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World Christians

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice
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July 28, 2020 8:00 am

World Christians

The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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July 28, 2020 8:00 am

So, Jesus...if youre not planning to take control and become king, how are people supposed to know about this kingdom of yours? Where are your loyal subjects going to come from? Whos going to recruit them? How are we going to get them to sign up?

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So Jesus what's the story if you're not planning to take control and become King.

How are people supposed to know about this kingdom of yours where are your loyal subjects going to come from who's going to recruit them, how we going to get them to sign up. Stay tuned out for the Bible study our Ms. Dr. James Boyce reveals Jesus strategy for his worldwide kingdom welcome to the Bible study our radio and Internet program with Dr. James Boyce preparing you to think and act biblically in Exelon's Jesus is about to leave his disciples. He talks about his kingdom. He says it's a kingdom of the spirit of power of truth and of the whole world.

Let's listen as Dr. Boyce talks about the next version of the great commission by Sunday evening. We got a study of the book of acts in a way looked at in a general way that the first 11 versus want to return to several verses of that section. This evening that portion that comes in the middle that we call the great commission asked version about and study it in more detail. That's because these verses are so very important because are critical for an understanding of the book of accident also because they are critical for understanding the mission of the church of Jesus Christ generally now let me deal with the first of those two things briefly very important to our understanding of the book of acts you look at these verses you will find that in verse eight, the second of the two Lord Jesus Christ outlines say program for the worldwide expansion of the gospel and therefore terms, and it Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and then the ends of the earth look at it very closely you'll see from the punctuation that the translators of the new international version have combined the middle to terms you actually have a three-part progression. Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth others very good reason for that is because in the Greek language the word Samaria does not have the definite article before it occurs before Judea, so there's a tendency if you understand Greek syntax and usage carefully to link those two together.

Our earlier versions didn't do that. The new international versions dad and so have presented this in three parts of the reason I mentioned that why I think it's important though perhaps not a very great importance is that if that is true, then you have here is quite obviously the three-part development of the book of acts itself true that acts of general way moves from Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria the ends of the art, but it actually occurs in three parts of you look at the outline of the book carefully in the first seven chapters we have a portion of the book corresponds to the preaching of the gospel in Jerusalem and during those days Peter is the chief articulators of the faith, beginning with chapter 8 through chapter 12, you have the middle portion of the transition period where the gospel asked bands under persecution beyond Jerusalem, into Judea and Samaria, and there you have a new cast of characters introduced figures quite prominently in that section.

Then Peter occurs again and then beginning with chapter 13 and continuing to the very end. You have what is clearly the expansion of the preaching of the gospel throughout the entire Roman world. And in that section. As we well know, the apostle Paul was prominent so as I say is worth returning to these verses, if for no other reason then because they give us an overview and outline of the book of acts, chiefly for that that I want to study them are important also. This is my main reason for coming back to them tonight because they give a plan for Christian witnessing and preaching which has made Christianity of world religion.

Now it's true that the other versions of the great commission do the same thing. And John's Gospel, the version of the great commission that we have their stresses the witness of Christ disciples of the world. Jesus says in his right prayer to the father in John 17, as thou hast sent me into the world, even so send I them into the world, but when we think of these seventh and eighth verses of acts one we find that the emphasis here is clearly upon the world mission. Jesus says there to receive power from the Holy Spirit.

And when that happens there to be his witnesses allowed witnesses to take place in all the world, indeed, is to begin a Jerusalem and then it's to expand outward like ripples on a pond embracing Judea and Samaria, which laid next to Diane and then overflowing beyond those known communities, even to the furthest reaches of the Roman Empire. I don't know if Christians are always fully aware of how thoroughly that plan was carried out by the first generation of the church, Edward Gibbon, in his classic history of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire has a section in which he studies the Christian church and what happened the Roman Empire as a result of its expansion. Gibbon was no friend of Christianity. He thought that Christianity was one factor in the just illusion of the Empire that he acknowledges in that chapter that the Christians were certainly successful in the worldwide mission. The Christ gave them points out, for example, that the gospel apparently reached India by the year A.D. 49 that is within 19 years of the death and resurrection of Jesus says that Christianity had reached the distant shores of China by A.D. 31. That is, with 31 years after the death and resurrection of Jesus. Something like that is so significant that historians reflect upon it and have Frasca ask quite wisely how it is that this first generation of Christians, for the most part on learned men and women because Christianity tended to spread first on the slaves only entered at a later date. Among the upper levels of society how this movement is Christianity with nothing to recommend at the doctrine of the crucified Savior and proclaimed by uneducated and unsophisticated people. How a doctor like that could spread so rapidly Harnack the great German church historian of the 19th century talk about that and he said in the final analysis is only one explanation. Every Christian understood that it was his obligation whatever he should live to be an informal missionary as a secret you say every Christian not just leaders formal order of missionaries power to set out supplied and paid for by the Christians at home at every Christian considered it his obligation to be an informal missionary that is to bear witness for Jesus Christ whatever he should live or wherever God might send them in God's providence that this is what Jesus is talking about. Speaking of these men and he's saying to them, you will be my witnesses and you're going to be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in Judea and Samaria, and the uttermost corners of the world. Now this version of the great commission occurs as we well know, in a context that occurs in the story. The story involves a misconception of Christ plan by the disciples want to talk about the commission itself, but will understand it better if we look at the misunderstanding the disciples had Jesus had just told them that the time was coming when they'd be baptized with the Holy Spirit and the disciples whose minds were not on spiritual things, who were still thinking about earthly kingdom asked the Lord apparently just before his ascension, Lord, are you at this time going to restore the kingdom to Israel. We know what's involved I had in mind because they were an occupied country, chiefly that when God would send his Messiah, and they believe that Jesus was that Messiah that the Messiah would drive out the occupying power Romans with a power so that Messiah would drive them out and set up a phone of David.

Once again, it would be like the days of great prosperity for Israel under David and Solomon. Several of the other of the Old Testament kings of what they had in mind. Jesus had taught them differently. Of course he taught them that they were always misunderstanding what the kingdom was all about what I said you know, the kingdom is in the midst of the island kingdom where I recognize the kingdom's, but I didn't get that they were thinking of this different kind of kingdom and hear the Maryann to see even after all of the teaching after the death after the resurrection. After the 40 days in which it certainly instructed them about the gospel showed how all of the Old Testament went up to what he had done there in the days of his flesh in Jerusalem, but still I this question for now that's all very nice labor saying and I don't understand all that you say those of the things you had to do it, that's all right. We accept that but what we really want to know is this is it. Now the time when you're going to establish this kingdom that we have for all these years we break down what kind of a kingdom wasn't they were expecting. Well the first place. They were expecting a political kingdom reason we know that is because the birthday uses the verb restore say it would be possible to think ahead. What kind of kingdom that God might establish a kingdom that had never up to that point existed on the earth, but that is what they had in mind.

They wanted the restoration of something they already know and if you would press them at that point that you would said to them, well now what is the nature of the kingdom that you want restored, wanting to miss it because are many different kingdoms you know all long history of Israel. What kind of kingdom you want. That's all we want the restoration of the Davidic kingdom we wanted to be like it was when David reigned here in Jerusalem and Israel experienced the days of a greater rate is boring, so that's what they had in mind and not only that, not only were they looking for a political kingdom. They were looking for an ethnically restricted kingdom as we look at the nature of their question they asked not only Lord you at this time going to restore the kingdom. They said are you going to restore the kingdom to Israel and to the Jews are interested and many kingdom of the Gentiles in the kingdom of the Romans of the Greeks. Those were people they despise.

They wanted Jewish kingdom. Now you would said to the gentleman really that is somewhat restricted.

Dissonant case that God has been gracious to Gentiles to the Gentiles being included, they would certainly have said well yes of course we are not in the least narrowminded man. Of course Gentiles are welcome God has all kinds of people that serve him, they are very welcome to call me if they wish and join our kingdom Jews. It was still a Jewish kingdom.

That's what they had in mind. Ethnically restricted and you can understand also that it was not only ethnically restricted was geographically restricted. Suppose you would said to them, well now where is this kingdom to be located, I would essential question all this kingdom is to be located wife in Jerusalem.

Of course that's God say that's where David Ray network Solomon Ray and that's where the Messiah is going to write Jesus.

Once you set up a throne in Jerusalem violent rain here again while we might say, what about the Greeks.

What about the Romans. What about the barbarians live even beyond the boundaries of the Roman Empire, they would've said they are welcome to come to Jerusalem anytime they want.

We won't throw them out the kingdom they had in mind was restricted and we know that because the emphasis Jesus makes gives a great commission is quite the opposite is that you're going to be my witnesses but it's only going to begin in Jerusalem going to go from that point throughout the whole world.

I want to see how Jesus answered and indicate what kind of a kingdom. This is now is to be established.

But let me say something someone is a parenthesis notice when Jesus replied to them. He didn't say she might of expected him to reply. Really, now that we come to this point you still don't understand this matter. The kingdom don't you understand that there's not going to be an earthly kingdom might've expected him to say that but in point of fact, didn't II think this is a crucial verse for understanding prophecy people disagree with me. In some cases, but notice that what he said was not there will never be an earthly kingdom.

He simply said that that is in the future in an indefinite future of the time not known to them is certainly known to God said in the meantime, there's another task for you.

That's the equivalent.

It seems my judgment of saying that God will at one time in the future, establish an earthly kingdom for Israel. I think there are prophecies that indicate that I think it has its own significance. But what he said was whether or not that comes and whenever that may come your task now is to establish something quite different.

A lot of the world and preach the kingdom is not the kind of kingdom you're thinking about the kingdom. I came to establish by my death and resurrection.

Now let's just look at that little bit. I said at the kingdom.

They were expecting was political kingdom and one that was ethnically and geographically restricted. I notice what Jesus Christ teaches about the kingdom first teaches that is to be a spiritual kingdom.

Why emphasizes the coming of the Holy Spirit did it before this verse five John baptized with water, but in a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit than he did in the context of the great commission itself. You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you and you will be my witnesses what your reaction is that when we talk about the kingdom and begin to say it's a spiritual kingdom, but knowing people at least as well as I do. I suspect that many, if not everybody has a reaction in which you say all I say I spiritual kingdom. I mean who cares about a spiritual kingdom are at least that's really not important because a spiritual kingdom.

You see is something you don't see and might be very nice that Jesus is in the business of establishing a spiritual kingdom and we certainly don't want to put a spiritual kingdom down the way we think the reason is by our culture when we think is that somehow really isn't all that important matters of the kingdom's but you see that you see when Jesus spoke of the spiritual nature of the kingdom get this.

Understand this, he didn't just use the word spiritual that we could have said it's a spiritual kingdom I have in mind but he actually said it's a kingdom that is going to be established. The power of the Holy Spirit was the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit is divine. In other words, he was say this is going to be God's kingdom.

Never use the word spiritual.

You see, you have to think along those lines, we sometimes make that work.

Spiritual don't even understand what means we think, well, it refers to somebody who's not in touch with life, somebody who's so unrealistic is living in the clouds of my dirty well retreat to monastery those of the spiritual people listen back which is spiritual is what the Holy Spirit does what the Holy Spirit does is all important reason it's important is that it lasts some time ago I was in Washington DC. We had a meeting in which we were talking about the impact of Christians upon our culture. We were talking about the various Christian social service agencies, and how important they are and what should be done. Relation of Christians to the state of the involvement of Christians in government, all things are very, very important, but present at the meeting was Doug call whom God has used Washington DC in a remarkable way over. Many, many years ago is so successful in his work that you never hear of it. He works behind the scenes, he does all the Congressman all the Senators Cindy meets with them and praise with the Malaya problems. They meet with cabinets through his ministry and that of another people. Like in the Fellowship House got established and is a history of spiritual triumphs, as a result of Doug goes ministry was present at this meeting and he was listening. He was in disagreement. We got to the end of it, we turn to when we said Doug you been here in Washington a long long time. What kind of counsel, the abhorrence as we begin to plan some things along these lines, and he said well what you're saying is very important, but what I want to leave with you is this idea from Scripture.

Remember, it says that the visible things pass away, but the invisible things are eternal, something we need to think about us Christians generally talk about the invisible. We believe in God and God's not visible.

We believe in eternal life, and that's not visible.

We talk about redemption and regeneration, a justification for none of those things are visible at all invisible to think that we, apart from all other people on the surface of this earth are committed to that which is invisible. Why is that argumentative averages invisible because invisible glass invisible goes from God was invisible.

What the Holy Spirit does that which is spiritual last forever. So when Jesus said to save going to have a kingdom of the kingdom is going to be one established by the Holy Spirit he was teaching very, very important thing. Secondly, I want you to see that he was talking about a powerful kingdom where uses is significant is translated power and in some versions of this text as well as in Matthew where an identical combination of words occurs. You sometimes find the word power twice new international version doesn't write translates the first word authority defined in verse seven is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority. In the second word is translated power and that's what you find in verse eight, but you will receive power on the great language that what is Dumas. We know how that word came into the English language because years ago when when the scientists know about who has given his name to the Nobel prizes that are given each year in Sweden or distinguish work in literature and the sciences. When he made his way to discovering a discovery of a kind of power the world is never known before. He had as a friend, a Greek scholar and he asked a great scholar with the Greek word was for explosive power and is spread a new Greek said well in the Greek language that word is Dumas well. He said I'm in a call I discovery by that name. And so we got our work dynamite dynamite is what Nobel discovered we've taken the same word and applied it to machine that is able to produce electricity. Electrical power: Dynamo and so on.

Then the word is passed into our language, but that's a word that occurs. Here it refers not to the kind of power one has by an intrinsic or delegated authority.

That's a very important kind of power, but it refers here in this text, to what we would have to call explosive power. It's a kind of power. If I can use I language that changes the let me say and say clearly that that is not political power.

That's what the disciples wanted. They said Lordy you going to restore the kingdom. Are you going to set off a political machine bow. If you talk about power lacks power we can understand that while political kingdom is a kingdom ruled by King.

The king collects money and that King uses is money to equip an army and an army and forces as well.

That's the kind of power we understand Jesus said, in effect, know you see what I'm talking about is power, not power is power that flows from the very character and will of God. Several years ago, the brilliant French writer Dr. Lu wrote a book called the political illusion really a brilliant book.

Lou examines this whole mystique of the political and he senses the title clearly indicates that it's an allusion of the first order an illusion that is propped up by the politicians because they want to be thought powerful and by the media the public says a low the power really is in the political process of all, it's not the same thing as saying that the political process is unimportant, unimportant, does certain things.

Certainly, God established the state. One of the things he established the state for was to protect the innocent and condemned the guilty and to defend people to belong to a certain geographical area kind of power connected with addresses audited via Labatt but it's a denial of the illusion of power. The idea that because you possess political office.

Somehow, you can control events and change things that produce reformation of the world and lose is quite likely that is an illusion power is not there. If police power is power that comes from another source entirely.

I was speaking about that on one occasion at one of the little for conferences on reformed theology and Chuck Colson was present because Colson was also speaking of that program and when I had finished he got up to speak. He picked up on that allusion to lose book and he said it's quite interesting that book is that's the most important political book I've ever read, and he said when I read it I decided to send it to every friend I had in government. They set I went out the fire that I found I couldn't buy it was out-of-print, which he said is a clear indication that even evangelical publishers have bought into the political illusion you can't get a book that exposes the illusion for what it is, what is it that really changes the world by were speaking in secular terms was secular audience. I could say and say, quite rightly, it's always the power of an idea that armies change the world some money. The changes the world. It's not laws change the world.

We of all people should know that because we passed a law forbidding the sale of alcohol by prohibition didn't change a thing as a matter fact just what Paul said the law does it encourage people to set was more traffic and liquor those days never existed before. Matt was art. What does it it's an idea when an idea possesses people's minds and speaking in secular terms. The idea of freedom has been powerfully effective and still runs wild today. The idea that men can be free, that they have a right to make their own decisions to determine their destiny something like that when it grips the minds of men and women does change things that I may say so, the political process only follows along. Sometimes people ride what we call power on the Christ idea generally that's how presidents get elected because her ideas are better than anybody else's, but they tap into the idea that happens to be most dominant, most in the minds of the people in the months leading up to the election.

That's the way it happens is I say and I were talking in political terms. That's the way I talk. But if I'm talking in spiritual terms. I would say what really changes things.

Power of the gospel when by that gospel.

The Holy Spirit regenerates fallen, sinful men and women, causing them to repent of sin seek after righteousness and live for Jesus Christ the Lord of righteousness whenever he is placed where that happens it happens in a big way. Then you have reformation and nothing else ever accomplishes that anywhere, at any time.

So that's the second thing our Lord talked about a spiritual kingdom unless we might say is we sometimes do all just a spiritual kingdom.

He points out that it's not dynamic spiritual kingdom, one that is powerful to the very power of God. Now is the third thing this kingdom is also a kingdom of truth. Recall that just the page or so earlier in our Bibles. This is recorded as having come out clearly at the trial of Jesus Christ, the trial of Christ before Pilate is recorded in John 1819 and in the 18th chapter Pilate was interrogating Jesus about his kingdom. The Jews accused him of wanting to be a king king would be construed as one who was trying to set himself up in opposition to Caesar and Pilate began asking him about that pilot said several times are you a king and Jesus answered away didn't understand we ask again, are you a king and finally Jesus answered and words it Pilate understood Jesus said you are right in saying I am a king.

In fact, for this reason I was born and for this I came into the world and where you expect him to say to be a king and a raise of followers and alarming drive out Caesar.

He actually says to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me it's always at a king that I'm a king of truth in my kingdom is a kingdom of truth when Pilate heard that he finally got what it was all about. All he said and he dismissed entirely. What is truth is that nobody understands what truth is your philosopher was out on dream.

You see, that's what Jesus is still saying here, how do we know we know because what he tells them to do is to be his witnesses that were witness comes from.

Well we have a closest parallel to it in English the word, we don't really use very much.

Now that was used in Elizabethan times and afterwards it's a word to which WIT a, which form of that is also a word we know what it means to know to which it is to know so witnesses one who knows and intensifies what he knows. Animals truth you say these disciples of the Lord were to be witnesses.

Witnesses to what we want is what you dominant above all of the resurrection would substantiate his claim so he said you say when you go out into the world with this spiritual dynamic powerful gospel. Your understand that it is to be advanced, not by force of arms or portion, but by testimony to the truth and only do just the opposite. Don't wait even in the evangelical church today we have a lot of errors at this point.

One is the error thinking that the way you advance the gospel way promote God's kingdom is by money how we live in a world we have to have money not against money on the blessings of promise of the people of God in the Old Testament in a general sense not always one-on-one with the general sense is if we pursue righteousness God blesses us materially and that somewhat true to say the problem comes when we think that that's the way spiritual work is done, we think you say if we are able to raise one year. $100,000 for some evangelical because well we could do it twice as well.

The next year if we can only raise $200,000.

When we begin thinking like that were falling into the trap. As a matter of fact, the more money you raise, the more dangerous it is. I've always said that one reason why God doesn't get more of us more money is that he can't trust us with it knows that he gave us more. It would ruin us. If you look back over the past year and see how you used your money you get out your stops your checkbook and just see where it's all gone. See where you even given the attempt not to say whether you have excelled as a steward of the things God is giving you see exactly what I'm talking about. We have more we spend on ourselves and the sad path of many lives.

Many Christian wives is that prospering materially, they allowed things to stump their souls so they get wrapped up in all the things that money can buy our cartoon this past week man in a very wash house surrounded with all sorts of objects that is money that I love is the things that money buys. Well that's what we're like to say we do the same thing.

Spiritual terms when we think of the way you advance the kingdom of God is by money money is a tool you have all sorts of money in the something entirely sickeningly sometimes do a second air is to think of the way we advance the gospel is by law, which is also to say by force. We have two forms of that we have a social action form. This is the kind of thing that is mostly characteristic of the liberal churches, but any of the evangelical churches get into it as well. They say the way to advance the kingdom of God is to change the country's laws against changing the country's laws. Certainly other bad laws they should be change for better laws. I think their examples where that to be done on our own country but you see changing the laws does not in itself advance the kingdom it's the other way kingdom advances laws follow in changing the law does not produce it. You can understand why what is law is force you get a mistake to change the laws and the power of the state the power of arms which boils down in the final analysis, the power of the policeman with the gun, the FBI or the Federal Bureau of investigation and all its various forms boils down to that the law is going to be enforced by that secular power to the state. You know as well as I do that when you talk about changes within the heart and minds of people spiritual changes. That is not something that can be accomplished by any force of arms and we say we have a particularly evangelical form about something seen.

I think in a very discouraging way. The reformed churches. We think that we accomplish the same thing in our churches by law.

That is, we exalt a rigid understanding sometimes of the Old Testament particulars and say well now this is what we're going to force upon our people. We have phenomena in our day, which I think is a dreadful one of disciplining people within the context of the church for their failure to adhere to a particular interpretation of something in the Old Testament, on the authority of no one greater than the particular leaders of the church on anybody misunderstand me. I'm not against spiritual discipline. Another great error of the churches that we have failed in that where there's a clear violation of the moral law of God must be disciplined for the sake of the soul of the individual involved where we do is I regret to say some of our churches are doing insists upon our particular interpretation and forceps by the legalistic actions of the session or some other church board.

We are not serving Christ kingdom were simply building are over being worldly at that point very point when we ought to be most spiritual we say also that there is an error which some are falling into the Diane.

This is the error thinking that the kingdom of God is advanced by what we call the miraculous by what are sometimes called by those who speak of it signs and wonders, the argument goes with the Holy Spirit is active. There are signs and wonders follow. So in the church today. That's what we should say we should look for the signs and wonders. We want healings and we want miraculous demonstrations of the Spirit's power. Be clear about that. If that is what were looking for. We are off base because that's not what Jesus is talking about. What does Jesus say when you receive this supernatural power of the Holy Spirit and his Holy Spirit and his power begins the work in you is the result of the spirits working miracles fly miraculous.

That's not all he talks about what is he say Holy Spirit is at work, you will be my witnesses. Some years ago I studied all of the occurrences of the phrase filled with the spirit of the book back about a dozen of them.

I look at them all the circumstances in which that occurred and I examined those passages to see what was in common among the 12 because where the Holy Spirit works.

Something should follow if you're going to do that is an interesting study and give you the answer in advance thing that ties all those passages together and which is evidence of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit and his people is that when those involved low spirit filled, they immediately set out to witness to Jesus Christ as my words were testimony to what is done in their lives. In this is what the Lord used they were talking here of the power of God's word is God's people testify to it. Those who need to hear.

You know what it says in the book of Revelation Revelation 12 verse 11 in speaking about the onslaughts of the devil saying of the saints.

They overcame him. That is, the devil, by the blood of the Lamb, and by their testimony. We want to be spirit filled one experience the power of the Holy Spirit in this age testify to Jesus Christ you say, but I stammer the matter Holy Spirit is in stammer same. I make mistakes.

It's all right Holy Spirit will make them forget the errors you make your say, but I don't know my Bible well enough. Well, work at it.

But in the meantime, testify to the portions of it.

You know you're a believer in Jesus Christ you would least understand the gospel because of you didn't understand the gospel. You wouldn't believe it wouldn't be a believer you profess to be a follower of Christ Christian would least know the gospel testify to that site all but I'm afraid it won't work. Really.

You're afraid it won't work when Jesus says that's what the Holy Spirit does when you testified Holy Spirit will work through you power last point of this study of the great commission is easiest one because it goes back to what I said at the beginning, but only as a spiritual kingdom a powerful kingdom of the kingdom of truth is also universal worldwide kingdom. The kingdom that is to advance to all nations so it involves all people and races and it's to advance into all the regions of the world and all the wonderful thing about this is that the disciples really did get it.

They were like us. They were awfully thick and even after having been with Jesus for three years since I said at the beginning.

After this point is about to go back to heaven and they still haven't quite in mind, they say, Lord, are you at this time, ready to restore the kingdom.

But you know it's interesting.

This is the last flicker of their earthbound misunderstanding every year. The sort of thing again really did understand the really did get it. They understand not only did they get it they didn't. That's what the book of acts is all about. I conclude just this way. Jesus said, you will be my witnesses last question is that prophecy you're going to be my witnesses. You are going to be my witnesses or as a command you will be my witnesses. What is the answer surely is both certainly is a prophecy they were going to be Christ witnesses. That's what God had ordained they were God and all over the gospel would hear, but at the same time was also a command.

Now you go all the world because that's when I board day. That's my plan for carrying this great gospel of salvation to the most distant shores. What I want to say is that that great commission understood in those terms, something that every generation must obey.

Did it. They literally took the gospel to the furthest reaches of their known world.

That's what we are called upon to do in our day. Also all been great times in the church when people took this seriously and the gospel flowed far and wide. And God blessed. Unfortunately, there have been times when the missionary mandate has been suppressed and forgotten Christians have been self-contempt or preoccupied with the world's kingdom said the world's way of doing things are obedience to the great commission starts here and in many cases it starts tonight as you have an opportunity. In simple terms, to tell others what Jesus did, the gospel is what it means for them. Don't think that's unimportant.

That is the most important thing in the world and our father we ask you to bless this text to inspire understanding first. What about all as it seizes upon our hearts and minds and actually motivates us and carries us out to tell tell of what we know our father we pray that you bless that that even as we pray, we know you well because you have sent. That's your plan.

People just like us might bear that gospel were ever you send us by that means you establish that greatest of all kingdoms, the kingdom of God. Even in the midst of the secular kingdoms of this world. Amen. You are listening to the Bible study hours with the Bible teaching of Dr. James Boyce listener supported ministry of the alliance of confessing Evangelicals. The alliance exists to promote a biblical understanding and worldview. Drawing upon the insight and wisdom of reformed theologians from decades and even centuries gone by. We seek to provide Christian teaching that will equip believers to understand and meet the challenges and opportunities of our time and place.

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