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Young Men Can Save America

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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May 1, 2024 4:53 pm

Young Men Can Save America

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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May 1, 2024 4:53 pm

In the midst of insane (and inane) protesting and House Republicans turning on each other, young men on their college campus defended the flag and stood up for America. Charlie reacts and wakes listeners up to the possibility that Gaza refugees could be in their hometowns very soon.

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Hey everybody, it's the end of Charlie Kirk's show, a hidden component of the Foreign Aid Bill. There's a lot of talk about Gazans and Hamas supporters coming to America.

What if I told you that the Foreign Aid Bill, voted on by Republicans and ushered in by Speaker Johnson, had 3.5 billion dollars to open a couple offices to make it easier for them to come to America. We dive into that and so much more, email us as always, freedom at, subscribe to our podcast, open up your podcast application and type in Charlie Kirk show, get involved with the most important organization in the country, Turning Point USA at, that is Start a high school or college chapter today at As always, you can email us, freedom at and become a member,, that is To listen to all of our episodes, advertiser free,

Buckle up everybody, here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie, he's an incredible guy, his spirit, his love of this country, he's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

That's why we are here. Noble Gold Investments is the official gold sponsor of The Charlie Kirk Show, a company that specializes in gold IRAs and physical delivery of precious metals. Learn how you could protect your wealth with Noble Gold Investments at, that is It's where I buy all of my gold.

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In Detroit, Michigan. The great silent majority is rising like never before. Join us for the people's convention. This is a new ball game everybody. You send a message. You send a message.

We play to win. Register now at slash peoples. Let's go back into the time machine. Remember this story in November? We did an entire show on this article. This was written by members of the Israeli government, Danny Denon and Ram Ben Barak. It was one of several articles that were telling America and the West, you have to take Gaza refugees. The people that we don't want living next to us, understandably, Israel. Israel does not want terrorists living next to them. You, the West, have to welcome them. Danny Denon and Ram Ben Barak back in November wrote that the West should welcome Gaza refugees. The article said, quote, The international community has a moral imperative and an opportunity to demonstrate compassion to help the people of Gaza move towards a more prosperous future and work together to achieve greater peace and stability in the Middle East. Now, understand Mr. Danny Denon is a senior look good member of the Israeli Knesset. He served as ambassador to the United Nations.

2015 2020. Mr. Ben Barak is a yesh. I did member of the Knesset and served as a deputy director of Mossad, the Israeli spy agency. So basically, the official memo of the Israeli government back in November was, hey, you and the West, you have to take our problem away.

You have to take our problem away. Now, we were outraged about this, and we love Israel. We stand by Israel. We said, Israel, what are you doing here? Why are you saying that we the West are bad people if we do not clean up your mess for you? There was a second story in The Jerusalem Post that was very similar.

I'll find it. That was all about moralizing the West, that if we do not take these Arab Muslims who have sympathy for terrorism, some who celebrate terrorism, you're a bad person. Now, Israel obviously doesn't want to take them in. Jordan doesn't want to take them in. Egypt doesn't want to take them in.

But America, well, we're suckers. Joe Biden announced yesterday, to nobody's surprise, that he plans to take in refugees from Gaza. After what we have seen happening at Columbia University, after what we have seen happening at universities across the country, Joe Biden wants more of them in the country. He wants more of them here. But it's not just Joe Biden who helped lay the foundation for this. No, no, no, no. First, we'll emphasize how Joe Biden wants it, and I'm going to talk to you about how Republicans made this possible.

Play cut 78. The Biden administration is considering a plan to allow some Palestinian refugees to come here to the United States. That's according to internal federal government documents that were obtained by CBS's Camilo Montoya Galvez. According to the plan, some Palestinians fleeing the war would be offered a permanent safe haven here in the US.

And one option under consideration is to allow those who have immediate family members who are either American citizens or permanent residents to enter the country if they pass various background checks first. The plans would require coordination with Egypt, which has so far refused to allow large numbers of people from Gaza to cross the border into that country. I wonder why Egypt doesn't want them, their fellow Muslim brethren. It's funny, the Muslim Brotherhood doesn't want their own Muslim brethren.

Maybe they should rename their organization. We found the article here, the finance minister of Israel doubled down. Saying that the United States needs to take in Gazans. This was a canary in the coal mine.

It was a trial balloon. Now, Joe Biden has come out and he has said. That he wants to now take these terrorist sympathizers, these third worlders from Gaza and to come into America. Has Israel spoke out against this? Has the government of Israel said that they don't support this? I would love to see Netanyahu on the record because his finance minister supports it.

The former head deputy to Mr. Massad supports it and leading members in the parliament support it. So it would be super helpful if Benjamin Netanyahu, who just received twenty five billion dollars from us, would say, no, I don't like Joe Biden taking the people of Gaza to America. But Netanyahu has a problem because it would actually solve a problem for him. Last Monday, Netanyahu, this was from January, told the Likud faction meeting that he is working to facilitate the voluntary migration of Gazans to other countries. Our problem is finding countries that are willing to absorb Gazans and we are working on it. So I would love to have Benjamin Netanyahu come out and ask the question or to say clearly America should not take Gazans. But currently it's been silenced from the Israeli government. And can you blame them? They want to represent their own country.

We don't represent our own country. But Israel certainly cares about their own country. And by the way, you know how many Jews he would be endangering? Because there's a lot of Jews that live in America. By allowing Gazans to come to America and to continue to build sleeper cells, take over our campuses and take over our culture.

But it's worse than that. Mike Johnson, speaker of the House, is talking about how he was able to get so much money for Israel. Twenty five billion dollars. We doubled the amount of money that we had allocated for Israel. Many people are defending Mike Johnson, saying that he's a terrific speaker. He brought together Democrats. He brought together Republicans. Did you know that in that monstrosity, that hundred billion dollar monstrosity that was passed, money to Ukraine, money to Israel was also this. Now, we know Mike Johnson betrayed his pledge not to pass Ukraine war funding without securing the border.

He promised this for months and then he quickly turned his back on voters and the Republican base. But he did help Joe Biden earmark three point five billion dollars for refugee and migration assistance. From the State Department, this money will create two regional offices in the Middle East to help expedite the flow of marginalized and vulnerable communities. Three point five billion dollars. We can't get three point five billion dollars for the U.S. southern border. But Mike Johnson gave three point five billion dollars funneled to NGOs, non-government organizations who will give freebies and goodies pouring fuel on the invasion of America. Here is the actual text from the bill that Mike Johnson put forward for an additional amount of migration and refugee assistance.

Three point four billion dollars to remain available until expended to address humanitarian needs of vulnerable populations and communities, provided that such amount is designated by the Congress as being for an emergency requirement pursuant to section two five one b two a one of the balanced budget and emergency deficit control act of 1985. This was obviously put into the bill and snuck in. Most people who voted for it didn't even probably know it was in the bill because your lawmakers rarely ever actually read the bills they vote for.

I hope you know that. Less than one percent of lawmakers will read every single bill that actually becomes law. People will tell them what's in it. They think what's in it. Very few lawmakers actually read the bills that they vote for. Very few.

It might be five percent. How many Republicans who are like, oh yeah, we got Ukraine money, we got Israel money. Hey, Mike Johnson, can you answer this, please? Why did you give three point four billion dollars for Muslim resettlement to the United States?

Can you answer that question? And for those of you defending Mike Johnson and for those of you that think Mike Johnson is doing a great job, can you tell me why we have three point five billion dollars to open up two new regional offices in the Middle East to expedite the flow of marginalized and vulnerable communities? This should be the number one news story in the conservative movement, how your Republicans who voted for this and your speaker of the House opened up a couple regional offices. You know, Mike Johnson is quick to go to Colombia and say, oh, these protests are wrong. But he's also quick to open up two more regional offices and give them three point five billion dollars to get more people into America that share the views of the people that Mike Johnson was condemning at Columbia University. And no money for the border.

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This is an emerging body of work and science that is showing that NAD and NADH really might be what your body needs in this contaminated, polluted, and poisoned world. Again, that's forward slash Charlie. And don't forget to use special discount code Charlie at checkout to get a special 20% off just for Kirk listeners. forward slash Charlie. Check it out right now. Do you know that Mike Johnson made a promise, several promises, one of which was that you will get 72 hours to read a bill before we vote on it. You will get 72 hours to read what is in front of you before we vote on it. Mike Johnson decided to forgo with that rule and just go forward. Mike Johnson said, we're going to do 72 hours, but maybe he decided to get rid of that and did not give 72 hour notice because $3.5 billion for radical Islamic resettlement packages was part of it.

The question in front of us is how much longer can we just blame Joe Biden for our problems when Republicans are helping him make it possible? You see, Israel is a nation I support. I love Israel. Israel is a great place. I love America first, though, and there shouldn't be a contradiction between two of them.

It's between saying that. Why is Mike Johnson giving $3.5 billion for humanitarian aid of vulnerable populations in the Middle East? And then the next week, internal documents show that Joe Biden wants more of them here, made possible thanks to the money that Congress gave to the State Department. And this bill passed in the middle of the night. How many lawmakers actually read the bill and were they given ample time by Speaker Johnson to read the bill?

Probably not. In fact, I guarantee you that most members of the Republican Conference are ticked off that they ended up voting for something that allows for the mass invasion and importation of Hamas members into the United States. Now, mind you, we have just witnessed what happens when you bring these people into our country. Colombia was a war zone last night.

UCLA, campuses across the country. And I want to make sure I reiterate this point. Refugees are not temporary. They get permanent resident status.

They're eligible for welfare and get a pathway to citizenship. They will never go back. Jordan doesn't want them. Israel doesn't want them. Egypt doesn't want them.

None of the Arab partners don't want them. But we are the ones that are now paying for offices to get them into the United States. So these offices are essentially super highways so that Hamas members can now come into America. And your Republican Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, said that this was necessary for national security. And the people defending Mike Johnson say that, well, the money was there to support Israel and we have to do whatever we possibly can to support Israel.

But did they also know that you're going to have a super highway here? To put this in perspective, only 600 Palestinians have been permitted as part of our refugee program in the past decade. But now we're going to expedite bringing in more Rashida Talib's, Elon Omar's. Brought to you by the Republican House. It would be bad enough if Mike Johnson just founded the Ukraine thing, betrayed us on the 72 hour of the reading bill, betrayed us on the border. No border security, but Ukraine gets border security. Imagine instead of three point four billion dollars being funneled through left wing international NGOs, imagine that three point four billion dollars went to Border Patrol, the wall increased deportation, restricting asylum claims. And it all starts to make sense.

It all comes together. Joe Biden was celebrating this foreign aid package. Chuck Schumer was celebrating this foreign aid package.

Hakeem Jeffries was celebrating this foreign aid package. Folks, so many people I know are disheartened that our country seems to have forgotten the importance of citizenship and they wonder how a strong sense of citizenship might be revived. That's why my friends at Hillsdale College have produced a free online course on this topic, American citizenship and its decline. Taught by historian Victor Davis Hanson, the course traces the history of citizenship and explains how it is undermined in America today by open borders, by identity politics, by the administrative state and by globalization.

Americans taking the course will gain a deeper insight about the connection between citizenship and freedom, an insight they can share with their family members, friends and neighbors. Hillsdale's free online courses are an important component of Hillsdale's mission to reach and teach increasing millions of people on behalf of liberty and the American way of life. So sign up today for Hillsdale's free online course, American citizenship and its decline by visiting That is

Start your free course today at Breaking news out of the Washington Post, Marjorie Taylor Greene is launching her motion to vacate. Paul Gosar and Thomas Massie are joining her to vacate the chair. Now, this will probably not be successful because Democrats have said that they will bail out Mike Johnson. Democrats have said that Mike Johnson is working well with them and that they will stand in solidarity with Mike Johnson. Mike Johnson, in a public display, will keep a speakership brought to you by Hakeem Jeffries and Elon Omar and Rashida Tlaib. It makes sense if Elon Omar ends up voting for Mike Johnson for Speaker of the House because Muslim resettlement got one of the biggest stimuli ever. And some people are still defending what Mike Johnson has done.

They've still said that Mike Johnson is, you know, working with a small majority. Well, what is the reason you had to reduce the timetable to read the bill for 72 hours? Accelerate it to the floor and then give three point four billion dollars to NGOs.

The NGOs that then help resettle. You see, we have been witnessing these protests on these campuses and we've been saying, like, wow, that's really extreme. Wow, that's really extreme.

For example, this video here, Cut 67, UCLA Jewish student blocked by pro-Palestinian supporters from being able to use the entrance to get to his class. Now, this is illegal. It is shocking. It is wrong. It's evil.

However. House Republicans and Senate Republicans want more of these people who are blocking Jews and you will get them. Thank you, Republicans.

Play cut 67. You guys have closed the entrance. We are UCLA students. I have my ID right here. I'm being blocked off. Not by the security guard, but by you two. You three. Oh, look, they're making their burger while I'm going this way. This is what they do. Everybody, look at this.

Look at this. I'm a UCLA student. I deserve to go here. We pay tuition. This is our school and they're not letting me walk in. My class is over there.

I want to use that entrance. There will be more of them. And we have no idea how many. There are anywhere between one and a half to two million people in Gaza.

They have to go somewhere. And the plan that was floated largely by the Israeli government. And I hope Netanyahu speaks out against this.

I'm cheering for him to do that. Is, hey, America and the West, you guys take them. We don't want them in Tel Aviv, understandably. We don't want them in Jerusalem. Totally get it.

So Brussels, Paris, Prague, London, Amsterdam, Oslo, Stockholm and New York. You guys take them. The estimated population of the Gaza Strip was two point one million people. So think about this. If I was to go to the Gaza Strip, if I was a cunning Democrat and I had Mike Johnson, who's going to sign off on whatever I wanted because you call him a bad name, he folds and he gets a couple Intel briefings and he thinks he's Tom Clancy or something. That if I was really cunning and I wanted to bring the people of Gaza I would sneak in this provision. Now I have right here the foreign aid bill. We've actually read it.

House Resolution Mr. Cole, of course, from Oklahoma introduces the following bill making emergency supplemental appropriations emergency to the situation in Ukraine for related expenses for the fiscal year ending in September 30th and other purposes. Let me tell you, I don't know how many Republicans actually read this. One person in the chat on Rumble says, Charlie, thank you for trying to protect American Jews. I love America. I love all Jews.

I love American Jews. And I don't think that American Jews should have to coexist. I don't think American patriots should have to coexist with Hamas supporters and Hamas members. And you might say, oh, they're not Hamas supporters. You know, Hamas was democratically elected repeatedly in the Gaza Strip. These are people that wanted Hamas in power. I don't think in America that Christians, atheists, Jews should have to live alongside of members of Hamas. But Joe Biden, according to documents, is trying to get them here.

And now the plumbing that will make it possible has been laid. Three point four nine five billion dollars, three point five billion, essentially for refugee and migration assistance just in the Middle East. Well, where are they going to come from in the Middle East? You think there's a bunch of refugees right now in Saudi Arabia? There might be some in Yemen. Now, the refugees are in in Gaza. I want to try to protect students from not having these sort of radicals come into the country.

And here's a question. Will this Gaza humanitarian peer being built by U.S. taxpayers be used to export pro Hamas Gazans to America? It's a very simple question. And does the Israeli government support it? We need to hear from Netanyahu soon on whether or not he supports people of Gaza coming to America. Because we now have three pieces of evidence of top level members of his government that are pushing for them to come to the West.

And in fact, they say you're bad people if they don't. There's a humanitarian peer being built by us. Is that going to be a runway for Gazans to come to this country? Joe Biden announced it at the State of the Union.

Mike Johnson just underwrote it and funded it alongside of many of your Republicans. The estimated population of the Gaza Strip is 2.1 million people. Gaza is relatively young when compared globally.

More than half of Gazans are 19 years or younger. A perfect population for radicalization. Where are the American Jews that are going to speak against this?

I mean, we'll do our best here. But obviously, our members of Congress couldn't care less about the homeland. They couldn't care less about America. They couldn't care less about our nation. They're very focused on other countries first, not our own nation. Congress loves other countries so much that no amount of money is out of reach for them. Meanwhile, Congress hates the American people so much that they won't lift a finger to protect us from an invasion.

The protesters on these campuses, you're going to get more of that. And there's really nothing stopping Joe Biden. We've given them the money via these refugee resettlement programs.

It's all there. All Joe Biden does have to sign off on. He might wait till after the election.

Eighty percent of the people in Gaza support Hamas. And reminder, this should be a moment where the left is delivering win after win for us. And we can't even sit on that. While Republicans team up with Biden to unload countless more refugees, quote unquote, in your backyard. That is what Republicans are doing. Meanwhile, with Mexico, Joe Biden is bribing the Mexican government with your money to temporarily slow the invasion ahead of November. He has no plans to actually quell the invasion.

He just wants to make you forget about it for a few months. So Marjorie Taylor Greene is moving forward for a motion to vacate. It will almost certainly fail. Hakeem Jeffries and Mike Johnson, they are their friends, their bros. They might as well. They are co-speakers. You have two speakers of the House. You have one that calls himself speaker and one with the power.

Hakeem Jeffries has the power. And it all makes sense now. It makes sense as to why the border gets no money. While we're not able to get a single legislative economy, a single legislative accomplishment.

And I got to tell you, I'm on this like white on rice. I'm not going to let this one go because you could talk a good game about America first, then America first, and how much you love this country. And then when you send money to the State Department for Migration and Refugee Assistance to set up these command centers in the Middle East so that they can then be transported back to the United States of America, this list of the Democrat Party continues. So the border has not been secured.

We have not cut any federal spending effectively. We're going to have more terrorist sympathizers and members of Hamas come into the country. We have billions of dollars pouring into NGOs whose sole job is to get rich while gaming our immigration system. Did we actually take back the House? Did we actually ever control the House? No, but hey, Ukraine got their money. Israel got double the money. And American Jews are now going to have to be in a very dangerous environment. Thank you, Republicans.

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That is promo code KIRK at, promo code KIRK. While Speaker Johnson does not really care for the United States and has not put this country first, I want to show you how young men of this country especially are rising up. Remember, young men are the most conservative that they have been in the last 50 years. The most conservative they have been in 50 years.

Play cut 87. One point yesterday in the quad, that flag was taken down and replaced by a Palestinian flag. And it was surrounded by, it looked like about 100 of the pro-Palestinian activists. Well, shortly after that, the cops came in and they cleared those people out and they took down the flag and they put up all glory just as it had been. And look what happened.

It's amazing. They remove a foreign flag and put up the American flag. Now mind you, think of how different that is from the House Republicans. Remember what House Republicans did after they passed the foreign aid bill? What did they do? They flew the Ukrainian flag.

They waved the Ukrainian flag. They have to protect the American flag on American soil. Young Gen Z men are rising up and are going to take back this country. I see it every single day on campus. Young Gen Z men are the most conservative we've seen in multiple decades. And it's amazing considering all the brainwashing they're getting from their teachers, all of the nonsense that is being thrown at them. And they fight for the country.

You see that picture right there? I wish Republicans in Congress cared about that flag as much as they do. And they don't. They don't.

They say they do. Oh, I love America. More money for Ukraine. I love America. More money.

Billions of dollars for NGOs so that more Hamas sympathizers can come. But the people are with us and we will win this country back. We have to primary every single one of these people, every single one of them that have decided to go put foreign countries above our own country.

And I know that it can be very dark and negative because it is a very dark and negative time. But the people are with us. And this younger generation looks to the Republican Party.

They look at Mike Johnson and they just see complete weakness. And they're the ones that are stepping up to save the nation. No foreign flags, our own country.

And guess what? The country hates these people. The country hates these outside agitators occupying their campuses. And just remember, the Mike Johnson House was flying Ukrainian flags on a liberal college campus.

The young men are defending the American flag. That should give you hope. Yes, there is a massive disconnect.

You know what would give you pessimism? If the people were flying Ukrainian flags and the leaders were flying Ukrainian flags. There is a major disconnect between the people that are supposed to be protecting our freedoms and liberties and the actual rank and file. There is a grassroots awakening happening in this country, a bottom up resistance against the regime.

And I see it every single day. We're outpacing voter registration in Arizona, outpacing voter registration in Pennsylvania. There is a counter revolution underway, a bottom up people centered movement. And we're just going to have to remove every single one of these globalist, internationalist oligarchs. Remember, there are three different ways of governance. Nationalism, tribalism, globalism. We want a restoration of the nation.

Not a colony, but a country. I have faith we're going to have to swallow some bitter pills in the short term, but we will win. We'll have to remove the turncoats, put our country first.

But I believe we are seeing a bottom up counter revolution. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us as always. Freedom at Thanks so much for listening and God bless. For more on many of these stories and news you can trust, go to
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