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Ask Charlie Anything 161: Unpacking Trump’s Controversial Answers on Abortion and Trans

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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September 25, 2023 5:00 am

Ask Charlie Anything 161: Unpacking Trump’s Controversial Answers on Abortion and Trans

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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September 25, 2023 5:00 am

It's a special AMA this week, because one question has utterly swamped everything else this week: What does Charlie think of President Trump's recent comments about signing (or not signing) a 15-week abortion ban? Charlie dives into his knowledge of Trump's personal beliefs, his long record of pro-life accomplishments, and striking the right balance between moral advocacy and being pragmatic enough to win elections.

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Hey everybody, Donald Trump's comments on abortion and the trans issue. We address it head on. Email us as always freedom at and become a member today to support the program and listen advertiser free and get other perks and exclusive weekly columns That is

We're going to be doing bi-weekly meetings, all sorts of fun stuff. So become a member Email us as always freedom at

Buckle up everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here.

Brought to you by the loan experts I trust, Andrew and Todd at Sierra Pacific Mortgage at I've been looking for the right opportunity all week to cover this, and it's just kind of been kicking from one day to the other because it's not breaking news, but it's important news. So I said, let's just do it during the Ask Me Anything. We have plenty of time.

We build this out every week so that I take your questions. We have at least 200 to 300 emails or messages that I've received about Donald Trump's comments on Meet the Press regarding abortion and Donald Trump's comments with Megyn Kelly about the trans issue. And so one of the reasons I didn't consider this to be top of mind is I know Donald Trump personally. I've endorsed him for 2024.

He's been very good to me and he's a pro-life guy. In fact, he did so much pro-life stuff as president that stuff that sometimes gets intermixed with just kind of political cycle chatter doesn't overly interest me, to be perfectly honest. I know who he is. I know what drives him and animates him.

I also know what he did. And so before I play this piece of tape and meet the press and give you my reaction, I also want to remind you I'm 100 percent pro-life. When I mean 100 percent pro-life, I mean I go to college campuses with people screaming at me saying, Charlie, what about exceptions for rape and incest? And I make the moral argument that a life is a life. So I'm 100 percent pro-life and I remain that way.

And we cannot waver on the issue at all. I also understand that not every politician running for office is going to be as clear as I want them to be on the issue. And then I'm going to tell you what I think President Trump said in the tape that is really upsetting people, because I'm getting a lot of messages from pastors and a lot of people that are really upset about it. And I can see that, but I'm also going to give you my my personal interactions with Trump and also forget my own word for it.

What do you do? OK, so President Trump, as president, just as a reminder before we play the piece of tape, appointed over 150 pro-life judges, including three Supreme Court justices, 43 U.S. courts of appeal judges and 99 district court judges. He permitted states to defund Planned Parenthood of Title 10 funding. He stopped tax dollars funding abortions overseas. He defunded the pro-abortion UNFPA. He required health insurance companies to disclose if plans cover abortion settlements and new rule regarding HHS mandate, new office for conscious protection to HHS, allowing states to defund Planned Parenthood of Medicaid funds and cut Planned Parenthood's tax funding and canceled a huge contract for taxpayer funded experimentation with body parts of aborted babies in June.

He was also the first president to speak at the March for Life. In fact, Roe versus Wade would never have been repealed if it wasn't for President Trump sending it back to the states. So let's play the piece of tape here that is getting people fired up. I think some people, not everyone, have a little bit of a memory issue, and they're forgetting that Donald Trump was the most successful pro-life president in American history. Now, I just want to remind you, there is a difference between disagreeing on objectives and values and then also disagreeing on tactics and strategy, because I think people are conflating Donald Trump's value system with Donald Trump's tactics and his strategy.

Those are two different things. Let's play cut 138, please. If a federal ban landed on your desk, if you were reelected, would you sign it at 15? Are you talking about a complete ban? A ban at 15 weeks? Well, people are starting to think of 15 weeks.

That seems to be a number that people are talking about right now. Would you sign that? I would sit down with both sides and negotiate something, and we'll end up with peace on that issue for the first time in 52 years. I'm not going to say I would or I wouldn't. I mean, DeSantis is willing to sign a five-week and six-week ban. Would you support that?

You think that goes too far? I think what he did is a terrible thing and a terrible mistake. Okay. But now, does he mean it's terrible morally, or did he mean that it might be terrible politically? Those are two different things. Because President Trump might be saying that it's an unpopular thing.

There's some purposely, there's some vagueness there. So let's take a step back. What is President Trump saying? He's saying, I will try to get people in the room and strike a deal. Remember, Donald Trump looks at himself as the guy that can go after the most impossible deals, Israel and Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and trying to get people that otherwise hate each other in the room.

North Korea and trying to ease tensions. He has a track record of trying to make impossible deals happen. Now, understand my moral perspective is, there is no deal if you want to kill babies.

That's me. And that's the way the pro-life movement feels. But I'm here just trying to offer some context to a man who has not said, because words don't mean anything to me, but proven to be pro-life. That's why when I see interviews like this, I kind of say, look, show me the money, man.

Jerry Maguire, show me the goods. Enough talk. Here's the other thing. President Trump, I think, was more focused on trying to attack DeSantis in that particular dialogue than actually talking about the merits of the abortion issue. Now, we as pro-life activists need to constantly be on our toes because we've been let down so many times. Saying one thing, George W. Bush was a Republican who did not speak at the March for Life, and he was almost pro-choice. In fact, his wife was very very pro-abortion. Remains to be pro-abortion. And he talked this good game about Christian values, but when it came to that issue, it was like, we don't want to talk about it, we don't talk about it. Just a little reminder, this is President Trump, the first president ever speaking at the March for Life.

Play cut 161. We cannot know what our citizens yet unborn will achieve. The dreams they will imagine, the masterpieces they will create, the discoveries they will make. But we know this, every life brings love into this world. Every child brings joy to a family. Every person is worth protecting.

And above all, we know that every human soul is divine and every human life, born and unborn, is made in the holy image of almighty God. That's right there, bigger than some sort of heated moment where DeSantis gets brought up with Kristen Welker. Forget that, that's like a bar fight. This is right there, straight communication of Imago Dei. And then he also did it.

He enacted it. Here's something that we as pro-life activists, though, are not honest about. Well, I am, and I get criticized for this. If the 2024 election is a referendum on abortion, we will lose. If it is just about abortion, we will lose. America is not as pro-life as I am. I know this. I know this from talking to moderate suburban Republicans that say, Charlie, I'm with you on every issue except the abortion issue.

I go, I know this on campuses where it is by far the number one issue. And now the perspective that some of you might say is, but Charlie, we can't waver on moral clarity. I agree with that.

I do. But what Trump is trying to say, though, is, is there any sort of deal that could be struck where you have one side saying you can abort a baby, basically kill a baby right there up until the moment of birth? Here's some data, though. When abortion has recently been on the ballot in Ohio, in Kentucky, and many other states, Kansas, the pro-abortion side wins. And that doesn't mean it's not an important issue. For me, it's one of my top issues and it remains that way.

But excuse me when I don't get into the outrage cycle by certain commentators. When a friend of mine, President Donald Trump, who did more for the unborn, is trying to strike a deal. He already proved he's been pro-life. Extremely pro-life.

There's another element to this, though, which is that the pro-life movement has a significant structural financial disadvantage when it comes to this issue. And right now, we are seeing evidence after evidence, state after state, that this is not a winning political issue in 2024. I wish it was. I wish we had a culture of life.

I also wish that we had a cultural life at the border. We have a culture of death across the board. You have to understand, this is bigger than just the abortion issue.

We do not have a cultural life for protecting 12-year-olds from chemical castration, a culture of life from kids getting sex trafficked across the border. And remember, Donald Trump, not you, is facing 500 years in federal prison. So the motivation for Donald Trump is, if I don't win, I'm probably going to federal prison for the rest of my life. And he thinks, and there's some evidence to support his belief, that if you do not have some sort of position on the abortion issue in Wisconsin or Arizona or Georgia, that can at least be considered to be somewhat middle-of-the-road prudent, you're going to lose. And I am curious, for all of my very good pro-life friends out there, do you have any evidence that the pro-life issue is a winning issue?

Wisconsin, the Supreme Court justice seat, was a 10-point race. Now, you might say, well, Charlie, then why do you talk about the pro-life issue so much? I have a different job. I'm not running for office. I'm legitimately trying to change people's minds. I'm trying to make it so that abortion is not a winning issue.

I'm trying to go into the depths of hell of Flagstaff, Arizona, get screamed at and hexed by wiccans and witches, and I am afforded the opportunity to be morally clear on these issues all the time. That's why I could never run for political office. But I'm also looking at, boy, what is the consequences of not winning? You get zero of your pro-life choices.

Zero. You get bad justices, planned parented all over. And so if you get Donald Trump as president, it's not a question you know. You know you are going to get pro-life wins.

You know it. We got pro-life wins last time. Big ones, the most of any president in the modern era. And I think it's equally as important to remember that there are some people who are going to win. And I think it's equally as important to remember that there are some people in his ear that are saying you've got to become more pro-choice.

I think this is a healthy dialogue, though. I think some of you that are pro-life that are speaking out, if I was in your shoes and I didn't know the president personally, and you hadn't been through this for seven years, I would actually have the same context in this, is that you're used to being abandoned on this issue. The fact that there is suspicion amongst the rank and file of the Christian conservative grassroots, that actually gives me some promise. It shows me that you are not robotic Democrats. It shows me that you want to see the clarity, that this is a very big issue, and it's a big issue for me. Mike Cernovich tweets this, if you want to be pro-life with no exceptions, good for you. Lose every election, have no political power, and see what life looks like in a Bolshevik hellhole. Will you feel good because you didn't compromise as your children starve in another Holodomor? That's the alternative. Now, I wouldn't be as aggressive as Mike Cernovich here because I do see it on both sides. I see it from both places, especially if you are a pastor or if you are an author or if you are a commentator and your whole thing is about moral clarity.

I get it. But as Mr. Bismarck told us, politics is the art of the possible. And there is a question of how possible is it to run on just this issue alone? So it's a necessary balance. It's a balance to remind President Trump that his base is pro-life because I think he could have answered the meet the press question a lot better. He shouldn't have attacked DeSantis.

The six or eight week ban is not, it was not worthy of the criticism that he leveled, but he was more going after DeSantis. How should Trump have answered it? He said, look, I was the most pro-life president ever.

Every human being is made in the image of God. Right now, it's left to the states. A federal abortion ban will never come to my desk.

It's widely unrealistic. I will defund Planned Parenthood. I will defund all these other groups and I'll put more justice on the Supreme Court to defend life. End of story.

Let's secure the border and the war in Ukraine and get our economy going again. That's how I think you should answer it from this point forward. All right, you've probably heard me, it's actually now 25 pounds that I have lost. And I'm sure some of you say, oh, Charlie, I've tried everything. That was me. You know, my first Zoom call with my Ph.D. weight loss, I was kind of skeptical. I was like, come on, guys. I've learned this whole thing before about about about about about. And boy, was I wrong.

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It's a deep dive. It's personalized. It's going to get results for you. I want to read an email we received here. Charlie, you fear man more than God. You are willing to throw millions of babies under the bus just to win a political race. You have no principles, David. In fact, my principles I care about so much that I know that if we do not have political power, our principles are nothing more than a bunch of op-eds and books that people don't read. Putting principles into power is where politics comes in. So you have principles and then you have power, but the segue between principles and power is politics, which can be very messy. So what do we want?

Yes, of course, I want to save babies. I'm 100% pro-life, but I want to win. If you do not win, then your principles are nothing more than bumper stickers and tweets that you can rest on your laurels until the FBI comes and raids your home or until they start transing your kids.

Our principles are abstractions without political power. There are two different types of roles. People that are running for political office and people that are in the public commentary space. If I, Charlie Kirk, was wavering on the abortion issue, then I would be completely warranted to receive all the negative emails, but I'm not. Instead, I'm merely offering context for President Trump, who has dedicated his life to beating the bad guys.

That's his life's work. The life's work of Donald Trump, especially politically, is to beat the Marxists, beat the open border crowd, even beat the pro-abortion folks. What is hilarious to me is, do you know who really hates Donald Trump? Who really hates Donald Trump? The pro-abortion lobby because he was responsible for reversing Roe versus Wade. Not everybody, but some of you that have messaged me, some very nasty emails about Donald Trump, I wish there was a little bit more gratitude, a little bit more understanding that this guy delivered the goods. You should have saw Washington DC when Roe got overturned. It was just that the demons came out of the fourth circle of hell. And I am not exaggerating.

Those people did not see Trump as an ally. So keep that in mind. OK, let's now get to the next one. Charlie, let me just actually read it.

I'm just not going to paraphrase. I think it's too important to read actual questions that have come in here. Charlie, will you do everything you can to help Trump with the messaging around important social issues? I saw him on Megyn Kelly and frankly, I thought it was embarrassing. This likely will not hurt him, but he is stronger. If you can get strong on these issues, can you please help him? I wish our candidates would listen to your show of a vague likely does. God bless Kathy.

Thank you, Kathy, for the kind words. OK, so I actually think that if you were to get upset about something, Trump on the trans one is probably something more worthy of getting upset. And I actually I didn't get upset because I know what he believes on it. And I think people are playing way too much into the pause because you actually read the transcript. It's perfectly fine. But let's play this because this is also going viral and people are getting upset about it.

Play cut 137, please. Can a man become a woman? In my opinion, you have a man, you have a woman. I think I think part of it is birth. Can the man give birth? No, no. Although they'll come up with some answer to that.

Also, someday, I heard just the other day they have a way that now the man can give birth. No, I would say I'll continue my stance on that. So receiving a fair amount of emails about people, I said, Charlie, how could he pause out of this? Let's just talk about the policy. Let's calm down, guys.

OK. He's not a talk show. He's running for president. Trump said he will sign an executive order banning trans surgeries for kids. Donald Trump also said that he doesn't think men can give birth.

That is heretical to the trans alphabet mafia. But here is what I've been saying privately to the Trump team. And what I will say to the president of whom I support 100% is.

It's not 2018 anymore. This is my only piece of feedback, even more than the abortion thing. The country is actually in the favor of.

Let's just say traditional biological reality, far more than it probably was even in 2018. Dylan Mulvaney, trans surgeries for kids, trans strippers at the White House, all this crap that we've seen in our country. The trans issue is a losing issue for the Democrats. So my advice to the Trump team is that if there was actually an issue to lean even more into, because remember, politics, the art of the possible, you have principles and you have power and politics bridges those two.

This is actually an 80 or 90 percent issue. And the answer should be no, a man cannot become a woman and a woman cannot become a man. And if you go after our kids, we're going to put you in prison. We're going to remove pornography from our schools and this trans nonsensical propaganda. Trans strippers will not be invited to the White House and we will not display gay pride flags next to the American flag outflanking them. We're not going to have gay pride flags and trans flags on our embassies. And by the way, let me just remind you before everyone gets all up in arms, President Trump said that trans people that are suffering from mental delusion, which I repeat myself because all trans people are, are not able to serve in the U.S. military. That was the right move.

Biden reversed it. Trans will also keep the trans male the trans male scumbags out of your daughter's locker room. So he's excellent on the policy, I'd improve a couple of things, get a little bit more precise there. But also, and I said this when it happened, that when you're going into an interview with Megyn Kelly, there should have been a little bit better preparation on Trump's team because this is Megyn's number one issue where she is the least metropolitan New York-ish that you would imagine. If you just do even like a five minute overview of an oppo, not oppo, but like a prep file for a Megyn Kelly interview of which I'm going on Megyn's show next week, where Megyn is like 10 out of 10 and a cultural American hero, in my opinion, in the last couple of years has been her courage on the trans issue. God bless her for that.

So probably could have been better prepared in that regard. And good for Trump, who has the courage to go on the show. You think Biden could sit down? Come on.

I want to read a couple of emails here that we're receiving as we're doing this live. Charlie, I agree with you. Here's my stance. The Republican Party needs to de-emphasize the abortion issue. Fighting on the Democrats turf, we need to sell and promote an alternative adoption. Adoption creates opportunity in families. Adoption, abortion does neither. Charlie, I trust Trump.

Actions speak louder than words. Bless you, Charlie, and praise God for what Trump has done to save lives. Charlie, I would rather have a pro-life president that I agree with 95 percent of the time than Joe Biden, who's actually killing children.

OK, that's rather reasonable. And look, if you're looking for long intellectual, let's just say clarity on the trans issue, that's what the Matt Walsh program and the Charlie Kirk show is. I have a great deal of flex in the joints when a baller politician, a.k.a.

someone who's amazing, might not give the most precise answer, but he's going to sign the right stuff and do the right stuff and has done the right stuff. So it's just I think that there's something President Trump has actually done this to himself because he has turned politics into entertainment, understandably. But I think that we are conflating our pundits, our talk shows and our speakers with the guy that is going to govern.

They're not always the same thing. So I want your continued thoughts of your freedom at But if I were to summarize all this, President Trump does have to sharpen up some of these answers. He does. He's got he's got to sharpen up some of them. I wouldn't give them 10 out of 10.

I'd give them six or seven out of 10. And if I didn't know Trump personally, if I hadn't been through so many cycles of this up and down the roller coaster of the last seven years, I could see some of the anger or some of the upsetness on this. I just happen to be in a different place in the sense of been around him, know what animates him. I've seen this, but the track record is A-plus. That you can't possibly debate. So instead of just kind of all the chatter and the white noise and people that, oh, my goodness, guys, look at the record. It's the track record, not the chatter, because that's what politicians like.

Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, enough. He did the stuff. He signed the bills. We have Amy Coney Barrett, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch. Roe versus Wade is done because of him.

So I get the initial. Why was Roe versus Wade repealed? Because of Pence? Because of Nikki Haley? No, because of Trump. So back off.

Hey, everybody, Charlie Kirk here. We are saving babies with preborn by providing free ultrasounds. When you introduce a girl to her baby by providing an ultrasound, you're giving her the truth at the most important time in her life. And more than 85 percent of the time when she sees the baby and hears the baby's heartbeat, she will choose life. The voices that call themselves pro-choice are loud and proud, and they are everywhere.

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Go to slash Kirk. We're gonna get to a non-political topic here. We have a lot of emails about the abortion thing.

I think we covered all that fine. Charlie, what are some routines or things that you do in your routine that you think could help others? Also, why are so many kids on antidepressants? Okay, actually, this ties together in some ways. So I have something that I do that costs almost no money. It only takes a couple of minutes.

It's so hard. You think you're dying, but you're not. It makes you mentally resilient, can help with depression, anxiety, which is cold exposure. I do it nearly every single day. Now, this is no fun, but I love this for a variety of reasons, whether it be a cold shower or a cold tub.

I do both. Also, I'm a big sauna fan, but we'll just focus on the cold. It's unlike anything I've ever come across because it is so disconnected. The feeling is so disconnected from what is real. So, for example, you know, there's a 42-degree cold tub that I try to do a couple times a week, and I do dunks, and I stay in there, and then you go back and forth in the sun.

It's great. The actual real science, not this fake garbage, is overwhelming, and it's terrific. But you feel, and it's not an exaggeration, and if you've never done cold exposure, you're gonna think I'm making it up. You think you're dying. I mean, it is alarm bells, amygdala response, norepinephrine is just spiking if you're in 42-degree water. Every, and by the way, please check with a doctor before you do this because if you have a bad heart, it could probably not go well, but most young people perfectly fine. So you think you are dying.

You think that the world is falling apart. It is every possible alarm response in your body is trying to get out of this water as quickly as possible. In fact, if you do it, your diaphragm can actually kind of spaz out if you're not used to it. But what's so amazing is that after about 30 seconds or a minute, it doesn't necessarily get easier, but if you could slow your breathing down, especially after you had a dunk or two, now if it's sub 50 degrees, you're in the ballgame because that's cold, right?

If you're in 40 to 50 degrees, you're in the ballgame. And you realize that once you get out of the water, it was 100% mental. One of the few things where you feel, because for example, if you were to work out, if you were to run as fast as you possibly can, run wind sprints, and you feel like you're dying, you actually could pass out, right?

Something really bad could happen to you. If you're bench pressing and all of a sudden you feel like your muscles are going up, but the cold tub is that the feeling is not necessarily directly correlated with the threat to your body, especially after you get somewhat initiated. So therefore it's totally the story that you are telling yourself when you are in the cold. You're in the cold shower, you're in the cold tub or whatever. Cold showers are even easier because anyone can do a cold shower, anyone at any period of time.

And it is this question right before, it's amazing. For those that don't do cold exposure, you'll learn this, those that do, you know exactly what I mean, where you have a decision to make. Am I going to voluntarily do something that is good for me that I don't want to do? That is a great habit to get in. It's a very, very good habit where you are in the shower and you go all the way down to as cold as you possibly can, you stay there for 30 seconds. That builds discipline, fortitude, builds resolve. I also love it because the amount of time it takes, you know, some of these interventions, sauna is not, you know, it's very time consuming, minimum 20 to 30 minutes, super hot. Cold exposure is 90 seconds.

If that, anyone can do it at any time. By the way, the studies are overwhelming. It helps with inflammation, it helps with depression, helps with easing sore and aching muscles, helps with your central nervous system, helps with your immune system, trains your vagus nerve, it decreases the effect of heat or humidity, the benefits are so overwhelming.

In fact, instead of just giving so many kids antidepressants, benzodiazepines and Xanax, maybe we should say, hey, try some cold exposure. That's hard, but it's good for you. It's great for you. So that's something I hope that some of you in the audience will put into your routine.

It's been really great for me. And look, of course, some people say we can get hypothermia. If you stay in there for 15 minutes, you can get hypothermia. If you do 90 seconds at a time, you're not going to get hypothermia. Okay.

But check with a doctor, medical professional, all that sort of stuff. All these disclaimers, because I'm sure someone will email us and something will happen if they're like, oh, my goodness, I stayed at just please check with your doctor. Okay. But it's about the mental side of it that is the most interesting and invigorating, where you are just over that water, like I really don't want to do it.

The sense of accomplishment, even after 20 seconds, and it spikes baseline dopamine production for the rest of the day, it spikes baseline dopamine production. Thanks so much for listening. Everybody email us as always freedom at Thanks so much for listening and God bless. Not like the other guys. We are Salem news channel. Watch any time on any screen for free 24 seven at and on local now channel 525.
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