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AmFest and the New Conservative Movement

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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December 15, 2023 4:08 pm

AmFest and the New Conservative Movement

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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December 15, 2023 4:08 pm

Most of the political world is shutting down, but for TPUSA, the year is just hitting its climax, with the four-day extravaganza of AmericaFest. Charlie and Jack Posobiec discuss the dramatic shift on the right that AmFest represents, with a particular focus on the GOP's massive evolution on the critical issue of Ukraine.

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That's Hey everybody, today on The Charlie Kirk Show, Jack Posobick co-pilots, we talk about the death of David Frenchism and his ideology that is now on the ropes. And we also plug Amfest, it is right here everybody.

Get involved with Turning Point USA at and consider becoming a member at and click on the members tab, and click on the members tab. Buckle up everybody, here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie, he's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country, he's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here.

Brought to you by the loan experts I trust, Andrew and Todd at Sierra Pacific Mortgage at Right now, the Turning Point USA and Turning Point Action staff, over 350, it's almost 400 people, are at the Phoenix Convention Center preparing for many of your arrival. Many of you are coming, I know a lot of you say, but Charlie, how do I watch it online? Real America's Voice is going to be taken a lot of the conference, but it's not the same, I'll be honest. If you have to watch it online, totally understand financial restraints, inflation, can't go across the country, I totally get it, we're going to make it available.

But being actually in person, it's a game changer. And Jack Pessoa is going to join us in a couple of segments to go through the breakout sessions, the exhibitors, the incredible experience to meet thousands and thousands and thousands of people. It's going to be a record-breaking crowd, it's Amfest,, we're going to keep talking about it. And one of the things that we're going to emphasize at Amfest is a new conservative movement is taking over. And it's not just a younger conservative movement, because I mean, look, if you put up the graphic of all the speakers at Amfest, yes, we have a younger roster, but we have people of all ages, I mean Tucker Carlson, Glenn Beck, but no, it's a philosophical change. We're done with this neoliberalism, open borders, invade the world, invite the world. If you would have had an event like Amfest 10 years ago, it would have been all the speakers would have been in harmony, or they would not have mentioned the war machine.

Look at some of these speakers here, just I want to isolate a few. Tucker Carlson, Tulsi Gabbard, Glenn Beck, Michael Anton, Jack Pessobic, Josh Hawley, Steve Bannon, Vivek Ramaswamy, these are outspoken critics of the neoliberal regime. What Amfest represents is, of course, a gathering point, a place of encouragement, a place of education, but also an opportunity to show and demonstrate what are the ideas and the principles that are going to that are going to determine the future of the conservative movement. I could tell you what the New York Times and what David French wishes the conservative movement would embrace. He would hope that we keep on putting hundreds of billions of dollars behind the war effort in Ukraine. The straw poll question heard around the world when we did Act Con this last summer, our Turning Point Action Conference in July, we had thousands and thousands of people. We said, okay, we don't know how this question is going to ask. We said, should the United States continue to send any money to Ukraine?

And you guys get the exact numbers. It was well over 95.8 percent of our attendees at the Turning Point Action Conference. Ninety five point eight percent opposed funding Ukraine. A couple days later, Senate Republicans sent out a press release and they said, you know, we are really disturbed about the MAGA populist nationalist takeover of the Republican Party.

The people are waking up and wising up. Republicans are following. And I think Turning Point has played a very real part in this.

We were against supporting this war from the very start and we were attacked as Russian agents and Putin puppets. Tucker Carlson deserves the most credit. Darren Beatty deserves a lot of credit. J.D. Vance and a handful of other lawmakers.

But now it's all different. Go-go dancer, professional actor and mafia Don Zelensky was just in Washington for another cash grab of for you of U.S. taxpayers. Thankfully, it didn't go that well. It was kind of cold shoulders, shoulders like, hey, man, as Tucker Carlson said, he dresses like somebody who would be running a strip club. I love that.

Zelensky went home without a firm commitment, without getting a big infusion of cash that he was looking for. Now, I think there needs to be some fact check of this. I've heard firsthand knowledge. Where is some of this money going? You know, I've heard that it's going to yachts and mansions, villas. I don't know if that's true or not, but it's worth looking into. I've heard from some very reputable people that the oligarchs of Ukraine are not getting poorer.

Let's put it that way. Zelensky and his buddies, they might be taking 10 percent for the big guy. I don't want to say that it's a fact, but I'm hearing a lot of different reports that, let's just say, the yacht purchases amongst the Ukraine elite are increasing, not decreasing. Now, America's most self-righteous enabler of the left, David French, has a new article about this in the New York, in the New York Times.

America Fest in these next couple days stands against this kind of automatic consensus. David French writes this nauseating piece in the New York Times and he actually quotes me. Donald Trump Jr. called Zelensky an international welfare queen. Turning Point USA president Charlie Kirk said Zelensky was totally corrupt.

Kirk's colleague Benny Johnson said the Ukraine president was an ungrateful piece of bleep. Tucker Carlson said, quote, he dressed up like the manager of a strip club. You can't outdo Tucker. You know, you could try, but you always fail.

Tucker with a home run. David French continues in this article. He says, the moral clarity goes even deeper than the bare fact of who attacked whom and when. The fight between Russia and Ukraine isn't just a fight between nations, but rather a fight between political systems and philosophies. Ever since the advent of liberal democracies, autocrats have believed them to be weak, too soft to prevail in a world that is so often red in tooth and claw. He continues by saying, our heart tells us that we are a nation of free people that stands with another nation of free people. Doing so is part of America's DNA.

Hold on. Is Ukraine a free country? Is Ukraine this amazing beacon of liberty, of self-government?

They're banning religions. Does Ukraine have a free press? No. Does Ukraine have elections?

No. Zelensky has suspended elections. He has literally banned the Russian Orthodox Church. And to be fair, there very well might be some, there might be more nuance to that. But Tucker Carlson believes it's totally wrong.

Blake thinks there's more to the story, that they might actually be a sleeper cell of Putin. But you don't ban religions, okay? You don't do that. Can you start right now a political party that opposes Zelensky? It's risky.

He might kill you. But David French says that they're a free society. David French, are we a free society? Are we a free society?

Donald Trump is facing 700 years in federal prison. Yesterday, David French, I had Jake Lang call from a DC gulag who's been in pretrial detention for three years, who literally was calling about being in solitary confinement, and his phone says, one minute remaining. Is this a free society that we're currently living in? We are arresting people facing federal charges because they were hundreds of yards away from the Capitol, taking pictures, saying, wow, I don't know if I like what's happening here.

Boom, getting caught up in a dragnet. But David French says, we are a nation of free people. No, we're not anymore, actually. We are not a free society, David French. Maybe you think we're a free society in your Washington DC bubble. But honestly, how obtuse. Our head tells us that we are helping break the military power of one of our most too powerful geopolitical rivals at a cost our nation can easily afford. Okay, this is a sick dude. David French is basically saying it's perfectly fine for the lower class of Ukraine to act as a human shield, to get mowed down as long as Russia is getting weaker.

You understand how morally disturbing that is? Like, go die for us, Ukraine, as long as you're making Russia weaker. First of all, now Ukraine is conscripting 40-year-olds. We've given Ukraine all of this false hope, and Russia is going to turn it into a killing field. David French continues in the New York Times, our heart remembers the line of ambulances in Kiev and says that such courage cannot be in vain.

I don't even know what that means. Our heart cries out, can't we at least ensure that Ukraine survives, independent and free? I would love to have David French on the show and say, hey, what is Ukraine? Is Crimea part of Ukraine? Does success look like liberating Crimea from the Russian Federation?

Like, be very specific, David French. Are you willing to serve in this war? I'm reminded of the climactic military. This is so nauseating.

Again, this is so shallow, like, oh, you're such a smart person. Yeah, you quote Lord of the Rings, like, get something unique, okay? I'm reminded of the climactic military confrontation in the third Peter Jackson magnificent Lord of the Rings adaptations, Return of the King. Aragon rides in front of the infernal Black Gate, turns to his sorely outnumbered army and declares, a day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of our fellowship, but it is not this day. This is the choice we face, but too many Republicans say that this is the day. This is the day when courage fails, when they break that bond of fellowship, and we cannot fund Ukraine without Republican votes. If GOP lawmakers fails, our nation fails. History will record that we choose to abandon a country that is standing against a great evil. It does not even ask us to stand with it on the field of battle.

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Visit Go Ascent Nutrition dot com, Go Ascent Nutrition dot com. Jack Masobick is here, Jack, welcome. Charlie, what a week, man. What a week here in Phoenix. Well, look, I'm having you on for a couple reasons. The first is it's a little help, because I got to be on my feet for like nine hours.

Charlie Kirk doesn't need any help. Come on, folks. Despite the rumors, I am human. So there are limitations. You just see the system of tubes and IVs that Charlie has under the desk here. He's not kidding, by the way. No, the biohacking is a real thing. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Did you cold plunge this morning? Not this morning. I'm all thrown out. You didn't even cold? That's why you're thrown off.

The whole thing is screwed up. Folks, Charlie normally does the cold plunge every single morning. 37 degrees. By the way, I have a whole philosophy of cold water. We can get into that. I think if you want something that will challenge you deep in your life, it doesn't take a lot of time, but a ridiculous amount of mental focus, cold water, even cold showers. Well, and Taylor Marshall had a tweet up, and I remember I shared this with you the other day, where he said it's actually Christian, that there's a Christian tie-in. And I was like, Charlie, walk me through the Christian tie-in to the cold plunge.

I think it's a little bit of a stretch, but I can get there. It is one of the few things, and I've looked, something that is objectively good for you. That takes very little time for almost no money.

There's not a big cost benefit. There are cold rivers all over the place, folks. Where your feeling is so disconnected from reality. So think about that, because you feel like you're dying.

It's not an exaggeration. Every alarm response that your system has goes off. Even when you do the cold shower, even when you hit it, it's triggering that flight-to-flight response. If you stay there for seven or eight or nine minutes, you legit got some problems.

But you are perfectly fine for two, three, four minutes. In fact, it's really good for you. We've done it, when I've done the hot springs, we've done hot springs where they will also have, actually did this in Budapest on our honeymoon, where you do the hot springs, then you're in the hot water, and then you go do the cold plunge. So you do the cold plunge, and then you go back to the hot. Yeah, so I do cold and hot alternating.

It's really good for you. But what's so great about cold water is you get a little bit better at it, but you can always challenge yourself more. And it takes very, very little time to get a win.

And it's a big win. I mean, again, for people that have never done cold, how hard could it possibly be? God designed you with the amygdala. As soon as you hit that water and you go down to your neck, you might last 10 seconds, right? It's not fun. But then it's a great opportunity to say, can I slow down my breathing and do something I don't want to do that's good for inflammation, good to get less colds, less flus, and it takes two minutes. Think about that. Of all the stuff you're like, oh, I'm going to go run 10 miles and all that.

I'm going to go work out. No, this takes two minutes. For me, I really have to do like, it's like mental mantra kind of stuff. Yes, incantations.

Right. Incantations, prayer, whichever you need. And you just need that through your mind. I will survive this. I will survive this.

I will survive. For me, the best breakthrough was what I feel is not real. And that there's some depth there, right?

A lot of depth there. Because you feel like you're dying. In fact, you're not. You're actually, you're fine. And you're just kind of sitting in water.

And it's interesting to watch other people go in the cold plunge, see how they react. Wow. You're fine.

Like there's nothing wrong there. Again, if you spend 10 minutes, don't do that. No, good luck. Anyway, so I'm a big cold water guy, big sauna guy. All right. Well, we will get you, Charlie, we'll do the ice bucket challenge on Charlie at the end of Amfest here, folks. That's not a problem.

I'm conditioned to cold water. So Jack is here. Get your tickets, everybody, to Jack, I want to finish on this David French thing, but David Frenchism is dying partly partially because of Turning Point USA and the Turning Point movement.

Well, I wouldn't just say just partially I would I would say because and I tweeted this yesterday that that what Turning Point and really just this movement is is becoming is that you're not just building an event with America Fest. It's not just like, oh, we're gonna get up on stage and blah, blah, blah. There's some speakers and we all get down.

We all go home. No, this, this is an actual new movement that and people from the outside. I when I'm in Europe, when I just got back from Asia, and people are asking me about it, they say what's going on in American politics? And we can't explain it. I'm like, look, I'm front and center of it. And it's I couldn't explain it to you directly. But what I could tell you, in a general sense, it's out with the old in with the new. And the the new blood and the new energy is is coming this, of course, encapsulated yesterday in the Iowa State House, yes, where we had sort of the old right Republicans saying this statanic statute needs to stay up.

And it's, you know, it's part of the blessings of liberty, which I kept saying on my show all week, that making fun of David French ism saying that it's Dave, the David French. I want to really, so smart. And by the way, I we did thought crimes last night, I was dealing with a lot of problems. I was like, half in half out because I had to take a call and everything.

I thought I did okay. But I want to I want to rehash some of it because I could have articulated it better. But I want to talk about David French ism.

Yeah, he's a defender. He it's this it's this false agnosticism, like neutral public square that really is a liberal takeover of the conservative movement. And not only that, he has really bad foreign policy ideas, which we spent on here. And but David French ism, which is so weird, because it's it's he's interventionist outside, but non interventionists inside.

And again, we're being we're being invaded from the southern border. All right, you've probably heard me, it's actually now 25 pounds that I have lost. And I'm sure some of you say, oh, Charlie, I've tried everything. That was me. You know, my first zoom call with my PhD weight loss. I was kind of skeptical. I was like, come on, guys. All right, I've learned this whole thing before about about about about. And boy was I wrong. They know what they're doing my PhD weight loss.

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No, no, no, no. It's a deep dive. It's personalized. It's going to get results for you. Okay, so David Frenchism. Let's kind of zero in on this. And by the way, Amfest is amazing. Get your tickets right now.

Promo code Charlie. Jack's going to be doing his show. I'll be doing my show.

Patrick Bette, David, Tim Pool, Bannon. It's pretty amazing, Jack. Tucker will be around. And Tucker is going to be making the rounds, man. Tucker is really, we can't, I don't think we can exactly, because it's his to reveal what Tucker's actually got planned for Amfest, but I will say he'll be around.

And like, if you want to, he'll be, as I could say, he'll be around. We're big, we're big Tucker admirers. And it's, and it's, it's, it's, it's actually what Amfest is. And what this gathering is, is a repudiation of the David Frenchism that has taken over the Republican Party, the conservative.

So let's, let's remind people what that is. So David French was an obscure blogger. He still kind of is and was kind of like run for president.

I never understood where this push behind Dave. I think I never heard of this guy. It's kind of an op. Right. And so it's like Schuyler Swift. Total op. I think he's a pretty good writer.

And so here David French ism became a thing when so Abirami. Okay. So Blake says he's a very self-righteous one. Well, yes, of course. I knew that. Yeah.

We know that talent of diction and syntax and the creation of arguments that penetrate. Okay. So Blake says he's okay. All right. Well, I think Blake's an excellent writer. So we have so Abirami Amari.

So Abimari Amari. Yeah. And David French who went to go do this debate that wasn't going to plan to be viral. And it was at the time what this four or five years ago, right? About four years ago, I think it was all about drag queen story hour.

Yes. And David French's position was, listen, I know I don't necessarily like drag queens, but part of living in a free society and the blessings of Liberty is you have to allow things you don't like to occur in libraries. And so Rob said, no, this is profane. This is disgusting.

This has no place in decent or civil society, let alone at libraries. Correct. And David French then kind of made fun of so Rob at the time. Oh, wow. This big movement of drag queens, sweeping the world.

Everyone's going to be trans. David literally said something like that in the debate. And so then so Rob came out and wrote a piece, very sharply written piece saying like to death with David French ism or something like that.

Yes. And it went trending on Twitter and the conservative libertarian intelligentsia started to debate drag queens. And I would say when I first saw the debate, I was probably more on David French's side in the sense of do I really want to, you know, it's like really, you know, neoliberal. Well, it becomes this it becomes the thing about do we want the government to decide with that which is permissible in any library, in any state house, in any school. And so there's there's this, you know, I think built in like an inherent reaction in a lot of conservatives to say when that when you invoke the government, right, turning point, big government sucks, right?

That's that's been the mantra of turning point since I think day one, right? You know, so, you know, this idea that whoa, whoa, government getting involved is something that we sort of reflexively recoil when this is invoked. And so I understand that this is a strong organ, by the way, when it came to the satanic statue, that is exactly what Kim Reynolds and vote ties together, right? There's all these different stories, you know, David French's thing and fest. So David French's position used to be the main line conservative perspective on foreign policy, especially and that one's basically dead.

I mean, David French is in the base of the Republican Party is dead, but he had this, which is and I have to keep putting this out. It's the exact opposite of the government shouldn't do anything. It's that in his foreign policy, it's in for you alleged to do everything right. So on foreign policy, the government must do everything must get involved, central, hyper involvement, central, but we will create new countries, we will force these, we will transform the Middle East, we will transform the third world into Western, you know, hyper functioning Western civilizations with with the flick of our snap of our fingers and a couple Special Forces operations. Yes.

And that's all it's going to take. And so he's hyper involved and hyper intervention interventionist in all of these places around the world, as well as we're inviting all of these places at the same time, immigration versus when it actually comes to doing something in our when it has to do with the accordance of our own public affairs in the United States, we are not to do anything. And when it so then the him being a constitutional lawyer, he would argue for this idea of kind of marketplace public square neutrality, which has never existed. Okay, it has never existed, it will never exist, we might have been closer to this idea of marketplace public square neutrality. But it's been an ideal that we've never actually achieved.

Now, the question is, should you ever want to achieve it? That's actually a more based question. But we're so far away from that, right, where whatever the prevailing zeitgeist and orthodoxy of the country are living in, that ends up being what is in the public square. So therefore, David French says, Look, why are we as conservatives going to use the force of government to prevent some drag queen from twerking in front of a child? And so Rob was like, Whoa, if we as conservatives, can't draw the line that the public practice of profanity into, you know, in front of children is, you know, unacceptable, then we're no good as conservatives. Because essentially, what's happening in the real world, when you follow David French ism, is that one side is seeding the public ground, and the other side is dominating the public ground.

That's right. And so the David French ism went largely unchecked for decades. And I think social media played a big role in this. It did because they controlled so much of the bylines.

Well, it's like it's like social media. And then just just Trump. Yeah, obviously, Trump, which basically went in, and he just smashed all of the idols of the old conservative movement. He burned the golden calves.

So beautiful. He overturned the table in the temple. People forget that when Trump first got involved, he didn't just take out the Clintons first, right? He didn't go after the Clintons first. It was the bushes.

Yes, he took out the bush dynasty, and then he took out the Clinton dynasty. And that's why the entire unit party has declared war on him ever since. Deuteronomy 12 to one of my favorite verses, you shall utterly destroy the places where the nation's worship their idols, as Donald Trump, it was a Deuteronomy 12 political force. So he goes to Satan. He just starts with that.

This is where it ties together, right? Start smashing idols, smashing, idols, smashing idols. And David French is how dare you do this, Donald Trump? We have these sacred practices of viewpoint neutrality. And David French had this kind of fake ACLU kind of wrinkle where I will I can't stand this. I can't stand it. It drives me nuts.

I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend the death. Your ability to say it like, OK, I know. Right. Which, which, which, by the way, pertains to political speech.

Yes. And political acts. It's just the fact that David French can't quite say, you know, publicly funded libraries, we shouldn't have grown men dressed as women in thongs dancing in front of children, as if that's not obviously some sort of predatory grooming exercise to try to push the Overton window so that freaks can go make kids gay and make them lesbian and make them trans.

It's like, oh, well, no, these these are good and decent people that dress up in dresses and go to libraries. And now it's more widespread. Right. It's much more widespread. The whole kind of trans the let's just say the atmospheric awareness of the conservative movement around trans predators, I think, has really been raised where people see what's happening. And David French ism is is dying.

It's dying on the vine. And so what America Fest represents, everybody, is that we are continually giving the eulogy of old alleged fake conservatism that weakens the country, that that really strengthens the Marxists. And it is a D.C. consensus, isn't it, Jack? Which I think at the basis of it. It's more personality and temperament than it is actual philosophy, meaning the people that embrace these ideas are actually very weak and damaged and they want to be liked by those around them.

I find I don't find the people that actually embrace these ideas are independent, freethinking alpha males. They tend to be, which I could respect in a sense. I could respect somebody if they were if they actually were, you know, this was their solid. I want to be nice. I mean, when I met David French, I met him met him once.

He was a little bit of a jerk, but I guess he was generally nice, but he was just a sloppy and soft person. Yeah. I mean, when you meet Tucker, it's not like Tucker is, you know, built like Covington, but Tucker definitely has an alpha male presence to him in the sense of I believe what I believe in. I don't care what you think. Right. Let me read this from David French, though. It's confidence is what David French tells you the whole ballgame. This week, I was at a lunch meeting with some academic colleagues discussing the grim state of politics in the world.

One of the people at the table asked me if there was anything that truly gives me hope. You can hear the tears hitting the page as he's writing this. No, no. Charlie Kirk and Pessovic and Alex Jones and Jack Pessovic are on X with Elon. The beta energy here is just so it's so it's just glowing.

It's like David French. Yeah. I mean, we were we were sitting at the Capitol Grill with a bunch of academic colleagues that have been ostracized. OK, discussing the grim state of politics and the world, just like it's just oozing out of this. I thought for a minute and I gaze into the distance.

I added that nice solo. No, no, no, no. Wait, wait. You hear this.

This is this is a published article. Ukraine gives me hope. That's because in the terrible darkness of that war of aggression, we've seen the best of liberal democracy and the best of America. I told them a story that I've told readers before of the early mornings of May 16, when I was in Kiev for the meetings with Ukrainian officials in Russia, launched a barrage of Kinzhal hypersonic missiles at the Ukrainian capital. The Kinzhal is Russia's super weapon. Russia's defense minister had said that it was impossible to intercept from my hotel. I watched American-made Patriot missiles take off one by one in the sky towards them. Thanks to the effort of my colleagues and the opinion, you can hear the sounds of the actual attack in the audio I recorded short after. This is what I love. It was an incredible moment to witness a testament to American ingenuity, industry and fidelity. We are still the arsenal of democracy. Imagine if David French or look, I said this before.

All I want is for American leaders to care about the American people as much as they care about foreign people. Is it so hard? So Amfest. So, Jack, for the uninitiated, somebody sitting right now watching us, they're in Cave Creek, they might be in Sedona. They said, I don't know if I really want to go. What describe it's not there's no other event like this, right? So, you know, your typical conservative event as you know, there's there's the stage, there's speakers, there's panels, you know, maybe get some breakout rooms.

People sit quietly. They applaud the, you know, the applause lines. And then you kind of go home, right? That's your that's your typical conservative event. It's a seminar.

And there's nothing wrong with them. You know, the whole movement was built on these things. But what Amfest is, it's it's actually an experience because immersion and because as much as I love the, the speakers and yes, there's speakers and breakout sessions. There's so much interactive connective tissue that glues together and gels together on the sidelines of Amfest because there's there's many events that are happening throughout the entire time so that when you get and I don't believe it's been released yet the full the full scope of the schedule of Amfest because a lot of moving parts in these things and people have no idea that Charlie does not sleep during these events that there's constant things changing things coming up people want to get in people and hold this people hold that where you have you can really pick and choose and craft your own interactive experience at it. There's there's no way put it this way, Charlie, there's no way one person could go through and actually do everything at Amfest.

It would be impossible. So when you get this thing, you basically craft Okay, do I want to go to this breakout session? Do I want to go to this event that you know, there's going to be there's actually going to be the I gotta tell you, Charlie, the number one thing I'm going to say it that people said it's there's activism.

There's grassroots, there's voter registration, there's ballot information. One of the number one things that people are hitting me up about man, well, it's the speed dating. Have you heard about this? No, of course, I've heard about it. By the way, I'm a big pusher for it.

I'm a big believer in it. And it's founded by Johnny McIntee's deal. It's Johnny, it's Johnny Mac.

And I talked to him yesterday. This is what drives me nuts. On one hand, people say, Charlie, like, you know, why are people not getting getting married, having kids? And then some people say, Charlie, why are you doing speed dating?

I said, of course, we're gonna do speed. I mean, of course, you mad? Are you mad?

I just I don't understand the argument. Some people said, so hold on. So we bash Tinder and we bash grinder and we bash hinge. What other stupid apps are there? OK, Cupid, is that still out there? I don't know. And single mingles or whatever.

And some stupid stuff. And so and then people then all of a sudden I got a couple emails and people said, oh, I don't like the fact that, you know, you're doing speed dating. I said, what would you have it was prefer have them write letters to one another on the other side of the room. I mean, by the way, it's all going to be there's no alcohol, which people have gotten married through turning point events before. So, Mary, I could, you know, it's yeah. So this is something that's already happening organically populate the species. And so and so, look, guys, you know, are we just going to sit there and let let the left, you know, take over the next generation? No, we are going to create the next generation right here, starting at Amfest this weekend. And it's all going to begin.

It's all good. By the way, I've been taking my kids to turning point events at Christmas time since they've been born. Isn't it the coolest thing?

They love it. And so by the way, if you're looking for a job, I can't guarantee turning point will hire you, but we are hiring. But there's hundreds of exhibitors, actually 126.

OK, exhibitors. And Ryan and Riley got they met at a turning point event, Southwestern Regional Conference 2021. They're getting married in January.

Congratulations, guys. I met Erica through the whole turning point ecosystem. I mean, Mikey and his wife met through like, yeah, right. Sarah, who works for us, met her husband, her soon to be husband through turning point.

And by this just the top of my head. Right. I think there's another turning point baby that just came through. Brandon O'Hallock was here yesterday. Yeah. I'm not sure he was here. I'm sure he was here yesterday. It was on the other side.

I could just go on and on and on. And so, yeah, I mean, if you're like, oh, I can't meet anybody and all this, like, I can't guarantee you'll meet somebody. But your chances are. But that's the thing. Put put our money where our mouth is, because if you if this is where like minded people are, people who who want to date to marry. And Charlie, and I know this is something that that Erica talks about a lot, too, that it's it's we need to to return dating culture to its original intended form. Yes, that's right. With the intention to marry. So we're doing that at Turning Point USA.

By the way, the way we promote it, I love the Turning Point USA events team. Some people are saying, oh, why are you doing this? You know what it says? It says get married.

Have babies meet at Amfest. How great is that? It actually says on the doors. That's right. So I drove by last night. I did a drive by because I'm I'm staying downtown and I did a drive by last night. They're putting I did the video. So they're putting up the huge banners. But then I looked at the doors and it said, be a rebel, get married, have kids. Yeah. As you walk through the gate of Amfest, the conservative movement has changed for the better. You know what the old conservative movement would say?

Who am I to judge? David French ism or yeah, or Slava, Ukraine. Yeah. Email us freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. Not too late to get your tickets to Amfest, everybody.

It could change your life. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us as always. Freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. Thanks so much for listening. God bless.

For more on many of these stories and news you can trust, go to Charlie Kirk dot com. Ah, ho, ho, ho. Hey, what's wrong, Santa? Well, it's these elves. The new ones all feel entitled. They don't want to work their way up the ladder.

In fact, they hardly want to work at all. Then there's those social justice elves. They keep pointing out everyone's differences, dividing the elves and getting them all riled up. And don't get me started about the reindeer rights. The shop floor just isn't a happy little place it used to be. We should have used red balloon.

That's right, Santa. Red balloon dot work is America's woke free job board. Every day, we help good companies find reliable, motivated job seekers without all the woke nonsense. And our new red balloon recruiter service is turning traditional corporate recruiting on its head, delivering high quality employees for a fraction of the price. Give yourself a Christmas gift and post your jobs on red balloon dot work today and use promo code Salem to get 10% off your first month's job posting because life's too short for a bad hire.
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