clothes is phenomenal golden glow that I will never, ever, ever forget. In fact, I get to see it anytime I close my eyes to this day, and it was his glory and it starts to show up in the bedroom and the next thing I knew I something in my spirit that it did not know was there.

Start screaming you're going to see his face.

You're going to see his face and I was like oh my goodness I'm in this is to see his face I see his face was like there was something down inside me. I do know was and I was just totally screaming you're going to see his face I woke Tammy up. Tammy I see it, and she did go for that you want to see you as I unfortunately you know I got to see his glory. But I did not get to really see his face. Where was hoping to but I did get to see more than I've ever seen before. Sent as I lay back my head on the pillow. He gave me this understanding that I want you to have because I think he gave it to me so I could give it to you.

Listening right now. Deep inside of you is a question he asked me Robbie, what do you want it was a rhetorical question. He was can show me what I wanted. He knew what I wanted.

I did not know what I wanted and I believe with all my heart. Every single person listening to my voice. There is something down inside of you that is screaming to see his face and that is why in the middle of Jehovah.

Russia is a pay that is his mouth.

It's his face. The same come home come home. We we think we know what we won't and I and I'm a hell sometimes I'm on praying and praying because I think I know what I what I won't and I think I know what God wants for me. The symptoms not to surrender it all and say got my bow don't know anything. Maybe maybe what I'm moaning, has nothing to do with you or nothing to do with what I need to be doing and that sort of that that point end to end and I love you said you so much hinges on on on love because that's what Christ's message was his love and the love that we show others should be generated through Jesus Christ is we share that love has sure can write a lot of wrongs that can sure he'll a lot of broken heart. Second sure he'll a lot of social unrest and political unrest in Conchas. It is a is pretty simple gospel we just break it down to that and life gets a whole lot less complicated and it is talk about Erica. Just a moment ago and ended and someone as they say leave this life and what when they have hope in Jesus Christ made it sad man. We can't help but celebrate because as you said, God said you see my face. That's our Lord and Savior's desire and when I go to see his face on the side of heaven would feel his warmth and his grace. The scene is faces that reward will go to get down and I know that it's it's built inside is like Prego spaghetti sauce every single person is just this like screaming thing that that's the real healing you know that is coming and I I I just marveled in it all week. I marveled at how he caught my heart. My heart through the whole thing with the guitar in in in all the other stuff that you know that in all the prayers I have. I'm surrounded by some amazing people that work at been praying for me and I felt that and so you know it's really fun thing that even though we don't necessarily follow directions right we still get a chance to get back to where we once belonged this Christian car got the answer without always saying the best thing we have with our vehicle. The best equipment that was given to us with automobiles open up a glovebox and we got an owners manual as soon allow us to enjoy that vehicle also in life we have that same owners manual that we just got a open up that book that a lot of just have on the end of a coffee table.

This test God's Word, the Bible and just look and say okay God was my direction. Perfect absolute again.

I am so grateful that you list show and we ask that you remember the Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms widows families in crisis is all very Christian car is out with a light slow down the directions got all the 33 years. Thank you for listening Robbie, thank you for all you do in the difference you make a lot of people's lives.

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