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The Doctors Plotting To Mutilate Your Kids

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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May 15, 2024 7:29 pm

The Doctors Plotting To Mutilate Your Kids

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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May 15, 2024 7:29 pm

WPATH calls itself the world's leading collection of "trans health" experts. But in this episode, Daily Caller News Foundation reporters Kate Anderson and Megan Brock join with disturbing leaked footage exposing the group's radical pro-mutilation agenda. Then, Riley Gaines and three members of Kappa Kappa Gamma at U-Wyoming join to talk about their lawsuit to try and keep a man from joining their sorority.

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Everybody, this is a critical episode. We here at The Charlie Kirk Show are defending the rights of not only women, but of defining sex as God intended, male and female. We have a bombshell story from WPATH, which is the leading organization globally on transgender medicine. They define the guidelines and our friends over at The Daily Caller have a bombshell story behind the scenes, never before aired clips that show just how sick these people are.

They call themselves doctors, like Nazi doctors. You are not going to believe what you hear these people saying. Then we're joined by Riley Gaines and the Sorority Sisters from Kappa Kappa Gamma at the University of Wyoming, who were forced to take on a transgender identifying male, so a dude who thinks he's a girl, and they are at the 10th Circuit defending their rights.

We have their exclusive experience and their testimony and what they went through at this sorority that's supposed to be for women. You're not going to want to miss this powerful episode. Share this with your friends, please.

So buckle up. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created. Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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I have a very special segment in store for you. This is all about the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. And our friends at the Daily Caller News Foundation have done some tremendous work.

We're getting them on right now as we speak. But the Daily Caller has done an expose into the World Professional Association of Transgender Health. And they have revealed behind the scenes footage from closed door trainings that are incredibly inflammatory and very, very provocative. And we have a first look at those videos.

And you're going to be able to hear some of the things that these so-called health professionals say. And it's truly, truly remarkable. So in just a second, we're going to be joined by Kate Anderson. She's a cultural reporter for the Daily Caller News Foundation and Megan Brock, an investigative reporter from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

And it sounds like they are good to go. So without further ado, Kate and Megan, welcome to The Charlie Kirk Show. Hi, Andrew. Thank you so much for having us on. Yeah, honored to have you guys. You guys have done a tremendous work here and really a service to this whole discussion.

Now, I got to ask. So for our listeners who are not aware of what this organization is and what it represents in the space of transgender medical procedures and surgeries, can one of you just take it? Outline what WPATH is. How important are they in this space?

Sure, I can talk about that. So WPATH is an extremely influential transgender medicine organization, arguably the most influential in the entire world, not just America, the entire world. And the reason for that is that they publish guidelines called the Standards of Care. And what this is, it's medical guidance that basically creates the pathway for how patients can receive transgender medicine. And these guidelines are utilized by governments, by insurance companies, and by other professional medical organizations to determine how transgender medicine is performed and who gets access to it. Especially with the insurance companies, it's a really big deal. Even state Medicaid plans cite their guidance.

So they're really influencing not only kids getting very harmed, but also influencing where tax dollars are being spent. So yeah, and by the way, feel free, Kate, if you want to add on to that. And I want to get into some of these tapes. But let me just say this. These are shocking. I've now looked at a number of these clips. Have these ever been seen by the public before?

No. Yeah, no, these have not been seen before. And that's why it was so important to us to release them eventually in their entirety, because these are training videos.

So these are the types of videos that are going to be training doctors, like Megan said internationally, how to implement these guidances, whether that be in a large hospital or your local pediatrician's office. So no, we thought it was very important though, that the public be able to see these for the first time. All right. Okay.

Thank you both again for doing this. This is truly important stuff. Really important reporting. I'm going to start playing some of these clips. So this is a surgeon. This is going to be cut 83. This is a surgeon euphemistically referring to a phalloplasty procedure, which is a surgical series that includes destroying a vaginal cavity and creating a fake penis with harvested tissue as an adventure.

Play cut 83. We're seeing more, more phalloplasty. Yes. And young, young individuals, you know, they're ready to embark on the adventure. I tell them, you know, it's going to be an adventure, and we're both together in there because we have to get to your goals, but there's going to be a few bumps along the way, right? I mean, it could be delays because of complications. Definitely, there will be complications, either stenosis, fistulas, or partial necrosis, wound healing delays and stuff like that. It sounds horrifying.

And before I get you guys to respond to this, I want to play the next clip. This is 84. So again, this guy's saying it's an adventure, but he's admitting that these same procedures will definitely have complications. Definitely have complications, such as permanent issues with bladder function and tissue death. You see urology complication as much as 41%, but some series show up to 80%. I mean, that's a lot. But the very interesting, actually, that we didn't mention on that slide is that the same series of patients who had 80% complications answered to the question, would you do that over again? 100% said yes. So it tells you a lot.

Kate and Megan, your reaction? Yeah. I mean, I think that it's pretty shocking to hear. I know in doing this reporting, I learned a lot about phalloplasty. I said in the article that I wrote that from the tapes, they talk about how the average number of procedures for a certain type of phalloplasty is six. So it's a surgical serine. It's not even just one surgery.

And I think it's quite an aggressive procedure, as you had put it out, that involves a deep skin tissue transplant to the groin. And there's just so many things that can go wrong. There are so many potential for complications, as was noted in the surgeon. And it's a lot to hear.

It's quite shocking. Well, and it also is worth noting when he talks about how 100% said yes, they would do it again, at what stage are they at of their recovery? Like Megan said, it takes a year to a year and a half just to get those surgeries completed.

And that's barring no complications, which he says is basically guaranteed. And so it's like, is this one year after? Is this two years? Is this three years? We know that this medical industry has a difficult time producing long-term studies.

And so I would be curious, my first question there is, well, how long has this been? Because I think a lot of times what we see is that the farther you get away from the surgeries and the more long-term consequences that there are, people really start to regret them because they're life altering and they're very risky. Yeah. And correct me if I'm wrong, but when you do a, when you undergo a surgery like this, you are then basically committing to a lifetime of taking drugs to make sure that the wound doesn't heal. Correct? Right. You're, you're essentially boring a hole inside of a groin area and you then have to take a lifetime of pharmaceuticals.

Correct? Well, I know that, um, the standards of care recommend that someone who has a phalloplasty has lifelong urologic follow-up because what can happen is when you take someone who has a vagina and you try and create a fake penis, you have to do something called urethral lengthening. So they have to lengthen the urethra to try and get, if you want to be able to pee standing up, out of your, your fake penis.

And so that can come with a lot of complications, a lot of urinary strictures, which is a narrowing of the urinary tract, and that can require multiple revisions. Yeah. It's, it's quite, it's quite gruesome. Yeah. And for our audience, I'm sorry for the graphic nature of this, but I think it's important that we tell you exactly what it is that's happening. And by the way, their, their tone in these tapes is just shocking.

I'm going to play one more here. Uh, but 85, this is him joking about, uh, regret. Finally, you know, regret is rare. Um, although haters will say differently, um, it doesn't matter to us. Right. Um, but, uh, we, we have to, um, to be open and to listen to it of course, and to, and to help to understand why, and then to help, um, uh, moving, uh, backwards to, with some surgical options sometimes if we can.

Okay. In 30 seconds here, is this, this flip tone, is this what you saw throughout these tapes? Yes, this is exactly what we saw. This kind of cavalier attitude is exactly the type of language that was used regularly. And like when he says, you know, we don't care and then follows it up with, well, we should probably help them. It's like, what person who has gone through this and who has struggled that far is going to think, oh, you care about me.

You're going to help me, you know, get through this because you've done this to me. So it's incredibly disheartening to see that they are so flippant about it, but I think this speaks to just the larger problem as a whole. These are incredibly serious and risky procedures.

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Check it out right now. I have been hinting about this clip. I found it shocking. I think you guys are going to find it shocking too. But again, it goes to the point that the people that are pushing this radical agenda are terrifying child abusers.

That's I don't know. I don't know how else you describe this next clip that we're going to see. So Kay and Megan, I'm going to play cut 92. And I want to get your reaction on the other side.

Play cut 92. That's SOC seven SOC eight says, think about treating kids at age 14 with hormones, unless there are significant reasons not to do that or to do it earlier. Honestly, 13 and a half 14 is where I think many places feel comfortable to do that. It means that that is an age where every most experts feel comfortable that many children have the capacity to consent ascend for treatment.

Explain now, Megan, I'll start with you. What does treatment mean? Are we talking surgical treatment or hormonal treatment? 13 or 14 is shockingly young.

And it's really powerful that you have this documented so clearly on a video. I believe that that was referencing hormone treatment. So the pathway in terms of age is you see kids sometimes as young as eight being puberty blockers.

Now the standards of care, they don't have specific age limits in the standards of care. But in terms of, you know, obviously, if you're going to block puberty, it's kids who are before puberty. And then you'll see kids around like as young as 13, 14 going on cross sex hormones.

And then that kind of the next step is surgery and it just continues from there. Kate, please continue your reaction to that clip. Yeah, I mean, that clip is a very good broad idea of kind of what the whole WPATH conversation about consent looks like. And that was one of the focus of our articles is, you know, how can children particularly consent? Or how can individuals who struggle with serious mental illness consent? Like the same doctor in a different clip during a Q&A panel said that, or I'm sorry, a different doctor in a different video said that, you know, psychotic patients are also able to consent. Patients who are struggling with schizophrenia or other serious mental illnesses on a case by case basis, but they're still able, they're considered to be able to consent. Or another doctor talked about in his notes, how children as young as seven to 14 can be considered on a case by case basis able to consent or not to certain types of treatments.

I don't know about you, but I wasn't able to consent to anything at seven, let alone 14, 15, 16. And I think that, again, it raises some serious questions about what they're teaching doctors at these conferences. Oh, absolutely.

I mean, I have one other clip here, 86, that kind of gets into what you're talking about. This is the doctors wrestling, not really wrestling, they've come up with their determination already. They've already concluded that, yeah, we can start treating these kids these kids that have other underlying mental health issues really young, even if they're worried that it might make them infertile. They said that, oh, even if they are worried that they might change their mind later, they're still going to move forward with treatment.

Play cut 86. But an adolescent who says, I'm just going to adopt, leave me alone is different than an adolescent who says, I don't really care about this right now, but I realize I'm a teenager, maybe when I'm older, I could change my mind, but I don't think I will. That shows that second group shows that that adolescent is capable of understanding that they don't know what their life may be like. That's the type of young person that understands that their decisions that they're making now are impacting them and they could be appropriate for their future or they might not be. And it's not up to us to say, well, if your thing is going to change in time, if your priorities change in time, well, then we shouldn't do this. No, it's to say, great, you understand that. Now let's move forward with what you feel you need. Unbelievable. So this guy saying, oh, even though you're worried you might change your mind in the future.

No, that's that's fine. I either one of you just sum up what your experience has been reporting on this incredible footage that you've obtained. I mean, I think we saw a lot of leading experts. I think something that should be noticed that these are not fringe doctors. These are doctors who are leading experts and repeatedly acknowledging questions.

And like you in that in that video, kind of giving this idea that a 14 year old can consent to some of the known risks of infertility or other things. It's really it's been very it's been very shocking to listen to these things. And I hope people get the opportunity to listen.

Go to and you can see a recording. We're also going to be linking to the video clips so people can just get an idea for themselves because everyone deserves to know what's going on. Well said. Thank you, Kate Anderson, Megan Brock from Daily Caller. Really well done.

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Find out how fast they can get you out of debt. Visit That is, I am joined by we have some sorority sisters and we also have Riley Gaines in this segment. And I'm so excited about this story. Many of you will have been aware of this from afar at the University of Wyoming Kappa Kappa Gamma, a transgender individual or an identified individual. And Riley is going to correct me on this.

Tried to join the house and this has become a legal battle. So without further ado, I would just, I'm going to introduce, we've got Hannah Holtmeyer, Ali Kogan, Jalen Westenbruck, and Riley Gaines on the call right now. Ladies, thank you for joining the Charlie Kirk show. It's an honor to have you.

And of course, we have Riley Gaines. So Hannah, walk us through what you guys are trying to do. I know you're in front of the, you rallied in front of the 10th circuit.

We've got a great picture of that we can throw up. Tell us about what this lawsuit, where it's at, what you guys are trying to accomplish at Kappa Kappa Gamma. Yeah, so it's in the appellate courts right now. So we were in Denver yesterday, obviously arguing to define a woman, or woman, sorry. But at the end of the day, Mae Mailman, our lawyer's case, was pretty simple.

The whole thing's actually really simple. But she was just defining that our case is about a breach of contract. Kappa Kappa Gamma promised us a sisterhood. They promised us that we would be in a safe environment, but surrounded by females. And they broke that promise to us when they ultimately chewed a male into our house.

So that's what we were arguing yesterday in front of Denver. We had a lot of support. The IWF helped us a lot, along with Kappa alumni. Yeah. Well, that's a great overview.

And Ali, I'm going to go to you now. So you know, Hannah brought up the fact that you were promised sisterhood, you were promised a safe environment. Take us back in time in the story when a man tried to join your sorority and actually, apparently succeeded in doing so.

What was that like? So he did not go through the normal process that most girls do to get into the sorority. Usually we have formal recruitment. And that's where the girls go through all the houses and it's a mutual selection process. And so if you get along with the house and the house gets along with you, then they can offer you a bid. Well, during that process, ultimately all of the houses did decide to drop this individual. But then he kind of went through a backdoor approach, which is our continuous open bidding process, which we call COB. And that's just a less formal process.

You can reach out to our membership chair and then kind of discuss the process of entering the sorority. So without most of our knowledge, this was happening. And then all of a sudden they kind of said, hey, we would like to offer a bid to this individual. So we need to vote on it, which is how it normally goes. We always vote on membership. But this vote was a lot different than normal.

Usually we do an app called Omega Recruit for this process. This was not used for this individual, but it was used for all of the other individuals through that recruitment year. So this time we used a Google poll to vote and we had to attach our emails, which no longer made it anonymous, which it should have been. And so that is kind of how it happened. But before this vote happened, we had some of the officers, the seniors, which is my pledge class, stand up and get speeches basically saying that if you didn't give this person membership, you were transphobic, you were all of these horrible, awful things and you didn't align with CAPA's values and you just shouldn't be there anymore. So there was a lot of bullying approaches. After the first vote, they ended up telling us we needed to vote again. And so we voted again. And even though it was way different than it was in the past, that's how it happened with this individual. So there was a lot of things that were kept from us throughout the process. Wow.

Jalen Westenbrock, I'm going to go to you next. So this vote happens, there was a lot of bullying and coercion, it sounds like, that took place both in this public setting, but also this online forum where they forced you to put your emails up. So this man gets in essentially through these coercive efforts. What was it like in the days and weeks following that vote? Honestly, it was terrifying.

I wasn't sure if anybody else was feeling as uncomfortable as I was. And we felt so uncomfortable that we went to our national leadership and we were sending them emails and phone calls. And it got to the point where they blocked any calls coming from a Wyoming area code. And they just blatantly ignored us. They ignored our concerns. They were not being there to help and support us like they said they would.

And I mean, honestly, I joined college and I never anticipated being part of a lawsuit, but it felt like it was the only action that we could take before they would finally hear us. So I want to throw up a picture of this individual. I mean, I can say it, you can't.

Sometimes people that are, again, Riley's going to get mad at me, I'm going to get it wrong, trans identifying. Sometimes they can kind of pass under, if you're glancing and you're like, oh, okay, I wouldn't know. This is not one of those instances. And there was a lot of rumors about this man and some of the behaviors in the class or in the house.

Can you guys share any of those details or I mean, again, protect your lawsuit, do what you have to do. But as far as behavior in the house, were there moments where this guy, this dude was making you actively uncomfortable or doing creepy things? All the time. And a lot of people go straight to like the bathroom scene, walking out of the shower, walking into the bathroom when he's in there. And that's horrifying as well because obviously he's a large individual. But there are times when he would just sit in the corner. He would just sit in the living room. He would just sit in the dining room. He wouldn't converse with anyone.

He wouldn't say anything unless someone went up to talk to him, which no one did clearly because no one wanted to. And so that just goes to show that even though, yes, the genitalia is a big issue in the bathroom scene is terrifying. He could just be sitting in the upstairs living room and girls walk by in the towel. So that just the house is an intimate space. One of my very close personal friends was put in that situation. She walked by him in a towel, and she felt very uncomfortable. She literally told me word for word that she could feel his eyes on him.

So it goes it goes out of the bathroom scene a little bit too. Oh my goodness. Well, and by the way, you said something there that I want to I want to just pause on. You know, this this this guy was you didn't talk to him.

Nobody wanted to talk to him. Some might hear that and say that sounds mean. No, this this person and the leadership put you in a position of vulnerability.

And it's a he's a creep. He should not be in a woman's only space. We need to protect our women's only space. Riley Gaines, do we have you back?

I know that you're going in and out of service here. Riley, what has your message been for these young women, these brave young women that are taking this they've been put in a position they never asked to be put in like you you were put is very similar story for you, Riley. What has your message been to these brave young ladies? Well, yeah, sorry for cutting in and out on the road as always, but my message to these brave girls when we initially got in contact maybe a year or so ago and first hearing about this story, of course, I kind of saw the parallels.

I knew sports was was different in a sense from sororities. But upon talking with them, hearing their experience, there are so many similarities. The sisterhood they were promised.

It's the exact same thing that me and my teammates were promised. What they got from their sorority in terms of leadership, setting goals, working to achieve those goals, how you develop time management. I mean, your friendships, relationships that will serve you for the rest of your life, specifically in regard to the experience, the trauma, the emotional blackmail, the threats, the risks, all those things, the parallels were there. And so these girls have been incredibly brave. They are fighting for more than just themselves. They're fighting for more than just Kappa Kappa Gamma. They're fighting for every young girl who dreams of that sisterhood that they thought after when enrolling at the University of Wyoming. It's actually these girls that inspired me and 15 other athletes to sign on to a lawsuit to sue the NCAA. Yeah, well said, Riley. You know, any of you guys can take this.

Allie, I'll go to you, actually, since we're sort of going down the line here. What has the reaction been from the sorority, both at the national level, local, your school, your peers pursuing this lawsuit? Well, at the very beginning, when the situation happened, it was pretty much we could not speak on it. We were silenced from the very beginning. Once things progressed a little bit, obviously, we have been able to speak out a lot more about it. There still is a lot of retaliation from them.

A couple of our alumni have been kicked out. And so we do have that constant fear that we'll be next. But I mean, it's just been a lot of retaliation and them trying to push back. But at the end of the day, our argument is strong and it's valid and you can't argue fact.

Yeah. And I'll just add what we heard yesterday in the court. I just want to add what we heard yesterday in the court, Andrew, from the Kappa attorney, Natalie McLaughlin. Word for word, she said that woman is undefined. It isn't a word that has a singular definition. It has multiple definitions. She actually went as far to say it's unquestionably not defined. She went on to say that Kappa not only has the right to interpret this word as they wish, she said they have the duty to interpret this word as they wish. And they didn't need to announce their interpretation or redefinition of this word because they didn't need to be transparent. And when one of the judges, a Biden appointee, actually, when one of the judges asked her, OK, well, if you're saying the word woman can mean anything under the sun, can that include cisgender men? To which she responded with, she doesn't have the research to tell you if cisgender men is a reasonable interpretation for the word woman.

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I just felt like I was drowning. Flynn, deliver the truth, whatever the cost. Available now. Watch it today. Go to Guys, I want to play this clip from MSNBC that our team found with Artemis Langford.

He's the one who forced himself into your sorority. And just listen to the way MSNBC talks about this guy. I'm going to get your reaction on the other side.

Play cut 97. It takes a very brave and unique person to do this, to be a first in a situation like this, and then to continue on. I want people to know that everything that they've experienced, that I'm certainly not the first trans person to ever be attacked by elements in the media. I want people to know that it's never OK for that kind of scrutiny on a person just because of their identity, just because I'm trans.

Every day that they can be themselves is a good day for us all. Jalen, I'm going to go to you. What's your reaction to the media presenting this guy as a victim? No, he victimized you guys. He victimized all of you girls in the sorority.

Your reaction? Yeah, honestly, I just found this claim absolutely ridiculous. Like, how can a six to 250 pound man that came into our sorority be the victim in this case? He's the one that has scared us, has presented himself in a way that has been super uncomfortable. And he's the one who came into our women's space.

So just seeing this clip, I remember my initial reaction is I just couldn't believe it, honestly. I was like, how is someone seeing him as the victim or seeing us as the bullies? We are just promoting women's spaces. Yeah, I don't see him as a victim at all.

I see that guy as a total of six to 250 pound freak who is a creep who came into your space, invaded your space. And folks, Riley, I'm going to get you back in on this. But remember, from a 30,000 foot view, these battles are so important. What you guys are doing in front of the 10th Circuit, this establishes precedent that will then be nationwide.

The world is watching. And if these people can get you to believe that a man is a woman, they can get you to consent and believe anything. At that point, the precedent set, Riley Gaines, what is your reaction to this, Artemis Langford, and how important this case is?

I mean, it fires me up beyond belief. As Bailen said, to paint himself as some sort of victim here. Remember, sororities were created on the explicit and utter grounds of being exclusive. That was the beauty of sororities. Exclusivity is not only an important thing, I would argue that it's a great thing, especially when safety is being threatened or privacy or equal opportunities. But we have now, in the society that we live in, we have deemed exclusivity as this bad thing that further marginalizes already oppressed groups of people. But are we forgetting that women were historically oppressed? If that's the game we're going to play, and not that long ago. I mean, women couldn't even compete at the collegiate level.

I mean, really at any level 50 years ago. So the strides that we have made as women, the people who came before us, who fought relentlessly so that we could have the opportunities that we have now or previously had before the Biden administration, at least speaking to the courts and sororities, has rewritten Title IX and abolished our sex-based protections and rights, all of that is being undermined. And they do it under the guise of progress, weirdly enough, and feminism, weirdly enough. But make no mistake, this is not progress. This is regressive.

This is taking us back in time at least half a century. Well said, Riley. And so Allie, Jaylen, just wrapping this up, how can people support what you guys are doing? How can they get behind this case?

What are our marching orders for our audience? Keep supporting us, keep speaking out. Before this happened, I was pretty uneducated about everything that was going on. And then when this did happen to us, I realized that it's not just happening to us.

And it's one of those things that you think, well, I'm not in a sorority or I don't play women's sports, so how could it ever affect me? But it can and it will, because it includes women's bathrooms, women's prisons, any kind of intimate women's space is being infiltrated by men. And so you just need to speak up on it. Yeah, well said, Allie.

And so Hannah, Allie, Jaylen, and Riley, thank you for your time. I know some of you guys are in transit back from Denver. Some of you guys are going to the next thing. So thank you for voicing, just telling us about this important story, because it will set a precedent. And we're seeing that in the Boy Scouts now.

Now it's just Scouting America. We have to protect these spaces that belong to the sexes. It's a healthy thing.

It shows a healthy society. So thank you for your courage. And, you know, literally do not pay any attention to any of these bullying, this coercion that you're getting from the national level. So thank you again. Thank you for thank you again. Thank you, Andrew. Thank you guys. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. That was an intense hour. Thank you for bearing with it.

And really just getting everything you can out of that. Those interviews are powerful. Please consider joining and becoming a subscribing member. You are the bulwark against the attacks that are constantly coming at conservatives like Charlie and like this show. So please consider joining Thanks so much. We'll talk to you soon. For more on many of these stories and news you can trust go to
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