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Why Dems are Trapped With Biden

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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March 5, 2024 4:30 pm

Why Dems are Trapped With Biden

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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March 5, 2024 4:30 pm

For months, Republicans have found it impossible to imagine Democrats will actually stick with Joe Biden all the way through November. But with Super Tuesday here, the facts are clear: It's happening. Charlie explains why Democrats have missed their chance to replace old Joe, and why Donald Trump is likely to fair so much better in a 2020 rematch.

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Hey everybody. Happy Super Tuesday. Is Joe Biden really going to be the nominee? Looks like it.

It's the number one question that I am asked and we talk about it right now. Email us as always, freedom at Get involved with Turning Point USA at That is Become a member today at Email us as always, freedom at and get involved with Turning Point USA at

That is Buckle up everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created. Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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Go to Happy Super Tuesday! States across the country are getting ready to vote from Maine to Massachusetts to Vermont to Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota, Colorado, Utah, Alaska, and California. You got to get out, get out the vote. But that's not our lead today.

We're going to go through all the different states and we have candidates coming on all throughout this program about some very important primary campaign races. But instead, I want to lead with a clearer and clearer answer to the number one question I receive when we are raising money, when we're traveling the country, when people pull me aside. And I can just tell when they're about to ask this question.

I don't fault them for it. It is a irresistibly tempting question to ask. It feels as if it's right in front of you and people want clarity. And the question usually goes something like this. Charlie, who's the Democrat nominee actually going to be?

All across the country, if I'm in Palm Beach, if I'm in Dallas, I'm in Chicago, there is a widespread agreement amongst many of you that Biden is not the guy. And they'll usually say, is it going to be Newsome? Is it going to be Michelle Obama?

My answer is almost always the same. Like, look, I see no evidence currently that Joe Biden is not going to be the nominee. If it was going to happen, it would have to have happened earlier.

And maybe if he drops dead, it will be Kamala Harris. And people don't want to hear that. And I understand why. Because you have been played, you've been played by an administrative state, a deep state, intel agencies on the covid, on vaccine, on masks, on school lockdowns, on bio labs in Ukraine, on the border. You've been lied to. You've been manipulated on a Russia gate. You've been lied to, manipulated on every single issue, major issue of our time.

It just feels as if there's always something else at play under the surface. And Joe Biden, remember, he hardly won the Democrat primary back in 2020. He's a placeholder. Joe Biden was the insurance policy of the insurance policy. He finished fifth in Iowa, six in New Hampshire. South Carolina came along and they reset the entire race.

Everybody bowed out. And you had Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris all unanimously go endorse Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders was on his way to become the nominee. And I will, for the rest of my career, want an answer as to how they threatened Bernie Sanders to just cut a deal, back off and become the agreeable socialist from Vermont. Because he went from a rabble rouser to whatever you want.

Joe Biden is a placeholder. And as we have detailed many different times on this program, the bad guys had a plan. And the plan was multi faceted. It was a multivariable plan. Number one, lawfare.

Fannie Willis, Alvin Bragg, Jack Smith, 14th Amendment, E. Jean Carroll. They said there's no way Donald Trump will be able to withstand the lawfare artillery that we're going to launch at him. There's no way he'll be able to survive the drone strikes of Jack Smith. The indictments kicking him off the ballot.

There is no way. That he'll be able to remain strong. And as we stand today, the Supreme Court has ruled Donald Trump's a lot on the ballot. Fannie Willis, her entire case is falling apart. Any day now, Georgia could come out and rule the judge in Georgia. Fannie Willis is off the case any day now.

We're just waiting for that ruling. Alvin Bragg is coming up in a couple of weeks. The Jack Smith timeline is completely twisted right now. They are off schedule. They thought Donald Trump was going to be part of a contentious primary this Super Tuesday. Donald Trump was supposed to be crisscrossing the country, calling in favors, running ads, using all of his precious resources to try to defeat Ron DeSantis. This Super Tuesday was supposed to be Bloody Tuesday for Donald Trump.

Barely surviving, damaged, wounded, scorned, divided. The plan was for Donald Trump to be constantly distracted, constantly demoralized, having to run further and further what they would call to the right disenfranchised, independent or swing voters. The opposite has happened. The Republican Party is almost sleepier than the Democrat primary. It's kind of over.

Tonight, hopefully, will be the final nail in the coffin to destroy Nimrata Haley's political career. But there's more people worrying about who's going to vote the protest vote on the Democrat side than against and who's going to win on the Republican side. They thought Donald Trump would be had his weakest on Tuesday, March 5th, 2024. Instead, based on every independent objective measurement and metric, Donald Trump is stronger than any time since March 2020. He's more popular. He's appealing to more voters. His base is larger. Now, if you still talk to certain college educated anti-Trump people across the country, they say, oh, Donald Trump is a racist.

That's true. Why is he nearly winning nonwhite voters? Why is he winning Hispanic voters? Why is he doing 20 points better with black voters?

Every single poll demonstrates that across the board. They thought that Tuesday, March 5th, 2024, Trump would be on political life support. He still might win the primary, but it would take such a Herculean effort to reconsolidate support to bring the party back together that their candidate, Joe Biden, wouldn't have to run much of a campaign.

Their plan has completely fallen apart. Donald Trump is stronger. Donald Trump has a better message. So the question remains, who's going to be the Democrat nominee? Now, some people say it's going to be Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama in the last 24 hours came out and said, I'm not running for president this year. Now, she could be lying, but usually, it's not going to happen.

Usually, statements like this are issued for a reason. She said, I'm done. I'm not doing anything. I'm out. Not going to happen. I'm not running.

But let's play this out. If Joe Biden were to be removed, if Joe Biden were to be, let's just say, put aside, it would have to be at the convention. Well, the people on the rules convention are appointed by Joe Biden. Joe Biden is white knuckling on power.

Joe Biden and his cabal around him of his wife and Ron Klain, they refuse to let go. Despite the polling, despite David Ignatius from the Central Intelligence Agency Washington Post, despite all the intel agencies trying to beat the drum to get rid of Joe Biden. And let's be very clear, there are huge parts of the Democrat Party that are increasingly nervous that Joe Biden is not going to be able to deliver victory in November.

But there are still some advantages. Joe Biden has some advantages that we have to be clear about. Joe Biden is an incumbent.

He has a lot of money. He has a couple wedge issues that can bring out low propensity voters. Joe Biden has things going for him. But I want your thoughts because it looks more and more it's not going to be Newsome. It might not be Kamala Harris. Could it actually be that the obvious thing ends up being the inevitable thing, the one that was in front of us all the time, that there might not actually be a bait and switch at the convention, that there might not be a I'm too sick, I'm too feeble speech given by Joe Biden. Are they really going to ride this horse into the most consequential presidential election of our lifetime? It seems more and more that that is the case.

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That is Patriot Mobile dot com slash Charlie and free activation using offer code Charlie. And I'd say it's split. Half of you say that Joe Biden's in the nominee. Half of you say that there is going to be a plan. But understand, absent Joe Biden dropping dead, which I'm not wishing for, to be very clear, it's just kind of factoring in based on his age and could happen to anybody.

What does that look like? He controls the process of who actually would choose the next nominee. The delegates have to vote for the winner of the primaries. It's binding in the Democrat rules. So if Joe Biden wins the primaries, the only way that could change is if he decides to no longer be a candidate, which I suppose is if a group of the shadow government administrative state types confront him and threaten him. But Joe Biden is near the end of his life. His son is already under indictment.

His family secrets are already out and been aired. Joe Biden has consolidated enough Democrat support. If you were Joe Biden.

And you were near the end of your life and you've lived a very, very corrupt life and you're 81 years old and your whole life has been becoming president, why wouldn't you run for reelection? OK, let's say you lose. No one's going to necessarily fault you. The media will say, oh, he's the one that defeated Trump.

It was our fault that we didn't organize stuff. If you're Joe Biden, why wouldn't you? And I mean, let's say you lose and then you die nine months later, two years later, and he'll be remembered as the guy that gave us a reprieve from Donald Trump. He has a ton of secrets. A ton of secrets.

And he knows that if he's no longer president, then he's no longer the keeper of a lot of those secrets. So just thinking rationally, why wouldn't Joe Biden and Jill Biden want to continue to be in the presidency? So when is the Democrat convention and how does it work? The Democrat convention will be held Chicago. We're going to be there, by the way, with lots of security, August 19th, 20th, 21, 22, a total of three thousand nine hundred thirty four pledged delegates will vote on the first ballot strictly based on the results of the primaries. If a candidate receives a simple majority, the one thousand sixty eight, that person will be the nominee period. So that's why tonight matters a lot with Super Tuesday.

Joe Biden is going to win all these states. You might say, oh, why does that matter based on the Democrat National Committee rules? The delegates can't all of a sudden defect and say, well, we're going for Michelle Obama or we're going for Kamala Harris or we're going for Bernie Sanders. They have to follow the results of the primaries. So the only way that that could change is if Joe Biden suddenly bows out or dies. The nomination system, as it exists today, with a primary caucus in every state and conventions formalizing what voters have already decided, dates only to the 1970s. Since then, in both parties, the person those delegates has always received the nomination.

The last time insiders chose a nominee against voters expressed wishes was 1968 on the Democrat side. And if my memory serves, that was also in Chicago, wasn't it? Was it the 1968 convention also in Chicago? Creepy. That's right.

It was very violent. My memory is right. So what happens if Biden withdraws after the convention? The DNC official procedures of the convention adopted in 2022 will give the committee, who he selects, by the way, the authority to choose a new candidate if either member of the ticket, the president or vice presidential nominee withdraws or dies.

The party's national chairman, Jamie Harrison, formerly from South Carolina, would work with Democrat leaders and Democrat governors. Miss Harris would know would not automatically be elevated to the top of the ticket, but it would be difficult for an outside challenger to mount a credible campaign against her with the party insiders who would choose the nominee. So that is the only other conceivable, let's say, switch game that could be played that Joe Biden gets nominated at the convention and then drops out a couple of weeks after. But they have a very late scheduled convention.

Their convention is August 19th to the 22nd. That means Joe Biden would have to drop out like two or three weeks after, which would then give the only the new candidate a month to introduce themselves, to get messaging together. It is hard to look at Joe Biden's poll numbers, his inability to make sentences, his obvious mental decline. It is hard to look at Joe Biden and say, this is a guy that the Democrat Party, which controls Hollywood, that controls multimedia, that's the best that they can do. Hollywood supposed to be all these sexy, good looking, charismatic people, and the best they can do is Joe Biden. Super Tuesday is going to tell us a lot. This was supposed to be the day where Donald Trump was damaged and weak and Joe Biden could just scuttle on by. But it's a five alarm fire on the Democrat side.

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Use promo code Charlie for 10% off your order today. Joe Biden being the nominee on the surface, it just doesn't compute. But what is their plan? So let me put out a hypothetical of what they possibly could have done. And remember, remember, remember, this didn't happen because they said, hey, we got the law fair reinforcements coming. We got the law fair stuff coming.

We got a bunch of money we can run an abortion. Trump will be damaged. Trump won't be disciplined. Trump has surprised them and you. This audience has surprised them.

Your resolve, your commitment, your energy. The fact that we now have this alternative media space, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal. They're still learning how the conservative movement gets the word out, and it's not the typical cable news channels anymore.

I can tell you right now, you go into the grassroots and you ask the grassroots, where do you get your news from? Podcasting. It's Salem Radio. It's X.

It is Instagram. It is Getter. It is Rumble. It's War Room. Charlie Kirk Show. Jack Posobick. It's less and less.

Oh, you know, I just sit down and I watch X, Y, Z for one hour is a little bit of that. But it's fading. It's fading. Now, hypothetically, last summer, if Chuck Schumer and 10 Democrat governors had come out last summer and said Biden needs to retire, we need a real primary. It would have been hugely damaging to Joe Biden. Might have forced him out, but there was no concerted effort. They all kind of tap danced around it. Remember the David Ignatius piece?

Wall Street Journal, The New York Times. Well, maybe Joe Biden shouldn't run. And again, if you're Joe Biden, you're 81 years old. You're near the end of your life. You're a corrupt, craven criminal. You're losing your mental faculties.

Why not go for it, man? You're 81. You could decide not to run and die in a couple of years or give it all you got. Your whole life has been about favor trading, swindling, lying, gaslighting. Your whole life has been about your own personal political ascension and putting America second or America last.

Why wouldn't you just give it one more go? It is the number one question I receive across the country. Charlie, who are we really going to run against?

And I totally sympathize with the question. And cut twenty three shows why it just feels too good to be true. Joe Biden is losing ground with women, with voters under 30, with black voters, voters, not college degrees.

Play cut twenty three, please. These latest poll numbers are not necessarily showing a lot of good news for the current president. No, it's showing a similar story that we've been seeing over the course of the last year. He is losing ground with some key constituencies.

Take a look. Those under 30. Biden has a 12 point advantage in this poll. Well, it was twice that in the 2020 election.

Among female voters, Biden is tied with Trump in this New York Times poll this weekend. He had a 15 point advantage, you see, with black voters. He was he's got a 43 point advantage. That's substantial, except in the 2020 election, it was a 75 point advantage. And then if you look at a nonwhite voters without a college degree, you see he's got a six point advantage over Trump.

But that was a 46 point advantage in twenty three. It's almost unfathomable to think that we'd be this lucky. We have to put on. The attitude and the posture and we got to use the killer instinct Democrats had in 2020, who seemed able to do anything to win, and now we're looking at this Democrat Party and they don't really know which way is forward and where directionally they're going. And we're not used to fighting Democrats like this. And by the way, they do have a plan. They're going to do other stuff. Even if it's Joe Biden, there might be a cyber attack. There might be disease acts.

There might be all this sort of different things. Put that aside. The nominee matters a lot. But Joe Biden still has many things working for him. We're going to detailed. There are five things that Joe Biden still has working for him.

So don't just cast it aside. This race will narrow. Let me say that again. If Joe Biden becomes the nominee, which it looks like it will, this race will narrow.

We'll narrow for five major reasons. The let's just say the intelligentsia whisperer. Let's let's put it in different terms. The highest paid media figure on the left is Rachel Maddow. Rachel Maddow is considered to be very smart, very wise. I think she is. Sarcastic and.

Just not very funny. I don't find her to be overly insightful. I don't think I think she's obviously smart, but she's very smug. She just wears the kind of smugness of Upper East Side, New York liberalism.

I just I can only take her in like 30 second bouts. But here's Rachel Maddow going straight to camera. She's talking to the wine mom. In Greenwich, she's talking to the alphabet mafia leader in San Francisco. She's talking to the abortion activist in Milwaukee.

She's telling you no one's coming to save you. This is Rachel Maddow pulling the metaphorical fire alarm. Democrats, they don't know what to do. And here's Rachel Maddow reminding the Democrat base, hey, for all of you lazy schleps out there, you're not going to be saved. And she kind of smugly and sarcastically says the Republican Party is something amazing right now, but it is true because deep down Rachel Maddow is fascinated by us. Deep down, Chris Hayes and MSNBC and Morning Joe, they see in us what the Democrat Party sort of almost had under Obama. This bottom up, grassroots, authentic, decentralized, message based, purposeful movement. Listen to Rachel Maddow play psychiatrist counselor to the Democrat base.

Play cut 26. The courts are not going to help. The law will be a sidebar to the main decision. You will make this decision.

The only way this decision will be made is by you picking one, by you volunteering and donating and campaigning and deciding it matters enough to you to not only vote, but to help, to help your candidate try to win. The Republican Party really, really is amazing right now. But the only thing that will stop them is Democrats winning instead. Period, full stop. Thank you, United States Supreme Court, for the clarification of the campaign.

If we didn't know it already, the campaign starts now. In 2020, Democrats could rapidly unite around a candidate they didn't like at all because beating Trump was everything. It made them selfless in a somewhat of a weird sense. They were able to rapidly do shady stuff like demand covid lockdowns, while also demanding race riots. They got on the same page really quickly for mass mail in ballots. They engineered a mass censorship in collusion with big tech. They were on a crusade.

Then their own words, they received the, quote unquote, gift of the fallout of January 6th and they thought Donald Trump was going to Alba. He is permanently exiled. Donald Trump is gone. Started the show Signs of Life, Signs of Life, and the most aggressive in the ranks say nuke him. Fannie Willis, Alvin Bragg, Jack Smith, put him into political oblivion. Take out the thermonuclear weapon.

Pull it early. Don't allow this movement out of the gate because the very smart Democrats. Knew that Donald Trump at this point becomes a formidable political movement.

What does that mean? Donald Trump own unopposed in a primary. Basically, Donald Trump raising money, Donald Trump skating through Super Tuesday, and now they're discovering to their horror that Trump gets stronger the more they fight. If they had not charged him, he might not have been as easily able to get the nomination in a paradoxical, ironic way.

If the Democrats would have resisted pulling the lawfare thermonuclear weapon, this Republican primary might have been much closer. It made people like him more. It made him more appealing.

He turned it into a positive. And now he still has all these indictments, which makes him even more of a sympathetic figure. Democrats are creating their own house of horrors. And now they have all these indictments and Jack Smith and 14th Amendment. You got that crazy Harry Potter girl on television talking about, well, did you not read the email that Donald Trump's not a lot on the ballot?

I mean, they are playing more and more into the archetype that liberalism are. Let's just put it this way. I was going to say something a little spicy.

I'll I'll go a little less spicy. I'll say modern left wing leaders are people that are completely, let's say, not very centered mentally. He dealt with the 14th Amendment, Fannie, Willison, Fulton, Alvin Braga, New York City, Jack Smith in D.C. and Florida, the financing of Nikki Haley, Eugene Carroll, defamation, Letitia James stealing his business. And here he is. He's up in every single poll, Super Tuesday.

He's just going to be able to have a triumph. Meanwhile, the number one question is, well, why is Joe Biden doing so poorly? Why is Joe Biden doing so poorly? And the the question I get from the Republican base is this hyper paranoia.

And by the way, I'm right there with you. I don't say paranoia in a negative way, because look how often we've been lied to. Look at how we've been so close, Elvis, and they steal it from us. They take it from us. You say, oh, no way are they going to run Joe Biden. No way are they going to run this guy.

What if what if we just end up lucky and blessed? Because they were cocky, prideful and their plan imploded. And before we celebrate too much, as promised, I will detail the five things Joe Biden has going for him.

Even though we can't string two sentences together, there are still five things that make him formidable. But it's game on, everybody. Maybe it's time for us to go for the political win slash kill. Maybe it's time for us to say, hey, we have a chance.

Full acceleration. Super Tuesday, they thought we would be weakened, divided and bitter. Instead, we are ascendant. And we have a movement that is ready to win.

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That is 888-596-0155 or visit forward slash Charlie. So here's what they're betting on. Lawfare, not what they thought it would be. Republican primary acrimony, not what they thought it would be. But there still are five things that Joe Biden is going from. Number one, he's an incumbent. Incumbents are tough to beat.

They are Donald Trump losing as an incumbent. In I don't want to say losing Donald Trump being displaced from let me be clear with my language, Donald Trump being displaced from the presidency in 2020 was the first time an incumbent had been defeated or had been removed since 1992 with George Herschel Walker Bush. Before that, it was 1980 with Jimmy Carter.

Doesn't happen very often. Presidents just tend to win reelections. Bill Clinton won twice. George W. Bush won twice. Obama won twice.

Trump then won. And then we have Biden as president. So incumbent, you get to fly in Air Force One. You get to use all the different powers of the executive branch.

That's a big deal. You can sign executive orders. You can go around and throw money at the problem.

You can do press releases. You can make yourself look presidential. You could declare a war, launch a missile, sign a peace treaty. There's all sorts of different things at your disposal to increase your popularity in an election year. You can manipulate the news cycle. You control the federal government and they will do that. You can look presidential. Even if you're not presidential, you can look presidential. Now, it just so happens the power of the incumbency is working against Joe Biden. Inflation, open border. He can't govern.

It is complete bedlam. Number two advantage that Joe Biden has. He is raising record, record amounts of money. Rich people like Joe Biden.

They do. The wealthiest counties in America are right around Washington, D.C. When you spend six trillion dollars a year, business is a booming, brother, as they would say in glorious bastards. Silicon Valley, New York, Joe Biden is going to 250,000 dollar a plate fundraisers. Now, some of these people give money because they want protection from the federal government. They want government contracts. And Joe Biden is happy to play that game.

It is a pay for play type operation. So Joe Biden has the power of the incumbency. He's going to have more money than Trump. Joe Biden will outspend us four to one, five to one, maybe even six to one. Number three, abortion. Joe Biden is going to run all in on the abortion issue. I'm 100 percent pro-life. I also know that the country is not as pro-life as I am. And Joe Biden running on abortion could potentially be a wedge issue that could move this race two points, three points, four points, five points. Joe Biden is going to go all in on the abortion issue.

Number four, machinery. They control massive amounts of on the ground activists in Arizona alone. Democrats that we know of have one thousand five hundred full time ballot chasers and full time activists. We at Turning Point Action are trying to hire a couple hundred. The RNC has one full time person. The Trump campaign has one full time person. We by far have the largest staffing deployment in the history of the Republican conservative movement.

It's not even close at Turning Point Action. We've raised the capital. We've hired the staff. And Joe Biden is going to have five, six, seven thousand full time people through all the 501C3, 501C4 organizations in these key states. And finally, the fifth advantage that Joe Biden has is he has the full power of the ruling class behind him, the power to censor. The power to manipulate the news cycle.

What we saw in 2020 was that flex the flexing of those muscles. Joe Roth meeting with the FBI, Aspen Institute doing tabletop exercises, kicking people off the social media that you don't like. We saw all the different agencies working together from trade unions to censorship apparatus. When you have the entire regime behind you, you could do some really dark and clandestine things.

Really dark and clandestine things. So he's an incumbent. He's going to have unlimited money. They're going to run on abortion, which they think is a political winner for them. They have this on the ground political machinery of voter registration, not to mention all the deregulation of our voting laws, mass mail and balloting, the destruction of signature verification. The changing of election rule handbook in Arizona, all of that Republicans have done next to nothing. Not to mention a ton of issues that bring out low propensity voters, advantage, advantage Democrats, and then all of the manipulation on the top of the news cycle by the ruling class. Therefore, I say that I think we have a 50 50 shot. This should be a blowout election.

But Joe Biden and the machine and the regime, they have real advantages. So I'm glad that we're going to be running up against him, but don't celebrate yet. This war is far from over. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us, as always, freedom at Thanks so much for listening and God bless.
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