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Wise and Foolish Builders

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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October 14, 2020 8:00 am

Wise and Foolish Builders

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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October 14, 2020 8:00 am

The best phrases always become clichs. To be or not to be. Opening Pandoras box. Building your house on the rock. But hold onthat last one wasnt from Shakespeare or mythology but from Jesus. Maybe its worth looking again at this clich to make sure we really know what it means. Stay tuned as Dr. Boice talks about building on the rock.


Some of the best phrases can sometimes almost become cliché to be or not to be opening Pandora's box building your house on the rock but hold on that last one wasn't from Shakespeare or mythology, but from Jesus.

Maybe it's worth looking again at this old saying to make sure we really know what it means. Stay tuned as Dr. James Boyce talks about building on the rock. Welcome to the Bible study our radio and Internet program with Dr. James Boyce preparing you to think and act quickly in Luke six Jesus talks about wise and foolish builders. We know ahead of time that the one who builds on a good solid foundation is the wise one, but what's the story behind the story.

What does it mean, let's listen now to Dr. Boyce. I've never met anyone or heard of anyone who has been foolish enough to build a major structure intended to be lasting without a foundation and I suppose that's normal because if anybody tried to do that that would be the height of folly.

We recognize that the only thing we build without foundations or sand castles.

Yet if that's all. As I believe it is somewhat of a surprise to realize that there people are doing that with their lives spiritually building a life on the basis of the decisions they make. Day in and day out what they do their part. I'm kind of commitments they make, what values they place uppermost and many people are doing that without foundations. The tragedy of that is that in storms of life is like the sand castles by the seashore when they meet the waves of the sea lions are swept away and made shipwreck or more must of known people like that in his day because he told this parable to people like this. There were people apparently who had come around and see was teaching and would fasten upon what he was saying. Apparently enraptured by our Lord's great ability at communication and perhaps even some degree with the substance of his teaching. I listen to what he said and they professed to believe that they even professed to have him as their Lord because when they approach it with a question or some such thing, that say, old Lord, more of the polymerase people as this was on the surface was all profession was any practice as our Lord said they said worn Lord, but they didn't do the things that he said so is the people like this he told this parable he said you know it's like a man who is trying to build a house wise man is one who digs down and found finds a foundation finds rock on which to build.

When he builds his house. The builds it firmly on that foundation. He doesn't want anything to shake it. Then when he builds like that and the storm, says it does that kind of house stands for is the kind of person who doesn't do what I said. I merely only here's what I say this person is like a man. He builds his house without a foundation. He did want to go to the trouble of digging deep.

He certainly did want to go to the extra expense of building upon walking to set up his house on the sand and when the storm came as it certainly was going to do this house was swept away entirely earlier Lord told us more than once it's recorded here in the sixth chapter of Luke in one setting and we find the same thing in the sermon on the Mount. Toward the end of Matthew seven in quite a different setting that setting our Lord says everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on slam rain came down, the streams rose, the winds blew and beat against that house, and it felt great crash of the point of this, you see is it has to do with people who have heard Christ's teachings and people even go about making a profession where those teachings are concerned. This is not dealing with the utterly ungodly Christ is talking about the person who never even listens because he doesn't want to hear you talking about the person does hear the person does, the person who does attend. Does profess saying the fault you say is not that they are not hearing the right things are professing the right things but that they're not practicing what they profess that kind of religion according to the Lord Jesus Christ is empty in vain and as foolish as personal bills without a foundation for people who build wisely and there are people who build a foolish wagon.

We want to ask ourselves the question, are we building wisely or are we building foolishly. That's something we have to search our own hearts, cornice the Holy Spirit to give us understanding. Here's this foolish builder.

First of all, one who seems to be all right.

The point of this, of course, on the surface this person seems to be like the man whose house is built upon the rock why he's there in the Christian assembly.

He's attending upon the teaching of the word is going through the practice of the sacraments and all these things he supposed to know he doesn't actually do. And so, although he looks like those whose lives are strong to other people and perhaps even to himself, is not actually strong.

There's that fatal weakness within which is going to bring about a collapse of the structure assume as a storms of adversity strike. I think of a kind of personal illustration along that line that comes from some travel.

I did years ago, I traveled as a student several summers in Europe and on one of these occasions. Toward the end of the summer of travel. I came back to this country on the student ship sailed out of Rotterdam to New York. I thought when I got on board the ship was probably the smallest thing that was allowed on the ocean. The only people they would allow to write on it were students because they were dispensable and I thought well if you're a storms abroad were in for a rocky time as you certainly were. As I was to find out is also slow the board in one afternoon set sail about DOS again the next morning we got up we were still in the English Channel.

I was sure I could still see Holland. We sailed for two more days and we were still inside of lands in England when we crossed the North Atlantic and made our way down the Newfoundland coast and this was the hurricane season, the number of storms were churning up the ocean. I had an experience on that ship that I never hope to have again.

I had an experience of what it is. The sink, but not actually do it. We were sitting out in the back of the ship and lease storms as you went through them, I found that several things happen sometimes the waves come sideways and sometimes they come toward the bow.

Now when there sideways. You fall out of your bunk and rocked back and forth violently when it comes toward the bow. You don't have that danger, but if you stand on the rear of the ship, you think it's going to sink. I remember standing on the back of this thing where we were getting some sun and watch us go up one of these real highways and you thought you were going to glory. And then it went down on the other side of the way you saw the water in come up over the bow of the ship and over the cockpit of the ship and you thought you were going right down into the trough and then it would shun a real hard come back up. We tossed around that way for nine days like a cork in the bathtub in the first time we had any call whatsoever is when we sailed in the New York harbor did it at night. I wanted the experience so I stayed up most of the night. My watch as we came in along the coast of Long Island. I could see the lights of the harbor and then returned we went on up into the harbor. We anchored their then I waited on board the ship as the dawn began to come up over New York City and I remember looking off the bow of the ship and seeing these gray big powers of downtown Manhattan thinking house. All of that was and how much nicer it would be to be there on dry land than the way I spent the last nine days I tell that story in order to contrast this with number of years later, my family and I were in Europe and we were making our way down to Venice going by train would be an invalid zoning Italy and we went down the Malan then from Malan we took a train across the great Po Valley of northern Italy to Venice. We arrived there because of the particular timing of the strip at 1230 at night and is a wonderful time to get to Venice you ever engaged.

That is the time to arrive there with your fiancé the most romantic thing in the world. I remember sailing in to Venice in one of these little boats take you down grand Canal to the Piazza San Marco where our hotel was located in getting out there and thinking what beautiful beautiful place.

This was yet I knew was everybody else did the Venice was slowly sinking in the waters of the Adriatic Sea subway to see both of these cities were like they're both great ports, both great financial centers. They will have a great deal of beauty about them. Their tourist attractions. The one is anchored on better granted a Manhattan on the other is no foundations and sinking away. Lots of people are like that beautiful on the outside magnificent structures of religion building wives that anybody would look at it and say while marvelous people they are, but there's no foundation so they sink in the storms of life and are unable to stand by someone kind of individual. This is the one who does not practice the sayings of Christ. We looked out the other one and the other one is the one who knows Christ sayings and does them. Laura says a person does. This is like why it's person who builds his or her house on a rock as a means to build on a rock or to have a solid foundation. Well, one thing I most certainly means is to build on Jesus Christ as their Lord talking about his sayings but we remember when we think about is sayings that one thing he has in mind here is his teaching about himself.

He talked about the sin of man, but he said that he was the same.

Talk about our falling, but he said he came to bring the wisdom of God. He talked about our weakness, but he talked about his strength are insufficiency, his sufficiency, they said I am the bread of life. He said I am the water of life is that I am the resurrection and the life. Everything we need to say is wrapped up in him, so we talk about his sayings and practicing his sayings the very least, this means we must, only professing faith in actually stepping out in faith in Jesus.

Christ is a mean than to practice the sayings of Christ where his person is concerned, it means to commit yourself to live not merely to have an intellectual assent to the fact that Jesus is the son of God and the Savior but to have him be your son of God and your Savior. The tragedy of so much so called Christianity.

The people are there in the churches professing these things, but not actually putting them in the practice. Spurgeon has section in his writing somewhere what he says probably so many of you is that you talk about repentance. But you don't actually repentance and you discuss will be what you don't actually believe in you think about love, but you don't actually love and you recommend faith in Christ and coming to Christ which you don't actually come to him.

That's true. Jesus would say to people like that you know that's the way you're living recognize the folly of it because you're not really building up on a firm foundation of all I think we have to say that there is another side to that. What I really said you see is that you can't have the teachings of Christ. Without Christ, you can have somebody saying in Christ did not mean to teach this well all we need is his ethics go out and try harder. You can't do it get live up to Christ ethics what you need is Christ in you need faith in Christ, getting to be safe from your sins so you can have the teachings of Christ without Christ.this is the other side of notice as well. You can have Christ as teachings primarily when he's emphasizing here your people who come, saying, Lord, Lord, but they don't do what he says. Jesus said to them, if you love me you'll keep my commandments.

So the two go together.

You say you're going to build on the foundation you gotta build on Christ. You commit yourself to Christ. But at the same time you also like to build on what he says and do what he says and make back way of life. Your way of life. You don't do that you may be Savior going to be swept away, saved as Paul said in the Corinthian letters so as by fire.

Now what is Jesus talking about what is talking about putting his sayings and practice. I suppose he's talking about everything he said there's a particular context to this parable in Luke also in Matthew gives real substance to his teaching. Everything he says is involvement. When Jesus said this, he certainly had the teachings in mind to proceed parable the sermon on the Mount is very obvious. Six is almost the same thing. Look at some of these things. Blessed are you poor for yours is the kingdom of God. Blessed are you will hunger down for you will be satisfied. Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh. Blessed are you when men hate you when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil, because of the Son of Man, talking about their talking about poverty for its own sake is not saying that it's inherently better to be poor than to be rich. She's not talking about hunger for its own sake is not saying it's inherently better to be starving them to be well fed. It's not just some vague romantic intellectual commitment to the value of the poor life that's not what he say he saying no. Blessed are you when, for my sake and the sake of the kingdom you endorse such things when you are so concerned about spiritual values and proclaiming my kingdom in living by righteousness in the midst of an ungodly world that you actually suffer as a result of your profession. The lost of your goods hunger in the insult of other men and women personal lives like that person who puts my saying into practice and builds upon the rock, see what weight is as fooling around this way. On the other hand, if you do live this way well by my grace. There is going to be built within you. That kind of character, but the world wishes it had but doesn't have the kind of character that's going to stand up in adversity and adversity will call says in John V chapter man is born to trouble as the sparks fly upward know when you're young and you never had any trouble to speak up. You don't think that's true your side no life Scott either had a troubling number. Can I have any trouble. Yes, you are going to come. I mean, if nothing else going to die someday. That's trouble in the first quarter and I doubt very much about the first trouble you're going to have disappointments, romantic attachments and are not going to go well get married and things are not going to be quite as rosy as you mentioned, you're going to have to work your way difficulties lose jobs your children are going to disappoint you. You're going to get sick, you have pain, suffering, sorrow is the natural lot better women and it doesn't come sooner. It's going to come later going to escape those things. When Jesus says the person who builds son my saying this by actually putting them in the practice is the kind of person who's going to be able to stand in that day may say to you, as clearly as I can because it is true in times of prosperity any of the world's philosophies will do, especially those that give you an excuse for indulging yourself there plenty of them in times of trial's philosophies evaporate before the wind, the only thing that lasts is that conviction of those who know the Lord Jesus Christ gone loves us in spite of our sin minutes died for us in spite of our rebellion, and is provided for us through Jesus Christ, so that we have life and strength and endurance not only for this life, but for all eternity. In those times the one was built that into his life, but that into her life and stand firm.

I one last point is very simple one click this parable has to do entirely with professing Christians. Those who profess but don't practice those who profess but also practice would listen if Christ has this to say about those who profess these things will this teaching of knowledge and professor, but just don't put it into practice much to be said of the people don't even hear it or profess it if it's a case of the one who professes without practicing is like a man who built his house upon the sand. Well, at least he had a house. What are we to say of the one doesn't even hear it doesn't believe it doesn't give attention to it at all. He's like the person with no house whatsoever during that category or status, far worse than what Jesus invites you to do is to come to him and allow him to provide that home for you provides it now. It provides it in glories that I go to prepare a place for you. We said these come to do everything you need is of the parables of wisdom and folly.

This is the last of the ones were going to be considering why go on as the world does foolishly went up a wise spiritual things build up on Christ spray our father to turn this from that foolishness, sin causes us to work, even against our own best interests and instead instruct us by that wisdom from above, we might turn from that which is un-stable and is destined to perish build upon that one. It was the rock. Even Jesus Christ the Savior. Building upon him go on from strength to strength in good times and bad is living testimony to the power of his great grace, for we pray in Jesus name.

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