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The Party of "Experts" with David Sacks

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August 30, 2023 5:00 am

The Party of "Experts" with David Sacks

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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August 30, 2023 5:00 am

David Sacks made a fortune in the world of business, but now he's becoming a louder and more assertive voice in the world of politics. David joins Charlie with harsh words for the unending disaster of the Ukraine War, and then lays out how the Democrats' status as the "expert" party locks them into a regime that makes the same mistakes over and over. Plus, Charlie talks about his recent study of Machiavelli, and how feminism has decayed from a war against men to trying to transform women into men.

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Really brilliant commentary. And then, how should you react to a man, six-foot-two man, who joins a sorority? Well, Kappa Gamma, the national organization, says it's perfectly fine that a man can watch women undress and be allowed in a sorority. There's nothing you can do about it.

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Buckle up, everybody. Here we go. I am currently taking a course taught by Michael Anton, who I want to have back on the show, on Machiavelli. And it is really in-depth.

I'll tell you, other people taking the class with me, they are very smart. And as you study Machiavelli, you realize that he is portrayed incompletely by most people. I mean, if you ask somebody in politics, oh, what does it mean to be Machiavellian? They say, oh, well, ends justify the means. That is true. That's in there. Or we must throw out antiquity and enter in modernity.

That's also there. Let's understand the most famous book that Machiavelli wrote, The Prince. Machiavelli was basically writing this as a job interview. Machiavelli was in the government of Florence at a very young age, 28, 29. Basically lost his job, and he wanted to get hired again as a bureaucrat.

Very well-paying job back then. He wanted a job with the Medici family. And so the whole book is basically written to the Medici family, hey, here's everything I know. Here's how you govern. Here's how you rule. And Machiavelli, whether he realized that at the time, and Michael Anton argues, yes, he did, he was a philosopher, and very rarely do you ever come across someone who can be called a philosopher.

The depth, the complexity of his writing is, it's beyond just how some people summarize it. But Machiavelli certainly, the more you understand it, you realize that the left-wing regime uses several principles of Machiavelli as a way to win. Somebody says here, they email us, Charlie, frankly, the right, our side, is worthless in a fight. We play by the rules and worry about others. Dems suffer no such problems.

Just by an FBI, just an FYI, they're coming after all of us. The conservative movement would do very well to embrace the spirit of Machiavelli as detailed in The Prince, if we want to win. This story, I think, touches on it perfectly. It's a story that shows how indifference, neutrality is actually losing. The Post Millennial reports at, just one of several of these stories of how the gender and the sex fight is coming into the courts.

And judges in the courts in red America are woefully unprepared for this fight. We talked to this story before of Artemus Langford. Now, Artemus Langford looks like a white Michael Oher, like you could be a right tackle for the Baltimore Ravens.

260 pounds, 6'2". Obviously has deep-seated mental problems. I hope Artemus finds a counselor to help him through that. But instead of dealing with his mental problems in private, like mature adults do, he wants the rest of the world to suffer and be uncomfortable because of his deep-seated mental problems. It's one thing to have mental issues. That's understandable. Some people do. And I feel sorry for you. I have compassion for you.

It's another thing to say the rest of the world must also suffer simultaneously because I also have mental issues. So Artemus Langford, who is a biological male, the guy towers over these women, demands that he is able to become a sorority sister at the University of Wyoming. So several of these college students, females, brought a lawsuit against Kappa Kappa Gamma, KKG, which is supposed to be all about sisterhood, over the policy allowing a biological man into the sisterhood. That case has now been rejected by the US District for Wyoming, and the sisters of the sorority will now be forced to allow a man entry into the all-female group. Artemus Langford reportedly watched the college girls undress, sometimes sporting an erection while doing so. The sorority sisters didn't like it, but Kappa Kappa Gamma policy is that men who claim to be women are women enough to be part of the sisterhood. So basically we are now forcing 50% of the population to let their social lives be dominated by disgusting, mentally ill, neurotic, predatory freaks.

This person, Artemus Langford, is a neurotic freak. And the courts say, well we don't take stances on gender. Not taking a stance on gender is taking a stance on gender. And so in the University of Wyoming, in the red state of Wyoming, they are subjecting these young ladies to a form of sexual abuse. Court mandated sexual abuse in the name of trans rights. This is happening all across the country, and not just in sports, in changing rooms and locker rooms and sororities, and you might say, well Charlie, where are the feminists?

This is kind of like a common take. Where are the feminists? The feminists support this. Some feminists speak out, but most feminists support this.

Why? Because at the root of feminism is that women should act more like men. That was always the argument. That was Betty Friedan's feminine mystique. That women will be happier if you freeze your eggs, that women will be happier if you run the companies, that women will be happier if you become more like men. It is only natural that eventually that women become men. So the next step of feminism, third and fourth wave feminism, is that women will be happier if you literally be a man. Now we used to say when I used to go to college campuses that feminism is all about hating men.

I have to update that. Feminism is all about wanting to become men. It is the abolition of women.

C.S. Lewis famously wrote the book Abolition of Man. This is the abolition of women. This is why they hate sororities. Because they're female only spaces. And parents, legislators in Wyoming, the governor of Wyoming, they're all just kind of sitting around and they're saying, well I guess we have to let the freak in.

No you don't. He should be arrested. Put in prison. And women are agreeable. Men are more disagreeable.

Good luck. You're going to try to tell me that some freak who is a woman tried to go into a fraternity, he would be mocked, ridiculed, made fun of for good reason. I support that mockery by the way. If a woman who thinks that she is a man wanted to join a fraternity, that person would be made fun of so much, bullied so much, crying so much they would get themselves out. These girls should bully this freak. But they won't. Because they say, well maybe we should have compassion for the predator who's getting an erection while watching other girls undress.

Artemis Langford. Where do we draw the line? Men wouldn't put up with this.

Actual men. You see, if these girls, you could get this man out of your sorority. You just have to treat him poorly. Make fun of him. Be like you're a fat freak.

What are you doing here? Girls don't think, girls do that to other girls, they don't do that to men. Girls are perfectly capable of bullying other girls. They're the best at it. They're like way more savage than men.

But girls bullying girls because there is a physical intimidation factor. This guy is like Shrek. He could just take one of them and crush their skull. I mean that's sick.

I'm sorry. That is sick. He towers over these young ladies. Obviously a predator. And he's obviously sexually attracted to them. Watching them undress with an erection and the judge says, why do we need to protect women?

Protect women? This is going to happen everywhere. This is going to happen with preschoolers. It's happening in sports.

It's happening all across the board. One way to stop it is to make the trans freaks feel uncomfortable. Nothing physical. Just make fun of them. Say you're not welcome here. You're not welcome in our sorority. Go away. And some people say, well Charlie that's not nice.

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And let me know, has NAD helped your life? slash Charlie. Check it out. slash Charlie. And their mission statement is this. Kappa unites women to learn, grow and inspire positive change.

Join us in dreaming boldly and living fully. One thing I've learned dealing with the left is that if you ask them to define their terms, they can't. So what is a woman Kappa Kappa Gamma? What is a woman? I would like an official statement from Kappa Kappa Gamma dot org. What is a woman?

Matt Walsh led the charge on this beautifully. Same way they can't define racism. They can't define any of this. They can't define democracy.

They use these words so frequently they don't actually know what they mean. So Kappa Kappa Gamma dot org who's allowing this man in there who is getting off sexually being around women undress saying you must be in there. Remember these girls were suing the private organization. University of Wyoming says oh there's nothing we can do about it. Yeah you can call the local sheriff and arrest him for being a weirdo.

But they wouldn't do that obviously because they're weak because we've become a very very weak country. This guy should not be allowed women. You know it used to be illegal to do that. Used to be illegal to go into women locker rooms and to be a perv.

Used to get you arrested. Now it's perfectly acceptable under trans rights. So Kappa Kappa Gamma dot org says Kappa unites women to learn, grow and inspire positive change. What is a woman? And the reason why there was no traction on this is because all of the female alumni of Kappa Kappa Gamma women are super agreeable. Men and women are different. So women were probably just like well I'm not happy about that but I'm really afraid to do something about it. And they are. They get so angry about Donald Trump, blow up the White House, Madonna, the whole thing. You know the pink hat thing.

But when an actual man wants to be in their sorority, meh. And by the way these seven young ladies who sued are heroines. They deserve our credit. I believe they were on Megyn Kelly's program or Lauren Ingraham's program. I remember you were on one of the two recently.

Either Ingraham or Kelly have done a great job. And where are the parents? Where are the dads? MIA. It just doesn't matter. You see I'm not allowed to say this. I'm not allowed to say what I want to say.

That's all I'm going to say. I'm not allowed to say what I want to say so you have to read my mind. Telepathy. Got to read my mind.

I have a daughter and the rest you just have to read my mind. Not allowed to say it. Or else producer Andrew is just going to jump through the window. So I'm definitely not saying it. So you have to read it.

Okay that's it. That's the end of that segment. Judge Alan Johnson dismissed the case Westinbrook vs. Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity. The ruling from Johnson was that it was the right of the group to redefine the word woman to include men. The court says that we will not define woman today.

She left when Katanji Brown Jackson said she couldn't define a woman. That is the entire American legal profession right now. Oberlin College administrators caught on secret recording reprimanding head lacrosse coach for defending women's sports. California Attorney General sues Chino Valley schools over policy requiring parental notification if a kid wants to transition their gender. So they say it's basic freedom association. So why can't conservatives have that?

Well there's never freedom association when the right wants to control who teaches in our schools or who we can make cakes for. Somebody emailed us. Charlie I will say it. Another one emailed freedom at Charlie I can read your mind. Wow you guys are very talented.

Very very talented. I could just see the Media Matters article. Charlie Kirk asks audience to read mine. I'm not saying it.

Nope. They can't ban you if you don't say it. And the courts say well we don't take a position on what a woman is. That is your American legal profession.

How broken is the country? Time and time and time again they will not say what a woman is. You know when I go out and I speak and I say you know in college they teach you that men can give birth and everyone laughs and you know these hundred million dollar donors to Harvard will tell me oh Charlie they don't teach that. I say oh yeah they do. Wake up.

Your American legal system, the judges in charge of your society will say we don't take a position on what a woman is. Hey everybody Charlie Kirk here and like many of you I'm a busy guy balancing Family Show Travel and TPUSA. When I needed a mortgage I went to my friends Andrew Del Rey and Todd Avakian at Sierra Pacific.

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Fill out the quick form and they'll get you back with answers Joining us now is one of the smartest and clearest thinkers in the country who has been speaking out more and more on politics and I really enjoy his commentary. David Sacks who is a legendary entrepreneur and really sees things clearly. David, thank you for taking time to join our program and also the All In podcast. I want to make sure we plug that as well. So David, I caught a clip of yours this last weekend.

If that's okay I want to play it because what you said was super smart. You talked about the disconnect between Republican primary voters and the people running for the Republican nomination. As illustrated by our event we hosted a couple weeks ago.

Let's play cut 60. There is polling by CNN that a majority of Americans have now turned against the idea of giving more aid to Ukraine. I'm sure that number is much higher in the Republican Party. If you remember there was an event Charlie Kirk who is a conservative influencer has an event called Turning Point USA and they did polling of their conference attendees. The number one issue that everyone agreed on was Ukraine. 95% of the attendees opposed giving more aid to Ukraine. Donald Trump only got 85% popularity. So the base of the party is even more united against Joe Biden's policy in Ukraine than they are on loving Trump. That tells you something. And yet the vague is the only candidate on that stage that was willing to raise his hand aggressively, full-throatedly, not half-hearted to saying that he did not agree with Biden's policy on Ukraine. Very smart. David, elaborate on that.

I have several questions but the floor is yours. Yeah, I mean I think that the base of the party is very well informed about this war and I think they understand it. I think they understand that this is a proxy war of choice that's turning into a forever war, another quagmire for the United States. They're very much opposed to spending, you know, over $100 billion that's already been appropriated in Ukraine when we have so many festering problems at home.

They would like, I think, an American president to focus on problems here at home and spend our limited money here at home. And I think they also understand the ways in which the Biden administration caused this war. This is a war that was easily avoidable, that was caused by the United States seeking to bring NATO right up to Russia's borders. And the Biden administration could have found any one of many off-ramps in 2021 or early 2022 to avoid this war.

And it didn't. It courted this conflict. So here we are. And I think finally the base of the party understands that it's not going well. Even the mainstream media has finally had to acknowledge that this Ukrainian counteroffensive is failing, that the losses have been staggering, the reports from the battlefields have been sobering. And now you see the blame game in the finger pointing between the U.S. and its Ukrainian allies where they're blaming each other for this failure. So I think the party, the base of the party is well-informed.

It understands what's happening. And it would like to see this conflict brought to an end. And yet there's hardly any difference between most members of the Republican elite. So candidates like Christie, Haley, Pence and Scott, I mean, they basically have no qualms with the Biden policy of endless war for as long as it takes. Their only complaint about Biden really is that he's not doing enough fast enough for them. So, you know, unlimited funding forever is still not enough.

That's their only complaint. And by the way, this is the position of most of the Republicans in Washington, the GOP establishment, Mitch McConnell, and about two-thirds of our elected representatives in Washington. But I think the base of the party is very much on a different page. And so I think eventually this has to play out in the Republican primary. So you have to help me understand this. And I spoke to Tucker Carlson about this and he agreed that the caricature of the stereotype that most people have when it comes to politicians is they'll say anything to get elected.

So they'll read the room, they'll see where people are, and then they'll kind of conform to the majority opinion, that they're shape shifters, if you will. This is different, though. If they were actually the political panderers that most people believe politicians are, then they would just kind of say some sort of, you know, oh, yeah, Ukraine not going well.

Let's focus on our country and then just lie about it. And when they get into office, they'll do something different. But, David, for whatever reason, there's a zealotry, an ideological undercurrent here. Is it driven by donors? Is it driven that they actually believe it? Why is it that Vivek Ramaswamy was the only one to put his hand straight up and say no more aid Ukraine? They know the party is not with them, and yet they are defiantly lecturing them against the will of the party.

I don't understand it. I think there's a couple of things going on. I think one is that there is a difference between what the base of the party thinks and what the elites think, what the establishment thinks. And I don't know if that's because of ideology or whether it's because of the money that's involved. I mean, the defense contractors, the military industrial complex, and, you know, all these different groups that benefit from us spending hundreds of billions of dollars in these forever wars. I mean, I think they're a powerful interest group. They control all the think tanks.

I mean, most of the think tanks are funded by the military industrial complex, and so they're putting out a steady stream of propaganda for this war. So I don't know if it's a function of money or ideology, but there is clearly a difference between what the ordinary voter in the Republican primary thinks and what most Republican politicians think. And let's remember, I mean, you had the same dynamic in 2016. One of the reasons why Donald Trump came out of nowhere to become the Republican nominee is he said, no more Bushes. We had this experience of two decades of forever wars in the Middle East that had cost us trillions of dollars and had led to the deaths of millions of people.

And, you know, we had thousands of our own casualties and wounded warriors coming back. And Donald Trump said that, you know, no more Bushes, no more of these forever wars. And he was the only Republican on that stage.

There were something like 16 primary candidates, and he was the only one to say that. So, you know, I don't know what the mental block is with most Republicans, but they still have not gotten on this on the same page as the majority of their party. The calculus, as I can see it, is they see the downside of betraying the capital flows of neoconservatism is much greater than the upside of potentially winning votes, meaning they still want to have a career and give speeches because they know deep down the likelihood of them becoming the nominee is next to zero.

So they do not want to break that orthodoxy for a livelihood reason, for a comfort reason, whatever it might be. And so that is one line that will be crossed. So now we're seeing, David, Vivek Ramaswamy get attacked from every direction. The knives are out for Vivek. And he was saying pretty base things and his polling was going up. But as soon as he started to articulate his foreign policy, I mean, you know, in the breaks, I read the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Politico. This is a multi-institutional firing squad against the Indian dude with a weird name. And I mean that lovingly.

I love Vivek. I mean, he is an existential threat to the regime because he asks heterodox questions about our foreign policy. What's going on here? Yeah, it is interesting. I mean, you really see how much of a uni-party there is when it comes to an issue like this. You have both the Wall Street Journal editorial page, which is supposed to be nominally conservative, and the Washington Post both denouncing Vivek. So all the major media, even, you know, even, again, putatively conservative media, that's part of the establishment is denouncing him. And yeah, you see that these parties, which we're told never agree on anything, they really march in lockstep and close ranks. When someone threatens this, like you said, neocon agenda, the foreign policy establishment has been completely taken over by this neocon wing. And they really close ranks around any threats to it.

Yes, they do. Yeah, and you saw this, I think, with the types of criticism that people like Nikki Haley and Mike Pence were making against Vivek on that stage. I mean, Nikki Haley was repeating this sort of hackney talking point that anybody who wants to show judgment and restraint in our foreign policy and limit our involvement in interventions overseas is inexperienced, you know, or weak. I mean, this is the rhetoric that you hear that was then echoed by the Washington Post or Wall Street Journal. But what is it exactly about our foreign policy over the last 20 years that would make anyone want to choose so-called experience?

All the people with experiences have gotten everything wrong over the past 20 years. I mean, you know, they got us into Iraq based on a bunch of lies. They kept us in Afghanistan for 20 years.

They got us into Syria and Libya. And again, they avoided all of the easily taken actions and off-ramps that would have avoided this war in Ukraine. So what is it about this foreign policy establishment to experience that we should defer to? You know, again, I'm all in favor of looking at a candidate's track record. But if you look at the track record of people like Nikki Haley, it's a track record of failure. I would much rather bet on the rookie who has fresh ideas, who's not beholden to the past, and who's expressing a correct understanding of our foreign policy choices. And again, this is exactly the choice that the Republican base faced in 2016 when they went with another rookie, Donald Trump. And I think this is the choice that, again, we face today. You're so right. So I'm just flipping through some of the articles here. One of the article headlines, David, makes me laugh. Vivek Ramaswamy is no Henry Kissinger.

So wait a second. Who made Henry Kissinger the standard bearer of foreign policy? Like the guy that made China one of the wealthiest countries on the planet, the guy that has supported neo-conservative imperialism in every sovereign country in the Middle East?

What exactly about that? What they're getting at, though, and you're so right, is this tired old attack vector of inexperience, lack of depth, let the experts take over. David, I do see some promising trends. Not on the left. The left is like suspiciously pro-war now.

It's making me dizzy. But I am starting to see the same way that the expert class was challenged post-Covid, the foreign policy expert class, at least on the right, is not taken very seriously. I think that's a healthy development.

Yeah, I think that's right. I think the analogy to Covid is a very good one. I think that what happened with Covid is that the American people learned over time that the experts were not to be trusted, these so-called experts, the people who ran our health establishment.

They promoted all the wrong policies. You know, we had the we had lockdowns and then they they pumped this vaccine that they told us was safe and effective and it turned out not to work at all. So I think that there's something similar happening, a similar eyes are being opened to our foreign policy establishment. And I would say that Victoria Nuland is the Fauci of this situation in the same way that we learned. Yes, that Fauci was supposed to be preventing pandemics and instead he was funding gain of function research. Victoria Nuland was supposed to be our chief diplomat over there and instead she was fomenting, you know, coups and Kiev and and regime change wars.

So, you know, I think we're learning that the people are supposed to be running our State Department again in charge of American diplomacy are actually creating problems and wars for us to get into. The right, because of the treatment of Donald Trump, for better or for worse, is more willing to cast aside multi-decade trust of institutions. So the right has an appetite to say, you know what, the generals are also awful because the CDC is awful and Bob Mueller was awful. So there is a low trust of institutions on the right.

Not saying that's a great societal indicator, but actually it's probably where we should be. So, David, you've had to kind of swim in the lanes of people that would call themselves on the left for years. I'm sure you remember being lectured about foreign wars and how it is the liberal position to be against foreign wars, which I sympathize with actually.

I think neoconservatism is disgusting and ugly and awful. I wish the right would embrace that, our leadership would. But what's happened to the rank and file of the left?

I know this is something that you probably get a question every so often, but it seems as if the Democrat Party, if you will, is all on board for the no-win-war agenda, helping Ukraine. What has changed? Help me understand this. Well, I think the Democrat Party in general is now the party of the elite and it's a party of elite institutions. And I think one of the fundamental differences in worldview between liberals and conservatives is that liberals believe that the way that you understand the world, that what mediates our understanding of the world are these experts. You defer to experts.

That's how you understand what's going on. And the experts are basically the people who they say they are, but that wouldn't be that convincing to people. So what they do is they say the experts are the people who come out of these elite institutions and who run these institutions, the people who have these elite credentials.

And on the surface, makes sense, right? The people who are running these elite institutions, they should be the experts. The problem is that there's been kind of this liberal takeover of all of our elite institutions.

And so they're all kind of marching in lockstep. And when they're wrong, there is no accountability. The media, which is really supposed to hold them accountable, has instead become their pryporian guard and will cover up and defend them. And again, we saw this during COVID, that all the people who got everything wrong during COVID, there was no comeuppance or accountability for any of them. And I think we're seeing the same thing now when the foreign policy establishment fails and really any of these elites, again, there is no accountability for any of them when they get things so horribly wrong.

That's so true. There's an article for the Jacobin newspaper or magazine or whatever. The Democrat base just keeps getting richer and wider. Do you think that there is going to be some potential schism in the Democrat Party? Because in some ways it's a forced marriage. You have the party of Aspen, Sun Valley, Kenny Bunkport kind of married together with the, let's just say, more activist class of Fulton County. That's not exactly a match made in heaven, right? I mean, the Bernie Sanders AOC types complain about oligarchy and corporate dominance, all the while the Democrat Party is the party of Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Stanford.

Is that ever going to materialize or is that kind of forced marriage going to stay as long as, you know, bad man Donald Trump is in the picture? Well, I think that there's a strong crusader element to crusader zeal to our elites. And there's been what I call the woke neo-confusion.

Yes. Where if you think about it, our foreign policy and our domestic policy aren't that different. I mean, basically it's blue state dominance.

They want to dominate the red states and impose their ideology and way of life on both red states and the entire world. I mean, this this neo-con project is basically a crusade to impose our values on the entire world. Yes.

Yeah. It's basically liberal hegemony. I mean, that is the name that they themselves of neo-cons have called it. They want to say it's a type of imperial hegemony in which we impose our values on the entire world.

And those values are the values not of the ordinary American, but of our foreign policy establishment and of our, again, elite institutions that are run by all these people. So I think their party, sort of the party, the ruling elite might be more stable than we think. I think the schism is going to be within the Republican party.

And you're already seeing that. And you saw it on this debate stage. The question is, are we going to be the party of Oliver Anthony, who in that song, North of Richmond, he's really talking about the blob. And he confirmed it in an interview with the free press. He said, I'm singing about a lot of the older super conservative politicians that brought us into endless war through my entire childhood. That's what he said. So he's talking about the Dick Cheney types and the Donald Rumsfelds and the Mitch Mcdonalds.

That's who he's talking about. And the question is, are we going to be a party of those sort of Bush era neocons? And let's be clear, this is what Nikki Haley and Tim Scott and Mike Pence, they want to restore that. They want a neocon restoration. Are we going to be the party that appeals to an Oliver Anthony or to a Bryce Mitchell member, the MMA fighter, who said that I'm not going to fight in any of these politicians' wars.

If the war ever comes to my state of Arkansas, I will dig my boots into the ground and fight, but I'm not going to fight for these politicians. That's right. Or are we a party that appropriates Oliver Anthony and ignores everything he talks about? David Sacks, great commentary. Check in his podcast, All In Podcast. Thank you so much for taking the time. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us, as always, freedom at Thank you so much for listening. And God bless. Thank you.
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