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Biden Vote Regret, Dating the Enemy, and More

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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February 9, 2024 5:00 am

Biden Vote Regret, Dating the Enemy, and More

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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February 9, 2024 5:00 am

On another excerpt from Charlie's appearance on the Whatever podcast, he discusses why you shouldn’t date someone with political views opposite yours, what conservatives can do to win over more young women, the impact porn has on a culture, and more.

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Another dialogue from my appearance at whatever.

Remember this is a spicier conversation. I think you'll enjoy it though and if you want to listen to the entire thing you guys could check it out on rumble or YouTube. Email us as always freedom at Become a member it's That's If you want to listen to all these episodes, advertise are free.

Email me as always freedom at Buckle up everybody here we go. Charlie what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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Go to You can still have a soul mate and a beautiful family and do porn. So Molly I don't think you're right um and if it works for you then you will definitely defy the odds. No I think it does work. I think it can be proven that you can.

I know for a fact it works. I have friends with with kids and like friends who are in relationships getting married and they're very prominent doing porn and other people having orgies. Let me tell you all that jazz. Yeah let me tell you a true story about a young young lady who went to high school near here. When she started to get 15 her mom was a porn actress um and all the other boys would constantly tease her and bully her because they would show pictures of her naked mother and it really really hurt her. Do you ever wonder that for your future kids they might have to be confronted by that or teased or ridiculed by your line of work?

I know they will be confronted with it but there's so many ways to answer the question but honestly for one I don't really care because to me the way that I look at it and the way that I'm gonna raise my kids says a hell of a lot more to me about the child who is instigating negative emotions in my child because of what I do for work rather than my child minding their own business. Do you ever worry that you might be producing content that could be seriously damaging other people? No. Okay. Charlie you were about to say a little earlier if you could wipe the slate clean what was the question you had there? If you could wipe the slate theoretically and re-virginize yourself and would you? Could you go back to the person you were as a virgin? No.

No. I love who I am now I feel like everything happened for a reason and I don't know I love who I am now. Would I take back the people that I did? Probably but yeah like you said it made like who I am so no. I think I would definitely do some things different it's kind of ironic because this probably isn't the answer you're looking for but if I was to start again I'd probably lose my virginity for porn and do more porn things earlier on but yeah that's just me but there's definitely some body counts that I do regret just one night stands and all them lame things but why what what what about they did did you regret just the just the one night star they weren't worthy or yeah just like bad time or like weird people or like you know you get too drunk and you get in a situation you can't really get out of and stuff like that but in terms of then all the stuff I do for work I love that because that's like an art form for me so yeah. I want to circle back to something you said earlier where you said that Molly's children hypothetical future children could be confronted with like her work right and I think that that is not I don't think there's any career path that precludes your child from potentially being confronted with what their parents say like I know that you're involved in like political work and stuff like that do you ever worry that things that you've said online or done or political actions that you've taken might be like your daughter might be confronted by them by somebody who has like somebody's kid who has an opposing point of view I feel like that would like do you ever worry about something like that oh she'll definitely be confronted it's just it's not videos of me having sex online no but you said like tons of controversial things right so do you expect that any of that could like have negative effects on her well-being or like how she's raised or anything like that or do you think and I say controversial like neutrally and descriptively like objectively if your views are polarizing that's going to incite conversation debate discussion do you ever worry about like kids confronting her with these things and her not being prepared to know how to answer them or maybe feeling like bullied or embarrassed yeah I mean that's that's a factor of being in public life for sure yeah and hopefully um hopefully I build her strong up enough to be able to endure that right I bet Molly thinks probably the same thing right like that sort of resiliency do you think public political commentary is morally on the same plane as filming yourself having sex yes yeah I think people if anything it could sometimes be worse depending on what the person is talking about you know worse okay I think politics is definitely heavier than porn you think politics does more damage than porn uh for the actual life like the world yes yeah yeah yeah her having sex with other men is not disrupting the world not just sex but filming it in December I think actually helps the world into shambles because it gives the men a release of their semen that they can see girls stuff them so they go jerk off to me only boys you know we're helping them so also I feel like it's their choice to watch so it's you know it's not well I was also going to ask how kids would know that someone's mom is a porn star how would they know that the internet's forever yeah just get your mic yeah but um internet wire I mean obviously kids watch it would be a parental failure basically like the parents are not monitoring their child's consumption of media good enough and they record the fine porn hey everyone charlie kirk here for 10 years patriot mobile has been america's only christian conservative wireless provider and when I say only trust me they are the only one glenn and the team have been great supporters of this program which is why i'm so proud to partner with them patriot mobile offers dependable nationwide coverage giving you the ability to access all three major networks which means you get the same coverage you've been accustomed to without funding the left when you switch to patriot mobile you're sending the message that you support free speech religious liberty the sanctity life second amendment are military veterans and first responder heroes they're 100 u.s based customer service team make switching easy so keep your number keep your phone or upgrade their team will help you find the best plan for your needs just go to patriot mobile dot com slash charlie or call 972 patriot get free activation when you use offer code charlie join me and make the switch today that is patriot mobile dot com slash charlie that is patriot mobile dot com slash charlie or call 972 patriot join me and make the switch today that is patriot mobile dot com slash charlie and free activation using offer code charlie charlie kirk your political commentator um can i say one thing absolutely go ahead go molly i have sympathy for you i do you're trying to cope with the suppression of your soul and filming yourself having sex with other men and filming it is not the highest and best use of the talents that god gave you it's not i think that is a talent god gave me well it's not the highest and best use and it's not a talent because as i said in my belief it is should that should be saved in a sacred domain we're not going to agree on that but i hope uh i hope you change course i think you'll be happier and more joyful and i pray you don't have to suffer too much to realize that well in my belief this is my most happy and joyful so if molly made like a huge pivot and started doing politics would you support her political like runs and bids it's not a matter of politics i mean i i just i want what's best for all these all of you here and i don't think filming yourself having sex with men is the highest and best use of your talents in fact i think it personally has done a lot of damage to a lot of young men um and don't take my word for it look you can read the book by gary wilson your brain on porn it is the number one drug in america right now and it impacts well definitely isn't healthy okay so it's not healthy so we agree so let me ask a moral question what do you guys think of drug dealers that push fentanyl good people are not good people probably not not good people so i mean if we agree that porn is a drug people hold on hold on a second if porn is a drug how is molly not a either drug dealer or a drug manufacturer it's different levels of addiction there's so many other drugs like weed is not fentanyl but it's fine we agree well i wouldn't say weed is fine but it is not as bad as fentanyl but i mean there's there's different levels do you believe porn is a drug i think it's an addiction a drug is a no so what is what does porn do to the the male mind i don't know i'm not a male okay okay yeah it is the same biochemical release as cocaine it's almost identical in fact it's even more powerful it's not to mention the damage it does to their relationships and how it has to rewire their brain that that goes without saying but does it i don't really see the the comparison with like fentanyl and porn though because fentanyl actually kills people and it's highly addictive so i know right now currently like porn addiction is not recognized in the dsm5 is a legitimate addiction the only behavioral based addiction would be drug addiction something like fentanyl or whatever every other type of addiction is something that's like so that you can't or sorry not drug based gambling that's what it is gambling addiction is very real but i don't believe but porn addiction is i think you can have impulse control issues with porn but that would be like any other thing that you could have difficulty controlling like your consumption of so go ahead molly please yeah my question is like um i kind of have a comparison of my own and i'll try and sum this up as fast as i can but basically when prohibition happened you know people said that alcohol it was not good for you it led to deaths it led to arguments negative things whatever prohibition happened people still found ways to have parties with alcohol drink alcohol speakeas existed the only thing that happened was people didn't stop drinking alcohol people started getting arrested and punished for it and it started ruining people's livelihoods in that way instead of in a way that they have control over meaning that they can stop the addiction by getting help at any time so my question is if you think porn is so bad like an addiction like that what's your solution because if you're going to get rid of it it's still going to exist well the first solution i mean can you at least greet molly that minor shouldn't be viewing porn 100 okay good so for a reason yeah well the age verification is a little bit yeah so let's let's talk about that utah and texas passed laws that pornhub sued that made it more robust you had to actually provide an id and pornhub didn't like that because they said it would limit their traffic so would you all agree that if there was robust id checking that would like 18 we can at least agree we could draw the line yeah i feel like that's the normal age okay i i'm glad glad to hear that um so on the other side though i mean i think we have to acknowledge that the average american male spending anywhere between 45 minutes to 90 minutes on porn websites it's it varies i mean this is a new phenomenon and i just want to reiterate it that highly interactive three-dimensional video that triggers dopaminergic responses in the brain is unlike anything we've encountered the science is still being studied and gary wilson's book is phenomenal on this you are brain on porn in fact it is the most used let's just say product we don't have to say drug product for young men in this country and i guess you would all say that let me just ask how many of you are thrilled with the status of american men do you think that they're strong and confident and they tell the truth i love an american man as an irish girl okay well then you're the but hold on and i'm not going to say it's only because of porn because that would not be fair but porn consumption does not make better men no you agree i agree so that's where i'm just trying to introduce in the conversation you said what is the solution so i would just say molly my advice i might ask for you is you know for people to stop participating in it for that's not going to happen because the money is so good but we should draw the line at 18 there should even be it should be very very hard to access but to your point molly you're not wrong people would always find it but we should we should try to draw a line in the sand somewhere especially with minors or have some sort of you know we should have some sort of acknowledgement that this is destroying parts of society and i won't say it's worse than fentanyl but in some ways it's very very sneaky um a lot of married men watch pornography as i said i've had my own personal struggles with it it's incredibly addictive it's incredibly um powerful it also creates depressive effects in about half of the men that consume pornography and i would just say that you know young ladies it affects women differently than men men are 50 times more visual oriented than women and that's not to say that women don't consume pornography they they do in increasingly higher rates but i i think it's just it's a social toxin right now hi i'm adrianna a politics major at hillsdale college here's hillsdale president dr larry arn with a constitution minute america's founders recognized an obvious fact of life human beings differ in terms of physical attributes and talents because of this some people be better at some things than they are at others but they also recognize that the tall and the short among us the swift and the slow among us are still human beings if we are recognizable as human beings and therefore we are equal in terms of the rights that pertain to human beings rights attached to human nature rights that come from god the decrease of independence names three of the big ones life liberty and the pursuit of happiness exercising these rights is necessary if we are to be truly free in our own time many influential people believe that only government can decide what our rights should be this is dangerous understanding our rights and how the constitution protects them is vital to our freedom to learn more and get a free pocket constitution visit wait i have a question for you actually just because i don't really like know who you are but there's like a lot of politics you're very lucky okay oh i was like what do you do because i've seen like you've mentioned politics and now that like what i i run an organization uh called turning point usa i am a conservative if you haven't figured that out uh i'm a christian and i host a three-hour show every day okay in my name so okay cool yeah let's uh i envy you that you don't know but yes i'm so totally fine let's uh switch gears a little bit here so going around the table asking all the girls here would you date someone who does not align with your politics so if you're a liberal would you date a conservative if you're conservative would you date a liberal if you're a communist would you date an anarcho capitalist i guess i don't know um so tell us what your political orientation is going around the table and if you would date somebody who differed from you politically and if so why not starting with you go ahead um honestly i feel like i it wouldn't be that big of a decision for me i wouldn't mind i feel like i'm not that um strict about certain things and i feel like if i if i want to be with them i'll be with them and accept them for whatever it is and maybe maybe even try to i guess well no we can't agree to disagree i feel like on certain things i might actually i'm too indecisive never mind where do you fall politically um undefined okay undefined i'm not gonna say it okay and our anarchy anarchist maybe i don't know not even a hint um maybe you guys can pick up randomly okay that'd be fun calm calm i don't know okay aaron what about you what about you yeah i'm fine dating somebody who disagrees with me politically i already do my boyfriend's like a liberal you know which is a filthy filthy liberal even though i am you know further left than him but i love him in spite of that so okay so what if you were to put a word to how you would describe yourself politically are you a leftist yeah i'd say but like on the left and your boyfriend's liberal okay what about you um it kind of depends how i honestly on both sides it depends how like hardcore they are because a lot of like hardcore like stuff like that i don't even agree with like on both sides so it would kind of depend on like what they believe in or like how hardcore they are with it but i think i could i don't really i mean i'm always down to have like discussions and conversations so i think i could uh as for my like political i don't really care you don't care i i would say i'm like in the middle honestly who did you vote for in the last election or did you vote most people don't i i regret i regret my vote now but really we could buy it and unfortunately kanye you voted for ganja i i that would have been a better choice honestly no i voted for biden unfortunately and you regret that i do why do you regret that uh do you see the state of the world i mean you're smart that's why i'm just in the middle do you want to share with like stuff on both sides good for you pixie what about you i'm a progressive um my last day actually lasted 20 minutes because of this um oh wait we have the tweets nick pull up her tweets really quick i saw your tweet the receipt about that we have the receipts go ahead okay i'm convinced i have to move from miami just so i can actually find someone to date next today my date lasted until 20 minutes because he found i was progressive and then he was conservative at least there is a mutual decision on both parts to rather figure out long-term incompatibility quickly than waste each other's time so on that date of yours where you're out on a date with a conservative man who like was it kind of you said you said it was a mutual thing but was it more so you who had an issue with it wasn't him it was mutual it was pretty darn mutual like what happened was um we were in the car we were going to go to a bar and he asked me what i did for work so then i started talking about it and he was like would it bother you if i'm a hardcore conservative and then i was like i was like well what do you mean by that because some people are like i'm a hardcore conservative and what they mean is like a smaller government and less taxes which is you know something i can like deal with um and then some people are like oh you know like nick fonte style like you know not you know like so i asked him and he actually he actually said he was a huge fan of yours which is like fine that's a deal killer but um and he was saying like oh you know i just like i'm really did he actually say that yeah i like this huge um but he was like i'm just like really hardcore conservative and i was like well honestly at this point i feel like i would make you more upset than you make me upset and then you think so yeah it seems it seems to me the case it seems to me that typically it's liberals who are not prepared to be friends with conservatives versus the reverse i think i actually think they've done studies on this it's conservatives typically from what i've seen tend to while they disagree ideologically uh liberals just will outright hate somebody who's conservative and think they're like evil i think no i don't like that i want to get to be friends with them so i can convert them into my left this ideology um how am i supposed to convert them yeah i come from a conservative family um i have a lot of close friends that are conservative so to me that's like i'm not new to disagreeing with people that's just part of life for me um but yeah it's just like i'm okay dating somebody who believes in like some different things than me it just depends on what extent like for example if i'm going to have children in the future and if my child let's say comes out as gay and my partner's like we have to send them to conversion therapy to me that's like a hard line to me that's like no like i couldn't put my child through that we can we can uh maybe come back to that specific thing but how just curious how did you meet him oh hinge you met him on him doesn't doesn't it allow you to disclose your political leanings on yeah i disclosed mine he didn't disclose his uh okay so why did he go on the dude yeah if he had such a big if he had such a big issue with it well okay uh we'll continue going around and then did you did you have anything in response to her charlie or no i actually think you guys made the right choice believe it or not i think you have to have value alignment i think you have to have world view harmony that you shouldn't date or marry people i mean you're not you have kids are you going to have kids or are you going to raise them religious or not i mean just the amount of daily questions that come up in a marriage is i mean it's 500 a day and if you see the world differently then yeah that's a recipe for disaster so i actually think you guys made the right i think you should end up if you want to if you end up marrying somebody who sees the world the way you do yeah it would make you a happier marriage and what if it was just one issue like if i'm assuming that you're anti-choice right or pro-life yeah pro-life okay so if your wife is not pro-life but everything else you guys agree would that be a deal breaker for you that one would be a deal breaker yeah because that's that's not like taxes right that's yeah that's not like hey you know i believe in a 35 tax rate and i believe in a 20 tax rate it's like philosophical yeah that's right that's correct this is dennis prager i am excited to announce the all-new preggertopia plus you can listen to my show whenever it's convenient for you all commercial free and all on demand now with prager plus search topics guests and segments all the way back to 2010 and now a truly exciting new benefit my monthly online video get-together for preggertopia plus members only this is where for an hour each month preggertopia plus members get an exclusive chance to ask me anything that's right anything it's on video i'll be talking to you and answering your questions we may even have a special guest every now and then i've never done this submit your questions for me at this is only available to preggertopia plus members this is our chance to connect like never before go to or click the banner at dennis i think i saw this young women are becoming dramatically left-wing young men are becoming more right-wing this is happening on every continent there's south korea u.s germany uk scroll down just a tad so we can see the uk here okay yeah so i'm curious why and i'd love to i mean this like non-sarcastically i'd love to learn why why do you think that trend is i think it's because one side wait okay so left is so i am not like that's okay that's all right so young young women are getting more in like the joe biden direction okay of the democrat party okay that's what progressive okay and young men are coming more you could say in the trump okay conservative direction i think it's more of that reason because obviously the like the biden side or whatever you want to say um that side has more of like women's like rights and stuff so obviously like well not right now but um like just in general like that the ideas of like that side have more like pro-women things and the other side really doesn't so i think that's why i'm gonna ask my uh young progressive organizer why why do you think because it's something that is i personally don't think it's very valuable to ask people to label themselves politically mostly because if somebody does that what i want them to do is like write it down on a piece of paper and then crumple it up and throw it away and usually just go issue by issue because i found that when you ask people what they mean by conservative or whatever like pixie was saying earlier sometimes they'll say oh like low taxes small government or whatever but these are very nebulous terms but when you actually get into it maybe they describe themselves as conservative and more the libertarian type so they might be pro-choice still they might actually be interested in like a less interventionist like foreign policy and then at that point those are some like liberal tenants to me so i don't think it's very useful to even try to like have people do that or you might even find some liberals that are like anti-union for example yeah i was gonna say um personally i think um there has been like a big push to like radicalize young men online um you see this with the tates you see this in some other forms of media so i think young men in particular have been um very what is it called specialized you got like these giant propaganda centers and networks focusing on trying to radicalize them in a way that they haven't necessarily put the equal focus on women so i do think that there's been a lot of like online radicalization going on i also think like personally i'm a feminist but i think um there has like feminism has kind of left men behind and kind of has not given them the answers that a lot of them are necessarily seeking um so then they turn into like these like more of what i would call toxic figures instead for guidance so that's my answer when it comes to like this increased like radicalization what what could um what could conservatives do better to reach young women what could concern it's not a trip trap question i'm honestly curious um i kind of want to give you that well i'll give you the answer oh it's a secret recipe no i'll get it i'm gonna give it in front of five million people no but i think a lot of um conservatives really villainize young women and like the choices that they take um you see this not in this particular podcast necessarily but there's some that are more extreme than this that um really focus on like shaming women or putting some like basically cultural hypocrisy like saying it's okay for men to be promiscuous some women aren't um i would not say young men have been radicalized i would say that young men are being reminded they are men and not women and that real men value women because we are not equal yo thank you good one appreciate it go ahead pixie and i i if you can make your point quickly because i do want to bring in everybody else so they can answer the original question go ahead yeah but long story short i think i'm trying to not be hypocritical about how we treat men and women and not necessarily like shaming women for their past or how they currently are is probably a better way to reach to them my humble opinion okay okay so honestly i'm not too educated on politics that i can say i'm one thing um but i do think that my views do lean um more progressive um but again i'm not too educated on the topic um but i think i could date someone i have dated someone who was um conservative um but for me it's more there's make or breaks like you were saying about um you know if your wife was you know pro-choice and you um are not um that would be something that i could be like oh you know that's where i draw the line just certain things that you know morally i could not be with someone who had those views what about you um i'm not really big into politics either i don't really understand it all i know is that i'm pro-choice pro-choice i like equality um but yeah i don't know i i do agree though that your partner you need to have the like similar mindset so it might be a bit difficult if i was to be with somebody that had a very strong political opinion usually i just go for people that are quite open-minded and chill but i think i could be open still because i like to learn new things when i'm with partners so it could open my mind even a bit more and i could probably learn about politics um molly what about you well i kind of i agree with what you said um i've actually my ex-boyfriend was very prominent in politics and he's very conservative and um i'm not at all um so that was definitely like an interesting dynamic but i think overall we like really like respected each other's perspective um and you know i i don't think that like conservatives are evil or like they have like a bad agenda i just personally like i don't agree with what they would decide for me if you know um and so i think that in a relationship when you're with someone that shares different values it would be extremely hard to be married to someone for the rest of your life it's doable um especially you know if you have that type of curiosity with the other person but i for sure would want to be with someone who shares my kind of openness as well okay and then charlie i think you kind of maybe already went over it but i mean do you have any thoughts on you know do you do you think it's a better idea for people when it comes to relationships or marriage too i mean i think i have i have a sense of what your answer would be but to uh marry someone who shares their same political beliefs yeah don't don't don't try to change your partner that's that's a bad idea agree yeah don't try to change your partner don't you know erin you said earlier your your boyfriend you said he's well he's not conservative but he's liberal and you're much further left you're leftist um and you said you would you know when it comes to perhaps people you would be friends with someone who's maybe more conservative so you can shift them more left i said are you well i was gonna ask have you shifted your boyfriend no i wish okay so he's pretty firm and he's firmly planted in his filthy filthy liberalism but i love him in spite of that i see okay got it but we align on a lot of social issues so if we want to like create a dichotomy of like social and economic issues i feel like the economic issues is primarily where we have disagreement and the social issues those tend to be i feel like the most polarizing and contentious so if we had more disagreement there we probably would not be able to be in a relationship together harmoniously so okay i see but friends yeah i am open to radicalizing them sure okay got it got it so who here i'm curious who here considers themselves a feminist maybe just show of hands are you a feminist that's it just aaron and pixie molly a little bit okay all right uh so charlie we've got some feminists here what do you think of uh what do you think of feminism i want them to define the term first because there's no use in me sure sure giving thoughts on an abstract concept sure uh what's i'm all yours what's your sense how do you define feminism feminism is just simply the advocacy of equality both social political economic on the basis of all genders everywhere so that's what feminism is me do you concur i concur do you concur concurred okay okay so you want me to do you thought on that or with their definition of feminism um she i mean that would probably be the most agreed upon definition thanks so much for listening everybody email us as always freedom at thanks so much for listening and god bless for more on many of these stories and news you can trust go to
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