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Let God Be Exalted

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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December 20, 2021 7:00 am

Let God Be Exalted

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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December 20, 2021 7:00 am

Hurry! Come quickly! Don’t delay! Have you ever found yourself in so much trouble that, if God doesn’t help immediately it may be too late? These were the cries of a desperate king. And if David, a godly man had serious problems that required God’s immediate attention, why should we be surprised when we find ourselves in that same situation? What we do in desperate times is obvious: we pray. And that’s what Psalm 70 is, a prayer from a man on the run.

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Hurry come quickly. Don't delay, have you ever found yourself in so much trouble that if God doesn't help immediately. It may be too late.

Such were the cries of a desperate came and if David a godly man had serious problems that required God's immediate attention. Should we be surprised when we find ourselves in a similar bind and welcome to Bible study on the radio and Internet broadcast with Dr. James Bortz preparing you to think and act quickly.

What we do in desperate times is obvious we pray and that's what Psalm 70 is a prayer from a man on the run, turning your Bible to Psalm 70 as Dr. Boyce examines this short but bold petition. David raised in the face of his enemies something unique about all or nearly matters for the second time only the second time in the solar week on the material that has been in the Psalter earlier.

In other words, the repetition first time that happened was more obvious.

Psalm 14 is repeated. Psalm 53 case the repetition is almost exact to Psalms them almost side-by-side you like variation were mostly the same, in this case. Psalm 70 is not an exact repetition of the Psalm that occurs earlier, but it does occur as part of a small but occurs earlier Psalm in which it appears. Psalm 40 Psalm that is better known than this one because of its beginning, scribes David, the author being in a pit which God rescued them. You know how it goes. I waited patiently for the Lord. He turned to me and heard my cry out of the slimy pen out of the mud and wire set my feet on a rock gave me a firm place business loan for which this is drawn in these verses these fibers. Psalm 70 here is verses 13 to 1740 is all now the number of things to be observed about that before we go any further.

One of God repeats something for us as he does here we better pay attention. Funny that the commentators don't always do that. Commentators for the most part Passover this because I've already treated the verses earlier they were talking about Psalm 40. Sometimes I have gotten something once we better pay attention because it wipes a lot of attention of the course of patient Psalm 40 which is repeated in Psalm 53, which is also repeated parts of at least the first three verses of the New Testament book of Romans we better get it wrapped attention desperately necessary for us to so recognizing we have repetition here means that we study this and deeply.

Perhaps my level that we didn't do it the first time around. That's the first thing we observed things we want to think about. Next are the technical kind of problems and get them out of our minds because they come to our minds relate well to treatment.

What is the relationship of the two salt. For example, what part of this was first Psalm 70 written first man expanded upon in order to make Psalm 40 whether actually to Psalms 1st half of Psalm 40 the Psalm they were put together in order to make what we have a Psalm 40 the liberal critical commentators tend to think that I am for this reason, the first half of Psalm 40 talks about a deliverance which is almost as receipt.

I was in a binary picked or lifted me out of my feet upon a rock for the first Deals with the second half, which is this all is looking forward to future deliveries.

Once a deliverance project, so critical that those two things don't gathering on the awkward manner by summary, Dr. Weller, what songs are like not uncommon Psalms, and it would be equally possible to explain the diversion is saying that these last verses of Psalm were extracted by a later writer and set apart in order to speak in a fresh way to a later situation in a later generation that's what I think actually happen make much difference what happened. I think that's the way it happened and the placing of the two Psalms in the Psalm probably indicates that Psalm 40 occurs earlier in the first book of the Psalter in the collection of songs that are generally by David. Not every single one of them. Most of our mission occurs later in a more eclectic set up Saul so perhaps what it's all about the other question that's technical in nature has to do with the variations are just a few.

And when you begin to look at Psalm 70 and think about the variations which seem that what has happened here is that Psalm 70 is been altered just a bit in order to intensify or stress the urgency of the situation will be to show you those differences you will notice the real well and the English text. Because translators tend to make the Psalm sound like what the differences are there. Some of them in English and more of them in Hebrew, for example, Psalm 40 verse 13 the start all the verses that are quoted here is a different Psalm begin with the words, be pleased, but here there omitted back. Psalm 70 what you're looking at doesn't actually in the Hebrew have the word hasten at the start. Although the translators think that's necessary to make sense in the English actually the Hebrew word say something like this God to deliver me Lord to my health. Hurry get the idea. Usually it's just as urgent in the Hebrew as it is in English of the fact that some of these words were omitted thing is condensed actually intensified and stresses the urgency of the situation. Not much interested in this protective Psalm 4014 as the words together after the word compound words to destroy and apperceive my life. I don't occur in Psalm 40.

I like mention that in the English version, current, Psalm 40 blocked there in the Hebrew America eliminated in the second version well the point seems to me that this is a desperate situation so it's intensified and that's the way we have to understand what the problem was here the author David presumably does not say clearly look at it it's evident that he's in trouble because of enemies blocking him first graders. Ha ha way of making fun of them says an earlier version of their seeking his life, not just walking. This is really a dangerous situation, but particularly what that was. We don't know, David is the author we think back about what we know of his life. We know that there were two periods in his life where he was very literally being pursued by enemies and in danger of death was before he became king when King Saul was seeking a lot of jealousy trying to kill him and the other was when his son Absalom rebelled and Absalom was trying to do away with you. We have those two. When before he became king one relatively late, but as you read the Psalms you got the impression because David speaks again and again of his enemies as a habitual thing with them always. People were trying to do a man say when I think along those lines more prominent you are in society. More people are after you are not prominently thankful how the problems that people in high office. Note especially the working of a situation like this tell us something. David was a good or bad, we wouldn't be surprise of all people rock. Do it now almost rejoice if they succeeded David was a man after God's own heart. He was a man of integrity when he had an opportunity to kill Saul as he did on several occasions that he will become king right like he didn't do it. He said I won't my hand against the Lord's anointed, even when his enemy was within his power in killing and when he had an opportunity to do good, even to those who sought his life seem to do it on crew was a godly man wrote the song use bows in the Christian church of been blessed by this great collection of Hebrew poetry ever since. For hundreds and hundreds of years very godly man and yet you actually have problems. Problems. So much so, that is calling out our going to be too late though the point is you and I have problems where we think we should probably leave that problem was a bad world. Some people around the world. Getting the impression that everything is all right and we almost think we have to reply that way you know somebody says fine and good finders as a business partner business might be ready to collapse might be a disaster at home and somebody might be out to get us in some other way the IRS is breathing down our neck. Sorry to bring about this particular season of the year, but all kinds of problems just like this and we shouldn't be surprised by that smooth and David have trouble unsurprisingly we do, and I suppose we ought to say we shouldn't even be surprise of our situation seems desperate. I said this is the way the alterations of the Psalm go, but not look at how often the word hasten or its equivalent occur look at our English textbooks. Their place in verse one. Hasten nobody save you, Lord, come quickly to help me write when you find it twice at the end of verse come quickly to me a bottle Lord. Do not blindly got the emphasis the beginning and you got the emphasis the end four times in this Bible verses from the Savior ever felt like that ever been in trouble already got past that point. But have you ever been in trouble that seem so severe that God doesn't help you to be too late. Sometimes businesses about the collapse of God. Money is due on Friday and if you help me on Monday it will be too late to foreclose. I am going to be done or maybe health would be declining. Maybe praying the Lord desperately. You may say all Lord come quickly to help me now. Don't wait tomorrow because tomorrow may be too late. I'm sure you been in situations like that, so you have the Psalms really solemn for you is the question. When you do in times like that when you're in trouble. Real danger and it's a desperate situation you need help right away answer obvious is Bureau Christian you know God understand something about his nature. Your pram is exactly what David is doing with the Psalm ends is what Paul said all was well aware when he wrote to the Philippians to give just one example, the Christians do face difficult situations which in this case versus I'm going to quote or perhaps not quite as desperate as situation faced by David, but desperate enough to reduce anxiety of the very word he uses so what he tells the Philippians is this don't be anxious about anything, but says in everything by prayer and petition with Thanksgiving present your requests to God and the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus, so there's a another important thing to note Psalm 70 is a prayer prayer throughout the whole thing is a prayer that we want to look at it we say what is the David prayers for and how to go about the outline introduction so far as the outline will personally praise for himself and what he prays for is a very quick deliverance the way it starts. Also, some time ago. I suppose when I was still in school. Somebody bought me a little prospect that supposed to guide us when we pray, it's a little prospect that diverted a CTS. Each of those letter stands for something in the flow of it is more or less a flow of a good prayer. The a stands for adoration residue with recognizing who God is raising up or who is TC comes back like a blacksmith on the trouble. I am the C stands for confession because one of the things we recognize about God's holiness. We really do recognize that we understand were sinners, we have to confess our sin or you didn't get by. The first part number today is right that stands for Thanksgiving. Thank God for what is God's gracious, good God close from his nature, and the last of all, yes, and for supplications making our requests. While it is not a good prayer is like one of our prayers are not like that. We just come and ask right off no God bless you, my wife, my son John and his wife must warrant no more a man that's a layer. One of our prayers go with people over second Avenue with those my financial problems and that's all we do, we never really have a sense of coming into the presence of God and that is why I always appreciate it when prayer is like that whenever I have the opportunity to give a pastoral prayer as I don't hear normally because the other pastors do another places I more or less try to follow out of and review the attributes of God. The first part thinking of his sovereign grace and holiness and wisdom, love, compassion and forgiveness of all of those things because when you get in your mind then the other things really fall into a proper place knows when Dr. McDowell was praying this evening. He prayed using more or less the outline of the salt which do that as well.

Slavery would prayer all that in which honor God before you make requests.

Having said that, this song is not what David does baby doesn't pray anything about the attributes of God. He couldn't spend time even confessing his sins are thanking him for his many blessings to get the right to the point. What he does is call on God to help them.

Praying first for others before himself hasten our God save me all Lord come quickly to help me.

I asked the question why doesn't David follow Ledbetter outline so that anybody ever give David the ask acrostic didn't know how to write good poetry. The practice prayer mercy has the answer to a decision trouble and trouble gets right to the point is nothing wrong with getting the point when you really are in a situation like most of us are models of the time when you are nothing wrong with that. You know, one of my great verses from the Old Testament is a situation where Moses standing on the bank of the Red Sea got all these Jews with images brought out of Egypt about million of them. The Egyptian army is right behind them and they're about to attack me to see the dust of the chariots. And he says to himself. This is a good time to pray and so he begins to pray, and what God says to him, is this is not a good time to pray while you praying to meet and speak of the people of Israel, but they move forwardly going on across the city.

I suppose in some desperate situations. There can be a time when is not even good to pray for going pray later most cases that's on our problem especially when there's nothing to be gone thing to do is pray and ask God to help and help right away. That's what David does suppose it was that kind of directness with appeal to Martin Luther. Martin Luther didn't beat around the bush.

You know, didn't cover-up how he felt with bola syllabic theological terms used the word multisyllabic loser to spend it right now. I suppose that's why I like that. Like I pointed out that most of the commentators don't even deal with this because they've treated it more or less in their treatment of Psalm 40 and so you work through the books right go through this preparation for the studies week by week. I am about 30 of these commentaries I just looked brutally with all have to say about the Psalms and skip it entirely.

Martin Luther was a collection of Luther's works are published by Concordia press great volume on Psalm several volumes on the Psalms actually in this particular addition, the definitive edition of Luther's Works 10 pages were given to an exposition of the song.

At one point Luther saying this prayer is the shield spear thunderbolt and defense of the Christian against every attack of your presumption and Luke warmness which are especially dominant today muncher that's why Luther like the song because he speaks of fear reason to be afraid to try to get him killed him, but he understood hear the spirit in which David prays immediately, urgently for himself personally. Praise for the second thing is outline is that he prays for his enemies what he prays or is there shame and can versus two and three is not the way Jesus taught us to pray for our visas were to pray charitably for their help for their salvation. Give your quotation Matthew 543 and 44. You have heard it said love your neighbor and hate your family but I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be the sons of your father in heaven. That's what Jesus as he prays in regard to his enemies number one that those who seek his life may be put to shame and confusion to those desirous rule, and maybe turn back and disgrace number three that those who mock him saying ha ha maybe turn back in there. Shame. I want to suggest that there's no conflict between those two and moreover what David prays for is exactly right. You can think back, Psalm 69, when we were studying that you know that there are persons there that are far more problematic for us Psalms are sections which are called imprecatory as Islamists calling down wrath upon the heads of his enemies. And David knows that in the 69th Psalm one thing he says there is that he wants them to be blotted out of the book of life, and letting be listed with the right thinkers anyone people I got to be sent to help. We have trouble with.

Naturally, we should David is doing here is an praying that God will send his enemies simply asking that they'll be confounded in the time and disgrace when they try to destroy those were really righteous, certainly including himself, suggest that is exactly the thing we should pray for those were practicing evil even for their own good, certainly wouldn't want to pray the variable would prosper people out there doing bad things of God blessed the way they have the desires of their heart.

The evil people have the desires of the heart right when God put the maching compound allowed people to prosper. That's right way to pray which is even for their own good, because evil tends to harden the heart people practice he will get harder and more belligerent than what they do and eventually perished in their evil.

So one of the best things we can pray for them is that God will turn their evil designs did not, so that it may be he is pleased in his grace. I can be reached and the frustration that they're experiencing many people about that know people that I'm dealing with the day whose slides, things are not going well there. Going Their Own Way, God sends bad things that they might be short in the look at their lives and then begin to go in his direction.

I suppose before we leave this we are the point out that this record of how David was treated by his enemies. Parallels the experience of Jesus Christ's affection because they mocked him to people that were seeking his life, make fun of them. Matthew was the one that gives us the greatest version of that was complete version.

He writes those who pass by hurled insults at him, shaking their heads and saying you who are going to destroy the temple and build it in three days.

Save your soul come down from the cross and the son of God.

The ads in the same way the chief priests and teachers of the law and the elders mocked him, he saved others, they said, but he can't save himself. He is the king of Israel, let him come down now from the cross and will believe on trust in God my God rescue him. Now he wants to legally slam the son of God rather cruel works for somebody was buying yet that's what they were doing our that's the way they treated Jesus and Jesus bore that patiently committed all things in the lands of the father even prayed for those who were using them spitefully becomes a pattern for us. We should be willing to bear the insults of evil people to David does what he prays for his righteous when he prays for their case is for their delight in God what he says is praying for those who seek God and love his salvation is a pray for them when his case was so urgent to say I said he doesn't even begin with the attributes of God is and begin by confessing his sin is even plausible thank God for things he plunges right in expresses this problem but he moves on through the Psalm. He begins to pray for the righteous. Take time to do that if the case really is as urgent as it seems, want answered about as it is always good to be reminded that there are other righteous people. They suffer the same kind of things we do thing in the case of Elijah after the event on Mount caramel. Remember God use them to overthrow that vast last year and a bail worship great contest there on the mountain, challenged the priests a bail to build an altar, he built an altar doused with water please and I'll pray for God to send on fire consumed or alternatively did I spent all day praying to bail down fire on the ultimately happened then Elijah prayed flyer came. Everything was consuming the water from the audit report was a great victory but it was a tremendous strain. Talk about stress.

Imagine being in situations like that further work after they had killed the prophets available the king and his wife said were going to get you Elijah and the went way out of the desert. Mary was sitting by little block under a juniper tree. He was moaning his wife from saying that he really wanted to die so we understand it. Crying out is praying he says to God, I've been very zealous for the Lord God Almighty Israelites rejected your covenant, but broken down your orders. They put your profits to death with the sword.

I am the only one left another trying to kill me to God was very gentle with them because he understood what you gone through it gave him a helper over him to go anointed new king all about was helpful to what God said in the context was that she said no, no, why do you think you're the only one. Remember I want you to know this. There are yet 7000 in Israel all those needs of mock bow down the bail and smiles of mock kissed him as he was reminding them will only follow.

We often do in our problems was not the case but still at 7000. God has people I got today to guard what your problem may be again. One reason why David prays for these others is that it's important to pray for the he would say other people pray for me going through tough times. Well, pray for them other than he was going through tough times was in danger, certain empathy and ability, and the worst in praying for the other people would be a great help to each of us whenever were going through some particular problem would make it a intellectual point to pray for other people we know are going through the same problem. Understand, the better.

When you are going through exactly what their going through it you lost your job, your middle-age and lost her job and get another job. Nobody wants me. Tough people out there trying to find a job well is a very good time to pray for other people who don't have jobs that you're in that situation you'd like to do that. We have a list of people don't have jobs drying help sometimes wherever we can suppose your Christian and family were nobody else is a Christian down on you all the time you say anything about your place. We should do a come on you is holy Joe private do this sort of thing shut off. We had enough of that. You're not even to be welcome here.

If you mention the name of Jesus again. People go through that well is what you're going through. Pray for people who are going through that and prayer support group or you do that David is doing is going through these trials and is allowing his trials to teach them how, pray for other people knows about its prayer for the other righteous is when he prays for them. Praying for himself and God will intervene and deliver them, save them up as God's will to do that and probably prays that the other people that's only records here prays for here in this home. Actually, is that they might rejoice and be glad in God and be able to say always, let God be exalted because usually that's the real victory, there is David praying that God will intervene and save them quickly before it's too late. But Christians pray that prayer and God has not intervened and is not same desperate situation help is bad Christians in situations like that when people have financial problems Ascot intervene. He doesn't intervene see the victory is not in having God always miraculously intervened to solve the situation frequently real victory being able to say like God be exalted prays that when I'm in rejoice in God regardless of the circumstances in my life. Joe Job was brought before the attention of Satan by God himself and commended as a righteous way and God said to Satan, you considered my servant Job is unlike him in all the earth is a righteous man he doesn't offend with his tongue needed anything he does is activate a rich man so God sent that to the test.

You're allowed to take away his possessions, you can't touch him anyways possessions so sleep smacked his hand, got down there all possession possession was livestock. All of them were killed that evening. Touch his children, seven sons, three daughters, all men read what happened. Job heard it got tore his robe shaved his head to well-known signs of warning when he fell to the ground in worship and he said naked I came from my mother's womb make it I will depart the Lord gave orders taken away and the Lord be praised. Chapter end by saying all this Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing. That's the victory as a victory that overcomes well that's a victory play sleep Job saying let God be exalted as we had a say in every situation because you will be all God is doing in history is honoring his name. So Christians would know him to be able to say that rejoicing in God being glad to become the last verse of the Psalm is what I would call Psalm's most basic beliefs and persuasions where he ends up has two parts. Number one is poor and needy member to the goddess. His help them deliver poor and needy come quickly to me.

Oh God, you are my help and my deliverer award to not delay on a very brief comment on the Psalm is by G. Campbell Morgan Road little tiny little book to go through all the Psalms provides the comment about each one of what he says about faith that is displayed in this last stanza is that it is not the highest type of faith because although this almost apparently believes in God's ability to help doubts whether it will arrive in time. My opinion is right because what I have just said help is always arriving thought as always choose to do it. Know the three men were Daniel's friends in Babylon when they refused to bow down to the great stature of another. The desert set up their reply as of the good of the throne of his burning furnace said if the God we serve chooses to deliver us is able to do that but if not, we still want to know that we are going to worship the idle.

What you will set up.

God is not always do that and therefore the height of faith is not to believe because you can't believe contrary to the flaccid God is always going to provide the deliverance, but to recognize nevertheless that we are needy and if there is any hope to be found is going to be about God. That's what Christian says very name Jesus as the do with the fact that Jehovah saves us what we have to do a lot of Christians and even other people get off base of either of those two points are small enough to assure their need to help themselves as even Christians because you may not know this but according to a recent public opinion poll, over 60%. Even the so-called evangelical Christians believe that the sailing God helps those who help themselves is in the Bible you know that is not in the Bible, Christians another Bible, and more importantly another theology know it's not in the Bible God helps those who can't help themselves. They would say near the great King powerful value-added well our means and position power and prestige says before God I am needy as God. It was a great deliverer, so as needed. Terms of the God it was a source of all abundance, weakness in terms of God was a source of all strength is not weekly strong faith great faith crying out urgently God because of the great well when the last thoughts last line of the song takes us back to the no chart at the beginning and it's this whole war do not way describes often on the tongues of God's people to remind ourselves.

I suppose that was the cry of the early church.

Christians of the early days of Christianity.

Following the resurrection of Jesus Christ were often persecuted by the authorities and are often in desperate straits.

So you're applying her anguish and dismay echoed in various places in the Bible, among others. In the book of Revelation. Revelation last book of the Bible written the people suffering persecution you find these words chapter 6, verse 10, saints are praying how long sovereign Lord, holy and true, and you judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood, what they're saying is that life is one long source of trouble and they long for deliverance. How long will Lord how long to see you turn to the very last verse of Psalm 70 the Bible and what you find. The Lord Jesus Christ is this low, I am coming soon always seemed so God's sake. God's timing is not our timing.

God a thousand years as we awfully stretched out across God's point of view spoken by Jesus Christ coming soon seems like a long time is coming very soon that's the case what we must do. Despite our weariness, spine are frequent lack of faith is simply too immature as we do look to him was the source of our strength and the power of our endurance say let God be exalted, rejoicing the author Hebrews 12 chapter wraps up a great chapter on faith Chapter 11 Chapter 11 told all the things that happened to the people of God. All they endure all kinds of things 12 chapter including business. Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let's throw off everything that hinders sin that so easily entangles a lettuce run with perseverance the race marked out for us to rise on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame sat down right that Jesus Christ our Lord will shrink the table, we said before his presence. So I weld on weld good and faithful servant of the joy of your Lord's prayer father over this long short and the repetition what was said earlier, we study and think about it we see how very pertinent it is to our lives.

Each of us. Each one probably have different problems and situations we face different causes for discouragement. But nearly all of Psalm and some of us have many here in this Psalm by a great King. Even David were pointed in the direction of what we ourselves should do. Father, we need to become people of prayer. Mass teach us what it really is the way all leasing before you urgently if necessary buying in Jesus Christ we have him. It was not only the author of our faith. Standing at the beginning finisher of our faith. Standing at the end says does not lie.

She says behold I am coming soon. My reward is with thank you for listening to this message from the Bible study our listener supported ministry of the alliance of confessing Evangelicals.

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