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The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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May 17, 2021 8:00 am

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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May 17, 2021 8:00 am

If it's a real resurrection, it's a real body. And it is only the resurrection of a real body that amounts to anything at all. Today on The Bible Study Hour, Dr. James Boice will dismantle hazy notions of the resurrection, and display a resurrection worth believing in...even, worth dying for.

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If it's a real resurrection.

It's a real body and it's only the resurrection of a real body that matters today on the Bible study our Dr. James Boyce will dismantle the hazy notions of the resurrection and describe the resurrection worth believing in. Even dying for, to the Bible study our radio and Internet broadcast with Dr. James Boyce preparing you to think and act biblically the greatest news the world has ever heard is that Jesus Christ is been raised from the dead.

The tomb is empty. That doesn't mean we shouldn't look into it from Matthew 28. Dr. Boyce will talk about five reasons to do so, first of his letters to the Corinthians in the 15th chapter chapter which he talks about the resurrection. Paul summarizes the central points of the gospel and he says that you delivered them. What was also first of all, given to him and was of first importance, namely that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures was buried, and that he rose again from the dead, according to the Scriptures and then was seen by a host of witnesses that he begins to list.

Bear in the verses that follow the ones I quoted comes to mind as we come to the end of the gospel, because it is those things of first importance that we find in these last chapters we talked about the death of Jesus Christ, was not only according to the Scriptures, but embodies within it the very essence of the gospel. Jesus dying at our place. We who because of our sin and rebellion deserve alienation from God and judgment them on eternal judgment for that Jesus taught that in our place, we saw that the burial was important to show that he was really dead. For one thing, but it also speaks of the fact that we are buried with him in the sense that our simple past is now behind us and those were joined to him in faith were raised in newness of life. I we want to look at the resurrection we have it here in the last chapter beginning in the first verse and were going to look at that, except for the very last verses talk about the great mission this morning. Look at the final section in two weeks as an appropriate conclusion. There are missions week ever noticed when Hollywood presents a life of Christ, and it comes time to get some attention to the resurrection that they seem to spiritualize it.

I noticed some years ago I saw one of these films that I remember rather graphically that the crucifixion was certainly real enough where you had real males in real flesh being torn by real males of the males being pounded in the real will and so there wasn't any question of the fact that Jesus Christ really died when it came time for the resurrection. Suddenly this was no Jesus you couldn't see him anywhere are a lot of people running around in what was apparently the joy of the resurrection. But you wondered what is it that it really because that finally the resort of the ghostly image of Christ floating around the stage somewhere.

I'm convinced that if that's what the resurrection was like Thomas for one would never believe that neither with the other disciples and I certainly wouldn't of died for. Yet when we turn to the New Testament we find hundreds of real resurrection is a real body is only the resurrection of a real body that amounts for anything. All the disciples knew it was real when they touch the body when they saw Emily spent time with Jesus and it was only that conviction that sent them out as messengers of this gospel and all the world. Later, virtually every case to die for their profession and it's that same conviction on the part of God's people. That makes them strong and trusting in their God day Nepal believed in the resurrection is why he mentions that in first Corinthians 15 engines. That is one of those three great Dr. death of Christ for our sins will burial all of which are certainly easy enough to understand right along with them resurrection. This one was dead would claim to be the son of God who would said to those of his day that although they would kill him.

Following that he would rise again from the dead. This one really did rise in the resurrection we have evidence that he is who we study is son of God and that he accomplished what he said he would accomplish what he would die for our sins, and that those who trust in him are justified forever. Each of these gospel writers has his own way of talking about the resurrection course Matthew is no exception. Your loan of all the evangelists tells us that soldiers were sent to guard the tomb on how they were shaken terrified by the angels when they came. He also tells us about a visit to Mary Magdalene and the woman he calls the other Mary is apparently the mother of James, made to the tomb.

At dawn the first day of the week and how an angel appeared to them with the first announcement of Christ's victory there in verses five through seven. The angel said to not be afraid.

I know you're seeking Jesus was crucified is not here he is risen.

Just as he said, and see the place where he lay, then go quickly and tell his disciples he is risen from the dead, and is going ahead of you in the Galloway. There you will see him over the years. Critics have complained about what they consider to be serious discrepancies in these accounts. That is the account of the resurrection is you have it in Matthew Mark and Luke. The synoptic Gospels and also John as well.

The fourth of the Gospels number of women, for instance, Matthew mentions to just read the verses in which he does it but Mark mentions three Luke refers to three by name and he speaks of others. John 20 of chapter verse one only mentions Mary Lily at 123 and more of other alleged discrepancies. The time women set out Matthew says it was at dawn, Marxism was very early, just after sunrise says it was very early and John says while it was still dark again. The number of the Angels was one in Matthew and Mark are two and Luke and John. These are really discrepancies. Of course doesn't require much thinking to figure it out. Each one is only a partial telling of the story, which is what you would expect nothing is exhaustive or to angels were certainly one as far as the time of day is concerned it doesn't require a great deal of brilliance to imagine the women rising while it was still dark, gathering their things together starting out reaching the two as the sun was beginning to rise and so forth. Variations of the telling of the story don't disqualify those were telling it as witnesses on the other hand, they add to their credibility. These men had gotten together to make up a story you wouldn't have this kind of minor discrepancies I would've said to each other now were going to say on the women set out we better get it straight. When he set out was that her daughter was at shortly after sunrise or was it in the dark. They they were able to resolve that sort of thing.

The fact that they tell it with the slight variations of the kind of thing, which in the court of law, you would expect to hear and would actually add to the credibility of the witnesses. Besides it isn't difficult to put the details together. We just try and reconstruct it briefly.

Jesus had been crucified, either on Friday is what the church is traditionally believed or else on Thursday Subutex less widely held but which of my judgment does greater justice of the evidence. One small bit of evidence by the way, being here in the very first birth of Matthew 28 where Matthew writes after the sabbaths at dawn on the first day of the week. The Greek is actually plural translation makes it singular, I believe there were actually two sabbaths that we cannot accounts for three days and three nights.

But whatever it was. Jesus was crucified than he lay in the tomb of the resurrection was certainly took place before dawn on Easter Sunday morning was when the women came to the two leg came bearing spices to anoint the body and there were at least five of them probably more already seen that Matthew mentions Mary Magdalene and the other Mary Mark absent Salome was also present. Luke has those two marries Joanna a new name and others of the release 587 women started out while it was still dark and they arrived at the tomb of the very early dawn, they were astonished when they got there to find that the stone had been removed from the entrance and we can imagine how they reacted. They were looking at it from a distance and were afraid to go to close probably wondering what it happened the stone after all. And what was the purpose of that of the body of Jesus been stolen wobbling, enough crime in the ancient world that were the case may be.

The robbers were still around.

It would be dangerous man wasn't the case that the pilot had ordered the removal of the body. Maybe that's what happened. What should they do. Finally they decided that they ought to go tell the disciples, and so they set Mary Magdalene off to go back to the city to find the point of course is not one of them a magic that Jesus had actually risen from the dead after a while it began to grow wider as it grew lighter women grew bolder, we decided to look into the tomb and that's when they saw the angels were afraid that the Angels told them not to be afraid said that Jesus wasn't there risen just as he said and they were to go tell the rest of the disciples, so they set off to do it. Now all that was going on, Mary, and found the two chief disciples. Peter and John were the only two that were actually in Jerusalem that we can remember the last we saw the disciples they were fleeing up over the Mount of olives were Bethany after the rest of taken place probably thinking that they could get together. There, the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, which is where they'd been staying that week Peter we know followed at a distance, watching the arresting party as they made their way into the city, and John was there as well because was John got Peter into the courtyard of the high priests.

So Mary went and found them probably in John's house where the beloved disciple had taken Jesus mother on the day of the crucifixion where Peter heard, probably, after his denial of Jesus. A short time before now to disciple started out with the tomb were running. They were leaving Mary far behind gentlemen that they were. John was the younger of the two. They arrived at the tomb first and he stooped to look through the narrow opening. He saw the grave clothes. Peter arrived out of breath hurry as usual when he brushed John aside and went in. John gives that accountant John says that when he walked in and saw the great closely. He saw them in a rather cursory manner from outside the tomb uses a special Greek verb or that the verb is blackballing simply means to glance at something and notice it or see it as a word like that in German black just has to do with the glance almost a block of allotments. The idea so he said he saw the grave."

When Peter ran Peter noticed something unusual about the arrangement of the grave clothes were still there for one thing was, nobody spices is not been scattered around the two great pros hadn't been unwound besides the headpiece was separated from the rest of them, as it had been when it was originally around the body work that is used there for Peter saying is the word that RL, which is just what it sounds like it has to do with the arising are trying to figure it out. He was seeking, and seeing with an attempt to understand and finally, John says that he went and when he went in.

He he understood he saw the verb now is our own amines he saw with understanding and recognize the only thing that would explain that particular arrangement of the grave clothes was the body of Jesus passing through them as body was later to pass through closed doors so we not only understood that he said he believed right there.

It was the first actually believe in the resurrection, and he hadn't even seen the resurrected Lord of all this happened and they went away. And Jesus appeared to Mary who valid arrived back in the tomb after Peter and John returned to the city and the other appearances begin to happen. Jesus appeared to the women Max and Peter alone in the Emmaus disciples Cleophas and his wife making their way on back to their home. And finally, later that night. All the disciples were gathered in the upper room is a constant.

Together they fit together beautifully and it doesn't require a great deal of care to do it. It's not overstating the case is Matthew Arnold once did when he said that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the best test of fact in history. Lawyers in particular found this to be true because I know how to handle evidence journalists like Frank Morrison Gilbert Westerly, Indiana is another surge that recent quotation from Sir Edward Clark director quoted him when he was talking on the resurrection. Just a few weeks ago Edward Clark said as a lawyer, I have made a prolonged study of the evidences of the first Easter day to me.

The evidence is conclusive and over and over again on the high court. I have secured the verdict on evidence, not nearly so compelling as a lawyer I accepted is the testimony of man facts that they were able to substantiate now this point since we began the 28th chapter.

Neither Peter or John see the resurrected Lord seen by the women first. Those who had been last at the cross allow her first two he had met them on their way home after they'd gone to reason. They were on their way home.

Is the Angels and spoken to the Angels message is there in verses six and 700 contains what I call for great imperatives of the Angels told the women to do first of August, and secondly to see and then thirdly, to go and then forcefully to tell point that I would make use of those commands for the women from the Angels are exactly the commands you what I have today is God's people that we really do believe in Jesus Christ and trust him as our Savior, first of the imperatives was to comment on what was important because there were many things that might've hindered the women from coming place itself might've hindered them.

It was a graveyard. After all, it was early in the morning. I might've said to themselves let's go black and risen Savior come back when is brighter maybe when there are other people we would people say quickly, might've been hindered. For that reason, their fear of Roman might've hindered on the stone had been sealed. After all, that the seal was broken stone was removed. Rome had been defied with a perhaps be implicated in the crime I might've set out we can go any closer here Rome for visit or perhaps her own sin might've hindered them.

This was a sacred place after all. I might've been afraid to go closer.

I might've said camps go here. God has been at work we have to flee the course they didn't. Some of the slots them. The invitation to come from God by means of the Angels, and so they came forward accepting the invitation. I asked the question this way you obey that invitation comes to you today through the invitation of the gospel of the Lord himself audited. He said in Matthew 11, under me all you who are weary and burdened, and I'll give you rest. My yoke upon you and learn of me, for I'm gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls asked the question of you, you accepted that gospel limitations there can be no knowledge of God, no salvation, no growth in the Christian life, unless you do and secondly, the Angels told the women to save others look at what's here is the question what should we see when we look into the two years ago Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the great Baptist preacher did a message on this verse in which you suggested five things we ought to say, when we look into the tomb first of all we should see in Christ grave, the condescension of Jesus Christ, meaning that he would stoop that low for our salvation.

He was a man for whom death would be natural Jesus Christ as body was one with the father from all eternity. Couldn't expect Jesus to die anymore than we would expect God himself to die, but he did die in the flesh for us so we should marvel at the condescension of such an amazingly gracious God would do that in order to rescue us from our sin. Secondly, we should see the horror of our sin because it was arson the put in their death as the punishment for sin. Jesus didn't have any said he was sinless asked the question why then did Jesus die. The answer is clear. The Bible teaches that were beginning to end. Find in Isaiah 53. For example, verse five, he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed. When we look in the tomb we see something of our own sin in the horror of it and we should develop proper hatred for third when we look into the tomb were reminded of the fact that we too will die unless the Lord returns before that moment which you may do. We also will Bible be separated from those we know and love tomb speaks of our mortality tells us that we should prepare for death was a life beyond the grave will be certain where were headed in that moment forth. The most important. We must look into the tomb to see the Jesus Christ is not in it is risen exactly as he said his conquered death. Evidence of the empty tomb is one great proof of the resurrection out people who have written seriously about the events of this momentous week of noticed almost anyone will noticeably take it seriously and all the reports we have, whether in the New Testament already, but on the other secular sources of the time. There's not one instance of any attempt to deny that the grave was empty. There are alternative explanations of course one of the bottles a little further along here in Matthew 28 idea that maybe the disciples came and stole the body explained it was here that is a fabrication but no question. Whatever the tomb was empty and so you have to ask the question, one of the world. What accounts for it.

Someone remove the body well so who might've done that, not the enemies of Jesus Christ. Of course, because the resurrection was proclaimed a short time later they had had the body. They certainly would've produced it, they would've said, what lies are these were hearing look the body of Jesus lies before you are with the disciples of solo that they could have perhaps they would later died for something that they were well aware was a fabrication.

The only adequate explanation of the empty tomb is that Jesus had been raised from the dead as the Bible teaches this reason, we should look into the tomb is to learn that we will also rise as Jesus did.

We are joined to him.

Jesus didn't come to earth merely to teach them to die and rise again so that in the end those who believe his message and trust in my diet. That would be the end of what he came to save us completely as it says in Hebrews 725 that means, among other things, to take us to be with him in heaven when we die we look at the tomb. We are sure that one day will be with them abuse. He is is 1/3 imperative in the third imperative is also important supporting go reminder that however tempting it may be to remain near the tomb to learn its lessonů Nevertheless work that needs to be done. We have to get on with let's wait gospel ends course because the very last words of Jesus to his disciples repeated right after this three paragraphs later go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father of the son of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. This is the greatest work that any person can have an work for all Christians is for you. If you are one and finally link to that is a word. Tell, see go and then tell the split last rightly because if we have, the tomb, we seen that it's empty if we know that Jesus has been raised and if we have obeyed Jesus by going and all the world as his representatives. We obviously have a message we have to speak what we have to say to people he is not here, is risen, just as he said this is powerful, astonishing, good notes, good news, it needs to be spoken and has to be told real talent can only be because we don't believe it. We don't understand to be that great, powerful and astonishing gospel that it really is. Shouldn't you report the good news is the greatest news the world is ever heard as a Jesus Christ been raised from the dead, great because of everything approach proves that the God of the Lord Jesus Christ, the God of the Old Testament is the true God is a Jesus Christ is the son of God because he claimed to be is the seal of God upon his claimant proves that his death was a true atonement percent approves a lot of trust in them are justified from sin forever proves that there is victory over sin appraisers light beyond the grave proves we too will rise again and were joined to them. It's a tremendous message. How can we not tell it boldly to those who don't yet know what you need to believe. Well, that's the message, but we mustn't be na´ve about a dozen women went to the tomb were not the only people that day who knew about the resurrection were also the soldiers I knew about it and even more vivid way because they were there when the angels came and rolled away the stone. They were terrified by it, and they went to the religious leaders report what happened. Angels came, they said angels opened the body's gone is not there. Verse the sinful hearts of men and women remember when Jesus was dying on the cross. Please bend over the soldiers and gone taunted him, saying, let him come down now from the cross and will believe on him. But Jesus had done something even greater than that.

Now he had been raised from death.

They didn't believe on him couldn't believe because they wouldn't believe actually hated Jews so they bribed the soldiers I gave the money they drew them into their evil conspiracy at my said what this is what you should say say his disciples came during the night installing away what we were asleep in of this report gets out of the governor will satisfy him and keep you out of trouble. Matthew wraps up our signs of the soldiers took the money I did as they were instructed in the story been widely circulated among Jews to this very, Matthew says of this very day means of the day in which he was writing probably somewhat toward the end of the century, the 60s or 70s of the century, but that day continues to our own day people are doing exactly the same thing today I give you a recent example number of years ago a book called the Passover plot was written by a man named Hugh Schonfeld attempted to explain belief in the resurrection is an accident resulting from a plot that went wrong.

Plot the name of the book Passover plot is a Jesus was going to pretend to rise again was going to be given a drug I can passout it would seem to be dead. It would be taken down from the cross.

Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus work in on the plan be buried in the new tomb. Then they would calm and revive him and word would get out the race from the dead, everybody would see him all of us.

According to Schonfeld it went wrong and what made you go wrong was the unexpected thrust of the spear by the soldiers.

We actually died. They could revive him, but all they did then was take the body away.

Somewhere else of hard astonishing theory. Unbelievable. Got a theory of what is even more astonishing for the reviews that it got a book when through 11 printings and two years of solar hundred thousand copies of the first five months and William Barclay, the author of the well-known daily study Bible scalded a book of enormous learning and erudition meticulously documented a set of demands be read which only proves what Jesus said in his parable of the rich man and Lazarus was true they do not listen. The Moses of the prophets. I will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead solar people.

I contacted her people who will circulate lies about the resurrection are people who will not believe even that they have the evidence but listen, God has his people everywhere and God uses this message to bring them to faith that there are countless thousands millions who actually do believe many more yet to fully we have this great responsibility as those who, by the grace of God have been brought to faith in Jesus Christ as our risen returning Savior.

We have a great obligation to take that same gospel that saved us them and we do it may God himself practiced father, we thank you for these great doctrines in life. At the very core of that religion which you yourself abroad in the world religion is focused on Jesus Christ of Mama's Christianity father, we thank you for that firm foundation for ourselves because we needed.

Thank you for that firm foundation that were able to proclaim to others. Thank you for the power of the Holy Spirit blesses that message did it in the past continues to do it at the present time brings people to faith in the Savior's grace to fulfill our responsibility if we know it's those who have not yet believed or committed themselves to Christ. We pray that you will use these words, the study bring them that life saving commitment to success.

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