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A Song of Solomon

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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December 22, 2021 7:00 am

A Song of Solomon

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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December 22, 2021 7:00 am

As the Psalms of David come to a close, we get a picture of Israel’s next ruler, King Solomon. Like many rulers, Solomon began well, but after a time, that began to change. He was not the ideal leader his father had hoped he would be. Only one person could completely fulfil the description of the king of Psalm 72: not David’s son, but God’s son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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As the Psalms of David come to a close, we get a picture of Israel's next ruler, King Solomon.

Solomon began well but after a time that would change. Solomon was not the ideal leader David had hoped he would be welcome to the Bible study our radio and Internet broadcast with Dr. James Boyce preparing you to think and act biblically. Only one person can completely fulfill the description of the King of Psalm 72. Not David son but God's son, the Lord Jesus Christ let's join Dr. Boyce as he examines Psalm 72 and will see that while Solomon fell short of David's vision, our Lord fulfills it perfectly.

I wonder if you can think back to what a Republican national convention on the summer by denied they want when George Bush was renominated as they Republican candidate for president, which he chose as his vice presidential running mate Dan Quayle. Remember that you may remember that there was a great deal of consternation in the media because the newspapers for reporters write the stories were aghast that you choose somebody like that some of the unknown. That wasn't exactly the problem. The problem is that Dan Quayle was also llama me look even younger in the judgment of a lot of people who were pontificating at the time, utterly unqualified to be a vice president. I don't think that was just what that question was raised, why in the world. George Bush would choose a person like that while there is lots of speculation, of course, we don't know the inside story, but the most interesting speculation of all is something I read that had been said by Camille Paglia mentioned this woman before.

You may remember who she is. She's based in Philadelphia and she is an expert in communication theory, particularly television on the great defender of television. Sometimes when I talk about Neil postman the one hand as being a critic of television.

I mentioned Camille Paglia on the other because she thinks is wonderful any right, Camille Paglia explained to those who would listen what was really going on. You have to remember that television is not a rational thought process media or medium that operates by images.

You have to remember that the national conventions are television the bands and therefore they operate. Not by reason that we all know that you and others note rationale for what goes on at the convention which he was explaining.

They operate by images, the image that comes across on the screen that's important and she said she herself was puzzled at the choice until she realized what George Bush was really doing. She said, and I'm quoting her now almost likely as I can. George Bush was choosing the sun.

What you meant by that you say is that he was the young man under the older Ronald Reagan rate distinguish old presidents Bush was younger. Now, Bush was going to run for the presidency and so Bush had to have somebody who would be younger and would be used on and as a result of that. He chose Dan Quayle and I don't know if that is really the reason or not, but it does suggest something about the song which we come now. Psalm 72.

In the Psalter on the ends of second book of the Psalms switch itself and was by the line. This concludes the prayers of David son of Jesse, you would expect this song to be by David on the set of Gladys by David son David's son Solomon. In this way of saying seems to me that the prayers of Jesse are not in bed until the son of David is in place has a title as many of the Psalms do it says of Solomon. And you know anything about the Hebrew you know that little particle with which it begins translated often also mean by so it could mean it is by Solomon. It can also mean to mean it is to Solomon and that's given rise to a lot of debate among the commentators on the site well this is the last of the Psalms of David. Therefore it's not a Psalm that is why Solomon is actually true. It was written by David to his son that set before him how a King should really operate well that's a good theory would certainly make sense but it worked out very well.

This reason the ending that you have the second book of the Psalter here in this Psalms of David, the son of Jesse obviously is saying clearly that most of those songs come before by David you look back over that book of Psalms as well as the first book of the Psalter you find that many cases, you have the phrase there in the title David Bakley the same particle that you have here in this particular title of Solomon now because of the ending here.

David has to mean by David using the written by David that's true of the Psalms are identified as being of David, well then it ought to be true of Psalm is identified as being all Solomon. In other words, this really is by Solomon's successor. However, it's not because this is a Psalm of Solomon that we remember the Psalm is important reason Islam is commended itself so highly to the church is that it portrays the ideal king Solomon was far from ideal, or even David was a good king but not an ideal king, but rather Jesus Christ. Looking forward to Delay the perceptive commentator CM Derek Kidner might often quote it says that New Testament nowhere close. It is messianic, this picture of the king and his realm is so close to the prophecies of Isaiah 11 one through five and Isaiah 60 to 62 that if those passages are messianic so is this language that would otherwise be no more than courtly extravagance makes sober sense with this reference. Charles Haughton says the same things got a section in his systematic theology commentary on the Psalms.

We talked about the Solomon is systematics.

He says this is a description of an exalted king of the blessings of his reign is blessings are such a nature is to prove that the subject of the Psalm must be a divine person number one. His kingdom is to be everlasting. Number two is to be universal. Number three. It secures perfect peace with God and goodwill among man number for all men are to be brought to submit to them through love and number five in him all the nations of the earth are to be blessed so the subject of this all must be the Redeemer of the world is very sound judgment.

So when we come to the Psalm we should approach it that way. I've been careful along the way. Not to say that all of the Psalms are messianic that is they all relate to Jesus Christ or commentators will tried to do that right.

St. Augustine is one I think that's a faulty way of proceeding. But there are nevertheless some the more this is one of Solomon but of the greater Solomon that would one day sit upon the throne now is because of this that the Psalm is given us a number of our great hymns, that we know very well. James Montgomery scaled the Lord's anointed is based on the song Isaac wants Jesus shall reign where'er the sun does this excessive Journeys Ron that's another one is a writer that we don't know so well. Henry Scott Holland, but he wrote a hymn called judge eternal throned splendor and we know that him and then from the Geneva Psalter.

Some of these verses of been rendered in the poetry in the Psalter and became the base for Gilbert Solomon's Christ shall have dominion which is sung to the tune of onward Christian soldiers by their authors, Sullivan original Trinity hymnal that we used to have some years ago had unit seven hymns were based upon Psalm 72 present Psalter only has four of them but got an idea for how important it is now five stanzas you accept the doxology or benediction comes at the end.

And these five stanzas each in a different way.

Talk about characteristic of this kingdom of Jesus Christ number them down the edge of you make notes. The first stanza talks about its character verses 1 to 4 second stanza talks about his duration is 5 to 7/3 stanza talks about its expanse territories are going to cover verses 5 to 11 X stanza talks about its nature. Verses 12 through 14 and then finally the last stanza's blessing.

Verses 15 to 17. After that you have doxology and then a final line the says this is the end of the second book of the Psalter.

Just look at those five very important.

Each one of the first four verses of the Psalm talking about the essential character of this kingdom making a mistake, Jesus Christ will bring, and it is righteousness to be a righteous kingdom how that word occurs three times Missing verses one, two and three verse one asked that that king might be endowed with righteousness. Here you have something that links the top of Solomon. It's also a prayer for him. Verse two predicts that so endowed the King will judge the people in righteousness in verse three speaks of the fruit of righteousness which is prosperity at theme is going to be developable later on stanza five. What is righteousness when we think of righteousness. We think of it, largely in Pauline terms that is the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ, which is imputed to those who believe on become righteous because of his righteousness generally on the Old Testament.

It doesn't mean that when we were looking at his last time we saw it has to do with acting justly or doing what's right and this is the way it's being used here. This king is continuous coming is going to do right now. I said this has some relationship to Solomon by heaven that probably about him also expressing a prayer that he might be like this and it leads us to ask whether Solomon really was or not, the answer is yes, he wants it really was a righteous king, at least at the beginning when God told him to ask of them whenever he wanted for the blessing of the king that were told that he prayed for wisdom. Recall that but the reason he prayed for wisdom was that he might rule justly so we did a ruled with great righteousness and wise judgment, but unfortunately only at the beginning. Solomon didn't seem to live up to that high standard and as time went on it became impressive golden the accounts of his reign that he began to tax the people heavily in an oppressive way, in order that he might raise money for his great spending projects and so the quality of his reign began to decline. As with all human kingdoms. They start well often with very good intentions but tend to wind down is true of revolution revolution.

Start with high ideals and want to get rid of the unrighteous scoundrels that are there before them and so they drive about somebody else's established in place, but in order to maintain himself. He becomes increasingly oppressive is also true democracies you got a group of people in government lately. Start with high ideals, but corruption begins to creep in.

Pretty soon you got people appointed for personal about noble reasons that I now people doing wrong when you have coverups and all that sort of thing reason why we need a democracy. One thing you often hear in elections, especially in this country.

After somebody's been in for her eight years is that rascals get somebody else and that is going to do things right what we're confessing.

When we say that is the nature of human kingdoms kingdoms are all like that to see what were talking about here is a kingdom which will always be characteristic characterized by righteousness and by upright conduct only of him. Can we say with full conviction as this writer does verses two and three he will judge your people in righteousness your afflicted ones with justice.

The mountains will bring prosperity to the people, the hills, the fruit of righteousness in Jesus case fruit of this righteousness succeeded in anything that Solomon himself could possibly have accomplished. Jesus gives gift of righteousness to his people as a result of his death. Then, through the power of his Holy Spirit.

Richard Sands actually empowers them to lead a righteous life, and one place in his commentary on this, as this brings back righteousness which otherwise would be banished from the world of the first characteristic of this kingdom is that it is righteous kingdom second stanza, verses five through seven describes the duration of Christ's kingdom, and the idea here is that it is eternal kingdom it's never going to end. David was a great King rain 40 years for a long time writing, but in the end he died.

Solomon of all of them.

The wise king. He ruled for 40 years.

But in the end he died. So it is all the rulers of the world a better how wise they may be or how justly may be matter how was steam justly. They may be a nevertheless dude, I am time in their succeeded by others may be people call out as they seem to even here in the Psalm verse 13. May the king live forever, but things don't live forever.

They die, but not Jesus. Jesus was here in the flesh. Once he died and rose again that he rose again in order to live forever and he's going to return and rule eternally as well. Now it's true that the kingdoms of this world is not yet acknowledged the sovereign reign of Jesus Christ. Lesson control control by prominence, guiding everything that happens then he is in control in a special way. Drawing people to himself, forming as it were, kingdom of righteousness within various kingdoms of the world. Always on the kingdoms decline. Charles Spurgeon wrote in one place we see on the short of time, the wreck of the Caesars. The relic of the Mongols. The last remnants of the Ottomans Charlemagne Maximilian Napoleon.

We all flipped like shadows before us. They were and are not but Jesus forever is well as are names that are pretty far in the past, but we walk around the bank say the same thing in our lifetime. Hitler was once a great menace to the world but he's gone. Selenium is gone. Stall is gone. Jeff is gone save in the great Soviet Union which was such a threat are perceived to be a threat to the United States and the Western world collapses were almost overnight kingdoms of the world are like that, but the kingdom of Jesus Christ is forever versus the ones that are talking about the duration of the king also talked about the blessing of reign of Jesus Christ and is described by an image rain falling on a moan field and shadows showers watering the earth. Those are images that are found in a lot of different places of the Old Testament, but most characteristic and perhaps the most bearing here there found in the second Samuel 23 in David's own personal instruction to Solomon what it would seem to indicate is Solomon actually heard what his dad had to tell her I was a miracle in itself shows that he was on the right track at the beginning and so when he came to write this. He remembered some of his father's words and he put them in here is what David said to him, second Samuel 23 verses three and four. When one rules over men in righteousness with the rules of the fear of God. He is like the light of morning at sunrise on a cloudless morning like that brightness after rain that brings grass on the earth which even the human role righteousness does bring blessing reading in the Bible. Righteousness exalts a nation sin is a disgrace. Many people say about earthly rulers. That's an ideal that is realized only partially and from time to time, but in the case of Jesus Christ his reign as I righteous writing that endures forever, and therefore brings eternal blessing now this was set to music miser Arthur Solomon says that gets this idea says ever and forever shall his name in your longest sons continue. It shall stand secure and in him forever. All men shall be blessed. All nations hail him king of kings and look at the third stanza, verses eight through 11 is talking about the great expanse of Christ's kingdom, and the point here is that if Universal is going to be everywhere. Here's the way the language describes that it is from the sea to see them from the river. The ends of the art.

The river is the Euphrates corsets away right Euphrates River was always referred to, but this isn't to say that all they writer has in mind is the historic territory that was ruled by Solomon and perhaps for a short time. His immediate successors. That is, from the Euphrates and the east of the sea that is the Mediterranean on the West. These are words that writer is using here to indicate is extensive and the maintenance can possibly be imagined mentions Tarshish or example SFR the city to the west way over on the coast of Spain O Jewish King ever ruled that for control territory like that happen saying that this future king will and when he mentions the Euphrates always really doing is referring to that great landmark that was the first thing to the East that he could think of other references here. He refers to Sheba, CIBA, those were kingdoms to the south, and in fact the extent of this kingdom is so fast he says first mind that even the desert tribes will bow before him in case you missed the idea.

Verse 11 says all kings will bow down to them and all nations will serve him. That means you say. Looking forward to the rain of prices is not only that, it will endure forever. So, his kingdom will last throughout all ages.

It will also cover all territories.

It will embrace all places and all people going to ultimately escape his righteous rule out at him.

I just refer to starts this way, we probably know it better than the verse I just rented it captures the idea Christ shall have dominion over land and sea arts remotest regions shall his empire be made.

It wilds and habit show their worship bring kingdoms to render tribute nations serve RK engine James Montgomery's great him earlier that has the same idea here is the way it goes, or every flow victoriously on his throne shall rest from age to age more glorious. All blessing and all blessed the tide of time shall never his covenant remove his name shall stand forever.

That name to us is love how this is going to be one of the themes of the Psalms of heaven to know that you read about those songs in the book of Revelation the 11th chapter, people in heaven are singing the kingdoms of the world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ and he will reign forever and ever say we have that theme here in the Old Testament how it all away the very end of the New Testament to brothers and three of the stances. Here's the fourth talks about the nature of this kingdom of the point here is that it's compassionate let's develop in verses 12 through 14 now most of the worlds rulers want to be thought compassionate. I suppose even the most wicked ones have nice side want to be remembered for that.

I suppose Hitler got it thought that he was nice wanted people to think out nicely, was that is true. People like that is certainly true of the rulers we know. You may recall, George Bush's latest campaign wanted to have a kinder, gentler America versus America didn't become kinder urgent were quite the opposite is become harsh, brutal, unkind, cruel, even murderous deadly, very dangerous time.

That's what's happening because the problem is the people and the people of departed from God when it apart from God.

Those of the things the following. So that's the direction our country is moving say where Jesus is ruling in the hearts of his people in his kingdom. In his church, their kindness becomes evident and people are treated gently and compassionately for his sake, look at the song you find in verse 12 that the needy cry out and receive help verse 13 the week or pitting other people's court and gaining from the week but Christians pitting them and those who are in danger of death or rescue people who have suffered oppression and victimized by violence are rescued by those who love and serve the King of Kings, even Jesus Christ, the world owes a great debt to those were Jesus people, even though the world doesn't acknowledge it and we are in the train of those who have gone before all the preceding stances of all in one way or another, contributed to the idea prosperity because of its righteous character. Prosperity is going to flow down from the mountains and the afflicted will be rescued, you find that in stanza one, because of its endless duration of the righteous are going to flourish and wealth is going to increase by that stanza to because of its universal expanse throughout the earth piece will prevail and treasure will flow to this realm, sovereign, you find that in stanza three and because of its compassionate nature all over needier afflicted or in danger will be helped out by that stanza. For now, that's way in which each of these preceding stances has been leading up to the fifth is where we come now that's the way the verses worked its way you get the flow in the poetry here in preparing for this final stanza that ends now.

This is given over wholly to the blessing was going to come as a result of Christ rule is twofold. According to the stanza part of it is material to real estate material blessings second and more important thing is spiritual only.

This material prosperity is described it has to do with gold pouring in from Sheba and with grain and fruit thriving even on the tops of the hills tops of the hills least productive part of the land so it rained.

Flourish up there will be very prosperous and bountiful country. It's a way of saying that other rule of Jesus there is to be great material prosperity mean every Christian going to get rich. Of course doesn't mean that where you follow the teachings of Jesus Christ in a general way. Prosperity comes in, and history shows that you see families become stable husband's care for wives wise for husbands both care for their children.

They sacrifice in order to have their children receive sound educations and get launched well in a productive way of life because there Christians. They look out on those who are not fortunate people who are nonproductive they could rescue many times for productive roles in society country was built upon principles like that generally speaking, becomes prosperous is why Christianity is contributed much of the economic welfare of the nations of the world American Christianity has been impressed with been driven out.

These nations, in many cases have suffered greatly for it so that's the material side of yet. As you read on the staff so you soon get the impression that that's the least important of the two things. The important thing is the spiritual blessing in verse 17, because that verse is certainly referring to a blessing God gave Abraham when he called him out of the count should go back to Genesis 12 invited verse three it says all people on earth will be blessed through you.

That's what it's referring to all nations will be less through him now. How does that come to come through Abraham answers Dalton come through Abraham came through Abraham's seed that is a descendent who was that is a David Solomon, Abraham's great cedar descendent, the Savior, the Redeemer is Jesus Christ. This is saying that spiritual blessings, the world through Jesus Christ.

That way you know book of Galatians you in on the third chapter he made this very clear. He said the Scriptures foresaw that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, so we announced the gospel in advance to Abraham, saying all nations will be blessed through you exactly this verse say so. Those who have faith are blessed along with Abraham, who had faith. That's real prosperity. Of course, say I said that God quite frequently blesses and he certainly blesses a country that will follow after righteousness and principles are laid out in Scripture, but the great blessing is blessing that we have in Jesus Christ. Scriptures say that we have all heavenly blessing in Jesus Christ we have the forgiveness of our sins, we have an imputed righteousness, we have fellowship with God. We have the opportunity to pray to him about all things at all times know that he hears in the answers were brought into a new family and the fellowship known as the church, composed of people of all races, all nationality, all background I one because what Jesus Christ is done for them each and every one removing their sin.

Great blessings you say. So what we have is an opportunity here as Christian people is to begin to actualize and I fellowship something of that great blessing that's going to come to the entire world. When Jesus Christ actually reigns over it and brings us back to the doxology that ends not only the solvent but also the second book of the Psalter and something like this at the end of each of the books but the others are shorter shorter ending the book. One in four and a much shorter ending books 3 and five says praise be to the Lord God, the God of Israel, who alone does marvelous deeds. Praise be to his glorious name forever made a whole are to be filled with his glory. A man and a man alive doxology as a reminder as to Campbell Morgan says that the kingdom described in Psalm 72 is the kingdom which the world still waits will wait until Jesus Christ brings it.

You see, one of the great failures of the evangelical church in our country and our time has been to identify the kingdom of God with the United States of America. So I was trying to Christianize America only Christianize America can't be done America as a secular state is like all the other secular states of the world. It may be influenced and has been.

There are times when Christians of been in positions of significant authority and stood for righteousness. The countries been blessed as a result, but the country as a whole system is a will is a secular system in place our hope that we will place our hope in the Christian America anymore.

If we were English and generation ago we placed our hope in a Christian brick, the country of the world. We place our hope in the kingdom of Jesus Christ. We look for him. Isn't it interesting that that's the way the Bible flows you know you go back to that very beginning of Genesis.

You have the scene of the fall in the garden and the promise.

There is of the Redeemer level, one was going to crush the head of Satan. Even though his heel is going to be wounded in the process of the very beginning of the human race in the garden of Eden with our first parents, Adam and Eve, looking forward Jesus Christ here Psalter end of the second book concludes Psalms of David, the son of Jesse have the same thing David stepping aside now is some Solomon taking his place back.

Hope is not in Solomon.

Looking ahead to the coming of Jesus Christ to come to the New Testament, our Lord Thomas becomes the die rises again gives instructions to his disciples and he says to them I'm going to the father but I'm going to come again. In the meantime, don't be troubled for me and so even in the Gospels were directed to look ahead and we go to the very end of the Bible to the book of Revelation when we find the very last words, there are the words of Jesus. He says behold I'm coming quickly he's been saying all along in the book. Hang in there standard righteousness baby look for me. Do the right thing and he says remember I'm coming quickly church looks down the ages in the future and says that's what we want. Yes praise.

Even so, Lord Jesus say that's a that's one we talk about that's our witness to the world.

Jesus was the king of kings and Lord of lords reigns in righteousness. We want to allow him to write in righteousness in our hearts.

Father, we thank you that we have had time to study is important. Solomon we ask for your blessing on the lessons of the Psalm in our lives are easy for us to hear things and then go live in a different way entirely because were surrounded by world and its values. We don't want to do that your people. Jesus is our King. We want to live for righteousness, even as he stands for righteousness.

We would ask you help us to do it this night throughout this week in the next week wherever we may be so, as we who are subjects of this king go from place to place.

To that extent, this time RA kingdom and the rule of Jesus Christ is extended and his name is honored thank you for listening to this message from the Bible study our listener supported ministry of the alliance of confessing Evangelicals. The alliance is a coalition of pastors, scholars and churchmen who hold to the historic creeds and confessions of the reformed faith and who proclaim biblical doctrine in order to foster a reformed awakening in today's church. To learn more about the alliance visit alliance and while you're there, visit our online store reformed resources. You can find messages and books from Dr. Boyce and other outstanding teachers and theologians, or ask for a free reformed resources catalog by calling 1-800-488-1888. Please take the time to write to us and share how the Bible study our has impacted you. We love to hear from you and pray for you.

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