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Are we rooting for the Pacers or the Celtics?

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler
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May 20, 2024 1:51 pm

Are we rooting for the Pacers or the Celtics?

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler

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May 20, 2024 1:51 pm

With the Conference Finals in the NBA now set, Bart wonders how hard it will be to have to root for the Celtics against the Indiana Pacers

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It's done. The goal of the year. Part of the past. The celebrations. Forgotten. The history. History. We're back to a blank slate.

Clean ice. All that matters now is what happens next. The Stanley Cup playoffs. Good morning, everybody. Welcome into the Winklerverse.

I am Bart Winkler. Checking in with you on a Monday. Want to talk about the NBA and the playoffs and the game sevens that we saw on Sunday. Also, how it affects what we are going to see over the next couple of weeks and from the perspective that I think a good handful of you are.

Bugs fans. The perspective of how we look into the Eastern Conference finals. I think just putting on Twitter yesterday that I'm going to root for the Celtics or I'm going to be forced to root for the Celtics. A lot of you say, well, I'm just not going to watch the Eastern Conference finals and unfortunately well fortunately because of the job.

Fortunately, that is not a thing that I can do. I can't just not watch the Eastern Conference finals when it's going to be the majority of. My show every other night for for two weeks on the Infinity Sports Network. Hope you can find me there. 1250 a.m. in Milwaukee. We're on in Green Bay and La Crosse and Eau Claire and Madison.

All over the state and on the Odyssey app, of course. Also, just want to bring up Aaron Rodgers situation tweet from the weekend and I did something finally as I am now in my fourth week. In my 40s. I did something that I should have done a long time ago. Here's something I wish I knew when I was in my 30s.

I should be like that guy who I like. I should have gone to Costco. Costco is amazing. I got a membership at Costco and it rules so I want to talk about that here in a little bit as well, but I think when I look at the NBA playoffs that that's all folks. One thing that I want to talk about off the top is who are we rooting for in this Eastern Conference finals?

Who are we rooting for in this Eastern Conference finals? You got one team in the Boston Celtics who we do not like who have ended our playoff run a few times. The games between the Bucks and the Celtics in the regular season have begun to take on a life of their own where if you win that game, I mean the shit posting that you get to do to Celtics fans, but vice versa. If we lose the Bucks lose, we just get hammered by not just Boston, but for like the whole NBA. Remember that game where the Bucks were up like 40 points and TNT went to other games.

God forbid they showed the end of that game and then and then they they get off the game and then nothing of it. But when the Celtics beat the living piss out of the Bucks, it's like a national story in a national conversation. There's a rivalry.

Certainly there are. Issues I think that both teams have with each other. Both fan bases have with each other. It's been very competitive and again the high profileness of the playoffs has led to some of that accelerating.

I think that. But they don't pay it off with championships. I really like that similar to. Similar to the San Francisco 49ers right where this team does well and they beat us and they make us look dumb. OK, but then they falter on the highest stage. They falter in the postseason in the playoffs and I can use them to compare to each other. And the Celtics haven't won since.

Well, 2008 and there's been a lot of success on both of those franchises, but it's been a long, long, long time coming. There's also the other part of it from the Pacers perspective. Because they're a team that beat us. OK, so they beat us and we don't like that.

And now there's a run of these teams that are beating the Bucks. They don't always win it. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they lose.

Sometimes they win. The Raptors got one. The Celtics lost. The Heat have lost. You know, it just depends who we're going to lose to if they make the finals or not.

That's getting annoying, so I don't want to see that continue as well. And I think last year you can kind of put yourself in a similar position where last year the Pacers. Are kind of following the model that the Heat did, at least being the lower seeded team and then beating the Bucks as a higher seeded team. And there's injuries like the Bucks are injured. That is a thing that is happening. There are injuries, so I don't think that either of these teams, and it's not thinking it's actual fact, have gotten the Bucks best. And they celebrate as if they did right. That's been the whole thing with the Pacers is they are on their way towards a hospital ring and nobody is like I mean we are, but I think the Pacers are getting a lot of credit. First time Pacers since this Pacers.

You know this Halliburton. What a performance. All those threes in the first half. Miles Turner. He's happy to be here.

Pascals Seattle. What a great addition that was. There's all this stuff going on. With the Pacers and I'm not sure if it's being ignored a little bit or if. We are not seeing it as much.

But I don't think a lot of like the these teams are hurt. It's done. The goal of the year. Part of the past. The celebrations. Forgotten. The history. History. We're back to a blank slate.

Clean ice. All that matters now is what happens next. The Stanley Cup playoffs.

Eastern Conference final begins Wednesday. This is the story of the one as a maintenance engineer. He hears things differently to the untrained ear everything on his shop floor might sound fine but he can hear gears grinding or a belt slipping. So he steps in to fix the problem at hand before it gets out of hand and he knows Granger's got the right product he needs to get the job done which is music to his ears.

Call click Granger dot com or just stop by Granger for the ones who get it done. The Bucks are banged up without Giannis without Dave for most of that series. The Knicks I mean they're dropping like flies even when guys come back they get hurt again. OG and a nobody was running in quicksand the five minutes he played and then Brunson gets hurt it's like what what more can you do. How is this happening this voodoo magic that we think the the Celtics have no man the Pacers have it incredibly more so I you know if I'm a Boston fan I'm a little worried that.

That everybody's got to be in bubble wrap I almost I almost don't play the guys that like start the bench guys and just see if you can like compete and then bring in the starters because they're going to someone's getting hurt. Persingus is already hurt and we'll see when he comes back but now that you're playing the Pacers you'll probably suffer some more injuries. Peyton Pritchard and Drew Holliday are going to like bonk heads or something it's going to be weird and it's going to be terrible and it's probably going to be expected so that's what you have here you have the team that we've always disliked. Who I would contend has been the Bucks main rival over the last five years, 10 years, Giannis era, the Bulls kind of when they're beating us is annoying and then back to that first playoff series, the Sixers have been in there the Raptors came and went. The Celtics the Heat you know these are these are the rival teams and then you have the Pacers which tried really really hard throughout the season to make this a rivalry and to punk us and well they kind of did they won four or five times in the regular season, including the in season tournament, which they overreacted to.

Like they thought that that they they acted then how you would act in a playoff race they were very excited about that and. The you know they've been beating the Bucks so if you're Pacers fan you're listening to me you're like what the hell the hell we've been beating the Bucks what's their problem we beat him when they were healthy in the regular season fine okay you were hurt in the playoffs we still beat you and now we beat the Knicks. Yeah, they were banged up as well but we are winning we went to game seven we went to MSG we got it done is probably you know what you would say as a Pacers fan, but. You're not playing.

You're not you're not playing anybody that's good. The Knicks Brunson getting hurt and a nobody, not to mention Mitchell Robinson Bogdanovich Randall, all these guys like if they're in that series, they smoke Indiana. And if the Bucks had a healthy Dame and a healthy honest that we all know how that series would have ended I don't care what happened in the regular season or run, you know in Vegas on some weekday afternoon in December.

We all know what would have happened. So now you got a Celtics team who the odds are very much in the Celtics favor, the Mavs Timberwolves series is like yeah Timberwolves slight favorite yeah I mean 17. But they're like minus 750 that's like they're playing a one seed playing an eight seed in the first round the odds are so enormous. So again to go back to the heat situation from last year, last year I despised the heat so much. And you begin to really hate these guys, whether it's Duncan Robinson or Tyler hero or Kyle Lowry when he was there you know whoever you really begin to hate these guys Jimmy Butler gets under your skin. And then you want them to lose as the tournament progresses. They had the Knicks then right similar path so they had the Knicks. And then I wanted them to lose but they didn't but then they play the Celtics. and then I wanted them to lose but they didn't but then they play the celtics and at that point I'm 100% heat fan because I don't care I don't care I do not want this celtics team no way no how it cannot be no no no no no no do not want it and it was easy for me it was easy for me because I hate the celtics that much well now in the span of 12 months a new team has emerged that is really awful that's really a bummer Tyrese Halliburton I don't care that he's from Oshkosh or not Oshkosh I just don't like Oshkosh I know I'm sorry I just being a fondy guy never liked Oshkosh Nina was the rival you know whoever mine was always mine was always Oshkosh north specifically where he went Oshkosh west oh god hated playing there I hate how the town's like it's a big lake in the middle of it I don't know that bridge sucks I hate it the downtown I just don't like Oshkosh man I just don't like it but with Halliburton the way that like here's the here's the pre-eminent thing to explain Tyrese Halliburton the front runner thing he has a sweatshirt made of Reggie Miller doing the choke against the Knicks okay he has a sweatshirt made if you want to be the guy that you think you are you wear that into the arena like how the Knicks wore all black in the game six they were coming for your funeral and it didn't work out but it would have been lame for them to walk in right wearing normal clothes and then walk out in black as if it was your funeral if you're gonna do it after you gotta do it before it's not funny after it's lame it's funny and before before it gives you like some cred I would have probably said this sucks but at least I would have been like yeah okay I mean he's he's putting you you know he's he's putting it out there he's putting it out there he's he's he's doing something instead it's always like none of this stuff comes until after they win you know Anthony Edwards down three two he's talking shit down three to the nuggets he's talking shit he's saying we're coming back here it's not over that's like it's such a it's such a like juxtaposition of the two guys I've got Tyrese Halliburton who doesn't do anything until they're winning and then you have Anthony Edwards who just knows he's good maybe maybe deep down Tyrese Halliburton doesn't know he's good maybe because all you need to do is stick a six foot five guy in front of him you don't even need to put your arm up he will shoot a three from his chest I was at the park the other day and there was a ball and so I was trying to shoot threes and I've always told you that I'm really bad at shooting threes like the strength the physical strength I don't have so I ended up shooting like Tyrese Halliburton did getting all my might into it because I can't shoot the three and he's the same way I mean if I was in the NBA shooting like that I would be out of the NBA very quickly but Tyrese it's like everybody lets him be open all the time like cover this man cover this man so I find myself in the situation where I am rooting for the celtics and it's not like Ken says here in celtics pacers I'm rooting for the comet I'm I'm actually rooting for the celtics like I will be I will be doing fist fist bumps when Al Horford hits a bullshit three I will be right there with them when Boston goes on their cockamamie 20 to 5 runs to open game one and two at home celtics first to 10 that's always the bet to play especially at home uh Brew Crew says cheer for the pacers let Indiana fans who have only had the Colts pacers and Hoosiers get the experience midwest over east coast very funny if celtics lose again I think we need to weigh what fan base meltdown would be more entertaining that's from Pete yeah because the celtics see that's why it's so hard because the celtics if they lost this series then they don't have that over us or over the Knicks maybe that's what I'll bring up tonight who are you who's who are people rooting for in that series or in any of these series because Mavs and Timberwolves is like not lame that's like fun but in this series if you're not from one of these cities because like Knicks fans I was talking to some Knicks fans or got some feedback from them like they are very mad at the Pacers as mad as we are but they still hate the celtics way way more so they're gonna root for the Pacers at least the ones I was discussing discussing with which I can't do I'm tired and maybe it's a spillover of the NFL and MLB and every sport that we seem to be in where if our team doesn't win they go to the finals it's getting annoying in all of these sports with the Brewers and the Packers so maybe that's factoring into the decision but I don't they're not good they're not good enough to be this far and they think they are and that bothers me that that ultimately is what bothers me it's not a Boston thing it's not an Indiana thing it's not a Tyrese Halliburton thing it's not a Jalen Brown thing I just don't like the simple fact that the Pacers think they're good and they're not this good genuineness humbleness these are things that I think are valuable in people that's the kind of character that I value in people are you humble are you grateful okay my kid last night I gave him M&Ms he wasn't grateful he dumped them all out because it wasn't enough I got to teach him got to be grateful all over the floor and then so I like picked him up and then you're getting no M&Ms but then he was like like a like a raccoon he's getting whatever he could that before I pick it up Brooker asked was I really going to cheer for the Knicks to make the finals that would have been more insufferable than any other team to oh yeah to make the finals sure now I'm going to root for whoever comes out of the west and I have money on Minnesota so I'm still rooting for them welcome into the Winklerverse we are brought to you by Happy Place Hemp kind of a not smooth restart there Happy Place Hemp 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the seltzer at some point got a Memorial Day weekend coming up here it may be a it may be a seltzer maybe a seltzer weekend promo code is Bart more comments Taylor says love Drew forever but will never root for the Celtics in any capacity whatsoever hope the Wolves win the whole thing at this point yeah I think the best course of action for many Bucks fans is to just not watch it don't get invested now I can't do that and on the radio I am probably going to because I've been playing up how much I hate the Pacers and I how much I hate the Celtics I gotta I gotta cool back on that I think um just because just because for my own sake I'll be a little bitch boy on the radio for two weeks if I'm like oh there's another made shot by a guy I don't like like it's gonna get annoying for me people listening deal with it this is what you get but for me I don't want myself to annoy me so that's probably the situation that I will find myself in but I'll just talk the basketball I'll just talk the basketball you know I'll get all the front-runner stuff out of the way maybe tonight and then I'll say all right I'm just gonna talk talk the basketball that's what I want to do so in that series and again I could have done that again I could watch this series and change with the Celtics and the Heat I just kind of went in and thought I'm just gonna watch and see what my body says oh that's a big one see what my body says and what my brain feels and right away I was rooting for the Heat against the Celtics but in this one I just I can't I can't stand it with the Pacers I can't stand it with Halliburton I can't stand it with McConnell I can't stand it with Rick Carlisle who pulls the bullshit of um the pulse I'm just pulling my driveway who pulls the bullshit of uh the small market thing I'm like who the fuck is that I don't know I uh might have to might have to have to call it early um so I don't I don't like any of that you go small market all that bullshit I've said bullshit like five times now so that's where I'm at with that I am rooting for Boston in the other playoff wow was last night interesting between the Nuggets and the Wolves 20 points down they come back very exciting I thought it was over I thought there was no way I mean the the Nuggets second unit came in there and Reggie Jackson made a play and I'm like oh god this is over the Wolves just don't have it but somehow that Wolves team they do not quit and they would not give up some wild stats that I will throw at your face here regarding what we have left what we have left in the postseason again with no Nuggets no Knicks no Thunder for the first time since the award was first handed out in 1956 there are zero former or reigning NBA MVPs in the conference finals round or equivalent stage so when we've gotten to the semi-finals in the NBA there's always at least been an MVP and now there is not that's pretty fun uh another fun stat that I have here defending champions to lose three games on their home court in one series that happened to the Warriors against the Raptors in 20 2019 that happened in 84 Sixers and Nets happened in 67 Sixers and Celtics happened last night the Nuggets became only the fourth team that was a defending champion to lose three games on their home court in one series and now the defending NBA champions have not advanced past the second round for the fifth straight year the 2020 Raptors lost in the second round no Kawhi the 2021 Lakers lost in the first round the bubble didn't count anyway our Bucks lost in the second round then the Warriors in the second round and then the Nuggets this year in the second round so the NBA will crown a new champion for the sixth straight season as well Colorado Pete here in Colorado morale's at an all-time low kind of nice feeling they were too cocky for a year beating two eight seeds of seven and a four seeds last year yeah they didn't have the toughest path I mean when you're a higher seed or they one seed last year so you'd have to play the one seed if you're you know two seed you you know but I I mean they didn't they didn't it's not like murderer's role that they had to go through this wasn't the toughest gauntlet ever that they had to kind of go through and I think what brought me so much joy yesterday because I was I was gearing up all day to like shit on the Pacers and then that got taken away from me but to be able to shit on the Nuggets was something that I needed that I didn't know I needed Michael Malone getting up there throwing f-bombs out you know Jokic being a part of this team that blew a 20-point lead I think because of the way that Jokic and Giannis and you know Embiid we've thrown all these three guys together and bead hasn't even been this far ever he's never has he ever played past may 17th and he's never been to a semi-final or the conference final but with Jokic and Giannis those three in the MVPs and then somehow Jokic not getting the same kind of criticism or being held to the same kind of standard that Giannis is right with voter fatigue for Giannis maybe but not for Jokic they really wanted to give him a third in a row I think they really wanted to give him a fourth in a row if they would have given him last year I still think like if he won three in a row they probably would have still gone oh well the fuck Lucas fine it was SGA but we gotta give it to Jokic again again no no no no no no no but to see and he had a fine game you know statistically you know statistically he had a fine game if you look at what he did stat wise and then compare it to Anthony Edwards it's like this is why you have to watch the games you know to be that guy but Nicola's line last night he played 47 minutes 34 points 19 boards seven assists Anthony Edwards was six to 24 two for ten from three they both were and 16 points so these two guys they were both two for ten from three Edwards puts up 24 shots makes six of them Jokic puts up 28 shots makes 13 of them has 19 boards but it was a big difference in terms of how the game went and who had more of an impact who was more valuable who was playing better defense Edwards the defense was insane Jamal Murray was on fire in that first half and he finished with 35 he was the game's leading scorer but a good barrage of that he was unstoppable like have you ever seen a guy so unstoppable in the first half and then barely scores in the second as if he's not even there don't say Damian Lillard game one against the Pacers though but besides that have you ever Jokic was bad from three Pete you're right from the whole series he was bad stylist Tom Pacers are like the Diamondbacks beat a Wisconsin team advance the championship game tail as old as the ice trail ice age trail yep yep yep and that's what I mean I might go go throw 10 bucks on the Pacers emotional hedge this thing I've got my Minnesota Timberwolves bet before the Denver series so that's still alive but I might I might have to go throw 15 bucks on the Pacers down at the auto just because like if they do and I'm gonna be a mess I'm gonna be a shell of myself that that's what I've been doing this whole time this whole time these teams have beat us I should just bet on them to win what are we doing yes I'd still have the same emotional scar but I'd I'd have a little more money to at least afford getting rid of this thumbtack board get a real nice backdrop around here I don't think I paid for one of these things back here one of these pictures that was a gift that was a gift this was from my dad that was from my wife I might have bought that okay I might have bought the newspaper of the Packers winning the uh Super Bowl yeah I think I bought that one um so that's the NBA Minnesota and Dallas and again from a Bucks fan perspective it's 20 minutes 28 minutes in I haven't mentioned Jason Kidd Jason Kidd what what the hell where was this Jason Kidd I always thought when Jason Kidd was here that the best way he was a coach is if he would coach a team of Jason Kidds that that's what it was for him to be the best he could be he had to coach a team of Jason Kidds but he's figured it out and he's got Kyrie Irving in there like I this Kyrie talk ever is he a mute Kyrie was like all over the place tweeting about every every which thing and now the only thing I think I've heard from him in two years is I like this Luca guy what then you make all these trades at the deadline and uh and and everything fits and Luca's having fun and Jason Kidd hmm that's that's that's one I'll have to think about a little bit right we'd run all these guys out of town coach Bud hired by the Celtics he's he go to Ozempic Falls what the hell happened to this guy looks great it looks it looks tremendous my god so excited NBA doesn't pick up again until uh tomorrow we'll get the Eastern Conference Finals and the Western will start on Wednesday as a Bucks fan I think uh if you want to root for Jason Kidd you can I don't have a problem with that if you want to root against them I don't know that we need to I don't know that anybody harbors that sort of emotion for Kidd anymore at this point um and then for the East good luck I'd love to hear what people are doing I'd love to hear who people are rooting for um because I am I am 100% in on the Celtics and if you can't get there maybe right now you can't but if you turn on game one and then I think you will get there I think you will or at least when the series goes back to Indiana I don't I don't know because Indiana's probably going to take one of these in Boston Boston's been giving away game twos to teams far lesser than this so I don't know what we're going to be in store for coming up uh this week this is into the Winklerverse make sure you like and subscribe if you could uh on the YouTube channel I threw him a bunch of old shit this morning interviews that Chuck and I did with Brian Anderson an interview we did with uh remember that guy from Canada that came down from Toronto and shit all over Milwaukee threw that up there I have behind the scenes the locker room video I took when the Brewers beat the Cardinals to go to the playoffs in 2018 I um was in the locker room for like 10 minutes and talked to Keon Broxton and uh got the video of the guys dancing and uh Eukers in there and saw BA watching a different game on tv and went out on the field talked to Kevin Holden I just think it's a cool video um so check that out if you get the opportunity to it's just on the YouTube page WSSP channel of the channel uh Taylor says good job on 12 this weekend thank you we taped that last Tuesday me Jim Ozarsky Bart Lundy and Dario Melendez did a little Bucks round table on channel 12 it aired Saturday night I'm not sure if it's online anywhere but I do have it on my DVR if anyone wants to come over and hang out the Brewers the Brewers go to Houston over the weekend and um what they ended up losing two of those games I didn't watch a lot of Brewers my bad this weekend they lost but they're still two up on the Cubs I did see the Cubs game on Friday where Council is being interviewed and then the guy had a home run and then they just ended the interview that was funny and hilarious two games up on them before our big Memorial Day week showdown coming up next week next week Monday at not quite at this time but pretty close the Brewers and Cubs will be in action at the AMFAM fun house holy god that's gonna be that's gonna be something and then uh there was a tweet I saw this weekend just about when's the last time you cried at a sporting event and it was Rogers and Cobb walking off the field and I said I cried tears of joy that night because this monster stranglehold over my franchise was over and we can debate like the Rogers stuff but I don't want to and also we shouldn't I think what bugs me about the discourse now and I'm surprised by it I'm surprised by it so many people think that Rogers was on a pedestal and then when he had some opinions or did the I'm immunized then we all just flipped a switch but when Rogers did I'm immunized that was just another thing of the pattern of times he's talked in that weird way again my folks I saw my folks you saw your parents know my folks come on guys he's always been that and I think what my point is and maybe this happens you know Jordan loves good for a long time too who knows maybe it'll happen with the Bucks I don't know but you win a Super Bowl I don't care what the fuck you're doing but if it's 10 years then of never getting back to a Super Bowl and then not and losing all these high profile NFC championship games but then winning MVPs along the way you're clearly good enough and then to be all cocky about your MVPs nobody cares about your MVPs we want Super Bowls so it's just my whole thought of I want off this ride it's not worth it the amount of time that we have to spend listening to his radio show watching his hits on McAfee caring about what Florio says you just devote a lot of time to Aaron Rodgers in a given day whether you're a sports radio host or just at like your in-laws house you got to talk about Rogers it's just annoying and it's worth it if they're winning but if they're not then get the fuck out of here so I rooted against the Packers that year I rooted against them on that Christmas day but then they got to the point where I went to that game in Detroit and so or against the Travis and then I rooted for him because I'm a little because I'm a flip-flopping little bitch but I rooted for him then and they lost and let me down again and Rogers threw that awful interception and Detroit was nothing to play for running trick plays on you who knows maybe if they beat Detroit maybe Detroit doesn't have this super confidence that they come into the next season with maybe maybe this whole Detroit thing maybe we could have got Amenra out of there and they don't extend golf and they don't like love Dan Campbell but no we had to let them win and carry that momentum into the next season all because we lost that game good fucking job so that is where I stood on all of that we will have later this week again other videos to check out Horvat and I did the Packers schedule we went through it win-loss if you want to check out the video on YouTube or on Spotify on Apple wherever you get your podcast as well if you can do that let us get out to a Hey Bart I'm just gonna do a quick hit couple of topics while I got you first give me what do you think about the Brady roast I don't know what your opinion is on that isn't that like a year ago well that's why I didn't hear what you think I thought comedy is back baby okay second Doug Gottlieb hired what do you think I hate it I hate it so here's the thing Tony here's the thing for Doug himself congratulations Doug this is his lifelong dream okay you got it I think it makes Green Bay look pathetic and also there's no way you can do both of these jobs he will fail but what if he doesn't fail what if he's a great coach at Green Bay and is doing the radio show what that exposes then is that doing a radio show is easy and then the secrets out because we all try to make it sound so hard but if Gottlieb can do his show and then go coach a d1 program it's gonna make people like me look fucking good like me look fucking stupid so here's what I'm thinking Bart Lundy has a great year at UWM you just slide your resume in you're right there do the radio show from home UWM's right down the road what do you think well I can walk to work hire Toby as an assistant yeah bring him back uh David Shepherd I could hire him he wants to coach I don't know about that guy Bart I don't know uh hey here's the last thing about the NBA I want to talk about it's about fan bases or why you hate a team you hate the Pacers I get it is it the team the players the organization the fans because I there's several factors for me that I hate a team an organization for me generally with the Pacers right now it is they have this air of entitlement and this air of confidence that I don't think they have deserve to have and they're front runners it's true Tyrese wearing that Reggie Miller shit after the game wear it before the game if you're you know it's just bullshit they're just it's just bullshit the whole team but to root for Boston wow how do I root for Indiana I you're just indifferent but I gotta I mean I can't not I have to I have to do something yeah well I can't watch a game and not care who wins or loses well you'll you'll find out when you're watching you'll have that feeling which is why I do like the ufl so much because I don't give a shit about any of those teams except dc my team yeah well you know shout out Arlington Renegades and speaking of Dallas teams hey you know the Mavericks and T-Wolf I got to give it up to Kyrie Jason Kidd you know kid wasn't a great coach but what he's gotten to do is gotten the best out of he's gotten the best version of Kyrie somehow some way I don't know what he's doing but Kyrie is fun to watch him and Anthony Edwards two of the most fun players to watch I have a hard time watching Luca you know Bart you might have a better body than Luca right now but the guy can play but it's hard to watch well I don't like that he spends a lot of his time complaining I mean at some point yeah that rewarding uh what bad behavior or whatever you call it yeah his gal how is Dallas Dallas going nuts hey they got so they got the Dallas Mavericks the Dallas Stars and the Western Conference Finals they have the Texas Rangers are still the MLB champs but those Dallas Cowboys still suck Bart and I love it so fuck the Cowboys and uh that's all I got you know that's a good that's a good sign off and a great council fuck you too see you later see ya Tony in Texas I don't know where the hell he was I should have asked I didn't ask all right again uh check out the YouTube check out the other stuff check out me on infinity check out me on channel 12 check out me wherever just just consume me remember when I said that Rogers is too much too much to consume start to consume me the way that I had to consume Rogers and then and then turn on me and then say it's not about his thoughts when it probably when we all know it is but thanks for stopping into the Winkler verse to the Winkler verse everyone is talking about magnesium it's all you hear about but why what do we know about magnesium well magnesium is the number one mineral that 75 percent of Americans are deficient in if you are a woman over 35 magnesium will help you rediscover balance energy and vitality magnesium supports more than 300 enzymatic reactions in your body including those involved in hormonal balance from functional medicine doctors to mental well-being and female hormone experts we all know that magnesium is the one mineral to improve all aspects of well-being and health but which one magnesium breakthrough from bi optimizers the trusted choice recommended by leading experts with seven best absorbed forms of magnesium to ensure your body receives the support it needs for overall well-being go to bi balance today and use code balance 10 for 10 off support your journey to wellness at b i o p t i m i z e r s dot com forward slash balance magnesium breakthrough from bi optimizers your foundation to optimal health and vitality.
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