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That Incendiary Fellowship

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July 30, 2020 8:00 am

That Incendiary Fellowship

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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July 30, 2020 8:00 am

What do you think of when you hear the words "wind" and "fire?" A forest fire? The classical elements of the universe? A 70s blues band? In the book of Acts, wind and fire mean just one thing: the arrival of the Holy Spirit.Today on The Bible Study Hour, Dr. James Boice explores why God chose these images to reveal the character and work of his Spirit in the newborn church.

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What do you think of when you hear the words wind and fire a forest fire. The classical elements of the universe as 70s R&B band will, in the book of acts, wind and fire mean just one thing, the arrival of the Holy Spirit today on the Bible study our Dr. James Boyce explores why God chose these images to reveal the character and work of his Spirit in the newborn church and welcome to the Bible study hours in the radio and Internet program with Dr. James Boyce preparing you to think and act biblically. Jesus had told the disciples to wait but he hadn't said how long but just 10 days later the gift he promised from the father arrived in the person of the Holy Spirit. Let's listen as Dr. Boyce talks about a violent wind and tongues of fire.

I don't know what you think of first off, when somebody makes reference to the book of acts, but if you're at all like I am, as I suspect most Christian people are whenever you think of the book of acts you think of Pentecost in acts two. Because acts is the great New Testament historical book that tells us of the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the early Christians at Pentecost and empowering them as the Lord Jesus Christ said they would be powered for the task of world evangelization and for that reason that it's really not inappropriate to think of acts as the acts of the Holy Spirit. This book really tells us what God the Holy Spirit did glorify Jesus Christ in the church through the early preachers of the gospel is the gospel spread chapter 1 that we've already looked at leads up to that versus the begin chapter 2 verses one through 13 are the great initiation of the church and then from that point on, in the sense it is. The history of the Holy Spirit's work on chapter 1 is something we should have in our minds as we come to chapter 2. We've already looked at several different things about this chapter we saw that it tells us about the promise of the Holy Spirit is what Jesus begins with this promise of the Holy Spirit's mind, not very many days hence. Always that everything unfolds in this book is an unfolding of what God already said in the Old Testament of Jesus Christ repeated in a prophetic way was going to happen. So you look promise of the Holy Spirit and then in those verses that we know is the great commission. Luke's version of acts we have an emphasis upon the power of the Holy Spirit disciples were going to be sent into all the world with the gospel to go in their own strength they bought in their own strength.

Nothing at all what happened here.

Spirit asked him standing up to preach in Jerusalem at Pentecost of the very people who had been instrumental in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, although maybe not necessarily the leaders, though it's quite likely that some of the leaders were there but the masses. The masses who one day had praised him as the king of David riding up to Jerusalem on a donkey Hosanna to him comes in the name of the Lord about a week later resigned from survivors of five Peter Scott breach of those very people.

And if Peter had done it in his own strength on Pentecost. Nothing at all what happens they would've ridiculed Peter if indeed they didn't do something worse. So when they preach the gospel and found success when people were convicted of sin and brought to faith in Christ and drawn into the fellowship of the church. It was because of the Holy Spirit's power and that's what Jesus talks about in this great commission there to go in all the world of the gospel and preach, but it's the power of the Holy Spirit that's going to accomplish the salvation of those to whom they bring the message you have that thing. First of all, the promise of the Holy Spirit and then secondly the power of the Holy Spirit and then our study last week and study the verses that are the second half of acts one we saw their preparation for the coming of the Holy Spirit saw that although there were 10 days that lapse between the ascension of Jesus Christ to heaven 40 days after his resurrection and the day of Pentecost. It was 50 days later Pentecost being reported for 50 we saw that although that was true. They had the 10 days and spend it in an activity they can just sit around saying well in all of God's going to do it.

I guess God's going to do it. There's nothing we can go there's a Calvinism that does like that. That's a distortion is like your other distortions. They didn't do that. They were active so we find them obeying the Lord the gun back to Jerusalem together as a body weight see them praying we see them studying the Scriptures and we see them working on the leadership of the church as they begin to think about and then eventually elect one was to take the place of Judas within the fellowship of the apostolic band had to be 12. According to Peter's testimony as he search these things out in the Old Testament so chapter 1 gives us those three things. The promise of the Holy Spirit the power of the Holy Spirit in preparation for the coming of the Holy Spirit. Now we come to chapter 2, and that which we have been waiting for happens we going to look at this. I think the only way to look at it is the way in which the Holy Spirit himself gives it to us because Holy Spirit is the one who inspired the writing of his book, like all the other books. So if you want to know how we should think about the Holy Spirit is coming at Pentecost gas Holy Spirit Holy Spirit is given us the answer and answers here in these verses. How is this great event this great initiatory event in the history of the church of Jesus Christ described well when we look at carefully we see that the Holy Spirit is presented the senses of these early Christians in two ways, as he appears symbolically into symbols on as a symbol of wind. We read in verse two. Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. And secondly, there's the symbolism of fire raid. They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. I say we have to look at it in that way because in our day. Whenever we come to talk about Pentecost.

We are inclined to think in terms of the contemporary preoccupation with the gift of speaking in tongues. In other words, we tend to reach this first paragraph of chapter 2 in the word that jumps out at our consciousness because of the culture in which we live and the things that have been said in the emphasis upon the Holy Spirit in certain ways and certain branches of Christendom the Lord that jumps out at us as the Lord tongues all yes the Holy Spirit comes we say and everybody spoke in tongues as of the emphasis you say this week and Thomas is true, the way in which the Holy Spirit was presented to the disciples in terms of their senses, their ears, which they could hear the sound of the rushing mighty wind, and their eyes. The tongues of fire were in those two images wind and fire follows from that everyone understands what the coming of the Holy Spirit meant what it signified the Holy Spirit was going to do it accomplish in his people will then those two images are the ones by which we should understand it. That's the way God himself presented the Holy Spirit to them and DOS also now when we take those two images wind image of fire and begin to think about them biblically what those two words signify it's evident that once that the most important image of all about the image of fire, which is the second but the first image which is the image of wind. I will try and show you why that's true. First of all, it's true, linguistically, we have trouble with this today because when we speak of spirit spirit means nothing gospel spirit, but in the ancient languages in the Hebrew language the Greek language in which the New Testament was written. Even the Latin language was spoken freely at this time.

As you well know word for spirit was the same word was also useful when or breath. When this verse says they heard a sound like the blowing of a violent when the word wins the word spirit say when you're getting think in terms of the symbolism batch. The primary symbol. That's the thing that's obvious, it's worth thinking about that a little bit linguistically. For one thing, when you take these words sin Hebrew Rican Latin, you find that you're getting and say them properly without a breath. I'll speak Hebrew very well. All the Hebrew scholars here that no Hebrew well can get me afterwards and pronounce this particular word properly, but I do know Hebrew well enough to know that you can say the word spirit in Hebrew without a strong breath. I'll spell it for you. First, the word Rue are you ACH and its pronounced rock breath. So what is true. Linguistically, that's to say what's true in the sense that the word Roulac means both breath and spirit toward the Jews for the spirit of God is also true sensually and say the word without a breath.

I'll take the next work.

The Greek word for word. I can say that a little better but that's still difficult for us in English because it begins with the two consonants piano that's a little bit difficult really speaking people to pronounce, but nevertheless same phenomenon you can say without breathing it conveys my three sound as well as by his eating. The idea breath the same thing is true in Latin.

We know the Latin word because it's from the Latin word that we get our word that refers to the third person of the Godhead, namely spirit, we speak of the Holy Spirit, Latin spiritualists again. You see, it's a sibilant sound theory solution can say that without breathing so again you see in the third of these great ancient languages, you can have the idea of spirit without the idea of wind or breath and you can even say the word properly unless the breath is involved in a very audible audible way. So that's a linguistic base. Now that in mind, you go back to the Old Testament and you think about some of the key verses that talk about God's spirit how the spirit of God operates via the very beginning of the Bible first chapter of Genesis verse two verse one says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void.

Verse two says in the spirit of God hovered over the waters.

How we read it in English or say doesn't mean anything, we think, and sometimes I've seen it even portrayed this way in art of the Holy Spirit as adults somehow skimming over the waves that covered everything at the dawn of creation. But that's not it all. The idea is that the spirit of God is the breath of God, the creative moving dynamic breath of God in this wind. This divine spiritual life giving wind is blowing across the waters at the beginning of creation lacks the powerful image that you have in Genesis 1 to how secondly you go. Chapter later become the second chapter where you have the creation of Adam have a story of the creation of Adam chapter 1 error. We have the emphasis upon man being made in the image of God in the image of God he created him that his stress to set several times over chapter 2. You have the story of the creation of man all over again. Here the emphasis is different here.

What were told us that God created man from the dust of the earth, having made man from the dust of the earth the image were supposed to have a something of a statue made out of soil after band was made that way by God, then we read and God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living spirit that's really significant to say because what that says is that apart from the breath of God, man was just matter is dead dead as any other matter was no life in it and in order for them to have life God who is the source of life had to breathe some of his life of the divine life breath spirit in Adam. So Adam became a living soul.

I let me put (at this point, there you have a creation of Adam by God under the new Testaments of the third chapter of John where the Lord Jesus Christ is speaking to Nicodemus about the new birth, and there you have the whole idea picked up again because what Jesus told Nicodemus is not merely that in order to have eternal life and be saved. A man needed to be regenerated in some mystical way actually set a man needed to be born again were useful again is a great word that actually means. Again, just like the first time and also because Greek language is very rich at this point from above, so he said a man needed to be born again, just like the first time and he needed to be born from above. That is, from now is involved when Jesus was speaking though start. Nicodemus didn't know in the faintest idea I said you you have to go back to my mother's womb and be born again. Jesus said, no, no you don't understand these things but you know it's just like the wind, the spirit, the wind and said Jesus, the Spirit blows where it will and you don't see us on where it's coming from or where it's going but it's effects are seen. That's what it's like to be born of the Spirit of God that you put those things together and you go back and consider what side of the creation of Adam back in the beginning, you find that the spiritual life that Nicodemus and all people need is presented by Jesus Christ in a way analogous to the creation of Adam other words, just as at the beginning, God breathed into Adam so he became a living soul. So in our day. If a person is to be saved. God as the breed is Holy Spirit in them. Once again, order them, they might become spiritually alive. Say we may be physically alive may be functioning as men and women but spiritually speaking.

Where is dead as we can be and if were to live to God. If we are to become attuned to spiritual things. Beginning understand them and hear the voice of God respond in obedience and service well then we have to have imparted to assist spiritual life and that is the Holy Spirit's work. One of her talking about those tax let me give you one more in the second chapter of the great prophet Isaiah, verse 22. There's a fascinating verse that says if I can quote it roughly, why are you so concerned about man who has but a breath and his nostrils stop trusting in him.

Now, let's think of that in terms of the imagery and sounds on the surface. Kind of foolish doesn't it to say stop trusting, and Manu has been a breath and his nostrils. Why talk about a breath in his nostrils that Stephen seems a bit bizarre if not grotesque as he is not when you begin to think of it in terms of this imagery what Isaiah is saying is man is just one long full person is existence is precarious to say the best physically speaking a breeze in any reason.

How to be stop breathing for even a few minutes he dies so Isaiah says, why pay attention to somebody's breath is like that in the contrast you see if you not to trust in man is what well get the trust in God and why are we to trust in God because his breath is not in his nostrils. God is not the kind of being that takes his life by breathing in and breathing out to be stop breathing. He dies God is eternal God is the source of life. He is the source of all wrath all spiritual vitality so Isaiah is saying trust God to give you the breath you need to live spiritually in the carry-on and persevere to the end of the be born again I see you put all that background together, and you begin to get a sense of why this image is so important when it appears in acts two.

Suddenly sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. That's like Genesis 1, the spirit of God hovering over the waters. At the very dawn of creation.

That's like Genesis 2 is God breeze and the man the breath of life. That's like John three is Jesus said to Nicodemus, you must be born again. Let me look at another term that's connected with that notice of that verse read it twice already this important word filled when the Holy Spirit came they were it says filled filled the house was filled and then they were filled by the spirit.

I call attention to that because if were to understand Holy Spirit what is said about the Holy Spirit in the New Testament. You must understand that there is a distinction between the baptism of the Holy Spirit which we hear a great deal about and filling with the Holy Spirit which we hear much less about which we all hear about all the time people talk about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Today, as if that's what Pentecost is all about your baptized by the Holy Spirit. Well, then you have spirit experience and in some circles. What is sad is you speak in tongues very fact that you speak in tongues as evidence of the fact that the Holy Spirit is come upon you that you been baptized with the spirit is not biblical terminology. I want to say that the Bible is talk about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. But it's not in those terms. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is what I've been talking about in terms of regeneration. Baptism signifies my feeling not empowering but identification of the individual would Jesus Christ and that's what our sacrament of baptism signifies signify any special impartation of any kind a blessing. It simply a signification of the fact that that individual now is identified publicly with Jesus Christ doesn't save the individual to save babies and save adults don't make their profession of faith because God is at work in their hearts when they make a profession of faith.

They come forward publicly before the church.

They confess their faith in Jesus Christ and they are publicly identified with him in the company of God's people.

That's what the baptism of the Holy Spirit is and by very definition.

It follows the baptism of the Holy Spirit is the unique, never to be repeated. I have become a Christian. Again and again and again and again, you become a Christian once and therefore your baptized by the Holy Spirit.

Once that is synonymous with regeneration Holy Spirit that accomplishes that in you and your Christian your baptized in your baptized by the Holy Spirit. You're a Christian that is no blessing to be sought a second third fourth 50th or hundredth time, but on the other hand, there is such a thing is the filling of the Holy Spirit. And that's what's being talked about here to see the early Christians and become Christians. Pentecost already believers, they were exercising their faith. They were praying they were obeying their reading Scripture there already Christians. But now Holy Spirit comes upon them in a special way to empower them for a special task and when that happens, the word that is used to describe that is filling is interesting to study this in the book of acts that phrase filled with the Holy Spirit refilling by the Holy Spirit occurs 15 or 16 times in the New Testament there are a few instances that occurred during the Gospels, chiefly in reference to John the Baptist in there before Pentecost. I really don't quite fit into this picture, but from this point on. In acts of about 12 or so of these references 11 or 12 and in every case, what is spoken of as a special empowering of Christian people to a special task by God.

Now, since the question when Holy Spirit fills these people baptized by the Holy Spirit to those who are already baptized by the Holy Spirit are Christians were dying about.

Those were baptized by the Holy Spirit were now being filled by the Holy Spirit for special task when the Holy Spirit fills these Christians. What is it that happens as a result of their filling. They speak in tongues well they do in this instance.

But on the other 10 or 11. Do they do miracles. Well occasionally.

Miracles are done chiefly through the apostles but not in every case, what is at the ties all these things together only one thing that ties them together. Every time the Holy Spirit comes upon his people in a special way filling them, empowering the part of task what they do immediately is to testify verbally about Jesus Christ.

You say well yes, that's what they did here. They did it in tongues. Well yes they did it in tongues, but the emphasis is not upon the fact that every man heard in his own language.

So that is true, and very symbolic, but the emphasis is upon the fact that everyone heard about Jesus talked about Jesus later testified to Jesus, and if you say well is somebody spirit filled way to answer that question is not by sight of the speak in unintelligible language by saying that they do miracles not by saying that healings and their family answer that question is do they testify to Jesus Christ and does God bless that testimony in the conversion of men and women see that's why it's described in verse three is tongues of fire is not just a way of saying they were little flames were to choose the stones funds are things by which you speak when you speak what you do you breathe out some of what God is poured in.

You give out. That's how you make your voicebox work is how you produce sounds and other people here in the Holy Spirit the breath of God enters you, and you begin to give out some of that breath, so people can hear it what you talk about because Holy Spirit guides that usually what you talk about is Jesus Christ. And that's what God blesses. So when we talk about Pentecost. Let's understand that it's the coming of the breath of God, which we experience the coming of the breath of God we prove by speaking of Jesus, a branch of experience that most preachers who talk about the Lord to any kind of regular preaching or faithful, trying to explain the Scriptures snow phenomena. This is not to say that the less we experience or feel or sense a special overpowering of the Holy Spirit. We shouldn't talk about Jesus was done by Jesus.

Anyway was not about Jesus all the time and we do it going all the world with the gospel and God blesses that you don't have to have any special empowering to give out words about Jesus Christ and have God bless it. Sometimes these words are printed in attracting somebody finds lying in the gutter and picks it up and is converted have to have any special experience about, but sometimes I say if you engage in preaching or teaching regularly you know when you're going about your regular task that is your studying the Bible you're trying to analyze it, then put it in the form that you can communicated well to people when you're going about that. Sometimes the Holy Spirit seems to take over and blesses that in such a way that people say why when I heard that today when I heard that yesterday I was conscious of the fact that I wasn't just here you the preacher, but I was listening to God speak that's the filling of the Holy Spirit. That's what we want if we say as I trust we do say we want to be a Pentecostal church.

The first image. Let me look at the second the second image is the image of fire already. I'm sure you understand that there is a carryover from the first because the breath of God, results in speech and when this symbol of fire is presented visibly for the first disciples. It was presented as tongues of fire so you have the carryover both of these images involve speech, but is more to it than that. In the case of the second image. What is fire chiefly symbolize well again we go back to the Old Testament, and when you do that you see that light often in the Old Testament. Fire is a symbol of the presence of God. The earliest instant I can think of is in the 15th chapter of Genesis where God made his covenant with Abraham a very significant covenant.

Abraham was put into a deep sleep while he was sleeping. He had a vision.

The vision was a symbol of the presence of God. Abraham had performed an ancient right of covenant making. He had cut animals apart and put them into rows on the ground and it was customary in his day.

When somebody did that for two parties to the covenant to walk in the space between the separated parts of the animals and take their vows to one another in the bow was understood to be particularly sacred because of the shed blood you can understand that kind of ancient imagery. Now this vision. Abraham was asleep, but he sees two symbols that represent God. One is a smoking fire pot. That's the way it's described in the 15th chapter of Genesis and the other is a blazing torch while Abraham is sleeping, smoking fire pot in the blazing torch pass back-and-forth themselves between the slain animals understand what that means. Here is what you call it theology, a unilateral covenant. Abraham doesn't enter into that sometimes our covenants that individuals entered into God says to them.

If you do this I'll do that are covenants like that with this one is like that.

There is God coming saying I'm going to cut a covenant with you. That's what the word literally means eidetic, blood covenant with you and God doesn't ask Abraham's participation.

Abram does not do anything that's designed to do that. I stand by my word and as he does in his presence is symbolized by the blazing torch of this smoking fire pot flat symbolizes God's presence go a little further on in the Old Testament you come to Sinai when God appeared on the mountain. Moses went up into the mountain and the thing that symbolizes the presence of God.

There is fire thunder upon the mountain does a holy presence of God. No one was able simply to barge on up the mountain to see what God was like did that you die, only Moses came up by invitation of God's holy presence. I'm sure that is what the author of the book of Hebrews is thinking when he says that the end of I believe the 11th chapter the 12th chapter 4. Our God is a consuming fire. Fire represents the presence of God and his holiness purifying as fire does allege that we have here Holy Spirit which form of tongues of fire came and rested upon each of them was fired. Fire brings light say we forget that aspect of fire because we live in an age of electricity or when we think of flight. We think of turning wall switch and get an incandescent bulb in the ancient world have electricity. Light was either the light of the solder was light a fire so the first thing fire symbolizes was lightened when the Holy Spirit came upon these men. The first experience I had was what we would call spiritual illumination is why Peter could stand up and preach this persuasive sermon he understood these taxes. He really hadn't understood the before he was given the ability to preach them in a way that enlightened the understanding of his hearers whenever the gospel of Jesus Christ is gone out of the world is always brought enlightenment. We live in the so-so enlightened age, we forget the past. How dark the world was we look back to the Roman age become glorified is because of the movies with these wonderful actors like James Mason.

How could the Romans possibly be depraved if James Mason was a Roman we look back to the age of the Greeks that we think of the great philosophers and we say all how enlightened they must not enlighten all there were sparks of brilliance. Plato is certainly a great example would you know Plato's own explanation of his loss of it. I think perhaps most famous image of all Plato's writings image of the cave symbols. He says we philosophers are like men in a dark cave and we look up toward the opening and there we see forms against the light behind the forms or silhouettes. We can't really tell what they are but get some ideas.

We look at the forms, the images of the reality that lies behind that was Plato's own description of the philosophic enterprise. The dark age was a dark mage and understanding of the dark age spiritually. Men and women apart from the revelation about the faintest idea who the true God was and it was a dark age, morally, some of the worst ages of all human history, and the gospel came in the gospel came as light men and women could see as I could never see before they could see who God was and they could see what the gospel is and perhaps as significant as anything they could see what they were part from Jesus Christ what they could be in hymns of the gospel brought illumination also brought warmth didn't heat because that's another thing.

The fire does fire burns and purifies that's true, but in a way fire was mostly used was more route your text Bedouin night fire. The fire in the desert to keep warm on the Holy Spirit comes from the Holy Spirit is at work.

One thing people notice is what we would call the warming of our hearts is what Wesley experience when he was converted one little chapel milder skates said as he heard the gospel explained on that occasion.

These are his own words. My heart was strangely warmed say that the problem is not just that the world is in darkness. The world certainly in darkness as black is setting night when the sun goes down world is also well we have an image for it. We say out in the cold on warmed on loved on comforted until God, after whom our hearts long and in whose image we are made draws near to us to warm our cold cold hearts. Let me say one more thing, as we close. Have a coming of the Holy Spirit to fill the site symbolized was when it results in speech fire which results in illumination in the warming of the heart.

What I want you to say is that this was not something that merely happened to them that happen to them. On this occasion immediately after it happened. They went out of the house where they were standing and they began to do what this is all about what the first chapter is anticipated that which is now fulfilled, began immediately to talk about Jesus and what happened to use the images is that the winds swept over the crowd that gathered in Jerusalem, blessing them in the fire, which at first all kindled the early apostles began to spread and produce what was certainly regarded at least by the high priest of the day is a great spiritual conflagration. Christianity is meant to be a spreading flame or Jesus Christ said in one occasion, is quoted in the 12th chapter of Luke verse 49 I came to bring fire on the earth. Some of our translations say I came to cast fire on the earth to go back to John the Baptist's testimony concerning Jesus and John the Baptist said, I baptize with water, but after me this one coming was going to baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire.

That's what this is about to say when Jesus said I've come to pour fire on the earth, he met a fire which is going to sweep over all the earth. How do we know we know, because that's the way he talks about the coming of the Holy Spirit in the words of the great commission. He said you're going to receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and when you receive the power of the Holy Spirit you're going to be my witnesses and you're going to testify to me in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and under the uttermost parts of the world.

You see, it began to happen right here. That's why the second paragraph of the section that were studying begins to talk about all those who were present in Jerusalem who heard the gospel in their own language here there mention all those sore from Parthia and the were meads and Elamites and people from Mesopotamia and Judean Cappadocian ponchos of Asian Phrygian Pamphylia and Egypt and so on, all the way to Rome. Generally speaking the words kind of flow out like ripples on the pond in all directions, eventually to get drunk so the emphasis here. What this is talking about is not to say when the Holy Spirit comes on experience what we call this matter. Speaking in tongues, so that in a certain miraculous way. Wherever you are. Everybody could hear it in their own line with what is talking about here at Salem Holy Spirit because people talk about Jesus and everyone is going to hear that in their own language as the gospel spread by Christians obeying the great nation and that's what you and I are called upon to do.

That's the task which Lord Jesus Christ sent us open true blood who has written a number of very helpful books is written.

One called the incendiary fellowship and it's meant to describe the company of Christian people who are filled by the Holy Spirit, incendiary meeting fire because they are first of all, been set ablaze. Also incendiary in the sense of when they gather together asked blaze of the Holy Spirit in their hearts so intense and so meaningful that they just cannot keep it to themselves and so here they are little flyers spring up in the gospel spreads and and pretty soon you have a gray raging fire that spreads across the world. I don't think we have a raging fire in our time, though there are some places in the world where that is happening but there's ablaze Holy Spirit is working what we want to see is those flames spread to do our part is what were called to do so we have to do it together to pray together.

We have to work together to help one another. We have to pray we have to pray God will bless us in our day as he blessed the early Christians and give us the ability the power by the Holy Spirit to speak effectively or Jesus Christ is pray. Father, we read a story like this we say we often think this way is that wonderful that happened way back then. We never think I would really, in terms of ourselves. Unless we get off the track and think where would like a special gift of tongues or fathers. We read this as we study it, were aware that what you're talking about is not some unique experience way back then, but that sort of thing this to happen, always wear your people gather together and turn from their sin and seek your face and pray that you would fill them with power to accomplish this task that you given all your people in every age, father, that is what we pray we are not up to these things we can speak by ourselves want to be converted, and what really happens is were even afraid to speak because were somehow embarrassed to talk about Jesus only shows how dry our lives or how empty of your presence. So father we pray for filling that we might be filled with the Holy Spirit and power and then become channels through which Jesus Christ is made known, and channels a blessing to our age. Jesus, you are listening to the Bible study hour with the Bible teaching of Dr. James Boyce listener supported ministry of the alliance of confessing Evangelicals. The alliance exists to promote a biblical understanding and worldview. Drawing upon the insight and wisdom of reformed theologians from decades and even centuries gone by.

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