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Taylor Swift: Deep State Op?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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January 12, 2024 6:15 pm

Taylor Swift: Deep State Op?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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January 12, 2024 6:15 pm

Taylor Swift is glamorous, famous, spectacularly rich, and TIME's Person of the Year. But is she a tool of the Deep State? Censorship expert Mike Benz joins Charlie to explain his remarkable hypothesis and the evidence he has for it. Plus, William Kelly explores the collapse of Chicago, and the growing backlash of local Democrats against the migrant crisis that all of them voted for.


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Hey everybody, sweet home Chicago! It's not so sweet anymore. William Kelly joins the program as we lament the downfall and destruction of my favorite place in America, my once favorite place in America.

I love Chicago and I hate what is happening to it. We also talk with Mike Benz about is Taylor Swift an op? Email us as always freedom at, freedom at, subscribe to our podcast and become a member, click on the members tab and get involved with Turning Point USA at

That is Buckle up everybody, here we go. Charlie what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie, he's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country, he's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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Go to What a great city Chicago used to be. You know I was just recently speaking with a Chicagoan who's not a real political guy and he said you know I would defend Chicago up until about two years ago. Now I'm done. He's like the city is dead. It is over. It's really sad and I just I said is there any life?

Is there any hope? He said there it is just a completely captured institution and it's getting worse and it's getting worse and it's getting worse and it's getting worse. It's sad. I don't celebrate this.

I don't delight in this. William J. Kelly is with us. He's a terrific reporter.

William, lots of different aspects here. What is the latest with going on O'Hare International Airport? They've just taken over the entire airport.

Walk us through it. Well we've been reporting from O'Hare and every other migrant shelter in the city of Chicago for it seems like for forever now and you know they're trying to move the migrants out of O'Hare actually. I think Governor Pritzker and Mayor Johnson are already trying to put a fresh coat of paint on O'Hare for the DNC convention which is going to be in the city of Chicago as you know in 2024. National media is expected to arrive in Chicago next week and the last thing that Governor Pritzker wants or Mayor Johnson wants is for them to immediately be greeted by migrants sleeping on the floor. Yeah so it ties into what's happening in New York City where they took over a Hamilton school and so then Mayor Johnson who is terrible, he's a total Marxist, he says that sending illegals to New York and Chicago is because they hate black mayors. Now I thought William that the people of Chicago overwhelmingly have voted for open borders and diversity is our strength so why are they all of a sudden upset that hundreds of thousands of illegals are coming to their city? Well you know it would almost be funny if it wasn't our city, my city, the city I love with all my heart, the city I was born and raised in. There was a suburban mayor who had a sign on her front lawn that said all are welcome, all is love, we love science and then as soon as the migrant bus is pulled up to her front doorstep she, the sign disappeared, Charlie it's gone, and now she is telling these bus drivers that they need to keep going all the way to the city of Chicago. What I would say to you know people who seem to be happy about the demise of a great American city like Chicago is that it's literally in the middle of America you know and I'm not a military intelligence officer here but I do know that that destroying a major American city is probably not going to be good long term for the future of the United States of America for our freedom you know whether you live in literally ground zero like I do you know right across the street from a migrant shelter right off of Michigan Avenue if you can picture this Charlie I know you can the magnificent mile right but you know whether even if you live in the suburb of Chicago or even anywhere in the midwest you should realize okay I don't think you have to be a military intelligence officer to realize that these migrants are not just going to stay in the Gold Coast Hotel even though it's a pretty good deal you know I know a lot of Americans homeless vets and others that would probably jump at the opportunity but you know they're going to venture out and this is not going to bode well for the midwest you know Chicago's the economic engine of the midwest as you know if Chicago fails the midwest fails America fails this is not you know so this whole idea of you know Chicago gets what it deserves which I've been hearing by the way like for the last 20 years from Republicans and conservative leaders telling me whenever I said you know rang the alarm bell hey have you heard about this guy the state senator Barack Obama you know um you know they were they almost took glee in telling me Chicago gets what it deserves well guess what America is going to be is going to pay the price for this not not just not Chicago Chicagoans are oddly well adapted to chaos to violent crime to uh you know to corrupt politicians um you know uh we are oddly well adapted to this I'm not 100 sure that the suburbs of Chicago are yeah no I the color counties I don't think are ready for this so so here's my question though what is the breaking point what why are people still putting up with this I just the people of Chicago that I grew up with are decent and they are hard working but this is so past the I mean so the answer to my own question is why are they putting up with it because they're in Naples Florida now or they're in scottsville right I mean I think anyone that has the and you excluded but the the gusto the testosterone the spirit to fight tyranny they're now my neighbors in Arizona is there some truth to that there's a lot of truth to that and the survival instinct in my own brain is telling me to run from the violent criminals the migrants the corrupt politicians and the straight-up lunatics but the reporter in me is telling me to uh that Chicago is the opportunity of a lifetime okay uh you know we have uh been reporting on what I call the migrant money shell game at reporter william j it's like uh it's like 20 20 Pulitzer prizes waiting to happen um you know we've got these uh you know like I said the democrat national convention is coming to town uh so we're uh you know I'm I'm definitely going to I'm gonna be here god willing uh reporting with the uh with the violent criminals the migrants the corrupt politicians uh and uh until the fine until the the final act what is Brandon Johnson saying oh well he has a solution Charlie haven't you heard he's got a one-word solution to violent crime reparations he says that if if you would just be willing to pay the violent criminals reparations for slavery then he might consider addressing violent crime in the city of Chicago which by the way um if you refresh your screen literally yeah I mean you you get literally a blister on your finger refreshing the screen uh uh there's a a horrific crime that when you and I were you know uh kids would have been like the the crime of the century now it's the crime of the you know of the moment in the city of Chicago the one-day crime uh and it's always a violent repeat offender it's always by the way someone who is usually out on a gun charge now you know governor Pritzker is uh just literally uh his he just had a a a what he calls an assault weapon ban in the uh in the state of Illinois it went into effect on new year's day on legal gun owners right law law-abiding gun owners but yet the violent repeat offenders are always out on on a gun charge committing new crimes and posting photos of themselves on social media holding up um you know ars with extended magazines so uh you know the only people in the city of Chicago or the state of Illinois now uh that seem to be uh the only punishable offense in the state of Illinois is to be uh a reporter asking an elected official a question that's the first one uh and uh or a legal gun owner there were 646 homicides and 3700 3077 shootings uh in Chicago last year alone it is far more dangerous than people realize William how do people support your work and follow what you're doing well i never would have thought as a reporter that i would need a legal defense fund charlie but as you know uh lightfoot uh i i'm in federal i'm still in federal court lightfoot uh uh revoked my media credential uh so uh reporter there's a legal defense fund there i intend to report all the way through the dnc convention in august and and beyond and um i and anytime you're in town let me know we will uh we'll go on uh on a tour of chicago yeah in an armored vehicle with lots of armed cars during the middle of the day william thank you so much great work thank you god bless you thank you it's not a joke i don't feel safe in downtown chicago anymore it is so sad it's so tragic you got these thugs that are running the streets it's not it's not fun you talk to i got i text the chicago police they say they don't come here do not come to downtown chicago hey everybody charlie kirk here are you tired of not getting a good night's sleep well my friend mike lindell has created the perfect solution he didn't just stop 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want to just elaborate on this you know growing up in chicago it is such a tragedy what's happened there chicago growing up had this vibe this energy that has just completely been sucked out of it and it's not covid i think back to when barack hussein obama became president in 2008 and grant park was filled up as far as the eye could see i think back to even 2011-2012 it still had this appeal and it has become a laughing stock for the rest of the country i was proud to be from chicago you know people laugh at me when i say i'm from chicago i kid you not i say yeah i'm from chicago and they say oh yeah right so now i'm from the suburbs of chicago you say really it is it is without a doubt now considered one of the hell holes of america and that's too bad because it's probably it's not that bad in the suburbs and there's still some amazing people there and i have some great friends there but what is the reason that chicago has fallen apart what is the reason multifaceted number one self-inflicted without a doubt but honestly it was weak republicans that set the set the baseline for this weak and corrupt republicans governor edgar many others and it was a cause set in motion for many years that people refused to make the tough and the necessary decisions in illinois an unfunded pension problem which then led to high taxes and big government type spending and mike madigan being speaker of the house for nearly 40 years illinois is about 15 years ahead of washington dc it's the same sort of mentality no concern about cutting spending it's all victim politics 646 homicides there's 646 homicides in the city of chicago the vast majority of which and i'm talking about 78 of them are black victims and black perps and 17 are hispanic victims and hispanic perps so for those of you keeping score at home in chicago there's 646 murders 3.9 of them involve white people and yet the leader of chicago mayor johnson is worried about white supremacy well mayor johnson why don't you try to improve why don't you try to improve the cultural dynamics the family dynamics of black culture in chicago because they're never interested in that they're interested in blaming the white guy in fact look at this piece of tape here mayor johnson goes out and he says it's an attack on people of color he says that it's because that we're black they hate us no you're just you're a marxist you're a terrible gut you're a terrible mayor he's worse than lightfoot who is worse than tiny dancer ramah manual chicago is this very very tragic story and it is in a complete and total death spiral who actually wants to live in chicago by the way property values are down and property taxes are coming up and it could be solved by the way that's what's so tragic about this it could be solved if a leader came in and was serious about cleaning up the streets and increasing a police force the people of chicago are tough there it is that's chicago 3 777 people shot 646 total homicides only 3.9 percent of the assailant by the way this is so funny so uh this is this is a fact so there were 646 murders how many assailants in chicago are white out of 646 murders four four so there's 646 homicides and four of them are white people and yet all you hear about is white supremacy and white supremacy and white men and four of the assailants how many of the assailants were black 59 and also notice the discrepancy between assailants and victims most go unsolved by the way just we don't know they just don't even look into it they don't care it's so fixable and yet we're lectured that we live in a racist country and we need reparations and we need redistributing wealth and we need all this sort of stuff chicago is a test case and these lies have real consequences which is why we're doing the show that we're going to be doing monday these lies unchecked result in tragic murder bloodshed all right i want to tell you about herzog herzog foundation is amazing i want you guys to check it out right now we've been talking about how our nation's public schools have been captured by progressive ideologues teaching things that directly contradict the values of millions of american families for those of you worried about the best educational path for your kids and grandkids i'm pleased to announce our new partnership with the folks at the herzog foundation they are the trusted source of american k-12 private education with a remarkable suite of resources for parents and grandparents from their online publication of the lion through the new podcast making the leap herzog foundation offers a wide range of advice and information for christian parents to learn more about how your family and faith and community can flourish through a quality christian education go to that is h-e-r-z-o-g okay joining us now is mike bends mike does a great job mike welcome to the program so there's a lot going on here i've said for a while that taylor swift is an op i mean we have the kansas city swifties that are playing on saturday night on a pay off after a paywall peacock with uh travis kelsey now for us it was just the gut feeling and i was half kidding i said all the time i said i was half kidding this thing feels so forced and i remember i was at a grocery store recently and every single magazine was tailored so i said this is just so over the top this is just out of control and then travis kelsey has the most commercials i've ever seen any human being ever have i mean he has like experian he has pfizer he has state farm i mean you can't get away from it i said the guy's good but he's not that good and so the whole thing feels like an op but you stumbled upon some tape and some documents that suggests that the masters of the universe actually proposed taylor swift being an op to fight for democracy walk us through it yeah so this is pretty crazy so my antenna stick about taylor was up coming into last week because uh taylor swift made a video a couple months back complaining that her discography had been purchased by the carlisle group and the soros family now the carlisle group was the private equity arm of the iraq war they were this sort of um cheney rumsfeld you know a sort of finance profiteering arm of that there's a lot of ink that's been spilled about the uh the war machine around the carlisle group so i thought oh that's that's a little odd that the carlisle group would be investing in the rights of taylor swift because we've seen many times in history the music industry being used as an instrument of statecraft i've gone through this history you know many times for my timeline for example all the way back from jazz diplomacy in the 1940s when the state department was using black jazz musicians as state assets in order to to get sovereign african nations after world war ii to come around to the u.s versus russia uh same thing with the congress for cultural freedom where the cia used to sponsor uh classical music conferences in um in paris and in rome during the cold war and then in berlin and in uh in east in west germany during the during the during the cold war when it came to punk rock uh and and then even all the way down to rap music the um the cuban revolution in 2020 in that summer the the theme song for that revolution was the was this song called patria evita which was which was a song that was created by a group called the santa cedar movement who was a cuban black rapper gang that was incubated by the national endowment for democracy which is a cia cut out so you so there's there's this long history that taylor swift sort of enters the picture in and when i saw that she was her her discography was purchased by the carlisle group and she actually had to re-record her own songs last year just to have rights to her own music because the war machine had bought her original one i thought uh oh uh taylor swift is an instrument of statecraft they're using her the same way they've used so many others that's all sort of setting the stage for for last week so i was doing a research stream for um folks who folks who follow me i was doing this sort of three-hour deep dive going through a nato psychological operations conference on um on social media censorship from 2019 and that's not hyperbole or overstatement when i say this the it's it's the official youtube channel something called the nato center of excellence in riga latvia now you have to understand in in 2014 after the crimea annexation nato decided that war had changed and it was no there's no longer any such thing as conventional war now they weren't expecting the 2022 events to happen in terms of a hot war from with with russia at that point nato had never had to fire a defensive bullet despite having been around since 1949 and they had never had to actually use one of their own tanks you know i mean they've obviously been a part of air you know air raid things with with yugoslavia and libya and whatnot but uh they decided in 2014 that war had become a hybrid of the kinetic and the psychological essentially that war was mostly now about political warfare than about kinetic warfare and so they underwent a shift to create these so-called centers of excellence in strategic communications and in psychological operations in order to make sure that the internal political systems of eastern europe were buffered against russia so to speak but of course the catch for this is that any right-wing populist group that was nato skeptic or euro skeptic or one in cheap russian gas was deemed to be if so facto a uh backed by the russians and therefore the purview of these centers of excellences to censor on social media and i'll give you a great example none other than our friend jack pasoviec was featured on the cover of the atlantic council's february 2018 defending disinformation against democracy against disinformation cover when um when the atlantic council who has seven cia directors on its board and bills itself as nato's think tank uh did a network a narrative network analysis and said that jack pasoviec was the number one influencer for promoting marine lapin online and the atlantic council determined that marine lapin in france who was opposing macron and lost in the nail biter 5248 election uh was backed by the russians because she wanted the north stream 2 pipeline up and running and she wanted cheap russian gas as opposed to the all the uh expensive american alternative and so as a result you essentially had the cia cia cutouts making the argument that jack pasoviec needed to be censored on twitter because of his outside influence in propping up um a a french political candidate who uh who was positive on russian energy so you see how this whole thing gets corrupted but essentially in this and i'll i'll i'll wind you home now to the taylor swift aspect of this so we're watching this presentation and it's it's hosted formerly by nato's psychological operations center and the people who are the panelists are all war machine people and psychological operations people in particular it's renee de resta who started her career in the cia and who went on to be the chief architect in many respects of the 2020 censorship of of mail-in ballots it was her work through the stanford internet observatory the election integrity partnership who targeted you personally charlie renee de resta at eip literally had you charlie kirk as the uh as the uh one of the top 21 quote repeat misinformation spreaders delegitimizing mail the use of mail-in ballots and they put you in a grid to take you out and so she's on this panel and again at the time it wasn't known that she began her career in the cia so was uh so was someone from the 88 the 77th brigade for british military intelligence but it turned out the speaker for this particular clip worked at graphica you know graphica started its uh its operations as part of the maneuver initiative which is the psychological warfare research center of the pentagon they got a they got seven million dollars in grants from the pentagon to do psychological operations work and this woman from the pentagon's a private psyops firm is pitches at the nato psyops conference to use people like taylor swift and she said i'll be clear she said people like taylor swift but she had taylor swift's image on there she said we've worked with taylor swift in the past when we had her do get out the vote campaigns and we had when we had her work with the cdc potentially nato could work with her or other people like her when it comes to helping nato's brand and doing psychological operations related to nato war efforts so you have and it was her picture and on the screen as she's doing this presentation is talking about how she can be trained to echo the messaging that will be useful to the sponsor the sponsor being nato psychological operation all right let's play cut 164 here is the tape let's play cut 164 so the first one that's the most famous um and the most um most common is working with famous people um we're main influencers to share uh information a particular message so i include taylor swift in here because are you kidding me center of excellence the nato center of excellence in 2019 taylor swift who i probably rage posted about 1400 times about as a geopolitical instrument of statecraft because her ip discography was purchased by the carlisle group the carlisle group the private equity arm of the iraq war with dick cheney on its board and the entire halliburton texas west texas oil mafia so the so we have all these kind of different pieces together what what is the taylor swift op because there's obviously somebody is either using or deploying taylor swift for a reason i mean and then by the way we must understand she's been less political to be perfectly fair in recent years but the last time she was political was she's very very upset that roe versus wade was repealed she sent out a tweet on that and she also just crying like a hysterical little girl got went into a tantrum because she saw an advertisement for marshall blackburn it's worth playing play cut 162 really is a big deal she votes against against fair pay for women she votes against the reauthorization of the of the violence against women act which is just basically protecting us from domestic abuse stalking stalking she votes she thinks that that if you're a gay couple or even if you look like a gay couple you should be allowed to be kicked out of a restaurant it's really basic human rights and it's right and wrong at this point and i can't see another commercial and see her disguising these policies behind the words tennessee christian values those aren't tennessee christian values i live in tennessee i am christian that's not what we stand for okay do you want me to go out for this at this minute is that okay so so basically yes okay so let's just let's just start like right away with with with her recent political involvement that is true that she's not one of these kind of you know oprah winfrey type people who's constantly sort of going off making news cycles about her politics but she actually was very influential in the 2020 election she not only did this big baking cookies for biden drive and was highly public for several months about about going out to vote for biden but she actually did the the voter recruitment voter drive turnout so much so that uh that msn actually published a piece only a week and a half ago calling taylor swift the quote secret weapon of the biden administration to get young people to turn out to vote for him so this is one of these things where precisely because of what you said that she's not hyper political in any sort of constant sense that it's almost like either strong beliefs loosely held that is she doesn't necessarily really believe she's not a real big vibrance but she'd be turned on for it if i wanted to create an op if i did i would have the most popular woman of the year singer date date a popular midwestern tight end for the kansas city chiefs it just it's a it's an op made in heaven all right mike please continue and uh also just remember she's not overly political but she did a little biden thing passively in 2012 i want to be very clear she was you know in favor biden put up the biden cookie thing please keep going yeah and then you have the fact that she's in the middle of the largest tour in human history right now this era's tour it has the gdp of a top 50 you know country and uh she is doing this tour which again we know that these large concert tours have often been instrumentalized for for dod purposes as i mentioned just now in the iraq and afghanistan example um with the with miles copeland down rumsfeld and here you have the same don rumsfeld network the carlisle group who personally purchased uh taylor swift's discography two years ago but then beyond that you have the fact that taylor swift's music if you actually look at its geographic penetration has been uh it it's at its highest globally right now in india pakistan and the philippines now i find this very very curious because um all three of these countries are are have in-process regime change operations from the state department in pakistan for example um uh you have the case of imran khan who was who had came out there was a state department cable promising the military establishment in pakistan uh sanctions relief and economic rewards if they went forward with this no confidence vote that got him as the democratically elected leader of pakistan uh kicked out of office and then they donald trumped him he was subject to over 190 criminal charges um and and as well as arrested for hate speech and many other things uh all because of his position in defying essentially the the uh the pentagon cia uk brussels uh uh war machine when it came to everything from uh from the ukraine russia war they very decidedly sided not with ukraine on that i'll say um is as well as uh purchasing the the oil and arms on a continuing basis from russia to maintain their economy same thing with modi in india i've written extensively about uh about the biden administrations and and state department's efforts to try to regime change modi from india and as well as in the philippines it was the 2016 election in the philippines that preceded brexit and that preceded the trump election that it was the the original um crisis uh of the national security state and wanting to control and censor social media because the wrong people are getting elected the philippines doesn't really have its own that there's also this element to this and if so let's just say they were building and building and building again there's a lot of suspicion we're half kidding with her being a central intelligence agency op and all that i'm half kidding but there's something there's something here right whether it be the the creative arts agency caa whether it be there there's something here that is synthetic and forced and all of us feel it and you know you've done a great job of laying out some of the other data points that might kind of figure it and look she's unbelievably popular she was person of the year i've never seen a celebrity have an attachment with her fans it's it's absolutely unbelievable she deserves credit for that and it's something that then could be used and deployed so let's just about as quick as you can mike if she were to then be deployed as a democrat get out the vote operation what would that look like what would the steps that need to fall into place if that were to be true well we know for well i should note this was not in the clip from the the from the nato from that two-minute thing i clipped from the three-hour stream but actually in that very conference that uh that the the pentagon psyops person went on to cite the empirical statistical data points around the effectiveness of taylor swift in her get out the vote operations in seasons past and so they so we know that was not only like a hypothetical thing they might do she literally said specifically taylor swift because studies have shown that when she says to get out the vote then millions of young people do it and we we we know that the young people tend to vote overwhelmingly for the establishmentarian candidate pushed by the media both in the u.s and in europe so you know i don't think nato has this charitable drive to uh just try to get every person in the country to vote as out of civic duty i think they want their own puppet candidates to win the elections and so young people voted for macron young you know young people overwhelmingly voted for biden you know young young people voted you know uh primarily against against brexit and so i think that when they say get out the vote and taylor swift is effective at that and here's studies showing that at a nato psychological operations unit and it's and it's the pentagon the us side that's pushing that um you know that that to me is is all you need to say that because yeah something goes all the way up just it just feels forced and it is my hope that taylor swift sticks to just doing music i i think it's going to be bad for her brand i mean not that i want to give her advice she she she stayed away from a lot of this stuff i hope she does this coming fall but we better be on guard because she could be an unbelievable asset for biden and the democrat party thanks mike bents really appreciate it thanks so much for listening everybody email us as always freedom at thanks so much for listening god bless for more on many of these stories and news you can trust go to
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