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A Messianic Wedding Psalm

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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November 10, 2021 7:00 am

A Messianic Wedding Psalm

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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November 10, 2021 7:00 am

Here comes the bride! Today, we’re all invited to a splendid royal wedding. Psalm 45 is full of poetic imagery and deeper meaning, as a noble king comes for his waiting bride. You can probably guess whom the king and his bride represent here. But what can this unique psalm teach us about our future, as well as our past? If we’re to be ready to spend forever with Him, we must look beyond earthly kings, beyond the world around us, and fix our eyes on the coming King, Jesus Christ.

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Here comes the bride today on the Bible study hour with Dr. James Morris were all invited to a splendid Royal wedding Psalm 45 is full of poetic imagery and deeper meaning as a noble king comes for his waiting bride.

You can probably guess whom the king and his bride represent here but what can this unique song teach us about our future as well as our past and welcome to the Bible study our radio and Internet broadcast with Dr. James Boyce preparing you to think and act likely have you ever thought about what forever means that forever would feel like some day Jesus will return for his waiting bride.

His church if we are to be ready to spend forever with him. We must look beyond earthly kings beyond the world around us and fix our eyes on the coming King, Jesus Christ. If you have your Bible turn to Psalm 45. Over the months as we started the songs together. We've discovered a lot of songs that are fairly similar to one another way arise out of the same type of experience. Perhaps depression are featured sense of the absence of God. They progress as they work through those things and got out this morning That We Come to This Time Together Is Unlike Any of Those Other Small Unique Saw Nothing like They Haven't Seen Anything like It so Far and There's Not Anything Quite like It in the Psalms to Comments When He Saw Written by Court on the Occasion of a Royal Wedding Revokes All the Signs, Wonders and Movement Splendor and Emotion of That Occasion, but at the Same Time Is Also a Messianic Song Which Is Clear Because When We Get to Verse Six We Find This Talking about God Addressing the King. Verse Six Is Your Throne of God Will Last Forever and Ever. That's Also a Verse That Is Taken up by the Author of Hebrews and Use Them in Reference to Jesus Christ of the New Testament Endorsement Shows Us That It's Messianic.

Even If We Don't Understand That in Any Other Way. What King Is As Written about What Royal Wedding Was the Essence after the Time of David It Certainly Not David. Some of the Commentators Most of the Older on the Site. Well, Humanly Speaking, Was Probably Written about Solomon's Marriage to the Princes of Egypt by Either Side. No Gross Rent, Solomon and Princess of Tyre or George Hammond Have To Lie a Persian King and His Bride Error.

Even Somebody Says Quite Strangely, I Think Ahab and Jezebel. If It Was Really Written about Solomon. What Seems to Be the Possible Guess It's Nevertheless Written in the Way That Far Exceeds Anything That Could Be Said about That Earthly King Alexander McLaren One of the Great Expository Preachers of an Early Age That Either We Have Here a Piece of Political Exaggeration Far beyond the Limits of Poetic License or a Greater Than Solomon Is Here and I Think He Hasn't Exactly Right. What We Are to Understand That As We Look at This Psalm Is That It Is Written about an Historical Occasion by Court Poland, but Presumably with One Who Was Well Aware As He Wrote That His Language Exceeded What Could Be Set up an Earthly King and Actually Pointed Ahead the Messiah, Now among the Songs. Some Have Messianic Elements without Being Strictly Messianic. What We Mean by That Is of Most of the Psalm Is about Something Else but Then There Are Verses in That They Can Be Applied. Jesus Christ We've Seen a Couple of Those Psalms 8 Psalm 40 Verses in Them That Are Used by the Author of Hebrews Refer to Jesus. Others Are Messianic Elements, Even Though Saul Was Also Was Not Messianic Letter Also Psalms That Are Exclusively Messianic or Fundamentally so.

Second Song Falls in That Category.

The 22nd Saul 16 Psalm 110 Saul Particularly and This 45th Psalm in My Judgment Fits That Category As Well Now As Far As Its Outline Goes As a Little Introduction by the Author Verse One and Then Personal Comments by the Author As Well. That Sort of Type Together Come at the End. Verses 16 and 17, and in between the Main Body of the Psalm. We Have Two Addresses Verses Two through Nine Are Directed at the King One Is Getting Married and Then Verses 10 through 15 Are Directed the Bride One Who Is Marrying Him How That's What We Want to Look at Order Chancery Whom I Referred to Sometimes and Other Occasions at Pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Carlisle, Pennsylvania One Who Writes Often Banner of Truth Trust Is a Little Book on Three of the Messianic Psalms and in That Book, the Last of the Three Psalms Increases This One.

He Points out That the Beginning of His Study about That.

The Way to Understand the Psalm Is to Know Something about Wedding Customs in the Ancient World like Ours.

And yet This Psalm Reflects Some Subtle Way to Understand What the Psalmist Things Understand Something about These Custom First Thing That Happened. First Step toward Marriage in the Ancient World Was a B Travel Was like Our Engagement, but Was Far More Serious Than That. It Was a Formal Thing in Our Way of Going about an Engagement Relative Simply Has To Say.

Will You Marry Me. Sometimes He Doesn't Even Have To Say It She Assumes It, and He Agrees Any Rate They Come to an Agreement As an Engagement Happens between Two of Them. Nobody Else Has To Be Involved. I Was, Not the Way It Was Done in the Ancient World Marriages Were Arranged Largely by the Parents of the Couple, Although Quite Often by Consulting the Couple Wasn't Tyrannical Kind of Thing but Nevertheless Is Something Families Did, There Would Be Very Formal Engagement in the Presence of the Leaders of the City Elders by the Gate in Which a Prospective Bride and the Prospective Groom and Exchange Violence and a Dollar Would Be Established an Hourly Price Page and Then There Would Be an Official Blessing on This Was so Formal That the Young Man and a Young Woman Could Be Called Husband and Wife at That Time Even Though There Had Been Any Physical Union That Was the Case. You Know with Joseph and Mary Had Been Betrothed and That Way and yet There Not Been a Physical Union. If for Some Reason That Had to Be Broken. It Was a Serious Matter and It Was Referred to. Even As a Divorce so Serious Was the Engagement Now for a Variety of Reasons That Our Aim Had to Be Paid Perhaps Propriety or Even the Young Ages of the Bride and the Groom Often Considerable Period of Time Went by, between That Control and the Wedding Would Be a Matter of Years, but Eventually the Wedding They Would, and That Would Transpire This Way, the Groom and His Attendants Would Get Ready and the Groom Would Be All Mixed up in His Best Clothes As Splendid As He Could Be.

And Then He and His Attendants Would Make Their Way in Procession through the City to the Home of the Bride's Father Where She Was Waiting, and in the Meantime She Would Get Ready and She Would Have All Her Attendance with Her and Then When the Groom Would Reach the Hall. She Would Come out to Meet Him and Then There Would Be a Procession Back through the City. A Second Procession Reversing the First One Back to the Groom's House and the Be a Great Deal of Rejoicing along the Way, They Would Go in the Great Wedding Feast. Depending on How One Thing the Family Was Last Any Length of Time for Couple Days a Couple Weeks.

It Was Very Joyous Lincoln on the Ancient World Were a Whole Lot of Things to Celebrate Weddings. One of Them All Sorts of People Would Come. This Would Really Be a Big Event Then at the End of That Everybody Would Go Home and Bride and the Groom Be There in Their New Home. Now That's the Kind of Background We Have in This Song. The First Part of This Soon Verses Two through Nine Were the Words Were Addressed to the Groom. He Is Coming to Collect the Bride Progressing through the City with His Attendance.

Meanwhile the Bride Is Waiting Anxiously Because It Means a Major Change in Her Life after Lever on Home. Her Father and Her Family and Go with the New Husband so There's Counsel Given to Her There While She's Way to Keeping Her Eyes out for This Procession Was Coming but Eventually It Does Arrive, so She Goes with Them and toward the End of That Section with Verse 15 They Arrived Back at the Home of the King. They All Enter in Memo That's over the Writer Himself Has Those Little Words That I Referred to Earlier Now so We Have To Study First One Is Unique among Writing Some Solar Unique Psalm and This Is a Unique Introduction Is Nothing Quite like This. The Poet Says It Is Hard and Stirred by a Noble Theme Is Very Emotional about This Emotional Theme and Because It's Such an Important Theme.

All of His Skills Are Drawn out by Well Wonder They Are. This Was Just a Royal Wedding Wedding of a King.

The Princes from Some Part of the Town & Country or Even a Other Country That Would Be Important That Writer Would Want to Do Everything He Could to Extol the Virtues of the King and the New Queen Well but This Is a Messianic Psalms. We Believe the Writer Had since At Least That It Was Then His Skills Should Be Brought out Even More Than That Referring Here to a Noble Theme. It Is More Than a Noble Theme Is the Theme of Themes. Great Theme of All History or Jesus Christ Coming for His Bride, the Church Is No Greater Story Anywhere. The Mat Is What History Is All about Christ Coming to Claim His Bride, the Church Live with Them Forever and Ever.

Perfect Joy and Happiness of the Writer Says My Tongue Is the Pen of a Skilled Writer. As I Begin to Talk about This Is a Suggestion. In the Hebrew That You Steer That He May Be Saying That I Am about to Write Is Inspired in a Special Way Don't Always Find That in the Old Testament a Sense of Inspiration That Is Probably What He Saying Here.

One of the German Writers, a Commentator Even Translates Verse This Way Mine Herzfeld's Letter from the Guy's Versa. What It Means Is My Heart Overflows with Inspired Words so Maybe That Is What He Is Saying. At Any Rate It Is Inspired Because As Part of the Canon of Scripture. Now Having Introduced Himself That Way.

He Begins in Verse Two. Praise the King of Kings. He Doesn't in Several Different Ways. It's Kind of a Progression. Here He Talks First of All, about His Character Calls Him Most Excellent of Man of Many Talks about His Words Your Lips Been Anointed with Grace When He Talks about His Military Conquests and Finally Talks about the Wedding Itself, Describing the Ways Come Forth from His Own Palace to Pick up His Bride the Ancient World the Way Things Were Generally Praised Leaders Were Both Praised and Chosen Was on the Basis of Their Physical Attractiveness and the Winsome List of Their Speech. I Was Reading That in Some of the Commentaries and When I Read It the First Thing That Occurred to Me Is This I Said Yellow so What's New. That's Just the Way We Choose Our Political Leaders Today. I Don't Know If You Noticed but Many People That Are in Political Office Are Unusually Tall. I'm Sure That's No Accident.

People Were Tall, Command a Certain Measure of Respect and Especially in the Television Age, about Only Got to Be Tall You Gonna Have a Reasonable Amount of Attractiveness William Taft You Know of Our Presidents That Would Never Get Elected Today Because He Weighed over 300 Pounds. The Only Got Elected President like That of an Age Where Nobody Got to See Him by the Television Age Doesn't Work That Way. So We Choose People on the Basis of Their Attractiveness and Their Ability to Speak Generally More on Their Basis of the Way They Look for Their Ability to Speak Because People Write Their Speeches for Them and What They Try to Do Is Write Them so They Don't Offend Anybody. And Don't Say Anything, but That's the Way We Do It Today. Now Something about Here and yet It Would Be Wrong Wouldn't It to Say That When Were Talking about This Excellency of the King. All Were Talking about Is Not Physical Attractiveness Later on. It's Going to Talk about Certain Virtues Virtues like Truth and Humility, Righteousness, and You Have To Understand When Were Saying That Jesus Is the Most Excellent of Men. It's Those Things Primarily Thinking about and Characteristic That You Can Think That's Truly Laudable, Something Which Jesus Christ Excels. We Think Love Is Laudable.

Well, He Is the Principal of the King of Love. You Think Truth Is Important to Use. One Is That I Am the Truth and so Forth on All the Other Virtues of All the Other Characteristics. The Description of Him Cycling We Find There Is Reference to His Words As Lips Been Anointed with Grace That Was Certainly True of Jesus Christ When He Was Here on Earth. Recall That on One Occasion, His Enemies Sent Soldiers to Arrest Him. I Wanted Soldiers to Slip up on Them Rest and Bring Them Back to the Palace Where I Can Handle It. When the Soldiers Came and Heard Teaching and They Listened a Little Bit Pretty Soon They Came Back to the Rulers Would Sent Them in the Ruler Said Where Is It Why Did You Bring Them and Their Defense Was This I Said No Man Ever Spake like This Man, Kind of a Defense Is That for a Soldier to Get Soldiers Must Arrest Somebody Go Arrested As a Policeman in Our City's Most Domestic Criminal He Comes Back and Says Nobody Ever Spoke like That Man May Get Fired from the Force but That's What Happened When the Soldiers Went to Arrest Jesus Christ As Disciples of the Same Experience.

On One Occasion the Masses Were Leaving Because Jesus Wasn't Feeding Him As They Wanted to Be Fed and so He Turned to His Disciples and He Said Are You Going to Go Away to When Peter Said, Lord, to Whom Shall We Go. You Have the Words of Eternal Life.

Peter Didn't Understand a Whole Lot What Those Words Meant at That Time He a Lifetime of Learning Ahead of Everybody Knew That If There Was Life to Be Found in Anyone's Words Was Found in the Words of Jesus. We Read a Psalm like This and We Say Oh Yes It May Have Been True of Solomon, and Maybe It's True of Other People As Well, but It Is Certainly True of Jesus Christ above All Men.

He Praises Him for His Military Victories. Now All of This Is Described in Graphic Military Language, We Have To Understand That the Victories That Are Described Here.

Even Though There Describes Victories over One's Enemies Sharp Arrows in the Hearts of Your Foes Are Nevertheless Victories in Behalf of Verse Four, Truth, Humility and Righteousness. That's the Kind of Battle, the Lord Jesus Christ Was Winning When He Was Here on Earth. And It's the Kind of Battle That We Are Supposed to Win As His Representatives. See If You Think in Terms of Power and Conquering Your Enemies and Ruling and That Sort of Thing. The Way Most of Us Do Think Most of the Time of Jesus Christ Was Defeated Because His Enemies Triumphed over in the Crucified You Think of His Victories Says Victories of Truth, Humility and Righteousness Than He Was Supremely Triumphant Even in His Apparent Defeat C Stood before Pilate and He Said, Type, Tell about the Truth. That's My Kingdom. My Kingdom Is the Kingdom of the Truth and It Was Never More True Than in That Moment Lila Didn't Understand What He Was Talking about Truth and You Know How You Found Truth but the Truth Was Standing There and That's the Way Jesus Triumphed. Incidentally, This Is Where One of Our Hymns Comes from Verse Four in Your Majesty Right Forth Victoriously, Irrevocably Goes Right on Right on in Majesty Picks up This Phrase and Accuses It of the Triumphal Entry We Sing Often on Palm Sunday on the Point of the Psalm Is a Jesus Was Writing Triumphantly When He Went to Jerusalem to Die See His Victory Is Just That Sort of Thing Non-Christians Have To Remember That As Well. I Victories Have To Be One the Way Jesus Christ Winces Victories, Not by Power Politics. Christians Are to Triumph Our Battles or Battles for the Truth, and the One by Words of the Holy Spirit Blesses Is What We Stand for Whatever the Christian Churches Forgot about As It Obviously Did in the Middle Ages Tries to Use the World's Weapons to Achieve Spiritual Battles. It Loses the Spiritual Battles and Becomes like the World Very Thing It's Trying Foes and We Gotta Be Careful That in Our Own Day to Put It Another Words the Only Sort We Have To Wield Is the Sword of Jesus, Which Is the Truth of the Word of God According to Ephesians 6 Now Having Talked about His Battles. The Psalmist Goes on to Talk about His Wedding and They Describe Them Coming Forth from the Palace's Robust Frequent with Murder in Aloes, Casio Out Of These Palaces Adorned with Ivory. I Mentioned a Moment Ago, One of Our Hymns Right on Right on in Majesty, There's Another One Is Based upon That First Out Of the Ivory Palaces Heard That One Song That's Where It Comes from Somebody on Songwriter Obviously Understood This in Reference Jesus Christ. Verse Six Is an Extraordinary Verse Many Depositors to Look at That, Because Verse Six Says Your Throne. Oh God Will Last Forever and Ever. Here's the Psalmist, the Court Poet Writing about the King Was Getting Married Because of God. Your Throne of God in the Last Forever and Ever Let Startling Enough, but Then in the Very Next Verse He Refers to This God's God. Therefore God, Your God, Is Set You above Your Companions. Now That's an Extraordinary Juxtaposition of Ideas Might Expect That Commentators Do Everything They Can to Wrestle Their Way Out Of That One and so to Some of the Translators, Some of Them Say It Doesn't Really Refer to God. It Really Means Something Divine and so They Get Ideas like This. Your Divine Throne Are Your Throne Is like God's Throne Eternal or Throne Is God's Forever and Ever.

So When You Find It, Even in the Revised Standard Version Says Your Divine Throne in the New English Bible Has Another Kind of Attempt to Avoid the Clear Teaching, but It's There.

What the Hebrew Means. Interestingly Enough, the Ancient Versions All Do It That Way. You Would Think If Trouble Was to Be Found in the Text That Was to Be Misunderstood in the Ancient Versions Would Clarify by Making It Obvious It's Not Referring to the King Is God.

They Don't Do That to Do Doesn't Do That and When the Author of Hebrews Puts a Source Reference. Jesus Christ Obviously Takes It in Its Original Meaning. What Would Possibly Explain That and How Can You Possibly Make Sense of a Combination of Ideas Is One It Was God but Who Nevertheless Has God As His God and Set Them above His Companions. The Only Possible Explanation of That Is the Incarnation Is Why We Say This Is Chiefly a Messianic Song Drives and Historical Context.

Perhaps Referring to an Earthly King, but It Certainly Has Its Meaning. Explain the Jesus Christ. Just at That Point, the Question Did the Psalmist Really Understand That We As a Kind of Question That Sometimes Our Dancer. We Don't Know How Much Ancient Writers Really Did Understand What the Holy Spirit within Them Was Leading Them to Write.

I Sense the More I Study Scripture More. I Sensibly Understood What More Than We Give Them Credit for. I Would Say That This Psalmist As He Wrote This Was Conscious of What He Was Doing and for This Reason, He Understood the Promises Were Made to David That One Coming after Him, the Messiah, to Whom They Were Looking Was Going to Set up on That Throne Forever and Ever.

And so Is He Writes His Poem on This Occasion. Praising the Earthly King. He Is Consciously Looking beyond the Earthly King Who Is a Type of the Messiah Was the Colonies Writing about the Messiah. I Think That's the Only Real Way to Understand What's Happening.

Having Done That, He Turns in Verse 10, the Bride, She Has Been Waiting in Joyful Expectancy, As I Suggested, but Also with Just a Touch of Anxiety. Since the Arrival of the Groom Will Meet in Such a Momentous Change Everything She's Known in Her Life up to That Point. Now This Delicate Moment in the Psalm of the Writer and Was Surely One of the Most Engaging Touches on the Psalm Turns to the Bride and He Offers Fatherly Counsel, so He Understands What's Going on in Her Heart and He Says to Her, Listen Daughter Listen to What I Have To Say. And Then He Gives Her Three Points of Advice. First of All, He Tells Her to Forget Her People in Her Father's House.

Now He Doesn't Mean That in the Absolute Sense Course Does Mean It in Terms of Her Attachments and Her Overriding Loyalty Carries over Directly into the Christian Life.

Remember That When God Called Abraham to Go in the Land That He Was Going to Show Any Given Word Almost Exactly like That. He Said to Abraham, Leave Your Country, Your People and Your Father's Household Because He Was Leading Them into a New Land and New Relationships and When Jesus Spoke about What It Meant to Be His Disciple.

Eat Said Luck. You Have To Deny Yourself and Take up Your Cross Daily and Follow Me, and Then Later on the Same Gospel of Luke the 14th Chapter He Spelled out like This.

If Anyone Comes after Me and Doesn't Hate His Father and Mother, His Wife and Children, As Brothers and Sisters, Yes, Even His Own Life Can't Be My Disciple.

Even When You Make Allowances for a Certain Amount of Somatic Hyperbole, Exaggeration Their Point Is, Didn't Literally Mean Peter Parents but When You Make Allowance for That Certainly Is Calling for a Radical Shift in Loyalties and He Is Certainly Saying If You Love Your Mother or Father More Than Me or Your Husband or Wife More Than Me. You Can't Be My Disciple Because the Only People Can Be My Disciple Are Those Who Recognize Me for Who I Am. I Am the King of Kings and Lord of Lords You Not Receive Me Is That You Not Receiving Me and If Any Other Loyalty Comes before That You Were Not Acknowledging the King and Your Lord That's What We Have To Do Bible Says of Marriage. For This Reason a Man Will Leave His Father and Mother and Be United to His Wife Going to Be Christ's Bride.

We Have To Do the Same Thing Spiritually Speaking. I Was That Easy to Do Know It Is Not Easy to Do Because the Loyalties of This World Cling to Us Very Closely. My Wife and I Were Talking about This Because of Some Problems That Came up We Were Saying It Is Really Just Appalling How Sold out the Evangelical Church of This Country Is to a Materialistic Affluent Lifestyle We Hear the Missionary Call and We Say Oh Yes, That's Important.

We Want People to Go on the Missionary, but We're Not Going to Experience Any Discomfort or Give up Anything in Order to Carry out Christ's Great Commission. Forget about Going Ourselves Leaving Our Nice Homes Are Our Nice Bank Accounts Are Our Nice Jobs Are Giving Us All the Money.

Forget about Lata Going Ourselves, Were Not Even Willing to Sacrifice Much of What We Have in Order to Support Other People to Go Were so Sold out to Our Materialism Is Easy Know It Is Not Easy, but If We Are Serious about Following after Jesus Christ, We Gotta Get Those Priorities Right.

Somebody Says Is That Mean You Can't Have A Lot Of Money Now. I Think That's the Case at All, but It Is Hard for a Rich Man to Enter the Kingdom of God. Jesus Himself Said so Much Easier If You Don't Have the Money You Do, You Better Be Especially Close to God, You Better Get More Money Than You Ever Thought You Would Give Her Might Have Given If You Report Just to Make Sure He Doesn't Have a Hold on You See We Really Are Cut off in Latin America. I Know What Kind of Wholeness Bride Came from, but She Certainly Was Attached to It, and the Psalmist Telling Us. Jesus Is Coming for You to Let It All Go Follow Him. Second Point of Counsel, the Poet Gives His Bride Is in the Latter Half of the Same Verse You Are to Honor Him, for He Is Your Lord's Word Honor Literally Means Bow down, Bow down before He's the King after All. And It Certainly Points out That This Relationship Relationship Described Herein Is a Relationship That Carries over in Our Relationship with Jesus Christ Is Not like One of These Trashy Romance and Some so Many People Read and Have in Their Heads Today All Romance.

Most of the Moral Is Embellished by All of the Materialism That I Was Talking about a Moment Ago. This Is Not the Kind of Relationship. This Is a Silly Love between This Bride and the Husband Is a Great Level Lasting Love Superior Love. Anything We Can Imagine in Ourselves.

But It Doesn't Fit Our Categories in This Holy, Righteous Love, That This Bride Has for the Husband, She Is to Love and Honor Him and She Is to Obey Him As We Must Obey Jesus Christ As the Third Thing He Doesn't Say It in so Many Words As You Read on What Is Really Saying Here Is That This Bride Has To Stop Looking Back and Instead What You Has To Do Is Look Ahead. Remember, He Said When You're Seated There, Your King's Right Hand, the Daughter of Tire Will Come with a Gift for You and Men of Wealth Will Seek Your Honor What He Sees As He Talks about This Is Three Things in Her Future. He Sees the Love of Her King That's Mentioned in Verse 11, He Sees All the Sonic Is Going to Be Given to Her Because Her Relationship to Him Goes on in Verse 15 We See That He's Talking about the Joy and Gladness. It's Going to Be Hers with Him Forever Is a Lease Say to Ourselves, and We Often Do, but It Is Costly to Be a Christian and It Is True Is Costly, Jesus Himself Spoke about the Cost. We Have To Remind Ourselves up at the Same Time Not Balancing It off, Reminding Ourselves about It at the Same Time As This. There Is a Glorious Future before Us Is in As Long As Were Looking Back When Were Leaving Were Never Going to Be Wholehearted Disciple to Be Much Use to Jesus Christ. We Certainly Are Going to Be an Honor to Him As His Bride Is Always Thinking about What We Left Were Unhappy Because What We Left and All That.

See If Instead of That We Can Look Ahead. What We Are in Him What He Is Making Us by His Grace and Are Going to Be with Him Forever and Ever Transforms Where We Are We Thinking Perform Differently. What a Difference It Would Make You See, Instead of Just Knowing That We Really Understood That Our Future Is with Jesus Christ Where Christians Are Futures with Jesus Christ. And That's a Spiritual Thing Is the Last Forever and Ever a Hard Time Grasping Forever and Ever Forever, Never in a Thousand Years As a Thousand Thousand Years Is a Million Million Years Doesn't Mean Much to like Talk about the National Debt Billions of Dollars Were down in the $1 Billion Is Alone the Billions We Are in Debt. That Means That We Only Grasp It, That Our Future Is Not Eternal Future and What Were Living Next Thing Compared Transform How We Live Now Would Be Hard to Pay a Price to Follow after Jesus Christ to Live with Him Forever in Glory and Joy to Do It All Our Lives Percent Would Be Given to Him Would Be Following Them Heartily Enthusiastically Rigorously Day by Day, Moment by Moment. The Only Reason We Don't Do That Is Still a Thing of the past, See What He Saying, Having Advised That Bride to Look to the Future.

That's What the Psalmist Is Himself.

He Is Clause to Give Advice to the Bride Order to Look Ahead Now Goes on and Looks Ahead Himself and He Begins to Describe This Procedure through the Town. The Princes Comes Out Of Her Chamber Meets Groom Error Making Their Way through the City. Finally, Verse 15 They Come to the Palace and They Are Let in Joy and Gladness into the Palace of the King. Well, He Kinda Stops Modestly at That Point, I Think Rightly so, Why Well Because Nobody Is Seeing Year Has Heard, No Mind Is Conceived What God Has Prepared for Those of Other That's the Reason Why He Doesn't Stop at That Point and He Gives His Little Wrapup That I Mentioned at the Beginning.

This Is like the Poet's Own Blessing or Benediction on the Marriage. Your Sons Will Take the Place of Your Father's and You Will Make Them Princes throughout the Land Is Because of That First Chiefly That I Think He Is Thinking about an Earthly King. I Wouldn't Carryover Easily into Reference to Jesus Christ to Get It Escrow That God Is Given a Many Sons and Daughters Refers to It That Way and Hebrews, All of Whom Are Children of Glory. That's the Way It Would Have To Be Described. Then We Get to Verse 17. Here He Says I Will Perpetuate Your Memory throughout All Generations. For That Reason Nations Will Praise You Forever and Ever. Well, At Least This to Wonder. Are We Doing Psalmist Did We Praise Him One Who Is Our Bridegroom Was Also the King of Glory in the Lord of Lords. We Want to Do. We Try to Another Language. Are We Looking for Them As the Bride Was in the Song See Jesus Came to This Earth Once for the Betrothal We Might Be Engaged to Him and He Is Covenanted with Us to Be Our Bridegroom and Our Lord.

And This Is the Interim While Were Waiting for Him Is Coming Again Is Coming Again Is Coming to Take Us to Himself Will Grow to Be in Those Ivory Palaces Song Describes Live with Them Forever.


The Question Is You See Are You Looking for Are You Earnestly and Joyfully Expecting the Arrival of Your Bridegroom, the King of Kings and so You Be Getting Ready for It. John First Letter Talks about the Christian Hope, He Says, Everyone Who Has This Hope in Him Purifies Himself, Even As He Is Pure One for Us Is What Is Going. Presently We Want to Be Holy to One Is Coming for Us Is All We Want to Be Loving When It Comes One Who Is Coming for Us Is Radiant. We Want to Be Radiant As Much As Is Possible by His Grace, without Spot or Blemish or Wrinkle or Any Such Thing. Question Is, Do We Really Desire Laughter Are We so in Love with the Value of the World, and the Idols of the World That Arise from Them Instead of Are Not Looking for Him.

Well, the Bible Describes Christians As Those Who Have Turned to God from Idols to Serve the Living and True God, and to Wait for His Son from Heaven Be Raised from the Dead Jesus, Who Rescues Us from the Coming Wrath What It Says in First Thessalonians 110 Jesus Said It to a Set of My Father's House Are Many Mansions.

I'm Going to Prepare a Place for You and If I Going to Come Get It Ready. There, and Receive You to Myself, That Where I Am There. You May Be Also Become the Very End of the Bible Chapter 1 of Revelation We Find John Saying Loki Is Coming in the Clouds, and Every Eye Will See Him Come to the End of That Book.

And Jesus Is Speaking and He Says Yes Yes I'm Coming Soon in the Church. The Expected Church of MacBook Looks up and Says Yes, so Let It Be a Man, Organizes Should Be Our Prayer As Well. How Was He Going to Find You When It Comes. Father, We Thank You for the Song Speaks in Loving and Tender Ways of Your Love for Us and of Our Love and Responsibility to You Grant That We Might Learn from It and so Cherish These Truths and Plant Them in Our Hearts When Our Lord Jesus Christ Does, for Us to Lead Us to That Great Marriage Supper of the Lamb That We Might Be Found Ready Waiting and Expectance and Pure and Holy and Joyful.

The Praise of the Glory of His Grace and with Great Joy Produces Nine. Thank You for Listening to This Message from the Bible Study Our Listener Supported Ministry of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.

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