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What Happened in Maui? What is Still Going On? with Ed Dowd, Michael Seifert and Dr. Dennis Black

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August 30, 2023 6:23 pm

What Happened in Maui? What is Still Going On? with Ed Dowd, Michael Seifert and Dr. Dennis Black

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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August 30, 2023 6:23 pm

The Maui fires were three weeks ago, but even now we don't know what caused the fire, how many people were killed, or even how many people are still missing. Covid commentator Ed Dowd is a longtime resident of the island, and joins in with his own assessment of the tragedy. Dowd and Charlie discuss how Maui reflects the ominous future of America, where the government fails to execute on more and more basic obligations. Plus, Michael Seifert talks about Dylan Mulvaney's repulsive persistence as a mascot of woke capital, and Dr. Dennis Black stops by to discuss pet health.

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That's, the only gold company I trust. Hey, everybody. It's the end of Charlie Kirk Show.

Ed Doud joins the program. What is going on in Maui? The media has forgotten.

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Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA.

We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here. Brought to you by the loan experts I trust, Andrew and Todd at Sierra Pacific Mortgage at Joining us now is Ed Dowd, author of Cause Unknown. Ed, thank you for taking the time. Ed, I wish we would have you on under better circumstances. Every time I have you on, we're talking about death and how the government is lying about death. And so, unfortunately, this story is right on that theme.

Usually, we're here to talk about vaccine side effects and the mRNA shot that's called a vaccine. But you live in Maui, and we've dedicated a fair amount of time to this story and the strange cover-up and the lack of transparency. So, Ed, you are on the ground. What is the truth of what happened in Maui at the fire and how many people died? So, it's definitely a story of complete local government incompetence, and I believe a cover-up that ensued quickly thereafter. There's a lot of angst about the number of dead, and there's a slow roll of figuring out how many have died. And initially, I'm on record putting out a tweet within the first week saying that I was hearing from first responders 500 to 1,000 likely dead, with a lot of them being children. There's an official FBI list of 388 right now. The governor of Hawaii is on record saying, on Face the Nation, about two weeks ago, over 1,000 missing, many of which are children. So, the numbers keep kind of bouncing around.

I think when it's all said and done, 500 to 1,000, if it comes in under 500, like 400, that'd be great, but between 500 and 1,000 is likely where it's going to end up. And a lot of them, unfortunately, are going to be children. The number's unknown. They really don't want to talk about that issue. The mayor of Maui really didn't even want to put a number on the number of children that were missing. And that's when the governor kind of threw them under the bus.

And, you know, that was on a Friday. Then on a Sunday, the governor kind of put out the numbers of missing and did say a lot of them would be children. Because what's going on here in Maui, it's the simplest explanation.

A lot of people are putting on their tinfoil hats, talking about directed energy weapons and whatnot. There's no evidence of that. It was a classic case of anything that could go wrong did go wrong. The hydrants didn't work. Water from the Department of Land and Natural Resources wasn't released in time. Power lines down that were likely charged. The Hawaiian Electric is not claiming they weren't, but, you know, I talked to people that saw lines go down that looked alive to them, you know, while they were trying to escape Lahaina. There was a warning system that wasn't.

We have a tsunami warning system that also is used for fires, terrorist attacks, what have you. The official there decided not to sound the alarm because he was worried people would seek higher ground and potentially run into, quote unquote, a fire. So and then he did.

He did say that he stood by his decision, did not regret it. Then he resigned the next day due to health reasons. We also have a story of police officers who have got orders to block certain exits and their people may have been trapped.

I don't think the police did anything intentionally. They were just taking orders. There was chatter of down power lines ahead. So it was a morass of epic failure. And then after the fire, they set up a roadblock.

So it was hard to get goods into the to those who needed them. So there was there was just a host of things that went wrong. And it looks like a cover up to me. But again, we'll find out more as time unrolls. So, Ed, what is bizarre is that it's been quite a while since the fire and we still do not have an accurate death count. Well, why why do you think that is?

I mean, this is this is unacceptable. And the federal government doesn't seem to care. The media has completely moved on.

What you are saying is conservative. Conservatively, it could be between two to three hundred people dead, upwards to five to seven hundred, eight hundred. We don't know.

I mean, in two thousand twenty three, how is this something that we're tolerating? What are the locals saying about this, Ed? How many of our fellow citizens and our fellow Americans died in a fire? Is there a revolt happening on the island or at least widespread demand for answers? Lots of demand for answers. Lots of angry local folks who don't trust the government now. They didn't really trust the government all that much before.

But there is a separatist movement on Maui that for years has been trying to get local Hawaiians to break out from the USA. I suspect their ranks will grow with this event. There's a lot of look, it's twenty twenty three. We have technology and you know, there are phones that were a lot of people had phones and we could just go into the you know, what phones are activated, not activated to figure out at least a rough number of those who are missing. They don't seem to want to put a number on it. And I suspect what they want to do is slow roll this number over time, you know, well beyond the headlines. And it's just unacceptable.

The mayor of Maui was asked on Friday a couple of weeks ago how many children are missing. You wouldn't even put a number on it. And again, people were reporters were saying that's unacceptable.

You at least need to take a stab at it. So this is kind of just beyond the pale that in this day and age, they can't even put a number on it. Apparently, there's going to be another list updated this Friday beyond the official FBI vetted list. But we'll see what the number is. And it's going to be one of these things that we'll be watching here on Maui for four months to come. There's already you know, look, a lot of people suspected this disaster was an attempt to grab land. I don't think that's the case. But after the event, there will be an attempt to grab the land. It's called disaster capitalism. It happens all the time. And there's now issues of water rights. You know, there's there's all sorts of things going on post the event that are suspicious. On the ground, are people blaming climate change because the media is?

No, not at all. And the other thing the other thing that was interesting, you know, I live on Maui. And when the fires went down, everybody who knows me from the mainland thought I was dead.

And because and I asked, why did you guys think that? Well, apparently I didn't realize this because I don't watch mainstream media. It was it was depicted that the whole island was on fire. And then the governor comes out and says, tourists leave, don't come. So now our local economy has collapsed.

It's happened fast. It's like it's like COVID all over again here. Restaurants are laying off people. Tourist activity. Businesses are laying off people. Hotels are laying off people. So what happened to the tragedy in Lahaina has now spread to the rest of the island.

The economy shut down. It's a disaster. And I'm here to say Maui is open for business.

Please come. Eighty percent of the island is fine. Yeah, it's very concentrated in one particular area. And so there's there's been a media ignoring of this story. And, you know, this kind of ties in with your cause unknown, the crime of noticing. I mean, it's been it's been really sad to see that you might have one of the most catastrophic natural disasters in history.

But then I stopped myself. Is it a natural disaster? This is one of the most catastrophic human errors in American history. Is that a better way to describe it?

Absolutely. You know, Hawaiian Electric for years has been investing in green energy. They've known for a long time that they needed to turn back the trees. They knew there was a lot of fuel all over the island in terms of abandoned agricultural land. And they did. They spent money on green energy and didn't keep up their transmission lines, pruning back trees. What have you.

So it's classic. And it's not only Hawaiian Electric. That stock is down 65 percent since this happened because of the coming lawsuits.

It's also local government officials. Well, anything that could have gone wrong went wrong. There was no water. The hydrants didn't work.

There was not one fire truck hooked up spraying anything when this went down. Ed Doud, author of Cause Unknown, very, very important. Just kind of connect the dots. Your work these last couple of years on the MRNA shot have led you to obviously distrust our institutions. And now you live in a place where the institutions can't even do the basic things. Is there symmetry to that?

Absolutely. We got basically a breakdown systemically across the nation in our governments, local and federal, where, you know, there doesn't seem to be any integrity or ability to admit you're wrong. And so everybody does CYA and they can't even do basic functions of government. A lot of nepotism. One of the problems here was the fire chief is the is the is the son of the former fire chief.

So there's a lot of that that goes on in government nepotism. We are allegedly the wealthiest, most progressive America has ever been. But think about the basic things we no longer can do. We can't manage our border. We cannot have a transportation grid during the holiday season, Christmas or July 4th.

That doesn't result in widespread delays. We can't put out fires on islands. They're very basic things that used to be things that we would just take for granted. The country is literally falling apart. Listen, as students begin heading back to school, do you think they'll be learning about the founding principles that made America the freest, most prosperous nation in history? Will they learn that our unalienable rights are God given and not granted by government?

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They're an excellent college, America's greatest college, Charlie for Hillsdale dot com. So, Ed, I want to just have you riff on this point as a country that is allegedly so technologically advanced and, you know, the end of history. And we're marching towards this beautiful utopia. Maybe we should just kind of wake up like, well, the basic stuff we can't do, the very basic stuff, fight fires, keep our people safe, be able to communicate clearly. Ed, build this out for us.

Yeah. So, you know, what's the what's the purpose of government originally to provide some safety in terms of the military, local police departments, fire departments, you know, utilities, what have you? You know, roads, transportation, and that seems to be all breaking down. And we're paying a tremendous amount of our taxes every year that seems to be going into a system that floats out to other countries and then comes back in the form of grift to our politicians and consultants that live in the in the Beltway. And so, you know, we over time, the federal government has grown to become this behemoth and it's swallowing the country. You know, about 80 years ago, it was 15 percent of GDP.

During COVID, it got up to 43 percent. And a lot of the spending in the economy right now is government spending. The private sector is in freefall. And that is why the economy appears to be OK from a numbers point of view.

But the real economy is imploding. So we have a government out of control that can't seem to even function. And we have to start to ask ourselves, why are we still supporting a system that can't do basic things?

The most basic things. And it seems as if they're trying to lock down the country again, they're developing a new vaccine. I mean, for those of us that have kind of just been, I don't know, committing the crime of noticing pattern recognition the last couple of years, this is maddening.

And yet I tweeted this out over the weekend. You know, I went to a local grocery store, I'd say 10 percent of the people out of nowhere are wearing masks. There is a portion of the population that will do whatever they are told, regardless of what is happening around them. Ed, are we going to see another round of lockdowns? I think they'll try.

I think the pushback will be tremendous. And look, what I'm going to tell you is speculation on my part. You know, my team at Finance Technologies has been tracking a recession that we think is going to be hitting this quarter, next quarter and first quarter.

And I think if you want to point a finger at why we're going into recession rather than the Biden administration or the central banks, wouldn't it be nice to have a virus, quote unquote, floating around that you need to shut down the economy and point to that as the reason to save people's lives? I think it's smoke and mirrors. The federal government has already started purchasing testing equipment and what have you. So it seems planned to me. It seems like kabuki theater and anybody who falls for it, you know, shame on you. And of course, the vaccine issue is, in my opinion, fraud and they are continuing to act as if it's great.

And that's what criminals do. And eventually it's going to come out that the harm that's been done by these things is tremendous. The numbers are getting worse, by the way, Charlie, not better. Disabilities are skyrocketing.

There seems to be medium term effects. So we have a crisis. We have a long term economic problem because this is going to cause labor shortages, diversion of resources to taking care of the vaccine injured. So long term, we need to have a come to Jesus moment and investigations as to what what happened here. Are you suggesting, Ed, that the companies that get rich selling us pain medications and look at people as annuities in a very Machiavellian way wanted people to get damaged from the very thing they sold us to?

Absolutely. The way that this is presenting these these disabilities are presenting in a host of different body systems. So it's not directly tied to the vaccine or so it seems.

And they're going to be able to sell a ton of drugs for each of these symptoms rather than the root cause, which is detoxing the spike protein. And, you know, when this was all going down originally, they were literally trying to sell us back our freedoms via a vaccine passport and quarterly jabs. Luckily, that did not happen in this country. The boosters stopped working, obviously never worked.

And of course, the safety profile surrendered. So when I look at what they were doing, it was rent extraction to sell you back your freedoms. And people said, well, the government's paying for the vaccine. Well, we all know how that would end. Eventually, you're going to you would be paying for your quarterly jab ad infinitum. But as they say, it's 100 percent safe and effective. Don't ask questions, everybody. Ed Dowd, author of Cause Unknown, thank you so much. Thank you, Charlie.

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Everyone take out your phone and download the Public Square app. Michael, welcome back to the program. How are things going on the battleship for the Patriot economy?

Charlie, thank you so much for having me. Good to be here. We are thriving and growing while the broken, corrupted institutions that currently dominate the economic environment are crumbling. So while Target stock has dropped, downgraded twice, missed their first quarterly earnings in six years.

Anheuser-Busch tanked 26% on the year in sales. The freedom economy, this patriotic parallel economy that is made up of incredible hardworking Americans that love the country, the Constitution, and the values that that sacred document protects is thriving. It's growing and we're really grateful to be the tip of the spear, especially Charlie, because people right now more than ever need a reminder that you don't just have to wait to vote every two and four years. And you should do that. You should get to the ballot box. You should vote. But you should also recognize that every single day you have the ability to vote with your dollars. What you spend your money on is what you empower. And so we're helping patriots empower the types of companies that need to thrive, not just this year, but the years to come for the sake of not only our generation, but the future generation. So it's a bright time to be a patriot in the parallel economy, Charlie.

If you are a business owner of any type, you register your business to the directory. It's, make the switch to values aligned businesses. So there's several stories I want to touch here. Let's play cut 127 of the Caitlin Collins lookalike winning an award. Play cut 127. Oh my God. Hi. I look around this room and I just see so many amazing allies that have platforms. And I think allyship right now needs to look differently. And you need to support trans people publicly and proudly.

Because if we can influence people to buy $22 AirPods smoothies, we can also do this. Um, I just, I love you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I'm going to go have a beer and I love y'all. So that is, uh, the face of corporate America, a biological man who thinks he is not just a woman, but a young woman.

He thinks he's, uh, eight or nine years old, uh, play played the role of Eloise. Uh, many times, Michael, this is corporate America. You guys are fighting against this.

We are tooth and nail. This is a mockery of women. In fact, this person, this man got famous because he basically chronologically documented his journey of becoming a girl. And you made a really important point there, Charlie, that he does stress the fact that he wants to be a young woman or a girl, which is the most distorted aspect of all of this. But my wife, when she first learned of this person said, huh, funny, I've been a woman for my entire life for nearly three decades and I've never received a sponsorship deal.

I've never had my face on a bud like, and no one's ever called me. And so how much of a mockery do we see on display in corporate America right now that this man pretending to be a woman for a year gets these massive label deals while actual women that are actually living lives authentically are completely ignored by corporate America. They're actually, uh, openly antagonized in corporate America, especially moms. Part of the revolt against the targets of the world was the mom audience because they said, I'm so tired of feeling like this retailer is actually trying to target my children. So not only are we seeing a total mockery of basic biological truth, we're also seeing openly antagonistic actions from corporate America toward the very people that they are supposed to be marketing to the largest consumer cohort in this country.

Charlie are middle aged women, specifically moms. They make over majority of decisions or the daily household when it comes to purchasing power and 70% of those purchases daily are made by that cohort. So for corporate America to completely ignore them, to celebrate this type of nonsense, it looks like some distorted reality out of the hunger games. It is the farthest thing from the American economy that you and I, and all of your listeners would dream of. We have other examples here of major companies.

Again, check out This is cut one 30, which seems to be the CEO of a company called Harry's razors saying that moms are birthing parents. They don't call, they don't use the word moms anymore because in corporate America on college campuses in the CIA, the FBI, and the Biden administration, men can give birth. Play cut one 30, you know, created a really sort of unbalanced dynamic and made the co-parenting thing really hard to actually live in practice. And so, you know, that experience, you know, was was one that led us to this conclusion that, hey, we need not just a general parental leave policy, but an equal parental leave policy that treats birthing and non birthing parents equally.

So we implemented that and give everybody four months, regardless of whether you're the birthing parent or the non birthing parent. That's that's how now corporate America defines motherhood. You guys have a company, every life contrast that Michael that that is Harry's razors and he gets applause from the audience. Your response. Well, my response is simple. While other companies out there like Harry's are embracing perversion, they're not going to embrace perversion and denying basic biological truth. By the way, a beautiful truth, which is that men and women are different and they're complementary in so many incredible ways.

We actually choose to say the opposite. We believe ultimately that men and women are different and that they deserve to be celebrated in those differences. And we've actually created a company called Every Life.

You can find it at every life dot com where the nation's only pro life diaper and wipes company. We make premium high end diapers and wipes for every little miracle. And we actually believe that one of the most beautiful realities of womanhood that men do not have access to is the ability to give birth.

That is something unique to women. It's crazy that we have to say that today, but that is true. And so we want to create a product that specifically speaks to that cohort that is doing the hard work to bring forth the next generation. And we've actually created something cool called the baby bonus, where any of the employees on our staff, he talks about this non birthing and birthing parent, whatever equal leave.

We think it's absurd. We'd actually like to go directly to the truth and say that if you have a baby on our staff or adopt the child, you get a five thousand dollar bonus after taxes and you can use that however you'd like. We'd like to honor the beauty of parenthood. We believe that ultimately strong families make a strong nation and we believe ultimately that the best way that we can help our nation and our company prosper is by championing the very people that further the mission and the aims of the nation or the company. And that is the families that are continuing to expand our footprint. So, Charlie, I think that ultimately what needs to happen in the American economy is a revival of the family unit, because that is what actually makes up the average American consumer, not this point five percent subset of the culture that finds birthing people as something to be desired.

It's ridiculous. We want to embrace truth and we believe the American economy will ultimately follow that example as we continue to gain traction. It's

Again, download the Public Square app. Let's continue with how corporate America hates your values. There's got to be a profit break here somewhere. Play cut 129. I'm not sure what I don't know if it's North Face or Patagonia, which company?

I can never get it right. It's one of the worst marketing. I think they mentioned their competitor and it's named it not only is it super gay and weird, but it's also I don't even know what they're advertising. It's just another example here. But, Michael, talk about how you're starting to see in the grassroots people demand better and a call to action for the entrepreneurs. You know, people say, Charlie, the economy is not what I want it to be. Well, then go start your own business. We need a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Michael Siefert. Yeah, that's a great point you just made, Charlie, because we actually bold our businesses in July and in August and we asked our business community, how do you feel about the overall economy? That was question one. Question number two was, how do you feel about your personal business? And what we found, Charlie, is that our audience on our business community, we have over 65,000 small businesses on the public square platform. Our audience overwhelmingly feels negative about the economy currently, like well over 93% feels negative about the economy currently, but over 70% of our respondents feel positive about their personal company and their individual growth, which is a massive, massive revelation that even while this parallel economy feels negative about what Joe Biden and what this bureaucratic regime has created on the broader macroeconomic landscape, they actually feel really hopeful about the growth of their individual businesses, largely because they are exposed to this whole emerging market of businesses that are prioritizing the basic truths that made our economy so special for so many decades that have now been eroded. In the parallel economy, values like meritocracy and excellence and integrity and quality are actually strong and they're advancing. So our economy of businesses on public square are actually growing. They're hiring employees.

They're experiencing record profits. And that's our encouragement to folks. If you're a small business owner, join this movement.

Jump in the stream because you're going to find a network of well over a million and a half consumers that will jump over hurdles in order to support your business because they feel like they're being able to put purpose behind their purpose. So, Charlie, even in reference to the North Face or Patagonia, I'm not sure what that was even for either. Yeah, even in that context, man, we have jackets, coolers, outdoor running shoes, tents. We have rooftop tents. We have outdoor gear, guns, ammo, anything that you would traditionally find at a woke outdoor retailer. We have actually found alternatives for on our public square platform. And the best thing is, too, a majority of those businesses will actually give you discounts to go there.

So you can ditch the woke nonsense and you can actually embrace companies that love to serve you high quality products without all the political pandering. Check out That's your call to action, everybody. Download the public square app right now. So, Michael, talk to you soon.

Download the public square app. Thank you, Charlie. Joining us now is Dr. Dennis Black, naturopathic doctor, also a Vietnam era helicopter pilot. Dr. Black, we've talked about you every day on this program. Great to have you on the program.

How are things? And tell us all about Rough Greens. Our audience has to go to slash Kirk.

Dr. Black. So, Charlie, good to be with you again. And we started Rough Greens as really a response to our human customers who were saying, look, they were getting well from their nutrition that we gave them. But the problem was their pets were still getting sick at the same rate. And so, we created this for their pets 20 years ago. It was just kind of a little sideline product for probably 15 years. And then we launched it as a standalone product in 2020. Actually, the day after the first COVID case.

And we thought, oh, what a disaster. But it turned out actually to be really very positive because people were now staying at home with their pets and they were seeing what kind of shape their pets were in. So, we started it that way and it's taken off amazingly well.

Yeah. And I mean, the response has been amazing. Our audience speaks very favorably about it. So, give us your backstory and also talk about the success stories here because people don't really think very deeply about what they feed their dogs, just scraps or that garbage that's dead. Talk about the science of it because your dog is always there for you. The least you could do is give them things that are proven to be nutritious and help them with elimination, bad breath, etc.

Dr. Black. Right. So, the reality is that dog food is dead food. Kibble has no live nutrients in it whatsoever.

If you take a bowl of kibble and put it on your refrigerator and come back and look at it in six months, it won't have any mold or fungus growing on it because there's nothing alive in it. Most people think that dogs are carnivores and they are not. They're omnivores, just like we are.

And so, their nutritional needs are similar to ours, but the ratios are different. So, what we did was we did a full-blown study on all different kinds of dog food. And it turns out that most kibble dog food are made in the same plants.

The color might vary some, the shape varies some, the flavors vary some, but pretty much it's all the same garbage. And so, we realized that dogs were dying and getting cancer. 50% of all dogs over the age of 10 die of cancer. And the reason is because they're not getting enough nutrients in their daily diet. Things like live vitamins, probiotics, enzymes, antioxidants, omega oils, all those things that they need, they're just not getting. And so, their joints shut down, their skin and coat looks bad, their breath is terrible. You know, and when they have a bowel movement in the yard, it doesn't break down either.

It just sits there, doesn't ever go anywhere because it's not live either. So, what we decided was we're going to create a product that has all of the live nutrients that they need. We're going to give them to them in the amounts that are specific for dogs. And what's going to happen is these dogs are going to turn around. We've literally had thousands and thousands, tens of thousands of stories from people where their dog stopped shedding, their dog stopped scratching all the time, the dog stopped eating grass, the dog breath improved, bowel movements improved, joint health improved, the dog lives longer, less vet bills.

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We have people who've had their dog on this product now for over three years and they tell us that they still see new improvements that they didn't even know were problems in the past. So, JumpStart trial bag. It's a 10 to 14-day supply. You just pay the shipping. We'll give it to you free. Go to slash Charlie or slash Kirk and either one of those and we'll send you one. It's a great product.

Our audience loves it. slash Kirk. Dr. Black, great job. We'll have you on again. Thank you. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us your thoughts as always. Freedom at

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