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Brewers need your money, Jay Sorgi wants The Olympics in Milwaukee

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler
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July 18, 2023 6:00 am

Brewers need your money, Jay Sorgi wants The Olympics in Milwaukee

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler

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July 18, 2023 6:00 am

It's a Brewers off day so let's dig into the team's desire for more stadium funding. Plus, Jay Sorgi has done the legwork and details what it would take for the Olympics to come to Milwaukee

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Yeah, everybody. Let's make some content. Bart Winkler show. We're going to talk to former WTMJ radio man moved to Philly for radio. Now I don't know what he's up to, but he wrote a book about the Olympics coming to Milwaukee. Jay Sorgi didn't interact too much with Jay when he was here.

We said hi a little bit, talked to him. He wrote a book. He wrote a book about the Olympics coming to Milwaukee, what it would look like. And he detailed the whole thing out and it's somewhat doable. The book's called MKE 2028 greater than the games and he like schedules out the whole thing.

It's crazy. So I'll talk to him coming up and that will be on YouTube. If you want to see Jay's face and my face, check out the Dan Cheney YouTube stream, Dan Cheney insurance, Dan Also want to talk about Lionel Messi, big debut on Sunday night. Not a game, not a game. We're talking about a 30 minute introductory event where he was out there for like five and it sold out the stadium in Miami, inner Miami is the name of the team messy plays for RIP and long live the Miami fusion could be playing for the Miami fusion after all these years. But let's start with the Brewers off on Monday.

Okay. They got a series coming up in Philadelphia, start off on Monday. Got a voicemail from john and Franklin. So let's hear from john 402915. Bart 402915. Bart on the Carl's plays voicemail line Carl of backslash Bart. Here is john. Good morning john Franklin checking in and spend a minute and get up on these brewers could have called a few other times but I'm trying to retread the same stuff but I gotta tell you, I've never seen a baseball team do more winning with less ones.

They're incredibly efficient kudos to the starting pitch and kudos to the relief and kudos to the offensive players that help score the minimal amount of runs we do to provide the winds sweeping the reds coming out of the gate. That's big time. Nice job. Remember hearing some chirping on Corbin burns. I'm assuming that's all going to be laid to rest.

Do the stud. Don't forget it. We're gonna miss him when he's gone. As far as this team making moves. I'm not going to get my heart set. We'll keep I'm going to keep an open mind. I'm not convinced that we should trade away a bunch of prospects. How many bats would it take to fix this lineup? We don't need any more pitching. The problems are on the offensive side and we're we're scoring enough to beat the pirates and to beat the reds for what you know we're kind of we got Atlanta coming up. We got some of these other thumping teams. We had problems with Arizona teams that score a fair amount of runs.

It's going to be you know maybe a different story. Maybe the pitching is just going to keep shutting everybody down. But I've got an open mind moving towards the off season. I mean the postseason.

Hopefully we are a player in it but I'll be interested to see how things transpire and what moves are made or not made. And lastly everybody's reaching out to all the old g's. Let's get let's get out for this Brewer tailgating game.

I'm giving myself the day off. Let's do it. Let's go out there and get together. It'd be good to see everybody. I'm out.

Yeah so the Brewer tailgate. We're doing it. I don't know how official it's going to look or feel but we're just a bunch of people getting together. It's happening.

I'm in too deep now not to do it on the 23rd of August for Brewers Twins. I'll figure out I'll get my life in order and try to make it at least somewhat like I don't know. Does it need to be though? Can we just all show up and park and hang? I don't know. I feel like I should do something. Whatever. Um that's about a month away.

John's voicemail very interesting. The trade deadline coming up okay about two weeks and yesterday's show I was like talking about hey trade for Shohei Ohtani. The Brewers the last two years here's who they've traded for at the major league level Eduardo Escobar Daniel Norris John Curtis two S's and then last year Taylor Rogers Matt Bush and Trevor Rosenthal Brewers legend Trevor Rosenthal. Last year's trade deadline was so disheartening not only for trading away Josh Hader but the guys they got were I mean last year last year's trade deadline was so awful.

I just I can't believe it. I think last year's trade deadline was what actually sunk 1250. We just didn't have the mental capability to try to grasp what the Brewers were doing. They traded they traded away Josh Hader? Oh and and they they traded for Trevor and Trevor Rosenthal are paying him 4.5 million dollars and he he got hurt he's never gonna pitch?

Excuse me does any of this make sense? So the Brewers have not really acquired a good collection of talent at the deadline the last couple years. Will they this year?

Their needs are what they always are. You could always use bullpen help. You know these guys pitching very well especially at the back end but that's never a certainty and you can't rely I mean you need more than three guys in a bullpen all right and then bats they need a hitting. What they did against the Reds this weekend was fantastic but you can't beat teams one nothing three one two one the rest of the season certainly not into the postseason.

You've got to be able to score. What bats are out there we'll see I think the pipe dream is Pete Alonso with the Mets I just don't see that happening and we'll talk more about some of these guys as the weeks progress here we get closer two weeks away to the trade deadline. and I want to talk about this American Family Field article that Fox 6 was all over. 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point Rick Schlesinger says we need 10 million dollars to replace the freezers and coolers and he said we've got to keep the beer cold that is like the peak of Rick Schlesinger humor some people in this world just aren't funny and don't have a sense of humor and think that things that are not funny are the most hilarious thing I can just imagine Rick of the Brewers giving this tour and saying well we need that 10 10 million dollars or you know we got to keep the beer cold yeah okay hey honey I gave Fox 6 that tour I told him I told him we gotta keep the beer cold oh Rick oh I married you for your wit and charm uh here's what the Brewers need they need 100 million dollars for architecture and interiors they need 55 million dollars for plumbing electrical they need 62 million dollars for structure 100 million for technology they need to repair the roasts for 37 million they need uh 17 million for concession infrastructure I'm looking at an article Fox 6 did and they need 34 million dollars for miscellaneous sure would be nice if that 34 million dollars was spent on a bat you fucking cheapskates so they went around the stadium there are three original chillers for cold water and office and clubhouse air conditioning two are working the third is dead Rick says they're past their expected lifespans their obsolete replacement parts are not being made so we have to scrounge for them you're one failed motor away from a completely useless system I bet you I know I'm an air conditioning expert now as I've had a guy out to my house every year for the last five years because I've been using like the world's last uh Freon which they don't make anymore because it's like awful for the environment so I had to get a new air conditioner did that last week so uh please like and subscribe and share this podcast I need to just uh pay for that um but that's probably what they're on they're probably they're probably out of Freon they probably just need to upgrade their air conditioning the hard sell with the brewers right now is they need all this money but and Rick says like fans are going to notice you know but we're not I mean you're not going to notice if the Brewers clubhouse is not air conditioned you're not going to notice if there's a pet like there was a real big part of this article like there's a patch of concrete they had to replace they need money for all of this stuff and here's where I have a problem when it comes to public funding for stadiums like this because I like I'm I'm stretched both ways because I'm thinking about my house right I just got a new air conditioning we have to do some landscaping stuff okay there is a basement I want to I want to finish this basement that I spent half of my life in all that stuff costs money money that it's our property so we get the money and put the money into the house okay it's going to help the value of the house but that's not something we'll see until later on so for the Brewers I look at all this stuff and say if you need money to repair the scoreboard that's like you're a business come up with the money to repair a scoreboard if you need money to make sure that things are cool the beers cold you need to come up with the money you're running a business how come the Brewers are able to go get public funding and like Kmart can't Kmart why is Kmart the first thing that came to my head the you know that's where I'm like okay I get I get the people that don't want to pay for this public funding even though when you get your tax bill what are you paying like 3 bucks if everybody pays I don't know but then also it is a public like it makes the it makes the city better it makes Milwaukee better having a Major League Baseball team enhances Milwaukee and it brings money into Milwaukee allegedly and like having the bucks if they would have lost and moved what would we have done everybody's sharing their well-timed tweets about a two years ago this was game two two years ago this is game three two years ago this was game four should have got in on that that's an easy way to get engagement I fucked up two years ago we won the title I'll have to work on something but think of all that that's not that's not a part of our lives it's not there and the Deer District's great and it's a great place to you know bring people from out of town let's go check out the Deer District and you know it's not too far from the 3rd Street Market Hall which is cool and you know it's so that that's where I'm like it makes the community better it makes the community better so that's why Brewers you should have a stock sale like the Packers and it should be legit you should raise money people can buy stock in the Brewers and tie it up so that they can never leave like the Packers I don't know I talk about this a lot and I feel like every time I do a CBS Sports radio show I I'm only like scratching the surface and before I really get in the weeds on this I just hate that our professional teams the teams we love so much I look around this basement that I'm in right now and over there I see Packer towels that I got from various games on my walls some Packer stuff there's a thing about the box I got a Brewers I got a whole book of Brewers cards there I got a Brewers I got a whole newspaper like Tom Haudricord's rookie year I got him writing about shit in the Milwaukee Sentinel I got Packer toys laying all over my floor everywhere I look that because these are the teams I love and they can also just like up and leave because they are entities owned by someone and then they're like well we could leave but can you give us some money we'll get the park to be better and then we do it and then they can still leave like that that's the thing like there's still there's no guarantee that the Bucks never leave someday there's no guarantee that the Brewers never leave someday I don't mind if I just I just wish that like we had more of an ownership it feels like we own the team we say we about it we don't own it it's owned by a guy it's owned by a firm it's owned by it's not owned by anybody and I would pay like they could try to raise money and go through all this tax stuff and whatever and you know everybody's gonna bitch there's gonna be public hearings and debates and call-ins all because we're gonna get to pay like $16 to help fund the stadium okay or whatever it's gonna be or they could just be like who wants to pay 300 bucks you get a piece of paper we'll give you a couple tickets you'll never your team will never leave and you can say you're an owner I would do it so it's a complicated thing I just never want our teams to leave and you look at what like happened with Oakland and I don't think the Brewers are in jeopardy of leaving that got brought up in this article he says we're not talking about relocating we're talking about the pathway to get this done so there's no issue or concern there at least what they're saying but you never know you never know what happens you never know if Mark wants to sell or if he wants to you never know you never know and then that stinks like we're committed to these teams there's still there's still some people that would always call into the the fan and talk about the Braves they weren't over the Braves leaving the Braves left let me just do some math 9,000 years ago people still want to talk about the Milwaukee Braves the Baltimore Orioles people forget were the Milwaukee Brewers in 1903 you know there's some there's some people that are still you know pretty worked up about that one so I don't know I don't know it just seems like it's tough and on the on the position of public funding that's kind of a good lead-in into the Olympic talk we'll have Jay Sorge coming up here in a little a little bit you know what I should get for the tailgate that we're gonna do in that parking lot which needs new concrete is get some Omaha steaks promo code is Bart go to Omaha steaks com you type Bart in the search 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out the stadium and they're selling jerseys no cheaper than 200 bucks and was reigning in Miami and it's it's like I've been rooting for this MLS you know the MLS to succeed my whole life sort of I'm split on that too I like root for the MLS when they play other countries and other teams from other countries and then the CONCACAF but then I like root against them when they play usl teams or like the league it there should be promotion relegation in American soccer there was supposed to be when the World Cup came they're like all right you're gonna have a league you can do pro rel and USA is like yeah of course sir and then they're like no not in America we give teams to the highest bidder that's what we do here but David Beckham is introducing Lionel Messi it's like David Beckham's there he's like an afterthought when Beckham came to the MLS it was a huge deal this is like 30,000 times bigger and now his first game that's his first game and I don't know if he'll start and he's available to play they have to play and people are spending $500 on these tickets but his first game will be Friday night in this league's cup MLS is taking a month-long break to play clubs exclusively from Mexico and their own it's like what Adam Silver wants to do with the NBA Cup only this kind of makes sense these are not regular season games they're doing like a World Cup between the Mexican teams and Liga MX and the USA MLS like a World Cup tournament it's different I don't know if people care it'll be interesting but when you see highlights of Messi over the next month that's what you're seeing you're not seeing MLS regular season the team that he's joining actually is by far the worst team in the league they need to go like they need to average two points a game to even sniff the playoffs you know in the MLS pretty much all you got to do is wake up and you're in the playoffs but somehow inner Miami is way far behind so it's truly going to take a miracle for them to climb in you want to I mean have Messi playing in as many games as possible but again a lot of these games are just gonna be on Apple TV plus which you have to pay for the league subscription it's not just that they're on Apple TV plus like the Brewers some games are free but I don't think any of the Messi games are you have to go to Apple TV plus and then pay for the subscription and then pay for the MLS subscription similar to if you watch UFC fights on ESPN plus you have to pay for ESPN plus and then get the UFC package that's kind of like the same thing that soccer is doing for 15 bucks a month to watch everything from the MLS and now that they have Messi I think they're gonna actually hit some of the numbers that they didn't think they were ever gonna hit and I'm interested I mean how do you how do you Messi's playing in America it's bonkers I gotta watch this first games Friday night if he plays but also the USA women play Friday night in the World Cup against Vietnam now they should destroy them but still it's like weird it's like can't the MLS move the game to a time when everybody can watch it where there's not gonna be any conflicts and put at least the first game like Messi's here at least the first games on on real TV if you do want to watch Messi and you're listening to this early enough they are showing his first training session with Miami live on Apple TV plus I mean they're going they're going nuts to the guts on this one so check that out I guess if you want all right Jay Sorge is going to join us next could the Olympics ever be held in Wisconsin is specifically Milwaukee this was a study that he's been commissioning for like the last four years and it's not just like he wrote a book and was like hypothetically thinking about it he talked to actual people as if he was trying to get a bid here so Jay Sorge that's I mean that's that's that's right now former Milwaukee radio man Jay Sorge Jay what was how long were you here at TMJ 22 years over on Capitol Drive doing everything from news and sports Packers radio network and a whole lot of other stuff 22 I I was gonna estimate on the low side I thought you were there for 75 you just try to judge based on the other hairline there no man you were there a long time true true you miss Milwaukee you're out in Philly now I am for family reasons it's necessary for what we need I miss Milwaukee like crazy when half of the Milwaukee flag behind you yep that is it's home I mean when half of your Instagram and Facebook feeds are people at summer fest it's like really love it yeah it's been a good summer in Milwaukee certainly that's one of the things that we try to convince people nine months of the year blow but summer's pretty good although you just you moved to Philly it's not like you moved to it's not like you moved to I don't know or something like that yeah exactly yeah you I'm talking to you like you're out of the United States like you're on Mars or something well you've got you've got a book you wrote a book and Milwaukee is the epicenter of the book and this must have been an idea you had a while ago greater than the games is the name of the book volume 1 MKE 2028 so if you just see that you think games we call the games Olympics MKE 2028 I mean we've got like these conventions coming and is Jay trying to tell us that Milwaukee could have the Olympics and so there's this book and I started reading and I actually read a good much more than I thought I would you know when people send you a book it's like yeah I'll read that cover and interview them but I started reading this thing then you lose me at in a good way you lose me at when you start to throw the schedule for what an Olympic because then what I'm saying Jay is I just went and looked for every day about you basically wrote a book about how the Olympics could work in Milwaukee I'll get to like some of the specifics and everything but where did this idea come from who what where when why you're a radio guy it began when I was of all things it's a childhood dream that incredibly I could pursue as an adult while I was at WT and Jane doing all the things to be a husband and dad but it began with la 84 when I was when I was a kid and it's like oh my gosh this is such a cool event I'd never heard of the Olympics before this is such a cool thing the whole world comes and people play sports in your town and you know when you're a kid you you dream of just ridiculous dreams and you put them on paper and you stick them in a mental filing cabinet or a literal filing cabinet in a notebook or something yeah so of course I did that with my hometown and the games and the idea of Green Bay and Madison and Chicago being nearby college project comes around after Atlanta 96 I need to do a business school presentation so all of a sudden let's pull it out let's do a mock presentation as if we're going for the games what the heck compare Atlanta 96 to what we had back with 84 and switch things around could Milwaukee pull it off in some ridiculous fashion and present it got an A in the project put it back into the mental file cabinet again then in 2012 with London a Wall Street Journal writer at the time Sarah Germano who's now at Financial Times she came out with sort of tongue-in-cheek but there was a lot of validity to her points that the next American city that should host the Olympic Games should be Milwaukee we had some fun with the radio station okay if it ever happened who should like the torch Bob Euchre of course was the one that most callers came out with but then I pulled out the old project and I'm like let's compare it one more time just for giggles let's see sports different sports can be here you use Green Bay use Madison and a whole boatload more Milwaukee what people think we do Chicago might need to do a little bit of help button we've got something here we might have something here so again for giggles talk to a good friend of mine who's really close into the business community and in the government community both in the city and at the state level man named Eric Paulson who was on TMJ4 for numerous years as well as working with Biz Starts Milwaukee and I showed him this and he's like dude I can't believe I'm telling you this you've got something here it's not enough to say we could at that moment have gone right to the IOC in Switzerland and said hey we got an idea for the games and they're like okay go do it it obviously became something where let's test this out let's discern it let's not automatically say we should have the games in Milwaukee and Wisconsin at no point did we say okay let's pull the trigger boom it's right to do automatically but we should test this we should look at all the details of what it takes to really do the games right and Boston 2024 was launching their bid at the time and they had a boatload of issues because we took the attitude of let's do the games and just sort of figure it out as you go and that's where the ISC can come in and make you make a lot of mistakes in terms of what you need for your city and what's right so let's study it before we would say okay let's do it and a bunch of young Milwaukee business leaders join me in these discernment sessions and in our brainstorming of how we could fix this problem about the games as well as fixing issues in Milwaukee like attacking issues of poverty and I mean substandard housing and our really our segregation issue back in my old hometown and to see can we re-engineer a city with how we would do games because it's so big if you do it with right intentionality and right plan to fix things a lot if the ISC lets you and that's the whole thing and we went to talk to leaders like the head of the 96 games in Atlanta we talked to some Packers executives and they're like you need to discern this so we took it we took it and ran with it so you were so man geez you're writing a book about having the Olympics in Milwaukee and like all I want to just let me just let me just I'm so focused on the schedule I'm just gonna pull up day three that's okay so day three at the Wisconsin Center we got badminton at the Milwaukee arena so it's Panther arena right they don't you'd like change the name of some of these things right Fiserv unfortunately would have to take two and a half weeks off for Fiserv form as an example okay they don't yeah yeah yeah but handball would be there Fiserv would be renamed something temporarily you named it the Oscar Robertson arena they could hold basketball and some other stuff handball obviously the piece through Sports Center yep this is this the new thing that's one of two new venues with seats because I'm looking at all this stuff here it's like the Fiserv form and the Al Maguire Center and Lakeshore Park can have they can do volleyball and you've you've got a lot of built-in things and for no other reason to to buy Jay's book very I think you put out a video you're just like hey it's like nine bucks just whatever just to see the schedule alone and like dream but you did put a lot of hard work in there I'm not just saying that you wrote a schedule and made a book out of it but I just find it interesting that as you're laying this out there's so many places that and I'll start there that we could already use I remember when Chicago is trying to have a bid you know maybe you use Madison and this would be a part of it too Madison or Green Bay or Chicago or it's just a nice like when you think about it you think Milwaukee oh small town Olympics yeah right but if you look at some of these places where the Olympics are held they stretch out their arms reach they it's not like it's not like you have to have everything in a 10 block radius they use the full extent of the city and it may have been tongue-in-cheek there it's certainly not when you write a book on it but there's a lot of pre-existing things that you could use you would have to build a couple of other things so what would be used everything else and what are you envisioning that would need to be built I guess we can start with the shortlist which are the two venues that you would actually have to theoretically spend money on to build that would be permanent that would have seats in it and you better make sure that you've got legacies for it which I think is one of the the key cruxes if you can't have the legacy for it then you don't do it sometimes the Olympics will come to a place and then the city's like we're actually worse off now yep like I'll put it this way when was the last time a major baseball game of any kind was played in the Athens Greece Olympic baseball complex 2004 it's still sitting there to my knowledge you can't do that so the shortlist would have been two venues which we would have put in the Milwaukee Inner Harbor area that it was pretty well I don't want to say desolate but there was not a whole lot there at the time when we were discerning this the harbor district is doing a fantastic job of putting businesses putting residential in that thousand acre area but in that space we would have put your big grand Olympic stadium you would have put in the swimming complex those would have been the two new permanent venues with seats we also would have had a cycling velodrome which would have been turned over to trek bicycles for example to use as a testing facility and manufacturing job creating for Milwaukee along with a tennis stadium which would have also been used for three on three basketball and convertible to that you take down the seats you sell them to high schools and colleges and leave the courts there for the community but the big two the stadium and the swimming pool are the ones that really typically get you when it comes to cost issues and number one okay who's gonna use the stadium afterward I mean you either number one make it big enough and you have so much real estate also residential commercial real estate to make up for the fact that you don't have enough hotel rooms to house the games and you need to build an athletes village well that's prime real estate in that area I mean that could be a big money maker so you build the housing and especially if it's all privately invested housing the profit you make off that could pay for those stadiums it sounds ridiculous but when you're talking about an 11 figure like 10 plus billion dollar complex of all that that's there the stadium gets paid for by the profit from the residential and then some so it can become a profit making venture now the big size is if you get the Packers back say for a game or two you make the Packers if they want to invest in the real estate piece that becomes a profit opportunity for them to say you know what we get to outdo Dallas New England all the great mega teams that are even like the Rams that have one big real estate investment we get to we can make money off two of them that secures your financial future if it's a profit making venture if it's not then you don't do it you could also be talking about the biggest capital expenditure that would be necessary for Marquette and UWM to come back to football Milwaukee MLS the National Women's Soccer League have a franchise in Milwaukee and you get the United States Olympic Committee to make it your home stadium get 10 events there a year they become a real estate partner as well they see the long-term benefit but they need to invest in it they're gonna take a cut of what the profits gonna be for an Olympic Games they better darn well invest in your city and make permanent jobs would that be I'm gonna say the biggest hurdle I'm not I'm not pun not intended I guess it's true it's true with that that that would have to be I think the biggest hurdle to get because once you start spitballing like all the things that would work then it's like well where do we put the stadium where do we put these athletes that's your biggest conundrum when trying to put together an Olympic Games you have to have the real estate you have to have the investors to be able to put into that real estate because I mean you we know what's going on right now with the whole Brewers Stadium renovation let alone what happened with Pfizer form what it took to get that done you're telling me public dollars gonna pay for an Olympic Stadium forget about it yeah that's 10,000 percent fair yeah you need to have it privately financed which is why the residential piece and the commercial real estate piece becomes what pays for the stadium and it's private if you do that okay the only real public dollars you need you're talking train transportation within the city and fanning out to Madison and Green Bay that's really the biggest public expenditure that would be involved that's what would need to be built as for the rest name pick out some sports I'll be able to tell you boxing I believe we had that the preliminaries at the UW Field House with the finals at the Wisconsin Center you can get 10,000 people in there for how about trying to think of other Olympic sports and I'm not like I'm blank archery that you upgrade the heart park in Wauwatosa and turn that little high school stadium into like good quality 7,500 seat state now for example Paris 2024 they're sticking that in a park right by the Eiffel Tower much better for television makes total sense what do you mean you got less Lucky Town in the background I love that but if they want the the Milwaukee skyline and Lake Michigan in the background there's a little problem when you're conducting archery competitions win can't do that so so we'll have it the left's Lucky Town archery field would you could you sail in the lake absolutely that was Chicago's plan for 2016 so you can easily do that I'll throw a couple others at you State Fair Park you take the racetrack which at the time really didn't have a whole lot of events going on you convert that into an equestrian center for part of the racetrack and other parts you have like your action sports like your skateboarding BMX biking sport climbing and the replacement that we would have had for surfing as much as I love the idea of Sheboygan hosting surfing that's not a great oceanic surfing venue I mean Paris is holding surfing in Tahiti about 9000 miles from the Olympic Village oh really yep oh well then yeah you just put up six events in Milwaukee and do everything else everywhere else dude right do the running part in Rome so we would have replaced because they allow you to actually sort of localize what sports you should use well one of the world's biggest participatory sports is bowling how more Milwaukee can you get but that'd be at the State Fair Expo Center so what would be the biggest I asked you hurdle like it sounds like the infrastructure for like because I'm reading through your thing and then there are places that I wouldn't even thought of for Olympics like down in Franklin where the milkmen play oh yeah use that there's there's enough you don't think there might be but there's with upgrades there's enough like I think here I think that would be my answer but I'm asking you the question oh by far that Olympic Harbor complex that we considered would be the biggest hurdle because you have to find that level of size of investors now and what's the big what's like the easiest what's the thing that's already there well I mean you can roll the balls out at Pfizer form you can do very similar at the convention center you'd have to redo like the columns you'd have to take that out and redo the roof to that but it's very doable the Milwaukee arena certainly it would be a great option for that I mean rebuild the Bradley Center yep wouldn't be needed wouldn't need it and like I know I just I just missed the Bradley Center it was it was awesome it was awesome but you've also got obviously Miller Park American Family Field whatever you want to call it these days that we would obviously held the baseball medal rounds for but as we all know with concerts you can put things on top of the field and play baseball shortly afterward gymnastics the biggest gymnastics crowds in the history of the Olympic games the only thing you need to do is put air conditioning in the building and hey Johnson Controls can you put in a little bit of a of an AC system in the stadium great let's set it up and that's when you want to talk about legacy like yes if you could you could if the Olympics the Olympics coming here alone just to eliminate that closed roof bo smell that can take over Miller Park on a Saturday love it oh that'd be that'd be the best so you wrote your book you know because I think of the guy Keith Smith was a guy we would talk to that used to work at Disney and then he was an NBA writer and he's like during Kobe's like wrote this big article about the NBA should play at Disney that they did look like you have this idea that you've laid out a lot of the plans and answered a lot of the questions and then you move on to the next thing or is there like a sliver of a percentage in your brain that thinks this could happen I'm personally moving on to the next thing just because my life sort of demanded it at the time and still does today but it's also a situation where LA is hosting 2028 we're not going to be getting the Olympic Games of the United States for a summer games after that I would estimate probably minimum 12 more years probably closer to 16 years 20 years after 2028 well number one the Olympics love storylines Wisconsin's 200th birthdays in 2048 what has to happen is I think you look at what the sports scene is in Wisconsin the overall venue lay out like what we did which by the way would have been the first Olympic since 1932 where every event is within two hours of an athlete's village you look at where you have open real estate what's your economic situation what's the government situation there's no way you're getting the city and the state to agree right now on hosting an Olympic Games when there's so much that they can't agree on themselves and yeah I didn't want to bring that up that's okay that's okay and that's why it never moved past theoretical yeah but with some good reasons for for saying hey there could be something here I think those who are the young business leaders of today and who same are in college today who are your big dreamers this is the type of thing that maybe they can grab on to stick in their in their memory bank look at maybe 15 years down the road take the temperature of Milwaukee in Wisconsin on the sports scene and so many other areas and be like okay do all the pieces fit I think you also though have to look at the IOC in itself because there's so many ethical financial and social responsibility issues that Olympics have brought about because of the way the IOC runs them I mean you I mean a bid situation the ethics of it just come down to the individual people who are involved in what they do but the financial piece here's here's the killer of some of the Olympic bids the IOC demands that you basically as a city write a blank check to them and they can add sports after they say yeah we've just picked you for the Olympic games and that can cause so many issues for example I didn't even get to this one yet this is I'll give you a little preview of volume number two which hopefully coming out soon Rio gained the Olympics in for 2016 when Chicago lost the bid it was 2009 a short time later the IOC says yeah we're adding golf to the Olympics you got to build a golf course there were I believe two golf courses or something like that in all of Rio de Janeiro none of which were probably better than Dreska Park yeah you got to build a an Olympic caliber really Grand Slam golf tournament calendar course like that for the Olympic games they just displaced tens of thousands of people to do it and no one ever plays the golf course anymore so you're you're displacing people and you're also blasting the budget open because the IOC says oh we want this now you got to have cost certainty and that I think is the biggest thing where there comes to an agreement between the IOC and the city to say we are going to have X budget will agree on this will agree to 10% cost overruns perhaps times inflation that's as far as we're going you want more you pay for it I have seen and that's part of why right now after 2032 in Brisbane they have no cities that are even close to saying we want the games yeah that's what I think people whether it's Milwaukee or any place else needs to be like we have to demand more from the IOC because if they do that they can rebuild their demand and all of a sudden they'll have cities that really want and I think we had a lot of solutions potentially to fixing a lot of the IOC issues to help be more budget conscious that could work but they've got to be willing to play ball and that's another bad pun but it's true it's like have you even done any work on what a winter games would look like I don't think would it be a lot of the same or no I don't think we've had the capability to build a 10,000 foot mountain in Jefferson County that that's that's your issue I think what is the highest place in Wisconsin like Tim Hill or Timus Hill yeah it's 1,500 feet yeah the the International Skiing Federation is not going to be able to they would not have a world-class town hill course or anything close to it so it would be one of those things where it's Denver for skiing Milwaukee for for the rest and they just hold it in Denver anyway that's why Salt Lake City is getting as at least as a reasonable shot of winning 2030 for the Winter Games because they've got it already yeah yeah once you have it yep you have it again one more Jay I think right like you know I think that with a lot of people's minds writing a book is something that they would like to do and then you think it's it would it take you four years it feels like it's a very time-consuming rewarding grueling experience what would you recommend not that I'm gonna write a book but what would you recommend to someone who thinks they can just sit down and write a book first thing I would definitely say is write what you know write about something that is going to fuel you so deeply that it's not a chore but a desire for you to get this story out of your mind and your heart and gut and get it onto paper get it onto a Microsoft Word file and to tell your story and to refine it and to understand it and it took probably a good year year and a half of writing after the life experience and I mean I don't know unless for example you're a world-class cook are you gonna go writing about like the great French dishes to cook I would I like ordering french fries beautiful but otherwise you're probably going to talk about Wisconsin sports and a piece of that that means something to you because it's what you know and it's what you care about write your passion write what you love and number two get a great editor get a great editor I had one and Liz Lincoln who by the way does book a book genre that's not mine like my favorite but she's a fantastic human being she writes Milwaukee sports related romance novels so I exactly she's I mean she's got a series of that but yeah I'm gonna I think I need to get her on go for it but she's a great she's a great editor and she did yeoman's work really patient with this idiot who didn't know how to write a book and and it helps so much so write what you know and care about what's gonna keep you driven and get and find a great editor Jay good to chat with you the books available on are we just directing to Amazon or what it's on a lot of different online spots where you can buy books wherever books are sold yeah you could say online but yeah Amazon's the best of them so far like wherever you get your podcast it's like people know how to just type Jay Sorge Olympic book it'll come up yep exactly yeah people know how to find stuff Jay good to talk to you man hope you're doing good and look forward to finding a reason to talk again you got it I've missed Milwaukee we'll be back home soon my thanks to Jay go buy his book it's like nine bucks help a guy out let's give him that Winkler verse bump the Winkler verse bump is a thing usually when I have people on they gain like one or two followers so let's help the let's help the guy out got another voicemail here Carl of backslash Bart for Carl's place this is a Carl's place voicemail this was from a guy who I can't decipher his name but he was listening to me on CBS on Sunday and he wanted to call the radio station and I say the number all the time 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 2 2 7 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS and he couldn't find it so he found me on Twitter and ended up calling my podcast voicemail so I'm gonna play that you know that I think one thing that you would really have fun talking about is the you know the streaming TV live TV thing with like Pluto and and you know video and TV and stuff like that it's essentially old school TV since people figured out that they do like flipping around and stuff and now there's you know channels for everything right depending on the royalties so I can definitely see TV going on there and people of my age they don't know I on television depending on how their parents are but they will definitely start flipping channels around especially when they get a little older so I think it's one of the next frontiers especially if you want to reach old people they've already figured it out because it's part of their new TV and I mean my parents and grandparents figured it out so they can do it and anybody can I'd love to see baseball or WNBA on there I mean that'll be really awesome so new fan didn't really know how to get in contact with you try to call a radio station it didn't really work so thanks well I'm not sure he'll know that that voicemail ever got played but it got played on my podcast and we'll see how much of a fan you are if you if you search for this or not man yeah I was talking on usually when I run out of something to say I just bring up like TV stuff the show CBS is hard four hours four hours by myself but I can't dive into it I can I can a little bit if you ever listen to me on CBS and you know that and you hear me like really getting into Brewers or Bucks or something or even Packers or I'm talking about you know streaming services and TV and I used to work at a cable company that's a that's a warning signal that I have run out of shit to say that's what that is and I just kind of like play the hits so to speak speaking of that there's gonna be a game on peacock in the playoffs well no I don't have to go four hours here I'll end the show new show coming out tomorrow remember to like and subscribe you can check out all the videos that we do on the Dan Cheney YouTube stream on YouTube thanks to Dan and Dan Cheney that come I'm Bart Winkler we will be back tomorrow for the ones who work hard to ensure their crew can always go the extra mile and the ones who get in early so 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