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Super Tuesday is Upon Us — Our Predictions

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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March 5, 2024 6:16 pm

Super Tuesday is Upon Us — Our Predictions

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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March 5, 2024 6:16 pm

It’s Super Tuesday! How is it looking for Republicans? Charlie speaks to Rep. Jim Jordan, Congressional Candidate Brandon Gill, and Rep. Justin Heap to get updates on the races ahead.

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Hey everybody, it's time for The Charlie Kirk Show.

It's Super Tuesday, so we have Brandon Gill running in Texas, Jim Jordan, and also someone who's going to challenge the Maricopa County Recorder in Arizona. Email us as always, freedom at Get involved with Turning Point USA at

Turning Point USA is America's most important organization, so check it out right now at And become a member today, That is

Buckle up everybody, here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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Go to Joining us now is Brandon Gill. A lot of chatter about his race.

It's happening today in the great state of Texas. Brandon, welcome to the program. Brandon, introduce yourself to our audience. Charlie, first of all, thanks for having me.

You're right. I'm running for U.S. Congress here in Texas 26th. I'll tell you a bit about myself. I grew up on a cattle ranch in West Texas, had a career in finance, which I left to get into the conservative media space, started a news outlet, which I think is President Trump's favorite online news outlet called DC Inquirer, and worked on some documentaries as well, including 2000 Mules two years ago. And last fall, I was the executive producer of a movie called Police Day, which traces how the federal government's been weaponized against conservatives and Christians. And I'll tell you, the DC swamp does not want a Trump backed Senator Cruz endorsed conservative fighter getting elected. They're coming after us hard. They've dumped $2 million into this district in total lies and slander only against me, but we're fighting back and we're going to win this thing. So tell us about your race, how many people are running and some of the dynamics involved of the people spending money against you?

Yeah, you know, there are 11 people in the race. And maybe in my ignorance, before I got into the campaign side of politics, whenever I was in the conservative media space, I would always get frustrated. You know, after making 2000 meals, for example, I'd always get frustrated with why do no politicians or very few elected officials, even on the Republican side will ever talk about things like election fraud, that the 2020 election was stolen, or will take a serious stance against the weaponization of government against conservatives and patriots and Christians. And I've realized firsthand why that is, because whenever you do, as I have in this race, and I've been endorsed by President Trump and Senator Cruz, and I've been saying I'm going to be in the Freedom Caucus immediately, whenever you do take that strong of a stance, the swamp goes ballistic. And what's happened is we're early on in this race, 11 people in there, but some DC swamp super PACs have dumped $2 million into attack ads only against me, not in favor of any other candidate or against any other candidate just trying to knock me out.

And they're doing it because I'm the Trump guy, I'm the Senator Cruz guy, I'm the Freedom Caucus guy, and I'm the person who will be unabashed in saying that the 2020 election was stolen and in that we need to fight the weaponization of at the FBI. So we're in a really interesting place right now where, you know, it's kind of me versus the swamp. But we're fighting back. We're feeling really good. It's election day today. I'm sitting out here out of the polls in Highland Village in Texas, and we're feeling good about things, but it's out against the swamp. So you say that $2 million spent against you in a primary.

Can you give us more detail of who these groups are and what their motivations might be? That's an extraordinary sum in a primary. It is. And just to give you a sense for the scale of that, this was probably a one and a half million dollar race three weeks ago. These guys came in and turned it in basically overnight from a one and a half million dollar race to a four and a half million dollar race. So these are, you know, these are DC super PACs, and it's difficult to trace the way they set up these PACs because the donors don't want their names out there, and they intentionally try to obfuscate who these people are. But what it looks like is these are potentially Soros-linked PACs. So George Soros made a big deal about flipping Texas blue several weeks ago. Two days after that, these PACs were created, and it looks like it's also linked to some of the never Trumpers, some of the never Trump Republicans who, you know, for I think it's great. Trump is the nominee. He's the leader of this party, and that's a very, very good thing.

But they don't like that. They see that no matter what they do, they can't take Trump out. So they're trying to take out Trump-backed candidates, and Trump has endorsed me, and I'm very proud.

I endorsed President Trump on the first day of my campaign, but the swamp doesn't like that. So what are some of the other dynamics happening in Texas? We're kind of seeing this play out across the state of Texas, trying to get rid of Dave Phelan and many other races. What's going on in Texas? It seems as if Democrats have been pretending to be Republicans for far too long. Yeah, you know, it's fascinating because what we're seeing in Washington is very similar to what's happening in Austin as well. There was a sham impeachment against President Trump, and you know this better than anybody about what happened to President Trump, but it was the same thing with Ken Paxton in Austin.

There was no evidence to impeach the guy, and yet they went and did it anyways at the vendetta. And frankly, I think it all comes down to, again, Ken Paxton was very strong on election integrity. And the Democrats don't like that, the left doesn't like that, and unfortunately, a lot of people on the Republican side, the squishes, the weak Republicans don't like that either.

So, you know, the unfortunate thing is it's almost like we're not just up against the left right now, we're up against the moderate, weaker side of our own party that's coming after us. But, you know, the reality is Texas 26, the district that I'm in, this is Trump country. This is a deep red MAGA district. This district is going to go for Trump by a landslide, and I think they're looking for a conservative fighter who's going to align himself with President Trump. So at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how much these DC swamp super PACs spend.

People can see through their lies, and like I said, we're feeling really good today. So the talk more about what you plan to do, what the kind of mold you will be if you go to D.C., the type of leader that you hope to be, because right now we're seeing continuing resolution after continuing resolution, the borders wide open, we're spending trillions of dollars that we do not have. What are some of the promises that you're pledging and the commitments you're making when you become a congressman from Texas? Well, I've said since the beginning of my campaign that I plan on being a member of the Freedom Caucus on day one. The Freedom Caucus endorsed me and some of the best conservative fighters who are in the Freedom Caucus, guys like Jim Jordan, like Warren Davidson, Anna Paulina, Luna, and many others have also endorsed me. So my plan is immediately to join their ranks. You know, I get asked oftentimes, you know, what can you do as one person in a House full 435?

And my answer is that I'm not one person. I'm going to join the most conservative fighters and move as a unit to fight this leftist juggernaut in our country. Now, I've been saying again since the beginning of the campaign that I think that we need to not only go back to President Trump's border policies that Biden got rid of immediately. We need to be very clear. We know that the border crisis right now, and this is the issue of the cycle, the border crisis is intentional and the left is doing it to flood this country with people that they believe will be future reliable Democrat voters in perpetuity. And they're doing it intentionally to flood this country with drugs and with crime and to tear apart our social fabric to create a crisis that big government can step in to solve. And if we know that's why they're doing it, the answer is, and President Trump is ideologically on the forefront here of pushing for this, we have to deport every single illegal alien Joe Biden brought into this country. President Trump knows that.

I'm going to be 100% behind him to do that. Now, you referenced some continuing resolutions and you're exactly right. There's a reason that Congress's approval ratings are in the tank and it's because we're governing via omnibus, we're governing via short-term continuing resolutions.

We've got to go back to regular order. We've got to cut reckless spending. But we've got to get, in order to do that, we've got to get conservative fighters who are willing to actually stand up in Washington.

And that's what I plan on doing. You know, we've got, as conservatives, we've got the philosophy and the ideology correct. Now what we need is the backbone to actually go fight for what we believe in.

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That is, 800-2468-751, promo code Charlie. Check it out. So, Brandon, you know, you're campaigning right now.

You're on the ground. Talk about the generational approach that you're going to be bringing. You're a father and, you know, we are now creating a debtor nation. We are adding one trillion dollars to our debt every 100 days in this country. There needs to be some urgency here. We need some people from the next generation to go to DC and solve it.

Brandon Gill. Maybe I can put it this way is we've had a Republican Party for the past several decades who's still living in the 1980s, who's still living as if the Democrat Party that we are up against today is the same Democrat Party that we were up against in 1980, the same Democrat Party of Tip O'Neill or of the Blue Dog Democrats. And the reality is that that Democrat Party is dead. And if we're actually going to win in the political sphere, we need Republicans and conservatives to wake up and realize it. That Democrat Party, which, you know, I didn't agree with many things of the Democrats of the 1980s, but what we are up against right now is the Democrat Party of open borders, of driving our country off of a fiscal cliff intentionally, I think. It's the Democrat Party of putting dirty books in our little children's schools. I mean, could you imagine five years ago we would be debating whether men and women can change genders or whether pornographic books should be in elementary schools? I certainly didn't think we would get here this quickly, but here we are. And we're at a point now where this is the Democrat Party who is creating an environment in America that is utterly unlivable. To your point, whether it's fiscal spending that will collapse our economy, it's not a matter of if it will, it's a matter of when, intentionally creating just perverted curriculum in our schools that's unlivable. And listen, I have a seven-month-old daughter, Marigold.

She's the cutest little girl in the world, and we have got to create a better America for her and stop letting the Democrats rip our country apart and create a country that we don't even recognize anymore. That is exactly right. And there needs to be a generational-type mix-up.

Final question here, Brandon. You need to get 50 plus one to avoid a runoff. Is that correct? And if you go to a runoff, how does that work?

That's exactly right. So, like I said, there are 11 people in the race right now. Now, if nobody gets above 50 percent, then the top two go to a runoff. The runoff will be held in late May. We are feeling really, really good right now about, potentially, we are hoping we can win this thing today without a runoff. Now, 50 is a high bar whenever there are 11 people in the race, but I've been endorsed by President Trump and Senator Cruz and Jim Jordan and the Freedom Caucus. And the people of Texas 26, this is Trump country, they're looking for a conservative fighter. So for anybody listening who's in Texas 26, go out and vote election days today. Polls are open until 7 o'clock. Would really appreciate your support. But listen, we're trying to do this thing today if we can, but we're feeling good regardless. Brandon, we are behind you. And if you have to go to a runoff, you're welcome back on the show. Thanks so much. Charlie, thanks for having me.

Brandon is 30 years old. I'm 30 and we need a whole new generation of urgent patriots. I like that term, urgent patriots. We need urgency. We haven't really covered the news because I don't want to demoralize.

I try to pick the news not to. There's just so much negative news. Congress is just out of control right now. Continuing resolution, spending trillions of dollars, borders wide open is just an unbelievable, unmitigated disaster. Jim Jordan is joining us next to talk about some of the oversight and kind of what's going on right now in Washington, D.C. Trillions of dollars spending that we don't have.

We need people like Brandon Gill. They got to go in there and they got to say no. We need to cut spending. The trillions of dollars that we're spending that is resulting in mass inflation. It's destroying the country. It's destroying our purchasing power. We have more dollar bills than goods and services. And we have a video that is going viral right now. Ryan, can you pick that video up on Instagram? Might be good to play in the rabble segment. It's going very viral where amazingly, they don't teach this.

They don't teach anything at college anymore. These kids come up, they say, Charlie, I don't understand why we're living through inflation. It's the spending.

It is the fiscal spending paired with the monetary influx. Everyone's feeling it. They're feeling at the grocery store.

You're feeling it. In goods and services. It's because of the federal government. One hundred percent because of both parties that have spent more money than they have. Inflation is a silent killer tax.

The hidden tax. You are getting 10 to 15 percent poorer every single year because of this current regime. Unless you own land and you can adjust your rents and adjust your costs in real time. You're getting poor. If you're renting, you're getting poor. That's exactly how they want to own nothing and you'll be happy. Hey, this is Charlie Kirk, and I know a lot of you have been suffering under the Biden economy recently.

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And they crushed it for me. 10 out of 10. So check it out right now, Joining us now is Congressman Jim Jordan. He's doing a great job. Congressman, I do not envy your position. What is it, a two-seat majority now that you're dealing with, Congressman?

Yep. Yeah, it's a slim majority. But, you know, look, we've got to do what we told the American people we're going to do.

Let's figure out a way to get that done. By the way, Charlie, the reason there's confidence is down on the dollar is because Joe Biden's in the White House. I mean, that's the relationship there. You were talking about gold and the dollar. But the reason there's confidence down on the dollar is Biden's policies, inflationary policies, and everything else. So God bless you for pointing that out.

Thank you. Yeah, it's absolutely right. And he is deteriorating the dollar. I think it's intentional, Congressman. And the motives aside... Well, everything else, yeah, everything else is intentional. They intentionally opened the border. They've intentionally done bad energy policy that creates high gas prices and hurts every family. They've intentionally created this inflation problem. They've intentionally let bad guys out. So we used to have safe streets. Now we've got record crime. So everything else is intentional.

I wouldn't know why that wouldn't be. Yeah, so let's start on that, the border. You're the chairman of the House Judiciary. What has your role, if any, been on trying to check and balance and oversee this administration when it comes to the border crisis?

You have so much on your plate. What can you comment on that? Well, the first thing we did is the bill came through our committee and Homeland Security Committee, where we had the strongest immigration enforcement border security legislation ever, you know, H.R.

2. We passed that a year ago. So we worked on legislation that would actually remedy the problem. But of course, Chuck Schumer won't bring it up and Joe Biden's against it. And then, of course, we try to bring in key witnesses and talk about the situation and then subpoena documents so that Americans know what's going on. I remember the big hearing we had a while back a year ago when we asked Secretary Mayorkas, hey, what's the number of people who come across who are on the terrorist watch list? And his response was, I don't know.

He couldn't tell us. And then we actually we said, well, what are those individuals that you do encounter who are on the terrorist watch list? Are you detaining them? Are you sending them back? What are you doing?

He says, I'll have to get back with you. So I mean, it didn't inspire a lot of confidence. So we've we continue to try to do the oversight that the Constitution requires us to do of the executive branch. We're going to keep that up. But as we've always said, they created this problem on day one with their intentional decisions to go against the policies President Trump had in place. So in addition to the border, we can't forget the Biden crime family. We did a whole hour, Congressman. It seems more and more like Biden is white knuckling on power. It doesn't look like he's going away. Can you just give us some update on the Hunter Biden deposition that didn't get the coverage that I think it deserved?

You guys did a great job bringing them in. Can you give us some deposition update for our audience? Yeah, the biggest takeaway is Hunter Biden came in and said things that were in direct contradiction of what other people under oath witnesses we've deposed said.

I mean, for example, he said that when when he was in Dubai with his partner, Devin Archer, meeting with the CEO of Burisma, and he was asked by the CEO, can you help alleviate the pressure we are under from the prosecutor in Ukraine? Devin Archer testified that Hunter Biden stepped away and called D.C. and called his dad. When we asked Hunter Biden that, he says, I didn't call D.C. and I didn't call my dad.

So somebody is not being square with us. You've got to just contradict a direct 180 degrees contradiction in statements. Hunter Biden said he didn't know who the big guy is. Never used that term. Don't know who it refers to.

Hunter Biden said, I don't ever recall dropping off a laptop at a computer store in Delaware. I mean, on and on it goes. So that to me was the biggest takeaway. Someone's not being square with us.

We're going to try to figure all that out. But that was the biggest takeaway in my judgment from his deposition. Yeah, I mean, I got to be honest. Is this a new wrinkle that the administrative state has developed where their star witnesses just have selective amnesia whenever they have to be held accountable? James Comey did this. It's a cute way where they can still show up, not plead the fifth, and they don't answer any of your questions.

It's maddening. Yeah, and I think they understand that if there was a referral, for example, if we would refer him to the Justice Department for not being square with us while he's under oath testifying in front of Congress, I think they probably are pretty confident that the same Justice Department that was going to give him, that tried a sweetheart deal last summer, that same Justice Department is probably not going to prosecute him for giving false information to Congress. So I think he's probably pretty confident in that. Maybe that's why he came in and said the things he did and said them in the way that he said them. It is.

It seems as if it's strategic. Right. I mean, give me a break. I mean, again, he's kind of a coke head, so maybe he doesn't remember. But I mean, it doesn't remember dropping off the, you know, laptop in Delaware.

It's obviously his. So next thing I want to talk to you about here is the funding the government in the Ukraine spending. You know, I've been communicating with Speaker Johnson. I don't envy your guys's position. Two seat majority.

It's hard to keep it all together. But what what wins can you share with our audience, Congressman? Because we're desperate for a couple of victories here. Yeah, hopefully we will not going to we're certainly not going to bring up the Senate bill that had, you know, the Ukraine funding and all the other funding in it as well. I'm for funding Israel. I'm for helping our dearest and closest ally, the state of Israel.

I think we should do that. But I'm not for sending the money to Ukraine, because when it comes to Ukraine, I always go back to the basics. Nobody can tell me what the ultimate objective is. What's what's the goal here? Is it to drive Russia out of the eastern region?

What I think is called the Donbas region is a driver. Is it to drive them out of Crimea? They've had Crimea now for 10 years, 10 years ago.

I think this month is when they went into Crimea. So what is the objective here? And then how are we going to get that done when you have Ukraine, a country of 40 million, fighting a country of the Russia of 140 million? Again, I don't I don't see the objective here and I don't see the commander in chief, the guy who's supposed to make the case to the American people, saying, here's our goal, America. Here's why we're going to send billions of your tax dollars to this foreign country. And here's how we're going to accomplish that. He's never laid that out.

I don't know that he's capable of laying that out. But until that happens, I don't know why we would continue to send the hard earned money of the American people to Ukraine, particularly when you think about the situation on our southern border and the indifference about the suffering on the border is just so frustrating. And by the way, God bless you for that moral clarity on that, Congressman. And it's you have this two seat majority and just to be able to even get all the Republicans in agreement on that has just been nearly impossible. So I suppose we're going to get some sort of a deal for the individual spending bills.

Can you just talk our audience about how we're at least starting to get rid of these? Again, I don't think a minibus is a win, but I suppose it's better than an omnibus, I suppose. Yeah, I mean, I guess.

Well, in some ways, maybe. But, you know, you can get what's the old line you can get run over by two smaller buses just like you get run over by one big bus. So we do have one of those smaller buses happening this week. I think it's six bills and I'm going through it. I'm probably a no on this. I actually I'm definitely a no because it's I don't I know we're not getting the policy that we want, particularly in some of the things relative to the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security, which our committee has tries to influence. So I'll be voting against it. What I think is the best strategy and I know I don't like C.R.s either, but I'm actually for a long term C.R.

all the way to the end of the fiscal year. I've heard about this because we had I was a skeptic. So tell us about this.

Yeah. Well, because we've got in place if we are in a C.R. past April 30th, there's an automatic one percent across the board cut. We would save more money than we ever save in Congress on certainly on discretionary spending. We would save more than we've ever done.

So we should do that. And then all of a sudden people want to come talk to you and say, you know what, those policies you wanted, those reforms you needed. And we're trying to get in the Justice Department. We're willing to talk to you now because we want our earmarks and we don't want to cut one percent funding in some of our key programs.

And suddenly you have an incentive. You have a position of leverage that you can use in a negotiation to get some policy for the American people. I was all for that. That's a play I thought we should have been running since last fall. Frankly, it's what I campaigned on when I was running for speaker. I said we should go with this play because we've called this play makes the most sense and divided government to put us in a position to actually be able to win, have some leverage to win. And unfortunately, we're not going to do it.

This is thanks to Thomas Massie. So you don't think that's going to happen, is what you're saying? I don't.

I don't. They're going to pass this. They're going to pass one of these appropriation bills that is going to spend a slightly higher amount, not saving any money and not getting the policy. Well, and what you're talking about, Congressman, is that and I want to make sure I'm clear, is that it's an actual cut, not a cut in the rate of growth. I think that's an important distinction.

Is that right? It's a legit cut. Legit cut and discretionary spending because. But now remember, under Pelosi and Biden, the last Congress, they jacked up spending tremendously. A cut from the baseline, of course, and that's what we want because the main thing is so many Democrats can't cut any spending and all these Democrats have earmarks in these bills.

And frankly, a bunch of Republicans do, too. And that's the leverage you want to say. If you want those earmarks and you want that spending, you better talk to us about certain policy. In this situation, what we're getting is they're getting the earmarks and they're getting increased spending. We're not getting the policy that we need. Just in closing, Congressman, what are the top things on your to do list the next couple of months? We're heading up to an election. You have a lot of oversight still to do.

You have a regime that is trying to defy and ignore you. What are your top priorities as chairman of the Judiciary Committee? Well, the two key things coming up. One, we've got a hearing this Thursday that starts to delve into how the big banks working with big government and other big corporations are looking at Americans' financial transactions, their financial data, getting information there.

And just like with the Twitter files and all the censorship and the Facebook files and everything else we've uncovered, it is targeted towards conservatives. You shop at Bass Pro Shop. You shop at a Christian bookstore. They want to know your purchases. It's scary. It's frightening. So we're going to launch into that with a hearing this Thursday. And then, of course, next week we have Robert Herr, who was the special counsel who looked at Joe Biden's mishandling of classified documents and said, Joe Biden willfully, intentionally, deliberately mishandled classified documents, willfully, intentionally, deliberately gave some of that information to the ghostwriter of his book. But he's not going to charge him because Joe Biden is an old man who's forgetful and would be perceived as sympathetic by a jury.

And we're going to probe into that in an open hearing with Robert Herr next Tuesday. Congressman Jim Jordan, keep fighting. Thank you so much. You too, Charlie. Thanks for all you do. Thank you.

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That is my pillow dot com promo code Kirk. OK, everybody, welcome back. The Maricopa County recorder has got to go. Steven Richer, we've been saying that for quite some time. Joining us now is state representative from Arizona. Justin Heap does a great job member of the Arizona Freedom Caucus and candidate for Maricopa County recorder. Representative Heap, welcome to the program.

Thank you for having me, Charlie. So tell us about why you're running for Maricopa County recorder against Mr. Richard. Well, Arizona right now stands at, I think, a pivotal moment in our country's history. So Arizona is not just a swing state. It is a must win state for both parties and all roads in Arizona lead through Maricopa County. It's the largest county.

It has about 65 percent of Arizona's population lives in Maricopa County. And despite that, for the last four election cycles, we have had an election system that had been marred with chaos on day of voting, delayed votes for early ballots. And this and if anyone remembers in 2023, it took almost two weeks for Maricopa County to tell us who had actually won the election.

And this has made Maricopa County a laughing stock of our nation. And so I am running for county recorder because as I have worked as a member of the legislature and the election committee studying election law, seeing where the problems arise in our system. It's become clear that we have in our state election officials that are not following the law as they should, the basic procedures of safety like signature verification, chain of custody are not being complied with. And what this has done in Arizona and in Maricopa County specifically is bring about a precipitous collapse in the confidence that Arizonans have in their voting system. So I am running because we need primarily our fundamental duty as election officials is to make sure that we are reassuring all citizens that their votes count, that the election safeties and safeguards and procedures are being followed.

And our current county recorder is not doing that. We have had a precipitous drop in trust in the elections. In our last election cycle, we had 300,000 active Republican voters simply did not turn up to vote.

Now pundits can give all sorts of theories for why that might be and talk about candidate choice. But for me, that represents a monumental collapse in the confidence that we have in our voting system here in Arizona and in Maricopa County specifically. And so the only way that we can restore that confidence and bring those voters back and is by greater openness, by greater transparency, by assuring the voters that their vote matters. And that is the fundamental duty and trust given to our elected officials and our current county recorder just is not doing that. So I intend to run an office that can run elections efficiently and that can follow our state laws and our safeguards and restore some confidence and trust in our system. That is the basis of our system, that the people's voice can be heard through their vote.

And that is how we give the government consent to what our wishes are. And if we can't trust our election system, then it will be a disaster both for our voters here in Arizona and potentially for the whole country. It's all about trust and people's trust in the election system is at an all time low. And we want by the way, it shouldn't take all week to count ballots.

It shouldn't take all week to get them in. I think we lost Justin there for a second. We're going to have him back on. It is state representative Justin Heap, who is now challenging Stephen Richer, who is the county recorder here in Maricopa County. This is a huge local deal and everything we possibly can to help him out. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us as always. Freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. Thanks so much for listening and God bless. For more on many of these stories and news you can trust, go to Charlie Kirk dot com.
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