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The Start of the Missionary Era

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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August 31, 2020 8:00 am

The Start of the Missionary Era

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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August 31, 2020 8:00 am

Is faith alone enough to make you a child of Godor is there more to it? Do you have to do, or not do, certain things? Follow certain laws or traditions? These were hot questions for the early church, and they finally had a summit meeting to hash it out. Everybody who was anybody was there.

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What happens when you put a well sharpened tool in the hand of a skilled worker to do an important job while in this case, the job is spreading the word about Jesus. The worker is the Holy Spirit in the well sharpened tool is the church at Antioch. Keep listening now is Dr. James Boyce tells the story of the very first time a church never sent out the missionary and welcome to the Bible study our radio and Internet program with Dr. James Boyce preparing you to think and act quickly.

The church at Antioch was the right church at the right time.

It was well-established mature and diverse and God chose this church to send two of its members to travel and preach the gospel. Let's listen now together to Dr. Boyce latter how you outline the book of acts. It's privately evident evident everybody. I think that when we come to the 13th chapter of this book we enter upon a new stage in the expansion of the gospel here for the first time a solid church sends out missionaries and does so in obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit. I work missionary has to do with sending it comes to us from a Latin word to send Vito be Terry that if you remember how you did those things back in your Latin classes as it you were younger, have done that. The older one study Latin and I would go with me told me Terry me see me so I see the doctors monitoring BC me so that's where you get mission from its one who was sent to the mission of the church is the sending of people by the church of the leading of the Holy Spirit in other areas of the world where the name of Christ is not known and God in Christ is not worshiped. Now that's what happened here for the first time we read in these opening verses of the holy spirit said, set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I've called them and it says so after they have fasted and prayed. They placed their hands on them and they sent them off so there you have the beginning of the missionary era. I want to see a number of things about this any event of this nature of this magnitude is obviously of great importance. We need to study it to see what has so tell us about how the work should be done.

I want you to see the base from which it began the church out of which this great movement came. I want you to say the work of the Holy Spirit calling equipping sending blessing and then finally, I want you to see the task that was set before them. As is illustrated in the Worker Took Pl. in Cyprus. This first missionary target. This target province of the Roman Empire, but place to begin is with the church is important because the church was the tool God used God is sovereign in all affairs of this world all things besides and therefore God does what God will do.

Nobody's going to frustrate God does what God does through pools and in the case of evangelization of missionary work through the God uses as his people to church.

Here we have a great example of a church strong church believing church of active churches seeking church to say the things about this church that emerged just from these few verses that introduce small notice that it was an established church was in a fly-by-night church is a church we've already seen go back to the 11th chapter you find there.

How this church came into being told in the 11th chapter that the number were scattered by the persecution in connection with Stephen travel to Phoenicia, Cyprus and Antioch in the sum of them and from Cyprus and so Irene went to Antioch and there began to speak to the Greeks as well. So here we have an account back in chapter 11 of the founding of this church. A number of years of past which important things that happened during all this time buying our way of thinking on a long long period of time.

Of several years. This churches become soundly established was a time we saw when we were setting the early chapters.

When the polar sites in Jerusalem leaders, at least those who thought they were wondered if anything sounded really take place in the Gentile community. They were worried about it so they sent people up there to investigate.

They did and they came back and they said that everything was all right. The church really was doing well and so that's what you have. First of all, a church that is well-established, well based church is floundering church that is inadequate even to its own needs a church that doesn't know where it's coming from or where it's going or what its task is what he believes. Well church like that isn't likely to be of much use of the missionary enterprise here was a church move relatively new and yet which in a very short time would become very sound and deep so that's the first thing secondly it was a church that had been well taught already alluded to that.

When I talked about it being established because it's through the teaching, in part, that the church was established that this is made very clear in section to sell chapter 13 begins in the church of Antioch.

There were prophets and teachers is plural. In each case more than one profit and more than one teacher.

Others: and begins the list of Barnabas, Simeon called Niger CSO's Irene Monet and I would been brought up with Herod the tetrarch, and Saul. I count them up and you see that that's five.

I don't know. That list is exhaustive list might merely be a suggestion of food, prophets and teachers are but I suggested is at least setting before us.

Those who are very active and very effective in the teaching of this church would be marvelous to have a church that was plastered and taught by such prophets and teachers of Barnabas son of comfort was so effective in the missionary enterprise himself and Simeon Lucius and Monet and I and I asked with at least man, a very great intellect. Very powerful teacher as well as a missionary in the church. This man, Saul, about whom the second half of the book is concerned, that's the second thing you had an established church, and you have a church and been very thoroughly taught matter of fact, when we were reading about earlier. Recall that Barnabas what he came to the church recognize the need for teaching and searching about in his mind for somebody that could help in the task. He thought for Saul. He went all the way up to Turkey to get it in Paul's hometown of Tarsus and he brought them back because he knew that this was the plan that could establish the church with the kind of teaching the needed and so you have that as well.

Thirdly was very mixed church. I need to say is, it was an integrated church so I'm sure they didn't use that word there and when I use the word integrated means integrated in a far broader sense of we normally think about it here. We talk about integration in this country we think of an integration of black and white and that was included, but it wasn't only that it was an integration of those who presumably were from lower levels of society. The disadvantage perhaps they were slaves, many of them because at any given time. About half of those living in the Roman Empire were slave slaves to the other half in any community.

The slaves did most of the work of the gospel tended to spread among the slaves so they must've been slaves, but at the same time as we read this there was at least one and perhaps others. A very high station and there were those who were very poorly educated in the were those who very well educated and there were Greeks and there were Jews, so this church had within itself a collection of all these various diverse groupings of the Roman Empire groupings I might add, which in the Roman Empire had very little to do with one another. Greeks did much like the Romans. Romans didn't much like the Greeks, the Jews did much like anybody the rich despise the poor. The poor hated the rich, and so on. The educated look down on those who were uneducated, but not in the church in Antioch.

It's interesting just to look at these names. These five names tell is an enormous amount about the church, Barnabas, first of all we know who he wants.

He was a Levite, that's a priest and you didn't cover Jerusalem came from Cyprus so he was a Jew of the Diaspora.

I would mean a Jew who was very much in touch with Greek culture, perhaps very sympathetic to it that Sue Barabbas was Simeon was called Niger, now Niger means black people have surmised, I think I'm very sound grounds of this was a man of black skin was a Negro and he was in the church was Lucius Lucius's Irene. Now if you remember last verse I read a few moments ago from the 11th chapter were told that it was men from Cyprus and Sirena went to Antioch and began there to speak to Greeks. So here we have a man, a leader in the church Lucius of Sirena mentioned now to several years later, presumably I think very sound basis for the lovely we can say this was one of the men who went there to the church so this was a missionary Lucius's name, incidentally, is a Latin name so he was brought up in a Roman culture and had black name was Monet and bananas a Greek form of a Hebrew name, so this man may have been Jewish or he may have been great, but the significant thing mentioned about them is that he had been brought up with Herod the tetrarch that is her inadequacy as the third of the five Herod said I was introducing last week when I was talking about the death of Herod Agrippa. The first this was the Herod who had killed John the Baptist. We know little bit about him, because in some of the sordid details of his life and things that happened. This was the heritage with whom this man had been brought up, so he was a prince by position and a very high station who knew the Herod's ruling dynasty through all of the people that were important in the kingdom. But here he wants a Christian associating only other Christians in this place is interesting is that these two boys brought together one Herod who killed John the Baptist and became involved in the trial of Jesus Christ and gave not the slightest indication of any spiritual sensitivity who Jesus was, or any interest in it whatsoever. Response and here's this other matter was brought up with him who, by the grace of God becomes Christian here is not only a leader in the church but is numbered among the prophets the teachers in the last Baller Saul, former Pharisee, rigorous Jew, an enemy of the church in his early days, but who had been turned from Latin was now building up the faith which he had once sought to destroy less interesting assignment. Here we have a church that established church that is well taught and valued, teaching, and the church is integrated demonstrating in the diversity of its membership.

The unity of all people within the body of Jesus Christ. What church would have been better equipped to go out of my place in the all the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ to go to the Greeks and the Romans of the barbarians in the fray wherever they may be found in say the gospel is for you. They would cite how do you know that I could say honestly the way it functions in our church bracket Antioch Alexa got a church that could be powerful in the missionary enterprise. I suppose it's obvious that I need to point out also that this was a church that had a multiple ministry all of the early churches had multiple ministries as we read about them here in Paul's letters, Paul went to a place he had someone with him. I preached and taught, and when they left the church behind them. They appointed leaders of the church and it always says that when they appointed leaders. They appointed leaders plural that is more than one elders and the place is the word is actually used.

We've fallen away from that in our time. We have pattern of establishing churches or churches or the hands of one minister and we say well he's the pastor… Drop it and do it so on. Churches are weaker because of that person should have multiple ministries at the very least, churches should use the gifts of all the members because that's why God is given the gifts of the way the body of Jesus Christ is intended to function, but even in the established leadership as we would say today, the ordained leadership. There should be a plurality of these. Wherever possible, and above all, when mission work is being done we make a great mistake when we send a missionary out before field or play cement city where he or she is isolated from other people and say go to it rather go to a sister Lord bless you that's not the way it should be done here was a church that had multiple ministry appreciated a multiple ministry and when they dispatch their missionaries to go out and start to work elsewhere, they sent more than one Barnabas and Saul were the official missionaries were told later on in verse five that John was with the Mets.

John Mark was related to Barnabas was his cousin and so the three of them went to carry on a mission once.

Can we say about this church really looking here at three verses but think all the things that are in it was established church well taught church integrated church church with a multiple ministry notice of it is also a worshiping praying church very active in his worship of God. This congregation told in verse two. That is, while they were worshiping the Lord and fasting that the Holy Spirit spoke to them. Sometimes churches become active mistake and is active in the sense that excludes other things are so anxious to do one type of social worker another that they forget that the source of power in the ministry comes from God and they lose contact with him but that was not true of this church although it was an active church. It was a church that was blazing new Brown identity glorious way. But it's a church that know that it's life came from God and it would abandon his worship of God to its own peril. So it's church knew how to worship that is made together and praise God and acknowledging his attributes in the church to the same time you pray when finally I mentioned five things let me mention the six of us are seeking church as I was seeking church because of the word fasting. Sometimes when I read in the commentaries I come across humorous things and one person who wrote a commentary obviously who fasted very little explained that the course what fasting means is that sometimes when you're working on your sermon.

You get so involved with it that you skip a meal while I often do that and if that's the case I do fast fast often, but that's not what this is talking about fasting in the Bible whenever that use always means to forgo food for a time, in order that in a spiritual frame of mind giving the time to spiritual things one might seek out God's new direction for the phase of life is what fasting always means so here you have a church was fasting and I gather from that word that it was seeking was a church that was seeking the role that it should play in world missions. And after all, why not this church knew the great commission lacks begins with those who were the early preachers of the gospel undoubtedly shared it and here was the apostle Paul who at the time of his conversion had been told by God through the Holy Spirit that he was to be the missionary to the Gentiles. Years had gone by perhaps Paul had been talking about this saying I think perhaps it's time for me to get on with the task of the church in Antioch was saying. Perhaps it's time for us to do something about it. After all, people from other places brought us the gospel we have been the benefit of others hard work. Maybe now is the time for us to get on and do something useful.

I didn't want to do it on their own. They didn't just want to take this upon themselves, but they waited upon the Lord may slot his face like and reconstruct their prayers. I think they were saying God is a time for us to take some of those who are great leaders among ops and send them away to carry the gospel to places that have not received it to those who do not know about Jesus Christ see as no surprise to read that it wasn't a prayer meeting like that of the Holy Spirit spoke and said, set apart for me Barnabas and Saul. Let's first thing here you have a church which is what a church should be the tool ready sharp and willing for God to use the second thing we have an emphasis upon the Holy Spirit and that's say upon God, who uses his tool because admissions is to be anything it does going to have to be God's work you and I can sit around and say well there's lots of things it should be done.

What will it be we can hold a vote decide what were going to do it and we do in our own strength. Nothing is going to happen. Our efforts will be just as fruitful as the efforts of Peter would've been at Pentecost of the Holy Spirit and not come Peter would've stood up before the very people who had been instrumental in crucifying his master would've condemned them for their sin, repentance is not one of them would've repented medevac they would very likely bend Peter what they did to Jesus.

When the Holy Spirit came as the Holy Spirit did and led Peter to speak as Holy Spirit did lead him to speak on that occasion when Peter opened his mouth, which a day earlier would've been utterly fruitless became fruitful at 3000 believed and the same way here in Antioch is these people sought will of God the Holy Spirit.

The author of the missionary enterprise intervened and spoke and led and as were going to say blessed what these first missionaries did someone is called actually taxable Holy Spirit is a very good title because here we see the Holy Spirit at work I said earlier when we first began to think about the Holy Spirit back when we were studying the second chapter that the single most important thing to get into our mind when we talk about Holy Spirit is whether the Holy Spirit is a person or a power lots of people who think of the Holy Spirit is a power we already saw one example of where that leaves earlier in the book in chapter 8 concern Simon the magician who saw what the early preachers were doing Peter and the others send who was so impressed with the power that they demonstrated through the Holy Spirit that he wanted some game to them and offered to buy it because of course that's what he was thinking he was thinking of as a thing of power that somehow they had gotten hold of and were able to use computer had very strong words for him.

He said you have no part in the things you don't even understand what it is you're talking about.

Repent before the judgment of God comes under the Holy Spirit is not a power for you to grab and use something that way the country Holy Spirit is a person. Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead and by contrast, while we think of power something for us to see use when we think of the Holy Spirit is a person, it's perfectly evident that the Holy Spirit is to get hold of us and use us. So here you have a great contrast in chapter 8 Simon wanting to get in use Holy Spirit. The powers he conceded and here in chapter 13 Holy Spirit getting old Barnabas and Saul in order that he might use them. I noticed something interesting here that when the Holy Spirit spoke and said, set apart for me.

The people that he chose to have set apart with the two most gifted men in the church how it's possible that we are reading a bit much into the text. When we say that we don't know much about the work of Simeon Lucy Esserman, then we do know, at least so far as we have any information at all that Saul was the most effective person in all this first century of the expansion of the Christian message of the gospel and Barnabas must've been right up there with them. Barnabas, as mentioned earlier, the book is mentioned lately see him again.

Certainly, in the judgment of Luke was the historian of the early church leaders were true great outstanding man in the point I'm making is of the Holy Spirit shows them that say something about the importance which God the Holy Spirit puts upon world missions. I know people in the church say they don't believe in missions read the Bible but they don't believe in missions.

I believe in getting the local work a believe in supporting things they can say, but to give mission work abroad, or send people abroad. The people abroad take care of that.

That's the way they think is not the way the Holy Spirit thinks or over, the Holy Spirit doesn't just say well your older people out there to be reached Jefferson somebody so pick out someone you can spare and send him or send her Holy Spirit and think that way.

Holy Spirit says pick the best and if you listen to me, that's what I'll do, I'll pick the very best. I have a version of this which I sometimes share what I'm talking in seminaries and it goes like this.

It has to do with the way we evaluate different positions in the church. We tend to think of a young man is coming out through seminary, and he is of average gifts that he should perhaps pastor a church and if he has slightly above average gifts he should pastor the big church, but if he has exceptional gifts, he should be a professor in the school of theology and I to say in the schools of theology that actually that's not the way it should be that the people in the schools of theology should be less gifted of the most gifted man should be in the pastorate. That's where they should be.

I said that many times many different places. I must admit, however, when I come to this site sensor. Perhaps I've only seen half of the story. If you're speaking of the most gifted people. Those who have the most outstanding gifts, teaching, evangelism, administration, and strengthen diversity in all those things that go into making someone so strong and effective in Christian work then it's true, is it not that they should go in the world missions and then after that, the pastor, so I might say are pretty close to that or ought to be in their ability, and after that some where far down the line you have the professors of theology, many of whom at least of the schools I attended. I didn't think a great deal of anyway. Now I think although I'm exaggerating it that perhaps we have an insight here into the minds of God's set apart for me Barnabas and Saul says Holy Spirit for the work to which I called them while one more thing about the Holy Spirit before we moved a lot. We see that the Holy Spirit called these men noticed that he didn't just call them. He went with them as they went see that very clearly because later on when they run in the trouble and pathos connection with this man who stood against them were told in verse nine.

Then Saul who is also called Paul, filled with the Holy Spirit and that nice to know you know that you know you wouldn't dare go outside and attempt to do the work of a missionary because missionaries go by definition to places where the gospel is not hurting where the gospel is not heard or is not been heard.

Life is dark, the opposition is strong, the antagonism to the God of the Scriptures is intense expressed quite often in opposition and hatred of the missionary. I would anybody dare to do that unless the Holy Spirit is along say Holy Spirit is called us to the task goes with us as we go in empowers us for the work well then we can go we can say I will not fear what man will do to me because God is leading out of God's leading God will bless. So that's the way it is. So far, here we have the church the tool and then we have the Holy Spirit was going to use this tool in the task. That's the past which we, that's the last thing most of this section that we been reading is about. It is about this missionary work in Cyprus Cypress was an island large island lay off the coast of Turkey to the south for West from Antioch and it's the place from which Barnabas came. I don't know if that was part of their decision to go there, but it may very well been Barnabas may have said, I know the island would be a good place to start, and I know many many cities that have never heard the gospel extruder and a few people that perhaps are gone there, but it needs to hear the gospel.

So let's go there.

Let's start out in that direction. And so they did. I took a ship sailing from solution. The ports near Antioch on the coast to Cyprus arriving at Salama's. That was the city closest to cirrhosis on the east and then traveled from there all away across Cyprus going westward until they came to the direct opposite side of the island in the West and the South. This town pathos. I suppose it is a traveled they spoken as they spoke, people believed Lucas's great historian and is not interested merely in chronicling a long list of names for our benefit. Names of people that we would know or understand what he wants to do is in caps a little bit of what the work of Cyprus was about. So instead of telling us what happens… In the little village outside of Seleucids of the little town.

After that, in the town after that is about one incident here in Pappas and it becomes sort of open window into what was going on in this first great attempt to bring the gospel to a new area of the world. We see a number of things and the things we see here become characteristic of what happens from this point on throughout the entire book we see in the first place an opportunity and then we see opposition and then we see the empowering of the missionaries or preachers of the gospel to meet the opposition and finally receive the blessing or the success of God gives well in this case the opportunity was the invitation from Sergius Paulus to have them come and speak to them from word of God was a great opportunity. This was the first great missionary effort and already here with Donna Pappas this man Sergius Paulus. It was the head of the entire Providence asked him to come and speak about the gospel we read that word proconsul does mean a lot to us. Some of our minds right suggest Mayor Buddy was more important than the mayor might suggest Councilman but it was more than that because of many. Councilman is only one proconsul proconsul was ahead of an Imperial province that senatorial province, one that was responsible to the Senate in which the Senate of Rome ruled now there's an interesting detail here that speaks about the historical accuracy of Luke as an historian.

This island of Cyprus had been annexed by Rome as part of its empire in 57 BC Rome occupied it and then after it was settled and partly settled the liking of Rome became part of the greater province of Cilicia, which was to the north that is in the southern coast of Turkey that happened in 55 BC. After that it was made a separate province that happened in 27 BC and during all that time it was responsible to the Emperor Al when an Emperor. Ruled province.

He always had. Amanda was responsible to him and Imperial legate but now in the year 22 BC the rule of Cyprus passed from direct rule by the Emperor. Ruled by the Senate. As I have indicated when that happened. The man who was in charge of the province was no longer an Imperial like it, which spoke of his relationship to the Emperor but he was a proconsul which spoke of his relationship to the Senate around so you see it's no accident but token a great accuracy on Luke's part. When he describes this man gives his title.

He describes him as a proconsul.

Cyprus is ruled by a proconsul at the time of Paul's visit but not for all those many years prior to 22 BC. So here you have accuracy on the part of Luke and here you have a great very important man asking to hear the gospel so there's the opportunity then there was the opposition is man whose name was LMS or who was also called bar Jesus Manna gave out that he had prophetic ability.

Lots of people like this floating around the ancient world they would get into positions of power because they would pretend that they have special insight into what was going to happen. They would go through all the rights of the aircraft and then they would advise those who had to make decisions which way to go in this man apparently had done that to them along the Barnabas and Saul are preaching another gospel in this man recognizes rightly that if Sergius Paulus proconsul begins to give attention to them.

His days as an influential person Cyprus are numbered so he begins to oppose the gospel is everything he can to turn the proconsul from listening to it and here is where they power and presence of the Holy Spirit is mentioned in a special way to think of course Holy Spirit was bought with Paul and Barnabas earlier. Certainly he wants. He had been with them in their choice to be sanctioned that he accompanied them in their travels blessed their witness earlier and out of the other people become Christians and churches have been established here in a special way with a special opposition Holy Spirit fills Paul and Paul speaks in a powerful way to voice God's judgment on this man. He calls him a son of the devil is because the name he went by was bar Jesus which meant son of Jesus. Jesus was a popular name.

It doesn't necessarily refer to Jesus Christ. Though it may refer to Jesus Christ gospel was spreading.

By this time of this man was taking a name that indicated that he was somebody important, he might in a superficial way of taken the name son of Jesus that is was that prophet lived in Nazareth was crucified over there long ago I'm in that line why I can prophesy the same way any right that's the name he gave himself and that's what he put out that he was about Paul speaks and says you are actually the son of the devil not bar Jesus but bar devil because your opposing work of God pronounces judgment on and that he was going to be blind for a time, so he was unable to see until later because it indicates was temporary God gave him back his site.

This made a great impression on the proconsul as well.

It might, the story concludes by saying immediately speaking out of the sorcerer mist and darkness came over him and he groped about, seeking someone to lead him by the hand and the proconsul saw what happened to be believed, he was amazed at the teaching about the Lord number of the commentators? The nature of that belief, they say. After all, there's a kind of belief that is mere impression. There is a kind of belief that the devils have really saved. I wonder whether the man was actually say there's a way to limited evidence of any change in his life. Well course, we don't. Not much is told about them at all. Use missionaries move on were going to see more about their journey I think is no reason to doubt that he really did believe it was safe heard the gospel responded to it and so became along with others, the nucleus of a church which was founded there and has endured all down through the ages, even the presence time we come to the end of the story you seen the church was the tool that God used saw the power and initiative of the Holy Spirit to use that tool and then we saw the task we saw how God blessed and it's just one more thing I like you to see by way of conclusion and that concerns Paul the middle of the story first time Paul is called Paul for the very first time before this he was Saul. Saul being his Hebrew name. I was called Paul.

Paul being a Roman name and perhaps that reason Mrs. start of the missionary enterprise. Paul is leading if she's going to be the great missionary to the Roman world. Perhaps that's the reason there is an interesting change here that goes beyond that. Look back to the first two you'll find the words. Barnabas and Saul Holy Spirit said separate permit Barnabas and Saul in verse seven that when Sergius Paulus and for them. He said send for Barnabas and Saul, then in the verse, which I called attention Saul becomes Paul and in verse 13 says Paul and his companions to go over further to the end of the chapter to verse 42 you find the words Paul and Barnabas as a member of the true names since the start of this Barnabas was leader you been in the faith longer and it was very effective. He was the one recruited Paul at the time came as God works sovereignly and these two men's lives. Paul became the leader and after that it's Paul and Barnabas about Barnabas and Paul case of lesser becoming the greater. I suppose the greater becoming lesser by mentioning for this reason Paul had been a very long time in second place, or 10th Pl. in the hundreds place whatever he wants even converted in Damascus and it was a powerful conversion and he undoubtedly spoke about the text tells us he did any began to preach to the Jews proving from the Scriptures that Jesus was indeed the Christ, and he did that was blessed you know by this time, many, many long years of gone by Paul himself writes about it in his letter to the Galatians. Much later, he says, was three years before it even got up to Jerusalem to meet Peter something we've seen here earlier in the books of those three years went by and then he wasn't received well in Jerusalem, but he went back to Turkey to his hometown of Tarshish, and perhaps he was active there, but he faded from sight people almost forgot about them in Artemis was the only one I remembered.

Went to get it meant as people try to put these things together adding years to it.

It was perhaps about seven years spent in that so by now. 10 years of gone by, and there were two years here with the work in Antioch, and so perhaps that's two more 12 years. Paul it already been active in well on his way to success. A rising star in Judaism before any of that happens I was a man who is going well on in the middle age, said he was going to be great missionary to the Gentiles. But all these years gone by. He had been called and he hadn't been used was just Paul, the one who formally had persecuted the church which is the last call came all the years of preparation came to a fulfillment.

Paul began in the power of God to lead this enterprise to which God himself, set them apart. Many of you may be gotten a time of preparation. Don't cut it short.

Don't worry about that. We talk about missions was very important. Don't give up on that. But don't give up on the time of preparation, either you notice close accounts with God stay close to God, study, learn, serve, do all you can and it may well be that in the years were going to look back in time just like this and say there was John Smith. There was Mary Jones service Bill Lewis Leverett, baby somebody that we warning pay much attention to the time somebody was just preparing somebody when the Holy Spirit obviously called, set apart to work in land and equipped and empowered, blessed are going to say Lori B to God. That's what missions is all about missions doesn't bring glory to the missionary missions brings glory to God because of his enterprise is his work from first to last spring, our father, we look at the characters in the Bible and we want to see ourselves as them in the days of their success of the greatest blessing we like to think of ourselves as Paul standing on an outcropping of rock in Athens proclaiming the message to the Greek philosophers are Peter, and his greatest moments we forget that these men long years of preparation.

All of them. Barnabas was an example quite willing to take the second of the third of the 10th Pl., only moving forward as you lead when you did lead stepping forward powerfully. While we would pray that you would use these years, many lives represented here, especially Liza Leong.

Use these years in fervent effective preparation.

Lewis, we pray the privilege give us the joy of calling.

Many of them setting them apart this great missionary task blessing them so that others years from now look back and say isn't wonderful. They were called. More than that is in its wonderful how the Holy Spirit blessed glory will be given to you, father, son and Holy Spirit.

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You can also write the alliance at Box 2000, Philadelphia PA 19103, you can visit us for Canadian gifts mail those 2237 Rouge Hills Dr., Scarborough, ON M1C 2Y9 ask for your free resource catalog featuring books, audio commentaries, booklets, videos, and a wealth of other materials from outstanding reformed teachers and theologians. Thank you again for your continued support and for listening to Bible study out

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