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Sparky's Post Game show is back on 1250, Bucks six game win streak, laptop problems

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler
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March 5, 2024 4:11 pm

Sparky's Post Game show is back on 1250, Bucks six game win streak, laptop problems

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler

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March 5, 2024 4:11 pm

Bart has to make some adjustments after he punched his laptop screen before he can bring on Steve "Sparky" Fifer from 1250 WSSP. The Bucks postgame show is back on the air and it's a great time to talk about a team on a six game win streak.

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You need Indeed. Good afternoon, everybody. I'm Bart Winkler. Welcome into the Winklerverse.

We're brought to you by our friends at Tupelo Honey downtown and Steve Sparky Pfeiffer is here for the kickoff of this program. First of all, on the Dan Cheney YouTube stream, I had to move. I'm in front of nothing.

This is as decrepit as it gets. I am truly a basement podcaster. I'll be in the studio Steve's in a little later today, all nice and ritzy and fancy.

But right now in my house, I look like I'm a captive. And speaking of that studio, Monday night, after nearly two years, local programming back on the air with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer and the Basketball Post Game Show. Thanks to our friends at Pado Sportsbook. Sparky, welcome back. You never left really, but you did. So welcome back.

Yeah, it was fun. Like you said, it's been a while since I got to do a sports talk show on a radio. I've been doing the podcast Green and Growing, Curtin Long and Spare Time Bowling Show podcast this whole time and doing a bunch of interviews on the 1250 website and the Odyssey app. If you've missed me, you can always go back and listen to all of them. I do them during the week.

Still will continue to do those during the week. But yeah, a great step forward for the station. And it was fun getting to talk to some of the old listeners that we used to have back in the day. Q called in Tony in Texas. And I think Tony in Texas is on your podcast from time to time. So talk to a lot of those guys that called in last night.

Greatly appreciate it. And as I said last night on the show, and I know you believe the same thing. For me, a good talk show is one that has a lot of listener interaction and you're going back and forth with the listeners. That's what it's all about. And you know, if you all missed the Bart Winkler show on Monday night and Margaret calling in, you all missed it because that was some of the best radio.

I tell you, I've heard it a long time. I was laughing in my car driving home from here after doing the post game show. She was so good. It was amazing. Bart dropping his one liners on her and half the time she didn't know what he was talking about. And it was really funny.

So anyways, go ahead. No, I did have a caller last night. Margaret. Sorry, I'm futzing around.

Literally nothing is working. I don't know. You sound fine.

You look fine. Just talk. Just continue to go. Yeah. Uh, and she called because we had been talking, I play up the fact that, uh, I'm just a hippie or a local, uh, just a redneck in the Midwest.

Like I play up the East coast, West coast where flyover country. And she called to tell me that she used to live in Chicago and she's smart and her dad was smart. And then she goes, yeah, New York. I went and these five guys came up to me and I thought they were going to hip check me.

I said, did they? And she goes, no. Yup. That was a great story. She just kept talking and talking and talking and sometimes, um, I like I'll prepare a show. So I've, I got a whole show prepared. I got running backs to talk about.

I got franchise tags, I got NBA stuff. And then, you know, people call and I enjoy that. And it just kind of like, I ended up doing crowd work for four hours is what I do. It's great. I absolutely love it. It is. It is. I think it's a great show. I enjoy listening to it.

So keep up the good work, Bert. Well, I'm happy to be kicked off from time to time for the post game. So, um, it was a long time, but did it like, I don't know. People always ask me if it's weird to be back there. It's not, you never left either.

You've been in the building the whole time. Yeah. Yeah. I never really left, but I didn't use that studio.

This is inside now, but I didn't use that studio as much. Yeah. But no, I mean, it's fun.

Um, I'm glad that it all worked out stuff like this normally doesn't happen. Um, so to be in the position, uh, to kind of bring this thing back, maybe again, uh, it's pretty cool. And it starts with the post game show and we'll be on after every game. So when the buzzer sounds, you make the switch to 1250, just like you did for, what was it?

16 years, 17 years, whatever it was. Uh, and we continue to do our thing, right? You play highlights after the game, maybe get some player or coach on after the game too. We'll have guests on from time to time as well and regardless of game time. So now we're going on the West coast trip, which means I'll be on the air from like 1130 to like 1.00 AM.

I'll be walking out of the building with Bart when I get off the air, uh, coming up the next couple of Wednesday and Friday games. Yeah. So, um, you're by yourself though. I am. Yeah.

Rolling by myself, baby. One man show for the time being. I mean, we're going to be hiring producers. Producers will be coming in.

Uh, and I think it'll be in relatively short order. Uh, but, uh, either way you get to, you get to have a taste of what Horvat dealt with when he was doing my, the Bart Winkler pregame show. Oh, I remember that from five to six in the morning back in the day. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, it's, it's nothing crazy. I mean, it's possible.

You could do it. It's not a big deal. Uh, and for me, it's not something permanent. We're just in the process of kind of rebuild this thing. Uh, so we'll get a producer or two in here and, uh, away we go.

So the post game show, uh, for the time being again, after the bucks games, people I'm sure have asked you, you know, they can't even just like enjoy this more. So they're going to want to know if there's a bigger plan. Are we just playing it day by day? Yes. Yes.

Day-by-day would be the accurate term of how this is going to go. Um, I don't know. I mean, I, I don't know where this is headed one way or the other, uh, but I can tell you I'm very, very happy with how, where we are right now. Um, and the leadership we're under, uh, Jason Bjorgsen is the general manager here and, uh, he loves sports talk radio and is a big sports talk guy. So that's cool.

Our regional bras, Brian Purdy, he's a big sports talk guy too. Um, so all of this lines up for good things, I think for 1250 going ahead. But as far as what's next, you know, as of right now, it's kind of day by day, we take it as it is. Uh, this was a big first hurdle to get back over, uh, to get it back on the air to begin with.

Um, so now we'll just see how we go. Well, good to have you back again, Steve Sparky Pfeiffer, and you did a bucks post game show. And so that was a pretty good game to get back on the air with where Giannis is out, obviously that sucks. And then the box, okay, Dame shooting well, and then they go down and it's like, ah, right.

I mean, no Giannis, whatever. And then, um, whether it's doc rivers inspired or, you know, Bobby Portis and AJ green and Dame, these guys finishing the quarter, Pat Beverly's work, it seems like as messy as this year has been, they may have found something. I still have a hard time actually judging the Milwaukee bucks outside of the playoffs. I think this is a team that you judge them in the playoffs, but they've been through a lot.

And this is the, I think with the six game winning streak, this is the most reason for optimism that I think, uh, we can have as bucks fans up to this point, they look like a top team. Now this is how they should have looked all year. Uh, but now they look like a team that knows what they're doing. They look like a professional basketball team. I don't know if you could really say that during parts of this season, that they look like a professional basketball team. Yes, they were the two seed, but the defense was all unorganized players throwing their hands up in the air, pointing on one another, pointing at the coach, looking at the coach for something to be called play wise, there's a lot of stuff that was all jacked up Giannis and the Eric name piece, a couple of weeks back talking about how he was running drills for the hub. He, maybe he didn't say, maybe Eric said it either ways in the piece and Giannis is running drills for the team, showing guys how to run drills, coming up with drawing a plate, all this stuff. And then they hired doc, he knows he's like, ah, I can sleep better now. You know, doc's our coach. What?

I mean, my God, he should be the MVP just for having to do all of that for the first half of the season and lead his team to a two seed when he was essentially having to do everything by himself. It sounds like, uh, so, you know, outside looking in, you don't realize how bad it is. And then you started hearing stuff after the fact, you're like, Ooh, that's bad.

And the fact that you're able to be the two seat is something. So I knew doc was gonna get them to look good and be good again, going into the playoffs, the way they should have looked all year. So I knew this was coming. You know, I had faith he'd figure this out. My faith level in him is not all that high when it comes to the playoffs. Um, they're going to have to overcome him to win, just like the bucks had to overcome bud to win.

It's gonna be no different here. Now from a talent perspective, it's probably the most talent he's had on a team more so than what he had in Philly. More so than when he had with the Clippers. He had no Giannis. Uh, he had no, uh, Damian Lillard like that Middleton Brock, uh, Brook Lopez, man, that started five, uh, pretty damn good. Uh, now deep, uh, you know, the depth on this team, you're only gonna play what three guys, maybe two, three guys. Um, we're getting the playoff rotations probably about eight deep. Uh, so you're not gonna play a ton of guys. You're not gonna play the young guys.

He's already shown. He's not gonna play the young guys outside of AJ green here or there. Um, so we'll see what happens with Adrian Griffin. I think people thought no, we're gonna get out of the second round now with doc rivers. I think people think, okay, they can get to play Boston Eastern Congress finals.

And then let's see what happens and see how this whole thing plays out and, you know, see if doc with all this talent can figure out a way to win another championship. Cause there are people born, you know, that are fairly old, you know, maybe they're driving a car by this point since the last time doc won a championship, Garnett was on that team. He's retired. Ray was on that team. He's retired. Rondo's got, I mean, that was the last time he won a championship. So don't to win one here.

Everybody says, Oh, they got lots of proof. I don't know. Doc rivers is the one that has a lot to prove. Like if he don't win a championship now, he may be done. I mean, he's maybe in a TV booth after this, uh, kind of going forward. And that might be fine with doc. I don't, I don't know how much longer doc rivers wants to coach. He's not a spring chicken.

So you don't kind of see how this whole thing plays out. I think there's more pressure on doc than anybody. Yeah. Uh, there's a lot on doc. I think that, you know, Giannis has won one, so that's good. I would like for them to win another one, especially paired with Dame. So there might be some pressure there. Um, ultimately it's just, it's, it's how those guys play. Again, Middleton's been out for a long time.

We could talk about that. I think like what you saw last night, um, that interaction between Portis and Beverly was very reminiscent of the, I mean much bigger stage back then, but PJ Tucker and Giannis, when they realized they won the championship and they were just like going back and like that was happening last night and the trade deadline maybe wasn't as like wild or sexy as people wanted. But what is, I think that's a very stealth move to go get Pat Beverly campaign.

Wasn't doing anything really for you. The Sixers are competing and contending. And I don't think Embiid was out at that time or either way there's, they didn't know how long it would be, but they're still competing and to realize that not just Patrick Beverly as a player, but I think what that trade did was inject something, you know, he had that thing with Dame, so maybe it was uncomfortable and that they were able to get that. And now emerge him and Bobby on the same team is like, wow, what a menace that's going to be for a bunch of people.

So really, I mean, very low key trade, but huge trade for what we've seen so far. Can't stand Pat Beverly never have, can't stand him. Uh, now again, he's on the box.

I don't know. I definitely don't love him. Uh, but he, so he's on the box now. Uh, and he's an instigator, right?

That's that's what the dude is. This is, this is what it is though. And I said that the day it happened.

Uh, and I think I put it on Twitter. The reason this is such a big deal is yes, defensively. You're right. It absolutely helps. Um, instigator loud mouth. Don't shut up. Yes, that definitely helps.

Bye. The bigger piece of all of this was you had a team. I was trying to figure out a coach, new coaching staff that came in here and try to run their system. You hired or you went and got Pat Beverly, right? And he knows the coaching staff.

He played for doc for how long? So in that podcast that came out with Pat Beverly that day, he's on the phone with the assistant coach going, okay, so we're going to do this. We're going to do that. All right. You want me to run this?

You want me to run that? Okay. What about this? And what about that? You heard all of it and you're just sitting there smiling like, okay, now you've got somebody that's actually on this team that knows what the hell doc wants to do and can help the other players understand what the hell doc wants to do.

The Gallinari thing. It's the same thing. Another guy that knows what to do on offense, what to do on defense. You don't have to try and teach him a new system. He knows it and is able to go out there and play. Now. Yes, I know Gallinari has been absolutely void of anything outside of that basket last night, but for the most part, that's another reason why he brought him in another vet that knows how to play the game and knows when to make the right pass and so forth. And that's why those are, are both I think big moves and could be even more critical to the team success down the stretch. Everybody's getting on Gallinari and I get it.

I get it. He hadn't done anything, right? Just getting exercise. That's all he's doing up and down the floor. He's done nothing, but who knows, maybe he hits a corner three to win a game for this team. You know, maybe he has a 12 or a 15 point game off the bench for this bucks team in a playoff game. And that helps him win a game. Who knows how this thing is going to play out at the end of the day. But what you do know is he knows where to be, when to be there and knows the right decision to make in the big moment. That's why doc rivers went and got him.

And I have faith that he will make the right decision in the right moment. You know, it's going to be weird coming up as, um, in the playoffs. So one of the reasons I do like my shift is I'm going to be on when all these playoff games are happening, right? And that's going to be really fun, except for the bucks. I'm going to be, that's going to be, it's going to be really hard to do a show when the bucks are on. But in those days you can like, listen to me, sweat out a game and then right to you in the post game show.

Yeah. And going on and partying on a championship runs, not going to happen either because you're going to be back here in a studio doing your show, like a neutral party or trying to be a neutral party. The other part about it is these games will tip it, like say seven you're on at nine. So you're going to go on the air right in the closing moments of a big game in the playoffs. That's going to drive you nuts too.

That is absolutely good. It's not like you're on at seven can watch the whole game play out in front of you. The game is going to be coming out of the biggest moment of the game and you're going to be on the air. And then, you know, I don't know, the CBS sports and watch your reaction screaming and yelling as a bucks fan on the air or w what's the protocol for something like that? I don't know. I think we're going to all find out together. It's going to be very tense.

Especially the way that they won in 2021. Like that net series. If I was on the air during that, Oh, like not on the air the next day on the air as it's happening. Yes.

Because what I do usually at home is stand inches in front of the TV. The shirt comes off some for some reason, pacing, maybe some self-medication to none of that. It will apply now. None of it can't do it there.

Nope. And you can't swear. You can't go crazy.

If something bad happens, it's gotta be all under control as much as humanly possible. I can't say, fuck you, doc rivers. You fuck. Nope.

Definitely cannot say that. No, that makes me uncomfortable. Just hearing you say it right now. Like I'm concerned. This is going to get over the air on SSP or currently as I'm running this through the port. So please don't do that again. Cause that makes me very nervous.

You don't know how things work. So yeah. Well, uh, good to have you back on the air, man. Well, thanks everybody that listened and checked us out. Uh, and uh, again, I invite you all to call in man. After every game, I'll be here. Uh, next game, golden state, Wednesday night, uh, games at nine. So it'll probably be on from like 1130 to 1 AM somewhere in that area. And, uh, looking forward to it.

If you want to stay on after one, I'll join you. Okay. Yeah. Maybe. Yeah. You want to go home. We'll see how it all plays out. We'll see how tired I am at that box warriors.

It's a big one. That's what those are. My guys. Those were guys.

They're not guys anymore. That team is the most heckle and jive team in the NBA. You've got 10 bucks on them to win Sacramento's too though. Huh? I got 10 bucks on them to win the west.

I don't know if they were worth a dollar, but that's fine. Made that bet with our friends at pays big. Oh, good. Very nice. Yeah. Very good.

Yeah. And thanks to the pot of water. Me sports book for being tall sponsor of the show. Obviously that's a huge deal for us to allow us to come back on and do this show. Appreciate all the guys over there for stepping up and helping us out.

Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. I'll see you around the building. That's it. I'm all done. So what are you gonna do after I get off? What's next? Well, do you want to stay and you can stay? Well, I don't have to stay, but I'm just worried.

You're just gonna talk to yourself after this. Do you have another guest coming up or what are you going to do? We'll hop in. Oh, random dudes. Just hop in the links on Twitter.

People join. I hope the way they go. Okay. Well, good luck to you. Have a good one. Toodles. Dude. I'll Steve, Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. Uh, thank you to our friends at happy place.

Happy, happy place. promo code is Bart for 25% off each and every order. A lot of orders coming in in February. So good on you guys to replenish.

Make sure that you also do that coming up here with March, as you watch the tourney, as you enjoy the better weather, maybe crack open some of those seltzers. They have those available now. You can also get those at Ray's and the physical location itself.

Happy place hemp is in Musko. You can go to the website. You can also go to the building and they'll say, how do you listen?

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Just go to slash blue wire right now and support our show by saying you heard about indeed on this podcast slash blue wire terms and conditions apply. Need to hire you need indeed. Uh, you look like you're just vegging, but I'm going to bring you in here. Oh, what's up Bart? You're just watching or do you want to talk?

No, no. I'll uh, I'll chop it up for a bet. Cause uh, you're always on in the afternoon and I'm, I'm usually your buddies, everybody. What up? What up? Uh, unfortunately I've been home sick since yesterday. Uh, silver lining, uh, could hop on the podcast.

Um, really digging the janky basement. Do you want to move the camera and show us your leg shackles real quick? Um, can I do that?

Did jigsaw? I'm being told like I'm not allowed to do that. Okay.

So did I get water by the end of the show? Which is the key behind? So my norm, my normal setups right there. Oh, okay. There we go.

Still going to show us the leg shackles. That's okay. But then I can't cause the stupid ring light here. I'm having a hard time. I broke my laptop.

Oh, uh, in rage or joy? No, I was on, it was Friday night. I was trying to do some stuff.

The, uh, it was about seven o'clock. The internet went out on my computer and for some reason I got so mad. I just, I punched the screen. I've been there.

I've definitely got all bad right away. So, um, now I won't punch the company laptop. I won't. Oh, so you're broadcasting on the company laptop. All right.

Well, at least it has that, uh, for protection. Hey, I gotta say, uh, you should consider going live, uh, while you're on the air video wise for these basketball games. Cause Sparky was just loving putting you in the torture chamber.

They're just describing this nightmare scenario of you watching your favorite team, uh, in playoff basketball. Well, um, what I'm hoping to do is cause some of these other CBS shows. And when I do some of the other shows, I go live with video.

So what I am hoping to do, and I am very far away from getting it done. Uh, J Gar says I need a streaming PC with a mic. I need, I need a home studio. Yeah.

You need what, what Bill's got same sort of deal. Yeah. And so I've got all this room in my basement as I've shown you guys several times, but it looks like it's just so full of room.

It's got a lot of potential though, but I got to figure out what electric cords to use, where I can plug in ethernet, what board I need, what mic I need. And I just keep dragging my feet on it. Cause it's such an, you ever have like an overwhelming task. Yeah. It's like it just, you don't know where to start.

So you don't really start at all. Yeah. That's a, that's a tough one, but I think you would benefit from having something like that.

You know, something a little more spruced up than the old cement walls there. I mean, I, the, the fact that I haven't done that every, every, every passing day that I don't do it is more annoying. I'm like, I'm mad at myself. This is, this is, this is, I have no, this is, this is ridiculous.

I have no business. I mean, you know, I was going to say you could ask a, ask some of your coworkers for their input, but I think, I don't know if Sparky knows how equipment works when he's thinking that your, your cussing is going to get like trigger something on the, on the radio broadcast. Oh, he was going through the radio board. Well, yeah, that's what I mean. I don't, I don't think that's how it works. If they press one button wrong, it works that way.

Okay. No, he's a consummate professional always covering his ass. Although someone probably would have told us if we were just talking for 20 minutes on SSP, while they were trying to listen to the Zach Gelb show, which is currently airing, that might be, might make for some interesting content. I also thought it was interesting how he just didn't know what was going to happen when he hopped off.

Like clearly you underestimate the Winkler verse. So, well, we've got another member and it's cone roller. Oh, what else? Badger bloody. Good to see you as always. Good to see you, man.

It's been a while and has been what's up with you cone. I was, I loved the post game last night. Watch the bucks game, took the speaker down to the hotel or the hot tub. Listen to Sparky drinking a couple suds. So heard Q call in, heard who else called in?

I think Tony in Texas called in as well. It was just, it was great game. Fun time. Dairy bird going off, hitting 30 footers to basically put the knife in the Clippers heart.

So love to see it. What did you say? Dairy bird. That's what they're calling AJ green. Oh, dairy bird. Apparently. Yeah.

I think it's on the TV. I think it's like a X thing. Oh, I isn't that the big guy from Indiana state? Isn't he? Dairy bird. You're thinking of cream Abdul Jabbar.

Oh, cream and shit. Speaking of the sycamores, look out for Indiana state come March here because that team can ball and they get new. We got a big game tonight. We do Milwaukee Panthers at the K does UGB have that? They have the horizon pretty much locked up, right? No. Uh, people think it's going to be Oakland or right state or something. I don't know this as a Panther podcast. Yeah.

I was reading some horizon league preview, but the team they play tonight I think is one in 27. Who are they playing tonight? IUPY. Oh, okay. Detroit. Yeah. It makes sense. Yeah.

Scrubs. So, uh, that's at the K, which I did walk by yesterday on my walk. I took a walk by the Klotzke center. Um, would love to go there tonight, but I wish they did play on campus. It's, it's a huge ad when you play on campus, I get that they have the arena, but it ain't the same. Should they move campus or should they move the arena? You got, you got to just play at the Klotzke center. Fair. You know that, that the Panther arena, may I say something out of turn?

Is it positive or negative? Cause I like Panther arena. I really do. I hate that place. Kind of adds to it though. Kind of having it be a dumb place.

That totally adds to it though. Yeah. Cause I never, you know, I know it was the Mecca and the bucks played there and that one night was cool, but when I was first going there frequently was in 2009, when I interned with the Milwaukee wave for a season, I would drive down to Fonda from Fond du Lac to intern.

I would do the games and I would do, uh, once a week I would come and be like, I would like to write checks and send letters. And, Oh, it was just the most bitch. It's not the most bitch work I've ever done. I got, I made no inroads with the waves. I made like no friends. I boosted my career very little. Uh, and they, they did pay me, they pay me $50 a month.

Are you serious? I got a $50 check every month. How much was gas to and from Fonda like you were almost paying to work at that point. I was definitely paying to work.

That's insane. What were you driving at this point? Bart? I was driving a Ford Escort.

Okay. So at least like moderately fuel efficient, classy of which I named Julie. Oh, a classy escort named Julie. Is that the same escort that I Gary Wolf got, you know, involved in? Uh, I believe it's a different, uh, verbiage. I believe you're thinking of something else. My bad of which I don't even know the whole story, but apparently everyone does.

It's public record. What's uh, what else is going on? Cone grant bills is in this neck of the woods. Um, hopefully can meet up with him later. Grab a beer or something. Yeah.

And they gone big off. I've, I've hung out with him before. He knows what I look like. Oh, okay. Hey, you were there. You would know. Oh yeah.

Yeah. I've met Colin. Good times. It was good times. I wish I could have stayed longer. The exclusive club of those who have seen the face of Cone. Are you going to any of the, uh, final four stuff?

I know that's going on in your neighborhood. Yeah, maybe I was. I'm definitely going if the, if the badgers make it like, no doubt about it, I don't think, come on, like going to a basketball game at a football stadium, just I'd rather watch on TV or at a bar or, you know, I don't know.

No, I get it. It's, it is what, as somebody who watches zero of their games, like just absolutely never watches. What happened? It's it's honestly like, you don't know. It's, it's crazy. Like it's turnover. Turnovers I think is the top issue right now. And they even look the same defense. No.

Yeah. How did they, uh, have such a strong start to the season? And it's like they have actively gotten so much worse as the season has gone on.

Like does not make any sense. Bad fundamentals. When they have a lead, they blow it getting jumped on. Like, I mean, bad teams jumping on them right out of the gate. Like don't even show up on road games. That's what I'm saying.

And it's not, it's, it would be one thing if it was a singular issue, but it's a combination of like soft attitude, bad fundamentals, like black of preparedness, which at some point it does, it does go all the way to the top. And I've been a good boy. I haven't, I haven't put the fire Greg guard profile picture on Twitter. I wanted to, I really wanted to, I swore it off this year, but, uh, we're getting, you know, Grant's guard gauges should be squarely in the red.

This is not a sustainable course for the program. I actually agree. And I've been one of the biggest Greg guard defenders like ever listen to you. You're a booster for God's sake. I think this is the first time that criticism on Greg guard is actually warranted though. Thank you. So I don't think there's ever been a coach that's been like more, I mean, we just, we've been trying to fire this guy since he got hired.

That's why the gauge is perfect. Everyone it's been here since he's been here since 2017, 16. Yeah. Cause he was, but he was both like one of Bo Ryan's assistants. Right. And then the whole, maybe Bo got, was asked to leave a little earlier than he had planned, but he basically set it up saying, okay, I'm going to step down and do this the way you want me to, but guards going to be the guy. He's been the coach since 2015.

Yes. It was the season right after the Duke loss, like a couple, like 10 games into that year. And that was a legendary, a WSSP day because the next day I had taped an interview with Jeff Janice to play on Chuck and wicket show and it kept getting bumped because Bo Ryan stepped down. So we had to talk about that. Well, I got to get on a meeting here, gentlemen, but great talking to you. Badger blood.

I'm going to slide off and just watch for the rest of the show as well. All right. Badger bloodies.

Good to see you guys. Those are the names that they choose. This man goes by the name of Q that's too bad. Cone dropped off.

Hopefully he hears this. The, the move. If you, if you're in the city and the final four is there, you wait to buy tickets until after like the championship game is decided because the games come, it comes in a three pack. So you get the first two games for the final four and then you get the championship. But the, the market is flooded with half the people wanting to leave because their team lost. So they just sell their tickets. So like Cone, just wait till after like buy tickets on Sunday and you'll have really cheap tickets for the game on Monday.

So that's the move for the final four. You know, we don't talk about enough as a, as a Winklerverse community and what would have gotten more play had I not been back into the real workforce is when you went to Vegas by yourself. I didn't go by myself. Oh, I thought you went by yourself.

No, no, no. I went with a buddy. Oh, I thought the whole thing was you went by yourself. No. Yeah. I went with a buddy to the, yeah, we went for the super bowl in Las Vegas.

It was, it was really fun. So I saw some celebrities and I, I said it on your national show, but I really think the NFL needs to find a way to get like at least the championship games in Las Vegas every year. I think if they did the games on like a Saturday and a Sunday, it would be like, you know, that that's a, I mean, that's a horrible idea. Then you're taking it away from the home, the number one seed.

I think they would make so much money that they could give it to the home teams and it wouldn't matter. But that's, do you want the environment? You want to play in the cold? I, I don't know.

I think it would be worth it. Like having been in the city for the super bowl, it was just such an amazing environment for the fans that were there. And like not most people that I talked, I didn't talk to a single person there in like fan gear that was actually going to the game. So they all just like Kansas city fans and San Francisco fans, like they were all just going and like, because it was Las Vegas and it's kind of a home away from home for a lot of people that are sports fanatics like ourselves. So I don't know. That's, that's my, that's my pitch to Roger Goodell and the powers that be, which will never happen. So as long as you know that how was the post game show last night with Sparky? Yeah, you got to be on.

Yeah, it was, it was fun. He, he kind of scolded me because like I talked about Giannis potentially missing time, which he does every year. I forgot that like, you're not supposed to say that on the radio for whatever reason. I don't think it's a jinx.

It's like a reality that like most NBA players miss time because it's a long season. So, but it was great to have them back. I hope that more people call in from the Winkler verse. They got a new number. It's four one four six seven seven 1250, which I tried to do seven nine nine, which I guess is dead.

It's a defunct number. We changed that. That number changed. And then two weeks later the format changed.

Oh, so for two weeks we had to promote it and then it went away. Why did you guys change it? I don't know.

So they got new phone lines in the building and they couldn't keep whatever. I don't know. It's probably cost saving measure if I had to guess. I don't know. I mean, seven nine nine 1250 is so iconic.

I mean, it must be more expensive and they like they, they decided to change the number knowing that you guys were going to be let go. Like I'm sure that those no, no, no, no, no. So, uh, I'm, I got, I'm not, I have a solution for this. What's the problem? Look at the wall. It looks like shit. Oh, that's pretty clean wall.

It is a clean wall, but I have a solution. Um, can you give me 12 seconds? Can you just talk about the bucks or something? Sure.

Uh, the bucks won last night. How about doc rivers? Pretty good.

Yeah. Doc doc has been amazing. I think, uh, Pat Bev has been the man.

I think he's a coach on the floor. Um, big West coast trip coming up, uh, heading to golden state. I think aren't they on Wednesday? Are you going to fly out to your bro?

I've seen the bucks play there, but have I, no, I saw them play the Celtics. What are we taping? We need a backdrop. Where are like, what, why are you in a different location than normal? Because there's my wall. I broke my laptop. Oh, Oh, that's right.

I saw your, your screen. Oh, cool. The old flag.

Get the flag back. I don't have good luck with cinder blocks and tape. Uh, so hopefully you have better luck than me. This is a real on the fly situation. Yeah.

Good thing you're a national guy now. Otherwise you would take some crap for this. I got a second. I got some hooks.

Oh, perfect. So did you, did you watch the game? Did you give your takes on the game already? I watched, uh, as much of the game as I could. This actually looks worse. No, I liked that.

It's very, uh, on brand. The problem was, and a lot of people had this problem, which was kind of interesting is as much as Bali sports sucks. WMLW is not available on some of these services like YouTube TV.

I saw, but they were bailed out because Kevin Holden was on Telemundo, but that's only one game. So WMLW the way that I've been watching Bali, cause my Bali, you got to sign in or whatever is I have direct TV. So I signed into my direct TV app and Bali streaming, but WMLW does not stream and I couldn't watch it on TV because when the bucks play, I can't use the studio cause Sparky uses it.

Yeah. So I don't have a TV. So I have to go into a production studio, which is fine because I can stream, but I can't stream WMLW. So WMLW as great as it is.

And I know the W means Milwaukee. So doesn't work. How like, I hope Sparky doesn't get offended by this, but like, how does he get to bump you from the studio when you like have a national show? Like, and then he, he has like, like there was probably like 250 people that listened to last night's post.

There's no way more than that. Well, I'm waiting. It's not like YouTube where you can see the little number. I'm just saying your audience like is well, so I can do my show anywhere on earth.

As long as I have a connection. Okay. He needs that studio that otherwise you can't do the show.

Oh, okay. So there's a different room. I can, that's why I want to do it in my basement. I would then set up a camera. I'd be on YouTube every night is what I want, but I'm, I'm like waiting for some white knight to come ride a horse in here and say, Bart, this is exactly what you need. Poof.

Here you go. Instead I realized I have to do all the work and it's hard. Have you thought about doing like a Tiki bar in your backyard to like do streams from for the show? Well, we did get a new patio and so I could theoretically have the space to set up some sort of Bartiki or otherwise. I, I, yeah, I, I think it's a really good idea. I think, um, it's revolutionary.

Nobody's done it before. So, um, we did have a, we did, we did the patio, we put in a patio and then we redid our driveway, which meant we had to also redo the patio. Oh no. Not all of it, but some of it to level it.

So that costs us money because we did it the wrong way. Concrete. Yeah.

Concrete's a, it's a pricey business. Mike wants to know if I will come on his Cubs podcast, bums in the bleachers when the Cubs play the Brewers. Yeah. Yes I will. Sure. Mike long time mutual with Mike.

I'd be happy to come on. I wonder if old Craig will come up. I would think it'd be a lot centered on Craig. How are my boys in a brew doing today? Hashtag grant for nothing lead over the Padres.

Nice. On a very possibly similar to opening day lineup. They, uh, no yelich today, but they got Freelick Contreras Adamas Hoskins, Jake Bowers. Forgot we had him. Cheerio terrain Ortiz.

And then Perkins. How has Cheerio been doing? Uh, he's hitting 238. I don't know.

It doesn't really give you game stats for spring training. Do you know what number he is? What's he wearing today?

Yeah. Uh, cause of the whole Pat Murphy thing. I just, I have, I guess I am the most casual brewers fan ever. Uh, grant. What number is Cheerio wearing today? Grant's at spring training. He says Wade Miley was amped to throw a session today. Said anything less than 95 and he's quitting. Yeah.

What cells are we on Celsius scale? Friend of show. Wade Miley. That's what grant would say.

Oh yeah. Friend of grant show. I never, I never talked to Wade.

I wasn't in the club in those days. I talked to Brandon Woodruff. I said, people think that we look alike because of our beards and he goes, no, no, we don't. He's tall. He's tall.

I ran into him at a parking lot in the third ward and he's taller than I expected. Oh really? What was he doing? I think he was like getting his kid from his wife. It was like a child exchange. Oh, so, wow. Pretty riveting shit. But he was just tall.

I was just like, wow, there he is. Do you want to, uh, I titled this NFL combine. I'm not talking about that really.

Nothing to say. Um, in terms of Packers, spring training just covered that. Bucks win streak covered that. So what's interesting in the East right now is everybody's getting hurts. Uh, Giannis was hurt. Donovan Mitchell's hurt. Jalen Brunson's hurts. If we look at the standings as of today, you know, we're battling for that two seed Celtics just on a runaway.

And it's funny. I read an article that talked about how the Celtics are dominating. Nowhere does it say how they got their ass kicked by the Bucks, but they are dominating.

They've won 11 in a row. If the Bucks stay the two seed, you're looking at a two seven matchup. And right now that would be between the winner of the heat and the Pacers. Uh, I don't think that the Bucks have any problem with the heat this time around. The Pacers have had our number in the regular season, but I, I think that's a team that they're acting like they, they won there. They lose an in season tournament game, a game that doesn't matter that game against the bucks that they beat us.

They like really thought they won something after that. I think the Pacers are the 2020 version of the Memphis Grizzlies from last year where the entire season, they just act like they've, they crown themselves and then just shit the bed in the playoffs. So I'm not worried at all about the Pacers. Um, they do a lot of talking the, the heat are, I mean, we swept them in 2021 on our way to the finals. So I guess like I would love to have that first round matchup, but I will never write them off because they have one of the best coaches in the league.

And, uh, like at this time last year we would have been shit talking them too. And then Jimmy Butler decides he's Michael Jordan in the playoffs and just took us belt to ass before we knew what that was. So, but we we've got Pat Bev and, and doc rivers is, um, he looks like a top five coach in the league right now.

Uh, it's just the regular season. So hopefully he can continue this doc magic and teams don't figure us out. But I think what's nice is there's not going to be a ton of tape on us and we change up. We, we change things up on defense, like throughout the game. So there's not like going to be a playbook to beat the bucks. Uh, and the offense is still evolving. So I think like, although this is a unique timeline, one that will never be per, um, won't likely be followed, like meaning like changing a coach mid season. Like I think it's going to play to our advantage where we're figuring out who we are as a team.

So no one else is going to be able to figure out who we are. We don't even know. Yeah. So, um, but like the idea of seeding, I don't really care. Like I want the two seed, but if as long as we're the three seed and we can avoid the Celtics until the Eastern conference finals, like I'm cool with that. Um, and I think like the bucks have been pretty healthy this year outside of like Chris's ramp up and then his sprain and now this Achilles thing with, um, with Giannis. But like, I feel like the Celtics have been pretty healthy as well. So it'll be interesting to see how everybody's bodies hold up. Um, but I guess the Celtics, because they are running away with it, they will have the luxury of being able to, to rest guys. But, um, I don't know.

We'll see. I think, uh, some of the stuff you said about doc, like the big difference between, even if it's not philosophical, but the big difference that you see with Adrian Griffin and then doc rivers is they obviously respect doc rivers and they don't respect Adrian Griffin. And that would have been something that like the rookie head coach thing. And I didn't, I didn't necessarily want Nick nurse.

Um, but the guy's been, you know, he's done something, Adrian Griffin hadn't done anything. And then he comes here and you know, the bucks, they, I think want, I think they want things to be not even rigid, just defined. They want to know what is up. They don't want to learn on the job with the guy. Uh, I don't, I don't know that they have the time to do that again. Maybe that was never a good hire from the start. He had a good record, but clearly he got fired. And that's, it's kind of interesting why with all the moves that I think that horse has done, like, I don't think train for Pat Bev was just because you want a better point guard than campaign. I think he saw that the intangibles were there and he saw like they could use that kind of locker room ingredient. So looking back, it is kind of surprising why, uh, a horse was so willing to let a rookie head coach ride when, um, and they say, Oh, I got Giannis to sign here.

I don't know about that. I mean, I, I think between the Dame trade and letting him hand pick the head coach, like it kind of forced Giannis, his hand to sign. Um, like, I don't know if there was a, a handshake agreement behind the scenes.

Um, but I guess I will always tie those two moves together. Um, it, as far as doc rivers go, um, I mean, would you say that he's written a prescription for this team? That's a wrap on cue everybody. Uh, no, but, but for real, I think you're right that this team lack direction. They lacked identity and they're all vets and having any direction and, and just like a set path to follow is going to help them.

And I think Adrian Griffin, if he was here, he would say he tried to do too much too soon. And, um, when you're just starting out in a new job, you kind of got to tread lightly and, um, see who the different personalities are and figure out what makes them tick before you like, just start in charge of them going crazy and making big changes, like deciding to throw out buds, very successful defense, um, that had worked for, for years, especially in the regular season. So I, I don't know, I guess, I mean, we took the L's on, on Griff a long time ago, but I I'm just feel very thankful and grateful that they made such a big bet on doc rivers and that it seems like it's paying off. So, well, it's nice also that they're playing basketball and the, uh, two week media tour of everybody being sad, um, is over like wondering, I don't even know why I didn't even want the job.

Well, why did they hire me? I don't know. Are you, do you have plans to go to any more games soon? Bucks games? I don't think so. And I mean, I'm not going to go, I got to take off if I want to go during the week.

Yeah. I wish there was a weekday. Well, the one, the, uh, I want a weekend game. I want to bring my kid to a game Sunday against the sons. It's a noon game. I know, but we're out of town that weekend.

Otherwise I turn the game on all the time. And he's always like, I want to go now. I don't think he'd like watch the game, but I just want to take them there.

I feel first round playoff tickets are usually reasonable. If you wait until the second day of my kid to a playoff game, I mean, he'll love it. It'll change his life. I'm going to go to the, I'm going to go to a bunch of bird games with them and I'm going to, but I'm just going to treat it like going to the park. He's not going to sit down and score a baseball game.

He's four and a half. I feel like, but I want him to have memories of being there. The smells, you know, the shitty play area that where you can do a 40 yard sprint and go down the janky, the most janky ass slide. That's what I want. Are you guys, you're going to visions of tailgating or you can get Matt in the falls to come and man the grill for you with me and my kid. Yeah, I could. I could. I didn't eat enough that day. I, that's a big regret. I didn't eat enough.

I only had one bra. We were just socializing. Yeah. There's a, I was like a highlight of the summer last year. I hope we can find a time this year to do it again. I think we can do it again and then we'll get chef to come and Marco, then I, I mean, I would have to like fly them out. I'll do it.

I would do a, like a Saturday game with the Winkler verse, but it's hard to get that spot. I think. Yeah. I'd have to, I'd have to pony up more money for more parking spots because we kind of just like, they, they charge you for the spots and we ended up having a lot more spots because we just, it was so fucking hot. We just kind of took, we just kind of took them. I had a six square grid and we ended up having like 30 squares.

It worked out perfectly. I guess you kind of just like set up extra tents, huh? Yeah.

Well, John and Franklin came right away and just, he's just like, fuck it. I'm parking right next to you guys. That was huge. Yeah, that was good. Yeah. All right. Well, I'm going to get ready and get my kid off to swimming. So I'm going to sign off for the day.

All right, Bart. Nice catching up with you. Good to see a queue. I'll hear you on Sparky's post game, which is back Wednesday night after bucks warriors. I'll be on the air during the game and I'll be on the air tonight.

So we've established that the bucks are fun. The post game show is back. I just have to work out of a different room.

No one cares. I have to fix this situation immediately. Hopefully this lights a fire under me. Cause this is no way to, and this is, this is, this is basement podcasting. This is the kind of shit that they made fun of me for at a different station.

Those jerks. All right. We'll be out later this week as well, barring any unforeseen circumstances. And we'll talk to you soon. Always a pleasure. You can leave voicemails. Remember on the Carl's place voicemail line 402915 B A R T 402915 2278. And appreciate any ounce of your time, effort or attention that you give this fledging podcast.

Lots of talk about in Wisconsin. And I do, I do. I bring stuff up, but, um, I can't get into the weeds about like, uh, Josh, Jake Bowers, Josh, Jake Bowers, Jackson, Cheerios number, Pat Bev trade. I do have a Celtics guy on tonight.

That'll be, I'm going to say, Oh, you know, I love the box. I'm always saying the Celtics are like the Niners. Uh, they got to win some time.

Don't they? There's this is the year. If it's not this year, what else? What else?

The year, obviously. Someone said last night, I don't have a Wisconsin accent. He thinks I'm faking and I'm actually from New Jersey. Yeah. People will call and say anything. All right. As Sparky would say toodles.
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