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Charlie's Big News

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May 20, 2024 2:43 pm

Charlie's Big News

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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May 20, 2024 2:43 pm

Charlie’s back from his week away and has a big announcement. He also recaps the debate  that you shouldn't miss. Charlie also responds to the big news of the past few days: Donald Trump's decision to debate Joe Biden on CNN. Charlie explains how this reveals the panic in the Joe Biden camp, and how a debate offers both danger and opportunity for the Trump campaign.

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Hey, everybody. Why was I out all last week? Well, the amazing news, a gift from the Lord, listen to this and celebrate alongside of us.

And if you want to become a member, become, It's why I was out all last week. And it's all good news. Finally, some good stuff to share. And then my analysis of what it means that Joe Biden suddenly wants to debate Donald Trump.

It is very important to analyze this. So check it out and text this episode to your friends and get involved with Turning Point USA at That is Start a high school or college chapter today at Again, become a member, That is

Buckle up, everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House.

I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created. Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives. And we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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June 14th through 16th. 2024 is our final battle in Detroit, Michigan. The great silent majority is rising like never before. Join us for the people's convention. This is a new ball game everybody. You send a message, we play to win.

Register now at I am back in the chair and no I'm not yet in the studio. I am broadcasting from my home studio in my library and you know a lot of you guys were so sweet last week.

You were emailing us. Charlie hope you're enjoying your vacation. Charlie hope you're enjoying your time off. Charlie hope you went to somewhere nice and true. I did enjoy last week but it was not a vacation. I was on assignment for the most important thing that one can do except giving your life to Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. We, Erica and I and our family were celebrating the birth of our son. Children are a gift from the Lord and we were celebrating and so we have been very sleep deprived so it's not exactly been let's just say going down to Cabo San Lucas plus we have our other little one our 20 month old who is running around and causing all sorts of havoc but I think we have a picture to show up on screen here and I got to just be honest it is the the most important most fulfilling most challenging thing I have ever done and we have ever done and we are just we are filled with so much joy and thrilled and he's super healthy praise God and Erica is just doing amazing and Erica did so so well I got to be honest there was a lot going into that whole situation and we're going to keep that private and you know we're a very private family in the sense where we don't like necessarily always sharing about family stuff and you know we wanted to give a whole week just to kind of let things settle and you know as you spend a lot of time when you have a child just kind of sitting and thinking and not sleeping and listening to podcasts and you know you're looking at this unbelievably innocent life which by the way he was a life in the womb too and that's what's just so amazing is that it goes it's not all of a sudden that the human life just kind of it doesn't become magically a human life as soon as the baby exits the womb it's like life in the womb life outside of the womb same characteristics same heartbeat all of it so I'd love to have a pro abortion fanatic explain that however you look at this totally innocent life that has just entered the world and you say my goodness like what are we what are we giving them we're destroying this beautiful country and not to mention the 35 trillion dollars in debt the wide open border and it should convict you to fight harder it should convict all of us when you look at what we are handing down we are stealing their inheritance while they're still not even able to talk and able to know anything about what's going on in the world around them we are robbing them we are robbing them blind I believe it's one of the most it's one of the great actions of immorality that we've ever seen it is generational theft and it's really bad right now for generation z I mean I think they call it what generation alpha is that right generation alpha or whatever generation he's in it is outright highway robbery this is the bandit class that's what these people are the ruling class has become the bandit class and they steal for a living they steal their rights they steal the sovereignty of the country they steal the fiscal and financial solvency of this nation and it convicts us to fight it convicts us to fight harder and so yes I was off last week Andrew did an amazing job I want to shout out Andrew and the entire team Daisy I heard went on the program too she did very very well and I was getting you know all these people text me some people said Charlie hope you're enjoying your vacation Andrew is doing so great I said uh okay well you know not a vacation but I'm really glad the team is doing really well and so praise God glory be to God and it's not easy and I want to just be very clear about that the having children is challenging but it is infinitely fulfilling it is it is a daily grind and a daily challenge and it realize you realize you're not the most important thing in the world it having children is the antidote to narcissism if you have any sort of narcissistic self-indulgent on the most important thing in the world that dies as soon as you have a child and you die to yourself and honestly I think that's a really beautiful thing I think it's missing in our country I think that well first of all we are now doing Eric and I are now officially doing our part to reverse the fertility crisis doing a small part I hope everyone else uh can it plays your role too because we are we are now below replacement levels it is the lowest fertility rate in American history and family is the cornerstone of any civilization but I look around and everything is all about me it's about I and it's not about duty it's not about obligation having children by definition makes you recognize and realize that I'm not as important as I might have thought I once was and I mean Jesus says you know you must take up your cross daily I could tell you this having children will help you get there you don't get all the sleep you want to get you don't get all the fun times of your friends I mean don't get me wrong you get real joy you have more fun raising kids than like going out to the bar and doing whatever you know the late 20-something and early 30-somethings do but it the fulfilling things are the most challenging things and you go on an adventure an adventure that is rich in fulfillment an adventure that nourishes your soul a very a close friend of mine uh they're they have a mother-in-law that's passing away unfortunately all she thought about in her last couple of weeks and days the only thing was her family and I've seen this play out time and time again where people at the end of life and it's not about wow you know I'm so glad that I visited Vienna that second time like okay that's fine it's great no it's did you were you fruitful and multiplying I totally understand some of you in the audience have difficulty having kids there's a real fertility crisis and a growing poison to this country separate issue I understand some of you have not been able to find a partner not the point but those of you that are able to have children and don't have those issues and you choose not to I think you're making a big mistake and I'm not just saying a mistake for the country the civilization I think that you're going to be at the end of life and what you're going to have like a bunch of trinkets or a bunch of like really cool Instagram posts and you build a repository of shared memories and experiences with only your family your wife and your kids you only share that much of your life with those closest to you it's so incredibly worthwhile and you build a legacy and you start worrying about stuff when you're a parent that you don't worry about otherwise and it keeps you on edge and you're not always able to like relax and have that work-life balance it's all a bunch of trash but you do something that out lives you and honestly it's good for the country good for the civilization you want to know it's so simple you want to know how we save the country we raise more good people you save the country if we raise more good people than bad people more righteous people people that love the Lord and love liberty and love our nation then we win it's it's simple math so if the good people no longer have children or if the good people have a lot of children well then that's a predictive element of the country you're gonna live in kids and having children reframes everything on how you think about society for example when you go to the hospital all of a sudden you're like well why is this overrun by illegals like why don't I get prioritization you think about crime you think about schools you think about food you think about movies you think about the politics of the city and the world really belongs to the people who show up for it and I'm not any way you know trying to make you feel bad if the Lord did not bless you with children there in fact there is a scripture I'll find you that God has a special heart for the childless the faithful and the childless God has a special heart for I totally get that but if you are in a place where you say I can but I choose not to or you're like one of these weird girls that like get your tubes tied like at 28 because you're like I'm not gonna have children okay that's a big problem I really think so and I think that having children is good for the society civilization and good for you and so children are a gift from the Lord and we need to celebrate that more and we need to be honest it's not easy but it is fulfilling and it is it pleases the Lord when you raise children and so I so I encourage all of you to have more kids and to celebrate life coming into this world are you ready to lose weight but not sure where to start I understand I was right where you are two years ago let me tell you why I chose the PhD weight loss and nutrition program first Dr. Ashley Lucas has her PhD in chronic disease and sports nutrition her program is based on years of research and is science-based second the PhD program starts in nutrition there's so much more they know that 90% of permanent change comes from the mind and they work on eliminating the reason you gain this weight in the first place there's no shortcuts pills or injections just solid science-based nutrition and behavior change and finally a probably most importantly I lost 30 pounds look they're amazing if you want to lose weight you got to go to my I was just texting with Dr. Ashley Lucas today if you're ready to lose weight for the last time call 864-644-1900 go online at do what I did and what hundreds of my listeners have done and call today 864-644-1900 I recommend their program Dr. Ashley Lucas has her PhD in chronic disease and sports nutrition her program is based on years of research and is science-based second the PhD program starts in nutrition but it's so much more go to call 864-644-1900 I lost over 30 pounds Dr. Ashley Lucas great American check it out I do want to read this email I think it's very touching and I'm not I'm not trying to be cruel or to make anyone feel bad I just wanted to celebrate life coming into the world which we should all celebrate obviously but I want to get to the debates I have a lot to say about this debate news because I missed all of that last week and I have several thoughts that might actually take up the entire hour and then I also want to talk about all the recent vaccine news because I think it ties in with Trump and RFK so I'm kind of playing catch up here however I want to just read this email congratulations Charlie to your wife it is true about the later years in life I decided to be a pediatrician rather than marriage and children I felt it was God's will but now I'm 66 years old my parents are gone I have no family at all this is really when it hits women who choose career over children I saw some women who tried both but children and family suffered I wish I had done it differently I have many years ahead of me but hopefully it'll be without family and loved ones hopefully it will be without family and loved ones friends only go so far and fill in the space I think she says hopefully will be with I think which man's right Susan Susan God has a plan for you and I hear your regret in your voice but it's not too late to help other people with their children or not too late to do something impactful the next generation the fact you're watching this program and care about children and you're a pediatrician I know you've done a lot of good I only read that on air so that people can hear that because I think you would want that um lament shared okay so the debates so yesterday and last week I was getting so many text messages from people they said Charlie what do you think about the fact that Donald Trump is agreeing to debate and agreeing to debate I said guys I'm a little busy right now I'm handling a couple things managing a couple stuff and but I had a lot of thoughts on this and so I was very encouraged by the fact that out of nowhere Joe Biden takes up Donald Trump on his long-standing offer to debate this is the first and immediate takeaway that I think most people are missing it is now proven that the internal polling in the Biden campaign means he knows he's losing this means that Joe Biden's own data is showing that he is losing this shows that Joe Biden knows that his own internal tracking is not on pace and if the election were held today Joe Biden does not feel good about his chances there is no other reason why Joe Biden out of nowhere would agree to go and to debate Donald Trump a confident campaign does not engage in debates the best example of this is Donald Trump not debating in the Republican primary this last year it was the right move for Donald Trump I'm up 20 or 30 points on these people I don't need to debate them so the first takeaway should be unbelievably encouraging for you because we have been just bombarded with negative news and negative news and do we have a chance not only do we have a chance but Joe Biden agreeing for four debates with Donald Trump goes to show that Joe Biden believes he needs to take a risk Biden needs to take a risk and he needs to shake it up and Biden is the one who needs to roll the dice and introduce some chaos now I'm going to walk through with this into great detail because I believe that this is largely a trap it's a trap it's a trap that I think that Donald Trump can use against them I think Donald Trump can navigate I think Donald Trump can come out triumphant but we must be very clear this is not just all roses and beautiful times ahead this is a thicket and a thorn it's a it's a thicket of traps it is going to be an ambush campaign by the Biden campaign via CNN however understand on Sunday of last week that New York Times CNN poll came out that showed Donald Trump up like 13 in Nevada and seven points in Arizona and six points in Georgia and we said boy these numbers there's no way they're true and then 40 hours later Joe Biden says how many how many debates can we agree to that means that Joe Biden has consistent internal polling now for any for those who do not know internal campaign polling is far more accurate than the publicized polls from news agencies now I run an outside group turning point action so I'm not allowed to even learn about internal polling but back when I used to not run an outside group and way back when five six ten years ago I would always ask campaigns what do your internals show and just so you understand Donald Trump and Joe Biden will spend tens of millions of dollars on just polling they have in-house pollsters that all they're doing is they're constantly polling you might say well why are they doing that well because they want to know how they're tracking in certain states did this scandal or this news story impact voters do we want to spend advertising money here what door should we knock on measure twice cut once measure twice cut once and so Fabrizio does all the polling for Donald Trump I don't know who does all the polling for Joe Biden but by a candidate's action you can then get a window into the internal polling this is one of the invisible things that having a lots and lots of money gets you and Joe Biden has lots of money endless data and that endless data that Joe Biden has was screaming at him and I'm going to tell you what that data irrefutably showed that I think every other show has been missing I've been listening to a lot of podcasts the last week look for over 10 years Patriot 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all three major networks check it out right now charlie okay back to the debates because this is the big news of the summer and there's a debate whether or not there's going to be four debates or not so let's talk about just the unusual aspect of this that there's a summer debate now blake can fact check me in my lifetime i can say certainly there's never been a summer debate there's never been a debate before like september 10th in modern presidential debate history that's number one number two i don't think there's ever been a summer debate maybe boy i mean the lincoln douglas debates were in presidential debates but it's just usually it's always after the convention so debates were traditionally always late because remember we used to have election day and not election month this is pre-convention and this this sidesteps the presidential commission on debates this is just a cable television spectacle so let me tell you what joe biden's data is screaming at him joe biden's data is screaming this that he's doing poorly number one that joe biden is doing poorly no spin no bs joe biden is unpopular donald trump is popular the trials are not working the lawfare is not working joe biden waited for the alvin bragg trial to get going before he agreed to any debates this is all this is all harmonized there is synchronicity here where joe biden needed to wait to say hon is are his numbers going to go down because he's sitting in a courthouse in new york nope is uh donald trump going to become less popular because of the storm again he's like nope is donald trump going to be hurt by the fact that he can't campaign and hasn't visited arizona in like a year and a half nope so joe biden again not him but his team let me be very clear when i say joe biden i mean the cabal i mean the ruling class i mean the regime so the joe biden regime was analyzing this data analyzing this data analyzing this data analyzing this data and they realized that the lawfare not working and remember two weeks ago we got all that news of motions to dismiss and delayed without any further notice and the documents case is not going to come in and jack smith has to have an evidentiary hearing and so all the lawfare stuff that could hurt donald trump's numbers that all got put aside so joe biden has been running out of tricks up his sleeve but make no mistake don't be surprised if there's bird flu cow flu reptile flu snake flu rattlesnake flu you know something that's going to come out of here lobster flu you know the lobstermen and maine are getting the flu from you know the mollusks that they're that they're harvesting up there something's going to happen okay so just understand that there's going to be something that is going to sweep over the nation and they got something up their sleeve so joe biden sees two pieces of data and the first piece of data i think some people are highlighting oh yeah joe biden is desperate therefore he he wants the debate but the second piece of data that i think we must understand is that joe biden has evidence that leads him to believe the fact that donald trump has been largely censored not on twitter anymore he's allowed back on but he doesn't do it they don't air his rallies on television anymore that the memory of donald trump is far more popular than when people actually sometimes hear from trump now i don't necessarily think that's always true but that's joe biden's big bet joe biden's big bet is this we need to get him on television as much as possible we need to get joe we need to get donald trump in a contentious debate format now this could go either way and we have to understand cnn is an ambush waiting to happen that is not exactly going to be easy stuff and understand trump has been very successful using the breakouts of the trial as campaign moments going to the race in southern florida going to the bodega going to the bronx doing all of that he has been amazing at creating these viral moments and joe biden has had zero bump in fact the latest polls which now we can say these polls have some accuracy because if these polls didn't have some accuracy they're outside of the margin for joe biden's machine to be able to make up for it all the ballot chasing all the voter registration he is in crisis so joe biden says i'm not doing well and i'm not and says i'm not doing well and my big plan to save my campaign is going to try to get donald trump on a debate stage earlier than later and to try to bait him to interrupt me to make him look as if he is not presidential and people will say okay i might not like the way joe biden is doing but i don't want to live under donald trump and we have to go back to 2020 again joe biden is now broadcasting his entire campaign strategy sometimes to keep the stuff private or secret joe biden he doesn't have time to put things in secret anymore and by the way let's not make any let's not you know fool ourselves this is unbelievably risky for joe biden too i mean joe biden could just flat out just combust remember joe biden like yesterday called you know we got a bunch of erectionists taken over the country no seriously but not not insurrectionists he said erectionists you know on his teleprompter he says pause the drug cocktail that he's gonna put joe biden is gonna walk up to there and they should just say joe biden brought to you by pfizer joe biden brought to you by moderna joe biden brought to you by astraZeneca i mean what they are pumping that guy full of is some sort of mixture of norepinephrine and adrenaline and some stabilizer and they got the cocktail of drugs i want to meet that chemist by the way that is responsible for the joe biden daily drug infusions he's probably got ivy therapy going here he's got all sorts of different stuff okay so it's a risk for joe biden too we have to we have to make sure that we uh we acknowledge that so the the debates joe biden thinks that you can get donald trump on tv he's gonna plummet in popularity well not so fast my friend the only way this goes poorly for trump the only way and i will i plan to call the president and tell him this i plan to tell the campaign team and i'm saying this publicly the only way this goes bad is if you interrupt joe biden that's the only way i can say this as someone who has debated thousands and thousands of hours no one likes an interrupter period and in the first presidential debate back in 2020 people say donald trump lost first of all he had covid we have to remember that people say donald trump lost and he wasn't 100 he had covered during the time it because he interrupted now remember the rules say the mics will be off even when it's not their turn but cnn is going to try to do a double shot and show donald trump he would just be angry yelling off screen without even his mic on and that would probably even be worse so just because the mics are cut doesn't mean that cnn would not try to maximize that as a way to hurt trump so the only way that i see this goes poorly is if donald trump gets angry because joe biden is a buffoon he believes he should still be president which is totally legitimate and or he interrupts interruption could make joe biden look better so when joe biden goes on and on and on and he's muttering about how inflation is coming down and that the border is secure it's okay in my personal opinion if president trump kind of does the you know the famous meme where he kind of looks up and he's kind of rolling his eyes perfectly fine or if he smiles in fact my advice to donald trump would be don't be afraid to smile don't be afraid just to laugh don't be afraid just to shrug your shoulders allow your enemy to destroy himself while he's talking because here is why it's not as if the american people have not had a steady dose of joe biden joe biden's numbers will not go up and they will not go down if he has a minute and a half uninterrupted just to meander about how the stock market is at record highs yet people cannot afford rent allow him just to do that it's fine it is tempting and i could say this i'm not a professional debater but i i debate a lot and i debate college kids i debate professors i debate all sorts of people i debate people in the streets and debate whatever is that allow people to make their point it's tempting not to allow them to just kind of get it out and their big bet is this since joe biden is now in a crisis and make no mistake joe biden agreeing to a debate is him communicating to you that he's in crisis that it is all out crisis that this is this is not going well and there's a there's so many wrinkles to this because it tells you so much don't be shocked that if joe biden just crashes and burns that might be his last chance this might be joe biden's last chance before the democrat regime pulls him off pulls him out the polling averages this last weekend from decision desk and the hill these are over 50 polls some 40 30 or 40 polls sometimes nevada trump up six arizona trump up six georgia trump up six north carolina trump up five four point six michigan trump up four pennsylvania trump up one point seven michigan wisconsin trump up point eight so there there's no reason to be cocky with this but joe biden is now telling you and his entire team we don't think things are trending well and the backup opportunity for the democrats is if joe biden bombs super hard in the debate that's how they can finally force him out and they think it's his only it's his only hope so joe biden not trump has a lot more to lose with this summer debate do i love the fact that we're doing a summer debate i don't know but attitudinally i would rather have a campaign that plays to win then plays it safe okay so two things i want to highlight here number one here's why i love it strategically it might not be the smartest thing for trump to accept all these debates because he's up in the polls and he's favored in the prediction markets but i i don't i i dismiss all of that donald trump is best his movement is best when they play to win when they when we play offense when we are not just kind of sitting around waiting for things to happen when we take the initiative when we say yes sir let's do it when we set it on our terms now going on cnn with what do they have like jake tapper or somebody uh moderating this i i missed the anderson cooper or somebody moderating the debate that's not on our terms but what i mean is that playing offense generally helps donald trump donald trump needs to have this belief very simple you tie the game no you're down one you're down let's say you're down seven you score a touchdown with no time remaining you go for two you're not you're not playing for overtime you're not playing for just kick the extra point kick the extra point you go for two donald trump in 16 2016 he played like that and he won he did more rallies he visited the states in 2020 you could make the argument his campaign team was a little more cautious was not as much of a play to win it was more of a conventional campaign didn't work out as well again i believe that actually all things being equal he should still be president but again didn't work out this one so that the playing to win mentality i really appreciate and i think it's when donald trump is at his best some people are naturally great at offense some people are naturally great at defense some people are okay at both donald trump is a purely offensive player his whole life was about new deals new developments more speeches more growth democrats by the way are not great at defense traditionally it's democrats that are playing offense traditionally it's democrats that are setting the engagement this is one of the reasons and rush limbaugh taught us this remember the great rush limbaugh taught us this they hate trump because he plays offense against them and they have poor defense they're not used to having to defend their positions they're not used to having to play under our modus operandi so playing to win and finally i like the idea that there will be lots of debates because remember donald trump is crushing joe biden with low propensity voters low propensity voters are very hard to reach very hard to chase their ballots debates are essentially mini super bowl viewing events that make it easier for us to expand the pool of voters of people that are coming into the trump fold the plumbers electricians the welders the working class hispanics and blacks the young men when you have more programming on television that increases the awareness of the election then you you will have a one-to-one correlation between how many people view the debate and how many people turn out it's almost a one-to-one in fact you can do an analysis of the most watched debates and the highest presidential turnout in the last 30 years it's not a perfect science there are some exceptions but for example some of the highest turnout that we've seen in 2008 with john mccain and barack obama some people are so curious who's this obama guy how is how is he going to do against this senator and so for those of us that are trying to chase ballots of low propensity voters in states like arizona and georgia and pennsylvania people that are very very difficult to reach more debates and more programming on television increases turnout and hurts the democrats traditionally higher turnout hurts the democrats but the democrats have plateaued because they built such a sophisticated machine but there's not there's only so many reservoirs of votes that they can then go frack or explore unless you're going to go after illegal alien voters that's a whole separate topic for a different time so when you have presidential programming president of a programming that is viewed by 50 60 70 80 90 100 million people that opens up the opportunity to allow us to chase ballots of low propensity voters and that doesn't count all the social media cuts this will be without a doubt these series of debates will be some of the most watched programming now the cnn not as much because not on network tv i bet cnn will hit 15 20 million people the the network ones the cbs ones i think they're doing them with cbs that that'll be that'll be 50 or 60 or 70 million people so on average it is a trap i think donald trump can navigate it he has to be ready for what they're going to throw at him but all things being equal this will be a net positive if we make it a net positive we play to win we play offense and we seize victory we just don't act as if it's going to land in our lap thanks so much for listening everybody email us as always freedom at thanks so much for listening and god bless for more on many of these stories and news you can trust go to
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