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No Other Name

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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August 5, 2020 8:00 am

No Other Name

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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August 5, 2020 8:00 am

On one side are gangs of priests, Sadducees, rulers, and elders. Theyre backed by the authority of their office, and they wield the power of intimidation and imprisonment. On the other side are Peter and John. Theyre backed by the authority of Gods word, and they wield the power of the Holy Spirit.

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On one side are gangs of priests, Sadducees rulers and elders there backed by the authority of their office and they wield the power of intimidation and imprisonment. On the other side are Peter and John there backed by the authority of God's word and they wield the power of the Holy Spirit today on the Bible study our Dr. James Boyce reports from the battlefield. Welcome to the Bible study our radio and Internet program with Dr. James Boyce preparing you to think and act likely it didn't take long for the apostles to offend the people in power. These fishermen and lowlifes had no training or qualifications yet they were teaching like rabbis and what they were teaching was a treacherous lie. Let's listen now to Dr. Boyce were studying the acts of the apostles together in our study is brought us to light to the fourth chapter. We've already seen a great deal in this book we have seen the ascension of Christ, the great commission choice of Matthias to replace Judas to make up a number of the 12 Pentecost Peter's first great sermon at Pentecost and then in the third chapter the one immediately before the one were about to begin study we have seen the first of the miracles worked by the apostles through the power of the Holy Spirit was the healing of a crippled beggar and it was the occasion of another sermon by Peter to those that were assembled as a result of the miracle on the fourth chapter, we find the first instance of persecution are told of the rulers coming up on Peter and John, who was also with them and arresting them as a result of what they did. I don't know if on this occasion, Peter was remembering things that the Lord Jesus Christ had set but it might well be that when he was dried before the Sanhedrin as his master had before. Amy recalled that Jesus had prophesied this for his disciples where told it's a tradition in the church that Peter was the apostle behind the gospel of Mark, but he himself didn't write it. Mark that had traveled with the apostle Paul actually wrote this but the Peter supply the information and if that's the case then it's significant that in Mark's gospel perhaps based upon information that Peter had given we have words concerning the persecution and appearance of the Disciples of Christ before the rulers of this world. Jesus said it's recorded there in the 13th chapter of Mark. You will be handed over to the local councils and flog the synagogues on account of me you will stand before governors and kings as witnesses to them in the gospel must first be preached to all nations. Whenever you're arrested and brought to trial. Do not worry beforehand about what to say just say whatever is given you at the time it is not you speaking, but the Holy Spirit as I say I don't know whether Peter was thinking about this on the occasion of this first persecution, but I suspect he may well have been because certainly everything that Jesus had foretold for his disciples. There several years earlier was now beginning to be fulfilled, and was going to be fulfilled even more more more incidences as we have the church expanding on the record of that expansion in the book of acts now Lucas writing this and he writes it as he does so many of his things very perceptively and powerfully.

I'm sure that Lucas. He thought about this recording that was impressed.

First of all with the great strength and power of the authorities in Jerusalem that were in a rage against the early disciples aren't many of them all. It's true that earlier were told that there were 3000 actually believed as a result of Pentecost, and there had been some believers before that so numerically might've been 3130 200 or something like that but they really were a small lamp when measured over against huge numbers of the Jewish people had a week company at a powerless company would measured over against powerful rulers of the day. I think that Luke has that in mind as he records, I was struck as I began to study this again. The way he rehearses all of those that were on the other side. All of the forces of the opposition. When you have that in mind begin to look for it really is quite striking. I count at least 11 different categories of individuals or dimensions mentions in verse one and again in verse five and again in verse six is look at them for a minute. First of all, in verse one of the chapter he says the priests and the captain of the temple guard and the Sadducees came up when he says the priest priest could include all of the Levites. Of course this occasion would include the Levites to where they are actually engaged in the temple worship. I think that's what he has in mind if he did this would be that selection of the Levites. The tribe of Levi went by rotation. You know their turn would come maybe once-in-a-lifetime twice in a lifetime because a lot of the neglect of the temple and they would minister the IRS priests and Levites were.

Two or three weeks father. John the Baptist was a Levite and he was there at the temple one enunciation of the birth of John the Baptist was given so it's possible that WordPress includes that the word is also use of the high priest in the high priestly family which was different category.

These were not Levites that lived out in the villages only came up to Jerusalem once in a while.

These were the priest live in Jerusalem and were very very powerful.

I suspect because Lucas thinking of those who were rulers and leaders and powerful figures in this really what he has in mind.

All is quite possible because was something of a disruption. Here, the worship service on this particular afternoon, some of the other priests were there as well any rate, that's the first group of people. He mentions that he mentions that captain of the temple guard. I think the captain of the temple guard with the temple guard what is thinking up these are not Roman troops. This is not a Roman And let someone in the Roman Empire. But the Jews had their own force there in the temple to keep order.

Gentiles can go into the temple and the Jews had their own force was like a police force. These were the soldiers, incidentally, that arrested Jesus was Roman soldiers that arrested him but it was the temple guard and here was the temple guard and the captain of the temple guard the captain of the temple guard was the second most powerful person in Jerusalem, apart from the Romans were the Romans and then there was the high priest of and that was the captain of the temple guard.

So when the captain of the temple guard appeared as was somebody was really quite significant. If there was a Gestapo.

This was it. And here was that he appeared he mentions a Sadducees, not the Sadducees were not terribly numerous party they were upper class powerful money possessed class. They were the modernists of the day the Pharisees were the conservatives. They believed the Old Testament in its entirety. All it taught that Sadducees were skeptical about many things we know, for example, they didn't believe in the resurrection, and that emergency is probably why Luke mentions the Sadducees, particularly because this concerns the resurrection, but the point is, these were the powerful people Sadducees were the ones recognized early on that if the Jews were going to survive in this.

Roman occupation had to get on with the Romans and so they establish very close bonds with the Roman authorities and here then you say you have the priests were the leaders you have the police force led by the captain of the police. You have a Sadducees were the most powerful people of all of these were told suddenly came upon Peter and John as they were teaching their and the temple area people who had been witnesses of the ceiling of the crippled man, but it's only that, because after he talks about a little bit gets verse five and we have the accounts of their appearance for the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem. Luke begins. List other people that were there as well. And here he repeats three more categories over the rulers, he says, verse five, and the elders and the teachers of the law. The teachers of the law practice talking there about describes those who made it a special task obligation to know copy the law the elders of the elders of the people, the distinguished men, many of whom would've been there in Jerusalem. The roller sort of a broad category that would have included people in various positions of authority in the city center.

Following majority have six categories there you have the priest captain of the temple guard along with regards Sadducees rulers, the elders and the teachers number six against the spell it out in terms of individuals was.

He says also address the high priest was the true hydration high priest in Israel was priest for life Romans and deposed them put somebody else in putting Caiaphas who was Addison's son-in-law, but in the minds of Jewish people. Annas was the true high priest. McGrady was there and that it was Caiaphas. Also these men had conspired in the trial of Christ. He had appeared before each of them and then says Luke was also John, that's not John the apostle. This is drawn in the priestly family, Alexander, about whom we know nothing else than other men of the high priest family and powerful people.

All of them rated against Peter and John and the others I think when I look at that list realize how powerful it is of that and we often sing about Zion, Zion standby Hills surrounded Zion kept by power divine all her clothes shall be confounded though the world in arms combine that last part. Though the world in arms combine is exactly what was happening here.

They were all getting together against these early Christians, and yet is the first part of that hymn says so clearly they were surrounded by God and By his power, as were going to say what is it that disturbed these ruler so much well were told about verse two says they were greatly disturbed number one because the apostles were teaching the people and number two because they were proclaiming in Jesus the resurrection of the dead.

Now factor, they were teaching the people was naturally disturbing because the priests and that Sadducees of the rulers and the elders and teachers of the law with teachers and usually they had something like a union going and at any rate it was very very profitable kind of establishment that they enjoyed their in Jerusalem. They were the recognized authorities they were the ones that told people what to believe and what to do very uneasy disturbed his word is used in whatever anybody else came along and tried to teach because number one I did something wrong. Number two, they might teach better. Number three. They might lessen their own authority and also to things like that that one thing that bothered them about Jesus Christ.

Jesus was on Leonard, which meant he was not schooled in the law on the same way they were school and going to the rabbinic schools and yet he had an intrinsic authority people marvel that you hadn't gone to the schools getting taught with authority of the people flock to them at times even sent soldiers to arrested more these temple guard to his teaching was so powerful so authoritative that it it stopped them in their tracks. He could leave and proceed they went back to their leaders and said never man spake like this man and not only that they had Jesus. Now you see there's a group of people just like him doing the same sort of thing. Modern Galileans they were fishermen, tax collectors and all sorts of things like that.

They were teaching and the people were listening and the first thing you know that people would be saying, Rabbi, Rabbi, Rabbi, to them, and the authority of the established figures was going to be less so you see that was a problem but compared to that problem. I think that disturbed him a second matter certainly disturbed him a great deal more.

They were teaching the people but the thing they were teaching the people. But Jesus said in the central thing about Jesus is that God raised him from the dead out adjustment teaching about the resurrection perhaps wouldn't of been so bad because of wrong Pharisees lead to the resurrection, and one occasion later were going to come to it in the book of acts when the apostle Paul was arrested use that fact to bring dissension the Sanhedrin when he perceived that those that were examining him were part Pharisees and part Sadducees.

He said the reason I'm on trial here is because of the resurrection and immediately labeled squabbling among themselves because the Pharisees that well that nothing wrong with him. He believes in the resurrection. That's the truth and the Sadducees didn't like it. So Paul use that is a very clever ploy to see if they had just been teaching the people about the resurrection is that there's going to be a general resurrection at the last day I wouldn't of been any problem with that because, well, not everybody in Jerusalem believed that not all the leaders believe that a lot of them did. I was the teaching of the Old Testament.

Recall that when Jesus came to Bethany, when Lazarus had died.

He reminded Martha that there would be a resurrection. Lazarus would rise again.

She took it in terms of the final resurrection, she said, oh Lord, I know that I know there's going to be resurrection at the end see that would've been so bad.

I would just been kind of sound pharisaic teaching, but it wasn't that you see they were teaching in some general way about the resurrection says they were teaching in Jesus the resurrection of the dead as they were saying God raised Jesus and that proves Jesus was and approves the value of what he came to doing it establishes him as a teacher, beyond repute, and it's on the basis of his resurrection that we have proof of our own was those things that disturbed so they moved as secular leaders often will against what seemed to be these defenseless Christian preachers interesting to notice.

I'm sure you have noticed the methods that they use use the world method to say in the world's methods always had to do in one way or another with power because that's the only weapon the world have sometimes the power and wealth. People have money use their capital to control other people. What's often the case, I don't believe in communism with the Communists for right at that point that often wealth is used to oppress the poor. Sometimes world uses well sometimes it just uses the force of arms that basically no matter how nice you like to think about it is the power of government is the power of our government.

That's the power stands behind our laws and you don't do it you get arrested policeman comes with a gun and if it's bad enough they take you off to jail.

The force of power authority established by the barrel of the gun. That's the way the world operates. Because that's the only way the world must operate and select what they did here. They brought the power that they had which was the power to force the bear upon these disciples in an interesting way.

The first thing they did is I read it is attempt to intimidate the world will often try to intimidate us the same thing today in the Greek text is the suggestion that when the priests and the captain of the temple guard and the Sadducees came up to Peter and John. They came up to them. Suddenly that's in the Burke.

They didn't just sort of meander up out of the back of the crowd.

One moment Peter and John were there teaching earnestly and the next moment.

Suddenly there were soldiers in the captain of the Sadducees and the priest and they said enough of this. I grab and suddenly laid hold them off to jail. You see, there was intimidation and that we have the power we have the force of your lab operate here go around preaching as you been doing it's because of our authority and our permission that we decide that you can't do that you can't do it because anytime we want. We can rest and carry off Dale and so they tried to intimidate them. That way, and they try to intimidate them by throwing them in jail to say they didn't have to arrest this point. I guess they could pick him up the next morning Peter and John were hiding. But they said let's throw them in jail overnight. Let them cool their heels from the cell that'll cool down a bit metal dampener ordered and will see how boldly they're able to function. The next morning we find out as we go one verse 13 we can look at that next week that Peter John had great courage and that that impress them see the intimidation didn't work but anyway definitely started out trying to do. It's not deviating from this message all say that this is exactly the way the world operates today. That's one reason why the witness of Christian people is often not given or if it is given is given an ineffective way why we become apologetic for the things we believe Christianity is the greatest message of the world.

There is a God in the office on Sundays provided for our salvation in Jesus Christ isn't everything necessary for our salvation. Give eternal life to those believe on him so that we sinful men and women are saved from sin and cleanse from one live with God for all eternity is no greater message anywhere possibly be given on the face of the circuit were afraid to do it. You know, we say your Christian yes you believe in Jesus. Yes, I grew up in me. My mom and dad believed in Jesus and I go to church yes afraid to do that well do you mean that you believe that Jesus is the only way you can be saved.

Well I dislike.

I guess I do is they were intimidated by the world was intimidated by the world was since all mean people don't even walk. Most of us up today. Some of us would like better be blocked up we might discover the kind of courage Peter John had to stand up. Given the testimony and incidentally that's why in areas of the world where the church is being persecuted the church's life. The church is thriving in I get worked up at this point. One reason why our churches are not driving why we are so weak because we are not threatened really, except by little things and that gets us all worried and so intimidation works. I noticed as I read on here that they also use threats says so explicitly in verse 21. After further threats they left and also if there were further threats arrested in earlier threats. I guess in verse 18 where it says they called me again and commanded them not to speak or teach all of the name of Jesus. They must threatened them at that point they must've said, and if you do that work in the hall you in here and put you in jail and in all its be decades before you see the light of day again or they might've said I don't know whether they would've been bold enough to say this but they might've said maybe as they were going out the door. Maybe in a whisper. Don't forget what we did to Jesus say those are real threats but you know I think I'm tempted to say a sense of humor here, but it's really not funny. I guess what he really has is a sense of the irony of the situation here. They were trying to intimidate them threatening. But even before they give their witness says in verse four but many who heard the message believed in the number of men grew to about 5000. That last figure we had was back there after Pentecost where it said there were about 3000 in the second chapter verse 41 now here.

It's a very long after this couple weeks or so.

I don't know, and perhaps in large measure as a result of this miracle of the healing of the crippled man, but certainly due to the witness of the 3000 slides were changed but not all. There are 5000 2000.

In the interim, and you see them even had a chance to give their witness yet. I guess Luke as a sense of irony. At that point, as I said because of the world thinks that by intimidation, threats, force, imprisonment and death, they can stop us spiritual thing and you cannot do it. I don't think you can even stop a good idea, even a good secular idea by force or threat. Good idea will thrive and permeated culture and have a way of growing. I don't think you can do that sometimes reps May be good ideas through ideas of been stamped out by normal. Certainly you cannot stand by Christianity with the power of God is behind it.

And yet this is what they thought they were trying to do and what we discover here the book of acts. What we have found in history and what we can see our own eyes we just look around and see it is that the more the church is oppressed or the gospel spreads no Justin Martyr said. He said the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church and so it is not liquid me at Peter's testimony. We seen the force was arrayed against these early disciples leasing the methods that are used I were going to see the force on the other side.

The methods that God's people use force on the other side is the force of the Holy Spirit because it says that when Peter began to speak. He was filled with the Holy Spirit. Incidentally, you'll recall that when we were looking at this, Pentecost was talking about the filling of the Holy Spirit. I pointed out the in acts on every occasion the result that follows from a filling of the Holy Spirit is strong verbal testimony to Jesus Christ on miracles or tongs or any else. Sometimes those things happen to their incidental or not connected with the filling of the Spirit pillar through the Holy Spirit. They speak about Jesus and you could know you're filled with the Holy Spirit by that simple test are you speaking about Jesus. Are you speaking about Jesus effectively that he write.

This is what Peter began to speak about Jesus gave a formal reply they'd been hauled in because of this miracle healing of the man and so he answered about rulers and elders of the people, he said. Verse eight. If we are being called to account today for an act of kindness showed the cripple rest Kelly was healed say he's saying the only thing you can possibly have us here for is for doing something good and that's no crime. We did something good to poor, crippled man, but if that's what you got us here and if you want to know by what power and what name we did it. That's the question they ask. Verse seven know this is Peter. You and everyone else in Israel to be clear, it is in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, looking in your Bible to find, that point is very significant, because so far the accusation was concerned, and so far as the question that had been placed to them as concerns Peter had by that point already given a perfectly adequate answer they had said to him, by what power or what name did you do this and he replies it is by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth accusation answer. And of the defense. He wasn't just there trying to defend himself. They did what Paul says writing to Timothy in second Timothy the fourth chapter he did what he was in Rome he said but I was on trial, and a great opportunity to bear testimony so I use the occasion of my trial to testify to Jesus Christ is exactly what Peter does and this is why I think maybe Peter had in mind that prophecy. I began back in the gospel of Mark. When Jesus said you're going to be brought before the councils and the rulers and it's in that way that the gospel is going to be made known throughout the world. And don't worry about what you're going to say because the Holy Spirit will fill you on that occasion will be given words to say.

Maybe Peter remembered. That said, now look, here's a great opportunity.

You see, if he had been intimidated and they really had managed to scare him by the force of all this opposition by the suddenness which they appeared by throwing him into jail by the threats of what can happen if he doesn't comply. We really had been intimidated and try to save his skin and try to say the least he could. He would've pleaded the amendment that says you mustn't incriminate yourself or you have an infusion of answer that question get in trouble against the question so you plead the Fifth Amendment exam I can answer them. I been trying to proceed that way, but he didn't you say Peter wasn't intimidated. He was so possible Jesus Christ was a servant of the living body of the greatest message of the world. So we set up a long time in my life maybe never probably never in his case before an audience like this I mean the priests and the captain of the temple guard and the Sadducees in the rulers of the elders and the teachers in Annas the high priest Caiaphas and John Alexander all the members of the road. You can do better than that in Jerusalem is that what audience you know I have advertised my evangelistic campaign, I got these men to come even about a million.

Whatever it was they used to pay for it all.

Here they were there all symbol their so that's why the, the answer them formally. They were the courts may have the right answer questions and he answered their questions and he said it's in the name of Jesus of Nazareth lot, he goes on to preach the gospel.

Notice what he says there are four points to it.

First of all, he brings their mind their guilt and the crucifixion of Jesus.

That's the first thing Jesus of Nazareth, whom you crucified but is any Jesus of Nazareth lot Jesus of Nazareth of somebody's imagination, not Jesus of Nazareth, who lived a thousand years ago, but you know very well what Jesus of Nazareth. I mean the one that you conspired to put to death the one whom you crucified, and it didn't do any good for them to say that we didn't actually do it. You know the Romans did just as it didn't do Pilate any good to say.

Well I wash my hands additional. You're the ones one dead go killing didn't excuse Pilate and excuse them. The building manager say the first thing he does is remind them that this one whom he is preaching this one was declared to be the son of God and the Savior, the Lord, by the power of the resurrection. This is the very one that they have killed and he brings that before them. First of all, no wonder it says in verse 13 when they saw the courage of Peter and John major did have courage to remind this gospel's body of leaders of the crime that they had committed against Jesus because you say they could have done exactly the same thing Peter and John, let's first thing he does. And secondly, he reminds them of that great fact, which was the burden of his earlier sermons. That is the fact of the resurrection. It's Jesus of Nazareth, whom you crucified but whom God raised from the dead. All how marvelous it is to have a message like that message like that proves that death is not the end does need to be. The ad is a resurrection.

It proves that Jesus is the Savior. It produced everything essential and that is what Peter had been preaching. Furthermore, he says, God is the one was done, that the God you claim to worship you killed Sonia put a son to death. But God vindicated his son raised him from the dead.

That's the burden of our preaching no later on. Paul is going to summarize the gospel does in first Corinthians 15 a great chapter in the resurrection of the early verses and he says I'm not preachy getting all the gospel and only preaching the gospel that I received it consistent this Jesus was crucified for our sins according to the Scriptures and buried, and that he rose again from the dead, and the third day according to the Scriptures. You see, that is exactly what Peter is preaching here at the beginning. Sometimes in the history of theology. The way this thing is handled by theologians were more concerned with being novel and respected than being right.

Great golf has been imagined between the preaching of Peter and the preaching of Paul grew in German theology out of the philosophy of Hegel who had this dialectic in history and theologians just picked it up and carried it over into the theology of the New Testament. They said well there's an ongoing dialectic in the New Testament it was yearly preaching of Peter and the preaching of Paul. That was quite different. That was the thesis and antithesis after that was at this synthesis and that became the teaching of the early Catholic Church to say all that is sheer imagination wasn't anything like that all Peter was preaching here on exactly the gospel that the apostle Paul was preaching later, and it centered in the resurrection. So that's the second thing he mentions and then there's 1/3 thing that has no this reference it.

Peter makes to the 118th salt what is quoting his verse 22 stone you builders rejected has become the I Would Look Closely, All Testimony Doesn't Almost Invariably from the Septuagint.

That's the Greek Translation of the Hebrew Scriptures and the Reason He Does That Is That This Book Is Being Circulated to the Greek Speaking People.

That Was the Lingua Franca Common Speech of the Roman World of That Day but Here's a Point at Which the Text Validates Varies in a Couple Ways Is an Emphasis upon the Stone. It's a Change in Tents with the Significant Thing Is the Addition of the Word You That Is an Insult. 118 That Is Actually the Way It Said It's the Stone Which the Builders Rejected Has Become the Capstone Requested in a Different Way Here and Undoubtedly Doesn't Because That's the Way Peter Spoke It. Peter Took That Text Stone Which the Builders Rejected Has Become the Capstone and He Used It to Reinforce What He Already Been Teaching Already Spoken of Their Guilt. So Now He Takes It from the Impersonal Abstract Way, Which Is Given in the Old Testament. He Makes a Very Personal and Pointed When He Says It's the Stone You Rejected. You Builders You Rejected Him Box. He Says God Is Made in the Capstone Is Exactly What He Says Covers Earlier Jesus of Nazareth, Whom You Crucified Has Been by God Raised from the Dead As He Says This Is My Gospel Is No New Gospel Gospel That You Find in Your Scriptures Is a Very Thing That God Said He Was Going to Do and That's What I'm Preaching I Guess Is Another Point There That Is Worth Saying Because What Peter Is Really Saying What He Goes Back to Quote the Old Testament Is That the Purpose of God in Jesus Christ Was Established in Spite of the Opposition of These Rulers and Other Things about the Gospel of the World Is like Certainly Doesn't like It When Mention Is Made of Human Guilt. Sin and Guilt. We Are Guilty.

Nobody Likes to Feel Guilty Everything We Can to Get Rid of Guilt We Talk about Guilt Feelings but Still the Guilt Feelings Because We Deal Their Guilt Feelings Want to Deal with Real Guilt. Generally, the Reason We Have Guilt Feelings Is Because the Building Sometime Have Guilt Feelings When You're Not Guilty That's Because We're in Such a Habit of Being Guilty for the Things for Which We Really Are Guilty That We Feel Guilty Even about Things Which Were Not Guilty What the World Talks about Guilt Feelings We Try to Get Rid of It. That Way We Don't Think about What Is like That and Certainly Doesn't like This Mention of the Resurrection, and above All and Doesn't like This Fact That God Accomplishes His Purposes in Spite of Our Opposition Is That We Give You a Fight of the End Buddies and to Accomplish His Purpose in Your God Has a Purpose Even in Your Condemnation of That's What Happens. All We Don't like That You like That Because the Essence of Sin Is Being Able to Say I Can Resist God. I Can Do It My Way. I Don't Have To Do What God Wants Slime Thomas but Were Not Autonomous. God Is Gone We Are Just Preachers and the Purpose of the Broader Established That's What Peter Was Reminding These Rulers of and Then There's a Final Point As Well and That Perhaps Is the Most Objectionable One of All Because Having Talked about Their Guilt Resurrection Would Prove the Jesus Christ Is Indeed Whom He Claimed to Be.

Having Pointed out That All of This Was in Fulfillment of the Scriptures, God Accomplishing His Purposes in Christ. In Spite Of Human Opposition, Peter Wrapped It All up. The Marvelous Way.

Boy What a Great Preacher He Was. He Wrap It All up by Saying Categorically in Verse 12 Salvation Is Found in No One Else, There Is No Other Name under Heaven Given to Men by Which We Must Be Saved. No One Else See No Other Name All World Is like That You Want to Be Laughed at. You Want to Be Stored.

If You Want to Be Hated Different Ways Going to Be Persecuted You Testify to the Exclusive Claims of Jesus Christ Say That Jesus Christ Is the Only Savior You Say.

Only by Believing in Jesus Christ and You Escape Hell. You See What the World of the World Hate You. The World Will Fight You World Will Resist You to the Death Because Nothing Is so Simple. The Natural Man Is the Teaching That We Cannot Save Ourselves and That We Cannot Choose a Way of Salvation, and That If Were Going to Be Safe Has To Be in That Soul Way with God Himself Is Provided Mainly in Jesus Christ and You're Thinking That Way. I Challenge You to Think about It. Thing about a Deeply Don't Just Get Mad about Why Could Peter Say Was an Intelligent Man. He Was Saying This Risk of His Life Wasn't Any Halfhearted Thing That He Was Saying He Believed This. Why Was He Saying That He Was Saying It Because of Who He Knew Jesus Christ to Be the Reason Jesus Christ Is the Only Way the Reason Why the Name of Jesus Christ Is the Only Name Is That There Is Nobody Else like Jesus Christ Is No Man Was God except Jesus Christ As Our Man Was Died for the Sins of Others and Could Die for the Sins of Others Because Was Actually God and Sinless Himself and Would Be an Innocent Sacrifice Dying in the Place of Someone Else. Nobody but Jesus Could Do That. That's Why You See the Entire Old Testament Is about Him Saying Look This World of This Dreadful State Men and Women Themselves by Their Cynical Way Back He Started There Is Gotten Worse. The Only Way Anybody Is Ever Going to Be Saved Is the Messiah Jesus, Whom God Is Going to Send and Then He Came in and We Have the New Testament to Explain Who He Is What He Did, How He Talked How Men and Women Believed on Those Who Knew Who He Was Doing Face-To-Face and Realize That What He Did and What He Said. How We Act in Every Aspect of His Character. Every Detail of His Life Entirely Conform to the Old Testament Prophecies and Reinforced His Claims He Was God Incarnate and He Had Come to Die for Our Salvation Does Maddow Believe That Women to without Later, They Were Willing to Die Themselves Rather Than Renounce That Faith Because They Knew That Was True, May Not like It. You Might Say on a Sound so Narrow What Is Now Course, It's Narrow Now Little Door May Say That Sounds Exclusive. Yes, It's Exclusive. Of Course It Is Dense. Yes, It's Intolerant, but It's True Man or Woman Who Turns His Back on That Is Very Foolish See What Needs to Happen with You Is What Happened to This Crippled and I Think There's a Connection There. See When They Begin to Interrogate Peter and John. They Say by What Power or What Name That Is by What Authority, What Name Did You Do This, That You Heal the Man. What Was the Name Who Is Responsible for the Healing They Say Jesus That's the Question Peter Answers That the Weakness of the Very Any Sums Lobby Process Question Right Back at Sea, They Said, by What Name Was That Man Healed and He Says Jesus, but What He Says As He Concludes, Is This It Is Only by That Name That Anyone Can Be Healed.

See the Connection. Your Sin, You Are As Helpless As Pathetic in the Sight of God and Man Is That Cripple Who Lay There by the Gate of the Temple Begging Homes. He Couldn't Help Himself. He Couldn't Heal Himself Thought Best I Can Do in Life Is Perhaps Get a Little Money and Somehow Get by Have Enough to Eat until I Die. I Was His Vision and Peter and John Come to Him and Said We Don't Have Any Silver and Gold Will Have the Kind of Things the Rulers of the Day. Have We Don't Have the Power and the Prestige and the Money in the Capital, the Sadducees, Such As We Have. We Give You in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Rise and Walk and That Man Physically Healed and Spiritually Healed As Well Because He Went into the Temple Worship God Praise God for His Healing in the Name of Jesus and Peter Saying You Say to These Very Manner Which Killed Jesus.

You Are Just like That Cripple You Are As Helpless As He but the Name of Jesus Can Bring You Healing As Well.

All That's a Great Message. I Hope You've Heard It. I Pray That God Might Carry It Home Forcefully to Your Heart. Father, That Is the Thing for Which We Pray, We Thank You That There Is Healing in the Name of Christ Healing Sometimes from Physical Ills. As Was the Case with This Man but Far More Important Healing from Spiritual Death Thing That Had Characterized and Continued to Characterize These Rulers of the Jewish People in the Time of Christ. Father Were like Them. We See This, We Are As Resistance Your Truth Is They Are. We Are As Unable to Help Ourselves As the Cripple but It Is by the Name of Jesus in the Power of Jesus.

That Healing Comes Father, Many of Us by Your Grace of Experience That Healing We Been Made Spiritually Alive.

Spiritual Vitality Is Flow through Us Once Again, We Would Pray for Any Who May Not Have Had That Experience You Have Not Trusted in the Name of Jesus. Father, Grant That They Might Do That Carry the Truth of This Home to Their Hearts.

Don't Let Them Escape and Push It off and Say Oh Well, It's Just As Guilty Feelings That I'm Experiencing or That's Just His Opinion. There Must Be Other Names Must Be Other Saviors Father to Let Them Escape and That Way Rather Bear Your Gospel Home upon Their Hearts till They Rest Launching Anything That Man Can Do. But in Jesus Jesus Christ of Nazareth Crucified Race from the Dead by the Power of God.

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