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Are Democrats Now Anti-Prayer? with Pastor Jack Hibbs

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March 13, 2024 5:00 am

Are Democrats Now Anti-Prayer? with Pastor Jack Hibbs

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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March 13, 2024 5:00 am

Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel just delivered a prayer on the floor of Congress at the invitation of Speaker Johnson. His prayer was pretty basic and traditional, yet it still sent Democrats into a frenzy. Pastor Hibbs joins Charlie to discuss what set the left off so badly, and to explore what lies at the heart of complaints about so-called "Christian nationalism."

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Hey, everybody.

It's Anna Charlie Kirk Show. Jack Kibbs joins us. His new book, Living in the Days of Deception. He is a true American, a great friend.

We talk about his prayer in front of Congress, the prayer heard around of the world, the end times, what does the Bible say about such a time as this and more. Subscribe to our podcast, open up your podcast app and type in Charlie Kirk Show. Get involved with Turning Point USA at That is Start a high school or college chapter today at

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Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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Go to Really special treat this hour. A friend and spiritual teacher of mine, someone who I watch every single week and is just a gift to us all. Jack Hibbs joins us for the full hour. Jack, I got to tell you, I'm a little bit jealous.

You have the entire House of Representatives denouncing you, or not all of it. How did you get to be so lucky? Well, you know, it turns out that luck was actually a blessing whereby I offered up Charlie at House Speaker Mike Johnson's invitation to pray and open up the 118th Congress. Real honor. I had a chance to do that back in 2013. So anyway, I went.

It was on January 30th. And Charlie, I got to tell you, I had the milk toast, a pre-approved prayer. You know, you had to submit a prayer of 150 words or less.

It had to be gender neutral. It could say God, but not define who God is. And you avoid the name of Jesus because that's proselytizing. And I realized, you know what, what am I doing here? What am I doing here? I'm going to go into this house that isn't very much a forsaken God.

And if I get arrested, shot, die, whatever, I've got to stand for the truth. And so I just simply, Charlie looked at a couple of historic prayers from the past. As far back as 1774, I threw a little bit of Abraham Lincoln in there.

And Bishop or, yeah, Bishop Bishane and Chauncey and a few others. And so I offered up a prayer that was two thirds of other great preachers and chaplains that have gone before me. And then I threw in a little bit of me or my prayer. And it was biblically based 100%. In fact, Charlie, it's a matter of record.

You can, people can look at it. And many people have. Some people audibly has taken, they've taken the audio of it from C-SPAN and they've edited it, which is unfortunate. But I offered this, I offered this prayer.

Here's the original prayer signed by Mike Johnson himself. And, and somebody told me last night, they said, you know, this thing's not going away. This, this is picking up steam still.

And last, last Friday was the Trending News on Fox Digital, which is crazy for me. And bottom line, Charlie, is this, somebody said, you know what? I think this just might turn out to be the prayer that was heard around the world because we've gotten response from Germany and from London. And just saying, Pastor Jack, thanks for praying a biblically based prayer. And then finally, Charlie, congressmen and women came up to me after I prayed, gave me a hug and they said, you know what?

We haven't heard a Christian prayer here in years. Thank you. So for that, I'm in big trouble. Jack, I, I can't even put into words the amount of respect I have for you. I want to play the prayer and I have questions about it. And I want to talk about that wrestling that you had, the, the instructions from the secular regime, and then putting God first, regardless of the cost and the price. And I have a very fun theological question about that.

I think you're going to love Jack. Let's play cut 48, the prayer heard around the world. I ask you today, Father, to bring to us a great awakening of righteousness and confidence in you, who alone is mighty to save. Hear my cry in this hour of great need that we might be humbly blessed before you in the repentance of our national sins. You almighty God are the source of all wisdom and there is no wisdom, but that which comes from you. So please come upon those here who are the stewards over the business of our nation with your wisdom, which comes from above and with your holy fear, knowing that your coming day of judgment draws near when all who have been and are now in the authority will answer to you, the great judge of heaven and of earth for the decisions that they make here in this place. I offer this prayer to you, Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, our son, your son, and our crucified savior and resurrected Lord. In Jesus name. Amen. Jack, why is that controversial?

Why is that considered to be against the standards of the regime? Yeah. First sentence, almighty God. That's OK. Father, not OK.

Gender insensitive. Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. That's evangelism. You're not allowed to do two of those things. When I said that we ought to come together in humility for the forgiveness of our sins, seeking the forgiveness of your sins.

Have mercy on us. That was that I was implying that we are sinful, that America is in a state of sin. I'm not kidding you. But it's not implying, Jack, it's a fact.

But please, I just it's a this is a mockery. No, it's an absolute fact. And for somebody to not recognize that we as a nation are not a sinful nation is insane. But to make reference to the fact that for over some 250 years, prayer has been offered up in this Congress for protection and guidance. Those who those 26 congressmen and women who condemned me, they went on to write a statement to Mike Johnson saying, this guy believes that the United States was founded upon Judeo-Christian values. And that is absolutely systematically false, which Charlie is amazing for me, because all you've got to do and you know this, what am I telling you about?

Read the state constitution. You look at all of what was going on in 13 colonies. But even before that, read the first paragraph of the Mayflower Compact, for crying out loud. And like it or not, I presented accurate, biblical, theological truth. And it didn't go over well. And to prove that, Ilhan Omar was one of the first to absolutely just flip her lid, because Jesus, our crucified Savior and resurrected Lord. That look, it's funny, that goes against her religion. So we're in America, we have religious freedom, but I can't pray a prayer that is in line with Bible.

But I'm sure that if I was in line with Allah in the Quran, she would have had a, you know, a great joy out of it. It just goes to show you, Charlie, how far our nation, where we've got elected leaders who don't even know the basics of our founding as a nation, certainly is indicative of how much peril we really are in. We have forgotten God, we've kicked him out of court, we kicked him out of school, we've kicked him out of government. Here's the funny thing, Charlie, when you're standing at that podium, they tell you a very reverent thing before you walk up there.

They say, at this location, no one is going to stand here for all of these decades or centuries, except the President, the Speaker of the House, and the Chaplain. Wow. And this is holy grail.

And I thought, that's awesome. Thank you, God. Well, that just added more zeal to me sticking to a biblically based prayer. And so when you're standing there, Charlie, over your head, over the top on the wall, it says, in God we trust.

Trust? Well, in God we trust is behind you, but behind me. And then looking straight ahead up the aisle is the only full face of the lawgivers throughout human history.

Everybody else has got a side of fresco of their profile except one guy. And it's Moses looking right at your face when you're standing at that podium. And I wasn't about to give some milk toast, godless prayer with Moses looking right at my face.

No way. Jack, I want to just make sure I'm clear, though. Just can you give us more detail? This wasn't Speaker Johnson.

He was, that was the one that was trying to tell you. Was this, who wrote these rules? How did they communicate them to you? I'm incredibly curious.

Yeah. To all credit and honor to the Chaplain and to the Chaplaincy Office. They are obeying rules that have been imposed upon them many, many decades ago.

Somebody, we're going to try to find this out. Somebody somewhere said, this is how the Chaplain's Office has got to conduct itself regarding religious affairs. These are the limits.

These are the rules. Thus, they just simply regurgitate what they've been told. And so because of that, they've taken so much heat. Mike Johnson's taken so much heat. In fact, we're going to launch a letter writing campaign to encourage both the Chaplain and Mike Johnson because we're getting letters, Charlie, here from people saying, thank you.

How can we help? So, well, I love that. And Jack, just and I will communicate this to Speaker Johnson. Those rules can be changed. The Speaker of the House can change House rules. They could change rules. For example, they changed rules for remote COVID voting under Pelosi.

There's no reason why Speaker Johnson can't change these rules. And this idea of gendered language, I mean, that you can't it is repulsive that you can't say Abba, father, which is what every single one of our founding fathers believe. It's amazing to think that if the founding fathers would have prayed the way that Jack prayed, they would have been censured or they would have been punished. Many of the founding fathers would have given a prayer identical to what Jack Hibbs did.

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That is best hot grill dot com. So, Jack, the chaplain's office communicated this to you, correct? They the chaplain kind of deep state. And so let me play around with this for a second because I think it's important. Were you in violation of Romans 13, Jack? Because some people say you must just listen to the government.

You just must listen to what the government says. I'm saying this somewhat facetiously, but you put God above a secular mandate. Can you riff on this for a little bit? Tell people what Romans 13 is, the misapplication of that in kind of today's America and why you believe what you did was biblical, because I think what you did was purely biblical and inspiring.

Jack Hibbs. Yeah, number one paraphrasing. You can read it in detail by going to the scriptures. Romans chapter 13. Paul announces to those believers in Rome that regarding the governing powers that God has established over us, they are God's instruments. They are God's tools to uphold righteousness. And those who do righteous need not fear them. However, those that do unrighteousness must be in fear of them, knowing that they've been appointed by God and that that minister of righteousness does not bear his sword in vain. In other words, the justice that God imputes upon a law breaker will be brought down upon you by those who uphold and have been appointed by God who are in places of authority.

Having said that, now this is what happened in my life, and I believe that with all my heart, by the way. Remember, it says that they are appointed by God for good, to do good. So we must first, to understand Romans 13, you got to identify what is good. What is good? That which is what honors God is what's good. So when I did my prayer originally, Charlie, I realized this prayer is generic.

If I obey these rules, it could be offered. This could be to some shaman. It could be to, it could be to Allah. It could be to Brahma. It could be anybody.

You don't even know who I'm talking about. And I was so convicted that the Lord said, listen, you're going, you're going to this place and you're going to do this. I'm not going to be in this prayer. I'm not honored.

It's not in the name of my son. And, and you need to pray a prayer that, you know, from this nation's history and what needs to be prayed today. So I attempted to watch this. I attempted to obey the rules like any other pastor might do to keep the peace, which is a joke. I set aside that milk toast prayer and went with a biblical prayer and the result proves that God was working because the fallout from that prayer has caused Christians to stand up.

I've got letters from pastors across the nation and for people I've, Charlie, last Sunday, I was told by pastors that they prayed, they played the prayer at their church services around the US. It is emboldening people. It's honoring God. It's giving glory to Jesus. And it's calling us as a nation back to repentance. In other words, it was the right prayer. Come to find out, I 100% obeyed Romans 13.

Jack, and I think that's beautiful. And remember in Acts, it says we obey God, not man. And you should never, as a pastor, as a representative of the divine and the holy, if somebody is instructing you, government or otherwise, to violate your duty as a pastor, you do not do that.

I mean, that would be almost blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Am I right? Is that correct, Jack?

You're 100% correct. It goes so far, Charlie, to not only back it up, as you just stated, but the scripture says that we are to obey scripture. And then if there's anything beyond that, the Bible says you need to never violate your own conscience. So if you and I, Charlie, were eating In-N-Out burgers and we found out that they'd been offered to it, yeah, which we love, if we found out that they were offered to an idol, we would say, Charlie, are you okay if I'm eating meat offered to an idol?

Because an idol is a joke. Oh, I'm good with it. Let's eat it. Praise God. Hallelujah. But if our brother next to us said, I don't feel right about eating a hamburger that was offered to some idol somewhere, then you and I would abstain from eating the burger in front of our brother so he doesn't stumble. The point is this, our conscience must be clear before God.

Okay. And we must be biblical about how we exercise our conduct. Two beautiful things that speak of the divine law of God. He's written his truth upon our hearts and he has produced his truth in written form for us to read and study. Those two things must always, always come together. You never violate the conscience where God is convicting you about this, about drink, about meat, about whatever.

And you must obey the word of God. And so it's our hope, Charlie, as this continues, man, you know, there's attorneys have gotten a hold of me. Big ones. You know who they are, by the way. They're friends of yours. They're saying, hey, let's go for this. The defamation of character, misrepresentation. They have called you a hate preacher in the media now.

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C-site for details, prescription may be required. So, Jack, I really want to get in your book, Living in the Days of Deception, but you really are like the number one news story right now in faith and Christianity and politics. Any other thoughts, Jack, on this, things you've learned?

Are you at all surprised by the backlash? And can you also, I actually want you to say this, talk about the moment that you were wrestling with the the milk toast prayer and the prayer you delivered. Kind of what brought you to that, you know, leaning on the word of God, and what can people in this audience who might be struggling with similar edicts, mandates, orders, what can they learn from your experience?

Jack Hibbs. Thank you. Brilliant question. So I have no idea that publicly, even internationally, would my struggle to obey God be lived out and talked about.

Where? Right. I had the politically correct prayer in my hands, okay? And the Lord made it very clear, that's got to be changed. You either honor me or you don't even go to this thing.

And so I just sat down and typed out the God's version of that prayer. It honored him, think about this, Charlie, it honored him in face of retaliation. People are not going to like this. What am I going to do? Do I do what's safe for me?

Do I want to be invited back? You know, you weigh these things out as humans. Well, I don't want to ruffle any feathers.

Well, wait a minute. God says truth ruffles feathers. You honor me or you're going to honor man. You pick, Jack. You're still my son.

You're still my kid. I'm still with you, but you choose. I chose to honor God. And so what happened was we all live like that as believers. Every single day we got to make a decision to do what we want to do as a husband or as a wife or as a father or as a mom, or we do what God wants us to do. And at the end of the day, Charlie, it's our obedience to him that proves the fact that we love him.

I chose to love him over my own self protection. Yeah, we have been threatened. We've had to jack up our security because of a prayer. Well, the funny thing is a lot of people in America, Charlie, thought I was praying to them or praying for their approval. And they missed the fact that I was talking to the eternal almighty God, not looking for any of man's approval, but his alone. So every one of us as Christians need to realize the hour is upon us, everybody.

It's not arriving. It's upon us. It's upon us to take a stand regardless of the outcome. We need to be Daniel's today.

We need to be Deborah's today like never before. And Daniel's a perfect example. Daniel honored God despite what the authorities told him. They said, you can't pray. And he said, well, look, I'm going to open up the window and I'm going to pray anyway and for the whole city to see. And so, Jack, I just I love this because some people, you know, pastors, they'll talk a good game. And then when it comes to the lights are bright and you're at that mantle where only presidents and speaker of the houses are, they just say, OK, to the ungendered being of the universe, please bless all of it.

You just you went right in and and God will honor you and honor your church and honor your movement for that. And I think it's a great connection then, Jack, to your book, Living in the Days of Deception. It's a play on words. It's D-A-Z-E because we're also in the days of deception. Jack, what are the days of deception? What does the Bible tell us?

Yeah, it's amazing. Charlie, with all the prophetic scripture, prophetic, eschatological doctrines of the Bible, great scholars argue, but listen to their argument, either 27 percent of the Bible or 31, 32 percent of the Bible is eschatological or prophetic in nature, which blows my mind. Over a quarter of the Bible is prophetic in nature. And so what's the most important thing according to Jesus regarding Bible prophecy? The disciples asked him in Matthew 24. They said, when are you coming back? When are you going to establish your kingdom?

And what will the end of the world look like? The first thing that Jesus said in Matthew 24 was be careful. Nobody deceives you.

First thing, deception. So what happened, Charlie, this book came out of a series I taught during Covid. We began, as you well know, you came here. We were starting to adopt people from other churches who churches were closed. And I quickly discovered these people were asking me after service, Pastor Jack, I've been a Christian for 20 years. You just said today in John chapter three that I have to be born again.

I never heard that before. Holy cow. Charlie, we pivoted and stopped right there in the book. We stopped in the Book of Romans. We stopped there in Hebrews.

And I pivoted to a series called Living in the Days of Deception. And I went through the things that are plaguing people today who claim to know God. They think they've read their Bible. They can't define one thing that they believe in.

And that's where we start. Deception has so encroached upon our government, upon our lives, upon our nation. And so living in the days of deception, that fog, that mist of being confused, even the church, I say the church today is confused because it's being deceived by wokeism. It's being deceived by a bad view of Israel.

It's being deceived by an ill definition of what church is. And it just goes on and on, Charlie. And so it turns out to be a very prescient book. We had no idea. We finished it quite some time ago, a little less than a year ago. But the publisher thought, you know what, let's hold this over for election season. We think it's going to be important to hold it over. And I thought the guy was crazy. And lo and behold, who could have put this together? The congressional prayer, the book being released, and all of this stuff because of what's going on here in the LA area.

I endorsed Steve Garvey. So the threats of lawsuit, IRS investigation. And so this is all great because we're ready. And we've, so to speak, lawyered up because we're going to take this attack, Charlie. We're not going to let them threaten us. We're not going to let them bully us. We're going to follow through. If they wind up suing us or not, we're going to follow through withstanding for our Judeo-Christian biblical base.

In fact, not only our constitutional right, Charlie, but here's my spirit. Wait, you've called us a cult? You've called me a weak leader?

You've called me a homophobe, an Islamophobe? Well, you know what? I appeal to Caesar. I'm standing with Paul and I'm going to appeal to Caesar against these accusations. And we're going to take this as far as we can to punish unrighteousness with righteousness. And talk about that, Jack.

Paul invoked his Roman citizenship when accusations were met against him. Just educate our audience on this, please. Yeah. You say, oh, you know, we need to be biblical. We need to stay out of politics. You cannot find anywhere from Old to New Testament any believer staying out of politics.

It's impossible. Paul leveraged his politics when he was being accused by the Sanhedrin and by the Pharisees of crimes committed against Judaism. When Paul was standing in Caesarea and he was given an account, Paul, what's going on with you? He said, this is what they're saying against me.

It's all wrong. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to appeal to Caesar. When Paul said that, by, can I put it this way, Charlie? By their constitution, the moment a Roman citizen said, I appeal to Caesar, they had to take their case to Caesar's Supreme Court. It was a law. It was their constitutional right.

And the moment that Paul did that, he got an instant access to the highest court in the empire. And that's what we're going to do. We're going to do the exact same thing, Charlie, because it is our biblical right. It's scriptural.

And it's also something so rare that the American citizen has the ability to appeal to our Supreme Court to make their case for their innocence. And that is doing righteousness. The Bible says do righteousness.

Listen to this, Charlie. 2 Corinthians 10 verse 6 says that when your obedience is exercised by punishing the disobedience, it is then that your obedience shall be honored by God. We need the church to do righteousness again, winsomely, lovingly, speak the truth in love, but never compromise the truth, even on the altar of unity. Never, always truth.

Never, never should it be sacrificed. The book is Days of Deception by Jack Hibbs, and it is organized, Dazed by Deceptive Spirits, Dazed by Doctrines of Demons. Talk about that. What do you mean by Doctrines of Demons, Jack? Yeah, again, the Bible, the epistles tell us that there's always going to be a spirit. 1 John says there's always a spirit of Antichrist in the world. But he said, I did tell you that the Antichrist is coming, but even now there are many Antichrists that are in the world by spirit, and the things that they propagate is false doctrine. Now, Charlie, most people have taken deception, the doctrines of demons and deceiving spirits, and they've locked them into the church, Charlie. They have somehow corralled them to think, well, we're okay, we're safe from that, as long as we don't go to a bad sermon or a goofy church, we're okay.

No, no, no, no, no. These doctrines of demons and evil spirits teaching false things, if you want to look for them, look for them in all of the areas of power, be it government, politics, authority, corporate, wheeling and dealing, church, it's everywhere. It's, listen, it's definition of gender. That's a doctrine of demons.

Redefining marriage. That's the teaching of evil spirits. Notice, Charlie, that everything that's going on in our world right now is going after the human who has been created in the image of God. And Satan hates our guts and he wants us destroyed. And so now children are being told under this public school system, you know, you may or may not be a boy or a girl. That's a direct attack against God's ability to create male and female. People need to wake up that the doctrines of demons and evil spirits are even attacking atheists.

They don't realize it. Can you just tease out how you would respond to churches or pastors that say, Jack, you're too political. You're a Christian nationalist.

Why even speak out on these issues? How do you respond to that, Jack? Yep.

Yep. Here's the teaser. Define to me what a Christian nationalist is. I want to hear the definition. Then I can answer you from where you're thinking.

And typically they can't. And they they will use it as a pejorative and a slur. The book is Days of Deception, Living in the Days of Deception. Jack, how is the book doing?

I'm not. I just found out I'm not allowed to tell you the numbers anymore. I wound up mentioning the numbers and they said, please don't mention the numbers. I can tell you this, Charlie, that since February 6th, it has been several times on Amazon's. It goes back and forth on Amazon, number one in Christian genre. And as good as I'm looking at my producer right now in the whole secular realm of Amazon, out of a million plus books, it's been around 28 or 30 from time to time. It's gone crazy.

And I think the 26 members of the United States Congress, all Democrats who help the sales go worldwide. Thank you. You should send a signed copy to every single one of them living in the days of deception. It's a good idea, right, Jack? Gonna do it, Charlie.

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Also save moms from a lifetime of pain and regret. I'm a donor of this organization. They're terrific.

Go to Click on the preborn banner. Jack, I was thinking, you know, they got mad at you for saying that Jesus is the judge of the world, something like that, for you praying that. Is that correct? You know, that's in the declaration. It is in the declaration of independence that God is the supreme judge, that we appeal to the supreme judge of the world. And so are you, but you could, you could almost say that the last paragraph of the declaration is a prayer. Can you even read the declaration anymore? Oh my goodness. In fact, how long will it be, Charlie, from right now to when the declaration of independence is ruled unconstitutional?

Against decorum. Sorry, you can't do that. Yeah, yeah, exactly.

You can't do that. This offensive, but again, look, even if I was an atheist right now, but I was a historian, or how about this, a reader, and you read the Mayflower Compact, the declaration of independence, the bill of rights, you read our founding birth certificate documents. You cannot escape God. Even when you go to the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC, you can't escape God. Jefferson gives honor to God on those massive marble platforms there, and you can't avoid God in our government. And the great thing, Charlie, is that you and I and others are just, we're not making anything up.

This is what's funny. We're actually more historic. With what you and I do, Charlie, Samuel Adams and George Washington would be applauding us.

They would be saying, you guys go, man, you go. But our current leadership, they don't even know American history. They can't even tell you. The one gal, I forget her name, she's pledged her allegiance to Somalia, for crying out loud.

What in the world is going on? Our founding fathers, I know this for a fact, that would be treasonous and you would not survive long. Go read what our founding fathers did to those who committed treason. It's punishment for treason.

It's punishable by death. Wow. That's right. So, Charlie, we just gave them a great sound bite right now. But it's true.

These two naturalists. Yeah, but by the way, it's true. It's actually, I think, still in the Constitution that treason is punishable by death. So, Jack, closing thoughts, your book, Living in the Days of Deception, just kind of what you want our audience to hear, to internalize. And we're not living in normal times.

Come on, that's why, listen, everybody. You feel this. You feel a daze.

The D-A-Z-E is the slap in the face. You feel confused. You don't know if you have any freedoms anymore. And then what about church? Where can I find a church that's teaching the Bible? What about this, that?

My children, what rights do I have? You feel your world getting whittled away and you're asking the question, why? And I want to ask you this. Why has fear so neutered our nation from courage? It's because of deception.

You have been deceived. We are being deceived into, be quiet, sit down, shut up, don't speak out against any of these evil things that we're doing or else we'll label you. Listen, we are to live our lives before the audience of one. And that one is the Lord God Almighty. We'll stand before Jesus someday and it can go really well for you if you just follow him. Apart from that, Charlie had said in that prayer that, Lord, have mercy on those and guide those and bless those who have authority in this place for the day that they will give an answer for the decisions that they've made. And that is true. We will all answer before the Lord God.

And Congress just heard about that. So the high-stakes battle for every single Christian, the greatest antidote to deception is truth, which is Jesus Christ. Equip yourself now to grow in discernment so that you can protect yourself from error and remain steadfast in your faith.

Jack Hibbs, you have been doing such an amazing job. Just final closing thought, how do you keep joy and keep smiling through all the persecution? Bible time.

Every day in the Bible. I don't have a vitamin. I'm not taking rough greens to strengthen me.

I don't have a protein drink. It's Bible. Friends, listen, how about this? I've got a rule. I do not eat any food in the morning until I first have fed my soul, my spirit, in the Bible.

Simply read in the Bible. Charlie, that's the answer. I don't have a fancy answer. That's the answer. Jack Hibbs, check it out.

Living in the days of deception. God bless, Jack. Thanks so much. Love you, Charlie.

Talk to you soon. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us as always, freedom at Thanks so much for listening and God bless. For more on many of these stories and news you can trust, go to
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