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The War on Children

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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February 8, 2024 8:00 pm

The War on Children

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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February 8, 2024 8:00 pm

The trailer for The War on Children has been viewed tens of millions of times, boosted along the way by no less a figure than Elon Musk. Creator Robby Starbuck joins Charlie to talk about the new documentary and the disturbing campaign to trick American young people into destroying their lives for a lie.

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Hey everybody. Today on The Charlie Kirk Show, Robbie Starbuck with his very important film, The War on Children. I think you'll really enjoy this conversation. Email us as always freedom at

Subscribe to our podcast and get involved with Turning Point USA at Buckle up everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campuses. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created. Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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Go to Joining us now is Robbie Starbuck. Robbie, I got to tell you, I've been getting text messages from people all about your film.

People are really excited about it. It's Let me say it again.

Robbie, tell us all about it. Yeah. You know, my wife and I, we really wanted to create a film that was the vast overview of this entire war against our children, because I think a lot of times for people, it's easy to just see, you know, your life's busy. You see one negative story here, one there, but it's hard to put together the cohesive battle plan in this war that's being waged on our kids.

And so that's really what this film does. And I think very effectively can wake up those people in the middle who think that maybe there's not porn in schools, maybe there's not this huge sexualization of children problem. Our film really makes it clear that these problems exist. They're not going away unless we as the adults in the room do something about it. And the onus is on us to do that. We've got to set these moral boundaries in society.

And if we don't, we're going to fall into a new form of communism. I want to play some of the trailers here. Let's start 103 just to give people a little taste of this film.

Play cut 103. Are they intentionally sexualizing our children and stealing their innocence? I think that's right. TikTok specifically is designed to target young people. That's who their audience is. Have children died because of social media? Absolutely. Have they been trafficked off of social media? 100%. Have they been sexually exploited off of social media? Ongoing?

Yes. I'm scrolling on TikTok. I see little kids with TikTok. What are they looking at? This is what you don't want kids to see.

Is that correct? Exactly. And again, this is depicting children. This is this is supposed to be kids. Do you feel like this is a war on children?

I know it's a war on children. But like they said, we're coming for your kids. Yeah. And they have. We have another tape here.

Robbie, riff on that. It's an amazingly dramatic trailer there. Talk about it. Yeah, you know, we wanted to make sure we brought the cinematic quality to this that you know, could really open up the eyes of those other people because sometimes you can have the best information possible. But if you don't have it delivered in the right package, people are going to tune out. And so we wanted to make sure we had it in a compelling package where people would be just locked in from beginning to end.

And the shocking thing is, as long as it is over two hours, people are locked in the whole time. The number one review I've gotten is people are just taking notes constantly, you know, Steve D said, you know, he had to watch it like two or three times, just to get all the information in and he's, he's pretty smart guy, you know, so I think that, in general, that's sort of the experience a lot of people are having is that, you know, you really have all this information to take in and how you can fight back. So, you know, what I found most interesting, by the way, about that clip is it showed a teen focus group, there's multiple teen focus groups in the movie. And we specifically, you know, narrow in on a lot of these questions having to do with what's going on in the schools and social media and you know, sort of how their lives are changing.

And I thought it was interesting. They all gave us the same answers about one question. They didn't know what the other groups had said, when we asked them, are you going to give social media to your kids? Every single teenager in our teen focus groups said no, they would not be giving social media to their kids. I think only one of them said they would do it under 18. And that was somebody who said they do it at 17. Okay, so everybody was uniformly in agreement that this is toxic. And I said, Well, that's weird, because you guys have social media.

So how do you square those things? And essentially, the way it was explained to me is like, this is an addiction, you know, it's like, if you're a drug addict, you don't want your kids to grow up and do drugs. And the fact that they were able to recognize the problems in their peer group to the degree they're able to recognize that we're talking like some of these girls were talking to us about how they got addicted to porn off of social media, you know, so I think that this goes a lot deeper than parents realize, and they need the education of watching a film like this, to really know what these kids are going through. So if the kids acknowledge they're addicted to drugs, and they don't want their kids to be addicted to drugs, why are parents so willingly and loosely administering digital heroin to their children?

Well, it's sort of a multi part thing, you know, part of it is the mere exposure effect. And the other part is the sort of social pressure that's been bearing on them that this is normal, this is okay, because the mere exposure effect, basically, you know, if you see it all the time in films, you see it all the time in movies, it becomes normalized. And so it's become normalized to them that you just hand this device to your kid, the minute that they're able to, you know, be distracted by something, we literally hand iPads to babies, and they grow up and the device is a part of their parenting, you know, it's essentially a third parent. And this is a new thing, this has not been going on for all of human history, you know, and we see at the same time, that's intersecting with the worst mental health crisis in kids that we've ever seen. This is coming at a time where they're confused about who they are, if everything's okay, if their life is worth living. And we have also at that same time, these kids believing in God at the lowest rates we have seen in our lifetimes, Charlie. And so I think none of that is a mistake. The social media and the devices and everything has been a net negative for kids.

I think that in the large scheme of things, there's tons of benefits of the internet. But when it comes to kids, this is not a place for them. I think it's it's really, it's been proven by study after study and by the voices of teenagers. I mean, look no further than talking to teenagers about it.

They know that there's a problem here. Let's go to cut 110 here to expose the social contagion of trans ideology play cut 110 please. Well, honestly, I didn't even know that transition from female to male was an option until I was on social media and began being exposed to those types of communities. You've never seen a 18 month old masturbating? No, I haven't. Have you seen any sexually explicit drag shows marketed as all ages for kids that you would announce or think that are a problem and that you want to distance yourself from? No, you know, this is wrong. So I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to end the interview.

Robbie. Yeah, you know, I think one of the most important things we did in this film is juxtaposed what the mainstream media is telling people with reality. So you know, when we hard cut from all these voices on CNN, MSNBC saying nobody has done surgeries on kids to the face of a young girl who was given a double mastectomy a week after her 13th birthday. That's jarring for people for people in the middle, or who are center left or even on the left, who have been watching the news seeing these people denying the sexualization and mutilation of children and then to see one of those kids and have to look them in the face and to hear about what they went through and the negligence of the doctors involved.

That's pretty harrowing. And you start to ask yourself, what else are they lying to me about? And as you watch throughout the film, and you see the just issue after issue mounting up that you've been lied to about, I think it starts to break a paradigm of trust that has been programmed into a lot of people from early on in our life where you're supposed to just explicitly trust that the news is telling you the truth. Well, we all know that's not the case now, you know, and, and as much as we'd like to believe, actually, that it's everyone that knows that there's still a group of people who don't. And so I think this film does a good job of sort of waking them up through this process. If you're watching the film, even as a hater, you know, I think that that's going to be the experience, they're going to go, Oh, wow, there's some stuff I did not know here. And there's some validity to what they're saying.

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That is 888-596-0155 or visit strong forward slash Charlie. Okay, Robbie, I want to play another piece of tape here. This is a cable news segment. I think this is the one that contrasts what they say on the Mockingbird media and how you guys respond to it. Play cut 111, please. There is misinformation presented that somehow that we're doing surgery on minors or even children.

And that simply is not true. How old were you when they gave you a double mastectomy? It was a month after my 13th birthday. Ultimately, we're going to talk about are they going to give the counselors going to give them medication there at school without their parents permission? I mean, I think we're leading towards an absurd and horrific time. The first of all, we weren't forewarned, we would be sharing the locker, we had no idea.

I turn around a six foot four 22 year old van only intact with an exposing male genitalia. This ideology is killing our kid. Robbie, that's powerful stuff. Talk about that clip. Yeah, you know, I think that we really try to cover every level of this war, as you can see from like Riley Gaines situation and how we see men trying to invade women's spaces, especially young girls spaces to the teachers, who have been fired for refusing to take part in that, to the ideologies in the schools and the parents who've been put through just absolute hell like that mom and that clip was, you know, it's just, it's harrowing to watch. I'm not gonna lie to people like they there is a lot of this that's depressing. And that's probably not what I should say to sell a movie and tell people to go watch it.

But I'm telling you the truth. We're not infotainment with this movie. And I think that's one of the things that can be really dangerous if we just sensationalize things and try to make it you know, infotainment and people do nothing about it. We're action oriented and show a vision of the future as well an aspirational one of how we can get back to faith, freedom, family, and really the ideals that can make America the greatest place on earth, you know, and I think that we can be that model once again for the world. We just have to find our moral core, you know, and people on an individual basis need to start taking responsibility. Stop waiting for a politician to save you no politicians coming to save you.

Okay, politicians can maybe fix some things on the periphery, we get Trump in there, we can fix the border, we can fix issues issue by issue, but nobody's coming to save us. It's your job to save your family and each individual needs to take that responsibility. And so you know, I think that that's that's one of the messages in this film that's really important. And it's why we have a parenting manual, the parenting revolution at freedom You put your email in there, we send you the manual for free. It's got all the tools on how to protect your kids online.

But that's that's really the core messages not just to be depressed or angry about this, but to take action and make change happen. The website is the war on Robbie, just quickly, how can people watch it?

Talk about the technical side of it. Just on the website, the war on Absolutely. So there's a couple ways you can watch we've got links there for movies. Plus, you can watch that on all smart TVs, download the app, put the war on children in and it's a beautiful, beautiful system, very easy to use rumble calm also as the war on children then on x if you subscribe to my account at Robbie Starbuck on x five bucks a month, you get access to the film immediately. If you don't love the film, you just go ahead and cancel it and you never have to you know, subscribe to me for another month.

But if you keep subscribing, you help us make more films. And you've also got a gifting option on there. So if you want to gift this to that person in your life, who you know, at last Thanksgiving was denying any of this is going on, go ahead and gift it to them.

And you it goes straight to their email address and send them a text, say, Hey, I sent you a present, and then ask them for their thoughts on the movie, because I think you may get a very different conversation this next go around with them. Things are beginning to change. We're starting to build a consensus. But there's so much corruption in the peer reviewed literature. There's so much corruption in the medical establishment, the medical mafia. But even the New York Times came out and they're like, hey, maybe chopping off the parts of kids is not the greatest thing ever. And it is hard for some 60 and 70 year old patriots, even when I talk to them, to grasp the butchery and the medieval witch doctors. These are not doctors.

These are pseudo wizards. Talk about the social contagion. It is you guys accomplish this beautifully in the film. But for our audience that's here and I encourage them to watch the film the best you can. Can you describe to some people that have a difficult time believing this? There are there are limiting beliefs that I run into with this topic.

It is very hard for someone who grew up in a decent country to understand that there are we know at least tens of thousands of kids on hormones, probably more. The numbers are so hard to find. That's probably something you cover in the film.

The numbers are really hard to find. They hide them. How do you deal with someone who finds this so hard to believe? They almost say there's no way in our country we're chopping off the breasts of 13 year olds because they say they have a personality disorder. Well, that's why we put them on camera so that they could meet people and show them the photos of the day in surgery and things like that.

So they can see it's real, you know, you see the insurance documents, it's real. Beyond that, though, you know, I think the thing that is important for those folks to understand is I want you to think back to when you were a teenager. I think most people can relate to the fact that as teenagers, we all went through a stage where we felt a little bit like we didn't fit in or we felt a little awkward. Even if you were a popular kid, you felt like that. You know, it's almost like imposter syndrome. Well, you know, teenagers going through that normal awkward feeling today are being told, well, maybe it's because you were born in the wrong body. And they're not just being told that once.

They're being affirmed that by every medical institution and by every form of media. And then what is their new best friend? Because we used to have best friends that speak sanity into us, right? I had a best friend that if I had a stupid idea, they'd be like, Robbie, that's a stupid idea.

We're not doing that. Well, their new best friend is social media. And so that kids on TikTok after school, they're on TikTok, and they spend more time with TikTok than they spend with their parents. So where's their wisdom coming from? It's not from God, it's not from their parents.

It's not from the Bible. It's from TikTok. And TikTok is built in with an algorithm to tell them again and again, yes, in fact, you were born in the wrong body, there is something wrong with you.

You could be fixed, though, look at this beautiful community here, this community would love you the way you wish your community around you loved you. That's very alluring to a child. And so that's what's happening is that social contagion.

And this is how you know it's social contagion. And we make this very clear with a map of the world. There is no other country in the world that can replicate the rates at which kids are identifying as transgender. So for those people out there, there's some who say, Oh, well, we're living in a different time. And it's easier to come out now as transgender. That's why there's more. Well, no, because look across the globe, transition, transition and transgender identification has been normalized in many parts of Europe. And yet, they don't allow this for kids. And you don't see the rates of this happening in terms of self identification.

It's happening here at rates we've never seen before, because it is a social contagion. That's right. And I mean, I just think the best on this is Dr. Miriam Grossman. I'm going to put a picture of her on the studio. Her book Lost in Trans Nation is amazing.

And I got to compliment you, Robbie, doing this film. We have to keep building consensus. This is this is one of the most evil institutionalized things that's happening in our country. And I really don't I don't say that lightly. Hey, everybody, Charlie Kirk here. When the economy collapses, will you collapse with it? You can feel it coming.

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My So, Robbie, I have a couple specific questions. We're going to keep you just a little bit over the break if you have time. Just an extra five minutes.

Our audience is loving this. I have two very specific questions. What needs to be done legislatively? And are you hopeful that there's a solution in sight? Yeah, you know, there's a lot that needs to be done legislatively because we need to set clear moral boundaries with kids. And so we discussed this in spaces on x actually a couple days ago. And it's that as we look at every issue in society, whether it be social media or whether it be other things, we need to start sort of thinking of them in two different categories, adults and children. So like, you know, in terms of adults, you should be able to say what you want to say on social media, there should be an internet bill of rights that guarantees your freedom of speech. But when it comes to children, you know, we also need to have guardrails where porn pornographic websites, they need to verify they're not showing porn to a child before they expose them to horrific stuff. Because I'm sure you know, you visit college campuses, you know, there's been some people who've gone there and actually asked, you know, what are the normal sexual proclivities of people in this age group? And a lot of it's horrific stuff. I mean, it's like, I get spit on every day, I get choked out till you know, I can't I black out, you know, it's horrible stuff that should not be happening. And it's mirroring the pornography that is pushed on them on a regular basis, even when they're a child.

Yeah. So Robbie, I want to it's interesting, I went on the show, whatever, which I think you should go on, I think you'd do great. And I don't know if you're familiar with it. It's awfully eccentric deal. And even the porn people on that show agreed that we should have stricter age verification for the consumption of porn for minors, even the porn people that participate in this ridiculous thing. And they said, oh, yeah, you know, minors shouldn't be able to access this. And, you know, we need stricter standards. And just everyone knows, Texas and Utah passed laws and then Pornhub or whatever geek brains ridiculous thing. Mind geek comes in and sues and says, no, no, no, you can't you can't have stringent standards.

You just need something where someone lies about their age. OK, so, Robbie, I touched on this previously and you might be able to actually answer. I have not been able to find numbers. I've spent a good amount of time.

I've had our research team. The numbers are all over the place. How many kids minors in America have surgery every single year for trans identification? Do you know the answer to that question?

Nobody knows the exact answer. Nobody, not even the insurance companies, because they only know what's going on within their insurance company. OK, so we've seen some leaked insurance documents that show that this is in the thousands and that it is at a level that we have never seen before, not even close.

But we also see that they're concealing this in a way that they don't conceal with other things. OK, if you looked at how many people got cancer last year, you can find that number. OK, if you look at how many were treated, you can find those numbers. You can't find the numbers on this because they're ashamed of it. They know what they're doing is wrong.

WPATH knows what they're doing is wrong. And what do you do when you're ashamed and you know you're guilty? You hide it.

They don't want people to know how wide this has gone. But go talk to parents. OK, so I encourage people, if you have a friend who lives in one of these far left states of California, ask them if they have high school age kids, how many of the kids in their kids school identify as transgender and are on hormones?

And the answers you get will be shocking. And look at California's Healthy Kids Survey. California does a Healthy Kids Survey that showed the most massive leap in self-identification of transgenderism that we have ever seen. It's not even close. It's ludicrous. Look at places like Davis, California, who did the same thing. It's nuts. You're talking about into the percentiles where this is going to become a majority at some point.

OK, if it keeps on this track, it will. And Robbie, I just want to reinforce what you're saying, because there's three categories. There's kids that self-identify as transgender. And then there's this murky, massive category.

And then there's the you know, I'm getting my breasts removed. We don't know that number. I think it's a couple thousand a year. I don't think we should get too excited about that number or try to suggest that it's in the hundreds of thousands.

I think that deteriorates our credibility. But I will say agreed it's over a hundred thousand. I can I don't know if I could prove this, but I know it anecdotally of kids that are on hormone blockers or on testosterone replacement therapy.

That number is absolutely in the six figures. And so that's the one we understand that is surgery by another means. That is chemical castration that that has irreversible irreparable damage. And that leads you to surgery maybe when you're 18, 19. Yeah.

And this is probably the most important part of this. So AbbVie, which makes a drug that uses a puberty block blocker called Lupron. OK, it's also used to castrate pedophiles.

Yeah. They then donate $50,000 to the Trevor Project, who then whitewashes the transgendering of kids because they put out there to the mainstream media that giving them puberty blockers is health care and that it saves lives. Well, what they don't tell you is that's not a study at all. It was a quiz they did where people got gift cards and they selected the group. They wanted to ask these questions. OK, that's not a scientific study, but the media is happy to run with it to try to guilt people into drugging kids and castrating them.

Robby, I couldn't be more supportive of what you're doing. I dive into the literature a fair amount because I really want to know this stuff and I want to make sure the audience knows it. And there's so much mystery. And that means that they're doing something. They operate like a criminal enterprise.

They operate like a cartel, like a mafia. We know how many people down to like the exact number that are getting chemotherapy treatments, how many people that are getting, you know, gallbladder surgery. We know how many people are getting colon cancer treatment. We know those numbers. They're published by the CDC. And if President Trump wins, one of the top things he needs to do, and if not, Congress needs to do this. We need to get a number.

Tell us specifically how many children are going under general anesthesia and having their parts removed. Period. Robby, great work. Thank you so much.

The war on children dot com. Thanks, Charlie. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us is always freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. Thanks so much for listening and God bless.
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