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Praise the Lord

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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August 9, 2020 8:00 am

Praise the Lord

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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August 9, 2020 8:00 am

Its a sad, contemporary trend that many modern churches have departed from a style of worship centered around God, as all true Christian adoration should be. Today, Dr. James Boice continues his study of how worship has changed, offering instructions on the subject from Psalm 135.

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The word worship had its origin of the word worthy.

It meant describing to God. His supreme worth. We have a praiseworthy God and he's to be worshiped for his inherent goodness and grace and for his elective love.

A love that does not spring from anything we've accomplished or any intrinsic goodness found within us and welcome to the Bible study our radio and Internet broadcast with Dr. James Bortz preparing you to think and act biblically despite the original meaning and intent of the word. The trend in modern worship shows just how far many churches have strayed from its true purpose and had instead embraced a feel-good style that pleases man more than God. Join Dr. Boyce as he continues his study of what worship really should be and to whom it should be directed as indicated in Psalm 135 not long ago I was invited to take part worship service from another country was our and 1/2 long for congregations had gotten together to hold the service and it was advertised as the time on the four different congregations could worship God together.

I was a lively service. About half of it was music led by a youthful worship and music team that were overheads and choruses was even one him my part of the service was about 40 minutes longer. Was Scripture reading because I had asked them to read a portion of the Bible that I was going to preach on that morning. But what impressed me about the service was its lack of the traditional worship elements, especially since this was a Sunday morning and because the service had been advertised as a worship service for the for congregations was no indication was no confession of sin. No pastoral prayer and all of the was a Scripture reading. It was only because I had given it in now service but it was part of what I regard as a sad contemporary Trenton that it shows how far our churches, particularly our evangelical churches have departed from that older better worship that was genuinely God centered as all true Christian worship should be brings us to Psalm 135 we been studying for the last 15 Psalms.

Those Psalms of Ascent that the pilgrims apparently signed together as they made their way up to the city of Jerusalem for one of the three annual feasts that were supposed to be attended by all the male Jews. Psalms 122 134. We begin a new section here with Psalm 135.

It's the final section of the Psalter. It emphasizes worship or praise of God. Specifically, and this Psalms on the leads that off tells us who should worship God and why now, it signals the fact that this is the start of a new section by the words praise the Lord already saw that in the preceding Psalm, which was the climax or peak of the Psalms of Ascent here in verse one, Psalm 135 we find those words not in Hebrew is only one word is word hallelujah we know it very well. It occurs seven times in the small blessed week miss that.

That's what's happening here. If I do twice at the beginning of verses one and two, you find it five more times.

At the end, verses 19 through 21. And besides these imperatives, the single word praise either as a verb verses one and 21 are not in verse three occurs four times more so since the songbook begins and ends with these words as a way of saying that all of life should be seen as an opportunity of praising God and to be filled with praise God. The noteworthy feature of this particular Psalm that every verse in it either echoes quotes or is quoted by some other part of Scripture is probably a way of saying that the theme of this particular Psalm worship or praise of God was regarded as central to the Christian life by all of the other biblical writers. If I wasn't a for clearly marked parks is an opening called to worship invitation in verses one and two, there is the specific worship section explaining why God should be praised. Verses 3 to 14 and is a contrast between the one true God and implement gods of the heathen verses 15 to 18. And then there is the final section, calling on all who know God praise him, so it ends with praise just as it began. Now if we had been living in England in the days of the formation of the English language as we know it.

Between the time of Geoffrey Chaucer on the one hand, and William Shakespeare on the other, we wouldn't even use the word worship we would have spelled it out the way it actually is intended and would've spoken of worth ship what we would have meant by that is that when we refer to someone as being worthy, we are giving them the honor or the recognition they deserve. We were using at of the king. For example, we would be saying that their king is an noteworthy person that is is worth is worth noting, and used in regard to God, we would be saying that in worship what we are doing is ascribing to God is true worth. I will over time worth ship which became a little awkward to say became worship. That's what worship actually means that refers to praising God as he has revealed himself to be by the creation and also specifically in his written word, the Bible now since worship means to attribute worth to worship God rightly is to ascribe to him supreme worth because he alone is supremely worthy of the first thing that has to be said about worship. Worship is honoring praising God for who we truly is now worship also has bearing on the worshiper. Of course, which means it changes what it was worshiping God. That's the second most important thing to be said about it. No one ever truly comes to know honor or worship God without being changed in the process.

Probably the best definition of worship that I've ever come across was from the former Archbishop of Canterbury, William Temple and it goes like this, to worship is quick and the conscience by the holiness of God to feed the mind with the truth of God to purge the imagination by the beauty of God to open the heart to the love of God and to devote the will to the purpose of God that when I definition the attributes of God are foremost, you go back and look at it, you find that it's talking about the holiness of God. The truth of God. The beauty of God, the love of God and the purposes of God.

But these up there, rightly understood change us by number one quickening the conscience number two beating the minds number three purging the imagination number for opening the heart and number five the building or winning the will now that's what worship is and how it affects the one.

It was truly worshiping. According to this all and according to other specific worship portions of Scripture and what it suggests is that if we are not quickened, then purged open to God and deepens in our spiritual understanding the devotion we really are not worshiping whatever else we may be doing the heart of the song is in the four stanzas that occupy verses 3 to 14 because it's in these verses that God is actually praise these praise because he alone is praise worthy. These verses give reasons why introduce several of them by the word for which is a synonym for the word because, for example, praise the Lord for the Lord is good because he's good. That's why you want to praise them three or four. The Lord has chosen Jacob to be as honest because he is chosen Jacob that he should be praised.

Verse four or verse 14 for the Lord will vindicate his people is because he will do that they should be praised King James version uses that same word to produce verse five, but all in all there are many reasons throughout these verses why we should be praising about that because look at a few of the first of all because of God's inherent goodness. This is the first thing that is said about God. In verse three. Praise the Lord for the Lord is good.

Derek Kidner is one of the great commentators on the Psalms, and he says at this point. This is one of three related verses in the Psalter in which we are reminded that the Lord's name that is the reputation he deserves is good. Psalm 52 verse nine that he himself is good. 135, verse three. That's what were studying and that praising him is good. Psalm 147 verse one, further, that both his name here and the act of worship are delightful about what could be more basic than that to acknowledge that God is good thing.

Of course, because God is supremely good he is and thank goodness himself, just as God is love itself.

God is love and God is good. At the very name of God is a shortened form of the good though you think of all the ways in which God is good he is good in all things and in all ways he is good in himself.

His wisdom is good. His knowledge is good. His judgment is good.

His power is good. His works are good when God was creating the universe.

After each step of the creation. He stepped back as it were, and looked at what he had made and said it is good. And so it was nothing that God has ever done.

Could possibly be done better and it's the same in matters of salvation God's thoughts toward us are good. It was good that he loved us and chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world the way he chose to save us was good. It was good that he sent Jesus Christ at the appointed time to be the Savior.

It was good that he has called us to faith in Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. It's good that he's called us to fellowship with himself and with one another in the church, God's ways with us are good at the end of all things of the time of the final judgment and beyond the glorified saints will praise God in heaven confessing that he who has begun a good work in them has kept on perfecting it on to the very end.

The writer of Psalm 119 set of God you are good at what you do is good. David challenges us by saying taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the one that takes refuge in him.

We should praise God because he is good. You believe in God is good, you experience God's goodness and price important and tell other people also second verse four talks about God's electing love that is the second reason why we should be praising him that acknowledges this in the case of Israel because the verse says Lord chosen Jacob to be his own Israel as his treasured possession. Reference to Jacob is not just incidental as a psalmist terrace searching around for a synonym for Jews. Jacob, of course, was one of the patriarchs of the significance of Jacob is that he's the best illustration in the Bible of the electing grace of God entirely apart from human merit. It's like Paul refers to him in the ninth chapter of Romans where these discussing election on Paul does in that ninth chapter of Romans is talk about three generations of election involving each one of the patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Abraham was chosen by God when he was a pagan and the Chaldees without any knowledge of the true God. It was grace and grace alone. Isaac his son was chosen rather than his half brother, and that becomes a case of election but above all, the chief example is the case of Jacob is what Paul writes not only that, but Rebecca's children had one in the same father, our father Isaac, and yet before the twins were born or had done anything good or bad in order that God's purpose and election might stand, not by works but by him who calls. She was told the older will serve the younger.

Now that's a remarkable example because it proves everything that Paul wanted to prove. First of all, Jacob and Esau were born of the same Jewish parents the case of them being a Hebrew of the Hebrews phrase all uses to describe his own ancestry in Philippians. Each was a pureblood in June so there's no case of one having been chosen, rather than the other on the basis of imagine superior ancestry were both like before God. It was grace and electing grace alone. Second, the choice of Jacob rather than Esau went against the normal standards of primogeniture. According to which the older was the one who would receive the blessing. It's true, they were both twins, but Esau actually emerge from Rebecca's womb first, and yet he was not the one that was chosen.

Jacob was chosen is no explanation of that exception, the sovereign right of God to choose and blessed whom he chooses to blessing. Third, this is the most important point of all, the choice of Jacob instead of Esau was made before either child had an opportunity to do either good or evil made while the children were still in the womb. And this means we can miss it. That election is not on the basis of anything done by the individual chosen was no wonder Psalm 135 which is praising God for his electing love looks back to this choice and sees that as an expression of the sovereign grace of God, you come to know God through the work of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, you should be praising them flat nothing and you and the base of the which you should receive praise solely the grace of the sovereign grace of God so you know and you should praise them that you do. It's God's work in God's work alone is the third thing. Verses five through seven talk about God's sovereign power refers to God's power in creation and echo similar phrases elsewhere in the Old Testament.

Exodus 1811 Psalm 115 three Jeremiah 1013 Psalm 135 the writer sees the glory of God in the heavens and the earth sees the clouds the lightning, the rain, the wind and all of them declare that Lord is great verse five should be acknowledged and praised worship by the creation is made that the third thing.

The fourth thing is this God's persevering grace is worth noting that most of the phrases in this Psalm, verses eight through 12 also appear in the next Psalm Psalm 136 and they are followed in each case by the words, his love endures forever. In other words, what's involved here is God's continuing grace toward those he has called by his electing love. When did God call the Jews to be his chosen people. That's when he called Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to know him and yet that wasn't the end, having chosen his people got continued to bless them first by setting them free from bondage of the time of the Exodus and then by bringing them into Canaan, where they finally possess their inheritance and even then it continued by specific victories over their enemies saw mentioned some of them. It talks about a victory over Psion, the king of the Amorites and the victory along King of Bashan, the stories are recounted in Numbers 21 Deuteronomy 2 now in the same way we praise God not only for our deliverance from sin, but also for his persevering grace with us throughout every moment of our lives do you do that. Are you aware of that you are where you are today. You've been preserved.

As you have today because God is good and he is working powerfully with assembly and wisely in your life then you should be praising them for that and I constitute your worship. Finally, the fifth thing God's everlasting renown and stop about in verses 13 and 14 and the importance of these verses is that they look to the future, just as the previous verses of look to the past, concluding that the God who has been gracious in past days will continue to vindicate his people and have compassion on them in days yet to come.

God's love will indeed endure forever, and therefore his praise will also last forever. God does not change God is immutable to use the proper theological term for what we would regard as God's unchanging ability is not only good, he will always be good is always the same in his eternal attributes.

We will never find God to be less good than he is already been to us in the matter of our salvation. Other two more sections, we asked the question at this point, people in our day would ask. It certainly but are there not other gods who should also be worshiped all right for Christians to worship their God, but on another, other gods, it could be worshiped to process the psalmist. How could they be of God alone is the good rate, gracious, persevering and unchangeable God. So these verses begin to talk about God and the gods of the heathen, by contrast, these verses are repeated from Psalm 115 versus four through six in verse a problem you see with these other gods is not God's all is only one holy and true God we worship things which man can produce will become as empty and impotent as those things and many are we worship God by the grace of God, will become like God and we will be enabled both to worship him and enjoy him forever. The very last stanza calls upon us to worship God again.

And the calls want everyone to worship him house of Israel.

Praise the Lord. Also, Aron, praise the Lord, possibly by praise the Lord, unless you think that's only referring to Jewish people. It says you who fear him.

That is, those who know God and trust him praise the Lord in the final verse is the same praise the Lord. John MacArthur has written some good things about worship and he explains it one point what happened in his own church when people began to take the worship of God. Seriously, this is what he wrote of his testimony. They began to look at the superficialities as in the front to a holy God. They saw worship as the participants activity, not a spectator sport. Many realize for the first time that worship is the church is a limit priority, not public relations, not recreation and social activities. Not boosting attendance figures, but worshiping God. They were drawn to the only reliable and sufficient worship manual which is Scripture.

I think that's exactly what God wants you prayer father were thankful that we had time this morning to study this great salt one, which seems to have been so meaningful even to the other biblical writers that they quote it throughout the Scriptures, Old Testament and New Testament as well. We thank you for what it tells us about true worship of the way it redirects our thoughts away from ourselves to you and from our feelings to your mighty acts in creation in history and in our salvation we come to the end, we read praise the Lord. We understand that to be not merely an invitation to command, so we would praise you give us grace to do it now in the service throughout the week date throughout all our lives until we joined the company of the elect and have a man fall on our faces before your throne and say, praise the Lord, our Lord is a great gracious God for listening to the Bible's audio featuring the teaching of Dr. James Boyce. Creativity is often a good thing but in worship it can be dangerous.

Sin comes from the heart. And if we let our hearts ruler worship transgression may be the outcome if you'd like to learn more. We like to offer you a free CD entitled taught by the word, to worship also by James Boyce. This free offer is our gift to you. Just call us at 1-800-488-1888 will be pleased to send you a copy of taught by the word, to worship again. Our phone number is 1-800-488-1888.

Even our giving is a form of praise. It reveals our heart attitude and love for the Lord. The Bible study our work very thankful for our loyal listeners and supporters. If you're new to this ministry, would you consider sending a financial gift today and if you're a longtime listener, may we depend on your continued support. You can make your contribution by visiting our website at the Bible study our God, Lord, you can also call us directly at 1-800-488-1888 in our mailing address is 600 Eden Rd., Lancaster, PA 17601 in Canada. You can reach the Bible study our at PO Box 24097 RPO Josephine North Bay, ON P1B 0C7 think and act biblically is Dr. Boyce's daily devotional that corresponds with the message you just heard on the Bible study our read and subscribe to think and act biblically at the Bible study our daughter work by Mark Daniels. Thanks for joining me today what is happened to worship in the evangelical church is not going to be cured overnight. There is no quick fix, but the place to look is where true worship is always found in the songs the vehicle of God's people for that purpose. Throughout the ages joined Dr. James Boyce next time as he unpacks the greatest of all the worship songs Psalm 130 6XX timeline. The Bible study our preparing you to think and act biblically than

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