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The Lawfare Primary

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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February 2, 2024 4:48 pm

The Lawfare Primary

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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February 2, 2024 4:48 pm

The regime couldn't beat Trump in a primary, and it can't make Biden a good president. So, to win in 2024, they're banking more and more on lawfare to save them. Charlie and Trump legal team member Will Scharf break down the the latest developments in the half a dozen major lawfare cases against Trump, and explain how sending Trump to prison is only a secondary goal of these many cases. Because, at heart, all of them are about 2024.

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The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk

Hey everybody, the Lawfare Primary is underway.

A legal update of the obstacles facing Donald Trump. Will Scharf joins the program as we unpack this awfully complicated and ever-developing story in real time. Get involved with Turning Point USA at Start a high school or college chapter today at Become a member. It's That's

Buckle up everybody, here we go. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie, he's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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Go to Donald Trump, the RNC primary is basically over. The GOP primary is basically over. South Carolina is going to be the end of the career of Nikki Haley, and we will be streaming it live.

We will be streaming the end of the Nikki Haley political career live. Donald Trump is up something like 35, 40, 50 points, but the second primary is underway. Donald Trump has to win two primaries, and the first one is far easier than the second one.

We have warned you 2024 is going to be a year. Donald Trump wraps up the Republican primary, and then he has this pesky, unprecedented, immoral third world element, and then he has to go beat Biden. And then in the midst of it, he has to save the RNC from itself, build the ballot-chasing army, do all this sort of stuff. We've been covering that extensively. Welcome to the lawfare primary, and there are some good developments on this. And the lawfare primary, it includes civil cases, it involves political cases, it involves criminal cases, it's all across the board. So we're going to break it down into three buckets. There is the civil, the political, and the criminal. So first, to the civil. We didn't cover this.

It was breaking last week about a year ago, but this is very, very important. We stuck our neck out for Alex Jones a year and a half ago, saying it's wrong that Alex Jones had a $1 billion judgment issued against him for stuff that he said incorrectly. And we were attacked by a lot of people. How dare you defend Alex Jones? Alex Jones is the worst person ever. I said, just out of principle, if you're not speaking up about this, you don't understand the significance, the heaviness of what they're trying to do.

They are creating a model. He was patient zero for the civil attack vector that is going to be used against many, many people. And E. Jean Carroll is the vessel of how they're trying to continue to weigh down and distract Donald Trump.

This is a demonstration. If Carroll can win, anybody can win. So a few days ago in the E. Jean Carroll case, again, we haven't talked about this at all, and it is worthy of some examination because this is part of the lawfare primary and this is in the civil bucket. So E. Jean Carroll won a defamation suit and a court ordered Trump to pay Carroll $83 million. Carroll's case against Donald Trump is for defamation, and the defamation is that she says Donald Trump sexually assaulted her and Trump said, no, I didn't.

So she sued for defamation because he called her a liar. Now, remember, Carroll, this is a fact. Carroll cannot remember what year the assault supposedly happened. The details of this supposed assault match closely with the law and order episode.

Carroll had only good things to say about Trump a decade ago, and she said on her own things like, quote, rape is sexy. This is without a doubt one of the most ridiculous cases ever. It should have been laughed out of court, and the lawyers should have been disbarred or put forward for some sort of accountability. Instead, the attorney who brought it is going to win a lot of money. There should be sanctions for the attorneys that there should be sanctions for the attorneys that brought this forward. Instead, it succeeded, and the New York court ordered Trump to fork over $83 million. This is a political weaponization of a court against a political vote. So let's just play some pieces of E. Jean Carroll.

This is in the civil attack vector. It's laughable, but it's not laughable. $83 million judgment guilty of something that he obviously didn't do.

Let's play cut eight. E. Jean Carroll admits she'll do everything she possibly can to help Biden win. And don't forget, one of the financiers of the legal effort behind E. Jean Carroll is Reid Hoffman, the overweight tech oligarch behind LinkedIn, who funds all the nasty stuff, who happens to also be a Nikki Haley donor. This guy, Reid Hoffman, is very big into asymmetrical funding. You've got to give credit to Reid Hoffman. He just doesn't do the typical give money to the DNC.

Reid Hoffman is very analytical. He tries to think of where can I spend money to change the terrain of the race? Those are the donors you really have to watch out for. OK, let's play cut eight, please. Have you heard from Joe Biden's campaign arm about potentially campaigning against former President Donald Trump?

No. Are you interested in doing so? Do anything I can. Cut 16 Trump accuser, E. Jean Carroll on TV, all giddy about how she's going to spend the $83 million. This is so this is so repugnant.

It's evil what these people are doing. Play cut 16. You've talked about using some of Trump's money that you're about to get to help shore up women's rights. Do you know what that might be, what that might look like? Yes, Rachel.

Yes. I had such such great ideas for all the good I'm going to do with this money. First thing, Rachel, you and I go shopping to get completely new wardrobes, new shoes, motorcycle for Crowley, new fishing rod for Robbie. Rachel, what do you want? Penthouse?

It's yours, Rachel. Penthouse and France. You want France?

You want to go fishing in France? No. That's a joke. Rachel Maddow is actually far wealthier than E. Jean Carroll. Rachel Maddow makes $30 million a year, believe it or not. That's right. Rachel Maddow makes Matthew Stafford Patrick Mahone's money.

It's pretty, pretty remarkable. She has an audience, so she obviously they're able to justify it somehow. So this is just part of the civil attack vector. And this is to weigh down Trump, weigh down Trump. Donald Trump has had to spend $50 million in legal fees defending himself.

And this is all intentional. If you can get a candidate to spend their precious money defending themselves in court, they drains them of resources. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is building up his coffers, building up his coffers. The RNC has almost no money.

And Donald Trump has had to spend $50 million defending himself. This is cut 117. This clip was not allowed to be played in court. She says, quote, rape is sexy. This woman is a lunatic.

Play cut 117. You don't feel like a victim. I was not thrown on the ground and ravished, which the word rape carries so many sexual connotations. This was not this was not sexual. It just it hurt. It just what it just you know, I think most people think of rape as a I mean, it is a violent assault.

It is not. I think most people think of rape as being sexy. Let's take a short break. Think of the fantasies. We've got to take a quick break. If you can stick around, we'll talk more on the other side.

You're fascinating to talk to. Let's get a break. You're screwing up your your trial. That was not allowed to be played in court, by the way.

So you have a whole rigged operation and you could just get an 83 million dollar judgment. So that's on the civil side. And there's also a Trump University case that's looming. The civil one is to weigh Trump down to frustrate him, keep him in court. He's not campaigning. Joe Biden has no such legal challenges right now.

Joe Biden gets to do two hundred fifty thousand dollar a plate fundraisers in Miami. So the civil is real. Let's go to the political. Again, Donald Trump has to spend money defending himself. These 14th Amendment cases, the ballot access cases, the ballot access cases are bubbling up all across the country right now. Donald Trump is not allowed on the ballot in Colorado, not allowed on the ballot in Maine. He has to defend himself to keep his name on the ballot. And so they and we're waiting for the Supreme Court of the United States to weigh in. And I hope that they will level this Colorado Supreme Court and ridicule them. The party of democracy suing to keep Donald Trump off the ballot because democracy is about less choices, not more. Their idea of democracy is a single candidate, just Joe Biden. If they had their way, a Democratic election would be one candidate because we know better than you.

And then, of course, there is the criminal Alvin Bragg, Fannie Willis, Jack Smith. Donald Trump is without a doubt having to endure the most vicious, coordinated, well-funded lawfare operation in the history of any person in public life and in politics. Which is why I'm so proud to partner with them. Patriot Mobile offers dependable nationwide coverage, giving you the ability to access all three major networks. Which means you get the same coverage you've been accustomed to without funding the left. When you switch to Patriot Mobile, you're sending the message that you support free speech, religious liberty, the sanctity of life, Second Amendment, our military veterans and first responder heroes.

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Join me and make the switch today. That is slash Charlie and free activation using offer code Charlie. Stacey, who follows the show, super smart, she says, Charlie, don't forget, Christine Ballsy Ford was the modern test case for this B.S. That is such a smart point that it wasn't the first obviously crazy lunatic that goes public and makes fake accusations, but it was one of the most high profile. Remember Christine Ballsy Ford comes out with that fake like infant voice and attacks Kavanaugh.

Thankfully, we were able to overcome that, but there was so much wrong. And Michael Avenatti and they were trying to get rid of a Supreme Court justice. But Blasey Ford got awards afterwards. She received all sorts of different types of positive response.

Now she just disappeared. Makes you wonder what was really behind all that. And that was one of the last tricks of now deceased Senator Dianne Feinstein. Remember, that was a Dianne Feinstein special came from California. It was she was on the committee. It was a torpedo to try to prevent Brett Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court justice.

It's a really, really good point. I do have to mention, though, there's also the civil fraud case which verges on the criminal political. The civil fraud one almost is all three. This is basically where they just want to take the entire Trump company away from him. This is as close to political Marxism that we've ever lived through. Oh, I don't like your politics. We're just going to take your farm. I don't like your politics.

Your factory is taken from you. Not the first country that's done this. You know, we always like to brag. We won the Cold War. Did we win the Cold War? Who won the Cold War?

Marxism or the West? A judge found the Trump organization guilty and ordered the entire entity dissolved in a completely unprecedented act for this kind of business that has in the past only been meant for companies that are fraudulent top to bottom like businesses created to scam government contracts. The verdict in this penalty phase of this trial is set to be issued in about two weeks. The final verdict is expected to be hundreds of millions of dollars draining the entire Trump world of money and personal money. There are smash and grabs and police officers being beat up on the side of the street in New York City.

And these immigrants that are foreigners come in and flip off the camera. We have that picture. And Alvin Bragg is focusing on hush money payments. And the New York attorney general is focused on confiscating Trump's business empire.

But here's the good news, everybody. The lawfare primary and the lawfare attacks are not going according to plan. Yes, they have had made they have made Trump spend money.

However, the lawfare plan is deteriorating and crumbling in a lot of different ways. Big Fannie and her boyfriend have to testify in a hearing to disqualify them in two weeks. Now, I actually don't know if that's true.

I think they actually I think Nathan Wade just settled with his his ex-wife, actually. I'm not sure if that's true. That might be a little old.

I think. Oh, that's a separate case. Got it.

It's hard. There's like all these different cases going on. This is the disqualification case.

Thank you. Now, Alvin Bragg is just ridiculous. He might be the only case that comes to trial this year, which at the very worst should be a misdemeanor that they're treating like a felony.

Get this. They think that what whatever that Stormy Daniels thing is worthy of a trial in the city of New York and beating up a police officer is not a felony that gets you that gets you some sort of bail. And then there's the disqualification case on top of it.

They're accusing him of covering up a felony that he's never been charged with. The legal calisthenics that are necessary for trying to build this entire thing is remarkable. And let's just take a step back. Donald Trump could have avoided all of this. Donald Trump could have decided not to run for the presidency and just did building licensing deals.

Built more golf courses. If Donald Trump would have said, I'm not running for the presidency in 2024, he wouldn't have Bragg. He wouldn't have Fannie Willis.

He wouldn't have Jack Smith. He wouldn't have many of these defamation cases. This is an unprecedented defamation finding, an unprecedented use of civil fraud. It's an unprecedented insurrection case that rolls back the First Amendment, all because Trump is such a threat to the republic, an unprecedented use of campaign finance law. I hope everybody understands the traditions, the history, the fabric of our nation that has kept us together. Liberals and leftists are willing to throw that all aside just to defeat Donald Trump. That is how convinced they are that Donald Trump is the enemy.

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$280 saves 10 babies, $280 saves a baby a month for less than a dollar a day., preborn banner. Joining us now is Will Scharf. Will, you predicted it perfectly. You said, hey, I think that we'll be able to get some delays here.

Take some time. By the way, Will is running for Attorney General in Missouri. He's doing a great job. He's one of Trump's attorneys.

He's super smart. I've known Will for a long time. Trump is lucky to have Will in his legal brain trust. What's going on here, Will?

What are the recent updates? Yeah, well, we got news yesterday confirming basically what we already knew. The D.C. District Court canceled the scheduled trial date in early March for President Trump's ongoing D.C. criminal case. That's a case relating to his efforts to investigate election fraud in the aftermath of the 2020 election. Now, we took that case up on appeal, arguing that President Trump had presidential immunity for acts that he took while he was in office there. That issue is currently before the D.C.

Circuit. And while we're litigating that presidential immunity issue, the trial and all district court proceedings, essentially all district court proceedings are stayed. So as long as that appeal process is going on, we have a stay. That case can't go to trial.

But it's really important to remember where we started. At the start of this case, Jack Smith's team tried to have it scheduled for trial in January. If Jack Smith had had his way, President Trump would be on trial right now in Washington, D.C. We got that pushed off first to March. Now we have that indefinitely stayed and delayed pending final resolution of these presidential immunity issues. I think that it's looking increasingly likely that the plan to interfere with the election by forcing President Trump to sit through these endless trials. I think that plan is falling apart. And I think that we're doing really well, whether it's in D.C., whether it's the Georgia case with all of these allegations against Fannie Willis. Just up and down the line, this I'll call it a conspiracy to interfere with the 2024 election to prevent President Trump from exercising his First Amendment right to run for office. That plot is failing and it's been a good couple of days.

Yeah. And so then let's kind of go through if you were to best guess based on the docket and based on do you think that Donald Trump is going to be in a federal trial before the election? I don't think so. A lot of it will depend on how the Supreme Court decides to deal with this presidential immunity issue once it makes it through the D.C. circuit. The Florida case is a case that's relating to the Mar-a-Lago raid and documents that were found there. The Florida case is a very complicated case involving millions and millions of pages of discovery. And if that case is treated like any normal criminal case, which so far it seems to be, the chances of that going to trial anytime soon are, I believe, quite small. D.C., again, we've been able to hold things up to stop this plan, to force a quick trial in another very complicated case.

Hopefully that continues. But no, Charlie, I think the direct answer to your question is that day by day the plan to force President Trump to be inside of a federal courtroom instead of out campaigning? That plan is falling apart. Yeah, I just want to mention one thing here that is so Nikki Haley, who's really deciding to destroy her political career in real time. She said something that really bothered me on CNN. She went out and she was attacking Donald Trump for spending 50 million dollars on legal fees. Oh, I'm sorry, Nikki Haley, maybe he wouldn't have to spend 50 million dollars on legal fees if he wasn't indicted by every jurisdiction on the planet and facing 700 years in federal prison.

Yeah, it must be. And it's also worth, Charlie, it's worth noting that, you know, those aren't just President Trump's legal fees. President Trump, to his credit, his committees are picking up legal fees for I don't want to say the exact number, but a large number of former staffers, a large number of other people who did absolutely nothing wrong, who are being hailed into kangaroo courts all across America by left wing prosecutors, by the Biden Department of Justice. And I think it speaks very favorably about President Trump, about his character, about his loyalty to his people, that he's been willing to do that. So when you see that big number, that's not just about President Trump's legal defense. That's about defending hundreds of innocent people, potentially hundreds of innocent people who have gotten caught up in this dragnet. And it speaks to a much bigger issue, which is the weaponization of law enforcement by the radical left to go after any conservative who's willing to stick his head up, who's willing to stand up for what he believes in. We should all be condemning what the Biden administration is doing. And I think Nikki Haley's line on this is absolutely outrageous. She's showing us who she, I want to read this quote.

I had to reread it three times. So just everyone's clear, he has this insane defamation thing. He has Fannie Willis, which is a super complex case. You got Rico, you got all sorts of stuff.

You've got Alvin Bragg. You have your business empire being stripped from you. You have 14th Amendment ballot access case. Here's what Nikki Haley said. Nikki Haley said, it is unconscionable to me that a candidate would spend 50 million dollars in legal fees. It explains why he's not doing many rallies. He doesn't have the money to do it.

It explains why he doesn't want to get on a debate stage because he doesn't want to talk about why he's doing it. I mean, I've heard a lot of disgusting stuff from Nikki Haley, but this really is one of the most disgusting things I've heard from a candidate in some time, someone who is the most attacked former president in history, who has jurisdictions everywhere. She's like, it's unconscionable that you'd spend 50 million, plus he's spending it on other people.

Not only is it defensible, it's necessary. These are survival funds. Nikki Haley, what do you think attorneys cost Nikki Haley? What have you ever built?

What have you ever done? How many indictments are you facing, Nikki Haley? Oh, none, because you're bought by the regime, Will Sharpe. Nikki Haley doesn't want President Trump to defend himself because that's her only chance of winning. I mean, she's saying Trump's not doing rallies. President Trump's out doing rallies in front of thousands and thousands, tens of thousands of people.

Nikki's lucky to get 30 people in a coffee shop. I mean, it's just the most outrageous accusation, and I just don't know where she's coming from here. I mean, look, the day after the New Hampshire primary, it was clear to anyone with a brain that the Republican primary was over. I think it's incumbent on all Republicans to rally around President Trump to help him fight off these outrageous charges against him, this outrageous campaign against him, and to get behind him and make him our next president, because the alternative, four more years of Joe Biden, is just absolutely unconscionable.

But I think Nikki's out to lunch with this most recent attack, and I think she's rightfully being condemned for it. I mean, what do you think, he's spending the legal fees because he wants to? Do you think that Donald Trump would want to spend $50 million in legal fees?

Do you think that he wants to retain all these attorneys and fight in every possible jurisdiction? Okay, so let's talk about, I mean, as if Donald Trump is spending this on a house or a vacation. It's unconscionable to me. How about this, Nikki Haley? Why don't you go after the RNC spending first?

That's unconscionable. This is survival funding that Donald Trump has to spend. Why isn't she attacking Joe Biden? You're using the Federal Department of Justice as a political cudgel. I mean, this is banana republic, end of republic type stuff here. You have this weaponization of DOJ, the impanelment of Jack Smith and this team of special counsels to just to pursue President Trump at any cost. The fact that the White House Counsel's Office, I believe, was stage managing this whole thing and coordinating with Fannie Willis and Alvin Bragg. I mean, this is the greatest scandal in American political history. And the fact that Republicans like Nikki Haley, so-called Republicans like Nikki Haley aren't up in arms about it.

It's just it's astounding to me. Nikki Haley argues she doesn't have to win in South Carolina to claim a victory. See what's happening, everybody? This is another attack vector to stop our movement, to bring down Trump's numbers, bring down Trump's favorability. Nikki Haley wants four more years of Joe Biden. Let me say that again.

She is now an insurgency campaign to drain Trump of resources. We're going to put that aside. So we'll talk about this Eugene Carroll operation. And I mean, it's just what just from an analytical legal mind, have you ever seen a case quite similar to this Eugene Carroll one? Well, I may be making some news here, but my team and I are going to be representing President Trump on appeal in that Eugene Carroll case without getting too far into details.

That'll get me in trouble. I'll say this. The Eugene Carroll case from its start was cooked up by left wing activists, by George Conway, by a number of others to get Trump at any cost. This wasn't a case that just came out of nowhere. It's a case that's been funded by Reid Hoffman that was originated by leftist activists.

And that is, as you said, intended just to deprive Trump of resources, to deprive Trump of the ability to go out and do what he does best, which is campaign for office. I think the judgment's outrageous. It's outrageous for a number of reasons. I think there were very serious issues with the way that this most recent trial was conducted, and we're going to be getting into those on appeal. President Trump is going to be mounting a vigorous defense on appeal. And I fully expect that the breathless headlines of yesterday and the day before about how Trump's going to be paying out $83 million and Eugene Carroll's talking about buying her friends condos and all this other stuff.

That's just not going to hold up here. We're excited to get down to it. We're excited to be moving ahead with this, and we're excited to be representing President Trump in front of yet another court. Will Scharf, you are running for attorney general, 30 seconds. Just remind our audience about your race. I mean, you have a lot of stuff going on.

You're a former prosecutor. I'm going to come out and help you in Missouri any way I can. You have a lot of momentum. A lot of people are emailing us very favorably.

Tell us more about your race. Yeah, look, we've been having a great time. Conservatives in Missouri are fired up. I was out in St. Charles County last night with a crowd of about 70 just really fired up based conservatives who are ready to take our state back.

You know, it's not enough just to have an R next to your name anymore. You've got to be willing to fight for our country, fight for conservative values, and fight for the principles we all hold dear. And that's what our campaign is really all about. Will Scharf, excellent work. We'll have you on again soon. I hope you become the next attorney general of Missouri, and I hope Donald Trump endorses you. That would be great, Charlie.

Your lips to God's ears. Thanks a lot. I will personally lobby for that. Will, you're doing a great work. Thanks so much. Are you ready to lose weight but not sure where to start? I understand.

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Check it out, I want to introduce you to Jose Menjivar. Menjivar. He's a true American because diversity is our strength. 150 Democrats have just voted against a bill to automatically deport him. He's an illegal with four deportations and three DUI convictions.

What did he do last month? Well, last month, this wonderful American, during his third driving under the influence incident, he killed American Melissa Powell, 46, and her teenage son, Riordan, 16, in Colorado, and he got out without jail four days before the crash. Remember, Biden says, Joe Biden says that DUIs should not be deported. He said it explicitly.

He thinks it's no big deal. Joe Biden and the policy of the federal government is that if you're a foreigner that breaks into America and you have a DUI, you should not be deported because of that. Americans are dying weekly.

I wouldn't say daily, but weekly. Families are dying on the road because illegals get very, very drunk and they get in their car and they murder people. And there it is right there. Melissa Powell and her 16-year-old son murdered by an illegal who's here. But remember, diversity is our strength. Yeah, that's something that's not talked about enough. DUIs driving under the influence?

Be very careful driving at night, even driving during the day. You have a lot of these illegals that get blitzen drunk. And like this guy we just told you about, Jose Menavar, four deportations, three DUI convictions, kills Melissa Powell and her son Riordan, happening a lot. Elon Musk has come out to his credit and Elon Musk has now backing the deportation of illegal immigrants convicted of DUIs. Joe Biden, the Democrats, 150 Democrats said, no, we want them to stay. Joe Biden says it's not a big deal.

He says DUIs should not be deported. Well, Chuck Schumer is putting forward a bill. The Lankford bill is going to the floor. And by the way, we still have not seen the details of the Lankford bill. Again, this is one of the strangest political stories ever, where they get mad that you criticize it, but they won't show it to you, but you're criticizing what is the leaked contents of it.

And they're like, stop attacking it. It's great. Well, can we see it? No, no, no.

It's so good you can't see it. The House just voted 274 to 150 to deport illegals who have DUI. 150 Democrats voted against deporting foreigners that have broken to the country guilty of DUIs. Beat up police, no big deal. Not a big deal.

Why would it be? So Chuck Schumer is accelerating this border bill. And just remember, these people are just, hey, they're the true Americans.

They're chasing the American dream. The border bill is a political move by Chuck Schumer. And this is where Speaker Johnson has to be very careful. Chuck Schumer is going to try to rush this bill.

He knows it's going to fail. And then they're going to try to take the alleged moral high ground. The alleged moral high ground, say, see, see, they stopped a bipartisan bill. This is why, in my opinion, I told Speaker Johnson this when he called me on the phone.

I said, this is why you should have shut down the government before this. This bill is not negotiated in good faith. Senator Lankford's political career is over. Senator Lankford might run for governor soon. That's not going to go well. We'll make sure that he doesn't get elected a dogcatcher in Oklahoma.

She just goes sit on some defense contractor board. Senator Lankford is the worst of D.C. He's a liar. He lied to his constituents. And he's a puppet of Mitch McConnell. Senator Lankford has deep, bitter contempt for the people of Oklahoma.

Why else would he be pushing mass amnesty? So the Lankford bill is being put forward. And again, Senator Young from Indiana, this is so dysfunctional. He says, will Republicans enough opportunity to speak as it relates to this bill and perhaps even modify it? Senator Kramer says the details are going to matter.

Next week could be a quick turnaround. And it's why it's so important in this context is the real legal language matters a great deal. So Senator Kramer is a friend of the show. I text Senator Kramer.

He's been very nice to come on the program. I'm just going to issue a warning. Senator Kramer, if you vote for this bill, it will be your political death sentence.

You will be primaried. We will actively primary if you vote for this bill in its current form, of which we don't even know all the details. Leaks suggest the bill, according to, could reduce Joe Biden's 2024 migration crisis by redirecting yet more illegal migrants towards new legal pathways. Schumer says this, quote, We plan to post the full text of the national security supplemental as early as tomorrow, no later than Sunday.

That will give members plenty of time to read the bill before voting. Look, if it's not, this is very simple. It's not down to zero illegal crossings, completely sealing of the border, no work visas, nothing. It's not a deal. Dead.

Dead on arrival. A bad deal is worse than no deal. Dan Crenshaw has come out in favor of this bill. Oh, well, it's a step in the right direction.

No, it's not. It's amnesty. It'd be one thing if we gave Biden a win that actually fixed the border. But they're trying to give Joe Biden a win that keeps the flood going and subsidizes the flood and keeps these criminals in our country here permanently. They're trying to enact a Senate based cover up and codify bad policy.

And I'll say it again. Any Senate Republican that votes for anything short of a complete closure of the southern border, zero. That's the only number that will tolerate zero.

The number is zero. We will primary each and every one of you. You've been warned.

You have been warned. And the grassroots were on fire now. State parties are changing. Precinct committee positions are getting filled. The RNC is changing. Things are changing, everybody. You senators out there, you guys are not going to be able just to be a lot of your voters and parachute into Nebraska and South Dakota with 30, 40 million dollars. No, no, no.

The game has changed and we will actively visit every single one of these states if you vote for what we believe the bill to be. You've been warned. Just say no. Nancy Reagan would say, just say no.

Just say no and walk out of the room. Don't vote for it. You don't have to vote for it. You don't have to do it. If you do, you're just going to be on a nice little list and we'll remove every single one of you.

Because if there is an issue that gets Republican primary voters and grassroots animated to remove a Senate Republican, it would be immigration and mass amnesty. You guys have been warned.
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