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Counsell comes back, manages poorly, loses game, gets booed

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler
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May 28, 2024 4:20 pm

Counsell comes back, manages poorly, loses game, gets booed

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler

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May 28, 2024 4:20 pm

Bart shares his thoughts on Craig Counsell's return to Milwaukee as the now manager of the Chicago Cubs

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Good morning, everybody. My name is Bart Winkler. Welcome into the Winklerverse. Popping on a Tuesday afternoon after game one of this Brewers Cubs series and obviously before game two.

So hopefully game two brings the good kind of vibes that game one did so that this particular show is still digestible and not like, oh, the Cubs, you know, come back in game two and beat us eight to one or something stupid. I wanted to do this at several different times earlier than it's being posted, but I had a weird sleep night and whatever. You don't care.

Also, the reason I want to do this one is to keep the legs on the pod going. Welcome into the Winklerverse Spotify, YouTube. I think Google podcast is officially dead or that might be dead next week.

Apple. But wherever you are, like and subscribe. Appreciate that. But when I do the Bart Winkler show tonight on the Infinity Sports Network, I have learned that no one cares about this. Nobody nationally cares about Brewers and Cubs.

So at some point they'll have the Cubs broadcast. I will be on in Chicago. I might get a couple of Chicago calls and getting Milwaukee calls.

You know, Tony in Texas hopped on the other day. Ram on the north side. I got a call from Ram, which was awesome. And you can like tell in my voice when I'm excited.

I love I love when people call back into that show. So again, in Milwaukee, nine to one tonight and across the country nationwide on the Odyssey app, Infinity Sportsnet. But we are not going to talk much about the Brewers and Cubs series. We're just not.

I've dabbled on the council topic before. I can feel people not caring about it. I've complained that if it was a New York Boston thing, if, you know, homegrown Boston kid then went and managed the Yankees. You know how insufferable that story would be?

But for whatever reason, people look at us in the Midwest and say. What's the big deal? So he went to get more money. You would do the same thing. Oh, what I.

What I will show me the eight million dollar offers I get. Well, no, it's different if it. This kind of thing that I'm mad at Craig for happens to like 17 individuals ever in the real society. So to pretend like we would be in that spot is kind of foolish. But what a game that was vibes were great.

In another situation, I get out there. I'm really bummed I wasn't the reports. I got some.

He's not here and he might be asleep, but I do have some Tim Shea shakeaways that he texted me. Because he was at the game. He said. I said today was like the best Brewers Day ever.

He said it was. The crowd was great. The game was great. The booze were great.

That's the last I've talked to. They texted me and shakeaways for. I trained him well. The crowd was great. The boos are great. The game was great.

Those were his shakeaways. But you know, it was just the perfect setting. And I wonder with how it played out. Where it ranks in other regular season games, because what what other regular season game? Would you put that kind of emotion in that kind of script towards with the Brewers?

What other regular season game would you do that? I'm going to put a banner up here to attract more people. Council booed.

I'm going to I'm going to go crazy. Council wasn't booed hard enough. There, that'll pop up then as people are scrolling on Twitter. Just a little trick I learned as you see it on the Dan Cheney YouTube stream. Which also plays on Twitter. So again, that's why if you're watching the video, that's why this I'm going to keep that up for a little bit here.

Link to join if you catch it live. If not, I know I'm coming at these weird ass times. That's not good. Um, okay. I saw Jim Rome was on X Day. He's like, Oh, I got 437 people here.

I was like, Oh, I'm almost close to Jim Rome. He goes, then he goes thousands. Oh, okay. Good job. This podcast will get there someday.

I do want to start doing it at night too, with that show. But I don't think I'm getting a half a million people. Although bet on yourself, MJF. The game yesterday just felt incredible. It felt amazing. It felt like a bunch of anticipation towards it. It felt like a second opening day. It felt like opening day was happening again. And I know that the brewers played the Cubs earlier this season and then they won the first game and then maybe not the others, but this felt like opening day. It was in Milwaukee and it was at such a nice time and baseball.

I would love to know if there was any sort of planning for three o'clock Memorial day. Do the brewers request that? Do they see that they have the Cubs on the schedule and then want to push the game up? Because there were eight teams that didn't play on Memorial day, including the New York Yankees. You think if one American baseball team is going to play on Memorial day, it'd be the Yankees.

Wouldn't you? I would, but because the schedule they play, you know, it's a Sunday and then start a new series Tuesday. Would it be so much for baseball to say, all right, we're going to, you have a, you have a Monday, Tuesday, or you have a Tuesday, Thursday. Wow, Tim, you have a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday series, but because it's Memorial day, we're going to give you that Thursday off and make it on Monday now. And then you'll get another day off after the series. So play and then, or let's move the Tuesday game to Monday. Then you have a random Tuesday off. What's wrong with that? Random Tuesday.

I don't know. I mean, baseball should have been on your TV all day yesterday. Baseball should have been the dominating thing. There's a hockey game on at night. I understand that there's a basketball game on at night.

I understand that. Um, but it should like baseball, the momentum of baseball should carry you through and maybe put a marquee game on at night. Put it, put, put this game at night.

Brewers Cubs at night last night. I think I know that I say that nobody cares when I say it on my radio show, but you throw it on one of the networks that carry baseball. I mean, it's going to get at least bigger interest from the cities there. Although I wouldn't have wanted it to be a prime time game. So for national reasons, for what baseball should be thinking about how they market themselves, I think maybe last night could have been a prime time game or it's a better game at three o'clock. I think it was better for the tailgating. I think it was better for the city as a whole. It's like a bonus Sunday for a lot of people.

And then, you know, you can go home, have fun, go to bed, wake up a little groggy, but could be worse. And then you can get kids at this game and get Chicago at this game, which is probably why they wanted to do it. I got a report, not a report, but somebody said that maybe, maybe we're at the 65, 70% mark. Look, there's going to be a lot of Cubs fans at this series. You can't deny it.

And you can even block out Illinois as the team has tried. There are a lot of Cubs fans among us. There's a Cubs fan deep down in here. Okay. Deep down in here. Five-year-old me, six-year-old me, seven, eight, nine-year-old me. Big Cubs fan. Deep, deep down. Brewers switch to the National League.

Can't do it. I understood that. But a lot of people didn't even like the Brewers because they were Cubs fans. The Braves leaving. The Braves leaving led to this. Yes, obviously Chicago Metro bigger, but if the Braves don't leave, there was no team here and people didn't go follow the Braves. They're like, oh, well, I guess I like Chicago now.

But then there's only like 15 Blackhawks fans here, which doesn't make sense. Hey, how about those ads? I want to go. Ah, I wanted to go Sunday. Didn't go.

So this game, obviously, in added importance, that's very easy to mention. And you had a nice time to go there. You had a nice time to enjoy yourself. Maybe a couple of beverages. And by beverages, I mean the hard seltzers. But when I say hard, I don't mean alcohol hard. I mean THC infused hard via They've hooked up with 1840 Brewing and they've got the seltzers that have the THC in it. They also have gummies and lip balms and tinctures. If you need CBD, you know what CBD might have?

You know what? I'm going to put CBD on, actually. I'm going to put, I'm going to put some lotion on this, this. I'm getting, I'm getting Fitbit Wrist.

Now the solution would be, don't be a dork and wear a Fitbit, but daddy's got to count his steps, you know. I'm going to try it on that. It doesn't really hurt, but is gross. But again, you have things that hurt. I still, I still credit it for helping my gout.

Okay. Remember when I had gout? If you're just joining, I had gout. HappyPlaceHemp promo code is BART.

CBD, CBN, all that stuff. Check it out. Use the promo at the checkout.

You'll get 25% off and don't forget. So the game, what an anticipatory game it was, obviously. And then it went in the most perfect way. Like if you were to really script how you would want that game to go, I don't think you can script it any better because it was tense. It was tight. It was a battle.

It was zero to zero after one, after two, after three, four, five, six, seven with, you know, big plays and, you know, in wrestling, I'd say near falls. Like there were, there were, there were times to feel like, yeah, boy, if we could only have done this or they could only have done that. Then we get to the eighth inning. And this is what's interesting is that I was hoping I did have this thought that as the game was going zero to zero, first inning, second inning, third inning, you maybe think about it more in the fourth or the fifth, but as the game kept being zero zero, I thought we're going to see like Craig Council have to make some decisions.

We're going to see him need to make a move here that will either work out in their favor or cost them. Because if you're the manager, if you're Craig Council, like what did you do? What, what now that there's no pitcher even, what do you, what do you do?

What does he do for the first seven innings? He watches the tribute video to him, which gets booed, which that's another thing I wonder they put that up for him to get booed, right? I mean, you've done tribute things for people that have like less impact, but they, they wanted to get him booed because he came out for the lineups, but you really want to boo him. Or were there like people in the Brewers front office like, no, we have to do a tribute video. Hey, he's meant so much to our city.

He's meant so much. We have to do it. We have to do it. That's how I would like to envision that went.

There was like a vibe, nah, tribute video. What should we do? Should we, should we do, should we do that?

Should we? And then, and then the boss is like dead set on it. But then the other employees, once they go up for drinks, they think, you know, we should, we should say yes and stop pushing back. Bosses will love us for doing this video. Meanwhile, Council's going to get his ass booed. It's going to be glorious.

We should do it. Or maybe they were all in on it and knew he would get booed the whole time. Daniel on YouTube, why did that ass laugh at himself when 40,000 fans booed him? And I know Cubs fans will have their say about the Council thing. And let me, let me give you a, I'll answer that question with a quick like speech, with a quick summation of this whole thing. Council being gone, I'm like actually fine with.

Pat Murphy's great. Steam's getting in fights. Games are fun.

I think it's good that there's a new, maybe sort of culture. I mean, what the hell was going on there? Stern's left. Guys weren't happy. Council, Council even wanted out. Was that a, was that a situation he fostered?

Like, oh, I, I'm going to, I'm going to, I don't know what, you know, he, did he create the problem? But it didn't seem to be fun. I'd be in some of those locker rooms. Some of those locker rooms.

The year that they won, like in 18, getting to be in those was cool. But a lot of them like were just so, it's like you walked in there. You're like, did somebody just find out that somebody died? What, what's the vibe here? I'd go to the Visine Clubhouse. There's like music playing. There's like 25 people that are like basically doing, we're in the big leagues. We're getting to play a game today. This is cool.

And it's a great way to live. And then you go into the Brewers locker room and it was like, oh, is it October yet? It was weird. Weird vibe. Haven't been in the Pat Murphy locker room.

Maybe I'll, I won't. So not a great vibe. Wanted out. Wanted to leave.

Left. While that can be true. It's also a bullshit move to say that you are one of somebody and then go to their rival. I mean, how, how is that?

How is that anything other than an absolute fact? And I think what sucks is there's already this vibe that you can, yeah, there's plenty of people that work in Chicagoland and then live in Milwaukee area. Cause you can, you can go there twice a week.

Maybe now in this new era of working in front of your tack board, you could do that. But the fact that like he, and then the fact that he would show up to these games, these Bucks games, these Marquette games. And that leads me to the question, why did he laugh at himself when 40,000 fans booed him? It's like, you made this move.

You did this. You chose to go manage the rival. You knew they were the rival. If you're one of us, you absolutely know they're the rival. You know. Oh, well actually guys, I remember walking into the Wrigley for the first time. I never felt anything like it. Just make up these stories to get Cubs fans listening to me like, Oh, did you hear what Craig said?

I mean, I have the stories I would do too. Oh, my first favorite guys were Andre Dawson, Ryan Samberg. Oh my God. He's one of us. He is. Why does he gotta be one of anybody? That kind of pissed me off.

He was one of us. And then he goes to the Cubs and is saying all these things about why he can be one of the Cubs. Just say, I'm here because you got more resources and you're paying me more money. Why can't you just say that? Is that hard? You got people, when I am talking about Council Online, people are like, well, Bart, he went because he's got more resources and he's getting more money.

Well, then why doesn't he say that? Why is there, do you want to be liked? Do you not? Do you care?

Because there was no, there was no like Brewers fans. I'm getting more resources and more money. Mark's got me on the purse strings here.

Stern's left. Every time we do something cool, the league strips the rules away from us. I'm not saying you can't win a title here, but I'm not the guy to do it. And they're going to pay me more money down the road. I know. I know.

And it'll be weird when we play each other, but I think this, this is a, this is a best fit for both of us. Is that, is that too pie in the sky? Am I, am I making shit up here? Can you do things like that? Can you say things like that? Is that not the truth? Am I, am I fanficking this?

I'm, I'm, I'm wondering, I'm asking honest questions I'd like feedback on because that's what's happening. Right. But then his vibe is so weird. It's like when the Milwaukee media showed up at his Cubs opening day press conference, he was like bummed about it outwardly. Well, isn't part of the reason you like this because you're still close.

Well, if you're close, then they're close too. Also, I mean, Schneiderman flew his ass to New York city to ask three questions there at Rogers. You don't think the TV stations are going to drive the 75 minutes to come in, get a free news cycle for the day? Comps from Chicago hotdogs? You know, obviously they're going to come.

And then you're asked questions about it and you're like, well, boo, laugh. We're off on Memorial day, man. We're off on Memorial day?

You're, you're, this whole thing is fine. Cause you're off on Memorial day. What about tonight? What about tonight? If we boo now it's a random Tuesday. Boo.

What about Wednesday? Ah, people are just living life. What? I don't, I don't get it. I do not. I don't get it.

I don't understand it because he's, he's very, I mean, this is very strong convictions for why he, if he went that quickly, that surprisingly then why does he not show any of that conviction when he's being asked about it, he's, he's being asked about it as if like we're dumb for even thinking it. And that's why I bring in the Cubs fans. This is still none of your business. I know he's your manager, your business is him taking out Justin Steele at 93 pitches when the Brewers couldn't do against them and then bringing in lighter and then taking him out.

And then the next guy that I'm not going to learn this dude's name. I don't care. Wish Neske, the next guy that he it's Adonis and he hits the home run Craig council's moves as little as they were as few as they needed to be directly cost you the game. That's where you should be mad about. But I think what might happen is there's going to be Cubs fans with some frustration about council instead of like being like, Oh, is he not the right guy?

Or maybe he's not good. Then they'll just find a Brewer fan to pick on. And so what I'm trying to do is a profit on that. I'm trying to do some outrage outrage media here.

I'm trying to put out some council content and redo some reels and stuff so that people I can attract some Cubs fans and because the council video when we found out live that had huge numbers. I got a big pot. So I'm trying to exploit Cubs fans. So now you're doing it to us. Now I'm exploiting you. I'm trying to manufacture your anger for profit. You know, I've been I've been doing the I've been doing that.

I just want to do a good job and feed my family stick long enough. I got to start engaging out there. I got to start aggregating. I've been finding these tweets, you know, and it's some guy named Evan Sittery in the NBA. And I'm like, Oh, here's another one from Evan Sittery. Well, he's this guy's got a lot of shit. Wow. Now he's just reporting what other people are reporting.

And that's it's aggregating. Crispy Brothers put out a new council video. John Boy just like takes it and gets all that like retweet it like I did. Make a comment, promote it without stealing. But that's not the name of the game anymore.

So I'm going to try to name the game. Daniel wanted to know if rock NBA were shocked that everyone booed council. I think they were I mean, you got to remember, they work for the Brewers. So they're gonna, they're gonna say what the Brewers bosses would prefer they say.

Although I think Mark hates count. So maybe maybe maybe not. Who are the Yeah.

Who Yeah. I was happily surprised. I thought there'd be, you know, because we talked about this, I thought there'd be a few cheers. Now, as to your original question. Adam says he laughed because there was no other way to get through it.

He's making 40 million. I get it, but I don't have to like it. Grant with the you laugh to keep from crying. Yeah, maybe the highest frustration and sadness. Daniel also sat next to the Cubs bullpen and heckled with snesky when he was warming up, called him the wizard. And that must be what got to him. Oh, then there's the Willy Adamas portion of this. Willy Adamas, my guy, right?

What's my take on Willy Adamas? Guy only hits home runs when the game is already spoken for one way or the other. And they're always solo shots. And I know running, you know, runners in scoring position like his batting average isn't bad. But I'm talking about when I see him hit home runs. That's what I've always seen. That's what I feel like I've seen. Anecdotally, maybe it's more feelings over facts. You know, because that's what we do all these days. That's how we decide who controls our school boards, political offices. But that that's how I'm choosing to describe Willy Adamas.

And so what does he do? Now, it wasn't necessarily wrong. I could also be like, well, they didn't need that run.

They won one nothing, but then the Cubs scored late, so I can't really do that. But that was a huge moment from him. And that was a great moment. The three run shot, the crowd reacting, the vibes, incredible. So you have a game that's tense throughout.

And then counsel's got to get out there. He gets booed right after he gets booed. It's because of a pitching change.

And then Willy smacks a home run of that next pitcher. I mean, you can't ask for anything better. Now, the only way it would have been better is if it was casting here at the dish. That's the only way it would have been better, because remember when Craig Council ruined his career for no reason, we still don't know why.

And I do believe that. So that's the that that would have been the only way to make it better. But Adamas is a good one, too, because he's been there a long time or Yalich. But Adamas, I think, you know, for just Adamas, Adamas is a good representation of like joy and fun. So to have him running around the bases to kind of capture what everyone is feeling, I think worked out pretty good.

So again, you can't write it better than that. Great win for the Brewers. They've got three more games against them. I hope people go tonight.

I might try to go Thursday. I don't know. Ben Brown versus Freddie Peralta. Oh, Ben Brown's the guy that they thought the council ruined at the beginning of the year. He seemed to have gotten better. Imunaga against Wilson.

Oh, yikes. On Wednesday. And then Jamison Tionne against Collin Ray on Thursday. And then they got the White Sox. So a very Chicago week. This is the week that Brewers organization's been waiting for.

That's Chicago money coming in. Chuck says Craig's the type of guy to bring paper plates and silverware to a get together. At minimum, you got to bring the chips. Cheese tray would be good. Veggie tray. Veggie tray is good. Taco tray. People, veggie tray is a good play.

Nobody thinks to bring the veggie tray. I like to get out there after the veggie tray. I like to get the cauliflower in there. And then once the cauliflower is gone, then you're like, fuck, I guess I'll have broccoli.

But then you like triple dip it in the ranch. Somebody had a sign. Craig Council is the guy that sits down when he pees.

If I speak. So there's that. What else I want to say about this game? Pat Murphy, Council.

I didn't see them yoking around too much at the beginning. What's Council like doing? And you know what else would be good? You know, another another pushback.

Council does so much for the community. Does he? Maybe he does. I don't know. I never.

Does he? It'd be cool if he's like, hey, I'm back in Milwaukee. I got this event that I'm going to put on noon on Wednesday. You know, it's for whatever it's for. But like that, that would be cool.

Or just embrace the Chicago part of it. This thing where he's trying to be in the middle, he's trying to like pretend that he doesn't care about us, but he does. I don't know. I don't know. I think that seems odd and strange.

And I don't like it. So again, we'll see how things go these next couple of days. But a very good, very good start. Just some quick notes on the NBA. Timberwolves, my future on that, not pretty. Was going to go put 20 more down on them at plus 4100 odds. But I couldn't get over the Pado today.

On my phone I would have done it, but I couldn't get over the Pado. And then the Celtics, I was very happy that the Pacers lost. Very happy that the Pacers lost Game 3.

Very happy that they've been giving away these games. But then once the Celtics won, I felt, I felt mad again. I'm mad in the mad. I'm mad the Celtics won. I didn't want the Pacers to win.

This is the better outcome. But I'm mad. I'm mad about it. Am I on tonight? Need your thoughts on Angel Hernandez.

Yes, I am on tonight. I saw one take out there that Angel Hernandez retiring is bad for baseball because we like to complain about the umps. Stole my take. Stole my take.

So I've got to rework shop that one. We're going to have to root for Jason Kidd in the finals and it feels dirty. Now here's why you root for the Mavs. Because if Kyrie and Luka can figure it out, then so can Damon Giannis.

And that can be the thing you say all summer. Well Damon Giannis can't figure it out. But that's what you said about Luka and Kyrie. That's what you said about Luka and Kyrie so. Uh, Brooke Cruz says I guess I want Mavs to beat the Celtics not like Luka or Kyrie are likable.

Yeah, no one's likable. Even if it's Mavs, well I don't know. But if it's Mavs, Celtics, it's still more likable than Nuggets Heat was last year. I think people will watch Mavs, Celtics, Nuggets Heat like. I'd rather watch Young Sheldon Reels. Oh, I have to say this too.

And this is good for the Dan Cheney YouTube stream. Because I got a comment. Let me share my screen here. I got a comment on a Facebook post I made. When I was killing bees. So see this comment it says rest in piss bees.

And then at the bottom of all these comments. First people are asking me if I'm cold not understanding the meme I'm recreating. But Cal says I look like Violent J from ICP. And so I looked up Violent J from ICP and saying clown posse. But again, they have makeup on. So I had to look without the makeup. So I found a picture of what he looks like. And I mean, I don't look like that. But I also do. I do look like this guy. Maybe some of the videos around Christmas time I look even more like this guy. But there's one where he's wearing a Guinness shirt. I mean, that's like in the same font and style as my Ed Sheeran shirt. This one in the bottom right, his eyes. Those are my eyes half the weekend. This one at the top here. I mean, yeah. That hurts. With all due.

With all due. Is Becky Lynch headed to AEW? I don't know that was weird. And Live Kiss Dumb and they didn't even show it on TV.

It got cut off because they had to go to Pacific Palisades or some rerun. Yeah, let's just keep looking at this guy from ICP. Maybe if I take off the hat. I do. I do.

I do. Oh boy. Wow. What a cut too. What a cut.

What a cut. Ryan's going to be at the Game Booing Council tonight. That's good.

That's good. Alright, we'll be back with MmhmmMmhmm later in the week. I'm sure we'll have some Brewers conversations, a little more NBA. I'll be on tonight on your favorite Infinity Sports Net station from 9 to 1. I might give Council a mention, but I can't talk about it for 20 minutes.

Not the place. Instead I'll be talking about the Celtics and about... probably my Timberwolves going down. That hurts. And that's been a close series too. I have a lot to say on crowning Anthony Edwards too soon, which was not his fault. Karl-Anthony Towns not coming up big. Karl-Anthony Towns best performance this year was in the fourth quarter of the All-Star Game. Him and Dame's best performances were in the All-Star Game. How do we feel about that?

Well, Dame had that first half. Alright, until next time, thanks for popping into the Winklerverse. We'll talk to you tonight.
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