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The Left Fears Mark Robinson

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March 12, 2024 6:00 pm

The Left Fears Mark Robinson

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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March 12, 2024 6:00 pm

Mark Robinson is poised to be the next governor of North Carolina, and the left is in a panic. In order to stop a conservative black man from making NC a new Florida, the left is planning to spend $100 million and is outrageously smearing him as a Holocaust denier. Robinson joins Charlie for a conversation debunking the lies and looking to North Carolina's promising future. Then, Charlie reacts to Robert Hur's testimony in Congress, which is making his report even more devastating for the Biden White House.

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Hey everybody, Mark Robinson joins the program and then producer Andrew helps me unpack all the Robert Herr news as it was happening while we were live on air. Email us as always freedom at Get involved with Turning Point USA at That is Become a member at That is

And as always, you can contact me directly freedom at and get involved with Turning Point USA at Buckle up everybody. Here we go. Everyone is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

That's why we are here. Noble Gold Investments is the official gold sponsor of The Charlie Kirk Show, a company that specializes in gold IRAs and physical delivery of precious metals. Learn how you could protect your wealth with Noble Gold Investments at That is It's where I buy all of my gold.

Go to Really special guest joining us this hour, the next governor of North Carolina. We were just at an event together at Troy and Penny Maxwell's church, Freedom House Church in Charlotte. This guy is a superstar. I first came aware of him when he was talking about gun control at a local meeting and he is a superstar. We're going to do everything we can to help him become next governor of North Carolina. He's the current lieutenant governor.

It is Mark Robinson. Lieutenant Governor, welcome to the program. Great to see you. Hey, thanks for having me, Charlie. It's a pleasure. And I want to just say, just for whatever it's worth, you sitting down listening to my entire speech, that was really kind of you. It meant a lot to me. Not everyone does that.

You know, they speak and they get out of Dodge. I wish we could have spent more time together. I had to get out of there for some other reasons, but you're a good man and you're in it for the right reasons. You're a true patriot. Well, thank you. And I truly enjoyed your speech that night, your conversations you had with the pastors. The answers to the questions that you gave were just, I mean, they were phenomenal answers.

Really, really good. Thank you. So I got to be honest, you know, I was driving in. I was running a little late on Super Tuesday.

And, you know, sometimes I want to torture myself. So I listen to MSNBC and they spent 30 to 45 minutes on you. Talk about your candidacy and why do you think that you're such a threat to the MSNBC crowd?

Well, you know, we're expecting about 100 million dollars to come in this campaign against me for governor. And I think the reason why is because I think the Democrats are seeing some handwriting on the wall. They're seeing the dissatisfaction that their base voters are having, that being a lot of minority voters are having. They have a lot of dissatisfaction with what's going on at the federal level.

Joe Biden has been an absolute disaster, whether it be on the economy, the border, public safety, no matter what it is, he has been a disaster. And they're seeing that dissatisfaction. But in my case, what they really see is they see a candidate that is able to reach out to those folks, bring common sense solutions to the problems that they face.

And then they see someone who looks like them. And ultimately what happens there is we get in the office and their success and all of a sudden voting dynamics in North Carolina are changing for decades. It starts across the nation. They're very afraid. They don't want that to happen.

They cannot have a conservative black man at the helm in North Carolina or in any state. So let's show a great result. President Trump did. That's right.

And so let's let's talk about it. You know, they might think Trump is going to win. They're already trying to think of what comes next. And they cannot have an articulate, passionate, patriotic, conservative black man be a popular governor in a state as important as North Carolina.

Right. North Carolina is critical to their redefining goals. So the money coming in is they're trying to stop your career, stop the movement, because I'll be honest, you know, if Trump wins, which we pray he does in November, you're you're a top list.

If you become governor to be really a continuation of this movement, they see that they need to try to keep their monopoly on black America. And the way they're attacking you, I mean, I've seen a lot of political attacks. I have not seen the dishonesty towards someone not named Donald Trump like this in quite some time. It is reprehensible. I think you should sue MSNBC. I tweeted that out. They were calling you a Holocaust denier and all this garbage. Lieutenant Governor, your reaction?

My reaction is this, and I tell people this all the time. When I was in the seventh grade, it was junior high school. I remember taking the social studies class in social studies. We learned history. And I remember being told about the Holocaust. I remember the first time I saw the images of survivors of Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen and Buchenwald and those death camps. I remember seeing photographs of human bodies being stacked like pork wood. The savagery that the Holocaust represents. I saw that from the time I was a young teenager and have stated extensively up until now.

And for someone to say that I don't believe what I've seen with my own eyes is completely ridiculous. Not only that, not only that, Charlie, I also stood in Israel with the Israeli people one month after the worst attack on Israel since the Holocaust. I prayed with those people. I cried to those people. I saw the dreadful aftereffects of outright murder against women and children. I stood on those grounds and I witnessed those things. And for somebody to make those accusations to me is completely unfounded and just quite frankly ridiculous. I want to play the tape here because I think I was one of the first people to find this and put it on social media, only because I was in the car listening to MSNBC. Listen to this. They should be, I know you got to run a campaign, but I'll tell you, they should be sued for this crap. It is moral crap.

Play cut 42. When you have to say the Holocaust was real and Hitler was evil, both in a primary ad, you know that this is not a normal primary year, but Mark Robinson is not a normal primary winner. He will be the Republican nominee for governor in North Carolina. He has in fact called the Holocaust hogwash. He says Beyonce is satanic. He says the moon landing in 1969 may have been fake. He says the civil rights movement in the 1960s was, quote, crap and that Martin Luther King was a communist. He also says there is a secret ruling cabal that is part reptile, meaning part human, part reptile. Now I don't want, I don't want to waste our valuable time of you going through the, you know, that nonsense, but I want you to just riff on the Holocaust one because that is the one that they're going to try to use against you.

And I have your Facebook post. You were talking about how the Nazis took away guns, which led to the extermination of Jews. That is factual. That is historically accurate.

Mark Robinson. Or more to the point, how a weak leftist government set up gun control in a way that a punk like Hitler could use it to take off to victimize people. Look, these folks know exactly what I mean. They knew exactly what I was saying, but the bottom line is this. They want to talk about everything else under the sun except for the issues. And why do they not want to talk about the issues? Because whether it's the border, whether it's our economy, whether it's education, doesn't matter what it is, they lose on every single solitary substantive issue out there.

They don't have one single solitary win. So what they want to do is smear the windshield with a bunch of garbage so that folks can't see what's going on and can't get a glimpse into the future under conservative leadership. And I guarantee you, we're going to claim that windshield off, push past all this mud and move forward and give people a vision they can believe in.

I love it. And you are the highest profile governor's race in this election year. Highest profile. Think about all the places they could deploy capital. They're going to put one hundred million dollars. Why? Because they think, OK, we can start Mark Robinson, we can stop MAGA of tomorrow.

That's their calculus. We can stop this ascendant movement. And plus, you have plans to make North Carolina a new Florida in the best possible way.

It's competitive for business, safe for kids to go to school. But one minute in this segment, Mark, talk about some of your vision for North Carolina and contrast that with the failure of the Democrats in your state. Oh, well, so I'll put it this way and just make it short. Someone asked me what makes me different from my opponent on the opposite side.

This is it. I'm part of a winning team. He's part of a losing team. His team has three point four billion dollars in debt to the federal government. My team has us now with a five billion dollar surplus. His team had us lackluster on business engagement.

Our team has us as the number one business destination in the nation two years running. The differences could not be more clear. My vision is to grow our economy from Murphy to Manio. His vision is more the same old thing. Agenda, agenda, agenda.

And forget about the people and forget about and forget about growth. He's going to stop himself as a moderate Southern Democrat. Josh Stein is anything but that. He is a hard leftist cut from the same fault as Joe Biden and that governor out in California.

And he will do things here in North Carolina that will take us backwards, not forwards. And make no mistake, the lie about the Holocaust thing is just trying to play into Josh Stein's hands. That's part of the whole thing. They're trying to make it an issue where it doesn't exist. I think you should play offense on it.

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Call 864-644-1900. I lost over 30 pounds. Dr. Ashley Lucas, great American. Check it out. Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson continues. I think it'll be really helpful, Mark, if you told our audience your story. It's a true story of a grassroots citizen who is now on the national stage. Well, I have a very non-traditional route into politics. I have a very non-traditional route into politics and some folks will say I have a very non-traditional upbringing.

I'm number nine of 10 children born. Our family was extremely impoverished by American standards, of course, but not by world standards. We did eat every day. We had a home. But my father was an alcoholic. He was very abusive towards my mother.

He died when I was 12 years old. And my mother was largely responsible for my upbringing. My mom had a big choice when my dad died. She could have sat home and accepted the gifts of the government, so to speak, welfare, or go to work if my mom went to work. And I watched my mom as a young kid. I watched my mom walk to work to the university to go to work as a custodian to provide for us. And it set a standard in my life that let me know that it's up to me. It's not up to the federal government.

It's not up to the state government, county government. It's up to me to take care of my family because that's exactly what my mom did. I spent a little bit of time in the United States military in the Army Reserves. I was what's called a medical specialist in 91A-10, part of an ambulance company out of Winston-Salem. That was a great time in my life, but I didn't choose to make the military a career. I was honorably discharged around 1990, 91, somewhere around there. And then I went into furniture manufacturing.

I spent about a total of 20 years in furniture manufacturing altogether. Three different places. Two of those places I had, the first place I had to leave because of NAFTA. NAFTA just destroyed the wages.

The second place I went, I worked for about 10 years, and NAFTA struck again and shut that place down and then moved down south, down to Mexico. And then I was at the final place where I worked, which that's where I gave that speech in front of the city council. It went viral.

Been seen by two to three hundred million people all around the globe. And that's when folks called for me to run for office, and we decided to do that. We picked the lieutenant governor's spot. We won a nine-way primary, and we won our general, and here we are.

That is just incredible. What makes North Carolina such a unique battleground state? What is it about the Tar Heel state that just always tends to be so close and so split ticket? Well, you know, North Carolina has always been unique. And North Carolina, I say this at the behest of maybe making some of my conservative friends angry, North Carolina has always been a very moderate southern state.

Its history has been a history of being very moderate. But this state right now is poised to go all red, and I'll tell you why. North Carolina, prior to 2010, was $3.4 billion in debt to the federal government. We were furloughing state workers because we couldn't afford to pay. Teacher pay was frozen for an entire six years.

And no one wanted to come to North Carolina to do business because taxes were too high and regulations were too stiff. We had a Republican takeover of our legislature in 2010. And now today we find ourselves not only not in debt to the federal government, we also have a $5 billion surplus. Teachers are getting raises.

State troopers are getting raises. We're getting, we're the number one business destination in the nation, two years running. Everybody wants to come here to North Carolina to do business. We're firing on all cylinders, but we have a grand opportunity right now to really grow our economy, to supercharge, to make ourselves into the economic superpower we can be. And I think that's one of the reasons why this state is going to be focused on in this race, because we're at a crossroads. Are we going to go left? Are we going to go the way of California? Are we going to go the way of Florida, Texas or Arkansas or other conservative states? I would submit to you that the people of North Carolina are ready to make that right turn right into a right future.

It really is a tipping point question. How can people support you? What is your website? I know that you're going to be significantly outspent.

How can people get behind you? We're at Mark Robinson for NC. That's Mark Robinson, F-O-R-N-C dot com.

They can go to our website there, learn more about our campaign, of course, do the things they need to do. Mark, great work. We have your back. Thank you so much.

We have your website URL up on screen. Thank you. Thank you, sir. We appreciate everything you do.

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Click on the preborn banner. Joining us now to help me understand the Robert Herr saga because I haven't had a chance to watch it as we've been live on air is producer Andrew. Andrew, what's been going on here? Remind our audience who is special counsel Herr and why is it significant? Yeah, so special counsel Robert Herr was appointed to investigate the classified documents handling thereof of President Joe Biden. And he was a former U.S. attorney in Maryland appointed by Donald Trump. And Merrick Garland appointed him to look into the classified documents scandal of Joe Biden.

And obviously he issued a long report where he did not pursue charges against President Joe Biden. And basically said that he was an elderly man that had memory issues. And this became a massive, massive story that we basically have an official DOJ document authorized from the very top of the DOJ. That says that our sitting president has memory issues, that he's an elderly man with mental acuity problems and memory lapses. And this then led to a whole bunch of other questions. And so now he's testifying before the House and it's been an absolute mess.

It's been an absolute mess. But one of the more intriguing parts of this, Charlie, is that just hours before testifying, Robert Herr resigned from the Department of Justice. So he is now a private citizen. And why that is important, so he's represented by a private attorney that's sitting alongside him. Why that's important, and people need to understand this, is that if he was still an employee of the Department of Justice, he would have had to get his testimony approved by the DOJ before testifying. So what this means is he's essentially completely green, he has a green light to say whatever he feels is the truth. And he's not going to be corralled by his handlers at the Department of Justice. That is obviously Joe Biden's Department of Justice. So we're getting a pretty unvarnished look at what Robert Herr actually thinks.

Now, here's the other rub. Both sides are unhappy, right? The Republicans wanted Joe Biden to be prosecuted, similar to the way that President Trump has been prosecuted by Jack Smith in Florida, over his documents and his handling of classified documents. And that didn't happen. Robert Herr declined pursuing charges against Joe Biden because he basically had to have a good reason.

His reason was he's got a bad memory. And so the Republicans are not happy about that. Now, Democrats are not happy about it either because they just said that the sitting president, the leader of the free world, is so mentally challenged, has such a mental acuity problem that he's not fit to be prosecuted.

So obviously that raises the question. If he's not fit to be prosecuted, then he's not fit to be president. And so President Biden has denied the framing of his memory and his mental acuity. He said he's sharp, everybody's going to be pointing to the State of the Union speech where they say he was 10 out of 10 on fire after they shot him up with whatever they shot him up with. And so that then begs the question, well, if he is mentally sharp, as the Democrats say, then why not prosecute him? Because one of the things we learned here was that Robert Herr says that he absolutely is not exonerating President Biden. This is not an exoneration.

He intentionally did not use those words. And we've got a great, great clip that we can play with Rep. Jayapal to this effect. Cut 54 if the student wants to get that ready.

Let's get. Yeah. Cut 54. That was super helpful, Andrew. And then they say that, oh, he's exonerated. I even learned a lot there. I have a question.

Play Cut 54. So this lengthy, expensive and independent investigation resulted in a complete exoneration of President Joe Biden. For every document you discussed in your report, you found insufficient evidence that the president violated any laws about possession or retention of classified materials. I need to go back and make sure that I take take note of the word that you used exoneration. That is not a word. I'm going to continue with my questions. I'm going to continue with my questions. I know that the term I ultimately reached, I know that there's sufficient evidence existed such that the likely outcome you exonerate a conviction. I know that the term willful retention has a Mr.

Hurts my time. That's pretty feisty for her. And I just so can we speculate why did he resign from the DOJ? Just that he wanted to be able to give a truthful testimony. And is it possible that her wanted to bring this case forward? Was afraid that it would either lose with a D.C. jury or that the powers that be would squash it from DOJ?

I mean, I'm getting those vibes from her. Well, so here's their I think the Democrats are assuming that he is a partisan actor and that he wanted to resign from the DOJ so that he could essentially really go for the jugular here. And there are a few other clips that we need to play to that would suggest that the Democrats and their suspicions could be at least partly right.

I think her has taken so much criticism for this report. I would think he wanted the unvarnished truth. He wanted the opportunity to say what was really what he believed is the truth. And that's that, you know, essentially he did not pursue charges because Joe Biden is not fit to be prosecuted.

I think that is genuinely his only leg to stand on. And so he needed a clear lane to defend his his reputation and say, hey, this is this is the facts. And there's also more damaging information that we're learning now today. And that's in this cut 53 in this exchange of Jim Jordan, where he says that the ghost writer that's responsible for the transcription of the interview with Joe Biden attempted to destroy the interview, the audio from the interview. So these are the types of and we can play this clip.

Fifty three. It's powerful. But these are the types of, you know, pieces of evidence that you wonder, would you have heard if he was being controlled by the upper echelon at the Department of Justice?

We really don't know. But right now, he's free to say whatever he thinks he should say. So that's quite quite something. But if we want to play 53, I think.

Yeah, let's play 53. Mr. Herr, what did that ghostwriter do with the information Joe Biden shared with him on his laptop? What did he do after you were named special counsel? Chairman, if you're referring to the audio recordings that Mr. Zwanitzer created of his conversations with exactly what I'm referring to. He he slid, if I remember correctly, he slid those files into his recycle bin on his computer, tried to try to destroy the evidence, didn't he?

Correct. So who is it? Who are they accusing of trying to destroy the evidence? Joe Biden? So the ghostwriter that was basically getting those interview the audio from the interview with Joe Biden, he tried to. So when they were having the preliminary conversation with Joe Biden about these these documents. And again, this is the evidence that leads Robert Herr ultimately to say he had poor memory. This is at least part of the evidence. The ghostwriter tried to delete and destroy the evidence. So, you know, they.

So Blake's got a note here. The narrative of hers report in this hearing is that Biden kept classified docs so that he could make his memoirs better. So that's that's going to be the counterpoint from the Democrats. That's why he was keeping classified documents. And Robert Herr saying, well, you did keep classified documents.

You absolutely did. And you did it intentionally as a private citizen. But I'm not going to prosecute you because you're poor memory. But this this evidentiary this evidence that's been that was attempted to be deleted is is part of what is now being subpoenaed. They want to get that entire transcript because it's going to underscore Robert Herr's findings, presumably that Joe Biden has a poor memory and he's lacking sufficient mental acuity to be prosecuted.

So this is that central tension in this question. Either way, it's a massive PR loss for Joe Biden. And I think, you know, if you're a cynic, then you would say Robert Herr knows that prosecuting a sitting president is probably a fool's errand. But telling the world that he's lacking mental acuity is probably the biggest shot across the ballot you could have in a short amount of time before. And also, isn't it is basically the argument that her thought that Joe Biden could have won at trial because he could have just claimed mental problem, like mental acuity issues, essentially. That's that's the legal rationale.

That's exactly the legal. That's what makes Robert Herr basically his findings that I'm not going to prosecute Joe Biden. That's what that's that's the leg he's standing on. It's like this wouldn't this wouldn't succeed because he's an old elderly man who can't remember anything. So that's but I but but I'm I'm sort of looking between the lines here. And if you're Robert Herr, if you are a partisan, if I'm being a cynic, then this could be the most damage you could inflict upon Joe Biden in a short term. But we have no reason to think that that Robert Herr is that partisan as the Democrats are making him out to be. You know, he's he seems to be a man of integrity and honest broker here.

But the Democrats certainly want to paint him as a partisan actor in all of this. Yeah. I mean, I guess you can't have it both ways. You can't say, you know, too old to stand trial, but not too old to be president. Right.

You can't. Exactly. You can't have it both ways, I suppose. Yeah. That's the central tension here. But I mean, it's there's there's a couple other clips that I think that that are really telling in all of this. If we have enough time, the basically cut 50 is probably the whole case laid out if we want to play that.

OK, let's play 50. My team and I conducted a thorough independent investigation. We identified evidence that the president willfully retained classified materials after the end of his vice presidency when he was a private citizen. This evidence included an audio recorded conversation during which during which Mr. Biden told his ghostwriter that he had, quote, just found all the classified stuff downstairs, end quote. When Mr. Biden said this, he was a private citizen speaking to his ghostwriter in his private rental home in Virginia.

We also identified other recorded conversations during which Mr. Biden read classified information allowed to his ghostwriter. That's pretty damning. Yeah. It's also. Yeah. No, that's.

Trump is also currently under indictment for class. Yeah. No, exactly.

No. And so you see that you see the two tiered justice system at play here. Trump is getting is facing seven hundred plus years in federal prison. Meanwhile, Joe Biden gets off scot free with having a poor memory. Now, again, you know, it's a PR disaster for the Biden White House because it plays into a narrative that all of us can see with our own eyes that he's lost his edge.

He's lost his his ability to properly run the country. But it's also infuriating. And you can see why both sides are upset, because he should be prosecuted. He knowingly handled classified documents and shared them with his ghostwriter of a memoir. So it's pretty infuriating either way you look at it.

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That is promo code Kirk. Andrew, this is this is incredibly significant. And it turns out that the United Kingdom is ahead of us as far as protecting their children. Yeah, I mean, really significant.

I can't overstate how big of a deal this is. And I think you're going to see this trend follow. You know, you're going to see this happen in other countries across Europe.

And what's interesting is what you said before. We look at Europe as this liberal, progressive bastion, if you're a Democrat in America especially. And the truth is much more complicated there. They are more tied to tradition and old, the old, the tried, the true in a lot of ways than America is. America is a country of fads, of of crazes. We have there's a lot of just energy, kinetic energy in America that Europe doesn't necessarily have. They have a sense of tradition and of what's gone before them simply by their architecture, by the we call it the old world for a reason.

And they're not as prone to some of the swings that we are in America. And you're seeing that now in I think this this NHS decision to stop prescribing puberty blockers to minors. So this is a massive, massive move. Hopefully we will adopt that here. Certainly we've we've been a part of the movement to push back against this craziness. But I mean, this is this is fantastic news and hopefully it spreads. Yeah.

And the question is, you know, will we have the political will to do this in this country? And we just revealed what W path was doing and they call you transphobic and they say that you are getting in the way of gender affirming care. The only cynicism I have and the reason they're able to do this at NHS is that they have universal health care.

So it's just kind of the top the way it is. We have so many private actors. I'm not advocating for universal health care, but we have so many private actors that are making billions of dollars on the mutilation of children. How do we unwind that? Well, I think you've got to start at the state level and then you've got to use some lawfare.

Right. The left is doing this. We had the attorney general of Tennessee on yesterday there. They're now gathered 16 states to sue the state of Maine.

But Maine is being really creative. They're making it so that if you're sort of you could be now liable in a legal sense if you're not prescribing or treating gender dysphoric youth with some of these what they call gender affirming care practices. So Maine is making it so that we're now liable in other states outside of Maine. Well, why don't we flip the script and start suing some of these states for mutilating kids.

So I think I think it's a twofold. You've got to start at the state level. State agencies need to start protecting innocent kids.

And then you need to start suing the states like California and Maine that are getting a little bit too out over their skis. And I think eventually you create so much liability in the system that the that the health providers are going to start feeling a little bit cautious about treating minors with this stuff. If you look at you call it the sexual culture war, you look at the sexual revolution, gay marriage, abortion. This is the first time we're really starting to see massive backlash against one of these issues, especially with children.

It is losing across the board. And I think President Trump should embrace it. Joe Biden is all in on the mutilation of children, on the castration of kids. I mean, that would be a if they end up debating, it would be a very powerful debate moment for Donald Trump to say that you are OK, Joe Biden, with stuff that the United Kingdom is not even OK with, which is castrating kids, sterilizing them, puberty blockers. I think it's a winning political issue.

I really do. Yeah, we should start. Honestly, we should start suing doctors. We should start going after the doctors that push this stuff and make it so painful. You should make it so painful and expensive to even set foot in this area of medicine that that we that we really get some wins and that they'll just be more reticent to even try it to begin with.

And I think you could get 80 percent of the way. They're just just with lawfare. There's a new wing at Mayo Clinic for just mutilating children.

There's a lot of money to be made, but the message needs to get out. If you mutilate kids, you will go to jail and it will be retroactive. Doesn't matter if it was legal at the time.

Yeah, they need to go to jail if you touch and chop off kids parts. Andrew, thank you so much. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us as always. Freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. Thanks so much for listening and God bless.
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