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Is The FBI Blackmailing Your Congressman?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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December 25, 2023 5:00 am

Is The FBI Blackmailing Your Congressman?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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December 25, 2023 5:00 am

Congressman Tim Burchett just made a stunning allegation to Benny Johnson: Sinister actors are luring Congressmen into honeypot traps and then blackmailing them on critical votes. Is that true? Does it explain the consistent Republican failure to curb the FBI and the military-industrial complex? And will any Republicans be brave enough to name names? Charlie digs into all of it, then signs off with a Christmas homage to the great Rush Limbaugh.

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We talk about blackmail between members of Congress, and we remember the great Rush Limbaugh. Email us as always,, Get involved with Turning Point USA at That is

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I know you think I'm like playing Dr. Seuss or something, but I really believe that. I think the race stuff is totally overblown to this day. And I've heard I'm very hated. I've never one time had any black person come up to me like, you're racist. I hear all the time I'm a racist, which I'm not. I'd admit it if I was.

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Buckle up everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campuses. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks.

I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country.

He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created. Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives. And we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here.

Brought to you by the loan experts I trust, Andrew and Todd at Sierra Pacific Mortgage at OK, everybody, welcome. Joining us now is Chris Stigall.

I hope I said that correctly. Chris, welcome to the program. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas to you, Charlie. Thanks for having me today.

I appreciate it. So let's talk about the Herzog Foundation, something I'm very passionate about. Talk about its mission and purpose. Yeah, Charlie, this was created by our founder in his passing, unfortunately, Stanley Herzog, had a deep, deep commitment to developing and growing Christian education. And when he passed, he left a substantial amount of resources to building the Herzog Foundation, which is ostensibly to spread Christian education K through 12 nationwide.

That's amazing. So the Herzog Foundation offers terrific multimedia offerings for teachers, administrators. Anyone think about starting their own homeschool?

Talk about that. Yeah, I know that a lot of folks that are probably homeschoolers or Christian school educators, administrators listen to your show. The Herzog Foundation has very specifically something called the school box. And for those that are listening that might think to themselves, I'd like to start my own Christian school, or maybe I'd like to homeschool or do a micro school or pod school. The school box is sort of an eight point plan.

You can go on to the Herzog website and download that eight point plan. It guides you step by step with what you need to develop and begin your own Christian education. That's one of the most important resources it offers. Of course, the foundation broadly offers training for people that already have existing Christian schools, administrators, best practices, fundraising to keep the school operational, teacher trainings, both here at the headquarters and nationwide. So it's really the first of its kind in the country, networking Christian schools, administrators, and prospective Christian school educators together. It's one of the only in the country that does it. In fact, maybe the only one.

And it's really been spectacular in just the last couple of years. I'm so passionate about this. And that's why I love working with Herzog is that if we are not serious about education, the whole country is going to be in jeopardy. So the Christian education space in particular, I know, is personal for you. Talk about your family story. You and your wife pulled your daughter from a public government-funded middle school and placed her in a Christian school.

Talk about that experience. We did. This was very important to us, as you know, and I've heard the story a thousand times. COVID really highlighted just how radical our schools were.

I mean, they were long before we were smart about it, but COVID really underlined it. So we pulled our daughter, and she entered the seventh grade in a private Christian school. It changed her life. It changed our lives.

We learned really what it meant to be fully engaged parents for the first time. We learned what a Christian-backed education in true partnership with parents, what that means. And, you know, I really must say that while in theory we should always be in partnership with schools and teachers and parents to train up our kids, we weren't really doing that.

And as you know, public schools—I know you've covered this a thousand times on your show— they're increasingly working harder and harder to build walls in public schools between kids and parents. It should be the opposite, and that's what we believe Christian schools do. So talk about how you would describe the purpose of Christian education. This is something that sometimes is debated. Is it—should it be bibliocentric? Should it be classical in nature, or should it just be a mixture of both? What is the best example of Christian education that you've seen? Because there is a debate. It's a little wonky, it's a little academic, but there's a debate at times of what does the best Christian education look like in practice? I would—I don't mean to punt and sound as though I'm avoiding your question. I will say the Herzog Foundation, in terms of which particular Christian education you feel fits best for your child, we do sort of stay on the sidelines on that because we do work with so many different folks, from private Catholic schools to homeschoolers to classical Christian, as you said.

We interview all these folks on the podcast that my wife and I do—we'll talk about in a minute—but we have had the pleasure of learning about so many of these different formulas. And the one consistent thing, Charlie, is, of course, a Christ-centered education is paramount to all of them. Now, how that's implemented, I have seen hybrids where kids are in class two or three days a week, and they're home the rest of the time. Sometimes they're at home all the time. Sometimes the schooling is almost exclusively at home with just very limited time in a classroom. All of it, though, Christ-centered, which, of course, is the primary focus they all share. Always.

So I hear this all the time. There's millions of parents across the country who might want to take their kids out of public school and send them to a private Christian school, but they have some serious and real fears. What are some of those common worries that parents have, and how do you help overcome them? Our podcast was started under the auspices of talking to parents like us who had never done it before, and we were really looking at a school first for our daughter that had just started, was literally founded brand new and had 10 students.

She would have been one of 10. That's daunting when you come from a school that's maybe 500 students, 1,000 students or more in a class. Kind of the traditional things like, will the activities and the socialization factor, that seems to be, Charlie, the thing that most parents kind of obsess over. Will my kids be socialized? Will they have the opportunities and activities?

Answer, in most cases, yes, where they can be found and created. But, you know, as parents, we have to ask some tough questions of ourselves, too. Is that really what it's about? Is K through 12 education, is it about football games and dances and school student council and things like that? I mean, yes, that can be important and informative, I understand, but is that our priority? You know, not every Christian school is going to have everything, all the bells and whistles that a public school offers, but is that really the focus?

Is that really what we want? I think every parent has to answer that for themselves, but those seem to be the big hang-ups, Charlie, the socialization, the activities. Beyond that, you just can't beat it.

I mean, every statistic shows, homeschoolers, Christian schoolers, Catholic school folks in the Catholic tradition, all of their test scores show, overwhelmingly, it produces better academic results and Christ-centered to boot, so you can't lose. So the podcast is displayed right behind you, Making the Leap. You and your wife host it. Talk about it. Why did you start it? I know you mentioned this before, but I want to make sure we emphasize it and people find it and subscribe, and the website, just so everyone knows, is Herzog Foundation and

Talk about making the leap. Yeah, we're really proud of this. My wife is a former public school teacher. You know, I've been a colleague of yours in the talk radio space for quite a long time, so when the Herzog Foundation reached out to us to tell our story, she is a former school teacher, both of us taking, of course, our daughter out of public school, putting her in a private school. They thought it was an interesting story to tell from Christine, my wife's perspective, as a former public school teacher, and the whole reason we started it was to talk to parents like us for all the reasons I just said. If you have misgivings, if you think Christian school is weird, if you've heard all of these sort of biased sentiments toward Christian school that it's women in denim dresses to their ankles and girls in buns and, you know, all of that silliness that I think a lot of people associate with home school or Christian school, it's not weird anymore, Charlie.

In fact, home school is the fastest growing form of education in the country, as you know, so it's far from weird. It's becoming more and more mainstream, so that's why we decided to do Making the Leap, was to introduce folks who were new to it like we were, to show you all the options that are available, and there are tons, and all the very normal, very happy, healthy people that are involved. So the website is Also, tell us about The Lion. It's an online site that tracks all type of news around Christians and education. It's amazing, from local stories to state and national stories.

Tell us about The Lion. You'll love this website if you are looking for a news site that you can depend on, sort of an aggregate news site of stories from all over the country and culture, lifestyle, politics, what's going on in state capitals all over the country as it relates to education, both public and private. This is sort of a catch-all website, We have a team of journalists that do outstanding work, editorial work, undercover work.

They partner with other media outlets, and we give you a lot of the headlines that maybe won't always make mainstream news, but cultural news that doesn't always get the full attention of the mainstream press, you can make sure that you're regularly updated from and get all the latest news there. I should mention, by the way, Charlie, that some of our ambassadors here at the Herzog Foundation were just with you at AmFest. So we send our ambassadors all over the country on different tours, and some of them were just with you at your great conference.

So that was a thrill for them. They wanted me to tell you, hi. We're honored to be partnering with you with Turning Point Academy. Chris, excellent job. I encourage everyone to download the podcast. Check out the resources. Chris, Merry Christmas. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas, Charlie.

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Just let them believe. I've never heard that before. You know, growing up, I was big into the Santa thing and all that and just curious.

Now, the argument in favor of Santa, I would imagine, would be that it's somebody kind of like God who sees what you are doing and that your reward on Christmas Day is related to kind of a moral bank account. I'm just I'm curious. And I haven't made it. We haven't made up our mind yet what we're going to do. So I'm actually immensely curious. Is it is it lying to your kids to say that the presents come from Santa? Is there something negative to it? I don't know. I'm curious. Freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com.

It's and I get I'm not saying I have no you're not a good person or a bad person if you do it or not. I'm just I it's been a primary point of conversation recently. So I want to hear from you.

Freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. OK, let's go to these piece of tape here. So a question kind of arises. Why is it that Congress refuses to do anything when it comes to the FBI? Anything when it comes to the FBI, they won't touch the FBI no matter what. And we were having a group chat the other day and Blake and Andrews in there. And I said, it's because the congressmen are blackmailed and Blake to his credit said, well, where's the evidence of that? Where is the evidence? So Blake now says it's a lot more believable now.

I would agree. And Blake says, this is what I wanted, a guy to actually claim it. I tweeted this out in November. Seventy Republicans voted to give the FBI three hundred million dollars to build a new headquarters larger than the Pentagon. On the same day, the Department of Justice announced it is prosecuting three men for running D.C. area brothels frequented by politicians. Coincidence or did the FBI just blackmail members of Congress with sex crimes that they don't want to be made public? So Representative Tim Burchette confirms that there are members of Congress who are currently being blackmailed to not release the information on Jeffrey Epstein. This is the cut here. Let's play cut seventy eight. Why in the world would good conservatives vote for crazy stuff like what we've been seeing out of Congress? It's not worse. You're visiting you're out of the country or out of town or you're in a motel or bar in D.C. and some whatever you're you're into you're into women or men or whatever comes up and they're very attractive and they're laughing at your jokes and and they and you're buying them a drink next thing you know you're in the motel room with them naked and next thing you know you know you're about to make a key vote and what happens some well-dressed person comes up and whispers in your ear hey man there's tapes out on you were you in a motel room on whatever with whoever and then you're like uh-oh and said you really ought not be voting for this thing blake that that's an accusation blake and by the way just so we're clear tim burchette is he's a legit dude he is um he's credible from knoxville tennessee a very good christian man and by the way tim burchette is also the guy that he said he had a clean shot to the kidneys and by the way if this is true we have an obligation to name names who specifically has this happened to lindsey graham mit romney i don't know who has this happened to and it's very believable by the way i i mean i have said this for a while that obviously the intel agencies and lobbyists they get blackmail on the members of congress and then they whisper in the ear and it might be stuff that they honey trap them with by the way intel agencies do this stuff all the time epstein of course was an agent of the intel agencies this is worth diving into how much of our politics our spending decisions our country is a result of blackmail okay kirk fans i need you to stop and pay attention to this if you deal with exhaustion brain fog mood swings or food cravings if you're constantly getting sick or simply lack the zeal used to have in life then i have some news for you while back i found a liquid supplement called strong cell and it changed my health in a very profound way i take it every single day look i knew i had to partner with them i did the research 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blackmail on people and wiretap them and potentially get them to act in a different way because of the honey trap that they might lay and tim burchette could not have been clear there is no mystery here tim burchette says yeah i mean they get you naked in a hotel room and then they get you compromised and they say there's tapes or that there's photos or there's videos very similar to house of cards by the way very similar to the netflix series house of cards anna pollina luna seconds this by the way she says quote i travel with my husband at all times if he cannot come with me i have a female staffer as an alibi i don't even touch alcohol in dc dc can be such a nasty place keep your circle tight and just anticipate you're always being watched this is how the game operates and by the way we know eric swalwell eric swalwell slept with a chinese spy we know that he was probably not necessarily being blackmailed but they had dirt on him you think about these people who sell out their nation for a one-night stand and eric swalwell with fang fame and then it could also be financial crimes too it could be stock tips and insider trading in fact they probably allow for some shenanigans to occur unpoliced and they strike when they need a vote now it starts to make sense why the uni-party acts the way they do and lady graham we're supposed to believe that there's never been a scandal related to his personal life i mean come on and that he just happens to be one of the most forceful advocates of the war machine forceful advocates of the renewal of fiza 702 finally people are getting a window and i got to give credit to benny johnson this interview with tim burchette is one of the clearest i've ever seen again we've seen crumbs epstein logs and our tweet went totally viral your lawmakers according to dim tim burchette are actively being blackmailed you think about it our country is going to hell one of the reasons is because the people you send to dc are outright degenerates and seriously think about it i'm going to repeat this tweet i said it before 70 republicans this is back from november but it's super important 70 republicans voted to give the fbi 300 million dollars to build a new headquarters larger than the pentagon on the same day the department of justice announces it is prosecuting three men for running dc area brothels frequented by politicians and they haven't sent out the names yet coincidence or did the fbi just blackmail members of congress with sex crimes they don't want to be made public and if you were the fbi of course you would do this if you were the fbi and you wanted more power and you didn't want your fun to be cut funding to be cut and you know that the country is against the fbi of course you would do this because you got a bunch of degenerates running around in a five square mile block in dc tons of liquor tons of hookers and tons of cameras why wouldn't they do this seeing these people running on family values a lot of republicans by the way running on family values and by the way the hookers are both male and female and it's not just the members of congress it is the staffers we were busy at america fest but a week ago a week ago to this day many people were shocked that a staffer for senator cardin went into the senate hearing room and filmed himself having gay sex in the senate hearing room now the obvious spiritual theological takeaways aside that this is legitimately sodom and gomorrah that the people running your government are doing some of the nastiest most disgusting things on camera and it's not like they were just having gay sex in a side office and filming it it was it was so brazen that they were doing it in the senate hearing room it sounds very similar to the fall of a great empire that you go into the hearing room and then not just in the hearing room that you must film it and then the best part is the guy's reaction that it's our fault he says people are coming after my act of love and all i was trying now you're you are a sick person you you need you need to like go to switzerland for like 20 years and get your whole brain reprogrammed like you should be nowhere near civil society you're a scumbag i'm sorry that is the desecration of the people's house and i will say it again what he did was worse than what 99 of people on january 6th did period end of story is he going to be charged with insurrection is he going to be charged with felonies now a second a second let's just say tape issue this time involving a republican gay staffer and you know this i i always laugh when people you know if you think if you think that the people staffing like republican politicians are in alignment your values go to dc and just go pick a random republican staffer you'll learn a lot you'll learn a lot republican staffers and democrat staffers are most times indistinguishable ideologically from a personal perspective and a behavioral standpoint they just want to get ahead they just want to get ahead they look at it as a job it's very transactional this is something we have to change this staffing issue we have to change there are people who like being near power they're not necessarily ideological they're not so how much of our politics is being steered by people that are afraid that a video of them having gay sex is going to be released and the fbi or a handler for the fbi by the way there's tens of billions of dollars that we don't know where that money goes from the intel agencies it's called the black box tens of billions of dollars and no one knows where this money goes it's just kind of like oh we need it for national security i mean if i was the cia if i was the fbi and i was super evil i would use that money to hire very sophisticated quasi hit men and set up men that don't look like you work for the fbi but it's just kind of this abstract hard to define hard to pinpoint lobbying firm and you basically create mini epsitines again we know epsitine was a creation of the intel agencies epsitine lived a life that was multiple exponents bigger than his stated net worth the properties that he owned the planes that he flew the trades that he didn't have the relationships that were inflated the pieces of art that he allegedly assumed jeffrey epsitine was almost certainly a creation of the israeli intelligence agencies alongside of the american intelligence agencies or a mixture of both we don't know we we do not know which countries or is it a combo combo deal we know that galain maxwell's father owned newspapers and was part or was close to israeli intelligence agencies whatever but this is well stated well documented by bret weinstein or eric or bret i can't remember which one but it makes sense how on earth could why why would jeffrey epsitine have a or how could he have a 30 million dollar home in palm beach and own hundreds of acres in new mexico and an island in the caribbean and one of the most expensive pieces of property in new york one of the most expensive pieces of property in london one of the most expensive pieces of property in paris and like don't give me that oh it's because he was managing money for wexner who himself has plenty of issues okay just so happens that the victoria secret guy from ohio gets to be really close with eppstein a former math teacher no i mean eppstein was a creation of the security state the intel state and he by the way what was eppstein best known for now that this has all come out putting people in compromising positions on lolita express lolita being a french novel about an older man falling in love with a 14 year old girl i'm not sure if that name was intentional blake but i'm guessing it was that they named the lolita express for that specific reason which was literally a book that was about pedophilia the whole book was about it and they go down to a private island and we know some of the people that were we know bill clinton went to the island we know that we know other people did i i don't want to speak out of turn because i freaking sue you if you don't get your your facts right so i'm just going to say there are other very powerful people that did we know that um by the way this tape here we we know that bill clinton was on the plane we don't know that he went to the island okay all right so i all right so i stand corrected maybe he just stayed on the plane when they went to the island play cut 80 and it will be um a huge revelation apparently some of the names are extremely well known and will shock us all but we know that one of the names is of course prince andrew and it's going to ruin his christmas and maybe the whole royal families it's quite interesting because if you look that amount of money that he spent um absolutely saying he didn't know her and not saying he was guilty in any way these things don't work necessarily they bounce back and back again and again and again and that would be more investigations so it'll go on and on and on and on i think that is about revelations by the way the fbi has had this list forever and allegedly a judge has just said that this list is going to come out i'll believe it when i see it that there's not some injunction or just some or the list is lost oh i'm sorry we lost it i when i i'll believe it when i see it they say that there's former presidents on the list we'll see wouldn't it be sad wouldn't it be sad if the greatest country ever to exist in the history of the world fell apart because of blackmail that would be a tragedy how big of a role does blackmail play in dc we don't know but it absolutely certainly does tim bershette tells you that they try to get powerful people in compromising positions take video take images government officials are actively seeking out powerful people the intel agencies capturing them and looking them as hostages we need more people to speak out and maybe madison cawthorne was right all along maybe that's why they took out madison cawthorne because madison cawthorne in a podcast interview said yep there's a bunch of orgies and they're filming them and they said you can't say that you're a liar are you tired of progressive companies and exhausted trying to keep up with all the virtue signaling when you're simply just trying to buy products progressive corporate america continues to push messaging that further alienates conservative americans all while eroding the future of the american dream it's prominent all over the country retailers like target are selling chest binders and tuck friendly bathing suits it's disgusting starbucks is strong-arming their customers to support abortion the starbucks workers union is on the side of hamas financial services like paypal are canceling customers for their political views thankfully we don't have to fund these companies any longer with public square we have a solution founded by michael seifert an amazing company i think so highly of them we do a lot of work together join the movement of millions of patriotic americans who love truth our country and our constitution at public sq.mob charlie kirk public square is an app and a website where you get connected to tens of thousands of businesses from all different industries that share your value for life liberty family and freedom public square is free to join and you get started today at public sq.mob slash charlie kirk or just download the public square app now that's public sq.mob slash charlie kirk that's public sq.mob forward slash charlie kirk check it out today we remember the great rush limbaugh and he loved christmas and we're going to salute him and listen to what he said his last christmas on air a yearly tradition we wrap up with manheim steamroller and silent night and my ongoing attempts to thank everybody in the audience all of you for everything you mean to me that last call that's reminds me how much i love all of you how much i so appreciate everything you've meant to me and my family you don't have any idea how i know so many people think this program has changed their lives for the better you have no idea what you all have meant to me and my family the day is going to come folks where i'm not going to be able to do this i don't know when that is i want to be able to do it for as long as i want to do it i want to but the day will come where i'm not going to be able to and i want you to understand that even when the day comes i'd like to be here because i have this sense of needing to constantly show my appreciation for all that you have done and meant to me so i hope you all have a great christmas day i hope you all have a great christmas a great new year and i hope that the things that are in store for all of us in the coming year are certainly better than what we've endured in 2020 i don't know too many people have enjoyed 2020 probably some sickos out there who have but 2021 has to be better we're going to try to make it that way here at the eib network again folks thank you so much i wish there were a way to say it other than thank you thank you you're just the best my family is just the best thank you so merry christmas everybody from all of us to all of you make it happen rush is not with us anymore and in the spirit of rush we play our favorite manheim steamroller song that rush would play at the beginning of his christmas broadcast and my favorite we're going to do this as we sign off 2024 is going to be a year everybody it's going to be biblical do you want to be a slave or do you want to be free get your rest because you're going to need it everybody it's going to be something that uh the history books write about for a long long time i have no idea what it's going to look like circus bedlam what a time to be alive we're going to be here for all of it everybody and so i hope you have a wonderful christmas as the spirit of rush limbaugh and the people who built this country live on thank you guys for supporting us we will be back for a day or two next week turn off your phone enjoy your family and get ready for the fight of our lives god bless you guys thanks so much for listening everybody email us as always freedom at thanks so much for listening and god bless for more on many of these stories and news you can trust go to ho ho ho hey what's wrong santa well it's these elves the new ones all feel entitled they don't want to work their way up the ladder in fact they hardly want to work at all then there's those social justice elves they keep pointing out everyone's differences dividing the elves and getting them all riled up and don't get me started about the reindeer rights elves the shop floor just isn't a happy little place it used to be we should have used red balloon that's right santa red balloon dot work is america's woke free job board every day we help good companies find reliable motivated job seekers without all the woke nonsense and our new red balloon recruiter service is turning traditional corporate recruiting on its head delivering high quality employees for a fraction of the price give yourself a christmas gift and post your jobs on red balloon dot work today and use promo code salem to get 10 off your first month's job posting because life's too short for a bad hire you
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