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The Primary is OVER + The Attempted Bribe of Kari Lake

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January 24, 2024 4:35 pm

The Primary is OVER + The Attempted Bribe of Kari Lake

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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January 24, 2024 4:35 pm

Nikki Haley staked everything on New Hampshire — and got stomped by more than ten points. Now, Haley and her promoters in the pundit class are trying to keep the race alive, or else push Trump into making a disastrous VP choice. Charlie calls for an end to Haley’s doomed run, then talks to Tyler Bowyer about a jarring audio clip exposing an attempted bribe of Kari Lake.

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Hey everybody, a New Hampshire recap and also Tyler Boyer joins us to react to the Carrie Lake tape. Email us as always freedom at and become a member at or and it's affordable for all income levels so check it out. Email us as always freedom at and get involved with Turning Point USA at That is

Turning Point USA, Buckle up everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campuses. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created. Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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Go to In political folklore, people think that Bill Clinton won New Hampshire. They remember it as the comeback kid.

However, in nerdy political science circles, it is well known as one of the most crafty and deceptive political communication tricks ever deployed on the American people. Bill Clinton did not win New Hampshire. Bill Clinton finished second.

He finished second to Paul Sanges, who was a senator from Massachusetts. However, people thought that Bill Clinton won New Hampshire, but he didn't. Bill Clinton timed it perfectly. He went up on stage as a way to try to resurrect his campaign and sort of act as if he won. And all the media networks took it because there were some favorable vote dumps. And at that very moment, it looked really fast and Bill Clinton had a big crowd around him.

And he said, I'm the comeback kid. And it was political spin at its finest. And from there, the media narrative was set.

Who is this Bill Clinton guy? Very few people were either talking about how Paul Sanges actually goes on to win the state of New Hampshire, but it didn't matter. And it wasn't even close, which is what is so remarkable. Bill Clinton ended up losing the state by nine points, but the media fell for it. They fell for the Bill Clinton trick. And the trick was get up on stage when the race is as close as it's going to be.

Act as if you are the winner and you are called the comeback kid. It was an early sign by the way of his political prowess. And the media fell for it. Poor Paul Sanges, who actually ends up winning by nine points, not exactly a household name, Paul Sanges.

You go to most people say, you know, Paul Sanges, you know, Paul Sanges, you, what are you talking about? Bill Clinton was dead on arrival. No one thought that he was ever going to be anything, let alone a two term president. Last evening, Nimrada Haley, Nikki Haley did something eerily similar. She pops up on stage last evening when the race was the closest that it was all evening, ends up being now an 11 point margin. She pops up on stage when it was three or four points while there's only like 8 percent reporting trying to do the comeback kid thing, goes up on stage in this cringe, eye rolling, vomit inducing speech where Nikki Haley is saying, well, the political class, you are the political class. You're the cheerleader for the political class.

Don't act like you're some sort of grassroots warrior. She says the political class has said that this race is all over. You see, Nimrada Haley was trying to do the Bill Clinton comeback kid trick to try to trick you that there was a race in our live stream last evening. It was the most watched live stream in America. Thank you to the tech team that worked late last night.

You guys deserve great credit. We had one hundred fifty to two hundred thousand people concurrently. We don't even know the total number, but we know at least one hundred thirty to one hundred fifty thousand concurrence. Last evening, by the way, the live stream was so successful that we can then say decisively that we were pulling eyeballs away from the mainstream networks, mainstream networks. That's a big deal. The numbers were so overwhelming. It was more people than Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. It's a big deal. More than other networks.

We don't know. But the regime networks, they fell for the Nikki Haley trap. They slobbered over themselves and they said, oh, well, you know, this race is a lot closer than we thought. People went to bed thinking that this is a primary campaign, that we have a race. Little did most people know when you actually look at the results, it's an 11 point win for Donald Trump. But the media wants this primary to continue. The media wants this race to intensify for ratings, for money, for advertising dollars, but also ideologically. Nikki Haley is a George W. Bush, you know, party, big government, big pharma, big defense, war industrial complex spokesperson.

Many people talk about this when it was a five or six point race. And then Nikki Haley gets up on stage acting as if she won. Now, one of the seeds of equivalent benefit, one of the positives is I think this is permanently turning Donald Trump off from even entertaining Nimrata Haley from becoming the vice president. So if we at least get that out of this entire circus, praise God, because Trump was not happy last night and I was right there with him.

He said, what is this? Acting as if she won? She gave a victory speech and she lost by 11. And she's saying the race is far from over.

Now, let's be very clear. There is no path for Nimrata Haley to become the nominee. There is a path to slow down Trump. There is a path to help Biden. There is a path to slow down Trump. There is a path to help Biden. There is a path to make the Democrats more powerful. There's a path for that.

Play cut 88. Now you've all heard the chatter among the political class. They're falling all over themselves saying this race is over.

Well, I have news for all of them. New Hampshire is first in the nation. It is not the last in the nation.

This race is far from over. There are dozens of states left to go. And the next one is my sweet state of South Carolina.

She she she's a liar. There's no other words for it. First of all, the next state's Nevada. The next is Nevada. It's not the next state of South Carolina. We just skipping over Nevada. Do you know how insulted for all of our patriots in Nevada you must be?

You're just, oh, yeah, it just doesn't exist. Excuse me. There's a Nevada caucus coming up next week. Doesn't matter if you're not on the ballot and you don't want to travel out west, but she does not care about actually getting close to the nomination. Did you hear that?

She said that we have dozens of more states. She's trying to slow down this movement. There is this unifying effect happening right now in the movement. There's this unifying effect.

You got Tim Scott, you got Vivek, you have all these amazing forces coming together. Nikki wants to slow that down. She wants to create the division. There's no path for her. There's no delegate math.

It's not going to happen. So what is her what is her objective? What is her aim? Her aim is multi-faceted, and she's saying she's going to go do fundraisers. There's billionaires that are already going to be pumping in a lot of money.

They have found their vessel. Slow down Donald Trump. Get potshots against Donald Trump. Try to keep this primary going.

And there is piece of tape after piece of tape after piece of tape. Last night was partially a Republican primary, but it was also a Democrat infiltration effort. And Nimrada should have to answer for this. Nikki Haley is acting in a repulsive fashion. She is enjoying the fact that Democrats are helping her. She's enjoying the fact that Democrats are crossing over.

And the media is not covering this quote from Rich Barris. Donald Trump has broken the record for most votes ever received in a New Hampshire presidential primary, surpassing the record of 152,193 votes set by Bernie Sanders in 2016, which goes to show the reason why the Iowa numbers were low is because of the weather. We speculated. We said, is there an enthusiasm problem on the right or is there a weather issue?

Negative 10 degrees. We didn't know because the Iowa numbers turn out we're not nearly as high as we thought they would be. Turns out that we now know because the New Hampshire numbers are off the charts. Not only did Trump win by 11, he got the most votes ever in a presidential primary preference system with Democrat crossover, with tens of millions of dollars of Koch brother money.

And he still did it. We're going to play some tape here that shows Democrats bragging on camera, not just one, but several video. Oh, yeah, I voted for Nikki Haley, but I'm going to vote for Joe Biden. Is that a Republican primary?

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Colin does an amazing job at All right, we're going to zip through some pieces of tape here. Then in the next segment, we'll be joined by the great Tyler Boyer to unpack this Kerry Lake tape. It's gone totally viral. It's one of the biggest political stories out there. And we got to address it head on. And so make sure you guys just in a couple minutes, we're going to go through that. And also next hour, some comments that we made on DEI hiring on race-based quotas for pilots has gone super viral, nearly 7 million views on social media.

And the left is really angry because I say that I want excellence in my pilots and I don't care about the color of their skin. So we're going to talk to a former FAA safety officer and pilot who's going to share some stuff that is really going to be chilling. That's coming up next hour. So we have a great show in store for you. But let me zip through some of this tape.

It's really important. We go one after the other. Cut seventy nine. New Hampshire man votes for Nikki Haley, but he's a Biden supporter. This is Nikki Haley's base. Democrats crossing over.

Play cut seventy nine. Nikki Haley. And why did you vote for Nikki Haley? It's a vote against Trump.

I think it would be better to have her against Biden in the elections and it would be Trump and her. Do you consider yourself generally independent, Republican or Democrat? Democrat. So when you undeclared, you voted for Nikki Haley. If it was Nikki Haley against Joe Biden in the general election, who are you voting for? Joe Biden. That Nikki Haley's base is Joe Biden voters cut 80 CNN reporting that voters are voting against Trump in today's primary because they believe Trump is a threat to democracy. Democrats showed up in big numbers to make this closer than it otherwise would have been.

Play cut 80. I have, however, spoken to a few folks that came here, one undeclared voter and one Republican voter who tell me that they specifically could not miss out on today because they wanted to cast ballots against Donald Trump. One of them telling me that they believe he is a threat to democracy. The other one telling me that he is just sick of the hatred and the lies and the vitriol. And he wants the party and the country to move on from that. I'm going to chat with a few more voters now as we speak. And then cut eighty seven. This is a New Hampshire voter where he said, I'm doing a strategic vote against Nikki Haley. By the way, this is the smartest guy that they talk to. This guy right here admits that Donald Trump is the most formidable in the general election.

Play cut eighty seven. Christian, who did you vote for and why? Yes, so thank you. I voted for Nikki Haley and it was certainly a strategic vote. I think the DNC is fairly resolute in their nomination for Joe Biden. And while I wouldn't vote for her in a general election, particularly our differences with climate change solution, a woman's right to bodily autonomy or incarceration rates. I think a vote for Nikki Haley is helps diminish Trump's influence in the RNC and their nomination, but is also a vote towards democracy. And Christian is emblematic of so many conversations that I've had here throughout the day.

Rachel, Alex, Christian, thank you very much. Appreciate it. It's good to have that perspective. Look at that smirk from Rachel Maddow. She can't contain her enthusiasm and joy. You know why? Because Rachel Maddow knows that Democrats are showing up to slow down the consolidation.

That's what it is. There was obviously a beacon and a signal to get Democrats out to the Democrats. They have a plan.

They have a war room. One of the plans was let's have basically no primary in New Hampshire, no primary. At the last minute, they did this right in campaign for Joe Biden.

It was really kind of weird. And there's a whole story behind that. But they want a Republican primary to last unnecessarily. Every day that we continue on this charade is a day that Joe Biden can consolidate, run ads against Donald Trump, misrepresent our positions on core issues. Cut 78 CNN exit polls. Who actually showed up and voted?

Play cut 78. Take a look at the numbers among Trump voters. 70 percent of them, according to our exit polls, are registered Republicans.

Donald Trump, his support. Twenty seven percent of his voters are registered undeclared or independents. Three percent were unregistered before today. Look at how that compares with Nikki Haley.

It's a complete reversal. It's an alternate universe among Haley voters. 70 percent are registered undeclared. Only 27 percent are registered Republicans. You see that 70 percent of Nikki Haley's voters are either independents or Democrats. So what you just watched in New Hampshire was an op.

It was an op. Donald Trump won by 11 and withstood a Democrat infiltration in a Democrat state. New Hampshire has two Democrat senators.

New Hampshire has become a Democrat state, so they have more Democrats than Republicans. And so they turn on the beacon. They're able to mobilize tens of thousands of these. I mean, like that, you know, vegan beta male. He's got to get his vitamin D level up. He's something really troubling about that guy. You know, a threat to democracy and women's rights to choose.

OK, go spend some time in the sun, man. And they're able to mobilize tens of thousands of these guys to do whatever they do. Yes, yes, sir. Whatever the Politburo says.

Yes, sir. And to make this a primary, a competitive primary unnecessarily. Ultra liberal Hanover, New Hampshire had just eight hundred forty one Republican votes in the twenty twenty general election last night and had one thousand four hundred and seventy two votes for Nikki Haley, ultra liberal Hanover, New Hampshire. They showed up to try to slow down Trump. Traditional media is crumbling.

Why? Because they're hiding something, something big. People are realizing they're being lied to left and right, even by institutions they thought they could trust.

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Go to my patriot supply dot com. OK, I want to get to the story here. The grassroots have been wondering for a while, are we in charge of our elections? And that is a theme, isn't it? Who's actually calling the shots in our primary races?

Who's actually calling the shots in our general election race? Now, I know the two people in this video. I know Jeff DeWitt. I've always liked Jeff.

And I know Carrie Lake. Carrie obviously recorded this conversation and she actually comes across really well in this video. And Jeff does not come across as well. And Jeff is obviously doing the bidding of some very, very powerful people. And I find this entire video to be awfully repulsive, to be honest with you. And if you haven't seen this video, we're going to play a little piece of tape.

But in the essence, it's ten minutes long. It's a dialog between Jeff DeWitt and Carrie Lake. And Jeff is basically saying, hey, there's a lot of powerful people out east. Is there a number that we can arrange for you not to run for office? Now, Jeff didn't know he was being recorded.

Carrie was recording him. And they're going to have to sort that out. Whether or not this is the most wise thing to leak at this time for Donald Trump is coming on Friday to Arizona and we have to win Arizona might not be the most strategic thing. But honestly, I find the essence of this repulsive that we're going to go raise a bunch of money out east and pay you not to run a quasi bribery type operation that should infuriate you, infuriate you. You should be in charge of who you want to be your nominee, not some backroom deal.

You know, we the establishment goes to great lengths to try to convince us that there are not backroom deals and bribes and offerings that are occurring. In fact, Carrie Lake took the stage of CPAC last year. And when she took the stage of CPAC, she said, hey, somebody tried to bribe me not to run. And the media said, oh, you're a liar. It turns out Carrie Lake was right.

Play cut one eleven, please. Oh, this is, this is, this is back east. They, there are very powerful people. They want to keep you out. I know they do.

But they're willing to put their money with put their money where their mouth is in a big way. So this conversation never happened. This is crazy though. Is there a number at which I can be bought? That's what it's about.

You can take a box for a couple of years. No. Let me go right back to what you're doing. No.

10 million, 20 million, 30, no, no, no, a billion. No. This is not about money.

This is about our country. If you say no, which is fine. It's your choice.

They're going to have to try to have me murdered. And so this goes on with a 10 minute conversation, essentially. So just, you know, the people that's Jeff DeWitt, who's currently the chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, and he's insistently saying, hey, is there a number?

Is there a number? Think about it. Look at this positively. They know your political power. You know, is there a number that you can present and we can arrange for you to try and get you not to run? Basically, pay her not to run. And you have to wonder, was a serious conversation like this presented to Donald Trump?

How often does this actually happen? Allegedly, they are offering to put her on payroll at some company and to put her as some sort of consultant and some sort of thing. And you got to wonder, is this why Nikki Haley's on boards? Yeah, bring Tyler. And I want him to comment on this. Tyler's the national committeeman here for Arizona. And, you know, I I know Jeff and I know Carrie and Carrie recorded this and the release of this is probably not the best timing, honestly. And Tyler's going to walk us through it. But the essence of this, you got to wonder how often does it happen?

And I find it honestly repulsive that people at least think that they can come in and just offer some money and they're going to determine who our candidates are going to be. Tyler Boyer joins us now. Tyler, you've had a fun 24 hours. It's been it's a busy week we got going on here. Yeah, we have Trump coming to here on Friday. Trump's coming to Phoenix on Friday. And then we have our Turning Point Action alternate RNC meeting, which is getting a lot of attention.

So Trump's coming to Phoenix on Friday. We have our Arizona Republican Party meeting on Saturday. Monday, we have our alternate RNC meeting, our Restoring National Confidence meeting and Mike Lindell speaking, Donald Trump Jr. speaking, Steve Bannon speaking, you're speaking, Scott Presser. So we have all of these and then all these wonderful groups are coming together to talk to the RNC. And then we have the RNC meeting. So it's like it's one after the other. No days off. And then by the way, we're running Turning Point Action.

And we're hiring hundreds of ballot chasers and all this. Yeah. And so I listen to the whole tape and I know Jeff and you know Jeff and Jeff didn't know that he was being recorded. But still, this was this is not this is not this is not a good look. Let's just be honest that he says that there's people out east and they're pushing money. And, you know, and Kerry knew she was being she was obviously doing the recording and now it's leaked and it's out there. But what's our takeaway here? Because, I mean, our voters are outraged, saying, wait a second, how often are their money in backroom deals?

It plays into this idea that voters aren't in charge. I'll tell you, I recall I was the county chairman of Maricopa County and I remember getting pushed into a room with John McCain at the time when he was still alive. And, you know, this this conversation ensued is like, you know, I've got this big pile of money.

And if you take it and just let me do whatever I want, then we'll be good. And I and I grabbed him by the arm at that point. And, you know, it's very similar to this like Kerry conversation.

I just grabbed him by the arm. I was like, look, Sarah McCain, I don't want your money. I'm not interested. You've seen a similar type of conversation. These things happen everywhere all the time. And, you know, I you know, I think that in this in this scenario, you know, the people back east and I don't you know, I don't. It was awfully cryptic. It was super cryptic in this conversation. So I don't even know if they're real.

I don't know if they exist. I mean, it felt kind of real. I mean, I listen to this because he kept on trying to land the plane. Let me tell you, I love Jeff. Let me tell you what I do know. There the we'll just refer to the national Republican apparatus. Yeah. Hates Donald Trump.

That's right. They hate Kerry Lake. They hate Charlie Kirk. They I mean, we can go down the list. They hate me. That's for sure. They hate me. Yeah.

You know, I'm just the low man on the totem pole here. But like they hate me. They they don't like naga. Right. They don't like this new conservative because it's getting the movement is getting away from them. So they want people that are controllable.

Well, Kerry Lake's not controllable, clearly. Right. We know that.

And that reaffirmed that the good part about this whole thing is that voters can know that's reaffirmed. That's confirmed. They're not controllable.

But, you know, I think this national Republican apparatus, you know, probably about a year ago, I got phone calls. You know, I won't you know, from these this the apparatus. Right. The machine, the machine. They were like, well, what can we do to keep it? And I was like, guys, you're not going to keep Kerry Lake out of what are you talking about?

She is Arizona. But it's also just it plays into this idea that there is this puppeteering class that throws money around to manipulate our elections. That's right. Which is true. It's 100 percent true.

I've just never seen a video so it's so naked in the way it does. And he said, is there a number? And we're laughing. It's like, you know, it's it's the problem with this is that it's not, you know, Jeff is, I think, kind of in the middle of this.

What people with the conservative movement has to be focused on is that that national apparatus that exists, it still exists. Yeah. With or without Jeff. Right.

Even with or without Rana still exists. Right. We're talking about Beltway politics. But he's also the state party chair. State party chair shouldn't be. No.

One hundred percent. You should you shouldn't be doing it. You should be doing the opposite. Like I said with my story with John McCain, which is like, no, I don't we don't we don't need you to tell us how to vote here. OK, like we need you to tell us how you support us after we vote. And that's really the story. Right.

And that's where my are. We're fed up right with the RNC and the national apparatus. They've done nothing to say how they're going to help Kerry. They've done nothing to say how they're going to help Trump here in Arizona.

This this election cycle, there's been no there's been no dollars given. And so, you know, I think some of the pressure sometimes gets to people. And I think that some people have a lot of pressure that that exists, that they have no money. They get into these positions and they have no money. And then these people come to them. And it was not a not a not a good move, not a good move, not a good idea.

It's it's people don't like it. And, you know, good for Kerry for what she said and what she did. But here's the deal. We've got to focus on getting the party, getting rid of the apparatus, this this behind the scenes invisible hand that tries to do these things. And we have to have a grassroots party. That's why becoming a precinct committee man is so important.

Getting involved, helping in your neighborhood, help clean the voter rolls, identify how to how to get involved with your neighbors to chase their ballots, to identify their ballots. Right. That's what we're talking about. We've got to build the infrastructure outside the party because this is what the party produces. This is what the party thinks is the right methodology. And it's not. Yeah, no, that that's well said.

And also, I mean, just people are emailing us like crazy and they're saying, you know, how often is this occurring? You know what? And the answer is the establishment's been playing this game for quite some time. Well, look, I mean, and good for parties, state parties who have fought back.

So there's a couple of really great examples. Historically, Arizona has been part of the reason why Kerry exists. Right. Was because, you know, the Republican Party here in Arizona pushed back against the McCain faction, like in the story I just told when McCain tried to do the same thing to me. But, you know, the Republican Party in Nebraska has fought back against this.

There's a number of different state parties that are across the country that are fighting against this mentality, this apparatus and trying and again, not not just doing it just because, but also installing grassroots and the grassroots voice to make sure that this just doesn't happen. Take advantage of the free shipping on larger items like mattresses and mattress toppers. The 100% made in USA on sale for as low as $99.99.

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He's a terrific person. Go to promo code KIRK. So Tyler, this is opening the door to a broader RNC conversation, which is fitting because on Monday we have the alternative RNC meeting in Vegas and it's restoring national confidence, everybody. We're going to stream it live here on RaV, live on Rumble.

We're going to be streaming the whole thing as much as we can. It's invite only. We're getting some angry emails. Why can't I come?

It's invite only. Okay. And it is mission critical to remove Ronna Mc Romney as RNC chair and to restore confidence in the RNC. Tyler, walk us through what's going to happen on Monday.

Has anything ever happened like this before? Yeah. And I want to make sure that there's this positive spin on this thing here too, because a lot of people on Twitter focus on all the negatives. Uh, the Republican party and all that. Right. But you know, guys, at the end of the day, there's two parties that really have control over who becomes president.

That's, that's why we have two parties is because the, the electoral college. Right. And that's our goal. So we, we look at this and go, okay, how can the Republican party be better?

Uh, what should it be doing? Well, it should be inviting in all these outside groups to have discussions and conversations about strategy. Right. So Mike Lindell's Cause of America, one of the most stellar organizations that we have in America about everything going on from top to bottom.

Yep. We're going to have his entire team there, uh, you know, giving a complete briefing. We have the tea party Patriots who have done more on the ground with poll watching, poll working than any other singular organization.

That's just a small vector of what they've done, uh, have been great partners. We have our team that's there. We have, we're, we're at about, again, eight organizations, America First Work, so many that are there identifying how we can train. And then you bring in, in addition to that, the key County chair, the target County chairs.

So we've looked at, we've looked at the data and we've gone down and said, Charlie, here are the a hundred counties that are going to be the most important to win the election. We invited all of them to come down. We, we flew all of them in. So they're all flying into Vegas and we're spending that entire time with those people.

So this is really one of the most incredible experiences I think that's ever happened to the RNC. Now it will, it's the balls in their court. Are they going to embrace it? Are they going to show up? Are the members going to show up? If not, I think a lot of members, well, I know some of the 168 will be there. Yeah, we have a lot. We have probably about 50, 50 of the 168, 50 or 60 that will be there the entire time. And I think we'll have another 40 or so that will be there for at least part of the time.

That's amazing. So, and I hope everyone understands these RNC meetings are usually very clubby. Nothing really happens.

You go to Vegas. This is going to be action. This is work, right? We got, we got real people coming in, real data, real technology, getting in the grassroots, real marching orders. It's going to be a completely different tone. And if nothing else, again, hopefully we can get rid of Rana. That's probably not going to happen next week.

Realistically, Trump's got to get rid of her, but if nothing else, it's going to be a little bit of a competition raises the standard of excellence here. Maybe the RNC will wake up. Bingo. Bingo. And that's, that's been our MO since the beginning of Turning Point, right? Which is, you know, if we can add some, you know, competition, some brains, bring some brains to the table, that's going to increase the outcomes for everyone. And so we're, we're effectively pushing the RNC into, into modern era here of this is what the grassroots needs and wants and wants to hear.

Yes. So a lot of people are saying, Tyler, this is a waste of time. It's the opposite of a waste of time. The RNC is, it's worthless. Guys, the RNC is the only place you nominate a president of the United States. You can't ignore the RNC. The RNC can do things by federal law only the RNC can do.

Share data, share money, do joint fundraising committees, host a convention, get you on the ballot. And also the RNC can sue and have better standing in court than just a random 501c4. Or the only standing, right? So a judge may, Turning Point action all day long could say, we want to join a lot of litigation on election integrity. And, and they'd say, no, you have no standing. But the party will always have standing. This is where the Mark Elias's of the world. This is what Harmeet was effectively saying was like, we're not running the RNC the right way because the law fair element, the party should be doing so much more and they're not doing it. You know, and we're hamstrung because all these different organizations can't really, can't really initiate it or can't join it. Yeah.

So it's going to be at And I just want to close the conversation here. So I wasn't very moral. I wasn't as clear as I should have been. Jeff should resign.

I'm friends with Jeff. You can't be a state party chair and do this stuff. So just everyone is clear.

These people are pretty fired up. They said, Charlie, okay, you should, you can't, you can't do this. You can't be a state party chair and, you know, try to get candidates in another race. You can't do that. And that's my take.

And we don't need, we don't need party mob bosses, which is like the vibe, right? You can't do that. It should be the opposite.

He should be saying, Carrie, there's people that are doing it. I'm a stay neutral state party chair. You do what you want. Just wanted you to know that these are things that are happening that, and you've got, you have to remain neutral as a state party chair.

You can't do that. And, but this meeting next week, 20 seconds, Vegas, it's going to be pretty amazing. Yeah, it's going to be incredible. And we got lots of media coming. And by the way, too, you know, our position is very clear. We joined the Tea Party and so many other organizations that Trump is the, is the, is the nominee. He should be. We have to make him the presumptive, he is the presumptive nominee. The RNC should vote on that.

The RNC should vote on him being the presumptive nominee. Let's get this over with. And so everybody at home, the graphic just went up. We want you to watch this. It's going to be amazing.

Watch the screens. Thank you, Tyler. Thanks so much for listening. Everybody email us as always freedom at Thanks so much for listening. God bless. For more on many of these stories and news you can trust, go to
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