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Is Greg Abbott Ready to Go to Prison?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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January 23, 2024 4:24 pm

Is Greg Abbott Ready to Go to Prison?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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January 23, 2024 4:24 pm

What are you supposed to do if your country is being invaded, but the president, the Congress, and the Supreme Court have all decided to let it happen? What do you do when everyone is colluding to ignore the Constitution? Charlie grapples with this tough question after the Supreme Court ordered Texas to let the Biden regime tear down barbed wire on the border. Many are calling for Abbott to resist, but only Charlie is ready to describe what that resistance should look like. The question is: Is Gov. Abbott ready? Is anybody?

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Hey everybody, today on The Charlie Kirk Show, the Supreme Court, largely because of Amy Coney Barrett, decides that Texas can't have a border. There is a showdown and a show-off actually occurring right now after I recorded this episode.

So at TBD, I left the door open to whether or not Abbott was going to fight, so hear me out and we will see. Email us as always, freedom at Become a member at and click on the members tab and get involved with Turning Point USA at That is

Start your high school or college chapter today at Buckle up everybody, here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campuses. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy, his spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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Go to It's primary day in New Hampshire, but our lead is what's happening in the U.S. Supreme Court and the southern border. What is a country? A country is different than a colony. A country is different than a trading port. A country cannot be a place of strangers. You must have borders, language, and culture.

You must have a shared story. Increasingly, as I was getting ready for the program here, I was watching Steve Bannon's War Room and pop open one ad after the other in Spanish. I don't understand a word of it. The whole ad in Spanish.

The entire thing. Increasingly, we are strangers in our own homeland. Borders define your country.

You cannot have a sustainable nation without borders. Now, I'm struggling to find a piece of evidence in American history where our own government went out of their way to make sure that the homeland is weakened, destroyed, and that they got angry and went to the courts to get injunctive relief to make sure that the suicide shall continue. What's so extraordinary about this Supreme Court decision is the facts surrounding it.

So here's what happened. Texas put up some barbed wire saying, we are being invaded. We're being invaded by the cartels, by the Nicaraguans, by the Hondurans, by the Chinese, by the Russians.

15,000 people a day. They're bringing viruses. They're coming and raping our women and children. They're bringing guns. They're bringing fentanyl. They're not doing DNA testing. They're not doing anything. They're sleeping cells, fighting-age males.

This is not Lupita Manana coming for a better life. There's a little bit of that, but that's a bunch of nonsense. They're invaders. They're trespassers. They're breaking into our country. And Governor Greg Abbott, to his credit, wants to try to close the border. He's being invaded. His state is being invaded. Remember, the states created the federal government. The federal government did not create the states.

And so in a little passive way, Greg Abbott said, let's put up some barbed wire. Federal government got very angry about that because Joe Biden and Mayorkas, the prime directive, the core belief of the Biden regime and most Republicans is anybody can come into this country. Doesn't matter if you are sick.

Doesn't matter if you're carrying disease. It does not matter if you hate the country. You're allowed to come in and we will commit suicide as a nation. So they have this barbed wire and they've been instructing Border Patrol to cut the barbed wire.

I want you to think about this. This is treason. This is treason. The federal government is committing treason against its own citizens. The state of Texas was trying to do the right thing, awfully weak, but at least they're trying to do something.

I mean, Greg Abbott is attempting to do this. And the Biden administration says, we're going to take you to court. You can't have barbed wire. You can't secure your borders. You're not allowed to defend yourself. It's like the police coming into your home and taking away the locks to your doors. It's like the police coming in and saying, nope, no locks.

You can't defend yourself. You're going to have fighting age males coming in from Kazakhstan and you're going to like it. So they go to the courts and Ken Paxton now unleashed, takes this argument to the United States Supreme Court because you would think in a constitutional republic, you would think the wealthiest, most prosperous, greatest nation ever to exist in history of the world.

This would be a no brainer. You go to the United States Supreme Court and you say, hey, the Border Patrol under the directive of Alejandro Mayorkas and Joe Biden are coming in and they are cutting the barbed wire that we put up to prevent those hordes of fighting age males who are invading our country. And the U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision yesterday, one of the more breathtaking decisions of my life, and I've seen some real barn burners out of the U.S. Supreme Court. The five women on the United States Supreme Court, Katanji Brown Jackson, Kagan, Sotomayor, Amy Coney Barrett and John Roberts, decided in a 5-4 decision that Texas has no right to secure their border. That Texas, despite them being consistently invaded by a foreign power, strategically, this is not some sort of grassroots movement of people, no, this is modern day slavery. John Roberts, Amy Coney Barrett, Katanji Brown Jackson, Kagan and Sotomayor are signing off on the new North Atlantic slave trade.

That is not an exaggeration. They are being bought and paid for. The young girls are purchased for sex. They are raped to what is called the rape tree. They are given drugs and they are followed up upon on the interior of the United States.

As we had this illuminating conversation last week, the cartels track these individuals and they say, pay up, U.S. 10,000 bucks, and if the young girls can't pay up, they're put into prostitution. That is no morally different than the North Atlantic slave trade that we're told was the worst thing ever via the 1619 project which partially gave us morons like Katanji Brown Jackson on the U.S. Supreme Court. Now, taking half a step back, this is a temporary ruling while the Fifth Circuit hears the rest of Texas' case against the federal government.

But currently, the barbed wire must go, everybody. Texas has no right according to the U.S. Supreme Court. Now, before I get into the technical absurdity of the legal arguments here, before I get into how the Supreme Court steps up triumphantly to try to defend open borders and they did not even move an inch when Donald Trump tried to enforce the law in sanctuary cities, before I get too deep into the actual details of the legal decision, let's just ask some simple moral questions here. Is the federal government really positioned to say that if there is a hurricane or a natural disaster, states have no rights to step up and to clean up the mess if the federal government does nothing?

And that is the kicker here. It would be one thing if Texas was doing their own thing and the federal government was doing something. They were trying, they were attempting. The federal government is co-sponsoring, the federal government is a co-conspirator at this point. They do not want a border.

They are encouraging it. Border Patrol is as close to a travel agency style flying illegals to the interior of the United States that we've ever seen. They are a concierge service for one or for any one of the international invaders. They give phones, gift cards and flights to illegals. And now the order from the Supreme Court of the United States is that you must allow the invasion to continue.

That it's illegal, according to the US Supreme Court, to stop your home from being invaded. For the ranchers that have their wives beat and raped, which happens far too often. To the ranchers that find dead bodies on their ranches. To the communities that are being destroyed by fentanyl. Just last couple days, Pawn Stars, son Rick Harrison, his son overdosed on fentanyl. You must take it.

You gotta take it and if you don't, you're breaking the law. Welcome to the new America. In this America brought to you largely by one person and I am going to emphasize this person. And I don't know why this person did what she did, but it makes you wonder. John Roberts is a disaster.

Katanji Brown Jackson bought and paid for. Kagan, Sotomayor, whatever. What's going on with Amy Coney Barrett? What is going on with Amy Coney Barrett? Amy Coney Barrett? She has kids. She has a family.

What is her justification for that? What is a country? A country has a border and the US Supreme Court is saying thou shall have no border. You shall allow anybody in whenever you want, however you want. And if you dare stop them, you're breaking the law.

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Before they sell out, click the link in the description below and use the code Kirk to save 10% on your pine pollen tincture and all other products. So I want to build this out a little bit. There's there's there's several dimensions here because we're getting a lot of emails freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. I'm going to address this directly because you're not wrong. Your gut instinct is not wrong. Many of you are saying, why doesn't Texas just defy this ruling? And there's an argument for that. I want to game that out of what that actually means. And it's easier said than actually done.

I don't disagree with it in sentiment at all. I just want to make sure we all understand the ramifications and the second, third, fourth and fifth effects. We have to think and game out what will happen if you do defy the federal government. And I just want to talk about that because they're willing to use political power and our side is not. And you very well might be right, because that is where my attitude is. As soon as I saw that ruling come down, I say it's time to defy. It's time to defy. But we have to game that out because it feels good to say it's the proper instinct.

But is it prudent, especially in an election year? We're going to talk about that. Amy Coney Barrett, I truly believe that the underreported assassination attempt of Brett Kavanaugh after Roe versus Wade is still ever present in these justices mind. We forget about it. We forget that a guy traveled cross-country with supplies to murder Brett Kavanaugh, parks outside of his home.

Praise the Lord. Federal marshals intercepted him. And he was arrested. Do you remember the mobs of people that were not arrested, despite the fact that they broke federal law one after the other?

Hundreds of them outside of the homes of the Supreme Court justices. Remember when Nancy Pelosi held up the funding for Supreme Court justice protection? She eventually approved it, but she almost played around with it.

For months, she flirted and danced with it and eventually got so overwhelming. It's all part of the game. It's illegal to harass, threaten, or even protest outside of the – it's in the federal law. It is a federal statute to harass, threaten, or even protest, try to influence the opinion of a Supreme Court justice. Yet they did it all summer.

They did it all summer. Merrick Garland didn't do anything. And it's pure, outright intimidation. Amy Coney Barrett has a ton of kids. You have to wonder, is Amy Coney Barrett afraid that if she would have ruled constitutionally on this topic, that she might be murdered like they tried to do to Brett Kavanaugh? You have to wonder.

U.S. Marshals were told not to arrest abortion protesters at the Supreme Court justice homes. Look at that. That is tattooed into the memory of the United States Supreme Court, that mob of pro-abortion maniacs right after the reversal of Roe v. Wade. And of course, if even a single person protested outside of Katangie Brown Jackson's home would be arrested and put in federal prison for a decade. And the only reason they caught the Kavanaugh would-be assassin is he had a mental breakdown and turned himself in. He might have murdered Brett Kavanaugh. Praise God he didn't. And Kavanaugh should be noted again, ruled with Alito, Thomas and Gorsuch.

They all ruled correctly. And honestly, Kavanaugh, he doesn't always, he's disappointed sometimes. Gorsuch has the goofiest stuff sometimes. He has been the real goofy, weird guy on libertarian, trans stuff.

It's been real disappointing. But Kavanaugh, I just want to say, thank you for ruling correctly on this. Thank you. Brett Kavanaugh, you've gone through a lot.

You're unpredictable sometimes at this stuff. Feels good because that was a real tough confirmation hearing. So Amy Coney Barrett, I don't know. Does she actually believe in the complete invasion of the country?

Amy Coney Barrett doesn't strike me as somebody who wants the new North Atlantic slave trade. Roberts is completely compromised. We know that. He has been completely captured.

It is the elite capture. That is gone. Amy Coney Barrett is the question. When we really needed her, no. Yeah, they might allow the affirmative action thing to squeeze by. It makes you wonder. When Amy Coney Barrett was listening, she said, boy, do I want my kids to potentially be assassinated by this pro-abortion mob? That's not baseless speculation, everybody. If you go look at this pattern of behavior, they're openly talking about murdering Trump, openly talking about it.

And Amy Coney Barrett, you have to wonder, just said, I'm going to take the easy way out. Open borders. I live in a gated community.

I have federal protection. I don't want to be Kavanaughed or potentially be Kavanaughed. Again, remember, this was not some sort of abstraction.

This guy traveled cross-country and, praise God, turned himself in. He had a plan, the method and the weapons to kill Brett Kavanaugh, a would-be assassination attempt. Again, we're just speculating here. But I don't believe for a second that Amy Coney Barrett actually believes this trash. It is completely inconsistent with Amy Coney Barrett's spectacular record on the bench.

She's a constitutionalist. You have to wonder what's going on here. And I will say this.

I'm not making an excuse for her. You've got to suck it up. Yes, they might try to murder you. They try to kill me. The death threats are every single day. We just had three yesterday. So I don't take that as an excuse.

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Check it out, So what does this mean? So effectively, Texas has to suspend all activity that they were attempting to do to stop the border invasion. The federal government has come in and said our borders will remain open and we will not have a nation.

The invasion will continue until morale improves, is the prime directive from the federal government. Amy Coney Barrett ruled in favor of Joe Biden. Now, we know Joe Biden is a traitor, we know Mayorkas is a traitor, and this is amazing. They went to the Supreme Court saying, hey, hey, Texas is trying to stop us from having open borders. This is Tammy Nobles. Her daughter was raped and murdered by an illegal. This happens far too often.

We are allowing 15,000 fighting-age males coming into the country every single day. Hopefully, your loved one won't be next. Amy Coney Barrett has signed off on this. She has approved it.

Again, maybe she was worried that she was going to get murdered, but you can't you can't handle the pressure. Get out of the game, Amy Coney Barrett, because it is it is remarkable that you could co-sponsor one vote. If Amy Coney Barrett would have ruled, do you understand the significance of this? If Amy Coney Barrett would have ruled with Clarence Thomas, Alito, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch, it would have changed the whole game. We could have stopped the invasion, would have set a precedent that Texas can, in fact, protect themselves. The federal government is basically saying, hey, if you are getting punched in the gut, punched in the face, if you're being invaded, you must take it.

Play Cut 45. Let's take a moment and think about how Kayla felt that day, how scared she must have been that day knowing that she was dying. For me, this is not a political issue. This is a safety issue for everyone living in the United States. This could have been anyone's daughter. I don't want any other parent to live the nightmare that I am living.

I am her voice now. I'm going to fight with everything I have to get her story told and bring awareness of the issue at the border. If we had stricter border policies, my daughter would still be alive today. Nothing will bring my daughter back nor fix the pain of not having her here.

I don't want to prevent this from happening to someone else's child. This isn't about immigration. This is about protecting everyone in the United States. So her 20-year-old daughter, autistic, was raped and murdered by a dreamer, you know, someone who just wanted a better life.

Give me a break. The break-ins, the looting, the murder, the rapes, the arson. By the way, this is just getting warmed up. You got 15,000 fighting-age males that are getting deployed all across the country. Native-born Americans, you better buy weapons, everybody. Have a lot of guns at your disposal.

I would never leave your home without a weapon. It's the new country we live in. It is Mad Max. Biden is creating Mad Max.

You're on your own. The federal government claims the right to regulate everything and also the right to ignore any law selectively whenever it wants. This is a bureaucratic dictatorship of people who hate you. So let's play this out. Should Texas ignore this ruling?

That's my original gut instinct. Is Greg Abbott willing to go to federal prison? I don't think he is because that's what they'll do. Joe Biden and Merrick Garland do not mess around. And you might say, oh, they would never go arrest a sitting governor. They've indicted Donald Trump, a former president. If Greg Abbott and his team are not ready to face 500 years in federal prison, don't do this.

Let's be honest. Greg Abbott, nice person. Not exactly Winston Churchill.

He's not. So unless you are ready to be a martyr and to face hundreds of years and all the people around you to go to federal prison, then just step aside. Now, in the past, people have been willing to risk prison for something important and something greater than themselves. Greg Abbott, he's just kind of following the rule, following the law. Some people say, oh, but it would be a terrible optic for the Biden regime to arrest a man in the wheelchair.

They would do it anyway. These people are cruel and unusual, and they say this is George Wallace. He is seceding from the union.

And the regime's favorite person, Martin Luther King, which I learned in the last week, says if a man doesn't have anything he would die for, then he has nothing to live for. But honestly, the Texas government, they don't want to go to federal prison. They're not ready for that fight. So unless you personally are ready and the people in the Texas government are ready to face souped up legitimate, not legitimate, but they would go for insurrection. They would go for rebellion.

They would go for the top, top deal. So someone says right here, Charlie, what would happen if Texas ignores the ruling? Will the government go to war with Texas? They would just arrest them all. They control the FBI.

They control the DHS. They would come and start doing mass arrests. It would make January 6 look like child's play. Now, they would arrest the governor of Texas. A hundred percent they would. They would arrest Dan Patrick. They would do a whole RICO case. The federal government would come in and some people would say, well, that's the seeds of a civil war.

Is that what you want? Where does this end? By the way, I'm all on board. If we had an actual governor of Texas that was willing, a hundred percent defy this.

Greg Abbott has to be willing this. Do not defy it half. If you're going to defy, here's how it works. Press conference flanked by your most loyal Texas Rangers. I'm ignoring the Supreme Court's decision. I will enforce the border of Texas.

If you're going to arrest me, you have to go through the Texas Rangers. If we had more governors on the border, it would be even more powerful. Get every red state on board. Fly in every Republican governor. This is something DeSantis could do to raise his profile on the right currently. Bring in Doug Burgum. Bring in every governor and have a massive press conference at every governor. If you arrest one, you have to arrest every red state governor across the country. But Abbott's not going to do this, guys. Abbott is a nice, weak person. He thinks that barbed wire is like this big statement. Give me a break. So Texas should only defy if they're actually willing to play ball here.

Not tweets, not press releases, not emails, not photo ops. Texas should, but you have to be ready to go all in and be ready for the most serious constitutional crisis since the American Civil War. That's what this would force. We've been calling for that for a while, but the more I've studied Greg Abbott, I said that is not our fighter. If you're going to do this, you better have someone ready to play ball, understand that I'll go to jail for the rest of my life for this issue. And by the way, if they put Greg Abbott in jail, imagine the optics.

You should need to force the issue. You need to have the 2024 equivalent of, oh, really? Well, send your army. Let Marshall send his army.

It was a famous Supreme Court decision of the lack of enforcement ability by the U.S. Supreme Court. And if the Biden administration is going to march in the Department of Justice to imprison its enemies to keep the invasion going, they've arrested Donald Trump. They're going to race Greg Abbott. But does Greg Abbott have an excuse the colorful imagery here?

Does he have the stones? No, he doesn't. Greg Abbott's a lawyer. He wants to be respected. So Greg Abbott will allow the invasion to continue.

That's just the way you better get used to it, everybody. The non stop invasion will continue because Abbott is totally afraid of the federal government. Of course he is. He's a weak person. And that's not a that's I'm not saying he's a bad person. You could be good and weak. You could be nice and weak. You could be pleasant and weak.

You can be smart and weak. He's probably a good Pax Romana peacetime leader. Greg Abbott is great at making sure that taxes are low and that the business community likes him. We need a wartime general in Texas right now. And Greg Abbott is afraid of the federal government.

He's afraid of handcuffs. And so Greg Abbott is going to be like, I strongly disagree with the Supreme Court's ruling. And we will wait for the Fifth Circuit to decide. Yawn. Yawn. And by the way, it's normal. I don't want to be arrested.

You don't want to be arrested. What I'm getting at, though, is Greg Abbott happens to be the governor during the midst of the worst invasion in American history. The Democrats, yes, are the real villains forcing this terrible choice on Texas. But life is 10 percent. What happens to you?

Ninety percent how you respond. Life is far from fair. Bad things happen.

Unfair things happen. So Greg Abbott has a choice and we know what he's going to decide. Greg Abbott will decide comfort and tradition.

Greg Abbott will say, I really disagree with this and we're going to keep on fighting. He's a lawyer. Literally, he's a lawyer.

Former judge. We're going to keep fighting this. OK, I'm not saying you're a bad person, even, Greg. Governor Abbott, you're weak.

You're weak. There's nothing traditional about what Biden is doing. We've never lived through anything. There's no tradition. There's no precedent.

You throw it all away. This is Churchill wartime leadership time where you throw the whole book away. There is no precedent for what Churchill had to go over.

There is no precedent for the evacuation from Dunkirk or London being bombed or France being taken over by the Nazis. The Biden administration. You need to force that hand. You need to be strategic.

You need to be prudent. And if you're going to do it, go all in, Greg Abbott. Don't just do it over border wire fencing. Mobilize every single thing at your disposal to stop the invasion. And maybe if you do this hard enough, Biden will blink.

Maybe. But if Merrick Garland drafts an indictment against a sitting governor, you might win us the 2024 election and save the American republic. So I hate to put this on one person, but it's on you, Greg Abbott. What will you choose? Will you choose co-sponsoring the North Atlantic slave trade of 2024, which is currently what you're doing, or you decide to fight for the people of Texas?

The ball's in your court. And by the way, Greg Abbott is welcome on the show. And if he wants to tell me if there's some other way to stop the invasion besides him defying the federal government.

Terrific. The House of Representatives punted on it. Four hundred thousand new people. So the speaker of the House, all that they said, OK, we're gonna go to March. They punted on it. All of it came on to Greg Abbott. The Supreme Court said, nope, order border shall continue. So there really are no more excuses left for Governor Abbott. There's no more place to bail him out. Governor Abbott, there's like there's no no one's coming to rescue you, Governor. Governor Abbott, the House of Representatives, they want nothing to do with it.

The judicial system, they want nothing to do with it. So it's all on you. And you're probably nervous.

And I mean, I don't envy your position. You think that I want to be governor of Texas right now? I would hope I would be tough enough. I don't know if I would be. I'll be very honest. I don't know if I would be tough enough to face Gitmo and to throw my whole political future if that actually mattered to me.

I would pray to the Lord that he would give me strength. I'm just being honest. I'm not even saying that I think Greg Abbott would be a bad person or a turncoat or whatever. I would say I'm simply saying he's weak.

And guess what? Most people are weak. Look at what happened during covid.

Most people are very, very weak. It is the Democrats and Amy Coney Barrett that have forced a terrible choice on Texas. And if history is any guide, the choice will end up resulting in doing nothing, doing nothing. And I fully acknowledge that I don't know if I if I don't know if I would make even the decision I'm saying that would be the courageous one.

I have no idea. But he's the governor of Texas. I'm not the governor of Texas. He has a decision to make.

Two more thoughts on this. Some people say, oh, well, this is good because it's going to allow Donald Trump full federal government supremacy over deportation. Stop it.

That is silly. Let me tell you what's going to happen. OK, the opposite will happen.

Guarantee because the left doesn't care about the law. They care about power and they care about transformation. They use decisions like this to transform, to metamorphosize the United States.

So let me prove it to you. Donald Trump becomes president. He announces a deportation effort.

He will get slapped down by a circuit court within minutes, within minutes. And then it will go to the Supreme Court. And then how is Amy Coney Barrett going to rule? How's she going to rule? How's she going to rule? Somebody in Guam is just going to strike it down.

So don't don't get too excited about this. Oh, this is going to set a precedent for mass deportations. Unlikely.

Very, very unlikely. The final point is this. Essentially. What Amy Coney Barrett has done is she has done the following. That the system of checks and balances that the founding fathers established, which the 10th Amendment is very clear. States are a check on the federal government, but we've forgotten that because we've overly nationalized our country. Anyway, what Amy Coney Barrett has basically told you is. You have to win in November or else you're not going to have a country.

That is a very. Disappointing state of affairs to be in elections should not matter that much. Elections should not be tied to civilizational survival. But here we are. Essentially, the decision says this. If a new president comes in, you can have a nation. If not, you're done.

You're done. Elections should matter, but they shouldn't be survival referent. They should not they should not be yes or no, based on whether or not the republic is going to continue. Shouldn't be.

And that's where we are. What Amy Coney Barrett has done, if you want to try to find any positive in it, she has only further reinforced how important it is for us to win in November. Her decision is indefensible. It is confusing. It is inconsistent with her entire record.

And we are left to speculate. And it pains me to say this because it shouldn't matter this much. We shouldn't get sick to our stomach of the idea of not winning an election. It's Trump robust at this point.

It's Trump robust. The whole nation's history, especially when it comes down to just this border issue. There will be no federal government intervention. There will be no courts. It's very simple. You either win the Electoral College or you lose the Electoral College. And the answer to that question will determine whether or not you have a nation.
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