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Even Congress Believes the UFO Hype with Rep. Anna Paulina Luna and Rep. Chip Roy

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July 27, 2023 7:00 pm

Even Congress Believes the UFO Hype with Rep. Anna Paulina Luna and Rep. Chip Roy

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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July 27, 2023 7:00 pm

Is the recent surge of UFO news a distraction, or a genuine big deal? Rep. Anna Paulina Luna joins Charlie to make her case that yes, there really is powerful evidence that alien lifeforms have reached earth, and our military intelligence apparatus is colluding to cover it up. Plus, Chip Roy responds to Alejandro Mayorkas's Capitol Hill testimony. Charlie discusses why Mayorkas is a traitor, whether he should be impeached, and why the Texas border situation is so disastrous it not only justifies, but requites taking steps to defy the Biden regime.

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Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campuses. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks.

I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country.

He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created. Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives. And we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

That's why we are here. Brought to you by the loan experts I trust Andrew and Todd at Sierra Pacific Mortgage at Andrew and Todd Dotcom. Joining us now is one of my favorite members of Congress. He loves the Constitution, fights for it every single day. Congressman Chip Roy. Congresswoman, play one of the pieces of tape from you with Mayorkas. We'll go from there.

Play Cup 100. You look straight at the American people, straight at me, straight at every person on this committee and said we have operational control. Why? Congressman, two points. One, you did not let me complete my answer.

Two, the Secure Fence Act defines operational control as not a single individual crosses the border. I'm aware. I read it and I read it to you and you read it and in fact you said I do. You didn't hesitate. You didn't say I do. I need to explain what I mean by I do.

You said I do over and over again. Chip Roy is with us. Congressman, I'm with you.

I would have been even more heated. This guy's a traitor to the United States. He wants open borders. He thinks he's doing a great job. It's time to impeach him. Congressman Chip Roy.

Well, thanks for having me on, Charlie. Yeah, we had an interesting hearing yesterday where we were making very clear to the American people today administration and he's at the top of the Homeland Security Department that has no intent to follow the law to actually secure the border of the United States and to follow the laws as I was driving with the Secure Fence Act to stop the flow and I pointed out that he did look at the camera 15 months ago when I posed that question and put the statute in front of him and said do you have operational control and he said I do. Then he went on to testify differently to other committees because he realized he'd stepped in. My point is they're lying. They're lying over and over again and they're not just lying under oath of fame which is of course an enormous problem and impeachable. He's lying on purpose to the American people and he's using a shell game trying to say oh don't worry the numbers are going down. That's a lie because they're using parole running people through the ports of entry with this one app which a number of my colleagues asked about and they're doing that intentionally to drive the numbers up make it look like prices going down. Now to be clear there were still 150,000 apprehensions last month. Charlie we have human beings Americans that are dying, human beings migrants that are dying, cartels empowered, China empowered.

It's insane. It's got to end. That's why today I made very clear I will support no appropriation. I will fight every appropriation that funds the Department of Homeland Security until we pass HR 2 through the Senate. The president signs it and we remove my order.

Yeah I mean a separate issue which I'm not you know gonna dive too deep with you. Why is Greg Abbott putting up with this? Why have we not sent a hundred thousand of Texas's best, train them, give them weapons and secure the border?

I don't understand it. It's the Texas attitude and Texas fighting spirit doesn't seem to still be there. What can Congress do though? Is there agreement with your colleagues not just cutting off the funding but time to impeach Mayorkas? Well first I think we are building a effort right as heading into September when there will undoubtedly be a conflict over the funding of government. We want to make clear that during the border is a baseline.

It is a bare minimum if you want to consider funding the government any further. We're going to make that very clear on the point we have made progress. There were some people who are skeptical who I think have gotten there but there are still Republicans who are saying well this isn't a high crime in Mississippi. Charlie you and I are both faithful followers of the Constitution. I do not take this up cavalierly.

I know you know that's right. I wrote a piece in National Review in which I outlined what I believe is the case. I believe he has broken the public trust. He has violated his oath. He is failing to follow the laws and importantly he lied under oath. This is not maladministration although I can argue maladministration is still subsumed into high crimes and misdemeanors. There are some scholars who'd say so but even putting that aside it is a high crime and misdemeanor to lie under oath and it's a high crime and misdemeanor to not follow the law Congress passed and to do so intentionally and that's exactly what he's doing.

Yeah and so it's just I want to play another piece of tape here. He wants open borders. I hope everyone understands the American Democrat Party believes this is a success. It's an accomplishment to get as many foreigners as possible into your country. It's a race. It's a race to change America.

It's a race to make us a third world country. They're proud of it. They brag about it. In fact he says it. Mayorkas says this under oath and I'm trying to find the piece of tape here but Mayorkas says that he thinks he's doing a wonderful job and yeah this is right here. Okay yeah play cut 85. I'm incredibly proud of the work that is performed at DHS.

He thinks it's the best that's ever been. Play cut 85. Secretary Mayorkas you must resign. Will you resign? No I will not.

I am incredibly proud of the work that is I understand in the department of secretary Mayorkas. If you will not resign that leaves us with no other option. You should be impeached and so that that's a good sign but just build this out congressman.

It must just make you mad and it just just it makes me and just drives me insane. They don't want what we want. They want something different.

They want third world America. Congressman Chip Roy. No you're right Charlie and just one quick comment with respect to him saying how proud he is of the border patrol agents and the people that work for him how can you be proud of people that you knowingly went to the microphone and lied and accused of racism accused of whipping people that they did not whip.

I ask him that question because we have evidence that he had an email two and a half hours before he went to the microphone indicating that the photographer and everyone present knew they didn't whip anyone. This is the kind of individual we're dealing with and I want to be clear we had someone in front of a hearing a couple of weeks ago to your point who identified and unfortunately lost his son to an illegal immigrant and that was about 10 years ago. He got 42 days in jail and when Mayorkas was the head of USCIS under Obama he resisted deporting the guy.

He resisted removing the guy from the country. They don't want to they don't believe it okay. Now you've got the secretary the president the entire administration who want this to be a wide open border they believe in a new world liberal order they've said so. They want to remake America and by the way this has nothing to do with brown black white. This has nothing to do with race they always want to make it race. It has to do with the rule of law it has to do with the hispanic americans hispanic border patrol agents hispanic texans who are sick of being taken for granted sick of the lawlessness sick of the fentanyl sick of the cartels they get it this has nothing to do with race democrats try to make it so they want to break down the rule of law because they know it's what sets America apart from the rest of the world. That's so smart by the way seven million people have illegally entered America as trespassers criminals since Joe Biden has become president of the United States that's a guesstimation we don't even know. Congressman you're right and the proof is that when you go down for example when I go down to Yuma which I try to make an annual visit down to the border I live here in Arizona there's over a hundred different passports and visas that are dropped in the drop zone right so they have identification and they drop it before they cross because they don't want our government to know who they are so there's literally just sort of if you have not been to the border or seen what's happening it's so maddening there's hundreds of different not hundreds but there's thousands of different passports and a hundred different countries Azerbaijan I thought we hate Russia tons of Russians coming into our country Chinese Indonesia you know Kenya it's an international thing the left uses the race card as a way to try to terminate our opposition to open borders final thoughts Congress and Chip Roy. Well no that's exactly right and that's what the American people are sick of and and just to bring this and crystallize it to the moment we're about to break into August we're going to come back and then government funding is going to run out at the end of September I believe that the Republican leadership is going to want to try to pursue impeachment of President Biden for the corruption that we know exists now we've gone over it you've gone over it that is a worthy path to go pursue right based on everything we're learning but we cannot forget our duty to secure the border stop the lawlessness stop the lawlessness of the FBI and the weaponization of government but as it relates to the border we are losing our country because we're losing the rule of law we have a duty to stop it and I'm going to make this an absolute battle cry heading into spending season we got to hold my orchids accountable and use the power of the purse to force change. Congressman Chip Roy keep fighting you're terrific thank you so much. Thanks Charlie. Look I'll be honest why has the Texas state government put up with this for so long ignore the Department of Justice ignore the Department of Homeland Security mobilize a hundred thousand Texans figure it out Texas Rangers give them weapons give them handcuffs helicopters drones honestly you know we hear this oh yeah you know Texas tough I've seen none of that Texas tough I've seen none of it I've seen Texas wimpy that's what I've seen millions of people have invaded Texas and we get like something in a river like oh yeah we have a barrier in a river weak weak Governor Abbott has been a big failure in this regard and I know a lot of you oh Charlie we're so tough in Texas you guys got to start proving it it's a lot of talk love Texas to death love it you guys have made a mockery of the southern border this is a state's issue the federal government hates America why is Texas putting up with it do you know the average American spends about 20 years in retirement that's a long time to live without a steady income and we want to make sure you enjoy every moment of it and don't outlive your money retirement is about more than just investments it's about living your best life let's not retire let's pivot my friends at Pax Financial who I use for my wealth management future develop a course for the sole purpose of helping you pivot if you want your own free guide to pivoting into the new chapter of life with purpose visit slash charlie that is p a x f slash charlie slash charlie so look let me just build this out Texas should secure the border the federal government will sue and maybe a judge rules against you just ignore the judge that's what the left does all the time that's what they do with sanctuary cities when a state state sovereignty comes first the states created the federal government the federal government did not create the states the federal project is a federation of states the united states of America so if a state is being invaded by the way there's invasion clauses in Texas Texas was once its own sovereign country they have to take care of themselves if the federal government is actively betraying the needs wants and interests of Texas Texas has to go do what Texas needs to do period and by the way we have sanctuary city states where they just defy federal law they did this with marijuana as well where they just decide to have their own laws and their rules against federal edicts on marijuana carve outs so the left has never been interested in uniformity except when it comes to open borders they want a non-stop flow of foreigners coming into the country again this is this is a big fight Greg Abbott is obviously not up for it yeah he's a sweet guy he's done good more good than bad he's not up for it this of course would trigger a constitutional crisis good so so people say well that's dramatic you know it's dramatic seven million illegals foreigners criminals coming into our country seven million people is that enough to motivate you should not to mention the child sex trafficking the drugs the fentanyl 10 million people that will have illegally broken into America by the end of Joe Biden's term is that not enough to say hey we're being invaded if the federal government has now proven after more than two and a half years two and a half years do we not take matters into our own hands we should again it's just not saying anything like hey just get out of the way doj get out of the way dhs states rights here we are what is the answer to the moral question when a state is being actively undermined by the federal government some people say well charlie how is that in the constitution that's exactly in the constitution the 10th amendment if your state is being bombarded and invaded and the federal government is allowing it to happen the state must take control period you don't have to overthink it especially as we have now seven ten million foreigners illegals just waltzing right in and you know i i hear i hear a lot of talk oh texas is so tough and all this someone says charlie why are you ragging on texas about their border so much you're living in a border state you're doing nothing about trying to slow immigration well katie hobbs man i don't know what to tell you don't throw stones charlie and arizona are doing nothing and won't with the illegitimate governor you have gibby from marietta yeah that's that's a great email joseph you're 100 right about texas yep and by the way when republicans were in charge of arizona they want nothing to do with it either republicans just want it to get better republicans want illegal immigration they just want it slower carrie lakewood a blown up cartel tunnels where is the declaration of invasion just see a lot of happy talk here i don't see action this is the whole ball game camila harris we must create a pathway to citizenship play cut 29 and while we will fight to support immigrants and to protect daca recipients there is no substitute for action by congress congress must create a pathway to citizenship for dreamers individuals with temporary protected status and for farm workers they want mass legalization they want mass amnesty and by the way they're not immigrants they're criminals they're vigilantes they're border jumpers they're line cutters you know one of the things that frustrates me the most is this kind of romantic it's like we must romanticize the criminal oh you know they just want a better life i don't like looting do you someone loots for a better life should we put up with that if someone breaks into somebody's home because they want a bigger home should we put up with that oh they're just trying to do what's best for their kids but you're breaking the law they know it's wrong too every last one of them know that they're illegally breaking into america a country they were not born by the way if these are such wonderful people they're dreamers go dream in nicaragua go improve mexico you guys haven't done that oh no you want to go into america and take our jobs lower wages and then the democrat party wants to use you as a perpetual political pawn ah i see media research center has reported 98 of the mainstream media coverage has been focusing on the plight of immigrants and the word illegal never appears in stories why does the word illegal not appear this is why play cut 12. you know we um in the department of homeland security i issued a memo very early on that we would not use the term illegal alien uh when speaking of these individuals we would we use the term non-citizen non-citizen yeah of course romanticize the criminal that is the left they're not looters they're fighters for social justice they're not immigrants they're criminals they're border jumpers they're vigilantes they're line cutters they're cheaters and they should all be deported hey everybody charlie kirk here do you believe in our founders vision for america that our republic will only survive if we are an educated and informed people who know our rights and our duties since 1844 hillsdale college has sought to educate all who wish to learn about these timeless principles of self-government for more than 50 years the college has worked to spread that mission by sending in primus their digest of liberty to millions of americans including me in primus features some of the best speeches given at hillsdale events and now an audio version of the popular speech digest is available in a new podcast of the same name and like print publications in primus the podcast is always free you can hear the best arguments from speakers such as christopher rufo molly hemmingway mark stein hillsdale college president larry p. arn among others read by hillsdale students i started listening to in primus and i started listening to in primus and now my friends at hillsdale and i want you to listen for free as well you can subscribe today to listen at primus at that is they do an excellent job it is the best college in america hillsdale college joining us now is congresswoman anna paulina luna who has made some big headlines on the ufo hearing anna welcome to the program hey charlie glad to be back so let's play cut 103 and we'll go from there you know martha after everything that i've witnessed over the last couple of months looking into this as well as being denied access to information at eglen air force base only to eventually see images for my own self and to draw that conclusion i do believe that there is other life out there i also believe that um it is possible that the u.s government is back engineering um potentially technology that's not from this world oh those are some big statements anna paulina tell us about it well you know it started really a couple months ago myself representative gates gates and birch had attended a uh whistleblower investigation at eglen air force base and whistleblowers had come forward to representative gates's office and ultimately uh long story short we were stonewalled from even accessing uh speaking to those individuals the pentagon got involved the department of the air force and the fact is is that the military has to be held accountable and answers to congress not vice versa and so when you have members that are being denied access that's extremely problematic and so ultimately we decided to come to washington we did follow up and you saw the results of that hearing yes so let's play out cut 104 to continue play cut 104 wanted to follow up on representative raskin's questions in the last couple of years have you had incidences that have caused you to be in fear for your life for addressing these issues yes personally okay i just want everyone to note that he's coming forward in fear of his life to put in perspective if they were really not scared about this information coming out why would someone be intimidated like that so so on i want to just make sure your position is clear for our audience you do believe that there's extraterrestrial life that our government has made contact with on this planet yeah per the testimony yeah per the testimony that we have seen per the documentation and upon our investigation absolutely and i just want to be clear that myself gates birch a representative moskowitz we had all worked very hard on this hearing and actually it was scheduled about a month in advance and so to hear this information come out especially being acknowledged in the congressional record i mean a lot of people might think that it was coordinated uh to fall in the hundred biden stuff but it wasn't and it's pretty scary what do you think about it so let's go through just some of the evidence that you guys have come and been aware of and so the for people that did not watch the hearing what do you think are one of the two most um pieces of compelling evidence to support that so we had multiple or we had two of our three witnesses that were pilots right they came forward with eye witness testimony and footage so you had the two pilots that filled the film not only the tic-tac video but the gimbal video and under oath they actually stated that the technology that existed in the um the vehicles that they were chasing was not known to anything that they know that humans can produce and then you had another individual who was an airline pilot graves who said that he had whistleblowers coming forward 30 to the exact commercial airline pilots that are reporting these things and actually gave an in-depth description of one of these uaps which was pretty alarming he said it was about i think a football field in size cube that was caught over vandenberg air force base and then in addition to that you had graves who came forward stating that not only was he aware of people that have been um this sounds so crazy but murdered to protect his secret but when bipartisan members requested information in a skiff to get this briefing we were denied access even then so this is a bigger issue an issue of transparency an issue that the you know the military is essentially hiding information and that information should be readily available and accessible to the american people but also we have a massive issue with national security and that was also mentioned in the hearing that these pilots cannot um they cannot outpace they can out cannot defend themselves against this technology that exists so these seem to be three very credible witnesses and it's been very interesting to watch the media's coverage non-coverage of this because it hasn't really been a good because it hasn't really been met with the necessary like widespread mockery that you would have expected there were a couple articles here or there but largely ana it's just kind of been ignoring it honestly it's just kind of like oh yeah alien what's your take on that it's been really strange it's been very strange actually well i think that they're having an issue addressing it mainly because there is such um bicameral and bipartisan support calling for basically transparency from the federal government but also too when you think about what was stated on witness testimony i mean my goodness i felt like i was in a in like a script of a movie or something you have people coming forward saying that they're in fear of their life um people that have brought forward evidence that has been acknowledged and released essentially by the pentagon right like the gimbal video the tic tac video that was all acknowledged by the pentagon and then you have an individual who worked basically also a military service member who has filed a legitimate complaint with the inspector general of which we're currently trying to obtain to release that information to the american people that has come forward and acknowledging under oath that that there's other biological entities that our government has apparently obtained and so when you think about that from a perspective of okay well like how does that address any of the issues that we're seeing right now in our country with inflation or the biden corruption i think that this is a really big thing mainly because it's bipartisan calls for the end for transparency and ending essentially what could be a massive cover-up and so we are working together to get to the root of this i know representative gates and representative birch and myself are both asking for a select committee so that we can investigate further but you know it is extremely alarming charlie when i had a general tell me that i didn't have access to see information and talk to witnesses when i do have the access on that and and as you saw during the testimony that representative gates gave um gates even called out that general that he was essentially lying to us about our clearances yes so in an effort to hide information so let's just build out the significance of this do you speculate if there is non-human life that if there is non-human life that is you know in on the planet that that why then would the in your speculation the government be lying about it what what what is the motive for covering it up help me understand that according to the testimony of uh specifically grush it's that there's a lot of um there's a lot of control mechanisms in place and then there's also an issue that people at the higher levels of this compartmentalized information maybe think that the american people are not capable of comprehending or understanding that and i would argue the exact opposite you know you have other governments across the world uh the uk chile brazil different programs that are set up to investigate this from a scientific perspective but also to be transparent with their public about what they have found and yet the united states seems to be the only one that's really pushing back and trying to guess like you know the country i think that you know when you're talking about full transparency if we're not able to share this with the public if elected members of congress are being denied access to investigate legitimate claims that pertain to national security and safety of our citizens then are we really the republic we think we are and i think the answer is no and so it's important that regardless of party affiliation that we are holding these individuals accountable and that we can at least release that information to the public yeah this is uh this is a it's really interesting on it is that this was a total third rail thing and now it's just as mainstream as it can be and the media is just kind of shrugging their shoulders let's play cut 76 ufo whistleblower says that non-human biological pilots from crashed crafts if you believe we have crashed craft stated earlier do we have the bodies of the pilots who piloted this craft as i've stated publicly already in my news nation interview biologics came with some of these recoveries yeah were they i guess human or non-human biologics non-human and that was the assessment of people with direct knowledge on the program i talked to that are currently still on the program who in the government either what agency sub-agency what contractors who should be called into the next hearing about uaps either in a public setting or even in a private setting i can give you a specific cooperative and hostile witness list of specific individuals that were in those and and how soon can we get that list i'm happy to provide that to you after the hearing super so just kind of give us a little inside baseball as we close out here anna what's been the reaction the chatter amongst colleagues and are you fearful that there might be some retaliation against those of you that are leading this charge so as of right now right after the hearing i think you know leadership is probably wondering how it was going to be perceived and as you saw the media seems to have an issue hitting it altogether because it's there's so much bipartisan support for it but you know there was also members from other committees specifically how firm services that came over that were democrats that were saying you know we saw what happened and this is concerning and we want to help and assist how do we get this gift for everyone that was in that committee you know as you saw there were some members that participated but i think a lot of members were maybe a little bit hesitant because you know there is a stigma that's associated with uaps and because of their reaction people are realizing all right the reaction testimony and evidence that we have there's something here and so the follow-up is is we're going to try to get that gift and at least gain access to the information that gresh had stated and i do know that representative mace who asked that question is also working to obtain that list and i think it's incredibly important especially being that he also addressed issues with financials i mean he said that there was white collar crimes he was aware of in efforts to protect these programs and so exposing all of that and getting to the root issues is something that we as investigators will have to do right now because i am a member of oversight and there's such support i you know i i feel that i'm on the right track here and and i don't feel that i'm in jeopardy but what i can tell you is that i can't say the same for those whistleblowers and as you heard earlier i'm specifically concerned about gresh because he has credible and genuine fears fear for his life makes you think if it was all a lie why would he be fearing for his life congresswoman anna pollina thank you so much great work hey charlie kirk here if you guys love this program and you want to support this program if we have impacted or blessed your life in any way i want to tell you about a new thing that we are starting it up first of all if you have supported us at support nothing to worry about you guys are going to be moved on over if you want to support us even more and say hey i want exclusive content i want to talk to charlie directly we are standing up this amazing infrastructure team's been working so hard at members not only is it a way to support us directly outside of all of the other channels but get this live q and a's i mean the team articles exclusively written by me that you won't find anywhere else pre-show prep calls and more sign up today at members we love bringing our show every day and we can't wait to bring you even more content that is just for you at the charlie kirk exclusive that's members head to members today yes there's gonna be a lot of goodies a lot of engagement a lot of fun stuff but even more than that if you feel moved and compelled that our show is impacting you and impacting the world it would mean a lot if you became a member at members remarkable amount of disagreement on the alien thing i said this yesterday i'll say it again the audience is all over the place audience says that alien life is not biblical which could be true other people say it's absolutely biblical talking about the nephilim cs lewis by the way argued 50 or 60 years ago that alien life would not contradict any of the truths of the bible that's cs lewis the greatest apologist of the 20th century i'm not a theologian so i'll allow pastors and theologians to debate that other people say that this is a psyop this is the government making us think that this is real when it's not other people say it's 100 true and the aliens live among us and the aliens are running our government in fact we have plenty of emails that are saying that other people say charlie these are demons from the spiritual world others say charlie i'm afraid that they'll say aliens are demanding we go green regardless of whether aliens say or not i think they're going to roll out an alien as a quote unquote smart leader an ideal human in the coming years lots of disagreement from the audience the most divisive issue we have ever presented on the charlie kirk show a new record email me your thoughts freedom at adding to all the wackiness of the news and we haven't even touched the obama chef thing which is just weird it is just a weird story sad story and a weird story nothing to see there go look at ufos okay is this hearing right now that is happening on the mutilation of children this is going to be a downer segment this is going to be a segment where you're not going to be left with a ton of hope we'll have we'll build it up but when you hear lawmakers that are parroting some of the most vile medieval and radical one-liners and narratives when it comes to chopping off people's parts coming to men dressing in front of women it's a downer i'll be honest there is no spin let's start with this one cut 87 democrat representative mary gay scanlin says that gender affirming care is essential to the mental health and well-being of trans youth this health is tailored to both mental and physical health needs now remember just a couple days ago we had prisha on the program prisha who is suing for all the damage there are thousands of detransitioners that are suing this is so cruel and unusual and the democrat party says it's beautiful and it's wonderful play cut 87 access to gender affirming care is essential to the mental health and well-being of trans youth this care is tailored to both the mental and physical health needs of patients as well as their developmental stage in life so that woman is mary gay scanlin why don't we have her breasts chopped off how would she like that oh it's not essential for mental health does mary gay scanlin have a daughter so just castrate them you want to get on lupron no this is not medical this is the modern equivalent of lobotomies it's even worse actually believe it or not because there was some evidence to show that lobotomies worked one out of three times super cruel and awful there is no evidence that this works this is pharmacological blitzkrieg on the innocent body of a child jerry nadler play cut 88 but the facts do not justify the fears that republicans and their political allies gin up over the fairness of trans girls participating in girls athletic teams nor the further stigma it attaches to transgender children how about the connecticut track championships any thought there men winning wrestling competitions obviously thomas any response on thomas winning the ncaa championship well jerry nadler is just reading a press release you know biological men have won over 28 sports titles recently downhill mountain biking canadian national championship six ivy league swimming championships 500 yard division one ncaa swimming championship this is the logical conclusion of feminism though feminism is not about actually embracing femininity feminism was always about women females acting more like men so they're just taking feminism to the next step the next phase instead of embracing the differences between sexes oh no you don't need to stay at home and raise kids you can go be a boss babe you can go run a company feminism has led to transgenderism so when people say where are the feminists they're in support of this obviously because feminists because feminists don't actually want women to be women they want women to be masculine versions of their former female selves that's why the feminists aren't speaking out against this they've never believed in females this is the stunning testimony paula scandlin listen to this she was put in predatory environments this is an unbelievable testimony democrats don't care democrats have never been pro women they are pro women becoming men they've been that way since the screed of the feminine mystique of the 1960s play cut 90 my teammates and i were forced to undress in the presence of leah a six foot four tall biological male fully intact with male genitalia 18 times per week when we tried to voice our concerns to the athletic department we were told that leah swimming and being in our locker room was a non-negotiable and we were offered psychological services to attempt to re-educate us to become comfortable with the idea of undressing in front of a male re-educate us that's not maoist at all attempts to re-educate we are going to re-educate you citizen this all goes back to the toxic seed of feminism feminism was trying to convince girls to have multiple sexual partners to convince girls to go put priority in corporate work first this is the next phase of feminism thanks so much for listening everybody email me as always freedom at email me your favorite movie that you've seen this year i'm curious the first couple people to do that will win a signed college scam book freedom at thanks so much for listening and god bless for more on many of these stories and news you can trust go to you've spoken and we've heard you loud and clear we're proud to announce our brand new aclj life and liberty drive our legal teams will be focusing on the issues that you've told us matter the most to you life and religious liberty we're redoubling our efforts to beat back the radical left's attacks on your constitutional religious freedoms and to defend the sanctity of human life this is your moment to get in the fight every tax deductible gift will be doubled go to right now and join us in the fight
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