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The Taylor Swift Question and 2024

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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January 31, 2024 7:35 pm

The Taylor Swift Question and 2024

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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January 31, 2024 7:35 pm

Will Taylor Swift deliver the White House for Democrats in 2024? And are conservatives bringing this reality into being by endlessly talking about her? Does the right's response to Taylor Swift have deeper lessons for its difficulties winning over young women? Charlie talks to two Swifties, Alex Clark and Daisy Phelps, about Swift's 2024 impact and the right way for the right to talk (or not talk) about it.

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Hey everybody, my conversation with two Swifties, Daisy Phelps and Alex Clark.

We also talk about what Trump could do better to win over women. It's a fascinating conversation. Listen to this and text it to your friends and really great.

Two smart people. You'll love it. Email us as always. Freedom at Subscribe to our podcast. Get involved with Turning Point USA at That's

Sorry, high school or college chapter today at Email us as always. Freedom at Buckle up everybody.

Here we go. It's incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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Go to Joining us now are two Swifties, Alex Clark, and Daisy. Daisy does a great job for us. Daisy Phelps on The Charlie Kirk Show. I was going to say a different last name, but it's Daisy Phelps now, right? I'm married, yeah. And we have two Swifties.

So Alex, do you want to go first? What's going on here? I haven't even talked about this. This is like the number one story. Which is new for you to not talk about it.

I know. It's been good. Somehow in the last week, this has become the number one story in America is MAGA going after Taylor Swift. It is on Washington Post, CNN, Glamour magazine, Rolling Stone. It's absolutely everywhere, trending everywhere.

And I cannot even explain to you how high my cortisol levels are. I have gotten in so many arguments over this. I think this is one of the biggest, I think looking back, this will be one of the biggest election mistakes conservatives will have made in hindsight is this entire ridiculous Twitter drama. I think that, and Tim Pool was just talking about this this morning, the biggest op is MAGA going after Taylor Swift.

Not Taylor Swift herself. She needs a conflict to be made into a political opponent. So do you think that it's forcing, it's going to make it more likely she does get involved politically?

Is that the argument? Well, I think it's going to be that she's going to be in the Super Bowl with her boyfriend. This whole thing was an op to get Biden reelected or whatever. Basically, what's happening is now we've made the election at least this week about Trump versus Taylor Swift, not Trump versus Biden.

Now hold on. Let me let me just ask, though, wasn't there an article in The New York Times where maybe this was all part of the the left's op, where Biden was going to seek Taylor Swift's endorsement. Isn't that what really prompted, I mean, it was it almost. It almost, so they win the AFC championship game, they go to the Super Bowl, and then there's this New York Times article that Biden is at the top of his list. I mean, again, that's not breaking news, obviously.

I don't know why this is news. If anyone that's smart would want Taylor Swift's endorsement for their candidacy, I mean, that's as dumb as the culture can be, that's going to make people vote. She's the number one pop star in the world. Trump would also, if all of a sudden Taylor Swift overnight emphatically came out for Trump, Trump would be the first person posting stuff about Taylor, you know, endorsing him.

I mean, anyone is going to do that. And because she publicly endorsed Biden in 2020, yes, their campaign is going to want her endorsement. The thing is, is that Taylor Swift, she's always been huge. But arguably in the last year, we've seen her have the number one concert movie, breaking records with her global tour, all of these different things.

She's bigger than she's ever been. And so now more than ever, whoever she endorses is going to have, you know, a big impact. Now, in the grand scheme of things, do I personally think that Taylor Swift's impact is really going to be that dramatic? I mean, I'm seeing these polls, everybody sharing like it's this scary thing, like all these voters say that they could be swayed to vote for whoever Taylor Swift says. Never in the history of election years have people really put that much weight on who a celebrity says to vote for. Hillary Clinton paraded around Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus and all this kind of stuff in 2016. That had no impact at the end of the day. No, at the end of the day, middle America, the average Americans are not going to vote for whoever Taylor Swift says, is she going to have a minuscule impact on on Gen Z voters who are voting for the first time?

Maybe, maybe. And they always like to bring up the evidence that Taylor Swift broke records with registering voters in Tennessee for Senate Senator Phil Bredesen, that whole race. The truth is, is that she posted a voter registration link on the same day it was the last day to register to vote for the state of Tennessee. So nobody knows if it was really her posting a link to register to vote that was bringing in voters or just being the last day to register. You can't really put that on Taylor Swift. So there's really no evidence that she's going to have this really scary impact on the election. I think what's more likely than Taylor Swift saying, vote for this person, everyone goes vote for that person is seeing how horrible Republicans can be to what these fans just see as just a woman who writes music that they love and really feels like she understands the feelings that they have. If they see MAGA going after this person and turning them into a villain, that's going to turn them more off to MAGA than Taylor Swift herself would.

Interesting. So then they could be. I mean, is there any other pop star where the last name people self-identify as right now? Well, every pop star has like a fan base that they call themselves. Yeah, you've got Nicki Minaj, Barbz, Arianators, Selenators. Every pop star has a group like this.

You were saying this the other day, I remember, about Michael Jackson, Elvis, the Beatles. This has always been a thing where these huge pop stars have had these cult followings. But I think something about Taylor Swift is really hateable for men.

I don't know what it is, but it's the first time that it's getting that much pushback, because in the past it's been a lot of men that have been this big. Majority of her young female voters already hate Trump and they already have bought into the narrative, as have Taylor, this typical liberal narrative of, you know, Trump is the sexist, misogynistic pig. And now you have her trending nationwide on Twitter with conservative men going after her for, you know, her alleged body count and calling her a whore and just all of these horrible things.

For what? That is fueling them. If they were already like, you know, I don't know, even if I'll vote or anything now, they have a reason.

Because we've given them a reason. I think the negative consequences of conservative men going after Taylor Swift outweigh the positive benefits. Yeah, I mean, so you I mean, but does she not have a high body count? Here's I mean, like, but we obviously don't know this.

I think it's gross for any guy to talk about that. But like, she's the most popular person in the world and she talks about morality, like, so we can't say anything about her. She was similar to Miley Cyrus or Katy Perry. If anything, she's way. I mean, Matt Walsh's tweet this morning, he was like, if I were to make a list of the most degenerate offensive topics, she's number one.

She's the most powerful person. I mean, Miley Cyrus is number one at one point. She's the bangers to her. She's I think we all agree Miley's pretty repulsive, right?

Yeah. In any comparison, Taylor Swift is undeniably way more modest than pop stars of the past. A lot more wholesome. She majority of her songs have nothing to do with sex. It's like, why is this the person that we are so threatened by and think she is some she's representation of some great moral failure?

I don't see the evidence of that. There's something she's a good role model. No, I don't think any I don't think any secular pop star is a good role model. I don't think when people say like, well, she's not a great role model for our children. I prefer this celebrity instead. I'm like, no, celebrity is a great role model. Number one, this morning, some of my you know, not all of my audience either of young women likes Taylor Swift, especially amongst conservatives. And somebody brought up, they said, you know, I can't stand Taylor Swift. I think she's a terrible role model. I prefer Shania Twain.

Guess what? Takes three seconds to Google Shania Twain. She has defended drag queens and LGBTQ and all this other stuff.

I said, here's the real the real situation. Every pretty much besides three. Jason Aldean, Ted Nugent, I don't somewhat one other person. All celebrities are going to lean liberal. There is Roseanne. If we yeah, Roseanne Barr. If we were to write off all celebrities that are liberal, we would have no one to watch, no one to listen to.

We'd all be living under an overpass in a cardboard box. Yeah, but it's just here's the issue I have. I don't disagree with what you guys are saying. And even if I did, I'm not that overly interested at this point.

I got a lot of other fights on my hand, literally. But I guess it's almost like she's the biggest cultural phenomenon who's then who's then like it. And I know this is this doesn't resonate with you. But the reason why more men are speaking out about it is that it's like forced into our holy time of NFL football. And I know that and it's just like, oh, it's become more about Taylor Swift than about the NFL.

That doesn't that doesn't resonate much with me. I'm just telling you what a lot of men think. It's so force fed. I think the perception is that because of what gets then posted times 15 on social media after the appearance. But if you look at the data of how much she was actually shown on camera at the games, it is so tiny. It's like less than one percent. It's not even half a one percent. It's so small. She's barely been shown. That's the reality. OK, let me ask you a question.

Post. But out of the nine the nine hours of Chiefs playoff game, she was on screen for one hundred and fifty seconds, which is the same as Brock Purdie's family. Brittany Mahomes, Olivia Colpo, Christian McCaffrey's like that's what happened is is this week. Are we talking more about the Super Bowl or more about Taylor Swift? We're talking about.

Well, my timeline is, but that's because I'm in the conservative movement. It's all freakin Taylor. But it's just then you and then as soon as we say anything, you can't say anything about the biggest person in the planet. So just I'm like, I'm not saying you can't say anything. I'm not even saying like it's not OK to dislike or dislike or fine. It's the arguments that are being put forth about this all being a psyop to reelect Biden or whatever. It's just it's there's there's more evidence supporting the opposite. Opposite of that, in my opinion.

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Colin does an amazing job at So if you go back to my older stuff on Taylor Swift, the one thing that I'll disagree with Alex on, I think she has this insane power. And you say, oh, on the margins, I don't think it's marginal.

I've never seen a cultural phenomenon, especially in the modern era. I think that if she did a selfie video and said, go vote for Biden, I think it could move millions of votes. I don't think it could move millions. I think it could move a few tens of thousands.

Maybe, maybe. But remember, she she has endorsed political candidates since 2018. Any celebrity making big political statements, which they do all the time, it never impacts voters that much.

I think if anything, Taylor, I've never seen anything like Taylor. It's like a quasi religious figure. I'm just I'm actually complimenting your your your thing.

Like, I'm actually playing. I'm actually I think you're underestimating her political power. And let me tell you why. With Roe being repealed, she spoke out on pro-abortion stuff. Right. OK. And she I mean, I've never seen people fill up arenas like her. Right.

The era's tour. I mean, like why it's comparable, like Michael Jackson, the Beatles. Oh, I think it's I think it's bigger than Michael Jackson. I actually don't think mass mail in voting. I think she's waiting to make an endorsement. I think she will make an endorsement because she has in the past. And I think I don't even think that it's going to be Biden because I'm completely convinced that it's going to be Newsome or Michelle. And when one of them is in the mix, that's who I think Taylor would endorse over Biden.

I think she's more likely to make an endorsement for one of them over Biden. Yeah. OK. And then that we would be screwed because they're more they're more likable. Either of those people are more likable. Yeah.

Culture. So but if it is Biden, do you think that she really remained, I mean, silent? I mean, I just. She won't remain silent because she hates Trump. And now we have mobilized her.

Hold on a second. Alex, I got to play devil's advocate. And I if you were to say that we didn't say a thing about Taylor Swift, if we were just Taylor Swift, silent. Do you think she really would have sat out this next election? No, she won't sit out, but she's she's not going to go as hard as now.

I think she's going to go, whether that is record breaking political donations behind the scenes to get things done or or, yeah, making self a selfie video or whatever, she's now she has more incentive because of how she's being treated by conservative media. How is she being treated horribly, horribly, OK, for no reason. What do you mean horribly?

Saying that she hasn't had any children and can't keep a stable relationship. No, but that's different than poorly chooses men. I mean, she's the most popular figure in the West.

I get I get treated worse than that. But that's different than talking about her body count, her body count, calling her ugly, calling her fans ugly, like saying these then it's the conservative men that hate her and they think she's ruining football when really she's well, I don't really feel that that's what other people are doing. But yes, I know it's annoying to you, but that's what other people are saying. And they're mobilizing people to hate MAGA more than they are mobilizing. So this plays into the idea.

And again, up can mean many different things. It plays into this. It's like do not criticize her. And since you're criticizing her, then she's going to become like this. No, I'm saying you can criticize Taylor Swift if you get your facts right. What I'm seeing on the right is the evidence that this is some kind of psyop to reelect Biden is that George Soros is controlling Taylor because he bought her music and then therefore he told her, well, now you have to date Travis Kelsey so you can show the vaccine and then you and then we're going to make sure he gets to the Super Bowl. All of this is is incorrect.

And let me explain why. George Soros does not control Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift made one of the most public F used to George Soros ever in twenty nineteen on stage in a speech. She called George Soros out for buying her music. And because she wanted to say F you, you don't control me.

I want to get you back. That is why she has spent the last couple years rerecording all of her albums and rereleasing them and doing huge marketing campaigns to push those rereleased albums so that she can take away from the Soros Foundation and the others who helped buy her masters from her. She is pissed about that. Now, where Taylor Swift is wrong is that she hasn't connected the dots and that the political party that I'm supporting is all controlled by that man. So she is half right. And instead of telling her as conservatives, hey, you are so close to getting this and encouraging her to keep on seeing this through, we're all just piling on her, which is going to make her gravitate towards the Democrats more. She is so close to realizing this.

The real sigh up is that. But she is close and that she does hate the Soros family for what they did to her. So if you were to do your best job, why do you think why do you think right wing men don't like Taylor? Because without saying sexist or anything, I'll tell you, because I like Elon Musk a lot, but he's incentivized people to post clickbait things and and you get paid for it. And so everybody is jumping on this bandwagon of let's tweet about the biggest, biggest star in the world to get engagement.

I get a paycheck for it. What do you think it is, Daisy? Taylor Swift is more emotional because she's a woman. Women are more emotional than men.

Men are more logical. My husband doesn't listen to Taylor Swift. I don't expect him to listen to Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift is the kind of music that I would like. Men think it's knowing when women are highly emotional. OK, we just I could see it right now. Again, I think Alex is underestimating it. If Taylor Swift does like that legendary selfie video and she says, show these MAGA people, fill out your ballot. I think that is a political thermonuclear weapon. I actually don't underestimate her.

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Join me and make the switch today that is Charley and and free activation using offer code Charlie. All right, I'm in a no win situation here, so I say, you know, Taylor Swift could decide the election. No, don't say that. Of course she or you say, OK, actually, you know, she doesn't have that much power. How dare you don't give them in a no win situation, Alex. It's both ways. Not from us.

No, not you. I'm just saying it's just you can't hear. Here's the here's the reality of it is that she's incredibly popular and that if she decides to speak up and really lean in, that's going to be a problem for Republicans.

Or both theory is that there is a history of potential. I don't want to use the word pettiness or, you know, vengeful type attitude. I'll say that Taylor herself is very forthcoming. There's nothing she knows better than revenge. I mean, she she has a song about that. She she will bite back harder. All right. So let me we bite her. OK, so if if if if, you know, she comes out and she does like the all out 10 out of 10.

I mean, when was the last time she did 10 out of 10 for her new albums? Right. Wait. Just in promo in general or for politics. Yeah. Politics.

She's never gone 10 out of 10 with politics. Yeah. Each album.

Ninety nine. Yeah. Taylor's version release. When was that?

October. OK. That's when she just like changed her Instagram picture. She does that for each album. Yeah.

And it was sold out in like 45 seconds or something. Yeah. But music listening to music is also way different than voting. Yeah. But, you know, with mass mail and voting and, you know, a lot of ballots on people's counters, it just it's it's less of an ask. No, but this is my argument.

It's been my argument the entire time. You know, when we've been talking about this behind the scenes and such is that I do think she will have an impact on the twenty twenty four election. But I think it's less about Taylor Swift and more about hating Trump, hating MAGA, hating Republicans. Those are the kind of people that those people do enjoy her music. And because they already are trained and thought to hate Trump and hate everything he stands for, they think he's horrible. They think he's sexist. They think he's a womanizer.

All this stuff. That is what's going to make him vote against them. That's fair. OK. So then I should just not mention it ever again.

I wouldn't. Now, unless Taylor Swift comes out and says Charlie Kirk and she called you out. I've been so scared that that's going to happen. I know. I think it's hilarious. Who knows?

That would be hilarious. So it's OK. M.L.K. fine. Taylor Swift.

No. I think anyone can talk about it. Like I said, my husband is not like Taylor Swift.

I don't expect men to like Taylor Swift. I'm receiving your coaching. So I think it's totally fine for you to say obviously you're going to say it everyone. You're Charlie Kirk.

He's going to say it. No, no. But I just I'm not that overly like Taylor Swift. You don't listen to her music. You don't align with her values.

All of that is true. Like, I don't align with her values. I love her music.

That's why I would talk. She's extremely family oriented. She is modest.

I mean, by comparison, largely compared to any other famous pop star. She is in a committed heterosexual relationship. She could be out on the Super Bowl field with a they them furry. We should be grateful. That would be worse.

She has. I mean, Travis Kelsey. Say what you want about him. And I know you don't like him for other reasons besides the Taylor stuff. You just think he is bad character in general. Maybe not a great reputation.

Maybe. But also comparing him to her exes, he is way better. You she is a liberal.

She's going to date a liberal. I'm not always dating these like beta males that are shorter than her. And this is the first time she looks tiny in comparison to he is a man.

She's like 5 10. Whether or not he is he is truly a good guy, like his heart is good. He is a manly man.

That's it. I don't know if his heart's very good. Well, that's true. It's our he may drop dead, but but he is a manly man comparatively compared to her exes. She is extremely generous. We're always hearing about how she is over tipping, how she's paying out her truck drivers. I'll say something nice.

You want me to say something nice? It could be a total fake. But I said to myself, the amount of games she showed up to, it's actually maybe it's totally fake. Considering how much women hate football, typically, I said that I have a little bit of respect for that, because if I had to show up to 13 Taylor Swift concerts. And he also went he went international for her Argentina show.

He flew out there to watch her. But this is also no, I'm not even being sarcastic after like the 12th. I said, OK, maybe she's showing up to like four or five games.

It was like 13 weeks in a row. This is like a much less significant factor in what we're talking about. But I do think it's worth it to say the amount of videos and content I see of dads and daughters watching football together for the first time. This is the first time they have something to talk about with their dad sports related.

It's so sweet. That's a win for conservatives bringing families together, father daughter relationships, bringing them together. That's a win. So everybody, this will be the most watched Super Bowl ever. Yes. And we're going to we're going to lock myself out of my Twitter account.

I have a tendency during the Super Bowl to tweet awesome stuff. OK. Yes.

Whatever. Alex, you've gone on the show before, right? I have.

I have met on the whatever podcast. Yeah. I can't remember. You didn't love it, right? I didn't love it. It was a very dark and oppressive environment for me personally. Like I cried after. I'm sorry. It was just it's people living that lifestyle. I mean, you experienced it. It's very heavy on your heart.

It's very heavy. If you are a Christian and you go in that environment and you just see how sin is destroying people's lives, it is really hard for you to, like, hold that emotionally, I totally agree. Yeah. Yeah. So can you you could do a better job than I can. Can you explain what whatever is to the uninitiated in our audience?

And I want to play some pieces of tape. It's a dating podcast. There's a male host. Usually they bring on women that work in the adult entertainment industry, whether on Only Fans or otherwise, you know, feminists, liberals, and then they bring on. Usually they try to find some a trad wife or two, a couple conservatives or whatever to kind of debate those women in the whole premise is really I mean, if you're asking me the whole premise is to expose how terrible dating culture is today, how there's no good women anymore and I think incentivize or validate a lot of men who feel like the dating atmosphere is hopeless.

That's so interesting. So first of all, they're there in my particular episode, they were actually and I don't say this just from the Only Fans. They're actually to like porn people, right, Daisy? And after you left, they were talking about how they were in town for some sort of porn awards that they were nominated for. So I said this recently and someone said, don't call Only Fan people porn people, which I actually think they are. But this is not even Only Fan people. These are like actual like pictures of them at Pornhub HQ on their Instagram.

So like on the panel with me. And first of all, just you're it's a really smart point, Alex. The audience that watches this program is like 90 percent male and they buy the porn. So so it's a so here's the thing. It's a humiliation ritual. This is why this whole the whole like audience, the atmosphere is so corrupt to me and so depressing to me. The men love to bring these women on and they will spend hundreds of dollars a night every time the show airs in super chats degrading the women.

Right. You experienced it calling them out for their degenerate speech thing that pops up while you're on. So they pay to call these women out. They spend hundreds of dollars to call these women out. Then these women after doing the show, they always say, oh, my my views shot up in my videos.

You know, the amount of people paying for my adult content shot up. It's from that audience. So they feel this internal struggle of, well, I want to pay to watch this content, but like maybe I'm doing something good if I can call her a whore while I do it. It's this whole like really backwards philosophy.

Yes. So there's a lot of truth to that. So first of all, like some people in the comments section on Instagram, they all knew the girl that was sitting next to me, someone that they were posting about how they went to high school with her, how they went to middle school with her, like all. And then people like knew her from online as well online. And so I was reading the comments on Instagram like these men are like, oh, that's Molly. Like I know. I think she's like 19 or 20, honestly. And she's in like the most graphic genres of pornography that a human being can be in.

And so the audience is predominantly male who like hate watch. But it's like a very strange thing anyway. So but I thought the conversation went well.

Would you say that, Alex? I was genuinely so impressed with you and so proud of you. I was very worried. I was very worried about you going into that situation because the optics of that, I just it can easily go wrong. Were you cringing before you were just like getting ready to cringe?

I was getting ready to cringe. Obviously I would agree with whatever you say, but just knowing how these women think if you are too harsh or you're too. There's a way to be direct, but still compassionate and kind and show Christ's love.

And I think you did a perfect you spoke truth and light, which can be it can be easy to go the opposite route on that show and just call them out and be, you know, tell them how horrible they are. And they have. And we were talking about it before, like in prep when it was going on, like these women are trained to hate you. They're ready to go on the defense. So that's why you have to be calm.

Yeah, they're not going to because they're caught up. I think they were caught off guard by how compassionate you were towards them. And I think that when you the whole moment of you talking about how, like, I am so happy to have a wife and a daughter. And I hope all of you can experience that one day, like marriage and kids. And then immediately that girl is on the defense like, what does that supposed to mean?

You're like, it was like five. Are you saying that we can't get married and have kids? But the way you ask the questions and you put it on them and you were like, why do you think that makes you defensive and stuff?

Do you feel like your industry is conducive to being a wife and a mother, being a good wife and a mother? You know, and in making them think that you said it in a kind way. Now, you could have easily said, like, because you're a ho, you're never going to be a good wife or mom. You know, that wouldn't have gone over well with changing their mind. But I guarantee I would bet money that some of those girls left, not all of them for sure, but at least one or two left and they really did think about what you were saying.

And I it's I will totally agree, Alex. I left sad and that was kind of my tone. I was just trying to process the I was so sad.

I was depressed for like 48 hours. Well, yeah, because, I mean, I've never met someone who actively gets awards for making pornography like so I would expect some sort of, I don't know, maybe just remorse or just like embarrassment. And I'll be honest, I think the young Asian girl, which I didn't like, they were trying to pick on her poor girl, the girl in the red. I didn't like that whole thing. They were trying to they were trying to make some clip out of her and something.

I didn't like any of that. And she's obviously, you know, not in the Mensa society, but no, but I mean, I mean that in the nicest way. And she she's sitting there, poor girl. And she's, you know, listen, everything we're saying. And she's trying to really follow along. And she's, you know, and she was the one where they said, hey, why do you do OnlyFans?

She's like, why provide for my family and all this? And the other two, I just think they get some sort of weird like thrill out of it. Right. But anyway, I just the that individual I really felt some compassion for.

I think she should stop doing what she's doing. But what I was just met with is just like the unapologetic ferocity. It's like, yes, I do porn. And I would keep doing it. In fact, I want to play this piece of tape here. Let's play cut 65. I asked the hypothetical question, if you made a million dollars a year, would you stop making pornography?

Play cut 65. If you could be with your boyfriend currently, and I waved a magic wand and I said you can make a million dollars a year and never do porn again. Would you? No.

Okay, he's used the wand, you can make a million dollars a year. You don't have to do, you know, the adult content. Well, the thing is, I wouldn't have to do it. That would be great.

But I would still want to do it. I mean, personally, like I'm an exhibitionist. I love like putting my sexual self out there for other people to see for other people to like, you know, touch themselves to have fun with. Can I ask you a question? Since you're about presenting yourself to the world? Do you have a good relationship with your father?

No, I don't talk to him. I'm not surprised. Yeah. There you have it. Yeah, that's really sad.

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A new unique interview with somebody who is teaching women how to live counter-culturally. Daisy, do you have social media so everyone can get behind what you're doing? Yeah. Everyone go follow Charlie Kirk 1770s. Subscribe to the Charlie Kirk show. By the way, how many videos a million plus do we have in a row?

We're at, I think, 140 videos with over a million views in a row. Yeah. Me and Emma Kate have had a lot of fun.

We love working on the Charlie Kirk show. Emma's also a Swiftie. Yes. Emma, are you proud of how nice I've been? She's proud of me. She's giving a thumbs up. She's texting me. She's proud. She's very proud. Yes.

But yeah. Follow Charlie Kirk show. She said very proud.

I receive coaching. I really do. Alex, you said something super smart. I think you're totally onto something. I want you to riff on RFK conservative women. I really wish that we would be talking more about the RFK threat to the election than the Taylor Swift threat. Because he's actually going to be on the ballot.

He's actually going to be on the ballot. And so one unique thing is I really work with the female side of Turning Point USA. I have a I have a podcast that has a successful does really well.

Thank you. A large millennial female following. And I'm friends with Ali Stuckey and she does too. And we're both we've talked about this.

We're seeing the same thing with our podcast audiences. I am fielding questions every day. Hey, Alex, can you explain to me like why RFK is is that bad compared to Trump? I'm just unsure. Or what do we really think about RFK?

I really have some questions. They are into him. They like him.

They are still turned off. Female suburban voters are still turned off by Trump's personality. He has done nothing to rectify it. And I like Trump. I it's but this is a bigger problem than I feel like anyone is is taking seriously. I'm going to say this on air. I'm going to try to put together. And you would come if I if I said, Mr. President, you have to meet with these 10 women, you know, and you just you would you would give him a piece of advice.

I would love that. Oh, my gosh. Yeah. He's a great listener. More so than people realize. I think he is a good. He's a great listener.

And so the RFK thing is this is this kind of the medical freedom movement that has. Do you think so? Daisy? Yeah. And when when he came in and we did the interview with him, he was wonderful. So nice to everyone.

So sweet. Yeah. But when I was really listening and going back and we were clipping the interview and all that, I think everyone in the conservative movement really loves and agrees and uplifts his vaccine policy and agrees with him. But then when I was listening to his other answers, I was like, I don't agree with any of these other things.

He's he's a gentleman, but he's a Massachusetts liberal. Are these like the essential oil moms? Is that what we're talking about here?

I mean, that non-pejoratively. Are these the people that tend to not do every vaccine? These are people that that person is.

This is the misconception. The essential oil mom thing died in 2020 during the pandemic. Now everyone is an essential oil mom. Every. This is a value of basically every single independent or conservative voter is the medical freedom fixing our food.

I mean, this is something I'm so passionate about saying in my language. This is what everybody is concerned. Female conservative voters want to know why Trump has not apologized for Operation Warp Speed, why he has doubled down, why he's doubled down on it. They want if they were to hear from his lips. That was a mistake.

I wish I wouldn't have pushed that going forward. I'm going to work with people like RFK to get opinions on how we can, you know, right these wrongs, blah, blah, blah. That's what we need to hear from Trump. That's what these millennial conservative voter female voters need to hear from Trump. So that's a concern. They're concerned about his remarks that were very different than what he's previously made in the past about abortion.

They didn't like that. And he refused to define a man in a woman or whatever that trans conversation was. So those are the three things that I'm hearing over and over and over again.

Daisy, do you want to add on to that? Yeah, I think it kind of like what you're saying about suburban moms earlier. I think that they're very conflict averse. They don't want to be supporting or around someone even in their own lives, because like we're talking about, men are very macro and are very micro in their personal lives. They don't want to be around people that are combative and just really, really conflict forward. And that is Trump. And so they don't always look at policy.

They look at relationship and they don't love his relationship efforts, which usually provide a lot of conflict. And so they're not looking at his policies. They're looking at, oh, RFK is really nice. Oh, Biden's really nice.

That's what they're thinking. It is because of this strange, interesting discourse that I'm seeing that I am very torn on who Trump should ask to be VP. Who do you think it should be?

I'm leaning towards RFK and I love Vivek, love. I really like him. Alex, if Trump were to not be president, he's a liberal.

I know that's a frustrating thing, but I'm thinking about winning. I am thinking about winning and I am concerned about these independent voters and the moms, the women that can't get on board with Trump. They like him, though.

And so we can grab them. So the RFK thing is a picture and a window into kind of Trump. Not fatigue, but skepticism, skepticism, disappointment. They don't understand why we're being hammered about how the election is rigged. But then it's like, OK, well, if it's rigged, how are we going to win? It's just like this. It's very confusing for you, for us as female voters on the right who have voted for Trump, you know, in both. You're going to vote for Trump. Of course. OK, good.

But I'm torn on who should be the VP. No, that's good. You've got to lead your audience. Your audience trusts you. And Daisy, would you say some female or women voters view Trump as a jerk?

Oh, yes, for sure. And that's not my word. It goes back to what we were saying in the first couple of segments, where it's like these women that are growing up there in high school, they're in college. This is all they're seeing on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook is to hate Trump. He's horrible.

These are women. And that's why they are more likely to vote anti Trump than they are to vote pro Taylor Swift. You know what I would say if I was some kind of like little mouse in the background of Trump's campaign?

What my advice would be? Little mouse. Little mouse. If I was a Trump mouse, I would say to them, we need to get some seems like a paparazzi pick or nondescript pick of somebody else in the restaurant. We need some pictures or videos of Trump and Melania on a date date night. We need more Melania content. I want to see him as a doting husband, a doting father, maybe him and Baird and Melania out on a little yacht doing a boat day.

These are the images. It's he's so separate apart from his family. That type of imagery of him as a husband and father would help. Now, RFK does a lot of that with Cheryl. I think that's really good optics that we never get from Trump. Even when he was in the White House, I always said, like, I wish we got more like him and Melania together, not just like political serious events, but I want to see them as a couple. I want to hear about their marriage and the relationship that matters because I want to see how a husband is running his home and and and pouring into his marriage, how he's going to lead the country as well.

I would agree with that, definitely. And I think that people really do like the Trump family overall, like the kids are really close. They all work together. They're together all the time.

And so I think it would do really well for them. I mean, the kids are always supporting their dad. They love to talk about him. They love to be with him. And so I think to see the even the other day, they did the whole family photo at Melania's mom's to it's too perfect. It's too staged and perfect.

I want to see some candid moments of Trump with family. So how about this Valentine's Day? Valentine's Day? Yeah. Yes.

Right. If we get a Trump and Melania cute candid of Valentine's Day, like them doing something cute, like snuggling on the couch, watching a movie or something, I want you all to remember that Alex Clark predicted and gave this advice. So I want like a very boomer selfie of the two of them. Like he's kissing her cheek.

It's a little blurry and out of focus. So high up there looking up at the phone. It would be so viral. That's what they need, which is why if we go back to the VP conversation, I do like the back because he's so viral all the time. He's so viral. He's a cute family moment.

Great family. Who would be not a good VP pick? Nikki Haley.

Do you? OK, so let's I just got to ask the if the ticket is between Trump and Nikki versus RFK, I know I actually I share some of your yeah, I'm not there yet, but I would have it. I would be so if he picked Nikki, I just can't. I don't I don't know if I could lose all trust.

I don't know. I could tell my audience to go vote. I would lose all trust.

We would go against everything we've been talking about. But I'm told by certain people that Nikki Haley will win the female vote for Trump. Not my I think RFK is more likely to win the female vote for Trump.

Let me tell you something interesting. I was just at a birthday dinner for for a friend and every one of the dinner besides one person I'd never met in my life didn't know these women. And it was a pretty large group of women, probably about 11. And I asked all of them, hey, if you're planning on voting this year, who do you think right now you would vote for? Every person at the table said Trump RFK or I'm not voting.

Not one Nikki Haley, not one Biden. And what was the debt? Was this Arizona? Yes. And was this like typical white girl gathering or was this I mean that nicely. You know that.

No, there was some there was some black women there and white. That's amazing. Yeah. OK. So just like different backgrounds.

So this wasn't like different backgrounds. Scottsdale. I think all 30s. Everyone was in their 30s. Millennial women. Yes.

And it was Trump RFK or not voting. So this is what I'm saying that I'm seeing and that they're you know, I didn't even know these people. You said 10, probably 10 or 11. That's more powerful than. How about you, Daisy? You're in a different little different demo. What are your contemporaries saying? I think Gen Z has a big problem with TikTok.

That's where they get all of their information from. And even the other day, I saw a TikTok that was like, it's time that we have an attractive president again. And it's all pictures of RFK, which, like, I don't want to find out that he is hot. I like he's hot.

I like Kennedy's. I, I think I've never a lot of sway this is this is how different men and but that's what Gen Z would like. This TikTok was completely viral and it was all these pictures of RFK just like shirtless and working out. Yes.

People loved him. And I think if we even go back to the birth control conversation, so many people my age, myself included, like when I was in college, ditching birth control and go like everything we're thinking more about what's going on our bodies, what we're eating, what medicines we're taking, what vaccines we're taking, especially. And so I think that if it's a female Republican and they are turned off by Trump, I think they'd be more likely to vote for RFK than they would be for Nicky. Can Trump? Couldn't he say that I want RFK in my cabinet to just be in charge of the health part? Yeah, that's what I think. I think that's what I think. Human services.

There we go. And that would that would probably do you think that would satisfy some of the yes. If we let's put Vivek VP, let's put RFK in charge of health and human services. You think Vivek would help with your community? They're not but they don't talk about the men, Gen Z, Gen Z boys love I mean, he's with the Paul brothers and they love him.

He's always going viral. I think that's really smart. It should just be like an Avengers moment of Republicans in office together. If we don't do this, we're we're done. I love the Valentine's Day idea. What else?

Please send a little text, Charlie. So if Trump can make like a viral campaign, what other crazy ideas do you have for Trump? Oh, my gosh. Well, I treat crazy ideas. I think just like him doing life moments, shopping. You know what I mean?

Just like a normal person. Less social media rants and more like he's he's driving in the car to go pick up Melania. Yeah. Picking up Barron from school. There was a video years ago that Melania took or something of them in the car playing Taylor Swift on the radio. I mean, those moments. He's just driving.

Yeah, that's normal. Do you know that Trump's you know what Trump said recently said they asked him what's the worst part since he became president, he says, I don't get to drive anymore. That's so I'm not president. So let's get him in a car while he still can.

And they follow him. Yeah, I love it. Thanks so much for listening. Everybody email us as always. Freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. Thanks so much for listening and God bless. For more on many of these stories and news you can trust, go to Charlie Kirk dot com.
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