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Christian Car Guy - Car Guy Is A Good Dad

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 22, 2020 3:28 pm

Christian Car Guy - Car Guy Is A Good Dad

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 22, 2020 3:28 pm

Jerry steps in as good dad, Robby Dilmore gets behind the wheel to drop his daughter off at college.  Jerry reminisces when he was sitting in that same car seat. Sweet.

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Remember, was hidden from the Pacific entering no plan as we were going to be this GPS in my phone good of the trip.

You don't need a GPS to discover America biking the road okay freedom Christian Car Guy radio show good morning. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show this morning and again I'm just a quick reminder this is a call and showed a lot of good hit on a lot of subjects this morning lot of them is under the practical stuff. It kind of questions that you have had in your mind on the repair process in getting my car fixed and that kind of thing. The woman is just sort of throw a lot of things out there and have a lot of discussions and if it stirs some questions on your part. We hope you give us a call. The call say you to call us just call us at 866-348-7884 and this morning.

Also in the studio with me which Darren is out of breath when he come to the door from burning something he call me Arlene said he had dog issues and that he's here with us and Darren going to introduce yourself just made it just in time had some issues with with my with my dog, but she's doing all right now. So that's that's a good thing but yeah I own come to call colors H we have about nine locations scattered throughout North Carolina and southern southern Virginia we deal with PPG automotive paint. We also do with PP industrial paint so we deal with so many factors also but we been in business.

It's about 2004 and work 16 years time is just fine by you say that it seemed that rotted Canada's time does fly's heart audibly say 16 years makes me want to work only be 17 years old nappy this morning. If you notice me turn tuned in. Robbie is not with us this morning. He is taking his daughter to the colleges morning dropping her off and when I told Robbie this week and he talked about taking her down and Gartner unloaded and set up for school. When all that, it kind of brought up some memories of my own been a few years as I drop my daughter off at school and one of things that I was thinking at that time. As I was talking to them and then off this kinda weird summers and be on the next Pro or specimen on the next program Derek Marshall Monday is also dropping his daughter often didn't know they gave him a schedule so his time to do it was this morning so. However, all that being said, I thought you know when when I did that there was no coronavirus there was, not nearly that social unrest that's going on in this country now. I thought man I would just just just kind of made me kinda just pause for a moment. Just think what dropping your daughter, son or child off at college.

What time of you know, just just concern for him and well when I drop Tyler off at head. This is something I've always said in an end and mentioned it many many times doing on the radio and people coming into the shop and by the way, I'm Jerry Mathis of race body shop and wrecker service. The Christian body shop guy and so many times people come in and Stefan will have conversations with them about dropping off their kids and stuff but it goes back to something I've always said that is that when you're in a crisis have no matter if your cars broke down.

You need a flat tire.

Keys are locked you been an accident. It's always good to know who to call and this will always say, you know, doesn't have to be raised body shop and wrecker service. Just know somebody that you feel comfortable and that's the best way to have a somebody that's close to where you live so you not having your vehicle transported all over the county or the city and also some of that, you've got somewhat of a relationship built with so always say you know try to have in the glove box and make sure your wife and your your kids all know you know what, if you need roadside assistance or something. The card is right here are there's a pamphlet in here called them because one thing is under Davison to get you somebody that you're familiar with and is familiar with you. The other thing is is probably going to save you some money.

Because if it just as a rotation call. Traditionally, there little higher just because of the format that they have to follow.

As far as that goes for Senate save you money and a whole lot of aggravation moving forward while. That being said, when I go back to think about dropping Tyler off it.

Liberty University down one thing about liberty and if there is a liberty. My mom, on the liberty Greg, I am. I love that school deftly is changed over the years when I was there they didn't have half the stuff they have now and is just amazing how how great and how expensive that that university has grown over the years and it's actually been exciting to watch this at Hassan and that the piece of that is the you know this kids go in there and had so many times going to college stuff you're not really sure what they're there to be in Fayette or what their you know what ought to be installed in that the whole angle of what society isn't Stefan there. You know that is sort of Christian basin and is the also implicit liberty. Whatever he liked about it was.

It's a big college atmosphere. As far as that sports and activities and all that stuff so but all that being said, drop Tyler off at liberty and the first couple weeks going up because she was a cheerleader had to go real early and be there weeks before school started.

One of the first things I did was start looking for somewhere that I could make sure that she went in the door with me. We talk to somebody at a either a body shop are repair center mechanical shop or tire shop or somebody that I feel comfortable with that. When she was up there. She had a flat tire or whatever it may be she knew that was somebody she could go to that I knew that she knew and they knew her and said they would had that comfort about that and to what Darren is set PPG shop. Was it Sandor's that thing is that Isaiah yeah right there on the Right on the edge of the campus.

So when I start looking.

Obviously Matt was right, they are not really feel comfortable about that.

A winning talk to them and really liked their their their demeanor and then also just the way they did business in the facilities and staff, and lo and behold, within three weeks of her being on campus. Okay Tyler has little bit of me in her life was over for stuff all and she couldn't get it to shed and it messed up the lock so she was called the panic and reminisce on and it was a day of week and it was on the rain and she did know what to do us at remember. Go to the shop that Nana told who to ask for. She went in and, of course, if you ever done that before you know she's tripping that lock and read said net did it go to trunk shut and she was on her way and then over the course of time of the next four years. She did have a stop by the cup pass free the tire was low or something like that. But with the poinsettias. It was somewhere that she felt comfortable and I knew they were taken care of or not taken advantage of earth and that's this piece of mind that is for me and I was grateful for that.

Notice encouraged by few dropping kids off or if you're sending kids off to a workplace outside where there used to be in around you, and you've always been the one to sorta got them through that help them get established somewhere with some kind of connection because it'll one thing you'll save you a lot of worry and concerns but also most likely will save you a lot of money also.

And that's something always kinda this day and time to always factor in this morning and I just pray that the Robbie has a great trip in and if they get settled in real well, but also one of the things this morning.

I would like to make sure we do can have a little bit of a different show because we are different live in a different time in a different environment and business is done different and is a lot of you have a lot of questions and concerns of the last couple weeks have been sort of compile and some of the questions that people came in the door asking and us that there can be need to talk about this more efficient. Having Darren in here with me because he's in be able to add a lot to that Inez us start that ball rolling.

One thing the mass Darren is you know has your business how you operate and how colors age is able to do that to meet customers needs a the body shop or just walking customers as a change of the past few months. Yet as it's is deftly been a complete change of the way we do business than we have in the past because you didn't have any you didn't have the virus out there now to worry about.

You just worst case might've been you might've caught the flu or something like that from someone coming in so it one is the you know the the you know we change the way we obviously sanitize clean green emphasis on on sanitization, especially drought the company throughout our customer's companies and everything. It is just taken forefront to make sure that we create a safe environment for customers that they can feel comfortable coming into our store we do in North Carolina they do.

You know, we have the the mascot mandates that we do require mass to come into the store and everything like that but yeah but we want to make sure that you know where able to trade a safe environment for for customers that come in sorry do-it-yourselfers and stuff because just because we've got the virus out there doesn't mean people stop work on the cars and everything so they need good quality people to talk to so we just try to do that at first and then going out and seeing our customer, such as your shop and find that we've we've you know really trained are our sales guys to try to you.

No one take cautions give our customers some of the idea. You know some of the different things out there to help provide services for their customers that are in accidents will be back and have a lot of questions for guarantors of the field a lot applying again this is a calling show 866-348-8784 back in a moment. Fishing Cargile video you're listening to the Truth Network and once again welcome back to the Christian Car Guy radio show on jury method raise body shop and wrecker service in the studio with me is Darren with colors age in one of the question just how about how doing business is different and I know one of the things is that where the product you're selling is is disinfectants definite something that I never thought I be back from a supplier and stuff.

So that's deftly changing world for sure. Remember that we would get into that field either.

But that's, where the industry is taken is to make sure that everyone safe absolute in the one of the things that I said start with.

I want to talk about some the practical stuff and some the things that people have questions about and trends in the repair industry. One of the things that always will. People say when there's a difference in that estimate are get in by the pain of Carson call six amount somebody else can do it for this amount and then even when they start looking llama by the material and what I say. Many money and they go. I've been online and then on the Internet on eBay or whatever it may be and then have to go to explaining the difference in payment year.

So is there a mean is there.

It difference in pain other than price yet is there's there's quite a bit of difference. Most of the pain companies you know expert in helping others.

They are different versions of their pain.

As far as I got you a premium mid tier and then them, and economy type paint main differences on a lot of that is in obviously the premium we've got different shades of that same color, so you might be a blue metallic, but there could be so many different ways of of shades of that that metallic how it looks or anything on Accenture under Toyota had it with her bumpers for email for long time when you look at the cars like Goldman Olson are the champagne color your member and then if you look at the numbers look like a totally different enough different color paint similar to that as far as if you get it achieved great pain.

You know it's sometimes a lot of times it's it's it's kind of a gamble to see if it'll match or anything like that because it's not designed to be able to match paint the our economy paints usually designed to be yelling all over.

So if you're in a paint on your car all over again or some of that or you get all one color. That's where those economy paints kind of kind of step into into play but get your car fixed and repair shop and stuff you know you want to make sure the use in the premium grade of paint to make sure that you get the best match possible because they put a lot of research and development in making that the pain companies do to make sure that that colors right on so they're not spending a lot of time tenting on it or anything that and in the net mid tier is kind of a yes, same thing. It's it's it's not us doesn't have as much color depth as far as shading or anything that to make sure that it units a perfect match or blend will match with the premium payment is not using match is a lot better than than the economy and it usually has more pigmentation and it so there's there's different little tricks that that pain companies in's and stuff used to make sure to drive down the cost was yet is is is cheaper for reason and end users because some of it is that tent load that's in there so there might be 50, 50% color tent load and the rest of it is clear binder so when you're spraying it might take yeah you know to quartz to do something that one court would've done in the premium line so so there's a lot of education there, and especially get to the clear side and a lot of that has to do with UV screeners and stuff of that when you get to the to the more that the cheaper line paints and stuff that you usually that's that.

Some of the product that is kind of been not as potent in their some of that so it might let the paints are burning up.

As far as feeding because is not screaming those UV screeners out after you know a couple years as opposed after five or six or 10 years to bring on the premium quality and what the weather with the manufacturer stating that it'll it'll last two which is why usually have warranties, you know on the on the premium payments because they they know what's in there. What's what's protecting it from the from that year from the environment and everything whereas on the on the cheaper line paints you don't you don't usually have that that extensive of a warranty or anything like that so those are just some of the some of the differences in their Neo between the different levels of paint so I always recommend people here when you get in car Patterson I just make sure you know that using a good quality premium paint and in you know they'll you'll usually like the job that they've that that repair centers done then and always salmon the quality and the premium lines are all really. You do a good job and some have you know little things that they tweak in one direction and that that doesn't maybe have advantage over another, but they also into the day it all works works out. If you go to the premium line you're getting subnational last cost a little more to durability deed to color match and everything else and be so far ahead of and then even now I know with that the new cars coming out of me.

We watched now I'm trusting how long it's been.

We switched over to to water you and you know people thing white patent water pain on my car you know think that that's really that that's that's the top as far as the technology and stuff that's top-tier and that's really what you need to have to really match some of these new cars yeah yeah when they came out with water-based the water-based paints and everything that Yost is designed for two factors. Obviously that's where the manufacturers were going gives you a nice cleaner look. That's why you see some of these I know back if you look at back in the mid-90s and stuff.

A lot of these no cars that you see here used to be like candy specialty custom yellow colored cars and stuff.

And now you can actually achieve that with your with the premium paints and everything because they got that nice clean look to him and it just makes it makes a lot nicer paint, but to. It also makes it a healthier paint both for the technician for the environment and everything like that because back in reason solvent you anywhere from 50% of of the of the pain that you're spraying a quart of paint on the car doing basic cider hood or some of that half of that product is evaporating into the environment and enhance the pollution and everything like that so you know they did a year.

The pink enemies did a really good job of of creating an in and they all go different ways of going about it, but they get the VOCs down to where the pollution ratios is really really has been really cut in half with people that use though the waterborne in the end, the water-based type paints all do know it all comes back to just just the technology and that the step just going into it by ready to go into a bright, but when I come back, go ahead and time I put Bethann on the spot.

We come back from the break I was told about trends and questions and stuff for the transit I've noticed dirty prognosis. Also, females women committee and to the facilities talk about getting repairs and staffing used to be dominated by the men now really have more females awoke the door percentagewise we do males you're listening to the network and Welcome back to the Christian car got radio show and networking so much truth, that you know the Truth Network this afternoon at one Eastern time.

The cure with Amy Carbo. This program offers a platform for everyone for hope for everyone Amy in the cure this afternoon at one Eastern on the Truth Network entity.

What Amy's got a story and she's used what some people call tragedy turn into a platform to be her story to be able to reach other people. So if you get a chance. 1 o'clock this afternoon turned the truth listen to the cure. What there is, I was just talking about the different trends and then repair facilities and way business is done it will then talk about a lot of different things going just sort of some bullet points and hit on one of the trends that I've noticed over the last especially last 10 years.

It seems that used to be a time when I first got in this business and staffing grew up in it was always the guys ever come into the door talking about dropping the car off about what needs to be done for the repairs and also just that the facilities really want set up to cater to the females maybe just just just the way it was a news acceptor that way but over how to know what everybody else's business. Looks like Brenda Ray's body shop and wrecker service now will probably you know you were over, since about 60 to 4065 4035 something like that ratio of females come into the doors to get the original estimates to talk about the repairs.

Usually after at some point, the husband of the males will come in and and will call in question some of the staff and the new. Usually there when it gets picked up and stuff but used to be something that we never saw in our industry and staff and so this morning I came in first thing I said is a bit, put you on the spot someone asked you as a female. One of those concerns and what what what would be the turnoff and did you see that changing that the industry and is not just the automotive industry seems to be a lot of industry you mean where ladies are coming in as opposed to where you saw the guys all the time. Absolutely.

And I don't know if I am like that last barometer for this only because you know I'm single and I've I've never been married, so I I've always been the one to to do this, but I can almost feel the difference.

As the consumer I Jerry that you're talking in that they I do feel like businesses are acknowledging that half of their business is mall and half of their business, nearly half is is female.

But what, at least when it comes to automotive or categories that I feel I have which is a lot no real knowledge and no wisdom. You know you always seek wisdom from others.

So you know when I first came back to North Carolina I had to to take my car for something and who did I ask. I asked the Christian car guy and so you know Robbie gave me a couple of options and I think once I go into a place as a consumer. It's almost like when you were taking your daughter tailored to school and you wanted to make sure that she had somebody shoot them comfortable with knew who she was, its you almost instantly can feel that they are. They want to know more about you. They want us solve your problems and there's a trust that begins the seed is planted from the very beginning so I feel as as a woman and normally you know we come in now because of the Internet pretty knowledgeable as much as we can be about a purchase or repair or whatever it is, so we kind of have questions ready and if they you know, take time and answer the questions they don't know the answer in their honest immediately.

Sort of like a trust, and then it's for me, not so much the cost.

I'll pay whatever you tell me to pay because I trust you. Does that make sense that makes perfect sense and and and that you succumb any kind of prepared and that's what we see in that when the industry is people coming in and they do have questions and I think that sort of one of the things that I think is is a female and also as a male.

If you go in and you have those questions and the people sitting across from you either don't take your question seriously.

I don't really have the time to answer me meet your needs and as a matter email mail age or anything at all to be a red flag. You know me and ended up saying that, but also the Mona say this also that there's times when you just really busy and you think back, I probably didn't didn't give them the time I should have in Stefan because I've not had that happen without the know what a puppy didn't really answer their questions and because the phone would be ringing or somebody else to stand in their but really you not think people read into that and see that the reason why you didn't see the because you're really busy because you just don't care. There's a big difference there is something there when the people come to the counter, maybe some are just off the street has a question that you can sell them anything you know what yet you still you still want to, you know, still want to take care of them. You still want to answer the questions and yeah you know you can usually tell if someone's you know if there's a if this if the store the shop or anything is is just super busy and I usually can that has a different yoke.

Five. I guess you know usually do most people so they can usually tell okay yeah they're just really extremely busy right now and we all have bad days so that we try to limit those in and be able to you know is the of the day were were all in customer service trying to make sure that the customers take care of making sure that they're happy with whatever questions they might have, or with any repairs that they have and we seen with women and everything we seen a lot just entering in our industry in general and painters, technicians, there's all-female body shops that you know that are out there. You know that's it's it's been actually encouraging to kinda see a new, new wave of consumer in technicians kind of coming into our entire workplace thing Yep absolutely then then that's what I really want to get with Ian's take on that because it is is it it makes you feel very I know that the mother probably has be times you walk into someone you feel like were they when just patronize me for coming here. They really can't take what I'm saying Sears are they going to try to close.

Everybody hears the stories of female comes into going try to upsell you going to sell you something you don't own or think.

I don't know any better and really that's where you kind of try to find out about your people and you know I don't think I even mind the upsell and I don't mind at all be but it's just if there really sharing something with me that you know I need. I should know about or be aware of, you know, maybe I'm not in the need for whatever it is at that moment that if I trust you and I think long range you just have my well-being really at the heart of and you care who never was in.

I might do that next time. Does that make sense yeah absolutely do think a lot comes up. Seo is you if you want to do that you need to make sure that there's a there's a basis for that and is really is a need instead of just you know what I just that's part of what I'm get pressure from from my company to upsell everything to try to sell something they did okay coming for this unit shocks.

Also, you don't rigidly to tires you need for this you know there is a lot of this stuff that can get a kit could really confuse you.

So yeah you're right I think it goes back to what I said very beginning of the show is on somebody that you can rest and at that point, you know what it if somebody's son come to me and does it interesting that they question what I'm telling them I won't if they don't feel comfortable with it. Say no if they want to go asked somebody also talks about us get another opinion. Please do it because into the day want to do the best job I can do for customer that walks through our door.

We feel that weather and sometimes I'm on the other side and I'm not the consumer. So I just think it is a relationship it's it's a very nice honest, authentic, transparent back-and-forth and that's what know what that's really what were you all the grief and stuff.

We live in is that sometimes we can make things a lot easier on yourself.

Find somebody you trust and then talk to them openly. I mean there's knows there's no stupid question, questions him as a sad a promise you there are some recent questions that those past few weeks, people walked in the door number throughout the very first before you go on the next break is this a good time to get my car repaired and is it safe to do so that I was amazed how many people walked to the door and asked that question yeah that's in and the answer is yes. I mean it's it's you know it's it's still a good time to you know to get your car repaired all the shops that we deal with that I you know that that I know of any kind that have ever gone far and above, making sure that you know they're using the disinfectant summing all the different technologies out there to help create a safe environment for both the workers because you got a euro figure you know when you're bringing your car and they don't know where your know where you're coming from, or anything and you know and for them because when things we do we disinfect the vehicle and is dropped off, wipe down all the high use areas and when they pick it up. The final cleanup been disinfected and also in the field and facilities continually keeping things clean disinfectants that will be coming back soon, because already I would enjoy having this morning to get it is a call-in show you're listening to Truth Network and all right.

Darren and Bethany already were ready. Okay, back to the questions.

Another question kept popping up.

The people asking is one that been passed for years and years whenever you're in a traffic accident and the insurance company tells you how you find out that the carrier that you have is also the care that the person that was involved in the traffic accident with you and the first thing they want to do and say is to speed up the claim. The best thing to do is to just go ahead and you let us cover yours under your insurance and there is under their insurance to make the claim go a lot quicker and be a lot smoother is that a good idea, some by this week in the office with that question. My answer is no. I would never is out enough if it's not your fault very bad and you wanted on your insurance company take care of even though there cover the same thing.

I haven't seen where it hampers the process at all yeah and then also the other piece that it had that point there a lot of times, and because they were explained to. It was under the state average and wouldn't have a claim but that's sort of a power judgment thing also just sort of hangs there for three years, then another pickup either a traffic about moving violation or another accident.

It comes back and pick set up so and understand the insurance companies view only because one thing they basically try to keep from having anybody mad or taken aside.

So they're trying to retain customer so understandably yeah I for somebody else's fault. It is about the same insurance company, or even if it's another insurance company and they always sometimes your you know you'll get advice just go him turn on your collision insurance and then they'll segregate it with.

There's a lot of issues with that. Whenever you can turn it on another claim. If somebody's at fault, go ahead and do it is to save you a lot of aggravation and in the day will save you time.

Also exactly another question is about insurance. When do I decide to drop my collision insurance that is a over the course of time that is changed a lot because now with the vehicle. The repair cost is so high used to be where you'd say you know after targets seven or eight years old I drop my collision. Now with the repair cost on the vehicle more apt saying you know keep that a lot longer than normal and talk to have an agent that you can talk. That's why like having to sit down aging.

Go sit at a desk and talk to them because you know what, if you have the some cars. I mean can be sent in very minor and because she thousand dollars. Summing some of the European cars and also some of the US cars now just just take a headlight, for instance, expensive, and unreal on a weekly $1500 you wish. We just a yellow put a headlight in a BMW week or so ago that was $6800 because of the radar unit in that lane change. Another step until I don't afford the new force also has this that that the radar in it that you know where you change lanes. Another step has that built into the taillight. You know that taillight just to let these people to buy for less.


Now is something like $900 for dental some of the forwards so all the sudden way, all that stuff out so when you may want to keep that little longer than normal and the other thing is he foolish yeah just thinking about my was 1500 but I have BMW but it prices now. There's no rhyme or reason on some of the pricing so we got a know that also. My vehicle was in an accident insurance company total lost it and deemed a total loss. Should I buy that vehicle back as a question of mass okay yeah there enjoy what I mean, what would you do not buy back as I know is an accident I don't know why but that's me being nave, I would probably somebody finally asked my insurance guy and I would actually talk with the body shop manager and kinda see because there's different ways that they total your car to so if a lot of the safety systems went off.

As far as airbags anything that counts against the repair claim. Now there might not really be much wrong with your car, except for that, so it might be worth maybe go unbind it back in and have it repaired in a nice car that's only really doesn't have a whole lot of damage to it. Technically, I must say that this is right. Darren is right because of leptons all cited you want to buy one back causes a lot of issues with that one has his tag is a total loss.

From that point on, on the title so the value drops a few one back back entrance selling a few years, the value is nothing on the vehicle. Unfortunately, but the other parties. I think Darren really hit the they'll on the head that always say is talk to the body shop go over the estimate and say because now with new vehicles are so much technology and so much electronics and step when any estimate is written, they write it on what you can physically see and hidden damages. What is it is a big big word in the repair industry because of his damage that they can't physically see your note.

The cars not run.

They don't know if the if the modules are bad or blown out. Also, they don't know if the computer got arrived on the accident so you can have a vehicle and say okay it's got $7000 damage on it. I can buy back $4000 and going to give me $808,000 Psalm have an extra thousand dollars of about back and fix for the seven reality is, is probably not going to be that $7000 because all the hidden damage and now with the is as though the week for call talk with the new bronco and stuff and all the all the technology is in that car that just got released when you write an estimate on it. You have no clue to against so far down the road when you start run diagnostics only to know if there is internal damage on the computer and that Kuyper step. So all of a sudden what you think maybe because you $7000 because you $11,000 and that's not unusual, because every estimate written by anyone used to be hidden. The old days you pretty will look at the vehicle know what kind of damage because computers were sophisticated. That was his many gadgets on the vehicle and stuff so you pretty much know what repair costs will be now. There's so much is that this hidden, that you don't know about and also just the bumper Aminah bumper and have 20 components only used to be for bumper damage needed bumper but now with the inner structure that the absorber of the rebar. The shocks on it that brackets the retainer zone. It all the sudden, those calls are things you don't really say so. Most the time there's a left off the estimate is almost like a house like you buy money you buy something that looks so beautiful, crown molding, but behind the walls. You don't know Otilia have to keep paying easier stole it all right a look and say what you have there. Okay. And then the other thing we talk about that Darren was the difference between Esme summing everybody who goes one down. I have so many questions here when you do a next and somebody comes in as his wife got an estimate is is X amount of dollars here X amount there my interest coming to me was this much in your tummies this much a shop I went to 2 miles away told me this much that all different figures why is that, I mean estimate is just that is an estimate is based on the person's ability to see kind of what is what is involved, what kind of damage he can see in a brief amount of time they're not yet. A lot of times, some companies if they're actually doing the repair they'll break it all down and in and get a one repair sheet estimate after the fact just going out getting an estimate. Yeah, you're going to have a range of of of numbers.

Because of that factitious everyone is subjective to different things that they see and so you'll you'll you'll kinda get into that a little bit of right show this morning. Joy having Darren with us this morning with and appreciate you reimport the show and all the work you put on the other side of the glass to make it happen like you so much fun again Robbie. Hope you have a great trip and this weekend I encourage you get into church of his own line or whatever it may be, will miss that opportunity and use whatever your platform is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Christian Car Guy radio enjoyed heavy this morning here in have a safe trip back to Burlington you're listening to

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