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Christian Car Guy - Plymouth Progress MARATHON

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 5, 2020 12:22 pm

Christian Car Guy - Plymouth Progress MARATHON

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 5, 2020 12:22 pm

What a special Christian Car Guy.  A marathon of EVERY episode - so far, of The Plymouth's Progress.  You are going to LOVE it!

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Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just seconds. Enjoy Sharon but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network and I am terrified that we should miserably come to ruin, except the witch yet I see not simply escape can be found way back we may be delivered.

I searched and searched my mind really are you sure you not into Plymouth Rock like Myles Standish or something weird that some yes honey I mean please can just stop with the well wasn't aware by this. You are really starting to worry electrical problem. I think I'll just take a ride and train new ones welcome radio show time for a Christian leader and five episodes of a Plymouth progress mall and one show through the summer.

I've been really busy and not able to release the last episode that we did so today were going to bring you up-to-date not only play episode five episodes 1 to 3 and four before so sit back and enjoy progress is incompletely based on John Bunyan's classic. Today's marathon is a Christian car but also their original post. There you can follow along and more importantly, it has the Scripture references greatly in the interpretation of the Jimmy Margie owner and hero from River walk through the wilderness lighted on a certain place there was any laid himself down to sleep as he slammed the dream, the dream, and behold, he saw an old Plymouth valiant pain headed out of the garage with the roof. Overloaded with and as Jimmy looked intently where this all Plymouth was reading a book as valiant a Plymouth red.

He trembled and went not being able to contain himself let out a cry. I valiant Air Force block and return to frame himself.

As long as he could. I wager and children up when something is perceived as distress but he could not be so long because is troubling. Wherefore, at length, break his mind to his wife and children began to talk and you children something I only override them for such an informed city will be to myself. You should miserably come to ruin, except that which some way of escape can be found in nighttime study pretty much retired to his chamber mother's family was discussing this new wow dad must really be losing 1600 that life just talking about my life. So come to really valiant had a terrible night he spent in size and tears. So when the morning was his family inquired this will will drive the section that is except escape can be found searched my mind.

Are you sure you not into Plymouth Rock like Myles Standish or something weird sound like a freak. Yes, honey, I mean, please give me chest. With the well is in the whereby you are really starting to worry electrical problem. I think I'm just writing with that, headed off to pray his family discussed the dilemma mom call mechanic electronic muscle strength something mom for the first time for praying for those who are condemning searching his book for answers to the weight of this this scene one day I stopped in his book he cries out to be saved in his dream, Jimmy Saul so that this way and that way is if it would start off stood still, because Jimmy perceived valiant could not. Jimmy looked and then he saw a car named televangelist and he was coming to is that the last value. Wherefore, tossed. See die and come to judgment willing to do the second two willing to since this life is attended with so many evils because I do support my sink below grade shuffled to the bedding, Christian.

If I do not fit to go to prison for judgment from sentence to execution. The thoughts of these things make me cry.

If this condition while I just sitting there all here take the scroll. What does it say from the wrath to come. You see younger narrow Turnpike. No. Do you see younger shining light. I think I do keep that light in your eyes and go directly there to social dousing Turnpike which now it shall be told what shall I say Jimmy sign his dream began to drive towards the light valiant passed right by his own home, but his wife wager and his children. Sundance saw him coming and drove after just can't really just you must keep this the city of received instructions from dualist is toward you said that it will be discussed to a narrow Turnpike, whereupon we shouldest not chunks only chance dad. Have you lost your mind.

This in is where I go to school where all of my friends are. Ever since he started reading that book is God is doing something that clearly he ate in your speech interact and make it really reminded hello this is 2020. God destroy the city and what 2000 years God's notions of distraction to Jimmy's on his dream valiant to hear mine life life. Can you believe that valiant just chose Christ over his wife and children. Well, a small spoiler alert later next year as we move into a Plymouth progress to see how God really does work all that out. We got lots of limits progress, welcome back to a Plymouth progress marathon just want to remind you, as always, we do have the ministry in the Christian card I show Jesus labor of love. It's car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis Jesus labor love.

It's all there in Christian car that's Christian car you can be in prayer for ministry. Please check out our latest prayer updates as well as sensibly there that may need some help. Just have them fill out the form.

We would love to partner with God in helping your friend.

Now back to Plymouth valiant way to the celestial city look not behind him, but fled towards the plaintiff neighbors also came, I became some others threatened and some cried after the return among those that did, so there were two result effect impact on Oldsmobile in the name of the other was furious, pliable. By this time, valiant got a good however they were resolved to pursue in which they overtook him he come yes this is old too much junk in your way is just not suited for.

I mean you are carrying brother, you can ask you know what I'm saying. That can by no means be dwelling the city of destruction, the place also I will will I see it to be sent in dying that sooner or later you will sink low in the grave to a place that fire and brimstone, no small clock crush neighbors shall hold you. Are you really which you shall say is not to be compared with a little of that which I'm seeking to enjoy the truth is I myself when I go is enough interest, as improved my thinking you're going to live tales of cell phone since you all seek an inhabitant to pull away and it is made and seem to be bestowed time on them, Lucian, are you going back no because I have needed my sale and no impairment to really self-righteous and we may join club is in their own can render a reason all their one works.

You will modern Gen X with his whole lot better headed his way distraction answer is no getting back to where you want me to come with such things to be leaving the truth of what is to express their behold by the blood that made it directly by the speed as to the narrow Turnpike that is before us, we shall receive ructions about the way both pliable and valiant headed off to get back to the city of you allows you to do is enjoy this site. My dream will come back valiant in previous pliable drove over the plane and began their just due. I'm glad you office suite even himself, but filled with the powers tempered somewhat is seen not the slightly have given us the back. You would need me again how amazing these things are much fun the kingdom. I can better conceived by speak with Mike yet to our desire is to know read my book. Do you think that the words of your book for sure, for it was made by that cannot lie.

Well there isn't to be inhabited and lasting blank to be given us, that we may inhabit that kingdom forever crowns that would make us shine like the sun into heaven cry so that is the place will wipe tears from our eyes shall be the Seraphim's creatures, dazzle your eyes to look on also showed thousand 10,000s that have gone before us. Please nothing in holy walking and standing in his presence.

Acceptance forever shall seek then we shall see, the gold's that we shall see by the world, cut in pieces and inflames beasts drown for the gold plates. They will be well and clothed with immortality as with the content will be back when valiant and pliable and just a minute. Christian car and check out the cast and crew page of Christian car guy theater. There you'll see the amazing actors that God said Christian card. It's all there in Christian car will be right back. Welcome back to our Christian car guy theater Plymouth progress marathon today were playing all five so far of a Plymouth progress to make sure you know that all these are always as the podcast which is available in Christian car and tell you phone Siri Christian car guy podcast if you like to listen to Christian car guy podcast on your life.

It's organized by season number, so we created the season number five just for Christian car guy theater you want to been to listen to any of the sounds of any of our adventures, their own merits. Season five on your iPhone Christian Jesus labor love you want to know the bio information on any of the cast and crew writers etc. Christian car guy theater there at the cast and crew of Christian car guy theater Christian car more adventures with Plymouth valiant up I cannot go as fast as I by reason of this luggage that is on my rack just as they drew near to very Miley Slough or make a mug that was in the midst of the plane and naming slips. The name therefore the time being. Previously and valiant because I began to sink so you know is you will live in Florida sliding his way out of the mire on that side which was next his own house way he went and valiant saw him no more Jimmy next on his agreement valiant was left to spin his wheels to make a mud puddle on all alone. Still here. Still further from his that he did but he couldn't get out because Jimmy beheld in his dream that a vehicle came name tell what you I was to go this way the jokes on Brown: name and help you more. Yes, as I was saying I was good to go this way. My cold directed me also to younger narrow trip that I might escape the wrath to come. And as I was going for. I unfortunately bought it. Car go bridge you need to pay attention. Oh dear followed me so for so help the pickup told Saddam on solid ground go on his way. Then Jimmy still in his dream seem to be amazed by this Hudson pickup and went to talk to them all, how real Hudson pickup truck like this, but in thinking he still existed.

Mr. help if it just wondering if you could tell me why since this mega mud puddles in the way of the road from the city of instruction to the narrow Turnpike of the road crews fixed at that vehicles might go through security lower than up buckshot possum is a brain and not conviction, all all and so called mega mega month huddled like a black boy lost his last years Easter egg possum Myron Mr. help. I think I'm trekking with you and I think the purpose gets counterfeit. I know think it is actually Jimmy's on his dream. By this time, previous pliable got to his house again so that his neighbors came out to visit him and some of them called him a wise man for coming back in some called him a fool for hazarding himself with Plymouth valiant others again did market is currently all those mobile obstinate saying you are on the same cycle lab pliable years when this stuff going so pliable set out sneaking last he got more, about that time they turn their tails and began to insult her valiant behind his back. Well my copy now is Plymouth valiant was driving so voluntarily by himself. He is either vehicle a far-off crossing of the highway to meet may happen to me, just as they were crossing the way of this was a G that Plymouth valiant man and it was a wagon near name worldly wise garage in the town of carnal policy very great town close to valiant city of destruction. This man then meeting with valiant and having some inkling of her valiant, setting forth from the city of destruction was much noised abroad wagon near worldly wise men. Therefore having some guess of him holding his laborious going by observing his size grounds and the like began best to enter into some talk with well hello and good good fellow seems to be so way down.

Indeed, as ever, I think you had.

I tell you said I am going to younger narrow Turnpike before me. I shall be put into way of my heavy but now the wife and children, wife and children. Yes, yes, but I am so laden with his bed that I cannot take the pleasure in them is formally me things I have is if I had done it right back with the conclusion of this Plymouth progress marathon to take a moment take you behind the scenes a little bit on how we pray for people we have Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms in Windows families in crisis reached out for help recently have an 84-year-old widow Greensboro area north Carolina and has over smoke coming idea what's going on have a lady in Kannapolis, North Carolina. She's overwhelmed with trying to help her see we have a car donated to us recently so wonderfully single mom trying to get it repaired for first fixed up and ready to go but to me, and we need to find somebody in non-omissions County are great. Everything is wonderful. Check engine light is on no longer work, or in order to drive the car well, but in order to come dollars have a car available for somebody in non-omissions County know somebody in that situation we have is hope you'll join with us in these needs single mom can actually donate either a car or financially.

Jesus labor now will see what worldly wise men have for you now back to progress with wagon near worldly trying to listen to me. If I were to some nice good price tag and counsel you will with Junior you will never be settled in your mind could you blessing which God has bestowed upon you which I see even to be known as the country that can take it off my going this way as I told this way of your very own sedan name as I remember well I must not dangerous directed by the eye can see the mega mud make a mud puddle is just the beginning of sorrows going that way. I am older and wiser than you on that road is very long journey hunger heralds mass Dragon stock would not things are certainly true, having been confirmed by many many testimonies before me. Why should a bad way himself giving.

He tossed his badge and my back is terrible to me these things which you have mentioned the things I can note what I need within the way LBI can also meet with deliverance from and how did you get that note in the place that by reading this book in my hand. Let me say that just as I see this kind of thing before.

Other week medley with Lee fall into your distraction.

Distractions do not only unmanned magnets you drive desperate. They know not what you say why reading that book I know what I would obtain my heavy bed. Why would you look on that so many dangers of especially since minute to listen without the dangers that are there that road and the remedy is not I will add that instead of those dangers. You will enjoy much safety and friendship. Preset opened the secret to me. Both really quite simple white yonder village. It's just a mile up the road. The villages made morality. There dwells a name very vehicle of a very good skill to help men. The source from the rack mechanical ability to cure those that are somewhat crazed with their electronic costs and burdens. Yes, burdens always support no go see him and you will be better before you know it, and if he should not be at home himself. He has a fine young man who is his son. He goes by civic civility and he can help you as well as guilt and self and it is there that I say that you could get that load off your back.

Then you could set for your wife and children to drive to the skillets work with their garages, which you could rent at reasonable rates. The fuel oil is always cheap and of good quality. All that is needed to make your life happier to be sure that you should live with honest neighbors in credit and good fashion. Now was valiant somewhat stand but presently, he concluded that this be true, which the wagon has said valiant wisest course is to take his advice and with that he best which is my way to this man's house. You see, yonder Hill yes by that hill.

You must go in the first garage come to this exciting adventure. Now here today you gone all believe is pliable thought it was a stake in the Valley of one that way.

Easy old. I just want what was right. You would think he would expect a battery of tests, Randy.

It's a good thing. No Hudson help came along mega mud but it was a filthy situation that we can get lots-help that I can know well when what made down daddy, I need tires for the narrow Turnpike enter them unless he's asking that like I did and found three and 30 5P encourage those with weak knee by getting we Randy wagon, near worldly wise men use a legalism's wisdom that luggage off his without Christ downright scary can be pretty high and people will come along who may or may not, and when possible we could always check the advice. I guess what the Bible says that God's promise and his wisdom, which we already know to be true.

Hello, remember that guy that joke guy in the Old Testament who is in advice. Oh boy is a whole another story, but it is clear that God showed Joe many things which cannot always be understood by humans that we acknowledge the power of God and train our hearts that we can put life into true Paris active in private trust God with all your heart, not your own understanding all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your outline with that? I certainly hope you enjoy this Christian card marathon as much as we enjoyed putting it together and listening to it ourselves.

God really did wonder John Bunyan's book the pilgrims progress.

Now remember, as always, slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went and got all done in 33.

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