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Steve Bannon's Insane Prediction About Matt Gaetz

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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December 18, 2023 5:09 pm

Steve Bannon's Insane Prediction About Matt Gaetz

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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December 18, 2023 5:09 pm

Steve Bannon, James Lindsay, and Rep. Matt Gaetz join Charlie on the floor of AmericaFest 2023. Gaetz joins with a warning about what will happen to the GOP if it can't slash spending or stop funneling cash to Ukraine quagmires. Lindsay describes the DEI parasites burrowed into America's institutions, and how to extirpate them. Bannon, meanwhile, joins Charlie to make a bold prediction: President Matt Gaetz?

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Brought to you by the loan experts I trust, Andrew and Todd at Sierra Pacific Mortgage at We are here at America Fest in Phoenix, Arizona with the amazing grassroots from all across the country. I am joined here by the legendary Steve Bannon and Matt Gaetz. So, so Matt, I thought I was starting to look more like each other. I want to introduce the new war room fashion line worn by Gaetz.

Yes, promo code Bannon to get eight black shirts for the price of three. I am, I'm dressed up compared to them. Steve, you gave an epic speech yesterday. Takeaways for those listening on radio that can't be here.

Give them just some of a window into what we've been experiencing here. Well, it's the army of the awakened, right? And what M Fest is, is the 12 to 15,000 people at the tip of the spear. You're the pathfinders, you're force recon, you're the Rangers, you're the ones leading the way. Every revolutionary movement has a vanguard. And 250 years ago on Saturday was the Boston Tea Party with Hancock and Sam Adams and John Adams and the entire crew. If they came back today, they would say this movement is the direct descendant of our revolutionary generation, right? That's the whole message that if this group does not falter, does not retreat, does not back up and look, we're going to have victories and we're going to have defeats, but we cannot be beaten, right? We cannot, just like in the revolution, it was what, eight years of fighting to get to victory.

It may take that long here. The first stop is victory next November, House, Senate, and Donald J. Trump back in the White House. So Steve, I'm glued to your speech last night. And what was so unique about it is I felt more empowered afterwards, not as a lawmaker, but just as an American. And Charlie, I haven't even told you this yet, but all the gossip and talk on the House floor was about which members of Congress even got to take the stage here. That's how powerful this audience is. That's how powerful this platform is.

The lawmakers understand that even the chance to cast a vision and see your reaction and response is really what drives this movement more than any boring meeting in a conference room with the RNC. Well, and I got to tell you, I got lots of calls from members of Congress that I know, and you say, why wasn't I invited? I said, well, vote better. I said, vote better. I said, vote better.

Follow Matt Gaetz. They didn't like that. They didn't like that at all. And they said, well, what do you mean? I said, well, you voted for the NDAA and you voted for all this nonsense. And look, we're very careful about who we platform here at the Turning Point Action Conference, Turning Point USA, because if you don't have, and by the way, we have a scorecard, Turning Point Action, go to We score every single vote. And so, but this is a whole new development, Steve. And I love hearing that, Matt, because lawmakers are starting to realize that the grassroots is leading the party, that it's starting to set the tone.

This is a game change. Steve, we need to pour gas on this. It's called populism. Populism. We're tired of having the elites tell us what to do.

Republican elites, Wall Street elites, Silicon Valley elites, it doesn't matter. Strength and power comes from the people, right? That's what we thought. That's why we left Great Britain at the beginning. They were the greatest empire on earth. We broke away from that and took a gamble, a roll of the dice.

Why? Because we would not live under tyranny and we wanted liberty, liberty. And that's why, by the way, and that's why you see guys like Gates in Congress, these fighting, hey, we're not winning every battle, but we got a plan eventually to win all the battles and to take the House with MAGA Republicans. Listen, I'm just glad we're not losing every battle. You know, it feels so often, as I said yesterday, like the leaders in both parties work for the same special interests. And we've got to show a distinction, a vision, something that draws people in in a positive and inclusive way. But that doesn't mean painting in the pastels. We draw people in by being bold, by offering bold solutions like we see from President Trump.

And they don't have to be complicated. Oftentimes, it's the application of common sense. And that gets drained out of how we make decisions because so many of them sell out to the lobbyists and special interests and the donor class and they forget all about their connection to the people. And so if we restore that connection by empowering this group, we will see better governance, a stronger Republican Party and more victories on the way. All right. So now we got to get into it. I gave you guys both a heads up.

All right. You buckle up, everybody, right? Now, you guys know that I said go hard on him. I'm going to I'm a big fan of Matt Gaetz. We all like Matt, right? That's what I'm going to tell you. You weren't going to get me a speaker.

I this comes from a place of love. Yes or no? Up or down vote? Speaker Johnson, what do you guys think? Mostly good. You guys like what he's doing? I think he's been a colossal disappointment.

A lot of a lot of room for growth. So but here he is. I have a biblical world view.

I'm a Christian. What's going on, Matt? Listen, if I had to give Speaker Johnson a grade, it would be an eye incomplete, because there is a great deal of work ahead that we must endeavor upon.

But keep in mind in mind a few facts where we were and where we've come to. Kevin McCarthy told us that we would we could release no more January six tapes that that was completely over. Now there's more work to do, but we got more tapes out. Kevin McCarthy for seven months had bottlenecked all the subpoenas. Did you really believe the investigations of these folks was serious in the absence of sending the first subpoena for seven months? We got the first subpoenas to Hunter and Frank Biden out in days under Speaker Johnson.

More work to do, but that's directionally correct now and on on the spending matters. We only passed two single subject appropriations bills for seven months under Kevin McCarthy. Out of the 12, we've only got, I think, three left to get to under Speaker Johnson. So we're not winning every fight.

Mike Johnson was never going to be Matt Gates were two different people. If I ran for House Speaker on the best day with the wind at my back with all of the stars aligned, I could maybe get 11 votes. Okay, so so you have to recognize that we still have Republicans who want to claw over one another to give more money to Ukraine. Now, under Kevin McCarthy, there were no stipulations, no requirement send more money.

If it if it shoots, send it was the doctrine under McCarthy. Now, Johnson might not be where I am, but he's at least said we're not sending money to Ukraine without a plan for victory or the border. And by the way, we're not going to deficit spend. We're not going to borrow money from China to send it to Ukraine. We're gonna take it right out of the rear end of the IRS, and we forced the Democrats to say that they'd rather fund the army of IRS agents to the army fighting Hamas. So the grade is incomplete, but I can't turn this battleship 180 degrees.

I think we're turning it in the right way. Help me understand why he said no CRS and then he lied about that. Well, because he didn't have the votes. But why is Speaker Johnson lying? They all lie about no CRS because they've all said it. And then we get CRS.

Why is the guy who says he's a Christian lying to us? Well, I think that I think that Mike Johnson viewed this short term bridge as a way to liberate ourselves from the stars. But also, Charlie, remember that the original sin in all of this was that debt limit deal where they underwrote all of the Biden debt.

Unfortunately, what they built into that. That's DC speak. No, no, no, shut down the government. Oh, listen, shut it down.

I stood on I stood on the stage yesterday. Shut it down. Shut it down. Shut it down.

Shut it down. So here is here is the unfortunate trigger that was in the debt limit deal in the event that we exercise max leverage because of what was already approved, not by me, but by the Republicans under McCarthy and McConnell, that that triggers an automatic CR at a 1% reduction across the board. I don't support across the board 1% reductions as some massive victory. I think we need deep vertical cuts to entirely abolish unconstitutional agencies like the Department of Education and the ATF and the EPA. I agree.

So but Matt, really, really quick. Do you have any hope that when you guys come back January 15, or January 9, that we're going to? Are we really going to get spending cuts? What you don't have a majority that supports spending cuts? Let me be straight with you. When we put up hundreds of amendments to cut spending, you get a lot of the New York Republicans and a lot of the California Republicans that will not vote with the Freedom Caucus and with the fiscal hawks.

So the answer to your question is we you do not have a majority in the United States House of Representatives that really wants to cut spending. Now, I'm doing everything I can to motivate and persuade them. Look, I look at the squad.

There were four of them. And then I look over there now and every last one of them looks like they're in the squad. So maybe if we get a little bit of courage, more people like Eli Crane and Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar from Arizona, you know, if we get more people like that, send me 10, 20, 30 more fighters to Congress. I've met a lot of them who are running out in this audience tonight.

And that backup would be much appreciated. Steve, you got a thought on that? He's staying out of it. I'm saying no, no.

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Blackout coffee dot com slash Charlie promo code Charlie. So we have Congressman Matt Gaetz. I just want to say, Matt, you're doing a great job.

This is not directed at you, but I, for one, am pretty upset. I'll just go to the list. We extended 702.

We got to make sure the mics are on, guys. We extended Fiza 702 for a couple months. So that fight is still looming. No, we say you functionally extended for a year because the way the Fiza process, you're not making the case for Johnson better. I'm not. By the way, I'm here to tell the truth. And I have spent years of my life exposing these abuses in Fiza. Two hundred seventy eight thousand of them. When you catch someone breaking the law two hundred and seventy eight thousand times, you should not reward them.

Can't even believe I have to say that. But what they'll do with this short term extension, every single one of those warrants they have, they will extend it for the full year. And so it functions as a full year extension. The reason that's important is it drains all the leverage that we have actually pushing for reforms. And the main reform is not some complicated legal jargon. It's just if you're spying on an American, you should have to get a warrant. I can't even believe we have people in our government who are opposed to that.

But we've seen over 10000 people have access to these backdoor searches that they use against Americans. So it gets me upset. Yeah. And I you guys all went home. I know you wanted to for Thanksgiving and Christmas break.

Not really. You know, let's just say working extra hours while the country's in crisis, we come back. You guys come back January 9th. The deal expires January 15th. Here's what I think is going to happen. Right.

Come back January 9th. Oh, it's an election year. It's an election year.

And we might get maybe a modification here or there. But I'm cynical. I'm cynical speaker. I'll just tell you what you're going to get.

All right. And it is it is not what I want. And I am I am fighting like hell against it. But all of the political momentum right now is to go to the 1% cut CR that was negotiated in the debt limit deal. And that's not even a cut.

It's a cut in the way of growth. Well, it's a it's a $78 billion cut. And on top of that, they want to add a $100 billion supplemental of which 60 billion will go to Ukraine. So so that is the way they want to do a 1% cut and then do a big dollop of Ukraine money on top, then more that subsumes it. So that is what I'm fighting against. And my problem is no matter who the Speaker of the House is, we got too many big spenders and we got too many people who still want to fund Ukraine. And we got too many people who still want to extend FISA without any substantial review to the warrant requirement. And that is the Republican Party I face every day. And it's why I need the folks at Turning Point to be more active and sending me more backup to be able to win more of these battles. We sent you on a Paulina.

So Paulina Luna, when you send me 30 on a Paulina Luna's, we will save this country. That's a big task, but we can go about doing it. And so then going into this legislative session, the 702 is coming up in spring, we might be able to get some moderate reforms on that, but probably not. And then we just passed this trash NDAA bill, this National Defense Authorization Act, which funds our woke military. I know that was a tough vote for you because you have a lot of military.

No, it wasn't Charlie. I love our military and I would support a 5% pay raise for them, but the service members in my district are more worried about what is happening to our military than anything else. So while I love and support our military, I am not going to vote for these authorizations for more DEI and CRT and all these things that are changing the military in a really dramatic and negative way for the country.

Yeah. So, but why did Elise Stefanik and Jim Banks, what are they thinking? Why are they betraying their voters like this?

Look, I don't speak for them. I don't believe there was any strong conservative case to make for this NDAA outside of the five and a half percent pay increase, which who among us would want to vote against that with all that our service members have to go through. But I made a commitment to the families in my district that I'm not voting to reauthorize weapon systems and new programs if we do not restore the 8,600 people who are separated from the military over an experimental vaccine with their full rank and back pay.

And if you get more people to commit to those demands, then you create political momentum for those objectives. But look, the Raytheon and General Dynamics and Lockheed, they all got theirs in the NDAA, but I think we left our service members short. Final question, Matt. It's a tough one. If Speaker Johnson betrays us again, do we motion to vacate? Well, we have to see what comes next. I mean, when I did that to McCarthy, I undertook a tremendous amount of political risk that, I mean, we have a two seat majority right now. Okay.

On any given day, one of these octogenarians I serve with, if they're not on the last hole, they're on the back nine. And we did it to ourselves. McCarthy resigned. Well, McCarthy took his following out. Yeah, I think McCarthy should have stuck around. If it was about the agenda and what Republicans were trying to do to save the country, he would have just taken his ball and gone home. But I think that was very revealing that it was just about him and his own ability to have laudatory titles.

And so I think we can do better. All right, everybody, Matt Gaetz, he's fighting hard in DC, which we have more like that. This Christmas, the new film from director George Clooney arrives. It's a rag to Rich's absolute crowd pleaser based on the number one New York Times bestselling book. This inspirational true story about one of the most difficult sports in the world and the 1936 University of Washington College rowing team that competed for gold at the Summer Games in Berlin will inspire you. This team rode out of need, need to eat, need to sleep, and it gave them an edge that captures the power of working together to overcome all odds while rowing for America. They don't make movies like this anymore, and it's filled with wholesome content that makes it an ideal multigenerational movie for Christmas. Joel Edgerton and Callum Turner star in this exciting and incredible story of courage, hard work and determination showcasing America at its best. Believe in each other, believe in the impossible. The Boys in the Boat open Christmas Day in theaters only. Get tickets now, Dr. Lindsey, welcome.

Hey, Charlie. So lots to talk about. Elon Musk has been focusing on DEI.

You are an expert in this. For the uninitiated, what is the threat that DEI poses to the American Republic? DEI is the implementation of communism in America through its institutions.

That simple. That's how they get communism into our institutions. So we start, just to break it down, what are the words? Diversity, equity, inclusion. What's equity? An administered economy in which shares are adjusted so the citizens are made equal. That's the definition of socialism, too.

How about that? And so equity is socialism. Diversity means diverse against the American values and free enterprise system. So it means outside of the American value system. So you have to bring in people who are against that. It's an excuse to hire people who are against America and against the values of your company or your institution or university. And inclusion is a bunch of policies to make sure they feel welcome and like they belong all the time, which means removing people who disagree with them, giving them special accommodation, giving them special policies and rules, letting them have a seat at the table, letting them take over your thing from the inside. How widespread is the DEI virus in American society?

It's completely. It's in virtually every established institution. It's the basis of every university with hundreds of administrators at almost every university. They hire them like crazy. It is completely entrenched in literally everything so that they can do exactly what I just said.

Bring communism in through the back door to install in the United States. It's a multi-billion dollar industry on top of all of the, like what people believe in, doesn't matter. Multi-billion, the number of careers built off of this.

You have to think about that. What are all these people going to do? Like mid-level management, woke desk workers, basically. Bureaucrats that are similar and you're the only one, James, and you deserve great credit that I've heard and other people have copied you, similar to the Mao model. That's right. Which is not only do you have bad ideas, but you have a red guard to enforce those ideas. That's right.

Yeah. So the idea there is that, Mao had this formula called unity, criticism, unity, and he enforced it through identity politics, which should sound really familiar. He had categories relevant to communism, like rich farmer, counter revolutionary.

We have racist, transphobe, homophobe. Those are called the enemies of the people back in Mao's time. And then there are the people, the allies, the activists, the administrators. And like I said, we're talking a hundred, 150 of these on the taxpayer dime at every university, every corporation, if they want their ESG score to be good, has to have these people to make sure their policies are all in.

It is in fact, the implementation of a crude social credit system without the digital aspect yet. So, but James, let me ask you, do our elites or the people, are they consciously copying Mao or accidentally copying Mao? There are very good reasons to believe that many of the people who are at the, I guess, elite of the elite status know they are copying Mao. They saw the insurgency tactics.

They know they work. We know, for example, that they followed the theories of Herbert Marcuse who appealed the Mao and his writing over and over and over again, his neo-Marxist writings of the sixties. We know that they built their education system around the critical pedagogy of Paulo Freire who came from Brazil. Well, in the foot, I don't know if I ever told you this, in the footnote of the first chapter, Paulo Freire says his education system, his model is based off of Mao Zedong and what he's doing in China.

So I think they do know. The Mao model also includes, as you mentioned, a social credit system score, but they must get the youth to enforce this. That was the key, wasn't it? Yeah, that's right. Take over education, build their social and emotional lives out so that they're going to always enforce the new set of policies, the new values so that they can be part of the people and they can denounce and hate the enemies of the people. That's an intrinsic part of the entire program. So let me ask you, the Mao takeover, the Cultural Revolution, they had a little red book.

I've never asked you this before. What is the equivalent of the little red book here in America? There's nothing that concise that's the equivalent of the little red book, but I will tell you there's a big red book. There's a very large academic volume called Critical Race Theory, the key writings that formed the movement and the critical race theorists, if you ask, do they know that their Maoists used to refer to it as the big red book? They knew what they were doing. A lot of the radicals from the sixties who went into education, went into the different institutions, went into employment, went into HR. They were Maoists in the sixties and seventies. They knew who they were. They knew what they were doing. Would you say what Turning Point is doing is one of the great threats to the malification of America? Yeah.

Let me tell you a story. As a matter of fact, I got invited to speak on the campus of Northwestern, which they told me while I was there as 8,700 students, 100 of whom are conservative. So they're outnumbered 86 to one on campus and they let the woke in to heckle me during my talk. And it was just crazy.

Right. And so a couple of points, I'm talking literally about intersectionality and how it's Maoism in America. And the woke kids in the room were cheering for Mao. They were cheering. When I said Mao would round up the landlords and have them killed, they cheered. When I said that Mao unleashed a red guard from the youth to transform the society and to destroy people's lives and humiliate it, they cheered. And I said, if you really like Mao, cheer for your dictator.

And a whole bunch of the kids in the back clapped with the masks on, you know which kids they were, not the good kids. And so, but what Turning Point is doing is a threat to Maoism because if there can be even some disharmony with the kind of youth, we have a shot, right? Well, this is the thing. Turning Point is present on campuses, especially now high schools. And it is just that 86 to one ratio. That one is very, very active because of Turning Point. And it's crucial. If you can have even 3% of the population of some institution fighting back, they're not going to be able to get their hooks in.

That's Turning Point. So, so to go, let's, let's keep diving into this. I appreciate the kind words. We're seeing something, and I haven't asked you about this, but it's certainly not according to the plan with this Israel-Hamas donors pulling money, Bill Ackman asking questions. How should we think about this, James? Is this a big deal? Is this a little thing that's going to go away?

No, this is a big deal. This is a moment where one way to think about this is like that the communists are kind of like magic wizards. They like cast a spell so that you don't see society real. Like clearly, I mean it, they really are the dialectical wizards. We can get into that another time, but you can't see reality correctly because the words are messed up.

They frame everything wrong. Diversity doesn't mean diversity. Inclusion means exclusion. Everything's upside down. Cats are dogs. Black is white.

Hot is cold. It's really, they do this in moments like what happened with the Israel event are a moment where lots of normal people see through the distortion and they're like, wait, what? And so you see Bill Ackman asking questions.

In fact, asking very pointed questions, very vigorous questions. You see people all of a sudden that were just kind of sleepily giving money again and again and again, huge endowments these universities saying, I'm not going to Harvard's down a billion in donations. So this is a huge wake up moment. Yeah. So what can we do mostly as conservatives to help accelerate the civil war of the woke versus the classical liberals? Cause that's really what we're seeing, right?

They were, they were previously partners, previously allies, or at least previously in the same institutions. And there's a schism happening. There's a great schism that could go down in history of classical liberals versus the woke comes.

That's right. It's our job to get educated enough so these people who are starting to see through it and they have questions can find people they trust that have answers that make sense. If we can't give them answers that make sense, they're going to get sucked back into the distortion field. They're going to say, Oh, well we need DEI to just include Jews now too. Exactly the wrong answer. So let's talk about that because there was somebody on our show recently and her argument, and I just heard her out and I didn't challenge her, was we need a new civil rights just for Jewish students.

I don't think that's a good idea. Do you agree? We've got to stop building bureaucratic apparatuses that get taken over. Even if it came out of the, out of its conception and its building is a good thing, it's going to get taken over and infiltrated immediately.

The woke love monopolies and bureaucracies and they take them over like crazy. It's the exact opposite. We need to start talking about people being individuals, seeing people as individuals and protecting everybody's civil rights, which is a Christian idea.

And we've talked about this, right? It's a Western idea, right? That neither slave nor Greek nor Jew, but you are all one in Christ Jesus made in the image of God, not part of your tribe, not part of your sect, not part of your group.

That sort of thinking is very destructive and it's anti-Western at its core. So James, I'm seeing this play out and the Ackerman thing is interesting because he singled out in his letter something that you wouldn't expect. He said, Harvard is also anti-white.

Where does that come from? I mean, it's very obvious that critical race theory holds up whiteness as one of its enemies of the people category. It's just an unambiguous thing. This of course I think is primarily a provocation. It's very, very tempting to fall into the identity politics. What do you mean by that? So like if somebody says, you know, Oh, it's black versus white, it's black versus white, black versus white long enough, people will say, well, I'm on the white team.

Okay. And then all of a sudden you're affirming the identity politics that my group is more important than the individual. And so it's an operation to get people to play, play the part of, of, of reinforcing the entire intersectional mindset. What we need to be doing is saying, no, I want to know you for your character. I want to know you for who you are. I want to know you for what you can accomplish. I want to know that if you can, can you produce more than you consume? I want to know those things about you.

And I want to know you for who you are as a person. Yeah. And what, what is clear in Ackman, he was regretful. He did not realize the anti-white agenda.

He said it himself. What do they mean by whiteness? Whiteness is actually a form of cultural property that white people are said to be implicated in. So they're not technically critical race theory is not anti-white except in practice.

In theory, it's not. In theory, whiteness as a form of cultural property that white people gave themselves, what Marx called bourgeois cultural property is something that has to be abolished. So they technically, the goal of critical race theory isn't necessarily to get rid of white people or something like that. It's to shame white people into joining the revolution. It's to shame white people out of holding cultural values toward capitalism, toward free enterprise. It's not about killing them. It's about making them like serfs and slaves or something or yeah, just like Mao. Oh, okay. That it's land reform for people. It's Mao took the farms to do land reform, to reorganize who owned the farms, who owned the land. It was a disaster. Millions of people died.

This is the same thing with cultural property instead of physical property. James, you and I are going to be dialoguing on stage in a little bit. You guys should all check it out. He's so smart, everybody. He, I love my conversations with Dr. Lindsey.

He's amazing. Plug your book and your deal. James, I got all kinds of deals. You can find me on social at conceptual. James website is new That's new I got her book, race Marxism, another book. That's a great book, by the way, marksification, cynical theories, race, Marxism, got a new one coming. Oh, the, the rule wearing of the American child. Wow.

That's about queer theory and education. You won't want to miss it. It's coming in March.

Probably we're going to buy a bunch. Dr. Lindsey, thank you so much. Thanks. Okay.

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It helps with immune system, mental clarity. So check it out right now. Call 888-596-0155 or check out strong forward slash Charlie with us is Tom Homan. So Tom, I have in front of me, IDs of people that are now in America that dropped their IDs before they enter America. So this guy is from China, this ID here and another Chinese national. These are fighting age males, Tom.

These are fighting age males from China. We have Russia here. This is a, it looks like a, that's a Russian seal, right? That's the, that's the Federation. I don't know. Yeah. Okay. I, it's not showing up on, okay. The Russian Federation.

What else? Oh, we have Nepal. You know, I'm told that these people are just seeking asylum. They're seeking asylum from India. We have a lot of Indian passports here.

Republic of India coming in. These are real passports that they drop. Tell us about this, Tom. Well, they dropped the passports before they enter United States because they don't want us to know who they are. Right? So as you can see, I've been down there and I've seen thousands of these things down there. People need to understand border control has arrested people from 171 different countries. That's China right there.

Some of these countries sponsor terror. We've got 1.8 million known Godaways. People need to understand 8.1 million crossed the border, weren't arrested, weren't fingerprinted. Why didn't they take advantage of the Biden giveaway program? Pay less, turn yourself in, get released within 24 hours, get a plane ticket to the city of your choice, get work authorization five to seven years.

Why would you not take advantage of that giveaway? 1.8 million people chose to pay more to get away. That's why we have these documents. They don't want to know who we are.

People say, well, we bet them. Even the people aboard to arrest, they get vetted with the information that's available to us. So you think China is going to share with us any national security sensitive evidence?

Of course not. So when they leave these passport cells, we don't know who they are. If we can't find them in any system, then they can claim whoever they want to be. And they're in America then? We got almost 9 million of them encountered on the border since Joe Biden's president.

So I have a bunch of IDs here. You know what I don't see? I don't see a lot of Central Americans. This mostly India, Russia, China, of the people that are coming and invading our country on a daily basis. So help me understand, Tom, our government has spent $200 billion saying that we're at war against Russia, and then Russians just waltz right into our country.

That doesn't make any sense. Look, what's happening on the southern border is the biggest national security theory in this country since 9-11. I'm telling you, 1.8 million Godaways, 171 different countries. I'll say it again, some of these countries are sponsored with terror. Southwest border loan last year, 227 people on terrorist watch lists.

Same time on northern border, 432. 659 people on terrorist watch lists were actually arrested. How many of the 1.8 came here to do something wrong in this country? This is a serious national security theory, and this is a self-inflicted wound under President Trump in four years. 11 were arrested. They arrested 18 just last month. The border was never more secure than it was under President Trump. And we're going to make it secure again under President Trump. And this is just a taste, everybody.

I could go through the country after country. So they dropped their IDs because these people might be rapists. These people might be these people might be murderers, right? The people they actually catch, over 86,000 convicted criminals, including 106 convicted murderers were caught entering their country. So I mean, I look at these Chinese guys.

These are 25-year-old muscular fighting age males. Look at this one. It's a Mexican ID. So he went to Mexico, stayed there long enough to be able to get an ID. He's a Chinese Communist Party national.

It says right here, his name is Lee. And this other guy, Chinese Communist Party national right here. Do you think the CCP is sending them over? Absolutely.

Absolutely. They're poisoning this country with fentanyl, right? They're sending military age males over. Look, the Biden administration hasn't done anything about it. And we're in a security, national security fair.

Something bad is coming. I'm telling you, this is the biggest national security fair ever. And they haven't done anything to fix it. They haven't held China accountable for the fentanyl. They're not holding China accountable for the smuggling. They haven't held Mexico accountable for allowing people to transit through the country. In this country in Mexico, you actually have to have a transit visa to transit through Mexico.

They're not forced to have all either. This one right here is a baby from India, right there. Baby from India, Mumbai into America. And look at this guy. This guy looks like he's going to culturally enrich the country. This is your new American citizen, everybody, or not citizen.

He really, he looks like he's great. Or how about this guy here? This is great. This is a great replacement in real time, by the way. They're replacing us. That's what they're doing. Anybody who says it is not looking at the facts.

Tom, I'm so glad that you're here. And the Russia one, by the way. Oh, Russia is the greatest threat ever. We hate Vladimir Putin. Oh, Russians are coming in. Well, welcome into America. Tom, you're doing great.

Border 911. Can't wait to see you on stage. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us as always freedom at

Thanks so much for listening. One's differences dividing the elves and getting them all riled up and don't get me started about the reindeer rights. The shop floor just isn't a happy little place. It used to be red balloon.

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