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Why The Young Are Turning On Israel

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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October 23, 2023 4:55 pm

Why The Young Are Turning On Israel

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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October 23, 2023 4:55 pm

Older Americans are strongly united in support of Israel and its war against Hamas. But as Charlie explains in this important hour, younger Americans are different. On both the right and the left, there is far less sympathy for Israel — and more disturbingly, growing sympathy for Hamas. Charlie explains the sources of this trend: On the left, a pathological need to support anyone "oppressed," and on the right, growing disillusion with all foreign entanglements. If Israel can't fix its PR, Charlie warns, then in a generation it will have lost its greatest ally.

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Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here.

Brought to you by the loan experts I trust, Andrew and Todd at Sierra Pacific Mortgage at I'm getting asked frequently, Charlie, why is it that so many young people don't support Israel? What's going on here? Well, there's a CNN poll that I want to focus on for one second. 81% of people 65 years and older, 81% support Israel's military response to Hamas, and it goes down from there. 81% of 65-year-olds, 56% of 50 to 64-year-olds, and then you go to 35 to 49-year-olds, 44% gets into a minority, and only 27% of people age 18 to 34 support Israel.

What's going on here? There is a massive generational divide. This is a CNN SSRS poll, and I know some of you say, Charlie, we don't like CNN polls.

I've got to be honest. I think this is very accurate based on my experience speaking on college campuses, speaking to the next generation, talking to baby boomers. It's an 81% of people that are baby boomers support Israel, 27% that are Gen Z or early millennial do not support Israel.

So what causes this? Well, there's a couple explanations. There's a critique from the right, which is not as significant but rather loud, and then there's a critique from the left. But first, let's start with what most baby boomers believe, and I don't mean this in a negative way. Whenever I even say the term baby boomer, I get so much hate mail, it's unbelievable, as if it doesn't exist.

It's probably the most controversial thing I say is ever even explain why baby boomers believe something. So baby boomers believe that Israel is America's greatest ally. Baby boomers generally believe that Israel is an extension of the United States and that we must defend our interests via Israel. In fact, many believe that Israel is in America's best interest. There's a significant portion of Christian baby boomers that believe that the Bible states clearly that Israel will come back together, that was post 1948 out of exile, and that the end times will occur in a time and a place specifically in Israel. This is a belief that is held by Pastor Hagee.

We'll play a tape from him, we played it earlier. A lot of American Christians hold that belief. There's also a belief that Israel's enemies are America's enemies. 81% of people over the age of 65 would be outspokenly pro-Israel. And you see this reflected in our politics. Republican leaders, even the ones that are the most skeptical of foreign intervention, have been outspokenly pro-Israel, largely because their constituents are pro-Israel.

I just came from the state of Missouri. You could see it very clearly, anything I said that was pro-Israel. People over the age of 60 or 70 enthusiastically on board for helping Israel, sending support, and sending arms. So there's this massive generational divide. Why is it that people in their 60s, 70s, and 80s are 10 out of 10, have a zeal for Israel, and yet younger people do not?

What's going on here? Well, first let's talk about support, the reason from the left. From the left, young people, younger people on high school and college campuses, are taught to view the world through oppressor and oppressed prisms. That if there's ever anybody suffering, they're not suffering because of their own choices, they're not suffering because of anything they've done, they're suffering or they are not succeeding and they are not thriving because of a zero-sum morality, because somebody else is oppressing them.

So they see that Gaza, or the Gaza Strip, or Hamas, or the Palestinian Authority, or what they call Palestinians, are not doing well, therefore it must be Israel's fault. It plays into intersectional politics, right? For example, this is the same belief system and the same mentality when you look at black America.

You look at black America and it's not because black men abandon the women that they impregnate, it's not because black men commit 60% of all the murders in America, it's not because black culture glorifies single motherhood, it's because of the white guy and white supremacy. So it is oppressor-type narrative. You see a group that is not succeeding, that is not thriving, that is not flourishing, and it must be somebody else's fault, not their own fault. So Gaza could be rich if they wanted to. The Palestinian Authority could use all this aid to build a functioning and thriving economy, defend private property rights, to have a liberalized, in the best possible way, their markets. Young people in America see that Gaza is terrible and they don't think, oh, it's because it's run by Hamas, a terrible terrorist group that kills babies, instead they say it's because Israel hates them for no reason and those filthy Jews, as they would say in air quotes, are the scapegoat for the failing Arab government. And you understand that when you look at the trans issue, the Black Lives Matter issue, and then yes, geopolitics through that lens, it is zero sum.

And so you see this massive divide with activists on college campuses. They think that the people of Gaza, no matter how hard they try, no matter how much energy they put into it, they can never succeed because of Israel. They believe that Israel is the architect of the oppressive system, and America and the West is the enabler.

They believe that Israel legally was founded through the same term that they criticize America from, colonialism. Now, I've spent a fair amount of time in pro-Israel circles, being outspokenly pro-Israel. I've spent time around left-wing Jewish activists and right-wing Jewish activists, and then people that are more in the middle.

And I remember a conversation I had four or five years ago. It was a pro-Israel type conference, and I was invited to speak as a Christian conservative. And I'd had some sidebar conversations, and this was a moderate, middle-of-the-road Jewish donor, and he said, Charlie, what we need to do is win over young liberals for Israel, and we could do that through showing that Israel has gay pride parades and that they're most open to all the LGBT stuff. And I said, you're really not viewing the issue correctly. You understand that as long as young people view the world through oppressor and oppressed lenses, or that prism, or that kind of binary choice, they will never support Israel.

Ever. They'll never support Israel as long as they view things through a postmodern, Marxist-type perspective. They look at Israel as an oppressor, and they believe that all action against oppressors is justified. That's why when Hamas goes and kills 1,300 people, when Hamas goes and beheads babies, they'll go back to a thinker by the name of Frantz Fanon, who is an anti-colonialist-type intellectual from the Caribbean, who said that decolonization means the replacement of one species by another. This is someone who is supported by almost every major college across the country, and he believes that all violence is justified.

That if you are an oppressed group, that you could do whatever is necessary, that they think that Hamas is defending themselves by going around massively raping, killing children, taking hostages, cutting people's heads off. This is the ideology of the next generation of America. It's the ideology that you'll see at Harvard and Princeton and Yale and Stanford. It's the ideology that is supported when you send your kid to college. It is not some sort of one-off fringe mentality, and this will not get better with time.

This is indoctrinated from a fundamental perspective because it goes down to something that is so critically important. They do not want to tell the black community, tell the Gazans, tell whomever is complaining, stop complaining and get your life together. No, that would be white supremacists. Instead, they'll play into the complaints.

They will weaponize those complaints, to use it for political power, political expediency, to try and shed off the quote-unquote colonization and occupation. And in real time, you are seeing wealthy older Jews shocked that all these hundreds of millions and billions of dollars that they gave to left-wing institutions, deep down, they actually hate them too. They've been funding the West's suicide and funding the suicide of the Jewish people. So that's the predominant critique from the younger generation towards Israel. But it's not as partisan as you might think. When I go to these college campuses, I would say a majority of the critiques towards Israel actually come from the right. I would say that people that self-identify as conservatives are the ones that are actually the most vocal against Israel, and their critique is very different than that from the left. They do not engage in oppressor-oppressor type narratives. They're not saying, oh, the poor Gaza people that are being oppressed.

It's very different. And it starts from this perspective. And I've been trying to, you know, I've been getting a lot of text messages and quite honestly not being listened to by people that are in the pro-Israel space, both Christians and Jews. And I'm like, you guys have a serious problem. The American right is turning its back on Israel from the rank and file. Not that they hate Jews.

It's just there's not exactly an outreach method or it's not very persuasive. I'll tell you why. OK, so first is this, is that with the emergence of America first, there has been this belief that I share, by the way, that when your own country is falling apart, why do we care so much about foreign countries?

And I'll read this email. Alex says, I support Israel's right to exist and fight back. But we have our own problems. The southern border being the biggest, our corrupt government being extremely important in the upcoming elections. I don't need to hear about Israel.

They're big boys and can take care of themselves. We don't need to be part of a 2000 year war. So the critique is largely this, that supporting Israel is not in America's best interest. Instead, they say our alliance with Israel has hurt us. And this critique comes from a variety of different ways. They will mention the USS Liberty when the Israeli government shot a American aircraft carrier and killed American service members.

Accidentally, might I add. And there was a lot of controversy that followed that. They will also mention at times whether or not Israel is undermining allegedly American national security interests abroad.

They will mention Jonathan Pollard, for example. Another one that will be mentioned from the critiques that come from the right is that Israel has spied on us, which is true. They've also mentioned that the Israeli government was the main reason that Bin Laden put in his letter as to why he did 9-11.

Bin Laden wrote a letter after 9-11 acknowledging that he did, in fact, plan 9-11, saying that he cited other reasons to be clear, but Israel, he said, was the main reason why he attacked America and the connection between Israel and America. Now, understand, as we take a step back here, I'm not saying I believe any of this. I'm simply articulating the landscape as it stands right now.

And I call balls and strikes as I see it. And I was on a text message thread with some very pro-Israel activists, and I tried to warn them, I said, you guys realize you're losing the American right very quickly. And they said, no, we're not. Stronger than ever. I said, okay.

Just trying to caution you guys. And the other reason as to why some people are weakening in their support or lessening in their support of Israel is that there's almost this standard that it can never be enough. And I certainly experienced this the last week and a half. And I put this in my tweet. After a decade of pro-Israel activism, after defending Israel and its right to exist and its sovereignty, debating Students for Justice of Palestine, sending students to Israel, hosting a young Jewish leadership summit, going to Israel for the embassy opening, being accused of being a Jewish shill, I have a 90 second piece of tape with Patrick Bette David that I support 100 percent what I said, questioning whether or not there was an intel failure and whether or not people in the Israeli intelligence knew this was going to happen, of which the Axios article supported my belief. And I was called a Holocaust denier attacked by Jews like you wouldn't believe. And I put in my tweet, I said, if this is the way you're going to treat your allies, good luck.

Doesn't exactly make me want to go all in for that issue. Now, has it changed my beliefs? No, of course not. Backlash will never change my beliefs. Does it soften my intensity of support because I feel as if all that work that I put in over the last 11 years gets me treated like trash and garbage?

Yes, it does. People that days before were saying how pro-Israel I was see a single 90 second clip and they say, I'm the enemy. I say, sure, great.

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And let me know, has NAD helped your life? slash Charlie. Check it out. slash Charlie. So, last evening on Life Liberty Levin, the great one, Mark Levin's program, megachurch pastor John Hagee appeared on Fox News to lay out the case as to why we should support Israel. Now, to be clear, I agree with him theologically on this, but this is unpersuasive for younger audiences that don't believe in God at all, let alone believe in the inerrancy of Scripture. Young people find this line of thinking unpersuasive. In fact, they find it rather repulsive.

But this is the argument that is being made that is not resonating. Younger people on both the right and the left, but more the left than the right, obviously, they don't believe in any God. They worship at the golden calf of secular humanism.

Play cut 12, please. The fact is, there is a God, and that God is a creator, and that God in Genesis 1 and 1 created the heavens and the earth. Since He created the heavens and the earth, He is owner. And as owner, He has rights. And He, as owner, has given to the Jewish people, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, their covenant with them that they should own this land forever. That covenant is recorded in the Bible more than 20 times, and it remains their property to this day. That covenant with God has never been broken, and it still stands. The people who are saying the land does not belong to Israel do not believe in the God of heaven, and they do not believe the Bible as the word of God. God gave to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob a written contract and covenant in the word of God many times for those who were slow to get the message that this land belongs to the seed of Abraham forever and forever.

End of story. So, America was almost 100% Protestant when it was founded. It's less than 50% Protestant today, and some of those liberal Methodists. So, the argument works with fewer and fewer people.

Do not believe the Bible is a lot of America today. Now, let me give you an example of exactly what I'm talking about here. So, I sent out a tweet, very nuanced, by the way, talking about how Israel sent bombs to Gaza, and let's just say accidentally, as a consequence of war, it hit a church and killed Christians. Okay? I sent out that tweet, and a Jewish writer just texted, and by the way, killed members of Justin Amash's family, and this person texted.

Really? Feeling very let down by Charlie recently, texted to our producer. You can't mourn the death of Christians in Gaza, even though I am a Christian, and it's an ancient Christian church without people that are pro-Israel and Jewish texting our team saying that Charlie is letting us down. I'm not going to say who sent that text, but that is a perfect example as to why the American right is going to retreat away from the Israel issue. So, I'm getting text messages saying that we should get an answer about what happened, why did Israel bomb a church, did it not?

It looks like it didn't, and they say it's under investigation. I'm probably on Israel's side here, but Christians did die, and it was a thousand-old church. Israel should send out a press release and just say, look, this is terrible, it's war, it's not intentional, we're going to do everything we can not to hit religious sites. They sent out an apology for targeting Egyptian sites, and just to be clear, this is the other part of it, which is just hilarious.

Let me just read some of these other emails. Charlie, it was not an accident that the USS Liberty was attacked, because they dressed up like Muslims, so you think that they were Egyptians, because they wanted to take Nasser out. That's the way they work, thou shall make war by deception, that's the Mossad model. Basically, I'm getting hate mail simultaneously saying, how dare you say the USS Liberty was an accidental attack from the Israeli government. It's a tragedy nonetheless, and tensions we can find out. If there's proof, then so be it. When you take a moderate position, nobody is happy.

Another one right here. Charlie, the USS Liberty incident was an attack, intentional on behalf of the Israeli government to the United States. Okay, got it. But let me just add another element to this, which I don't think a lot of pro-Israel advocates understand, which is that being pro-Israel is still a majority position on the American right. But the American right has changed in the last five or ten years. The American right is de-emphasizing foreign conflicts, especially while our own country is collapsing.

And the failure to read the room, I think, is a mistake. I can tell you right now, amongst our constituency, our audience, there's a pro-Israel sentiment, of which there should be. There should be. Israel was not attacked. Jewish people were massacred and targeted for a genocide. We should stand with civilization. We should stand with decency.

We should side against terrorism. This is not controversial. At the same time, though, there are purity tests that are being put forward that are turning people off. They're turning people off.

Let me go a level deeper, though. When young conservatives are criticizing Israel, they want to ask the question, why is this in our national interest? Why are we involved in this conflict? Now, this should not be a hard PR war for Israel to fight. And honestly, my heart goes out for Israel in the sense that they're up against the United Nations.

They're up against Reuters. They are lying. I mean, just look at the hospital situation. That alone, people probably still believe that Israel bombed a hospital and it just wasn't true. It was not true.

It was a lie. But my advice, for whatever it's worth, and obviously I am not listened to, is if the Israeli government wanted to win over the PR war, they would gather their allies. They would not go troll Gigi Hadid on social media. Understand that they're up against the worst people in the world. Hamas is ISIS in terms of how repulsive and evil they are. Look at what they're up against in our own government, in our own government.

Let's play cut seven. I want to say how insane and painful and scary it is to work and serve in a space where we have a member in our caucus say all Muslims are responsible for this and not a single condemnation comes from our caucus leadership or any member of Congress. How is it that we are serving in a body, serving in a body where there are members who condemn us for asking for peace, for ceasefire, the most simplest thing? I mean, she's just screaming. And by the way, this is where I have a very moderate view on some of these things, and that's the way you should be.

You should use prudence, which is practical judgment, prudentia in the word of the Greeks. Elon, time out. You don't get to cry when Israel retaliates after they launch a war. OK, sorry.

That's not the way it works. Like somebody sent me a video this morning and they said, Charlie, look at the devastation in Gaza. And I'm kind of like, wait, hold on.

Time out. Bombing churches. You got you got a question for me. And yes, they put their headquarters near them.

That's a real thing. But honestly, broadly, you don't get to declare war and then play the victim afterwards. That's not the way this works. OK, Germany got destroyed in World War Two. They started the war.

Japan got destroyed in World War Two. This is why leadership is such a responsibility. And the leader of Gaza, the leaders are terrorists. And so then they get to go kill Jews and then play the victim. That's not the way this works. And the media is playing into it, whitewashing this entire thing, which then goes to the next question, which I don't want to dwell too much on, which is.

I do not think currently. Israel has the stomach, nor the PR support or the international support to do a ground invasion. I just don't without this sparking a regional war, even though they are morally justified to do so. Of course they are.

I mean, just look at the backlash and how the media is covering a targeted bombing campaign. Honestly, one of my favorite verses is in Ecclesiastes, because I'm getting attacked right now. Charlie, you're a Jewish shill. And I'm getting text messages saying, Charlie, you are a Holocaust denier.

We're getting both right now. The man who fears God will avoid all extremes. Ecclesiastes 718. Solomon wrote Ecclesiastes.

What a beautiful book Ecclesiastes is. Both, by the way, everything we should be asking is we should be on the side of America, the side of civilization and the side of decency. And honestly, if we are on Israel's side, which we are, and they did indeed bomb a church, isn't it in their best interest to receive some tough love and say, hey, guys. Don't do that. And if you're going to do a ground invasion, be extra careful, because the number one constituency that supports you are American Christians.

That's actually helpful. And they didn't target a church. I want to be very clear. A rocket was near it and it hit it and Christians died. It's a tragedy. It's part of war.

But that sort of feedback, I think, is important. And then yet it's really unfolding in real time. Just kind of the irrationality that is seeping in.

I want to hear from you. Email us freedom at That's freedom at Bottom line is this. Israel has to up their PR game.

I'm saying this with advice and counsel and also caution and warning that they might be turning off their greatest allies, American Christians here. I want to talk about I want you guys to check out 100% drug, free knee pain, back pain, joint pain, elbow pain. Check out ReliefFactor Energy.

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ReliefFactor Sleep could be the best solution for you. Everybody goes to bed. Not everybody sleeps. We're all about helping people live lives that are filled with connection, exploration, passion, and emotion. That is what his life is all about. Make sure you guys are sleeping well. It's a major part of life. Check it out right now., So let me just vocalize one other attack from the American right, which are two things. Some people on the American right say, wait a second, is this really God's chosen Holy Land with the amount of gay pride parades and all that?

Now, I'm not saying that's a good argument. I'm just saying I hear it a lot. Some people on the American right will say, spare me the kind of this is the Holy Land when it has become an increasingly secular version of America.

That is something I hear quite often. And people then ask the question, what is Israel? Is it Israel the nation as it's formed in post-1948? Is Israel the new Christian church? Is it the Jewish people? I'm not a theologian.

We're going to have Jack Hibbs on. He'll answer that question. But there's a fair amount of confusion. But you put all of this together, and you have older Americans that are overwhelmingly supportive of Israel, and younger Americans that are overwhelmingly opposed to Israel. It's creating this massive generational divide. And it's not getting better for Israel. As the days go on, that support is actually weakening.

And I will say, email us freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. Some of the people that there's so many contradictions on the left. They're all for some on the left are like for AOC, all on board to sending aid for Ukraine against Russia.

But then she has all this nuance when it comes to Israel and Hamas. I want to play a piece of tape here. And this is another reason why people on the right are turned off. And this is an older piece of tape.

It is from 2017. OK, just to be clear. But this is what Tucker Carlson with Senator Roger Wicker, when asked about whether or not we should be involved in Syria, his gut answer is Israel.

Play cut 21. What is the American national security interest that would be served by regime change in Syria? Well, if you care about Israel, you're you have to be interested, at least in what's going on in Syria. We're fighting ISIS there. Iran is seeking to dominate the whole region. I think we have national interests in Syria. And let me play another piece of tape here and understand that people on the right are seeing neocon warmongers that they really don't like that they have discussed for that are right now the most ferocious in support for escalating against Iran.

You must understand that there's pattern recognition in some of this. And some people on the right say, wait a second, hold on. I support Israel, but I don't like Lindsey Graham. I don't like Nikki Haley. I don't like Joni Ernst. I don't like this forever war machine. And it creates a sense of skepticism.

Play cut 15. Is he right? He is absolutely correct, Harris. Iran is behind this. They fund 93 percent of Hamas' activities. They fund 100 percent of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad's activities, not to mention Hezbollah and the Houthis. This all goes right back to Iran.

But you know what? Who else is involved in this? President Biden has been so actively appeasing Iran instead of standing up to them. And I'm telling you, if we lose more Americans, we need to go after Iran. It is incredibly important that we push back against them. Hold on. She's calling for a war against the Persian people. That's not smart.

And I just want to take a step back here. Another reason why conservatives are growing and I see it in the emails, by the way, I see it in real time. I'd say a majority of the emails are, Charlie, stop talking about a foreign country. Stop talking about a foreign country.

I don't think those people are saying it because they hate Jews. I think that there is such mounting crises here on the homeland and we have reconfigured the American right to be an America first party that we have retrained the muscle memory in the conservative world. To now say, and by the way, I think this is a healthy retraining and a healthy reconfiguration and a healthy reorientation that there needs to be some balance, some balance. So the question should be, hold on, totally understand Israel targeted for a genocide, defend themselves. Let's cover it. But also, there are mounting issues here on the American homeland that seem to be given a second or third fiddle to this. That's a piece of criticism I hear time and time again. We love Israel, but these critiques of the current PR and messaging are because we care. Additionally, there are dozens of other issues that I feel as if we're not talking about very much. Are we talking about the border still?

So the core final takeaway is this before we head into the next hour. Israel supporters need to make the case for supporting it and they've taken it for granted for far too long. And the polls show that this is the wrong move. Instead of calling everybody you don't like an anti-Semite or a Hitler type figure, you have to engage in the public discourse and persuade people. Treat your allies like allies and not your allies like enemies. If you don't fix this, in 20 years America will be outspokenly anti-Israel and that will be bad for civilization.

It'll be bad for the archaeological excavation to prove the truth of the Bible. Maybe Israel needs to do daily press conferences. Maybe Israel needs to put their hand around American evangelicals and be closer to people that have actually defended them and will defend them. But instead they're doing the opposite. Instead they're moving very slow in the PR war. Their social media team is an outright joke.

It's a mockery online. Al Jazeera, Reuters, New York Times, Washington Post, they're all captured by Arab interests. Now maybe Israel is going to just win over the PR war here but I could see a storm coming. And the pride and the hubris and dare I say the arrogance by some people, the top levels of the Israeli government that they're just going to have widespread support no matter what. They are wrong.

And if they don't change things it will not end well. Thanks so much for listening everybody. Email us as always. Freedom at Thank you so much for listening and God bless. 70 years ago in 1953, Omen printed a limited number of these exceptional Constitution lithographs.

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