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Pop Culture Power Hour: The Return with Jobob and Alex Clark

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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September 1, 2023 5:00 am

Pop Culture Power Hour: The Return with Jobob and Alex Clark

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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September 1, 2023 5:00 am

Back by popular demand, it's the pop culture power hour with TPUSA's Jobob and Alex Clark. Andrew and the gang explore crucial questions like: Is Taylor Swift a committed left-wing whackjob, or can she be redpilled? Is the "Golden Bachelor" senior dating reality show must-watch TV, or a horrifying testament to mankind's arrogance? And who the heck is interesting in watching this terrible new podcast featuring underemployed late night hosts?

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That's, the only gold company I trust. Hey everybody, back by popular demand. The audience demanded it. The downloads on this podcast were incredible.

Last time we did it with Alex Clark and Joe Bob. They are TPUSA contributors. Alex has an amazing podcast called The Spillover. You're going to want to check that out. It's pop culture without the propaganda. We talk about everything that's going on in pop culture, and we give you updates on Taylor Swift, Morgan Wallen's haircut, the writer's strike and how it's affecting late night hosts, a story that nobody apparently cares about or heard of until yesterday. Very, very fascinating.

We talk about the new golden bachelor for those over 60. We see what you guys think. Send us your comments. Do you like it?

Do you hate it? Freedom at We spill the tea just for you here.

As Alex would say, buckle up. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created. Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here.

Brought to you by the loan experts I trust, Andrew and Todd at Sierra Pacific Mortgage at Hey, everybody. Welcome back to the Charlie Kirk Show.

It is me, Andrew Colvin, your executive producer of the Charlie Kirk Show, also guest host for the day. And back by popular demand, we are going to do a pop culture rundown. Because when I was hosting before, I brought on Alex Clark and Joe Bob from Turning Point USA, our resident pop culture experts, to break down all the pop culture news. Because frankly, we don't always know about it, and we want the pop culture without the propaganda that I'm stealing a line from Alex Clark herself. And so I had this idea when I knew I was going to be guest hosting.

I thought, hmm, what could we do? Hour three, hmm, Alex Clark and Joe Bob. So I went back into the data, and I found out that this episode was massively successful.

Our audience loved it. So I know we have Alex Clark. Alex Clark, are you there? Welcome to the show.

Happy to be here representing Cuteservatives. I'm going to start with one of my favorite stories of the day. This is funny because we had the same realization as Charlie last night. So let's go ahead and play this, put this Axios article up on the screen. Late night hosts talk Hollywood strikes on new podcasts.

Right. So this is a massive story that nobody apparently cares about. Hollywood is on strike. They are all part of the Writers Guild of America, right? The WGA down in Hollywood.

They are constantly striking, it seems. And when that happens, production in Hollywood comes to a halt. Thank goodness you all might say. Now, as a result of this, the late night hosts, who are terrible without writers, they lean on writers for just about everything you can imagine, except for their interviews. They have gotten together in a new podcast called Strike Force Five, I think, or maybe that was a joke.

I'm not exactly sure. I hope we muted this clip because let's just say these people have potty mouths. We got to bleep out some of their swear words.

This is perhaps the cringiest thing that I have seen in some time. And just to underscore, I had no idea. I had no idea late night wasn't on. I had no idea there wasn't, you know, multiple hosts that were not doing shows because no one cares. This is not the 90s anymore, folks.

Play 165. One more time, Jimmy. Hi, I'm Jimmy Fallon. I'm Stephen Colbert. I'm Jimmy Kimmel. I thought when you said Jimmy, you meant me, Jimmy, but you meant Jimmy. I always mean you. But when you say Seth Meyers, who do you mean? I mean, John Oliver.

It's the five of us together for maybe an hour a day. Strike Force Five is the name of our podcast. Subscribe to it now. Spotify or wherever else you get your podcasts.

But Spotify you. So they've all gotten together to have a podcast about what exactly? I'm not sure how they're not funny, how they don't want Trump to be president.

This is a particularly cringy, let's just say exposure of just how awful and untalented and unfunny these men truly are. This is going to be an absolute takedown, self-own, unlike anything you've ever seen. So I don't know what I would love your thoughts. Send your thoughts. Freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com.

Freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. Will anybody be tuning in? I have no idea. So here's the big picture is from Axios article. The show will cover the Hollywood strikes and beyond and proceeds from the park.

You see, here's here's the virtue signal. So all these Hollywood types say they can't be seen making more money than they than they should be bad PR. The proceeds from the podcast will go to out of work staff from the host respective shows. According to Spotify, the Hollywood writers and actor strikes have stretched on throughout the summer, halting much of the industry and leaving thousands of people jobless as the labor wars play out. What we know when the Writers Guild of America strike started in May, the group renowned of renowned yet suddenly unemployed talk show host gathered via zoom to discuss the serious issues of work.

Stop the work stoppage creates. So like how many episodes are they going to do? Like one? I hope I hope not anymore. These men are self important. They are largely Marxist communists. And these are the most blatant brazen sellouts to the regime media industrial complex imaginable.

They are despised by over half the country. They're watched by about maybe five to 10% of the country intermittently at best. And I guess it's a limited series podcast. So fans can listen to once private chat. So apparently, these guys all hang out together and they talk crap about Trump together.

It's, you know, it's pretty depressing. If this is how they talk in private. I genuinely think this is a terrible branding move for the late night hosts of America to get together for this type of just kind of inane, pointless, jibbery gibberish. Now I will say I do have a slight soft spot for Conan O'Brien. The guy's been on air for a long time. I used to watch Conan O'Brien. I was pretty bummed out when NBC kicked him off the Jay Leno perch. And then he went to TBS. I kind of lost track of him when he went to TBS.

But apparently, here's the good news. He's probably the smartest by the way of the bunch. And I would say the least political maybe I'm wrong on that Daisy fact check me. My my take from Conan is he's the least political.

He was also a Simpsons writer, back when Simpson was reigning supreme. And he's not there. He's conspicuously absent. Now, I'm not sure why he's not there. I don't know why they couldn't have six if they can have five.

Why not have six? And fans are upset that O'Brien isn't on it. So I would say kudos to Conan O'Brien. You have avoided a career pitfall from being a part of the most cringe disgusting.

Again, what do you call this? Like it's like the strike. They're calling strike force five and it's on Spotify.

Apparently you have to listen to it there or anywhere else. But apparently they're getting a deal from Spotify that Conan O'Brien has avoided a major pitfall of pop culture. That's my take. You're gonna hear Alex Clark and Joe Bob's opinion, which is much more relevant than mine.

Because I have three kids. I follow politics. I don't know about anything to do with late night hosts, or Taylor Swift or Morgan Wallen.

Although I did meet Taylor Swift once. I think we talked about that last time. A lot of you guys sent us emails about that. Alex Clark, are you there? I'm here.

The OG cute servitive is here to serve you. All of the pop culture without the propaganda. Finally. Seriously. Now do we have Joe Bob?

I'm not sure. Do we have Joe Bob? I hope I'm here. Dude, every time I come on the Charlie Kirk show, tech goes down. I swear it is the deep state because I do TV all the time.

Nothing ever happens unless it's the Charlie Kirk show. Well, we're honored that we're that important that China hates you and us so much. Or it's the CIA.

It could be the CIA. I'm not sure. We'll see. Alright guys, I just riffed on late night. The cringiest thing that we've seen in a long time. Do you guys have any thoughts before we move on to what I know is gonna be Alex's favorite topic of the day?

Taylor Swift. Any thoughts on late night? Is this just the worst thing you've ever seen or do we not care? Okay, so I just thought it was very funny that yesterday they announced that, you know, all of these late night hosts were now going to be doing this podcast because of the writer strike and because they're not able to be on the air anymore. And everyone was like, Oh, I forgot they're not on the air. Like nobody remembered that these people weren't on the air anymore. That's how irrelevant they are. And then the best part is, it's like, how stupid are they? They're putting themselves in a position to prove and have, you know, physical evidence now with this recorded podcast that of how unfunny they are because they're not going to have writers. So we're finally going to get to see, Oh, we're paying these people for absolutely nothing.

They're completely replaceable. Joe Bob, I actually think you would be a phenomenal late night host. As a matter of fact, I think Turning Point needs to work on Joe Bob's late night.

Just like, actually, this actually really fun. This actually needs to happen. You need to do the replacement late night, like skit series for Turning Point. You know, I think what I was going to say would have to be through Turning Point or through some other based organization and not through the standard mechanisms of late night TV.

Because like Alex said, I Yeah, I think I would not fit in with their particular crowd. Dude, Alex, I think you hit it straight on the point. I had forgotten that there was a writer strike.

Like, there's so much content already out there without the quote unquote, professional entertainers that I just I forgot about it. And this reminded me, Oh, yeah, the writers are on strike. And it also reminded me, Oh, yeah, they're probably not going to come out ahead. And then I think the yeah, the point about them having to rest on their own morals is is it's quite funny when you look at it. I'm actually curious to see the next couple episodes, see if it gets better or if they like give it a week and go, Yeah, this is not working. Well, they're also it says that in the article that all of these late night show hosts, they're going to be sharing and having their conversations that usually happen in private. Like we all know they wouldn't be caught dead sharing whatever conversations that they're actually having in private live on a podcast like this, because their conversations in private are actually probably roasting and making fun of middle Americans, you know, the people that are allegedly supposed to be watching their show, and everything is going to be anti Trump. So I guess we're just going to be getting a couple episodes of a podcast for more anti Trump jokes.

Yeah, that's exactly what America wants. They're about to get humbled so quickly by the numbers and the downloads on this podcast. I guarantee I would bet so much money that the Charlie Kirk show gets more average downloads per episode than what this absolute pig pen of a mess is about to get.

Hey, I just want to say, if people don't realize how big this audience is, we did 100 million downloads in the last 12 months. They're just saying dang, it's it's kind of big. They're not gonna touch that.

So now they're not gonna touch that. Here's what I will say. I think a lot of people are gonna watch like they're gonna hate watch.

Sometimes I go to MSNBC just to hate watch and just see how bizarre and insane they've become. But to your point, I'm probably going to tune in now that I know it's a thing. I didn't know it was a thing. Charlie in our chat, by the way, because you brought this up with me last night. I was like, I had no idea.

And then Charlie found it on his own, dropped it in another chat I'm in and was like, did anybody know that late night wasn't happening? But here's here's my one question for you. Conan O'Brien, he's not participating. Why? Anti ginger hate. The only reason, the absolute only reason they are against redheads and they are showing it. It is in full force.

That's the only reason Conan wasn't invited. Ginger virus. It's a brilliant answer. Can we go to a break now?

Just drop the mic. Holy. You know what? That's exactly right.

You know, that's exactly right. It's not talked about enough. It's not talked about enough.

We've got this whole like, you know, CRT movement and the 1619 movement. What about the redheads? What about the guys who founded this country? They can't have him there because he's actually funny. Conan is actually funny.

And so the other guys can't have him there because he would overshine them. That's the truth. Yeah, I think you're absolutely right.

I still love Conan. It's time to take a stand for life. We can say we're pro-life, but what does that actually mean? It means in a post-war world, there are states that are more radically pro-death than ever before. Aborting babies up until the moment they draw their first breath.

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Become a donor in the fight for life. We've got Alex Clark and Joe Bob. Joe Bob, cheap USA contributor. Alex Clark, host of the Spillover podcast. Also another massively successful podcast.

By the way, Alex, I think you too will get more downloads than the whatever these guys are. Strike Force 5, whatever you're calling it. We did a 1.0 of this show, Pop Culture Roundup, when Charlie was gone. And it was so successful, I was like, man, we have to have, it's back by popular demand. People love this stuff.

I don't really know why people love it, but they love it. So we're going to talk about Taylor Swift because, you know, and if that doesn't have you already a little disgusted and throwing up in your mouth, then I don't know what will. I'm kidding, Alex. We've got Swifties in the audience, folks. We've got Swifties everywhere.

All right, so let me just give a little background for the people listening. This tour is projected to make $2 billion. It's supposed to come, it's supposed to keep going for like another year. As a result of this, Taylor Swift edges closer to becoming a billionaire. It has increased her personal fortune to $740 million with another year of shows to go. And now, as if that wasn't enough, she is planning to release a movie.

Let's play Cut 164. Welcome to the heiress tour. This has been the most extraordinary experience of my entire life. We're about to go on a little adventure together, and that adventure is going to span 17 years of music. How does that sound? Welcome to the acoustic setting. People come up to me and they'd be like, you're going to just like do a show with like all the albums in it?

And I was like, yeah, it's going to be called the heiress tour. See you there. I wish you could see me. I wish you could see me because I have goosebumps and tears in my eyes. Guys, I'm the biggest Swiftie ever.

I'm so excited. Joe Bob, what's your reaction to seeing that? My reaction is I don't know that the Charlie Kirk show has ever aired a minute of Taylor Swift ever at any point.

I was telling the truth. I was like, turn it off, Natalie. It's historic.

It's a historic moment. Here's what I actually think about Taylor Swift. We all know her politics. She hates Trump. She's turned into a Lib or whatever. Alex, you have some great insight on that, I think.

Here's what I will say. I think that there's a lot of Taylor Swift hate because she is overtly feminine, unapologetically bedazzled outfits. She's a blonde, skinny, talented, very Americana. She sort of represents this like old brand of femininity that a lot of the left hates and yet she succeeds in spite of it. I kind of give a hat tip and a begrudging respect because I support the sort of brand vibe that she puts out into the world. I think it's good for young girls.

I think it's fine. I can't stand her politics, obviously. Alex, you have a take on that. Why do you still like her? The thing about her being a liberal, first of all, if people are like, well, I can't listen to Taylor Swift anymore because of her politics. Well, then I guess you're giving up all music ever because 99% of all celebrities, musicians, actors, actresses, they're all liberal.

I mean, this is just a given. So I don't care about that. I look at her art.

I look at what she produces. It's phenomenal. Nobody can compare. This tour is about to be not only one of the biggest tours or is the biggest tour of a decade, but it's going to become one of the biggest tours in history as far as concerts go. And people really get riled up when I say this, but Taylor Swift is up there now at Michael Jackson level. And I know that's a big it's a big statement to make, but Taylor Swift is Michael Jackson level of fame at this point. And you're just really you look stupid if you deny it.

Joe Bob. So here's what I'm curious about. Do we think Taylor Swift and her politics are like completely lost or do you think there's any sort of redemption? She's kind of pushing that age now where people start to kind of get a better perspective on how the world works and start to see kind of that, you know, maybe things aren't all of the liberal ideological glamour that I once thought there was. What's that Winston Churchill quote? If you're not a liberal in your 20s, you have no heart.

If you're not a conservative in your 30s, you have no brain. I am not entirely ready to give up on Taylor Swift, especially with her background and the amount of money she's going to have to pay in taxes after this era's tour. I kind of think there's a possibility of maybe her seeing the light eventually. And I say that optimistically only because I genuinely think it can probably make a pretty compelling case that Swifties are the most powerful political group in the country. And if we can get Taylor to turn on a dime, and again, I don't know how possible that is, but if that's possible, I think, you know, we could be headed in the right direction pretty quickly. So I'm not entirely ready to give up, hope entirely, even though some of the things she's said in the past has not been awesome.

Well, so Alex, I have a question on that. So I know there was like a season where Taylor Swift was being pretty vocal about her politics. Is she still doing that or is she kind of like put that on the back burner?

We're not here. I haven't heard as much about it. I think we're going to hear more because we're coming up now on an election. So that's going to, she's going to now be using her platform. She's feeling more confident because she is so beloved. She's bigger than she's ever been. People, she's really in the good graces of public again. So she's going to feel confident to start talking politics because she feels like that's what she needs to do. Now, the tea is, and this is what Joe Bob doesn't know.

I have talked about this extensively on my YouTube channel, Real Alex Clark. The reason Taylor Swift came out as liberal, it was it was the only way that she could survive cancel culture. So for those of you who don't remember, the summer of 2016, Taylor Swift was canceled.

Taylor Swift was Taylor Swift is over party was trending all over Twitter. And it was all because she came out against Kanye and Kim Kardashian for recording a phone call that whole saga. And the only way that she could come back into the public eye after a year in hiding. The first thing she did, if you remember, was she came out and she supported Phil Bredesen in the Tennessee Democrat race. That was the only way she was like, OK, well, what can I do? Even all of Hollywood has turned on me.

Well, if I come out finally as a flaming lib, they're all going to love me again and they're going to have my back. And so that was her penance. She had to come out as a staunch Democrat supporter, being vocal about politics, which was something she had never done. That was her last like, you know, safety net to kind of throw there to kind of get back in the good graces of the public. So she'll never turn back on that.

I don't think she's ever going to come out as a conservative or support a Republican running for office because of that reason, because that was the only way that she got to basically, you know, revive her career. This is insane. So Daisy, who's a big Swifty, is sending these pictures from this.

So apparently she went to Taylor Swift, went to a wedding in New Jersey last weekend and fans shut down the street when they found out that she was there. I don't know how they found out. Maybe, maybe Daisy has the intel there. This is the evidence I have. This is the evidence.

Show the next one. Yeah. I mean, this to a point to Joe Bob's point, this might be the most powerful, cohesive sort of voting bloc in the country. But I want to go back to what you said, Alex. And I'd love I'd love the audience's feedback on this. Does that make you sort of like despise Taylor Swift that she was willing to essentially like whether she believed it or not, you know, play the political card, do her penance. The safety net, as you said, Alex, just to get Hollywood off her back. I mean, the you're you're you're essentially just, you know, feeding chum to the sharks at that point just to get them away from the boat. I mean, that feels very inauthentic. It's to me, if I find that hateable and disposable, I'll be really honest.

Like, if that's the truth, I mean, I don't know. Yeah. Alex, you have thoughts as a conservative, Swifty, that was definitely the most disappointing thing for me as a fan. I understood why she was doing it, though. But yes, that was my the most unlikable for me that she's ever been. But then she just continues to put out art that tops the last thing she does.

You know, every album tops the last, every tour tops the last. So it's like, well, I love everything she's doing now. If all of a sudden her art started suffering and she was an insufferable feminist, you know, liberal, then yes, I would probably not be a Swifty anymore. But she keeps delivering. So as long as she keeps doing that, I'm going to stay a Swifty.

And I know that drives people nuts. But hey, if you are a Taylor Swift fan, then come subscribe to Real Alex Clark on YouTube and we can be conservative Swifties together. Alright, so I want to transition this a little bit, Joe Bob. So I know nothing about Beyonce now, but apparently the people in Hollywood are saying Taylor Swift, Barbie and Beyonce are credited for Summer's billion dollar pop culture boom. So what the heck does Beyonce have to do with any of this? First of all, I know about Barbie.

That movie did like gangbusters, right? And apparently it was not a feminist movie. Alex, you were saying that it was not a feminist movie, but what does Beyonce have to do with this?

Joe Bob, you don't know. I don't know either. How does she play into this? You know, as the most formidable Beyonce expert on this panel, I will have to tell you, I have no idea. I think maybe she just got thrown in because that's what you have to do when you're talking about people as big as Taylor Swift and as big as the Barbie movie. Beyonce is just kind of up there as one of those cultural icons. Alex at Taylor Swift is probably up there with Michael Jackson. I think Beyonce is probably in that category too, not necessarily doing anything huge right now, but when she does do stuff, it goes crazy.

And I think that's to a fault, not to get on a crazy Beyonce rant, but in terms of the name and the power that her name carries, she's able to put out some pretty bad music and get away with it just because of her celebrity status. And so I don't know where I'm going from here, but at the end of the day, I don't know why she's in the conversation at the moment. So she's got a tour. She's got a world tour.

I didn't even know about this. Yeah. So Barbie, Taylor Swift and Beyonce, this is the three like big money making pop culture things that have happened this summer. Beyonce does have a tour going on simultaneously.

It's just not near the level of Taylor, but those are the two big concerts. Alright. So it says it's the highest grossing tour for an R&B artist as well as for a black artist.

Okay. But here's my real question. Did Beyonce go like to the dark side? She was like a church girl that then, is she like, there's some darkness there and I'm not making any sort of like cultural reference.

I'm talking about like spiritually. Is this, I've heard rumors. Is there any truth to this, Alex?

Do we need to be like fear for our children? There are people that say that Jay-Z and Beyonce are members of the Illuminati. I mean, I don't want to say yes or no, but Bohemian Grove, have you ever had a reservation from the Knowleses? You let us know.

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Christiansen Arms is defined in the future of firearms. We love partnering with these guys and are happy for their success. Go grab your free hat today. Okay, I'm going to do a quick one here and then we're going to get into this bachelor story. All right, Alex Clark, Joe, Bob, you can answer this too. Morgan Wallen apparently shaved his head. I heard about this because our team was like, oh my gosh, I can't believe he shaved his head. That's not even a good one. That's like, I guess, mid-cut or something. There it is.

So he's on tour again apparently because he couldn't sing for a while. Alex Clark, hot or not? Do we like this? Do we hate it? What are people saying? I hate it and he looks like a naked mole rat and I was extremely sad, like almost started throwing up when I saw it. Okay, great. Joe, Bob.

I was pro mullet solely for the fact that I could use Morgan Wallen to point to to convince my wife to let me grow a mullet and now that his mullet is gone, my shot is basically zero. Okay, so is he back on tour? Is he back on tour, Alex? So his voice is recovered? Yeah, his voice is recovered. He's been on tour. It's going really well for him.

Everybody seems to really love it. Really good reviews for him. Drake, not so much. Drake is also on tour this summer and everybody has been leaving super disappointed, like it's boring.

He changes the tune of all of his songs that everybody knows so you can't even sing along, like everybody hates Drake's tour. But Morgan Wallen, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, all good reviews. Alright, okay, moving on to our next story here. The Golden Bachelor, we've got a variety article here for you.

The Golden Bachelor cast revealed meet the women vying for Grandpa Jerry's heart. And we also have a picture of this guy. Let's go ahead and show that. I have to say, now Joe, Bob, I don't want to put words in your mouth, but I'm going to. You're saying that this is the hottest 72 year old man you've ever seen. That's your words, not mine.

You know, I thought our private texts were going to remain private, but now that you've outed me, yes. I did think that he was a very attractive 72 year old man. I will say the guy looks good for 72, I'm not going to lie. So apparently all these women are 60 and above. Do we have a picture of these women?

Daisy, grab us a picture of these women. I have to say, okay, I wanted to scoff at this. Is this going to be a success?

Is this real? Are people going to watch this? Because I stopped watching The Bachelor a long, long time ago. My wife used to make me watch it. It's a long story. I never liked it.

It was more for the marriage. So are people going to watch this, Alex Clark? Yeah, so I was a huge Bachelor fan and then totally cut it. I have not seen one episode since they fired Chris Harrison because I was very upset about that. This show has brought me back.

I am fully invested. The women are stunning. The women are stunning.

The guy, Jerry, The Bachelor is stunning. They all have very interesting stories and quirks. One of them says she's like the biggest Harry Styles fan ever.

We've got fitness instructors in there. It's a fun crowd. And what I'm hearing from producers is that these women are all a lot more, obviously, because of their age, emotionally mature compared to the age of the normal people that you cast. So the types of drama that happen on the show are so different for a reality show. And everyone I know is wanting to watch this.

Everybody is super, super hype. Interesting. A little contrarian take. Joe Bob, are you going to tune in?

I'm looking at it from a business perspective. They've got an older gentleman vying for the hearts of older women. Who are the only people that watch TV anymore?

I think this is on ABC. Everybody that I know that is under 40 has already cut the cord. And so if they're looking to get the target demographic that still has the cable box, this seems like the exact perfect thing to fit that demo and hopefully rake in a bunch of money.

So just from a business standpoint, I think it's kind of interesting. And I think they're right on target on who's still watching old school TV. This is very cynical, Joe Bob, but I have to say, I think you're onto something. I think they realized this is the way to revitalize the Bachelor franchise. Now let me just say, Alex was begging.

Oh, do you want to say something, Alex? I was just going to say how funny is it going to be to see these women getting catty with each other? And who's going to be the villain? Who's going to be the crier, right? Every season has a villain and a crier and you're looking at these 60 plus year old women.

It's hysterical. Everybody's going to be tuning in to see that. Now, do you think it's going to be more classy in tone or do you think it's going to be more like Real Housewives or whatever, where they all are drugged out on pharmaceuticals? Is there going to be a fantasy suite?

Fantasy suite? It's reality TV. It's for our 14 year old kids watching. Don't get too into that last comment.

But yes, Joe Bob, 15 seconds. I say it's reality TV. It's going to be chaos at every point. But if you don't know, play Bachelor Fantasy. If you don't know, look it up.

It'll make it bearable with your wife. All right, guys, that's it. We have to wrap it up. No more pop culture. Thank you.

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