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The BLM/Hamas Connection: The "Racism Bundle" with Jason Whitlock

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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October 18, 2023 5:00 am

The BLM/Hamas Connection: The "Racism Bundle" with Jason Whitlock

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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October 18, 2023 5:00 am

Why is BLM allied with Hamas, and also on board with radical feminism, transgenderism, and more? Jason Whitlock explains how all of these left-wing priorities fit into a single "package bundle" which has captured the votes of almost all of black America. Whitlock and Charlie discuss the odds of breaking the left's hold on black voters, then explore whether Hamas supporters should be blacklisted, whether conservatives can successfully boycott the Super Bowl, and more.

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That is right now. Hey everybody, today on The Charlie Kirk Show, Jason Whitlock. We talk about BLM, Palestine, Martin Luther King and more in an unscripted, very fun conversation. Become a member and listen to all of our episodes, advertiser free. We're also building a community insider access. and become an exclusive member now. That's and become an exclusive member.

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That is Buckle up everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campuses. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks.

I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy, his spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

That's why we are here. I want to start with BLM. What on earth does BLM have in common with the Palestinian movement? Students for Justice of Palestine. You see BLM, they post this picture. Black Lives Matter Global Network of Chicago praising the paragliders.

Where did this come from? How should we think about this? It's a great question, great topic. It's what I'm going to be going into in detail on my show today. There's what I'm calling the racism bundle. The entire leftist agenda is based on this argument about racism. And so they get people to buy into the narrative that America is irredeemably racist, controlled by white supremacists, and the last thing anybody wants to be called is a racist. And then once they get you afraid of being a racist and committed to being an anti-racist, then they sell you all this other stuff from LGBTQ to being pro-Palestine, being pro-Hamas, being anti-Israel. They sell you feminism.

They sell you climate change. It's all this stuff that's a part of this racism bundle and this brilliant marketing scheme that the left has come up with. And so being pro-Palestine, BLM has never hid that.

If you go look at this video of Patrisse Cullors early on, I think in 2015, talking about being pro-Palestine and seeing Israel as South African apartheid. So this is just all a part of the packaging. And so when people look out at these college campuses and across the country and these major cities where everybody is protesting in support of Palestine and against Israel, this is all a part of a package that we've been sold from LGBTQ to climate change to Israel is the worst thing on the planet and they're oppressing the people of Palestine. It's all connected.

So I'm not surprised. The package deal, I love that. It's almost like a poor man's cable package deal that they're always advertising, right?

Where you can get a bundle package and you can get your trans stuff, you can get your open border stuff, you can get your Palestine stuff. So, Jason, one thing I want to explore with you is that I've been waiting, eagerly waiting, to see whether or not black America is going to start pushing back against white liberal colonialism, basically. Because this is kind of like the choice items of upper middle class, academic, white culture, and they're using black America as a way to try to advance their political agenda. I'm starting to see it happen a little bit, but I think this is a breaking point that eventually will occur where the rank and file of the black community wake up and realize that they're used as pawns for ideas that are actually against their own. I'm not as optimistic, and I do see little signs of people waking up, but this whole narrative about racism is so central to the identity of many black people that, again, there's nothing we won't accept as part of the race.

Again, it's like for sports fans, I'm an ESPN person, I need ESPN, and so I'll take everything else that comes in the cable bundle to keep my ESPN. This racism narrative with us is idolatry, and we've got this racial idolatry problem that allows all these other things that go against our values to glom on to the racial deal. And so I think with black women, they've used the racial narrative to advance in corporate America. Because in order to fully wake up, you're going to have to reckon with like, hey, this narrative we have about racism being the number one problem and destroying all of our lives and so pervasive.

You've got to give that up in order to see the fraud of these other things. And I'm just not sure if the black woman's going to do that. And so many black men are fearful of losing their relationship or access to black women that we go along with that victim narrative to keep peace in the home and to keep peace in our relationships.

And so it's very difficult, but some people are waking up. It's one of the reasons why I spend so much time talking about a biblical worldview of Christianity, trying to explain to people like, hey, this is a spiritual war. And you don't understand how your racial idolatry is walking you away from your biblical values. This racism bundle is why you have to be in support of the LGBTQ. It's why you have to believe in climate change. It's why you have to believe in feminism. And so I'm trying to explain to black men, it's like that racial narrative is why you think your woman should be your leader.

Because feminism comes along with the racial bundle. And it's tough, man. And it takes a pair to stand up against all that. And so I do think there are some people waking up. Well, I love your honest cynicism because it's probably true.

I'm trying to find some optimism here, but I think you're onto something. Let me say one other thing as it relates to because this is an issue white guys don't have to deal with. But in order to stand on your biblical values in a real way, you can go to church and on Sunday and then throw out all your biblical values. But in order to stand on them seven days a week, you're going to disrupt your social life. You're going to lose a lot of friends and you're not going to get invited to all the things you used to be invited to. That's a price black men, heterosexual black men have to pay that white guys don't. You can keep a lot of your social circle. You don't get thrown out of the white race for being an evangelical.

That's right. No, in fact, it's actually supported in like waspy circles. You know, you sit around in a wasp country club and you talk about how insane the trans thing is until recently when, you know, some of the neurotic women get involved. But I mean, just for example, you know, in wasp culture, right? White Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture.

You're not talking openly about infidelity and you're not necessarily talking about, you know, I don't know, like the most radical trans stuff. Where did that come from where you're considered a race traitor if you actually believe in the Bible? It comes from academia, the education system, and it comes from the great society movement and making the government an idol and making the government your God. And so there's a lot of people that say they're Christians, but their actions say that government is their actual God. And if they took the deal that LBJ and the Democrat Party offered them in the 1960s of a government check and government support rather than a man in your home leading your household. People took that deal and were suffering the consequences of that for the last 60, 70 years. Jason Whitlock, host of Fearless, one of my favorite people on social media, because he just tells the truth.

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That is and click on the Preborn banner. Jason, over the last week and a half, we predicted this last week, the level of intensity in language and what you could call roughly the conservative movement has reached a fever pitch on social media. It started with, you know, rather agreement, terrible what happened in Israel. And as some people started to ask questions or have differences how to respond, all of a sudden the term anti-Semite Jew-hater has been thrown out like a Frisbee, quite honestly, including myself, which is hilarious.

Jason, how should we think about this? Because we're seeing, and Semaphore wrote an article about this, basically a heated division in the conservative movement, rather unnecessarily over Israel, a foreign country. Where does this come from and why has it become so divisive? Well, I mean, wow, that's, you talk about Israel versus Palestine, that's a big complicated topic. And now when you add in the element, take someone like myself who is hardcore America first. And so we look at the events, the tragedy that happened in Israel, and we're very sympathetic. We think it's outrageous, but we're so concerned about what's happening here in America. And we're so skeptical or cynical about like these foreign conflicts and how our emotions get used to involve us in events that lead to a 20 year war in the Middle East and all that. And so there have been some of us that are hardcore America first that are like, hey, let's pump the brakes before we just sign off on involving ourselves in a conflict in the Middle East. And so I think that has made a lot of people that believe in supporting Israel at all costs uncomfortable.

I think this is actually good. I think that we need to have this spirited discussion and debate and come to an agreement or work it out on what our reaction should be and how we should feel. There needs to be some disagreement among teammates so that we all reach a higher level of understanding and we're making rational, logical decisions rather than emotional decisions. Too many emotional decisions and buttons have been pushed that have provoked us to do things that don't actually work in America's self-interest.

So that's one aspect of it. I think many people think a lot of this is political and then there are those of us that think all of this is spiritual. This is a battle of good versus evil and we need to have that argument and discussion as well. So I'm a little bit, I'm still trying to figure out where I actually come down and stand on all of this.

I've had discussions on my show about, hey, you know, what does the Bible actually command us to do? Does it command us to support God's chosen people, Israeli Jews, or does it command us to support the nation, the state of Israel? I think that's two different things. I'm not a big proponent of governments. I'm not a big believer in government. And so I don't know how I feel about Benjamin Netanyahu and what the Israeli government is doing. I do know that I'm commanded by the Bible to support Jews and the Israeli people. And so that's what I know for sure. I'm looking for clarity on how I should act as it relates to the nation, the state of Israel.

Yeah. And it says repeatedly in the scriptures, Paul says to bless the Jews, right? And there's, not to mention the Old Testament in particular, but in the New Testament, it reaffirms that commitment to both the people and the nation of Israel. Does that also mean that you must also, you know, agree with everything that the government of Israel is doing?

No, not necessarily. So, Jason, plug your podcast right now, just where people can find it. Fearless with Jason Whitlock, wherever podcasts are at. Love for you to go to Apple and subscribe. Love for you to go to our YouTube page, slash Jason Whitlock. Please join, become a subscriber.

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So check it out, slash charlie. So Jason, let me ask you a question. There's a debate also happening on the right where there's these lunatics at Harvard that come out and they have this statement in favor of, you know, Palestine, Hamas or whatever. Should we blacklist those people? This is a debate that's happening on the right, principally from a biblical worldview. Should we put a 20-year-old lunatic that says something stupid and evil and vile and put them on a list, basically a you shall never be forgiven list? How should we think about this, Jason? Well, certainly not a you shall never be forgiven list. No, we should not. Now, if someone wants to put out a list that says, hey, be very leery of this person.

If you're thinking about bringing them into your corporate or business setting, they may be asleep for sale. But what I've said, and I've watched the debate between Candace Owens and Megyn Kelly, two people that I think are great and awesome and do a good job as leaders on our side of the movement. But I'm not for canceling anybody because there were so many stupid things I thought when I was in college. I mean, so many. And there were so many things I was involved in in terms of I had a subscription to Louis Farrakhan's newspaper, The Final Call.

I went to Savior's Day events in Chicago in support of Louis Farrakhan. I used to get cassette tapes. You're younger than me, Charlie. I don't know if you've ever listened to a cassette tape, but in the 80s, that's what we listened to. I've heard about it, you know, very similar to how I heard about the Roman aqueducts.

I've heard about cassette tapes. So his speeches and so that was part of my journey. Now, I was always a Christian, but that was something I dabbled in and found interesting.

And now if you looked at me and this has been for the last 20, 25 years and I've really honed into it here in the last five years. But the number one thing I'm against is racial idolatry and the Nation of Islam is basically founded on racial idolatry. And I used to consume a lot of that content. And people thought of me as someone who had a great affinity and respect for Louis Farrakhan. Now, virtually everything that I stand for and promote directly contradicts the Nation of Islam. Really, the only thing I ever liked about the Nation of Islam is that it called on black men to take responsibility for their families and their communities. That's right. That's right.

That was my attraction. But so I just think young people need an opportunity to mature and grow and evolve. I will say what is different. And I thought Candace did a great job of pointing this out, is that these academic institutions, they're all brainwashing young people to believe these things. And so how can you blame them? Everybody has this dream of going to college and you need to go to college to be successful. And then you go off to these institutions and all the messaging, all the professors, all your tests, your exams, your your projects are all based around supporting their far left worldview. And so should we be surprised that kids spend four or five years on these college campuses and then support every radical leftist movement possible? We support these schools.

We send our kids, we send our kids to these schools knowing what they're doing. And so I'm just forgiving these kids some grace. And again, should we be leery of them? Absolutely.

Should we cancel them? No. I have a provocative question here, Jason. I want you to dive into this because I think you said something really interesting that Nation of Islam, obviously, I'm a Christian, so I have a different worldview. But something that they did talk about, they're actually largely pro-life. They were against all the gay agenda stuff.

They did believe in a masculine type of figure. Do you think that black America would have benefited more if they would have embraced more of a Nation of Islam value system, obviously, or a kind of secular trans? It's a provocative question, right?

Because you look at the damage. I mean, obviously, that's what we do here is provocative questions. You look at the damage of what kind of secular black feminism have done to the urban black culture, right? 75% of black babies are not raised with a present father figure around, right? Half of black babies don't even know who their father is in certain cities.

That's insane, right? So the damage is illiteracy, gang violence, criminality, right? All this sort of stuff. If black America would have embraced more of the value system of Malcolm X, would that have been better, or would that have just been another extreme? What do you think, Jason? You've asked it a little differently at the end than you did at the beginning. Well, then you can answer it however you want, because I'm just riffing. Was Malcolm X's vision better than Martin Luther King's vision? I think there's an argument that that is accurate. That taking responsibility for yourself, not looking at the government as your solution.

I think all of those things have great value as it relates to Malcolm X. Your original question kind of more involved the Nation of Islam. And so where that takes me is about eternal salvation. And you're not, you know, the Nation of Islam, there's quite a bit of fraudulence. And I'm a strong Christian. I'm just talking about value system and way of you.

And so, yes. And I'll give you a real life example from my own life. I had a cousin that I grew up with like a sister. She was involved. She got involved in prostitution. She got involved in drug sales. She got involved in every negative activity you could think of, drug use, the whole nine. And joining the Nation of Islam completely remade her and made her a far better person and a more responsible person and just a better person overall. And I can remember arguing with people in my family who were hardcore Christians and totally uncomfortable with her being part of the Nation of Islam.

And I was like, well, when she was a Christian, look at what she was involved in and look at what she's involved in now. And so do I think those values, if you embrace them, the self-responsibility, obedience to biblical values, obedience or submission to the patriarchy, I think all of those things have great value. And if you come through those values on the other side of that, I think, particularly if you're on a search for truth, you're going to return to Christianity.

But now with a more firm belief in your values and a stronger commitment to commit to those values and not be willy nilly about those values. And so I can listen to an argument that the Malcolm X way would have served black people better than this political Christian mashup that we got from Martin Luther King. And that's not to denigrate Martin Luther King, but it is the reality that he made Christianity for black people highly, highly political.

Yes. And we basically throw out our biblical values to serve politics. Well, and that's, you know, two things can be simultaneously true. The most popular sentence that Martin Luther King said was great.

It was a beautiful thing. It was basically a coupling off of neither slave nor gentile or Jew. We are all one in Christ Jesus.

I want people to be judged by their character, not by their skin color. But there's also a lot of Martin Luther King stuff was not so good. Like not everything he said was necessarily worthy of idolatry or worship. I mean, Martin Luther King, who has kind of become a secular saint, is the closest thing we have. I mean, they renamed the whole county of Seattle King County. I mean, and so it's a provocative thing to say, but it's necessary.

How many streets, how many things? And I'm not even saying he's a bad person, but is it worthy of sanctification is the best word I could use for that. So.

So, Jason, let me just zero in on this, though. The federal government displaced Malcolm X and infiltrated the nation of Islam. Why do you think that is? Do you think that strong black families and, you know, having strong men, is there a conspiracy behind that or was it just a happenstance of J. Edgar Hoover's regime? Well, I mean, Satan is not a conspiracy. And so without attaching J. Edgar Hoover or LBJ to that, but Satan uses people to accomplish his goals as well. And so what we saw in the 60s was all about what's playing out now, the patriarchy, male leadership.

And again, let's go to the Book of Genesis and the way God, the natural order that he prescribed for us. They're uprooting all of that. And so it's not just about that. And we'll go back to the very beginning of this conversation about the racism bundle. It's not just about black people. They're using the racism bundle to accomplish their real goal to destroy male leadership, to destroy the patriarchy, to for us all to submit to this divine feminine energy.

And again, what's playing out is the Book of Genesis in real life in terms of women stealing control from men and the consequences of that. And that'll make me far, you know, really unpopular. And I'm good with that. But that is what's going on in America. No, that's right.

And you want to go a step further? It's the spirit of Jezebel that has infiltrated the entire country. That's not in Genesis. That's a little later with our boy, Elijah.

Check out Fearless with Jason Whitlock. Yeah, this conversation. Where else are you going to find two people saying, hey, why do we worship Martin Luther King again? Like, yeah, he said some good stuff, but is it worth the kind of untouchability?

Right. The infallibility of Martin Luther King is perplexing to me. And actually, honestly, it hasn't made black America better. It hasn't. It's actually hasn't made America better.

No, it hasn't. And I'm not saying he's a bad person. I'm not saying that he didn't say good things. I'm just wondering why he's up there with Moses. I'm really I'm really confused with that. Hey, everybody.

Charlie Kirk here. As you know, following this week's horrible events, Israel is at war. The people of Israel are under attack from brutal terrorists targeting innocent civilians, including women and children. There's over a thousand casualties as well as kidnapping and infiltration of southern Israeli towns.

Israel is now retaliating and could escalate with a ground offensive against Hamas militants. The situation is critical, which why I'm partnering with our friends at the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews to rush emergency relief to the hardest hit areas. Call the special phone number 800-492-5454 to make an emergency donation.

Again, that's 800-492-5454. Your emergency gift will help the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews save lives and provide critical essentials needed right now. During this dark time, the need in war torn areas will be tremendous. The fellowship has extensive network of staff, partner organizations and more immediately respond with lifesaving security and support measures. We ask all people to pray for safety and protection.

Call 800-235-887 as we rush urgent need right now to help Israel through the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. All right, Jason, I don't know if this is public. Are you able to talk about the football thing that we're talking about? If not, theā€¦ Yeah, no. Okay, cool.

Because the first thing I texted back is I said, Jason, I'm all into, you know, the past, you know, making sure you do things in alignment. But the one indulgence, I admit it, my audience is ready to, you know, destroy me is football. I love it. It's a beautiful sport. It's great.

But you're telling me I could still watch football. It's just one day. Build this out. I think this is important. Let's try to get this.

Let's kind of get this out here. Well, Charlie, we need to figure out unique ways to make our voices heard. Those of us evangelical Christians, conservatives, because, you know, it's been illegalized for us to make our voices heard. We can't gather in protest. They'll send FBI infiltrators to paint us as white supremacists. They'll plant agitators to make sure that there's some sort of violence at the event. And then they'll run us through their court system, particularly if we went to D.C. They've run us in front of, you know, an all Democrat jury. And just like they're doing the January six people throw us underneath jails. And so if we can't do that, how do we make our voices known? And I think the only thing that has really worked are these boycotts.

I agree with you. Did some things with Bud Light and Target that were effective and sent out our message and made them come to heel. And like, whoa, OK, they're going to do this. They've escalated the price for some of this messaging and promotion of this satanic stuff that we like to do. And so it's made them back off. And so the Super Bowl is Christmas for corporate America. It's the biggest platform we have here in America to voice an opinion. They've been using the Super Bowl to promote all these secular values and all these satanic values. And they've been platforming every you know, the NFL is gay commercial and they all the promotion of the matriarchy and all the promotion of Black Lives Matters. They're using football to promote their values and their agenda. I think we have an opportunity to use football in the same way by boycotting the Super Bowl. If somehow we had a counter event and it could be just our shows and online, on the Internet. And we somehow affect Super Bowl television ratings by five or 10 or 15 percent.

That's a way of making people talk about our concerns and being very disruptive and sending a message to corporate America that we've had enough. I went to college on a football scholarship. I built my brand writing and talking about football. Football's important to me. And so I'm not asking anyone to give it up. I haven't been able to give it up.

And, you know, I think the product is much weaker. But I'm asking those of us in this movement to consider organizing and rallying together. The only the only reason I'm slightly uncomfortable talking about this and I'm really not. But I've questioned myself.

Am I the right person to lead this? Because, you know, I'm really polarizing. No, you're and you're you're you're unifying. I think you're great.

Tell all those people to take a hike. Well, I'm so honest. Let me be just transparent here. It's just like, am I the type of person that could get Ben Shapiro in the day we were wired to support this idea?

I'm not sure. And it's because I'm so outspoken and honest that I think I may been uncomfortable. I think I make Jeremy uncomfortable. I think they like me, but I think they're slightly uncomfortable. And, you know, would they be good with partnering with me on something that I'm leading? And so I've kind of had those questions. Can I get all the right people on board with supporting this?

Now, I have reached out to yourself. Yep. Well, let's let's work together. I think we can do some stuff because I think you're right that the Super Bowl is where their margins come. It's it's a huge deal for them. Right. This is where they make bank for the rest of the year.

And if their viewership takes a hit, especially from red America, it makes an impact. Fearless with Jason Whitlock. Check out the podcast. Jason, thanks so much. Thank you, Charlie. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us is always freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com.

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