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Is China Going To War?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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January 11, 2024 5:00 am

Is China Going To War?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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January 11, 2024 5:00 am

Xi Jinping says that China WILL be reunified with Taiwan. Is that bluster, or a threat? And if it is a threat, how soon will China be ready to act? Gordon Chang joins to argue that growing turbulence inside China is pushing the country's government toward war to save itself. Plus, Charlie gives goes in-depth on how the left weaponizes "fake altruism" to manipulate the public into accepting an endless immigration flood that is wrecking our cities, schools, and even airports.


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Hey everybody, today on The Charlie Kirk Show, a comprehensive immigration discussion, how our values get used against us that segues really nicely to a conversation we have with Gordon Chang.

China is going to war. Let me talk about that. Email us as always freedom at and subscribe to our podcast. Get involved with Turning Point USA at

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Buckle up everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campuses. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created. Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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Go to There is this one liner I hear often. We are a nation of immigrants. We are a nation of immigrants.

It's partially true, but it's not totally true. There are separate, there are distinct types of people that come to a nation. An immigrant is an individual that comes to a nation that is largely already constituted, has laws, has a system of government established, has cities, has a place that already is built. A settler comes to a largely non-established country. A settler comes to a barren land, a place of opportunity.

You have to build something new. So it's more accurate to say that America was first a nation of settlers. When the first pilgrims came to Plymouth Rock, when the first pilgrims came to the colonies, it was a largely non-established country. State constitutions had to be composed. Local governments had to be formed. Traditions had to be established. Where did they get those ideas from? They got them from the biblical canon. They got them from the great books. They got them from what was still bubbling up and is now known as the western tradition. We're a nation first and foremost of settlers, settlers that went west.

Settlers that went west to the once barren deserts of Arizona and Utah, the barren deserts of Nevada and California, the barren deserts of Oregon and Washington. Now the way they tell the story is that anyone that was a settler was a colonialist and was a murderer and a terrible person, even though we, the settlers, those people that came and descended from those individuals, built the most decent, prosperous, generous, and greatest civilization a nation ever to exist in the history of the planet. Now immigrants, of course, can and they have the potential to enrich a society.

No one denies that. Reading Elon Musk's book and studying him closely, I can say that Elon Musk has enriched America. Elon Musk is a unique person and if you can get an Elon Musk once every 10 years, you're a very blessed country. However, there is this false idealism that has set in that all immigrants are going to be like Elon Musk, that all people coming to the country are going to embrace western values and western traditions.

And now we know over the last couple decades that is not the case. Assimilation must be key. It must be core to who we are and we must also be honest of when you start bringing so many people into the nation that your own citizens are not put first. So any immigration policy must first start with what is best for the people already here.

Period. Not what is some abstract false moral goal or aim of well we must be generous or we must be benevolent. Those things are nice but if you do not prioritize your own nation, your own citizenry, then all of it is completely irrelevant. That's number one.

That's number one. What is best for the native born? What is best for the American citizen? This is one of the main arguments, one of the superpowers behind Donald Trump's political campaign is America first. Is we're going to put our own citizens first. Secondly, running up against some of these kind of core beliefs, when do you then reach the limit?

This is why I laugh when some people say well you know I'm an atheist or I'm a secularist. You might think you are but at some point you have guiding principles that you consider to be good or bad. I want to know what those principles are and so the people of Chicago or the people in New York they pride themselves on being open-minded and diversity is our strength and being welcoming and something that needs to be repeated is of course we've gone through the great replacement reality we know that's happening is that the once great cities are becoming third world dumping grounds and the most evil elites they are using our own compassion against us. What has been a unique characteristic of our history being the most generous the most benevolent and the most compassionate country ever to exist that is a core value we are now being taken advantage of this is used in the trans debate this is used in immigration especially which is they use the misapplication of scripture or Christian values and say well don't you care for the least of these don't you care for this this is at O'Hare International Airport completely overrun this is weaponized fake altruism and they keep on making you compare up against well aren't you compassionate don't you love these people this is at O'Hare International Airport one of the largest airports on the planet that is just being completely overrun it is a dumping ground for the third for the third world we must be willing to say that we prioritize the homeland first and I don't care what names you call me there is nothing compassionate loving altruistic to take over O'Hare International Airport and it gets even worse at Hamilton High School in New York this just goes to show how weak the American citizen has become where is the breaking point we don't know there are schools that are being taken over by illegals in the city of New York students are being told that they have to go back to online classes why they have to go back to online classes because illegals are taking over their kids schools there are so many foreigners now in the city of New York so many foreigners in Texas so many foreigners in Arizona 12 to 15,000 people a day they have to take over the social services of American citizens how is that enriching our country are they going to share our values are they going to assimilate you cannot have mass migration at these levels from countries that don't primarily share our values and this is where the thought crime comes in everybody this is why when we used to preference European countries it worked because the European countries had similar books texts goals principles that we in the West share Blackstone Locke the Bible the principles of the Ten Commandments you run into major issues when you have mass migration from countries where they don't always have the same values you run up against a mass assimilation problem you become a nation of strangers now of course the people Martha's Vineyard don't want them the people the Hamptons don't want them and good for them for not wanting them because I wouldn't want them in my neighborhood either but the point of course is they're the ones that are designing and they are the architects of these policies because these are nothing more than pawns in a massive replacement game in California California has lost over a million native borin Americans in the last 18 months but they are replacing them with a million third-worlders immigration can enrich a country immigration can also impoverish a country when was the last time you heard anybody in leadership say that the way that we have been hypnotized to believe is that immigration is nothing more than a net positive it can be but like all things it can be misapplied misused it can be an advantage or it can be suicidal it is not necessarily good or bad it's what you do with it it's how you use it and in this case it is being used as a pocket knife on the throat of the American republic slowly slitting our throat we're obsessed with it like a cult and we're afraid to even call it out because we've been told that diversity is our strength hey everybody I want to introduce you to the artillery tea company artillery tea is the premium tea for freedom loving patriots I drink tea every day and artillery tea company is the brand that I choose why their tea is whole leaf for a more full-bodied flavor plus you can brew each bag twice which gives you 30 cups per tin they got all the flavors you want earl grey peach apricot green tea chamomile mint and many others the best part is a portion of all sales is donated to veterans and first responders visit right now and support these guys not only do they make the best teas on the market in my opinion but you're also supporting veterans and first responders through every single purchase right now they're offering 25 off your first order so visit and enter promo code America's tea to receive your discount that's enter promo code America's tea to get 25 off your first order for a limited time only what if I told you that foreigners who live in your land will gain more and more power while you gradually lose yours they will have money to lend you but you will have none to lend them in the end they will be your rulers oh those aren't my words that's just one of the last things that Moses said in his farewell address in Deuteronomy 28 43 one of the least appreciated verses of the Torah where the open border Christian crowd ignores the fact and the context and the weight of what Moses was saying Moses knew he was not going into the promised land he was telling the next generation guys here are the things that you must be concerned about the things you must be the cautionary tale and as you're about to enter the line the land of milk and honey as you're about to continue and establish the nation of Israel as you're about to go into the land of Canaan be very careful about the foreigners who live in your land and they will gain power over you if every pastor in the country even quoted that verse we would have a much more balanced immigration conversation in this country i want to continue the immigration thing but this is some breaking news i can't help it canaco i follow them very closely on both telegram and on twitter they're they're terrific and they've been on this and apparently the white house visitor logs are public and you can get them now it turns out that there were a fair amount of visitors to the white house council's office in fact there were people in latisha james office and latisha james she also visited the white house now she was part of a big party for one of them but this is starting to become awfully suspicious you got latisha james which to be perfectly honest is more explicable than big fanny willis let's just be honest she is the attorney general of one of the largest states in the country that makes more sense that big fanny but then you also have nathan wade at some point how many black law enforcement officers that are going after donald trump make their way to the white house council's office i mean alvin bragg is the only one that we're waiting for by the way can we get some subpoenas everybody don't minimize this remember how significant it was when we learned that loretta lynch the attorney general of the united states left her private jet to go on a private jet with bill clinton for 45 minutes on the tarmac of phoenix sky harbor international airport something that we only know because of a reporter who tragically committed suicide about a year and a half and two years ago which tends to happen if you report negative news against the clintons poor guy actually messaged him on twitter and then he killed himself we only know it because of a single reporter and he says oh we were just talking about golf and grandkids and then days later loretta lynch comes out and she says that we are going to pursue no criminal charges against hill dog no criminal charges don't minimize how important it is optically and from a narrative standpoint to establish meetings time place and manner and it puts them in a box remember we're dealing with treacherous snakes we're dealing with snakes they're gonna try to slither away out of it oh we never talked about this but then when you have a time place and manner billable hours latisha james nathan wade big fanny willis it becomes harder for these serpents in the grass to slither away to use orwellian doublespeak and to lie to us and to gaslight us it becomes nearly impossible and that's what happened remember loretta lynch and bill clinton they never wanted that meeting to be made public they thought they would get away with it but a single reporter god bless him he killed himself he reported on the whole thing he wrote a book about it too he wrote a whole book about it and no one wanted him to publish this story and he did it anyway and really sad tragic story and he goes and he says hey these guys met and it blew up the whole narrative bill clinton and loretta lynch never wanted that to become public because at the very least it became the number one news story in the fall of 2016 that hillary clinton via her husband husband bill clinton was still running the government and loretta lynch was either either giving a heads up coordinating and you're trying to tell me that the attorney general of the united states went on a private jet and just talked to a former president whose wife is currently running for the president is under criminal investigation by the fbi and the department of justice for destroying classified information and they're just talking about golf and grandkids it's a lie everyone knew it was a lie and the fact we knew about the meeting was the thread was the cause set in motion that led towards the inevitable political deterioration of hillary clinton in the fall of 2020 uh 2016 we are on to something everybody republicans in georgia and in congress you need to get off their fanny and go after fanny are you feeling overwhelmed this christmas season trust me i get it november and december demands end of your tasks holiday preparation gift shopping and family get-togethers they can be a relentless source of stress we'll breathe easy because stress guardian is here to help it's the latest scientific breakthrough from by optimizers the geniuses behind magnesium breakthrough it's packed with a blend of 14 aptogenetic herbs that help reduce your stress naturally granting you control over christmas stress the daily use stress guardian becomes your personal shield against seasonal tension enhancing both your mental and physical well-being say goodbye to just surviving this holiday season thrive instead with stress guardian to get a head start on your holiday stress go to stress guardian dot com slash kirk and use promo code kirk 10 for 10 off your first order by optimizers is so confident in their products that they offer a risk-free 365 day money-back guarantee visit the secret to peace on earth this holiday season go to stress guardian dot com slash kirk now joining us now is gordon cheng author of a very important book i want to direct your attention to china is going to war by gordon cheng gordon thank you for joining the program the top story i want to have you navigate is the taiwanese election when is it and what is the significance here the election is on the 13th of this month saturday and we have three candidates one of them who is leading is the pro taiwan candidate vice president william wye of the democratic progressive party and the two others are sort of pro china and the more important of those two is ho yen yi of the guomindang the kmt or nationalist party that's the party that wants good relations with china that wants to integrate the taiwan and chinese economies and when you have that integration that can only benefit the communist party in china so there's a lot on the line here yeah so is there suspicion that one of these parties is actually an attache of the chinese communist party almost an intelligence asset well the guomindang and and the communist party they fought a civil war which um shankai shek basically lost in 1949 both of them believe in one china that taiwan is part of china now they have different views of what one china is um but there are many in the kmt who basically want to surrender to beijing now the good news charlie is that most people in taiwan don't want that i mean you can very very few um but the few who do want it are in powerful positions in the kmt the thing about taiwan is it's a democratic polity and you have basically no less than 60 usually about 80 of people in self-identification surveys say they're taiwanese only you never have more than seven percent and usually under five percent in these surveys who say they are chinese only and so the taiwanese they they want good relations with beijing you know everybody does in a sense but they'd say look we are not china so even if one of the pro-china candidates gets elected on saturday um they'd be very hard to surrender taiwan but that's not to say there's not going to be trouble because beijing is going to basically is demanding annexation now and whoever is elected whether it's william ly uh the vice president or whether it's one of these other two beijing is going to just gonna huff and puff and it is going to create tension so this is going to be a rough period whoever gets elected on saturday is there there are rumblings that the chinese communist party based on the results might make a move for taiwan can you walk through though how that it's a little bit oversimplified to say that it's a geographically tricky island huge cliffs it is difficult to do an amphibious ground invasion it wouldn't necessarily it it sounds easier than it actually is do you see any first walk through that and then secondly do you see any evidence that the chinese communist party might try a military maneuver based on the results of the election um the i'll answer your second question first um yes i think that they might actually do so uh everything you said is right there you know the main island of taiwan is about 110 miles away from mainland china and there's a big body of water it is difficult to navigate it would be a combined airland sea operation something that china has never done in its history um but there are islands of taiwan that are no more than a mile and a half two miles from um chinese ports there's kinmen and matsu um and some people worry that china instead of being able to gobble up everything might decide to grab one of these outlying islands which would be a relatively easy maneuver for them to do right now in china china's a mess um it's not just that the economy is grinding down the political system is in turmoil we don't know exactly what's going on charlie because there is the system's opaque but we're seeing symptoms that do not occur unless there is intense distress um so i don't think that the communist party at this point would launch a combined airland sea operation but it could very well stumble into war because c jimping now has i think a lot of domestic incentives to create trouble abroad and if there were trouble of any sort the communist party is in no mood to act reasonably with regard to anybody else including the united states so you mentioned a political turmoil can you elaborate on that it's really hard to get accurate information out of china i mean ji ji ping is projecting strength internationally what sort of domestic turmoil is is happening in the mainland of china a couple things um so for instance the foreign minister former foreign minister ching gong a favorite of c jimping was removed last year some people say that he is ked's committed suicide other people say he was executed um but he disappeared highly unusual for someone who was a c jimping protege the defense minister guy named general lee shang fu was last seen in public on august 29th he was not formally removed until october 24th his replacement was not named until december 29th we can't explain those long delays in the china's rocket force which is the branch of the china's military which controls almost all the country's nuclear weapons the top two commanders were relieved in the summer 70 rocket force people have been disappeared in the last half of last year um all sorts of other prominent people have been under a cloud and the most recent rumor is that a guy named lu who was the guy who negotiated with the trump administration on the phase one trade deal in january 2020 he's been missing now for three weeks and people say he's detained we can't confirm that but the point is i can go on for about an hour to tell you about all the people all the people who have either died or disappeared under very unusual circumstances that means the political system is clearly intense infighting but we don't know as you say it's an opaque system we don't know exactly what's going on but we know that it is serious so the big fear as you have told me and others is when the chinese people start to get anxious and they start to rumble are we seeing signs of that so we're obviously seeing as you have perfectly put through the kind of elite mystery of disappearances are we seeing the rank and file are we seeing the middle five to six hundred million people that are not in abject poverty but they own a little bit and they go to work they are the make or break population of china are they starting to view the ruling chinese communist party negatively are we seeing any developments in that regard we've seen a fair amount so beginning last of october and beginning through january there were a series of extraordinary protests in china some of them we had people in in shanghai expressing revolutionary sentiments um also in beijing about taking down the communist party but in general we know that people are extremely unhappy and it was not just the uh covet lockdowns um what we're seeing right now are china's people are basically opting out of society we know that because a lot of them are coming into our country through the open southern border um so that shows that chinese people have given up on their country part of it is because um the economy which was once growing at eight nine ten percent a year is probably not growing now and the property market um is collapsing property is important charlie because seventy percent seventy percent of the wealth of the chinese people is tied up in property and that property values have been plummeting and that has created a sense of gloom and pessimism across chinese society as they say kids are are laying flat in other words just getting out of society um the the phrase that is popular these days is quote let it rot and that tells you how the chinese people especially people in you know their 20s are viewing their own society so that that that's an important point the youth of china are they starting to rumble for regime change what does that even look like it's such a totalitarian country yeah it's not so much regime change although you know in in um in november of last year yeah there were regime change protests but it's more just opting out of society and and i'll give you a statistics which gives you a sense of where they are um in march of last year when the official unemployment rate was uh 19.7 percent for people in the 16 to 24 age cohort um it was really 46.5 according to a professor from peking university which is sort of like china's harvard um because um 16 million people in that cohort had decided that they could no longer look for work because they there was no work available so you're talking almost half of the um people in in the most productive uh age group just decided they were out of society and that number out of society and that number is probably worse now because there's been severe deterioration in the chinese economy from last march to today so right now you know it's just a sense of gloom and you know one of these one of these indicators of gloom is that the chinese people are just not wanting to have children they are that pessimistic traditional media is crumbling why because they're hiding something something big people are realizing they're being lied to left and right even by institutions they thought they could trust but you you've known the truth all along you also know that the time to prepare for what's coming is right now get started by going to my there you'll save 200 an essential three-month emergency food kit from my patriot supply over the years my patriot supplies help millions of american families prepare for emergencies and yours should be next sealed inside ultra durable packaging their delicious meals last up to 25 years in storage and provide over 2 000 calories daily eat right when things go wrong with these three-month emergency food kits from my patriot supply with 200 in savings you can get enough for each family member they deserve your protection go to my order by 3 p.m for free day shipping that is free same-day shipping go to my so gordon let me ask you what should the american policy be to exploit some of these weaknesses and to try and continue to be the world's superpower it what you're saying is that there are some domestic turmoil issues there is confusion there is discord there's disharmony what can we do from a policy standpoint economically strategically to exploit these weaknesses well we should cut off the blood supply to a regime that means us harm which means that we should not be allowing investment into chinese stocks we should be cutting off technical cooperation arrangements between the united states and china and to the greatest extent possible we should be stopping trade we should be trading with our friends rather than with an enemy an enemy that has actually not only declared a quote-unquote people's war on us but also has actually killed americans with fentanyl and with coven so we need to stop the money that is going to supporting the communist party and we have a limited opportunity to do that charlie so the question you asked is the critical one and it's the one that every american policy maker should be asking at this particular moment isn't one of the tricks or one of the challenges i should say the manufacturing is part of it but also the banking gaming casinos and sports telecom media that that's a huge issue and we get so fixated on textiles that they make our t-shirts and stuff that's actually offshoring slowly to vietnam to laos to cambodia to nicaragua to honduras that window is closing with with or without the pressure from the west the issue though is how many american elites have their billionaire lifestyle tied to cheap money flows from the chinese communist party a lot of them and and not all of them are democrats some of them are republicans um and some of the people in the american political establishment who you know propagate ccp narratives are are unfortunately republicans um so we've got a problem in both political parties so what we need to do is end to make sure that they don't have incentives to support the communist regime and that means cutting these economic ties um you know one other thing that we should be doing um and we should be doing this regardless um we should be getting you know the communist party out of our country so chinese nationals shouldn't be owning land um especially farmland in our country they shouldn't be involved in our banking sector because that is the core of the american economy you know we can go on and on um and we have just allowed china to establish these relationships deep into the united states and we just need to start cutting them one by one as quickly as we possibly can because we know that china means us harm this guy chen tian chao owns 198 000 acres of timberland in oregon did you see this story gordon that came out the other day he's the second largest foreign owner of u.s land and it's not just that he owns you know barren land in eastern oregon that doesn't do much this is highly productive valuable production of timber which is a core industry in oregon and in america where did we get so screwed up where we allow foreign adversaries to buy up our strategic minerals and advantages yeah that's that's an important question you know no american can own a square inch in china it's just not legally permitted so so why do we allow chinese nationals to own you know critical u.s resources why do we allow them to own any resources of our country this is just an issue of reciprocity and the night now is becoming an issue of necessity that is the theme they use our own values against us whether it be with immigration whether it be with economics we pride ourselves on being this open society and being a bastion of free marketeering and the bad guys they then push what might be an admirable quality in some sense to the limit and they invert it as a tool of suicide and take advantage of us and they call us chumps along the way thank you so much gordon great work thanks so much thank you charlie it's an important takeaway everybody we don't have time to build it out properly but the bad guys use our core values against us oh you're for freedom of speech then aren't you for drag queens gyrating in front of kids in libraries oh you're for an open society why wouldn't you want a chinaman to come in and buy all this farmland in oregon oh you're for generosity and compassion why wouldn't you want a bunch of third worlders flooding your airports they use our own values and push them to limits where they no longer become advantages they become impediments thanks so much for listening everybody email us as always freedom at thanks so much for listening and god bless for more on many of these stories and news you can trust go to
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