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The Gods of the Copybook Headings with Glenn Beck

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December 31, 2023 5:00 am

The Gods of the Copybook Headings with Glenn Beck

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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December 31, 2023 5:00 am

Water will wet. Fire will burn. Basic, enduring, self-evident truths are the building-blocks of civilization, and it is the rejection of those self-evident truths that are the bedrock of the left. Glenn Beck joins Charlie at Amfest to explain how America is headed toward tragedy because it is making the same mistake as states in the past...including the last German governments before the rise of Nazi Germany.

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Buckle up everybody here we go. Charlie what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the white house folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here. Brought to you by the loan experts I trust, Andrew and Todd at Sierra Pacific Mortgage at Glenn Beck.

How are you? Amazing speech. Oh thank you. For the audience that didn't catch it, try to capture some of the essence. What was, you know, you delivered a message of hope, you recited the declaration, had the audience do the same. The spirit of it was we have to be for something not just against and we cannot fight for the America that we love if we don't know the constitution and the declaration of independence. It is our mission statement.

We hold these truths to be self-evident and the constitution is our owner's manual. And like guys usually do, never read the instructions, never read the owner's manual. And I think we're treating Washington DC a little like the Apple store. It's not working. Can you fix this?

And we just go to the guys, you know, with the little name tags and they're like, oh yeah, yeah, we'll fix that and we'll charge you a thousand dollars for a new one. I mean, exactly. Cause we don't know even really most people, the three branches of government or who the Senate is supposed to serve, why we have only two years for the Congress. Why are they reelected so fast? These were all things that were put there for a reason. And because we failed to recognize that we needed to know those things and needed to watch those people. It has slowly morphed into something that it was never intended. I'm going to ask you a wonky question, but our audience is going to love it. Direct election of senators.

Was that one of the death blows that was kind of an educator audience on that? So the Congress is elected for two years because they're the only ones that are supposed to have their hands on the purse strings. They're the only ones that can enact taxes. They're the only ones that can take the money from you and spend the money. Everything is supposed, that doesn't happen anymore.

Everything is supposed to happen. And the reason why they have two years is because you want to vote them out. If they're raising your taxes, you want it to stop, get out.

Okay. Then that was to protect the people. The Senate was intended to protect the states. So they were not supposed to answer to, you know, why do I care about Chuck Schumer in New York? Or Cory Booker or Elizabeth Warren.

Any of them. Why do I care about them? It was supposed to be an anti-popularity contest. Exactly right. And they were actually chosen by the state legislatures. And their job was don't do anything. Don't allow them to do anything that is not in the best interest of our state. Okay. So you'll see already the whole, the legislative branch is made to stop things from happening. Okay. Stop.

Slow it down. The president's job is supposed to be the weakest of the three branches. His veto is not because I don't like it, but because it's unconstitutional. He's supposed to look at those things and say, this is not constitutional. I veto it.

Okay. That's not what the veto means now. And the last step you would think would be Supreme Court.

But that's not because that's the tyranny of the minority. And they also write laws now. Correct. The only reason why we have Obamacare is John Roberts saying, you got to write it this way and we're going to interpret it this way.

And nationalize gay marriage too. Correct. Obergefell.

Correct. So the Supreme Court, you're not supposed to have nine people deciding. We're all excited when they decide our way. The left is excited when they decide their way.

We shouldn't be excited. Those are nine people. Do you know where the original Supreme Court courtroom was? It was nine. Actually, I don't. It was nine.

Actually, I don't. In the basement of the Capitol. Where they belong. They never designed the Capitol to have the courtroom in there. They were such a small part of our government that they were like, yeah, find a space in the basement. And that's where they were until FDR. He built the grand building and made them into something that they're not supposed to be. Those are tyrants of the minority, the smallest minority, nine people.

The intelligentsia. So there's so much there I want to unpack, Glenn. So the direct election of senators is interesting to me for a variety of reasons. And I think you can be a really important voice here because you are, I would say, cautious about embracing populism. Is that fair to say? Yeah. There's a lot of populist elements in the conservative movement of which I embrace and I love. But then, you know, the voice of Glenn Beck that I was trained on 10 years ago, the talk radio kind of measures that. Yeah. So we should talk about that.

There's nothing inherently wrong with populism. There's not. As long as you have... Can you define it?

I'm sorry. Just for our audience. Define it? Populism. Like, is it the will of the majority? Is it... Yeah. The will of the majority. What's popular? You know, let's go this way.

Got it. That's as long as you have a government that has the checks and balances that are governed, that our founders put in there to slow it down. You know, you run to the Patriot Act, oh my gosh, they attacked the World Trade Center. We were all devastated by it. And even I was duped for a week on the Patriot Act. What the bad idea? But it was very popular. That's why they give them the names, the Patriot Act, the Inflation Reduction Act, which has nothing to do with that. Because it will appeal to the popular voice. It will appeal to the people. No. Government is not supposed to act on whims and on the popularity of something.

They are supposed to be much more measured. We can do things. You know, we forget our rights. All of the rights that are at the government, they belong to us. They're ours.

We loan them to them. They think that they're all their rights and they'll pick and choose which ones you get to exercise. That's a bastardization of the entire system. So populism is a catch-all term, right? Critics, some conservative critics would say, this is dangerous. You're doing just the left-wing thing. Explain populism. What's your definition?

Well, I mean, I'm being devil's advocate, you know, but they would say MAGA-ism, right? Pandering to the needs, wants and concerns of the masses. Overly pandering is creating...

He's not pandering. I mean, let me just say something about that kind of populism. Of course, I'm a big Trump guy.

I know, I know. And Trump, he's done great things. He's done other things. Policies, I think he's pretty good and strong. The way he just brings it on himself all the time is just so frustrating. However, with that being said, he's not pandering. You know what people like about Donald Trump?

That he actually cares about them. All over the world, I talked about this in the speech, all over the world, farmers are standing up and they're saying, what are you doing to me? You're killing me. You're putting me out of business. And then you're taking my farm from me.

For what? For something that I don't believe in, none of the farmers believe in. You know, the vast majority says they'd rather have food than, you know, 100 years down the road, or if that even happens, that we might have half a degree temperature raise. Nobody's listening to them. So Donald Trump, every time they punish him, the average person feels like he's the only guy that I may not agree with everything he does, but he's the only guy that is actually answering to me. He listens.

He listens. If that's populism, then I'm all in. Yeah. And what I'm getting at is, is there any fear that you have that we might get?

William Jennings Bryan-esque, you know, what they would consider populism in the early 20th century, which you've written extensively about, is there is that a concern you have that this metamorphosizes? It is why I put my speech together the way I did. I figured I wanted to make sure that we're anchored to the principles of the nation. Yes.

You know, if you are anchored. Look, I my first citizenship, I will not lose my first citizenship to save my second. OK, my first citizenship is the kingdom of God.

OK, it's eternal. That's the only one I really, truly care about now. As long as that's safe and fine and I don't do anything to lose that citizenship, I'll fight for my second citizenship in the way my first citizenship allows me to do. You know what I mean? But we have to be very, very careful that we don't lose our first citizenship fighting for the where I get nervous.

Tell me where you get nervous. That's what I want. Yeah, I want you to be the kind of voice in the room. Maybe we shouldn't do that. I've been waiting a long time for Martin Luther King. I have been waiting a long time for somebody long time for somebody to preach values and principles and how to stand up with no anger. It's really hard to do.

It was easy when I was saying it early, early on 2008 1011 1215. And people would say to me, What are you doing? Why are you even talking about this?

Why is Martin Luther King important? Because you're going to get to a place to where you are so angry. You just want to strike out.

That destroys all of us. January 6. Did we strike out? Or did they make it look like we strike? We struck out? I don't know.

Does it matter? If it happens again? It could all be FBI agents. You know, let's say the election goes, you know, or however goes awry, okay, one way or another. And they're all dressed in FBI uniforms.

Okay. And we've got there. We see them with their badges and their walkie talkies. And they go into the Capitol. And everybody says they just did it again. They'll hang anything on us. So two reasons, two things I'm worried about one, that we are disciplined, that we know what we fight for not against we fight for something. That's why the Declaration of Independence was so unique. It didn't start with you know what, King, you did this and this and this.

And I've had enough of that. They get there. But right, they do get their universal claim. Correct. eternal claim.

Yes. And when in the course of humanity, that has to happen first, okay, instead of a prerequisite to the complaints. Exactly right. In the end, by the way, is universal, too. It's a prayer to Jesus, the supreme judge of the world, which is Jesus. So it starts eternal and ends eternal.

And at the beginning, a specific bride, you know, broad, narrow, right. And the other thing I am concerned about is Alexander Dugan. Most people don't pay attention to Alexander, Treasury Secretary or Alexander Dugan.

I'm surprised you don't know. Alexander Dugan is called Putin's brain. Oh, he's the guy who's brokered the deal with Iran. He's the guy who had the Crimea plan.

He that's his plan. He's the guy who is is leading the charge of bricks. And also saying, the West is perverting everything of God. He's not a man of God. Putin's not a man Putin's not a man of God.

OK, it's evil. If you read any of his books, you should read the fourth political theory. I think you will read some of his books because they're written for Russia, but he translates and rewrites for America, too, and the West. And you'll read like the first chapter and you'll be like, this guy gets it.

He's right. But you have to understand he is he is a guy who believes in anarchy and literally the apocalypse. He says we have to be we have to go back before the Enlightenment. OK, that is the Enlightenment that caused all of this trouble. When we had the churches in charge, everything was fine and we were doing the work of Jesus.

He didn't believe in Jesus. OK, he's just a political machine. But he is he is capturing a large part of the Eastern Bloc. Now he's starting to capture Iran. So this is interesting.

Yes. And he's also he's also in our churches here in America. So not being familiar with him, but that sentiment. Let me play devil's advocate, because I don't know him, but I know Glenn. It's hard to disagree.

We have Democrat staffers filming gay sex in our capital. I know that's modernity. I know.

Doesn't it feel right to say, let's go back? I'm playing somewhat devil's advocate, right? Right. And I and you can understand that sentiment, right? Absolutely. That's why I say the debauchery, the degeneracy.

That's why I say it's clever. Right. You'll read the first chapter. You go, damn right. Damn right.

But the devil is in the details. OK, and that's why I'm concerned about populism. Let me ask you, who were the first who what books did they burn in Germany first? What books they burn in Germany first? Most people don't know this.

So don't feel bad if you don't know. So the first transgender surgery happened in 1926 in Weimar Republic. OK, if you look at the Weimar Republic, they are the United States of America today. They had all kinds of books about transgenderism. This this guy had to have so many surgeries by 1929 when the doctor stuffed a uterus in the man because he's a woman. OK, it killed him.

It killed him. OK, but they were preaching exactly the same thing in the Weimar Republic, which is why people are easily say, but it's an absolute lie. It was a Christian thing. Hitler was Hitler was a Christian. That's Christianity. No, it's not.

No, it's not. But when Hitler came out, the churches, which had already been lost, they were dead inside. The churches were so upset of what was going on. They saw this little man as a way to get those books. They were in the schools. They were in the universities. So the brown shirts, the first book burnings were from the University of Sexology. OK, that was preaching homosexuality, transgenderism, gender fluidity, all of that stuff. Those books were found in our children's in our children's libraries, in the schools.

If you were a German, OK, exactly the same thing. And the churches were like, turn the other way. It's OK. It's OK, because we're going after this. This is against God's word against. And they they lost they lost themselves in it.

So the devil's in the details. Yes, you feel that way. Yes, I wanted out of my schools. I wanted I want I'm not I'm not a book burner myself. I thought we all learned that lesson in the past, but I am for a return to. As I called in my speech, the simple laws of God, you know, if I'm a big fan of Rudyard Kipling, the gods of the copybook headings, are you familiar with it?

Not very. So he talks about copybook headings used to be and we did. Well, I did them in my age. When you were in grade school and your first learning to write, it would say water will wet, fire will burn. And it was printed up at the top of the copy head.

And then you would copy that. And those things were never controversial. It was water is wet.

OK, everybody can agree on that. Rudyard Kipling went through this back in the 19 teens. And by 1920, after World War One, he was like, we're in trouble.

And it's because we abandoned and abandoned the things we know to be true, always universally true. Water will wet, fire will burn. And he talks in this poem. And he talks in this poem. It's a fantastic poem.

I wish I had my my iPad with me. He talks about how it is you're you're conned. You're conned into all these beautiful things that pigs have wings and wishes or horses and the gods of the market will give it all to you. OK. And then they'll promise you all kinds of things like perpetual peace.

But once you give them your arms, they sell you bound and bound and gag to your enemy. OK. But in the end, when the gods of the markets withdraw and as it says, the smooth tongue wizards withdraw the gods of the market with with terror and fire return and explain it one more time as it was in the beginning, it will be again in the future.

And it sets itself right. All we have to do is set ourselves back to the basics. And it's the basics in America is not a church state. OK.

It is a state. Our founders said this system is wholly inadequate for a religious or immoral society. Well, that's us. We've got to encourage each other. And if the government does anything encourage by releasing all of their charitable stuff that they do, please relieve us of all your charity, the United States government and what you're doing around the world. That's not charity. That's a horror show. What you're doing, enslaving people here in America is a horror show. Give it back to the people.

So we have a chance to serve God by serving others. The what you're hitting on and it's going to be it's going to come to a head on the right. It might not come to a head in 2024 is that I would say that a majority of a majority, but a growing group of people, they they're not huge fans of modernity. So this they would agree with, you know, the Alexander.

Yeah. But what would what would your defense of modernity be? Because we have more people killing themselves, more divorces, more to like what? How are you defining modernity? Post Machiavelli?

I would say it's postmodernism. OK. That's what's killing us. That's fair. So post Derrida. Yeah. So it's a reject. Yes. Yeah. It's the rejection of tradition. It's and it's not even tradition. It is.

It's a brave new world is what it is. Yes. Yeah. There are a new water will wet. Fire will burn.

It's it's what Lewis warned against. Right. Which is the.

But what I'm getting at is I'm just I'm seeing this bubble up and I see it both ways, to be honest, Glenn. Right. Because I'm I love some fruits of modernity. Right. I mean, come on. I love antibiotics. Right.

I love the ability to be an air conditioning. Right. But I don't love the fact that we have more people killing themselves than ever before. So what you're saying, because that is not modernity. OK. That is postmodernism. There is no reason to live in 60s.

Yes. There's no reason to live. It's all horrible.

You're going to die in a fiery. Nihilistic. Yeah. Nihilistic. There is no God.

There is nothing came. Right. Yes. That that you can survive in a very modern, futuristic world.

You cannot survive in an amoral world that teaches lies. Yeah. Do you see this debate starting to rage a little bit more in churches and on the right? So you see what I'm seeing, right? Oh, yeah.

And I know you're more of a fan of it. Oh, without a doubt. Yeah. Yeah. I am. It is of grave concern to me. Yeah.

And by a fan, I just I am. I see I see post 1960s neoliberalism and I agree with you has done great destroy. I never lived before that. Right. Yeah.

It is the progressive movement. And but I guess the question is, is it does does liberalism consume itself? That is a question.

No, it'll consume everything else and then it will consume itself. OK, the the the problem to me came when we made science our God. OK, when you would think Darwin's for that. Yeah, I know.

When Darwin came out and said in The Descent of Man and and in even in his first book, there are favored races. Yeah. That was the title of Origin of Species. Correct. The full title. Yeah. Which gets the survival of the favored races. Yeah.

Gets conveniently edited. Right. Once once you have that. Confirming the worst dark parts of man's heart. Oh, yeah, I am superior.

OK, once you have that scientific codification of the dark hearts of man, you can go anywhere. Nietzsche, when he said God is dead, he was warning. Yeah, he was lamenting. Yeah. He was like, be careful.

Who is your God? But let me play that out a little bit. Was was was Nietzsche warning that modernity was about to. That's what some people that's what Jordan Peterson would say, right?

He would say that Nietzsche was saying, whoa, you guys have no idea, but you would say well, no, we got to get back to the founding. Right. Because we're not German laws and nature of nature's God. Right. That's where we're not that if we go back and we start. If our churches play a role in everyone's life and heart and it's it's helping change the hearts of people and we are honoring our first citizenship.

Yes. Our second citizenship in America will be fixed. OK, because we will it lines perfectly with our Declaration of Independence.

Tell me something more God inspired or God like than we believe. So what I think you're doing is you're also providing a solution for the right to say focus on the promise of the Declaration of the Constitution. Focus first.

That should be the telos, right? That should be the destination for all of us. First, focus on God, on forgiveness, on humility. OK, we cannot have God in our life if we are not humble. I pray all the time, Lord, humble me, humble me. Now, I've said that before and he comes out with it. That's one prayer he answers every time with a giant hammer.

So, you know, I usually pray, Lord, humble me, humble our country. I mean, not the worst sort of way. Can you gently do it? He's tried. He's tried.

We cannot fix anything without being humbled. So I want I'm just going to be five minutes. I'm going to kind of get to something.

I see my friend Michael O'Fallon here and he knows that I we debate this Christian nationalism. Is that what we're kind of dancing around here? This kind of I'm not dancing around. Yep. No, no, no. But I know. But how should we think about that term?

Should we? Christian nationalism. Because that's their new play, as you well know. So Christian nationalism, I think, is a play by them and not necessarily a play by those regular people. OK, there is this Christian nationalist movement that is Alexander Dugan style, very, very dangerous kind of path. You would say maybe more like Dineen would be a philosophical?

I don't know Dineen. OK, OK, OK. So and that is the line is so fine that you this is why I said in my speech, you know, you it's hard to know the difference between good and evil sometimes.

At times it's becoming easy in some places. But when you try to fix something, it is it's Abraham Lincoln. It's you know, I'm wildly paraphrasing here, but it's pretty astonishing that both sides were praying to God to end the war in their favor. Yeah, that's right. OK, it's it is the understanding that God is in charge, not man. And man screws things up every time he says, you know what I'm going to do?

I'm going to do this. It no, no. Our founders, this is why I'm against the the calling of all the states, the convention of the Convention of States Project used to be for Mark Meckler. Yeah, used to be for I remember. Yeah, you were a signatory.

I loved it. So why are you a runaway convention? Because I do know, OK, I don't think we are a humble enough spiritual enough people that will listen to God. You go ahead and fill that room full of people that are half of what the people were that put that Constitution together. So so then we got two minutes then. Do we have the raw material then to save this? I mean, if we don't have the people. Absolutely. The young generation. Absolutely. They're coming back to God. They're looking at first principles.

Yes. If we teach them and we don't let the nationalists that want to combine government, if we teach them what our founders did, they're going to be there. They are the hero generation. OK, I'm the last Joshua generation. Yeah, right. Yeah, they're the they're the generation.

I mean, the generation of Nancy Pelosi and everybody else. Yeah. Let it go. Let it go, man. Let it go. OK. You had your time.

We've seen what you've done with it. And you've left my generation in between now where I know I'm not going to get a service. Yeah. Yeah. The last year.

It's the first it is the most overlooked generation. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. So I'm sitting here going, well, I'm not going to get anything for it, you know, but I know the younger generations that are behind me. They're worse.

They're worse. Our job at my age, Generation X, we need to stand up and say enough, enough of what you've done. You started in the 1960s and you've screwed this thing up one way to another.

Everything you have touched has been poison enough. Let this generation, the young generation, take its place now, its rightful place to restore it. It's beautiful.

Glenn, we are out of time. Thank you so much for speaking to our students. It really meant a lot to me and to us. And you're excellent. Thank you for being a great teacher. Thank you.

God bless you. Thank you. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us as always. Freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. Thanks so much for listening. And God bless.

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