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Black Privilege with Heather Mac Donald and MTG

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September 29, 2023 7:02 pm

Black Privilege with Heather Mac Donald and MTG

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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September 29, 2023 7:02 pm

The press says America has "white privilege," but if that's the case, why does nobody lie about being white on college applications in order to get in? In reality, America does deliberately treat one group more favorably than other ones in hiring, school admissions, and more...and as Heather Mac Donald explains, it's not white people. Plus, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene takes a victory lap about a majority of Republican Congressmen now voting against additional funding for Ukraine.

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That is right now. Hey everybody, it's the end of the Charlie Kirk show. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Heather Macdonald. Heather Macdonald dropped some truth bombs on this episode. Text this to your friends, especially the ones that are woke on the race stuff. Listen to Heather Macdonald. Get involved with Turning Point USA at

That is As always, you can email me freedom at That is freedom at

Buckle up everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country.

He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here.

Brought to you by the loan experts I trust, Andrew and Todd at Sierra Pacific Mortgage at Okay, everybody. There's some good news. There's some good news.

Despite all the garbage we're seeing on the horizon, 117 Republicans voted against Ukraine funding. There actually was some good movement on a Ukraine amendment led by Marjorie Taylor-Green. She's been leading a very valiant fight. Congresswoman Green, thank you so much for taking the time. Tell us all about it, Marjorie. Well, thank you so much for having me on, Charlie.

I'm very excited. This has been quite an effort. I've been messaging, telling all my fellow colleagues that the American people are sick and tired of funding a war in Ukraine. And I even had an anti-war protest on the steps of the Capitol earlier this week. I have been introducing amendment after amendment to strip the money from Ukraine, and we got that accomplished. And it's really because of the people, Charlie.

Polling shows that most Americans do not support their hard-earned tax dollars going to Ukraine. So that was a big win for me, but it was also done with 117 other Republicans that agreed with me. All right.

So, Marjorie, I'm busy doing all sorts of stuff. You got to break it down for me because I'm sure the audience. OK, so did this pass the House of Representatives or pass a committee? Was this a single issue bill? Was this a rider? Was this an amendment? Just walk me through it because I want to make sure I understand it.

Yes, thank you so much, Charlie. So the defense bill had 300 million dollars for Ukraine inside the bill that has been there for years. And this money goes into a special fund that the Biden administration has been using to send equipment and weapons to fund the war in Ukraine.

As a matter of fact, they have spent a lot of the money out of that fund that was built up over the years. And so I've been demanding. I think I'm one of the few members of Congress that has voted for zero dollars to go to Ukraine since it has started. And I've been fighting very hard on the issue to stop it. Well, what happened this week is because I really fought my conference so hard, I'm the only Republican. As a matter of fact, I voted with the Democrats to knock down the rule. So I voted against the Republican rule for the defense bill, sending a strong message to my conference, sending a strong message that I am completely against the war money for Ukraine.

Then after that happened, I had a lot of conversations. Again, I had an anti-war protest against Ukraine, war on the front of the Capitol steps. I argued in conference that if they want to fund money for Ukraine, they need to strip it out and they can vote for it, that I'm not voting for it and there's other members that do not want to vote for it. Well, thankfully leadership listened. And so what they did is they created another amendment that pulled them out and we had to vote again on a separate rule that was pulled the money out of the defense bill.

So the defense bill came to the floor last night and we passed the defense appropriations bill, which is filled with so many great things, but we passed it with no money for Ukraine. So then there was this also 311 to 117 vote. Which one was that?

That was a 300 million. That did pass or that didn't pass? I'm sorry. I'm just trying to understand all this because... Yes. Yeah.

So tell us about that. So that is a separate funding bill for Ukraine. So there's 117 Republicans that voted against the $300 million that was originally inside the defense bill but was stripped out and was a separate vote. So what you're seeing is you're now seeing over half of the Republican conference is now against sending money to Ukraine.

Remember, this is a giant change. It's a big step in the right direction because in the beginning, Charlie, over 18 months ago on the first vote, when I voted no, I believe I was one of maybe three people, Thomas Massey and Matt Gates, I think were the only other two Republicans that voted with me against money for Ukraine. But now 117 Republicans last night voted against funding for Ukraine. And we passed a fully funded defense appropriation bill with no money for Ukraine.

I mean, it's not a full victory. I'm not saying that we completely stopped because we couldn't stop the 300 million, but we passed a defense bill funding the Department of Defense with no funding for the Ukraine war. So Congresswoman Green, the government will quote unquote pause, slow down tomorrow if there's not an agreement met. Do you anticipate the House being able to fulfill the mandate given by voters and or will the government shut down? Please, what do you think is going to happen? I'm anticipating a shutdown, Charlie. That's from what I understand on the vote count that I've heard that there is not enough votes to pass a CR.

And I have to tell you, Charlie, I really probably am against a CR myself. And here's why. I'm a successful business owner, Charlie, and I've always kept my business running, but we did it the right way. And I'm very upset that Congress, this Congress that we control actually went home in August and half of September, and we didn't stay in Washington and do our jobs, which we should have done. As a matter of fact, we should have been here the entire year passing our appropriation bills, because that is the job that we're supposed to do by the Constitution for the United States House of Representatives.

And I think we should stay here and keep doing our hard work to pass these appropriation bills, which we have been doing this week, because we've actually been working at it. So I don't see the CR proposed. The Senate has already said that it's dead on arrival, the one that we're supposed to vote on today. The Senate has said they won't pass it. The White House has said they won't pass it because we know the Biden administration is America last. So this vote that's about to happen is for a CR that probably won't pass the House, and the Senate won't pass it, and the White House won't pass it.

So it's more wasted time where we should be working hard on our appropriation bills. In closing, how does the border factor into all these negotiations? The border should be the number one concern, and that has been my strongest argument, Charlie, is I've been fighting with my colleagues that the only border we should care about is the United States border, not Ukraine's border, and that we should be united as a government no matter which political party we represent in defending and securing our border. And as a matter of fact, Charlie, I've had some pretty heated conversation with some of my colleagues that are all in for killing Russians, but yet they don't have enough courage to take on the Mexican cartels.

And I think that's the war that we should be focused on is the war that the Mexican cartels have waged against our country that's killing 300 Americans a day. I just have to say it's very creepy and weird when I hear people like we have to kill as many Russians as possible. It's very dark, like very weird and dark for a country that really hasn't killed any Americans in the last. I'm not saying Russia is a good country. I don't like the Russian government. I don't like Putin.

But it's like this fascination, this almost I'll put it at that. Let's just say this weird motivation to try to kill as many Russians as possible, which does nothing but hurts our geopolitical stance. So, Marjorie, just in closing, you do think that opinion is changing on the Ukraine issue?

You see it. I mean, Zelensky visits and he loses 117 votes. So we have to keep the pressure on. And then finally, is there any concern by even moderate Democrats to try to secure the border? Are they all in for the invasion and the third worldification of America?

Charlie, I serve on the Homeland Committee and I can tell you right now that Democrats are all in on the invasion of America. As a matter of fact, I hardly hear any of them talk about border security measures. As a matter of fact, they constantly defend migrants that are invading our country illegally. So they're all in for migrants rights, not the rights of United States citizens. They don't care about Eagle Pass or any other border town. They don't care about New York City being overrun. They don't care about the people that are dying from fentanyl being trafficked across our border. And they certainly don't care about migrant children that the Biden administration has lost. And now we're getting close to 100,000 migrant children that no one knows where they are.

But yet they still wanna talk about Trump put children in cages. It's really sad. Charlie, it's unbelievable.

But unfortunately, Democrats do not care about securing our border one single bit. Marjorie Taylor Greene, keep the fight. Thanks so much. Thank you, Charlie.

Thank you, Charlie. So Senator Dianne Feinstein has passed away, which means that there's an open Senate seat. Gavin Newsom has pledged that he is going to fill that Senate seat in an affirmative action type way, obviously not for someone who is qualified, not for someone who is smart, not someone who knows what they're doing.

Now, the same way that Michelle Obama got into Princeton, the same way that Katanji Brown Jackson, et cetera, et cetera, he said that I am going to nominate or name a black female. Now, there are 13 candidates who have announced that they are running for Feinstein's seat next year. The big three are Barbara Lee, Katie Porter, and Adam Schiff. Adam Schiff, unless he has some surgery and puts on blackface, Adam Schiff is not going to be in the running.

Poor Shifty Schiff, which I think is hilarious because Schiff has done all the virtue signaling stuff you could imagine and to have the very ideas that he's been advancing to come against them, I think is absolutely hilarious. So Gavin Newsom has already said that the replacement for Feinstein, of course, will be a black woman, but that he plans to appoint someone who won't run for a full term in 24. So it has to be a black woman. So maybe it's Oprah, right, to serve out kind of like a celebrity term. Oprah is not and I could do a whole show on Oprah, the sad, sad story of Oprah Winfrey. Oprah Winfrey used to be one of the most important voices in America. Her whole message was on empowerment, rejecting victimhood. She had a very difficult upbringing, was raped, I believe, by her brother, her father, something insanely evil. But her whole thing was about lifting yourself up by your bootstraps. She was Chicago based.

It was all about opportunity and insightful interviews. And Oprah has changed. Oprah has become bitter and nasty.

Kind of a lonely person, unfortunately, and very Eastern in her belief system now. Yeah, Oprah still remains kind of the queen of the wine moms and published a lot of podcasts and book clubs for them. Anyways, it could be Oprah. So why are black women so entitled to the California Senate seat? Well, they're not the overwhelming share of the population. Black women are less than 5% of California.

It isn't that they've never had that job before. Cami is a black woman, even though it's by Caribbean heritage. I don't know how they make the rules.

It's really kind of strange. She's Jamaican. Does that count as black? Who knows?

There are no rules. So why is it okay to announce that I'm going to name a black woman? And by the way, Kamala Harris is also Indian. So does that make her black? No, not really. So is it a melanin thing?

No, you can't ask these questions because people are super afraid. Now, I guess it could be Michelle Obama, but is she a resident of California? Well, she could probably buy a place there.

I don't know. So Joe Biden did the same thing. Remember with Katanji Brown Jackson, I am going to name a Supreme Court justice who is black. So the left has decided that black women are America's master race. Black women are the high priestess class of wokeism. Black women are untouchable. This is why Candace Owens is hated and feared so much because Candace Owens is a strong, confident, powerful black woman who doesn't believe in Marxism. That's why they hate Candace Owens so much and why Candace is so effective because she is supposed to be on the left. So they say America needs to listen to black women. America needs to center black female voices. Black women are the consciousness of America.

They say these things. Now, this is a really interesting attack vector. Blake disagrees. Blake doesn't think the black vote can be moved at all going into 2024. I disagree.

I think it can move five to seven points. Blake thinks it's a complete waste of time. I disagree. Black men, though, aren't you upset that black women are getting all these preferences? It's not as if there's like a massive amount of black men in the U.S. Senate either. But here's another option. Democrats all admit in private that they have a big Kamie Harris problem. Nobody likes her, so maybe they give her back her Senate seat.

Say, hey, come back home. Come back and be a senator and no longer be VP. Now, all of these are just rules.

They're not laws. But it's going to be very interesting because now the U.S. Senate business for the Democrats, as a shutdown is looming, pause, partial shutdown, is that they're one vote down. So Gavin Newsom has to make a decision very, very quickly. So Gavin Newsom has to fit his identity politics criteria. Gavin Newsom has to take orders from his boss, Nancy Pelosi. Gavin Newsom also has to weigh his own political ambitions.

So he puts someone in there that could potentially help him if he's called to come out of the bullpen. So I don't have time to fully kind of summarize this. You are going to see a very interesting picture and what the Democrats are actually thinking in 2024 based on who they select for Dianne Feinstein's vacated seat. It's going to be a massive tell. Watch closely.

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It's terrific. So go to right now. Heather, thank you for taking the time. Heather, I want to start with you commenting on your visit to University of California, Berkeley. Tell our audience all about the wonderfully tolerant students at UC Berkeley, where you come to talk about some rather non-controversial things, should be non-controversial.

Tell us about it. Well, it is very controversial to tell students that they are actually the most privileged individuals in human history, simply by virtue of being on a college campus and having access in theory to knowledge. And there's nothing that makes Black Law students even more upset than being told that the reality in our world today is Black privilege. So I was doing a Q&A with Stephen Hayward about my book and saying that the reason that we have racial disparities today is not because of racism.

It's because of ongoing skills gaps and behavior gaps when it comes to crime. And the students had already defaced the posters for my event with the phrase racist. And the heckling, especially towards the end, grew very intense. Who the heck are you? Make sure you're assaulted just being here. Your presence is racist. Your book is racist. And when I said finally the reality today is Black privilege, that resulted in utter pandemonium. But as you know, Charlie, there's nothing more depressing than being in the face of the student mob and seeing the utter emotional, spiritual, psychological commitment to the lie that, especially if you're a Black student, that you're the victim of racism.

I mean, it's preposterous on its face. The Berkeley Law School is discriminating against Black students. But as simply an empirical matter, we know that the Berkeley Law School and virtually every University of California entity and campus is so determined to have Black students and Black professors that they are using vast racial preferences. They are admitting students. They are hiring faculty who, if presenting the same test scores, the same academic record, if they were white and Asian, would most likely be rejected. So Berkeley Law School is absolutely fanatically committed to having Black students there. And yet these law students are just psychotically committed to the idea that they experience, as they said, we experience racism every single day here. And I said, name me some names, name me a professor who is racist, name me an administrator who is racist. And, of course, they didn't even try. Of course not. No, you're exactly right.

I dealt with something similar, Heather, last week where they just start screaming at you. And I feel the same way. It doesn't bother me as much as it bothers how I view the society. Right.

I mean, that's really the depressing part. Not they can say whatever they want towards me. I think you feel the same.

Been through this for a decade. But I just think these are people that are supposed to go staff our institutions and to go run a business. And, you know, I want to zero in on this, though, Heather, because you use a phrase that I've used, black privilege.

And it's true, right? Whether it be watching television commercials where the commercials are obviously overstaffed with black actors not proportional to the population, affirmative action type standards that are there. Talk about black privilege in society, because we're told about white privilege, but it's in fact the opposite.

Please expand on that. Well, I would not even bother about the commercials. It may be that that's a good example because it's the most obvious and visible to people.

But frankly, if capitulating to the phony racism narrative only meant a way disproportion of blacks on commercials, I could easily live with that. Fair enough. I think that's a good point. No, I think that's fine.

Yes. It's much worse, Charlie, as you well know. What we're seeing in medical schools is black college seniors being admitted who would be automatically rejected if they were white and Asian. And I think that's because they're automatically rejected if they were white and Asian because their test scores are so low. And once they get in medical schools, they cluster in the bottom of the class because of academic mismatch. And so what we're doing now is changing the standards for medical licensing to make sure that we pass on more black doctors without their low skills getting detected by grading system. Black faculty in medical schools are being hired and promoted. Blacks are being hired on top of medical schools and cancer research centers with research records that are far inferior to the white males who were rejected. And this is going on across the sciences.

We are destroying our capacity to compete with China in medical, in research, nanotechnology, computer research. The fact of the matter is, if you're black today, you are going to be the first on the list to get hired and promoted if you have even remotely plausible qualifications. I will believe in white privilege, Charlie, when I hear about a single black high school senior who chooses to put his race down as white because he thinks that that would be.

That is exactly right. You've got a lot of white imposters wanting to be black because they accurately read the situation that being black today gives you an automatic entry into the media. It gives you moral credibility. And frankly, Charlie, there's a race hustle going on. Whites are silent before it. They're terrified. They're either ignorant. They're complicit. And it has to end because we are tearing down meritocratic standards. We are destroying ourselves as a civilization in the service of a false claim, which is that America today is systemically racist. It is not.

I think that's perfectly said. And then when you ask very basic questions such as blacks are 12 to 15 percent of the population, depending on which sentence census you take, and yet commit 60 percent of the violent crime or 55 to 60 percent. Heather, why is that the case? Why do blacks commit so much more crime than the percentage that they compose in the country? Well, one of the primary reasons is the pathologies of the inner city. And the primary among those pathologies is the breakdown of the black family. You have 71 percent of black children now being born out of wedlock. When Daniel Patrick Moynihan issued his present warning in 1965 saying that civil rights progress will come to a halt unless the breakdown of the black family ends, because black boys are not being socialized by their fathers. They're being raised by single mothers who were not able to do it. Moynihan thought we were at the end of any further civil rights progress and being able to expect further racial equality when the black out of wedlock birth rate was 23 percent. Moynihan said this is a catastrophe.

It is now 71 percent. But beyond just the family breakdown, you have a whole stigma against acting white, which is defined by making effort in school, by showing up to your class, by going to school, by taking your textbooks home to study. All of that is demeaned as acting white. And you have the glorification of gangster culture.

So it's very bad. I mean, the country is being held hostage, Charlie, to black dysfunction. Let's face it. I mean, nobody wants to say it, but we all see the video.

Yes. This looting, the shoplifting, the fact that stores are closing down. It's all because of black crime. And the stores, whether it's Wal-Mart or CVS or Target, they would rather simply shut down and deprive their law abiding customers of their prescription availability of being able to shop for necessary first aid materials than to arrest shoplifters and being accused by the ACLU of racism because the mass majority of shoplifters and looters that they will arrest in a colorblind fashion are black. And so we've all decided we're going to turn our eyes away from black crime, put up with it, then actually enforce the law and have a disparate impact on black criminals.

That has to end, Charlie. Well, and we even subsidize it. We pay off looters after Floyd-a-palooza.

Major metropolitan cities were issuing tens of millions of dollars in I'm sorry payments for people that were arrested. Heather, in equally as concerning pathology that I want your comments on, why are so many whites, so many elite whites with you call them woke or whatever you want? Why are they the ones pushing this?

Because this is what's so fascinating. This is not a black led movement. I mean, you have a couple of the, you know, charlatans, you know, formerly Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Ta-Nehisi Coates and Ibram X. Kendi and all that. But it seems as if that the intelligentsia that is really pushing this forward is disproportionately white.

What is that all about? Well, I'm going to I'm going to do a little game on you, Charlie, and say that you're engaged in the same white bashing as the elites, in a sense, because I hear this all the time from conservative whites who want to hold blacks harmless and say, well, the problem is us whites, the left wing elite whites. I disagree.

I think it's it's absolutely mutual codependency. I don't I don't think that black leaders should get a pass on this. There's far too few that are speaking up for personal responsibility. And the vast majority are playing the race. So that is not it's not just that it's whites foisting this on everybody else. As far as those elite whites, of course, you're absolutely right. You know, you saw this most nauseatingly after George Floyd with every college president beating his chest and saying, oh, woe is me. I preside over a racist institution.

When Google and Amazon all said they're presiding over racist institutions and they all pledge to up their hiring of blacks, even though it's already disproportionate compared to the ratio of actually qualified blacks. And it's because of racial guilt. It's because of it was a long deferred awakening in America. We were a white supremacist country. We were a country that exercised white privilege in an extraordinarily brutal, callous and cruel way. And that took far too long to end.

But end it did. And but but these whites feel like they're only moral legitimacy comes from bashing other whites and claiming to be still presiding or looking upon a racial injustice. And nobody better personifies this than Joe Biden. I was always appalled by the fact that conservative commentators were willing to play into this notion that he's a uniter.

This was this was coming from The Wall Street Journal. It was coming from Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro, that, oh, what a wonderfully unifying inaugural speech he gave. No, he was bashing whites even in his inaugural speech. And he made that a theme that whites are still perennially racist. It's the stain on America's soul.

It was a stain on our soul, but it is not now, Charlie. And as you as you say, the reality today is black privilege. As long as we continue to think that the only allowable explanation for racial disparities is racism and that standards that have a racial disparate impact are racist and we tear them down, we are ending.

And white males, you guys, it's over for you. You may be the most qualified applicant to a law school or a law firm. You will be the last considered. You may be a college senior who's done amazing lab work with in a cancer lab. During your undergraduate years, you may have the best MCATs.

You still will be waitlisted at most of your medical schools simply because you're white and male. Get a grip. See what is happening. Yes. We've figured out a language. I think and I appreciated the correction, Heather, because I totally agree 100 percent.

But I would also say you're right. White males don't get a grip. And that's part of what my question was, is that there is this kind of sitting on the sidelines complacency of whites that are just allowing this anti white agenda to continue. Hey, Charlie Kirk here, if you guys love this program and you want to support this program, if we have impacted or blessed your life in any way, I want to tell you about a new thing that we are starting it up. First of all, if you have supported us at Charlie Kirk dot com slash support, nothing to worry about. You guys are going to be moved on over if you want to support us even more and say, hey, I want exclusive content.

I want to talk to Charlie directly. We are standing up this amazing infrastructure. Teams working so hard at members dot Charlie Kirk dot com. Not only is it a way to support us directly outside of all of the other channels, but get this live Q&A.

I mean, the team articles exclusively written by me that you won't find anywhere else. Pre show prep calls and more sign up today at members dot Charlie Kirk dot com. We love bringing our show every day and we can't wait to bring you even more content that is just for you at the Charlie Kirk exclusive. That's members dot Charlie Kirk dot com. Head to members dot Charlie Kirk dot com today.

Yes, there's gonna be a lot of goodies, a lot of engagement, a lot of fun stuff. But even more than that, if you feel moved and compelled that our show is impacting you and impacting the world, it would mean a lot if you became a member at members dot Charlie Kirk dot com. So, Heather, just give our audience the numbers again. We've done this before on the program where you talk about what does an average black need to get as a test score to get into UC Berkeley or Stanford? And what does a white student usually? I mean, how big is that gap? How much preference is there?

Is it 100 points, 200 points? How big is that gap? Well, it's very hard to pry the data out from these universities. There's a guy who studies what's called academic mismatch, which is the fact that when you give a huge preference of catapult blacks into academic environments where they're not qualified, they don't do well.

He's been fighting to get University of California data is not getting it. We know from Harvard, the recent preference case that Harvard is about 14 percent black. And if it did not have racial preferences, giving blacks enormous advantage in admissions, it would be less than one percent black. And Harvard has the pick of every top scoring black student in the country. But even with that, the students are mostly there because of racial preferences. So in some schools it's a 200 point advantage. You're being treated equally as Asians with 200 points on the SATs. If you were white or Asian, you'd need those. And if you're black, you're going to be admitted with those. So these are massive differences in statistics.

It's known as a standard deviation, which is a basically fancy word for saying a very big statistical gap. And a lot of preference beneficiaries know this. You know, it depresses effort. They basically remember a New York Times article from the 90s when people were sort of semi waking up to affirmative action and then they all went back to sleep again. But the Times interviewed some students who said, well, I know I don't need to study as hard because I'm black and I'll get in with much lower scores and GPA. So it's ubiquitous in medical schools. Students, you know, medical students have like a 57 percent chance of admission if they're black with mediocre scores.

That would be about five percent if Asian or white, you know, making blacks nine times more likely to get admitted to medical school with mediocre grades than if they were Asian. And these these these preferences matter again because they never end. You know, it I'm not going to justify it, but maybe if we would say, OK, let everybody into college. But then there's going to be a point when merit matters and we're not going to pass you through.

And we can be confident that that doctor coming through the emergency room door is there because he was the best doctor and not because he was the best black doctor. But in fact, the preferences never end. Yeah.

And all the way all the way through, you don't have to get the same grades to graduate. And I mean, and this is one of the big issues, Heather, and we'll have to have you on again. One, I'm starting to see some momentum finally in conservative circles. Christopher Caldwell deserves a lot of credit where we can kind of go back to when they refounded the country, when most people don't realize it, which was the civil rights Leviathan.

Tease that out, Heather. It's a huge topic, but the more we can talk about it, the better. Well, the civil rights idea was the idea that America, again, was profoundly racist and needed to basically change the law to get rid of colorblindness. So the laws and theory looked to be colorblind, but they were immediately interpreted to require preferences. And so whites were basically, though they were the vast majority, historically, this has been a country with European background.

They were treated as the last on the totem pole. And the country became dedicated to this ideology of multiculturalism, which is relativistic, says that you cannot honor Western civilization, even though it was the most successful civilization that has given the world prosperity, freedom from fear, from sickness, from abuse. Every third world person of color wants to come to the United States because it's so successful. And yet we go around saying that the West is uniquely barbaric and racist. That is completely lie. I'll be willing to pay reparations, Charlie, when I see African presidents saying our country is going to pay reparations for our role in the slave trade. Britain had to occupy Lagos because in the 19th century, when Britain was patrolling the seas against slave trading ships, Lagos insisted on maintaining its slave trade.

So Africa was utterly complicit and it continued as long as it could, trading blacks into slavery when the West had said no more. Heather McDonald, when Race Trumps Merit, an excellent book, also checked out Diversity Delusion, equally as great. Heather, thank you so much. So great to be with you, Charlie. Thank you. Thank you. Heather is so powerful.

Read her stuff. It's time that we start speaking the truth about what's happening in America. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us as always, freedom at Thank you so much for listening and God bless. Thank you. It's time to grow up and get back to work. Introducing the number one WokeFree job board in America,
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