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Christian Car Guy - Heavenly Gifts & More Progress!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 19, 2020 3:29 pm

Christian Car Guy - Heavenly Gifts & More Progress!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 19, 2020 3:29 pm

A busy show full of love, stories and a bit of theatrics! 

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The cuticle offer the devil's worst nightmare with an up podcast where we talk to real men who have real stories realize it is time to man up your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds in joy at Sherritt but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network why, Harry, I know you know me and the welcome radio show is in his Christian car guys show is I know a place I know a place so open your gates for the King of glory working on pack that like unbelievable so I know a place open your dates for the King of glory, and as you probably discovered if you listen show many times inside of my intro are many mysteries that God has been revealing to me and so what does Herr have to do and and you're probably find out more about here than you may even want to know the rich are also going to find out what is it have to do with storms and what the world is at have to do what I know a place well jump that I got Bob my Christian junkyard guy with me say great to be here today brother thanks for the music is nice to hear the songs you've never heard them put together like that.

I never heard of that together in that order that that it does raise the brow as to what may be coming today. That's the idea. So you have with the pallet.

There, God is put me on this lesson plan this week as I was listening Monday to the wild at heart podcast on Eldridge was describing how exciting it was to be when Jesus comes back and that the podcast series, which by the way, there's a if you want to listen about. It's absolutely phenomenal, but the ideas that a lot of us are conflicted about Jesus's return to some extent, and so he is trying to give us some insights into heaven. What that may be like, and so the first clue to the intro rentals or the place that were talking about us is having okay I know a place and in as I was thinking about this. My daughter Tess years ago used to do Bible drill. Did you ever have kids do that. I've seen it. Not fully familiar with the probably a version of it, just so I don't shoot them 12 or 13 whatever and she would be given all these passages she had to memorize and test was particular good.

She made it to several levels of the competition and one of the things that she came to with that she needed to study was what they called the comfort chapter. Why didn't know that the comfort chapter was John chapter 14, but since I did that with test I always when I think the comfort chapter I immediately got down one day. That is where it is so you hear this, you know, obviously it most funerals you ever attend but it says Jesus is going to comfort these peoples. Obviously, Tom, don't be troubled. But in the second verse he says in my father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would've told you so I go to prepare a place for you and so you're my initial reading and that was that's an interesting word. I wonder what that really looks like place. I mean, since you know he's going to prepare a place and and I'm not thinking it takes Jesus he's a carpenter he can make the house pretty quick to take out a preparation. What does he mean by this word place and you know me, I'm in a study that word. I looked it up in Greek and Hebrew, and I and all the sudden I realized as it started to unfolded secrets that the secrets are just as much in English as they are in Hebrew and really just as much in Greek that when you think about a place there is a place for you at the young family dinner table when Mike and Bob's case, my last name is Gilmore.

So there's a place that Robbie holds at the at the Gilmore family table, not just my immediate family, but my extended family like there is a place and that's Robbie's place, and if you're not there, you can fill that place. If you think about it and I think about your brother or your sister or your mother, your father when they leave. There's an empty place at the table and there's a place for me at work is just my place and in actually, what usually when I meet with my friends before sitting down. There's a place where Robbie used its and I can remember I had see BMC for years and years and there was a man by the name Lester Cranford was such a dear saint want to be Lord, what is about 88 but nobody could ever sit in Lester's place like sacred. Now, don't sit there.

That's Lester's place right there is a place right there's a place and he's gone to prepare that place and it has to do with a lot more than just who you are but what you are. In other words, he's gifted you to do certain things. Maybe like to play the guitar, maybe like the pain may be like to drive cars maybe want to race cars and whatever those gifting's are maybe like to hunt or fish, but part of your place is going to be that he's design this so that like man. This can make a hunters in a world come on live when he sees this place that you know God has farmers can make in a golfers mind just open up like oh my goodness or or or homemaker or somebody loves to teach school. In other words, when he's going to prepare this place of me missing businesses like he's got a lot of stuff for you and so what I wanted to do on today's show is I want you to think about somebody that you really really really adored and they are now in heaven. Then I watched think about their place in something unique to their personality like my dad. I can assure you, in his place. There needs to be a trout stream, and he's got a have a special kind of fishing rod and he's gotta have these clear bobbers that he called bubbles know I don't know what the fish get hooked or what the deal is out there, but I just know my dad that part of his place. What made his heart come alive like you put my dad on a trout stream, and I'm telling that that was just like it made his heart come alive so I want to call us today with that place with that person and described us. How cool that would be.

Maybe it's a grandparent and I went in Bob's case he's late in their triumphant email of ready, briefed him on what the situation is really talk about the hair and allow you to talk about the storm in a little bit because riders on the storm are working to get there and get all the data and we have a Jesus excuse me a Christian card I theater episode in the third segment today. That's 10 minutes 55 seconds just awesome.

It's episode six of Polin's progress he got at common, but we need you like the show will not be the same.

If you don't call us with your place in your person with that personality you know that they just had something unique in having that you know they gotta have 8663 for 87884 as a number to call 866-348-7884. You will make my day. As you described this relative of yours or friend of yours that you know has a very cool place that Jesus is prepare forms for Bob wants to well is hard today and have known about this just for a moment or two before the show started that I will speak about Rob's place. There's gotta be cars.

There's gotta be cars and you know his racecar was one of his most happy places in the water around at Bowman Gray Stadium.

Hey, he wasn't all that much interested in and the other tracks ran Bowman Gray Stadium is racecar now is racecar was always shiny and looked really good, but his favorite car to drive was the old rusty 49 jar and it was just it was just that I appeal for that for me was not all that much that he had never rather drive that car that a Maserati you know there's no sports car anything that he had rather been driving around in and that old car that it just I guess reflected his personality and in a way that there's gotta be lots of people. He was such a people person and I hear the break, not peer that he just loved to be surrounded by people and get to the rest of it after the break. I know a place we need your story with you. Have the courage 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH you're listening to the Truth Network and, Harry had no no you and the yes today's Christian card I show I know a place so open up your gates for the King of glory. We would love to have your story of the place that Jesus is made for your loved one is blessed me and my socks.

If you'll call me and tell me about you know, maybe there's a character that is in your family tree that you know has a very unique it is gotta be a place is just for him.

There was a place at the dinner table format one point in time, 866-348-7884. You know my brother Bob before you get to store my brother found some tapes that my mother had taken of my grandmother when she was in the nursing home. She had given her an interview and I had not heard my grandmother's voice and probably 30 years and he wanted me to it and the tapes weren't very good but I I could do some work since I'm in audio and try to fix and hear my grandmother's voice.

I'd forgotten the joy I mean like her laugh to hear that I'm telling you her place at the table in heaven's there's some laughing going on, I can tell you is for sure when we left her here Bobby's tongue that is for those who don't know Bob's son Rob went to be with the Lord. 109 January 9, 2014 right to weeks after he did the shed and the limit just run right right with that that day on the shed when he got to share son had a lot of experience faith and hope that that he loved to share. He had had a problem with addiction and and when he was able to share with someone he would shine like a diamond, it would just know just sharing his issues in hopes of it being a help or comfort to someone else is was a really really heaves thing for him and I have a large status of that because you know after his death people would call me at the yard and and at first they were Colin to console me in and then later in in as the years went by people. Colin and ask if I had any anything I could share with them to help them get to the theory issue in a similar situation people that these children had problems with drugs or or someone that it allows the child. It became my mission and folks would reach out and and I was able to help, and there is no better medicine for anybody. Then do help someone if you can reach out and touch somebody's life or give them something to help them make it three. All of a sudden your problems seem to go away because your help in someone when I'm having my worst days I've said it on here several several several times is when I'm too focused on me and the best way to get over me is to find somebody that I can do something for and I could go on for hours and hours about Rob's happy places because he was such a happy young man in a eight. He was it was my whole life that the I'd like to talk a minute about my dad spot you mentioned your dad's happy place and was fishing but my dad loved to play golf. He loved to hunt birds, and he loved Eden.

My mom is cooking now my mom her happy place. What one of her happy places would definitely have to be the kitchen because she was a kitchen magician I I am here to tell you she could crank out some good grip. We had so many fine meals and I didn't appreciate her cooking until I left and went away to the junior college I went to an eight that for a while and then when I came home on the weekends you know in the past, died, turn my nose up at fried squash or or this or that, but I learned that every day she she put on the table was delicacy, especially compared to the cafeteria food that I've been exposed to and that's what I really obtained at appreciation that my father had for her taken and Danny just a loved her fried cornbread whom we would go to the church social. Mom and dad were from a different part of the state and so mama's cornbread was fried cornbread. It was, it was not a hushpuppy but it's kind like a little cornbread fritter type deal that her fried cornbread.

She would take that to the bake sales since the and there was a certain guy. Make sure there was a certain govern the church that was going to obtain that fried cornbread and Eddie Cousy and I bet it was just a really awesome thing and thanks for let me share about my family and and they're happy places and you can tell I would love to hear about your family and in their place at the table what that might look like. 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH, you may be wondering why I keep plan the Cal sill song yeah let her know where the hair comes right so you know John Eldridge when he went into of this idea by Jesus's return.

He kept praying from the 24th Psalm like lift up your heads oh gates so that the King of glory can come in and so I began to study that word gates and one of the different ways that that word can be expressed is hair. It can also be expressed by storm, ceramic it to all that.

On the other side of Pilgrim's progress. So we got Plymouth progress. Actually, which is the Courtney non-Christian card I theater version of that we get to enjoy 10 minutes and 55 seconds. That third segment and then remember I need your calls and become be the end of the show 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and the Cal sill said he didn't know, we might find the answer you were, but wondered about all your life houses?

We come back about hair. I wasted your listening to the network and time for Christian college I theater today's episode of John Bunyan's classic. Today's episode six is a Christian Car is a podcast with episode one through five. Also you can find a follow along original book for today's episode, and more importantly the Scripture references along with today's episode, which helped greatly in the interpretation of Aquinas rock solid Christian Car turned off the exit.

Go to the Lexus legalities house for help, but behold, when he was gone now by the hill. It seems so high and also the side of it was next to the wayside hangover so much that valiant was afraid to drive further. Lester Hill should fall on his roof.

Wherefore he came to a stop and not what also is burden now seem to have you been while he was in his way there came also flashes of fire out of the hill that maybe I am afraid that he should be burned here. Therefore he's been missing did shimmy for fear.

Now he began to be sorry that he'd taken a wagon your worldly wise counsel and with that he saw the Edsel evangelist coming to me at the site also of him. He also began to blush for Shane so Edsel drew nearer and nearer and coming up. He looked upon them with a severe and dreadful count, and thus began to reason with valiant what are you doing here valiant do not want to answer. Wherefore he stood speechless before that I found crying without the walls of the city of destruction said I did I not only Turnpike yes said how is it that I'll have so quickly took this seat for thou art no way I I met with the wagon. The system is.

I make a mud puddle to spawn the suite I might in the village people find a sedan that could take this bedroom off my what was he. He looked to me like an upscale SUV much to me and got me at least, so I came here took this exit when I held his how it hangs over the way I suddenly made to stand message my what said that SUV to you why he asked me whether I was going and I told her what said he then asked me if I had a family suggests that I said I am so loaded with the budget that is on my that I can take pleasure in the best womanly and want said he then he didn't, he would speed to get rid of my bed and I told him it was that I saw and said I I am therefore going to younger Turnpike to receive direction how I might get to the place of deliverance. So he said that he would show me a better way and short directed to a sedans garage that had to take all these bedrooms. So I believe turned out that way into this when I came to this place and beheld things as they ask for fear as I said, but now I know what to do here is that I may show the words of God see that he refuse not to speak or if they escape not refused him that spake on earth much more shall we not escape if we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven, for he says now the just shall live by faith. But if any sedan drawback, my soul shall have no pleasure in him, thou art the car that are driving into this mystery now has begun to reject the counsel of the most high, and to draw back side tires from the way of peace even almost to the hazarding of the iconic crusher then valiant's engine is dead will always be for I am undone at the side of which Edsel evangelist rent is seen in blasphemies shall be forgiven onto cars be not faithless, but believing then valiant again.

I'm a little revived and started out shimmying as first before it gave Ernest he took the things that I shall tell you I will now show who would watch that and who it was also to whom he sent the SUV that McPhee is one wagon your worldly wise and rightly as he so-called partly because he save with only the doctrine of this world. Therefore, he always drives to the town of morality to church and partly because he loveth that doctrine best for it save him best from the cross. And because he is off this carnal temper.

Therefore he seek to prevent my ways my ways are right now there are three things in this man's counsel, that thou must utterly hate number one is turning me off to this exit number two is laboring to render the cross disgusting and number three is setting die wheels in that way that onto the ministration of the car crusher.

Please forgive me, forgive me if I might make your project kinds of goodies now go is the little snow first.

Thou must hate his turning off this exit and vinyl consenting vamp to because this is to reject the counsel of God for the sake of the counsel of the wagon. Your worldly wise.

The Lord says, strive to enter at the narrow Turnpike the gate to which I say in narrow is the cake which lead to fun to life, and few there be that find from this little Turnpike and from the way there to have this wicked man turned away from going to the bringing of almost just hate therefore is turning off at this exit and myself for hearkening to oh I do I do second now must hate is laboring to render the cross disgusting on forethought to prefer before the treasures in Egypt. Besides the King of glory have pulled that he that will save his life shall and he that comes after the King of glory, and hates his father and mother and wife and children and and sisters, and his own life also cannot be my disciple. I say therefore for anyone to labor to persuade the cross shall be thy death is without the cross. The truth has said, thou canst not have. Therefore, that doctrine on the wagon.

Your worldly wise now hate is this that might choose way less treacherous and perhaps save my life. I was, in fact, is that right precisely yes and then thirdly now must hate is setting of thy tires in the way that lead to the car crusher and for this now must consider, to whom he sent the and also how unable that person was to deliver the from thy burden to whom thou was sent for ease being by name Nexus legality is the son of the bondwoman which now is and is in bondage with her children and is in a mystery, this Sinai, which thou hast feared will fall on my roof. The bondwoman and her children teach that by their morality, not the cross and now if she with her children are in bondage. How canst thou expect by them to be made free for the next exciting episode about Plymouth now there's any day so why did you like all now one if you go look now will all will provide all the your listening to the Truth Network and is today. I know a place on the Christian car guys show so open up your gates for the King of glory and so getting onto the hair thing that was in the opening you know you been wondering what is robbing what you talk about so you can imagine me. I want to make sure I got a chance to go to this place of work. We got Lauren Oliver to get her story and as you know we get to hear about her printer place that I want to cover this as I don't want you guys to miss it work David is saying who may ascend the hill of the Lord, or who may stand in his holy place and he says he US clean hands and a pure heart is never lifted up his soul to an idol, he shall receive blessing from the Lord in righteousness from God of his salvation. And it's interesting to me. The genius of John Bunyan to describe the worldly wise men would have you go to the Little League at Lexus, legality, or to morality in order to get this kind of clean hands of his talk about.

There's only one way to get there is no clean hands rather right and it says this is the Jacob. This is the generation seek his face in the face that were talking about here is Jesus's face and then it says lift up your heads oh gates and be lifted up you everlasting doors in the King of glory shall come in so I looked at this workday type, a significant and as I saw that word in the original language. It could be translated just as easily hair could be translated just as easily storm and and and so that picture the word picture in Hebrew is telling me something about here that has to do with dates and if you've ever thought about a picture I get your nose get your irrigate your mouth gate are all underneath this hairy head of yours.

There gates and and so you may be thinking, robbing, what about my underarms is that now on you. Lift up your hands to the Lord your lifting up the gates.

Just saying. And you could just let your imagination go from there. It's all gates it's gates to where life comes right. It it it really does calm like when you saw your grandmother laughing and you are you a fat, you know, it's just Bob went into his mother's you know: fried cornbread mall during the break that we were just, you know those were the threads and you know and I actually have some thoughts on why men have hair on their face, and I buy but I will going all that because I want to hear Laura's story so her happy place. Laurier on the Christian car I'm so glad you called in what you got for I am wonderful all all will. Can you speak up a little bit more. It's kind of hard when you sit insert yeah go ahead all all all there asked me to put some hold so they can talk to men and get the straight so we can hear because we want to hear the story that's important so while I was on hold and she's getting instructions from Beth M so that we can talk about his story.

I don't want you to miss this okay it's in Habakkuk 5 say here's a song that David wrote in Psalms 24, which believe me is worth checking up because we need to be asking Jesus to come into our gates.

We do indoor ears and her eyes we need to be asking. We need to lift up our gates and that would be arms to the Pentecostals. Got that right.

That's right here in the arms of the same, but I Habakkuk Habakkuk sang a song in the it in the third chapter and verse 19. Don't miss this is absolutely incredible when you see it it says after he sing this whole song talk about when Jesus comes back and was kind of scary song to get the end because then he says the Lord God is my strength and he will make my feet like Hines feet or like the feet of a deer and he will make me to walk upon my mind high places no words he doesn't. I've always read that is like you can make me walk in high places. Look closely. It says he's can I make my feet walk on my high place. The one that's been prepared for me and Michael Bob and only free, that's right that's right will hopefully get Laura straight Laurier on the Christian car guide to show again so tell us about that are also much better so your mother and your brothers go ahead got my mom and my brother. My brother Mark and I would get began because we were going to get Mark a lack a lot about the Bible. Glad to read their reading can be and Not like them, encouraging them what their most let the Bible laugh at this. I write I resemble that remark.

But anyway, I think that how cool is going to be for your brother to actually be sitting there with Habakkuk's and you know you see how you put this mine work my high places. You know how to that you now I'm here and in you know how cool is it that your brothers place is actually to sit there. Can you imagine sitting with Jesus and Habakkuk, and said, tell me how this tell me the story when you wrote my long life that's just awesome.

Thank you Lawrence thank you for the kind of wonderful day you too. I'm so glad you called in I am.

Thank you so much. Thank you so you know it's it's gonna be amazing.

Bob I mean is just it, it isn't John Eldridge when he was describing the intimacy with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration with Elijah and with Moses like you know these guys have been friends for thousands of years, and Peter and James and all saw this intimacy, but the other thing that he said that really got me as he set up. I cry every time I think about this that the first person that Jesus came to after the resurrection was to a single woman, and he couldn't let her suffer and and it was to Mary that he came in and told her what it happened because he didn't want that woman. In other words, he had kept all his memories always stuff so that he could speak intimately with this single woman.

So, how cool is it that God has given us a ministry within the Christian card I show for single moms and windows and families in crisis and we have a widow. She's 84 years old right now that is in need of a car in the Greensboro area all shipped. I'm told that she still after moan her own yard with a push mower and and she needs a car so something's got some Christian car and help us out.

I need to tell you that Amy, was coming on live today and she has a mom and her daughter that are going to share their talk about stigmas as can be live. It's on at 1 o'clock and calling it 866-34-TRUTH 87884 tell some more time about the squad. It's this want.

The squash is not prepared like this around here. It's not a battered squash slice it up into the big skillet, chop up some onion in it little seasonal salt-and-pepper could get down to a cyst plumbed the night my long time to cook it like hell because he got up, it's a much less is computer slow down. Jesus looked everywhere he went 33 years and Mandy could have some young squash which you know your mom's doing some gifted magician work right now I'm looking forward to about thanks for the day. Thanks for having me better. Thank you for listening and you know it's just a pleasure.

I just can't tell you how much fun we had. So thank you for joining your listening to the truth and

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