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The Most Important Elections to Win: My Conversation with Patrick Byrne at ActCon

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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September 3, 2023 8:30 am

The Most Important Elections to Win: My Conversation with Patrick Byrne at ActCon

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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September 3, 2023 8:30 am

Patrick Byrne, the founder of, has gone headfirst into investigating our elections, and he sat down with Charlie for an exclusive conversation at ActCon in West Palm Beach, Florida to detail everything he’s uncovered— and how we can save them for the future. 

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That's, the only gold company I trust. Hey, everybody. Happy Sunday. A little bit of a taste of our conversation with Patrick Byrne. To listen to the entire episode, including some of my conversation with Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon, go to and follow the members tabs. And I encourage all of you to get involved with Turning Point USA. That is We have some very exciting campus tour stops coming up this fall. We have Amfest coming at, America Fest in Phoenix, Arizona. Start a high school or college chapter to join our nationwide educational movement at Turning Point USA is making hope happen on the front lines,

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Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campuses. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA.

We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here. Brought to you by the loan experts I trust, Andrew and Todd at Sierra Pacific Mortgage at We are here with a man I admire and we've met once before, I think, in Naples, Florida. Yes. And Patrick Byrne, welcome. What an honor, Charlie, to meet a great young entrepreneur such as yourself. Thank you. Thank you.

I don't get called that very often, but it's a label I will accept. I've read and heard about the history of Turning Point. Let's walk through it quickly. You were thinking of going to college, but you took a gap year and just started this? Yeah, it's been 11 gap years, and the context. You better give this up. You've got to go make something of yourself. Well, yeah, that's right.

Someone says, I've got to go to college and I could really get my life together. But no, it's interesting, the context where we started this was with the millennials were supposed to be the most progressive generation in history, cultural revolution, bring forth the great leap forward. Obama was supposed to be the best. So I grew up around it in the suburbs of Chicago, 200,000 people in Grant Park celebrating Obama. And so I saw that. Chicago Jesus or something? Yeah, no, that's exactly right.

No, it was a quasi messianic figure. So when I started Turning Point in 2012, it seemed like an impossible project to turn millennials into a sensible generation. And there's a lot in between. Eleven years later, millennials are about 50-50 conservative and liberal now. I'm not taking credit for all of it. We certainly have played a role in that. And that's a huge success story to share. And I've read I've read about how millennials have come back more conservative than the parents because they've seen the tragedy. And so we've been just relentless is doing our work and it's paying off on the macro data, which is really exciting.

But yeah, look, it's been 11 years of hustle and grit. Amazing. Right on. Well, I understand that we think we see eye to eye on regarding the what needs to be done in the election.

Yes. Tell me where your emphasis is. Well, everyone has their role, right?

And I love Mike Lindell and what he's focusing on. And I love trying to secure our elections and lower fraud. That's not my expertise or my calling.

I don't have a law enforcement background or a cybersecurity background. I am good at grassroots organizing and getting a lot of people to do hard work over long periods of time. And so I think our role to play can be in chasing ballots and finding low propensity voters and getting them to vote early and securely. And I'm not a big fan of early voting.

I would get rid of it if I could, but I hate losing more. And I think we if we have the best way to my argument is the most fraudulent way of voting is not voting at all, meaning just staying at home and not even submitting a ballot. You're given the other side by definition and advantage. So that's we're going to be trying to create an army of ballot chasers in a couple of key states, hopefully maximize Republican turnout and play a little bit in that voting month that otherwise people haven't done. I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you you didn't see yourself on November 4th, 2020.

But you know, you're right to focus on. It's really six states that matter. The logic of it is there's three thousand there are three thousand counties in America. And on Election Day, we really don't have one election. We have 3000 elections. And there's six of the there are 13 swing states and there are six of them where there's one city that is two thirds of the vote of the state. That's right.

They just cheat. And those six counties, you can flip six swing states and flip the electric. So really, those six states are it's everything.

And so we're we're taking three out of the six because you can't you can't do all six. You got it. So once the state I live in, I live in Arizona and then Wisconsin, a state I almost was raised in.

I was raised in northern Illinois, right on the border. So I know it really well. And then if we have the resources, Georgia, which I think is incredibly important. Right. Well, we've been very active.

Yes. I know you have Garland, Favarito and voter. Well, it is amazing that anywhere we we've dug in, you know, there's been far more has come to light from all these investigations. What they've done is they've blocked.

You know, we we always thought that elections were supposed to be transparent. They've made it very difficult for since election of 2020 to get at stuff. But slowly and surely we've been grinding through and getting stuff in Georgia and Michigan.

Can you can you share what you've learned? Because you've been you've been just after this. Oh, yeah. Well, this all could have been solved in a week with we just needed to look at six hard drives in those six counties. And the fact that in five counties, they absolutely blocked us. And in the sixth Maricopa, the Senate got a subpoena to see it.

The county fought six months against the subpoena. And then the day they had to turn the equipment over, they deleted the database the night before. In any normal world, that would all have convicted them already in the court of public opinion. They do that a lot. Government agencies deleting up data. Yeah.

If they have to ever be called to show. Well, here's a funny aspect of this. There's a this hasn't gotten any publicity yet, but in the Postal Service has played a role in the election cheating.

And you remember the Jesse the Jesse. Well, federal agencies have a look back policy, a document retention policy. And typically it's six years, just like corporations. You retain every document for six years. And the Postal Service in April of 2020 got their policy changed to be 30 days. They ran 2020, got through the election, got past it.

And that's fascinating. March 2020. Who changed that? The postmaster general?

I'm going to tell you that. Well, the the the postmaster general. Wasn't that Louis DeJoy or something like Trump's guy?

It's not that it's not the it's not he's not the issue. It's the for a federal agency to change a rule. There's something called the Administrative Procedures Act. It was set out 50 years ago about how they do it. They put it out to public comment.

They get for X many days. They get comments. They think for it. Then they do another thing. They propose this.

It's very kabuki dance system. They can skip that under one circumstance. If they get a federal judge to sign off on it. They got a federal judge to sign off on it in April 2020.

In like Guam or something or? Emmett Sullivan. You're kidding. You know who that is? Yeah, he was the one who oversaw Michael Flynn's case. Correct. The guy, the only guy in history who would not accept the DOJ.

There were no charges anymore. He's a black guy, right? Northern Virginia, I think he oversees. D.C. is his court.

D.C. District Court. He signed off on that. And so the post office wiped out all of it. You played that game. That's unbelievable.

That's Emmett Sullivan signed off. So we've had we've just come up against things like that. But we're getting through.

Well, it's turned out. Yeah, I mean, people have you heard about the Tennessee error yet? This is an acknowledged thing in Williamson County, Tennessee. Some some gal just using Post-it notes discovered that they were feeding in 180 ballots and they'd get sort of 70 votes out of it and and or 80 votes. And she knew that something was happening. So they unplugged it. They got the state in to run an investigation.

The state determined that out of 17 ballot counting machines in the county, eight of them had this error. They called in the federal government. The federal government came, couldn't get to the bottom of it.

They called Dominion. Dominion couldn't get to the bottom of it. They ended up writing a what's called a root cause analysis that says we can't find it. This error is now referred to as the Tennessee error. The government has acknowledged that there's in that it produces erroneous results. And they said, well, we couldn't find it, but we came up with a patch for it. And that makes no sense in computer science. We couldn't find it. We came up with a patch for it.

That's so that's false logic. They looked in Georgia. They found it in 69 counties.

They were enabled allowed to examine the equipment. They found this in 67 of 69 counties have the Tennessee error. And now there's been an examination of what's called cast vote records in nine states and an 80 80 percent of the counties. There is gimmick. There's something going on.

There's absolute proof of gimmick. So I mean, if you were to say the most common and threatening form of voter fraud is what is it fake ballots? Is it mewling? Is it machine tabulation errors? Is there as you're talking about here? Well, I don't think in terms of voter fraud, because that suggests it's the voters doing well. OK, so election fraud.

OK, so I'll be more precise. Election fraud is the issue there. We think there's a basically a menu of 14 different ways they use to cheat.

They look at each county. They decide based on its systems, we're going to use vulnerabilities. Yeah, sure. B, G and K. And now the machine is at about nine or 10 of the 14 require the machines.

The machines will have to be gotten rid of. Can I can I tell you a quick Buffett story? You know, Warren Buffett.

Yeah, sure. The Oracle of Omaha. What was your company? No. Well, I did. I was a CEO of some of his company. Really?

Which one? We were friends. They were the uniform manufacturing company. Fettheimer Brothers. And if you were they made police and fire. They're going to tell me he ran his chocolate company.

But yeah, no. Well, he he I was all enamored of automation and computerizing companies. And he had me study a bank out in Long Island, Long Beach, California, and I think was called the Bank of Long Beach. And he had and he told me to look this up and look at the expense raise.

Here's the stuff. It was the most efficient bank in America. And I went out and looked and it was these two long this long hallway and these two old guys at the end.

Ninety two, ninety three years old with was like Ebenezer Scrooge and Marley up there on this raised platform. And there was not a computer in the in the bank. And they ran it like a 1910 bank.

It was the most efficient bank in America. No computers. The idea that we have computerized our election systems and that has made them more efficient or faster or something. You know, we we we could go back to pencil and paper, do as we have been teaching the rest of the world for 60 or 70 years how to run an election. And you get the elections counted.

It's transparent. And by three hours after the polls close, the whole nation would have its answer. That's how they do it in Burma. That's how we've we've taught other places how to do this.

And it's only we have strayed so far from our own principles. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us your thoughts. There's always freedom at Charlie Kirk Dotcom to listen to the entire episode, including some of my conversation with Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon. Go to Charlie Kirk Dotcom and follow the members tabs. Thank you so much for listening. And God bless. For more on many of these stories and news you can trust, go to Charlie Kirk Dotcom. We'll see you next time.
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