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Is AI Going To Destroy Us, Or Save Us?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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November 22, 2023 6:00 pm

Is AI Going To Destroy Us, Or Save Us?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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November 22, 2023 6:00 pm

Silicon Valley is in turmoil, as ChatGPT creator OpenAI has suddenly fired (then rehired) CEO Sam Altman without explaining why. The firing has created a whirlwind of rumors: Is AI advancing too quickly to be controlled? Are we on the brink of so-called "Artificial General Intelligence?" "Dark Aeon" author Joe Allen helps Charlie understand these questions, and then Sen. Kevin Cramer discusses possible fixes to the military's new war against Turning Point Action and conservative values.

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And let me tell you, I mean, come on, Tucker Carlson, Candace Owens, Rob Schneider, Roseanne Barr, Dennis Prager, Ali Beth Stuckey, James O'Keefe, Patrick Bette David, Glenn Beck. I mean, just drop everything and come to Phoenix. Buckle up, everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here. Brought to you by the loan experts I trust, Andrew and Todd at Sierra Pacific Mortgage at There is some serious AI news right now.

It is really hard to follow. Joining us now is the expert, Joe Allen, author of Dark Aeon. I think I said that right, Joe Allen.

Transhumanism and the War Against Humanity. Joe, what is going on with Sam Altman? He leaves. He's back.

What is going on here? Well, Charlie, at present, he is back at OpenAI. It appears that the board who ousted him is being replaced by a new set of experts, including Larry Summers, incidentally. Altman has long been the sort of face of AI and it really, when you saw the release of GPT about this time last year, he became in a sense the voice of AI and especially AGI. Altman tends towards what's called accelerationism, just the idea that these technologies should be pushed forward as fast as possible, whatever the costs. On the other side of it, members of the board, such as Helen Toner or Adam DiAngelo, they tend much more towards the effective altruist sort of perspective or rationalists. On that end, they also want to see the development of AGI, artificial general intelligence or artificial godlike intelligence.

The real difference is how fast you get there and what risks you're willing to accept to have an AI that they believe will be superior to human beings in pretty much every way and will ultimately replace every intellectual job and even, as robotics increase, every blue-collar job. When do they think that will be developed? Are there any sort of guardrails on the development of this? Some people even claim it's impossible. Some think that we're a year away.

What do you think, Joe? You know, it ranges and I am not going to predict whether or not they will even create AGI or whether they'll do it in the timelines they're talking about. But I will say that I do believe that the AGI projects that we're seeing right now have been built up by such a high degree of hype that it's very likely that something like an AGI will be developed and build as an AGI. What's really surprised me, Charlie, is how many people that were also fairly skeptical are now talking about timelines of five to seven years for the creation of AGI.

That includes Elon Musk, also Sam Altman, and they really, I think, whether they truly believe it or whether it's a sales pitch, what they're doing is cultivating a mindset in the public consciousness that is going to be much more amenable to the existence of AGI, or at the very least, is going to be much more likely to accept the possibility of its existence. What that means is that you will have tech corporations in possession of a technology that they will say is justifiably superior to human beings and therefore should be the source of authority for questions ranging from medicine to military strategy, and even the proper upbringing of children. Do you think the government should regulate this? I do believe the government should regulate it. How much effect that would actually have, again, I'm very doubtful. One of the real issues you have, let's say that the government puts stringent regulations in place. Let's say that the government were to take the advice of the people who wrote the open letter coming out of the Future of Life Institute, in which they argued that no AI should be created above the level of GPT-4.

That's the current iteration. What you would see almost immediately are the tech corporations in America working on this, that ranges from Microsoft with open AI, Google with DeepMind, Amazon and Microsoft both with Anthropic, and then a former DeepMind co-founder who founded Inflection AI, on and on. These corporations will simply move overseas. They already have labs overseas. You would also probably see technology transfers to countries like China, perhaps India, certainly different nations in Europe, including the UK or Germany, so on and so forth. It's really a matter of, these AI projects are best thought of sort of like mycelia. What you see in Silicon Valley is the mushroom. You could destroy all of those mushrooms in Silicon Valley.

They will start popping up all over the world. Understand the flow of capital here is incredible. I mean, open AI is the fastest growing tech company ever. It's not even close.

Sam Altman is back here. And there's allegedly a board and a power struggle. I mean, your analysis seems to be awfully heavy, Joe. It doesn't seem like anything is going to slow these people down.

I don't think so. The only thing that would slow them down is their own decision-making processes. And that's really not going to, I just don't see that.

I think that's a prediction I can confidently make. These people are so fixated on this. This is, as I argue in my book and have argued for years on the war room, this is a techno religion. And so to take a more Luddite position or even really cautious position would be tantamount to a sort of blasphemy to them. They see this as the ultimate realization of human endeavor. They believe it will be the kind of culmination or even the justification for human existence. They think that these AI programs will eventually lead to such extended lifespans that people are basically immortal.

There will be radical abundance, no want whatsoever. And of course, Elon Musk is the spearhead of this. They believe that AI will enable humans to colonize the solar system and the galaxy, or perhaps the darker scenario that the machines themselves are our successors, our sort of mind children, and that they will in fact carry the torch of life and consciousness and reason forward. So as long as this techno religion persists, and I believe it will, as long as there are technologies that some humans believe are worthy of worship, it will guide the development of these technologies. It will guide the deployment of these technologies. And more and more so, as I mentioned earlier, more and more so you see it seeping into the public consciousness.

You could think of that as sort of the orthodox church or the exoteric church that reflects the esoteric interests of those in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. Yeah, I mean there's a whole political angle that we'll explore. This is a way that they'll be able to impose wokeism because somebody has to write the core programming, and we see that with chat GPT. So can you explain the Microsoft versus open AI philosophy? And then also there's Bard from Google as well.

Explain that to us. Yeah, so Microsoft invested 10 billion in open AI. They have access to their weights, meaning that Microsoft in effect now owns the technologies being developed in open AI. Open AI came on the map with Dali, the AI art generator, and also then of course chat GPT.

I think it was like 100 million subscribers almost immediately, just completely unprecedented. And Microsoft, you can just think of them really as the corporate arm of what is ultimately an ideological organization. Open AI was founded with Elon Musk and Ilya Sutskovar, of course Sam Altman there, and then the ideas that they were working with were somewhere between accelerationism and effective altruism.

But all of them wanted to see the creation of this AGI. Microsoft, I think they're probably more interested in profit, but when you have a product like open AI is billing, a machine that can think like a human or a machine that will eventually think better than a human, you can see where their interests lie. It was those though on the effective altruist end of the spectrum at open AI that have really been digging their heels in. Of course that led to the ouster of Sam Altman for just a few days. Microsoft said they would take Sam Altman on.

700 of the 770 employees at open AI said they would go with him. So you can see really where the weight of interest is in the organizations as a whole. Yeah, I mean, I feel incredible darkness around this entire thing. They say, oh, we're going to solve all the world's problems. I really haven't met anybody who's excited about this unless you're a very creepy person. Honestly, like if you're creepy and weird and wear a space suit, you get excited about this.

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So check it out by optimizers dot com promo code Kirk 10. Joe, there is a undercurrent of the A.I. talk about inevitability.

And so I want to just push back a little bit. We've had you on the show before. There is a chance that some of this is more bluster than rooted, rooted in reality, meaning that their their Star Trek world they want to create is not exactly seamless. Is there is there a chance, based on what you've seen, that A.I.

becomes a glorified parlor trick and some of this kind of vaporizes? And for example, there has been a self-driving cars is a good example. By 2018, we were supposed to have nothing but self-driving cars.

They're still rare, actually, right now for a lot of different reasons. So there is a chance, by the way, we could be totally wrong. This stuff could be we could have sentience in five months. Right. Or it could be 50 years and just it turns out the tech can't get to that level. Help us unpack this, Joanne.

Yeah, Charlie, there's at least two levels of this that really have to be taken into account. You have the advertisement, right? You have the promotion of these things, the hype around them, and then you have the actual product. Oftentimes, almost all the time, the hype outstrips the actual capabilities of the product. What really stunned everybody about ChatGPT, of course, it was it's been ridiculed for all sorts of good reasons. But the fact remains that there was never a system like this before.

This was a dream that was finally coming to realization. The very first chatbot was developed in the 60s. And it basically stayed at that level until roughly 10 or so years ago, and then just really exploded with the development of transformers, and the use of transformers by open AI.

So what this means is, you're never to take what they're saying at face value. But I think that to simply dismiss everything as just hype is to miss the actual power of these technologies. You'd mentioned self-driving cars, they have certainly lagged behind the promises of Elon Musk or Google. But the self-driving cars as they exist right now are really excellent. They're not perfect. But statistically, they're in fact safer than human drivers.

It's a very, very small sample compared to a very large sample. But it's still the fact is that these systems do work. The real barrier is that human beings don't want to crash because a robot screwed up.

And there aren't really any ethical norms in place for what happens if a robot runs a child over, for instance. So as we're moving forward into this period, as we're moving into an era in which these tech corporations consolidate more and more power over our politics, over our economies, and most importantly, over the public's consciousness, over our minds, you have to move into it with real skepticism. But again, it would be a real mistake to simply dismiss it all as just simply a parlor trick.

It's a parlor trick with a fairly impressive rabbit coming out of the hat. BRIAN DORSEY Talk about energy. You say the use of transformers. In order to get AI at scale, I'd imagine it's going to require a ton of energy, maybe building entire hydroelectric dams or nuclear power plants. How energy-intensive is AI?

DREW WALKER Extremely. There's a wonderful book by a lefty, and it's very PC, but it's very based as far as energy goes. Kate Crawford's The Atlas of AI. But one of the things that she really emphasizes is for all of their talk of green economies and green energy, AI companies such as Microsoft, Google, and so on, they use up enormous amounts of energy in their data centers and their server farms. Right now, Microsoft is working on linking their data centers to small nuclear power plants. So it's going to be extremely energy-intensive. And I think the real takeaway from that is that when people like Apple or people like Google come off with these platitudes about green energy, they are among the largest carbon footprints on the planet.

They have no standing there. BRIAN DORSEY Yeah, that's really remarkable. What can the everyday man do to fight against this obvious dystopian, I think, demonic satanic push from Silicon Valley? DREW WALKER Number one, brace yourself and prepare to be surprised.

Also, prepare to be disappointed. Number two, I think that really for those who are already rooted in a traditional view of the universe, the specter of an AI god shouldn't really threaten their deepest core beliefs. Now, on the other hand, when one thinks about, for instance, the second beast creating an image of the first beast in Revelation, which can speak and to which all people on the earth should kneel, it does perhaps fit into a traditionalist perspective in a very sinister way.

But one way or the other, I think that the real thing that people have to do is decide where their boundaries are. And they will be called to defend them strenuously, just as we are with mass immigration, just as we are with the sexual revolution. Joe Allen's doing a tour, we'll put it on Joe, see you at Amfest. Biggest change to our economy we've seen in hundreds of years.

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Not too much, not over the top, but if it's not blackout, then the mood is not so good. Go south. Go to slash charlie. Great company. slash charlie, promo code charlie. We have been fired up about the Minot Air Force Base story. And joining us now is Senator Cramer, as well as Mary Greiner and Carmen Sirota, ladies of Another View. Hello, everybody. Welcome to the program. Hey, good to see you. Thanks for having us, Charlie. And thanks for accommodating my doing two shows at once.

Oh, yeah, no problem. So Senator, you sent out a great statement. Thank you for that and your quick response.

I deeply appreciate it. This troubling development from the Minot Air Force Base. What have you learned?

I know you have relationships there and you're privately dialoguing. What can you share with our audience in regards to the breaking news story yesterday? Thanks, Charlie, for the opportunity. I did. I sent a text immediately in the morning to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, C. Q. Brown, who was a former Chief of Staff of the Air Force. And then I had a pretty lengthy telephone conversation with the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General David Alden, yesterday as well as a lot of staff back and forth.

And what I learned was that, you know, what I learned was somewhat comforting, but not adequate. What I learned was that one person listening to a radio ad or a reference to the event took it upon themselves to send out this little alarm message, if you will, to a number of the sergeants in the Security Forces Squadron at the Minot Air Force Base. And so the people understand Minot Air Force Base is the only Air Force Base in the world that has two of the three legs of the United States military's nuclear triad. They have bombers with nuclear weapons, and they have ground-based missiles, the Minotan missiles.

And then they store over half of the United States' nuclear weapon system. So they have a lot of responsibility. And so the Security Force Squadron is very important. Somewhere along the line with all of these, you know, now sergeants and others having this memo or this text message, somebody determined that it was intended to be, you know, a security threat message, and they formatted it out to all of the personnel on the base. Obviously, with misinformation, obviously, you know, turning point is not a threat to the military.

If anything, they're the most supportive group of the military you have in Minot. So anyway, here's what concerned me, that it could happen at all, Charlie concerns me, that anybody could mistake, you know, your rally in Minot, North Dakota, for something that could lead to a confrontation, or that somebody could actually be thrown out of the Air Force if they attended. Bad messages, all wrong, you know, and then there's not a better filter.

So that's my first problem. But the response wasn't great and still isn't great. Because I don't know if you noticed, but we did because we're keeping close track of it. They did not correct their website or their Facebook page till yesterday afternoon, four days after the event. And so they were dealing with the internal issue, perhaps by sending a correction. They claimed they sent a corrected message, rescinding the original one within 52 minutes of the first one going out. Okay, congratulations, somebody no doubt said, you might want to take another look at this. And they rescinded it and send out a new message.

But they didn't inform the public of any of this until, well, really until being known to you and a whole bunch of other people yesterday. That's inadequate. Senator, thank you for addressing that. And, you know, I do think we have to get answers from the top level of whether or not there's some sort of policy of conservative groups that are not welcome. What concerned us, Senator, is they said that you might be distraught, I'm paraphrasing, but your service might be put in jeopardy if you indeed attended the rally. And, Senator, I think this is what's troubling a lot of our audience. And thank you for addressing it is that this seems to be a pattern that we're seeing at certain elements of the military.

Our military is the best on the planet with amazing people. But it does seem to seem to be a disturbing pattern of, for example, you know, yet just the other day, we've learned that over 100 million dollars was spent on diversity, equity, inclusion programming from the Pentagon. Senator, can you speak to this pattern that we are seeing? And whistleblowers are coming out to say as soon as Joe Biden came over, the military has taken a rather radical turn.

Your reaction, Senator? So I addressed this directly with General Alkom yesterday. He and I were at the Minot Air Force Base together just last month. We spent an entire day there with the airmen.

We participated in lots of events, lots of meetings, lots of touring, and I'll leave that at that. But when I addressed the drift, what I called a leftward drift, and I, because by the way, if this same scenario was carried out regarding a rally put on by Black Lives Matter, I suspect that person that did it would be fired by now. That's so radical. I think we have to always remember, while we have the best military in the world and all volunteer force, only a patriot would sign up to do it, in my mind. We have this other wonderful exceptionalism in that it was given to us by our founders, and that is that our military is not led by generals, but rather it is led by civilians. And I think your point that since Joe Biden became Commander-in-Chief, that we've seen this drift to the left is because Joe Biden is Commander-in-Chief. When the Commander-in-Chief is Joe Biden, Jake Sullivan is the National Security Advisor, Lloyd Austin is the Secretary of Defense, you're going to have a different political bent. My problem with it is that it's infiltrated quickly, it's given a green light to people on the left within the military, it's shedding a bad light on our military, and we have to stop it now because, as you know, they have a problem recruiting people into our services. And this isn't going to help it any, because what we want is we want people that listen to Charlie Kirk to sign up for the military. We want people who love America, who love God, who love freedom, and who will die. And, you know, they should, in fact, in my mind, I think we should encourage our military men and women to be active in politics.

And, right? I mean, the very thing they're putting their lives on the line for, they should also be able to, and even encouraged to, exercise. So, Senator, you pinpointed something that I really want to talk about, which is military recruitment is down. It's down the worst level since Vietnam. When you address this with the members of the military, the general, it might not, what do they think is the problem? Because I'm sure they have some theory or explanation.

I certainly do. It's become hostile to anyone that shares traditional values. But what do they tell you is the reason why we're so struggling to get recruits? Well, some of what they tell me, and again, some of it's legitimate, I think, and that is we have a workforce shortage in pretty much every industry in America. And so they are competing with much higher pay and much more, you know, many benefits, better benefits in the private sector. And we know all of that to be true. We know that to be true in North Dakota, when the oil workers are making a lot more money driving trucks than they can, you know, driving tanks, obviously, it's harder to recruit them.

I don't dismiss any of that, Charlie. But at the same time, we should make it more appealing for people to want to join our military as opposed to less appealing. And I think this leftward drift really does have an impact because the people most inclined to put their life on the line for freedom are people that they seem to look at as though they are second-class citizens. So I think that is a contributing factor.

Yeah. And the Air Force especially used to be long immune from recruiting challenges, and it's just missed its goal for the first time in decades. The Marines, it goes up and down, but the Air Force typically year after year hit its goals and hit its goals. And, you know, if you talk to people, the Army, by the way, is 25 percent down. This is a national security threat. And if you talk to people in our audience, you know, Senator, the question that I get that is one of the hardest to answer is when a mom comes to one of our events or emails us and she says, Charlie, my son wants to serve the country and I'm not sure that I'm comfortable given the tilt of the mill, that just that attitude alone is you have the willingness to serve and not the receptivity. So, Senator, amongst just kind of the general consensus with your Democrat colleagues that care about national security, you know, there's there's steps, definitely some.

Are they are they also seeing this? Can this be a rare moment of bipartisanship where we can depoliticize our armed forces? Senator Kramer, I think it can be because you said depoliticize. There's nobody of any political strength that wants to see a hyper politicized military. We all might love to see it leaning more our way, one way or the other. But by and large, we want a we want a politically neutral military. We don't want individuals who are politically neutral.

We want them to have the same rights and freedoms of expression. And by the way, I actually have the rules of ethics here that actually highlight that very point that allow partisan political activity within our military. But as an institution, we don't want that. And so I do think there's an opportunity with my Democrat friends. As you know, I'm on the Senate Armed Services Committee. I don't know a single Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee that doesn't want a stronger military, maybe one or one. But, but we had, with the National Defense Authorization Act, we only had one vote against the Defense Authorization Act this year on the Armed Services Committee. And so, yeah, I think it's an opportunity, a learning experience, and we ought to get after it as soon as we get back.

One thing I will tell you, I want, I want to bring the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, or some other high-ranking Air Force official before the committee, to go over line by line, you know, the entire clock and calendar of events that led to this event. And mine that because I feel right. It's just one expression of many that are currently going on. Well, thank you, Senator. That means a lot to us. And not just for us. It's just for the country, right? I mean, that is not, I mean, that story was viewed by millions of people. And you have to imagine that a conservative American thinking of joining the Air Force, God bless them.

You know, they say, boy, is that really something I want? And also, it's it's such an overreach of policing, like local political involvement and the subtext. And they didn't say this explicitly is they're almost alluding that turning point is like a terrorist organization.

Like if you go here, that you could be kicked out on moral qualms. And so I just want to encourage you, Senator. This is a great fight for you. You've been a real champion of our our armed forces and the strength of the country.

And it's happening here in North Dakota. Final thoughts, Senator. And thank you for the time.

Well, I'm happy to thank you for the opportunity to do Charlie, because I raised this very point again with General. I mean, the chief of staff, the Air Force were just in my head. We saw a lot of good things and we saw some concerning things. But here's the bottom line. Here's what I want my military.

And this is what I tell everybody. I want a military that stays focused on their mission. The military's mission is pretty obvious. First and foremost, deter our enemies from attacking us or our allies. And that you can only do that with a strong military. And by the way, with a commander in chief who's demonstrated and projected strength.

And we have one that has not another whole show. And then if that doesn't work, they need to be able to kill our enemies. And worrying about political activism, particularly just attending a Turning Point USA event is hardly that.

In fact, I think it works against them. There's a lot more to learn about this. Charlie, we're going to continue to dig into it.

We'll keep you informed. And by the way, one of the things I suggested yesterday to the Air Force leadership is that they start with an apology to Turning Point for this message. I mean, a sincere one, because I know that's not what's in the heart of our leaders in the Air Force and certainly not of the airmen and women. The airmen in Minot, Grand Forks, Fargo. And we have a Space Force station in Cavalier, by the way, as well.

Space Force, by the way, does always meet their goals because it's sort of the new Air Force in terms of the place the cool kids want to go. But all of that, and we'll just keep you informed. I hope an apology is forthcoming. In fact, I think they should get on your show. They should put something on your show to explain what happened.

And I encourage that of them. I said, it's not enough to send out a correction four days later. You need to get out front on this and talk to the American people about what happened and why it was just a mistake and not a new trend in the Air Force or our military. For our national security senator, thank you for that. And we'd be willing to accept an apology if it's if it's clear and honest.

Everyone makes mistakes, but I'm afraid it's a trend and I hope we learn more. Senator Kramer, happy Thanksgiving. And also, Mary and Carmen, hope to see you guys soon and have a great Thanksgiving. Herzog Foundation. For years, I've been talking about our nation's public schools and how they've been captured by progressive ideologues, teaching things that directly contradict the values of American families.

That's especially true if you are a Christian family. For those of you worried about the best educational path for your kids and grandkids, I'm pleased to announce our new partnership with the folks at the Herzog Foundation. They are the trusted source on American K-12 private education with a remarkable suite of resources for parents and grandparents thinking about making the switch from public schools to a Christian education.

They have an online publication called The Lion to their new podcast, Making the Leap. The Herzog Foundation offers a wide range of advice and information for Christian parents to make the best education decisions for their kids. To learn more about how your family, faith, and community can flourish through a quality Christian education, go to That is It's Yeah, I've actually, I've seen this bridge before.

I've never been on it. Rainbow Bridge connecting U.S. and Canada at Niagara Falls has been closed after a vehicle explosion that it might just be an accident or it could be an act of terrorism. I will say, though, yesterday there was a terrorism bulletin that was posted about New York that kind of got ignored. So maybe it's just a coincidence.

Let me try to find this here. There was one yesterday where they raised the threat assessment to New York. But yeah, yesterday they raised the terror threat assessment. So hopefully it's not a terrorist attack. But that is a serious bridge. Yeah, the bridge has been closed after a vehicular explosion.

That would be a very weird place to bomb, maybe just a normal accident. And so who knows? Maybe it's tied with the Israeli hostage deal.

I'm not so sure. So Israel has just agreed to a cease fire for four days in return to get some hostages. And I am curious about you in the audience, do you support the cease fire?

I personally don't like it and I'll tell you why. I mean, I don't like that the international pressure basically has blackmailed Israel into this. They're going to try to keep rolling this into a four day, a one week, a two week cease fire. The mission for Israel has been very clear, which is to eliminate Hamas. And war is one of the messiest things that human beings do.

It's the worst thing, honestly, that we do. And so doesn't this just give Hamas an opportunity to game the system? I don't trust anything that Hamas does.

Nothing. But look, Israel has a different way of doing things. Israel has a value on hostage life far greater than any other country in the world.

In fact, Israel famously would trade hundreds, if not thousands of prisoners just for one, just for a single Israeli citizen. I have to say that there's we are very honest on this program and people call us anti Semites because we dare be honest. It's so it is so silly. OK. And it's wrong and it's harmful.

But. Credit to the IDF, militarily, they've been excellent once they have gotten to Gaza, they've been great once they got in some of their social media stuff has been awful. The Israeli government going after Hadid and the supermodel, these op ed and the Jerusalem Post of the Israeli intelligence minister.

It's awful. I sent out a tweet yesterday and I stand by the tweet 100 percent and the typical morons are coming after me. Oh, how dare you? You know, you're anti. Stop it. And I said, look, the Israeli intelligence. We did a whole show on this. Hila Hamil, the intelligence minister of Israel, wrote an op ed calling for a worldwide refugee resettlement scheme to move two million Gazans out of Israel into the rest of the world.

By the way, when I did this, I had someone text me. They said, Charlie, what is your evidence that the Israeli government? It's like, well, this is the op ed. Right.

I'm not making this up. It is in the Jerusalem Post written by the current Israeli intelligence minister. And you couple that with the Wall Street Journal piece of Danny Denon. And I think it's Rom Barak. I might be getting his name wrong, who they're both former Mossad and current Knesset. Gamil says that once Gazans are gone, quote, Israeli communities could then return to their homes and communities and live in safety. She says nothing about a life that will be for the people in Paris or London or Detroit will be expected to then house these Hamas lovers.

Here's what I don't like about this framing. And again, I call balls and strikes and I'm cheering for Israel. And by the way, the end of the tweet, I thought was perfect, which is I support Israel.

So I say this in goodwill. If the members of the Israeli government keep up putting garbage op eds like this, they will destroy their support among Western conservatives. And I should add, which is their base. That is their base is Western conservatives, and they're destroying their base by doing that. And by the way, a lot of Jews that I'm talking about say this is talking to they think it's the dumbest thing ever. I don't know why the Israeli government is doing it.

And here's what I don't like. Here's the subtext of the two op eds. We can't live near these people because they're obviously terrorists that want to kill us. And why don't you Westerners want to take these sweet people, you bigots?

What? So these people are terrorists that we can't coexist with. And so, hey, Westerners, take them or else you're bad and awful and evil.

Not evil, but they did. Danny Denon said you have a moral imperative. Danny Denon in the Israeli government says that we in the West have a moral obligation to clean up this mess for Israel. And no, we don't. Now, there are big political divisions in Israel, but this honestly, Israel, I'm going to keep on giving you unsolicited advice from the Netanyahu on down Herzog, who's the president of Israel. You guys have to be in unison. Western world.

Do you do not have to take these refugees? Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us as always. Freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. Thanks so much for listening.

God bless. When I grow up, I want to be offended by my coworkers and walk around the office on eggshells and have my words policed by H.R. Words like grandfather, peanut gallery, long time no see, no can do. When I grow up, I want to be obsessed with emotional safety and do workplace sensitivity training all day long. When I grow up, I want to climb the corporate ladder just by following the crowd. I want to be a conformist. I want to weaponize my pronouns.

What are pronouns? It's time to grow up and get back to work. Introducing the number one woke free job board in America. Red balloon dot work.
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