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Stats and Stotts cancelled, NFL Week 7 picks with Ryan Horvat

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler
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October 20, 2023 6:00 am

Stats and Stotts cancelled, NFL Week 7 picks with Ryan Horvat

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler

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October 20, 2023 6:00 am

The Bucks season comes to an end before it begins as Terry Stotts walks away from a Championship ring opportunity. Ryan Horvat of BetMGM Tonight gives us his Week 7 NFL Picks

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You need Indeed. Good morning, everybody. My name is Bart Winkler. And this is The Bart Winkler Show on WTMJ. Remember the Acunet Mortgage Toe-Free Voicemail, 402-915-BART, 402-915-2278. Thanks to our friends at Carl's Place.

You can check them out. Carl of backslash Bart. I did want to say before we begin, Jeff Wagner has announced his retirement from Milwaukee Radio. After 25 years, he was a host that I quite particularly did enjoy.

He was always there to rile up the base on different things and topics and really helped to create the further the divide between those in our community. Again, Jeff Wagner, congratulations to you, and have a blessed retirement. Okay, coming up on the show, we'll have Ryan Horvat.

He will go through the week of pics with us in the NFL. I do have a message here first on the Carl's Place voicemail, as I said, and then I want to talk a little bit about this Terry Stott situation. But we will start with Matt in the Falls, that is Menomonee Falls, which is a suburb of the city and a great place to live and reside. And really, when you go there, make sure that you are not coming to Milwaukee and spending your tax dollars here in the city, because it is run by a bunch of crooks.

Here is Matt in the Falls. Hey, Bart, it's me. I just want to add on to your very correct take that football coaches are the dumbest subsegment, or whatever the word is, subset of the American population. Nobody smart decides to be a football coach. All the smart people are lawyers and doctors and engineers and that sort of thing. Nobody who has a well-developed, academically inclined brain forgoes that stuff and is just like, you know what, I want to do football.

Screw my PhD in bio-electrical engineering. That just doesn't happen. The entire pool of football coaches at all levels is just complete morons, because they have nothing else to do. These are the guys who decided to join the high school football coaching program to make a few extra bucks from their job as a janitor at school.

They were like, oh, I kind of like this coaching thing, and then they got into it and got promoted and stuff. This is where we are drawing from. We are not drawing from scholars and PhDs who have studied this game and made it into a science. It's just a bunch of out-breathing morons who happen to be good at speeches and riling people up and, you know, go fight team win. But, I mean, all of these guys are just complete dipshits. I can't even think of an exception.

Maybe Kralicek is actually smart, but I don't even know them. I could coach an NFL team to ten wins, and I am just incredibly certain of them. Well, that's a good way to look at it. If these guys weren't coaching, what would they be doing? If football didn't exist, what would they be doing?

I just think, again, we give a lot of credence to these guys and really the benefit of the doubt when this is stuff that the average person can learn pretty easily and understand. Their benefit is years of experience and making it their craft. I mean, if you're going to do it forever. I can't play the piano very well. I took lessons as a sixth grader and then quit because I'm a pussy. But, if I see someone play the piano, I can learn right now to play the piano. Will I be the greatest of all time?

No. I think you can learn to be a football coach. It's like we think there are certain people on the planet that were born on third base. Their brains have unlocked an incredible amount of knowledge of how dare we question them. And then you watch them in these games and they're all just so fucking stupid. So, that's a good voice mail for Matt. Speaking of coaches, Terry Stotts abruptly said deuces to the Bucks and people reacted very strongly to that.

Now, here's what I will say. It sounds like the team made this higher a little more than Adrian Griffin. According to Brian Windhorst, ESPN, they were talking about it and take Wendy's word for what you want, but their styles clashed a little bit. Where I think a Bucks fan might be concerned is, oh man, we just got Dame and he knows Terry Stotts and he could have run some offensive sets for him and he's got that knowledge. I would think that everything that Terry Stotts already knows about Dame, in terms of what he likes on offense, I would think that that's already been given to the Bucks. I don't know that throughout the season we're going to lose a game and say, God, if only Terry Stotts was fucking here. It's not nothing. A coach walks away the week before the season starts inherently isn't nothing.

It is a thing that happened and there will be some fallout and ramifications to it. As always, I will pile on Bucks fans and tell them to relax. That's when I turned on Rodgers. That's when it was.

R-E-L-A-X. That's when. I always wonder when I turned. That's when. That's when. I just didn't like it. I just didn't like it. That's when I turned. For the record, that is when I turned.

R-E-L-A-X. That was the actual clip. That sounded like me.

That was the actual clip. If the Bucks don't win a championship this year, I promise you, come May or June or whatever, you will not have the thought. God, we were a Terry Stotts away from the title, weren't we? You will not have the thought, man, Terry Stotts was the missing piece.

No, ultimately players play. For Adrian Griffin, I still think there's a lot. I was just reading John Hollinger again today and he's all effusive about how great the Celtics are. These guys can't stop. They can't get over themselves.

Damian Lillard and Giannis, I think you stop there. How am I misreading this? I don't understand it. But everybody loves Boston and this will probably somehow add more fuel to the fire. At least this didn't happen. It's better it happened now than it happened later. If this happens around Christmas time or February, maybe it's worse off. I don't know. I think that while it is not nothing, it's closer to nothing than something massive. And so that's how Bucs fans tend to treat every news item.

I just don't understand why... This is why I tweeted, what if Giannis did leave? How would we even react? We've wasted overreacting to everything else. We can't even notch it up a level. We've already blew our wad on how we react to bad news. It's not nothing. I'm not saying it's not nothing.

Am I concerned about Adrian Griffin? I don't know. These are two co-workers that have different philosophies.

One was in charge and one wasn't. So the guy's like, okay, this isn't for me. I'm going to leave. Adrian Griffin's got a tough road ahead of him. He is a rookie coach and if this doesn't work, he'll get blamed pretty quickly. Again, you've got Damon Giannis. He's not a rookie coach that's going into a new environment where he's got time for a rebuild. You've got to win a title now. So I don't know.

Again, it's not nothing, but I think if anything else is happening today, we barely care. I don't know. HappyPlaceHemp promo code is BART.

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You can even give some pets some things that help them calm down. I really wish that this stuff was available or I knew about it. I wish I could go back. If I go back in time, there'd be a bunch of shit I would do. But if I go back in time, I would go back, I would get some of the tinctures for the pets and I would give it to my dog.

Man, I think of my dog every time I talk about this. Her last few years of life were miserable. She had glaucoma. She couldn't see shit. Her body had lumps on it, like the crust that builds up on overcooked pizza. It was rough. If we could have made her life better in any way, I would have appreciated that. That made her crazy and hyper.

It would have been nice to let her chill out a little bit. That's what I like to do. I've got lumps all over my body. I'm a piece of shit. My face is falling off. I really do feel like my face is falling off.

Maybe I'll get Botox. Nevermind. promo code is BART.

25% off each and every order at Ryan Horvat and I will talk a little college and then go through the picks. Try to make a Packers prediction. I'm a little more worried about this game than I should be.

Just because of how bad Denver is and a survivor pick to stun the masses. I am swinging for the fences on this one. I will be the only one that picks this team, but I am ready to fail. I am ready to fail big time. So if that doesn't hook you, god I don't know what will.

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You need Indeed. Ryan Horvath and you heard it here first last week that Notre Dame would beat USC. But again, I don't know like what numbers you put into that, but for me it was the fact that they lost to Louisville. They were always going to beat USC.

Yeah, I know. That's kind of how I felt. Even like going into the season, I was like, oh man, what a brutal stretch because you had Ohio State, then you had Duke in primetime, then you had Louisville in primetime on the road, and then you came back home and you had USC. But yeah, I felt like there was almost like nothing to lose, you know, because they've already lost two games. They know they're most likely not going to the college football playoff, but they could still have a nice little season and you still always want to beat your rival. You always want to beat USC.

So yeah, that was fun, man. Caleb Williams looked like shit. Three interceptions, which is, I think he threw three all of last season.

He's had a bunch of like turnover worthy throws this year, but it's because of what I said. It's all like backyard playground shit with USC. Lincoln Riley even called it out this week. That said, I kind of like USC this week against Utah. Utah is not very good this year. That game's at USC, not in Utah.

There's a reason why they're a touchdown favorite, even though they don't look very good, but they win for Notre Dame would have been really cool if all the Badgers could have got the job done. But then last minute is 10 point favorite up in Tanner Mordecai dies on the field, although got to be honest, man. Tanner Mordecai kind of sucks. He's not what I thought he would be. And I, I didn't watch a lot of SMU last year, but I played a lot of draft Kings and Mordecai was like, Oh, this guy will have 500 yards, five touchdowns and rush for 60. I mean, he was a, he was an auto play. So I just figured we'd get something like that. And then he comes in here and looks like everybody. And then Graham Mertz is throwing touchdowns after touchdowns on Florida. Not that he would have done it here, but whatever. Yeah.

Hold on though. Because I see like, this is what I love about like me watching all the games, not to be that guy, but like I wouldn't freak out about like what Graham Mertz is doing at Florida. His ADOT. I mean, he's throwing like, it's all just like five yard passes.

You know what I'm saying? It's well, and he's always like 20 for 48. He was in a shitty offensive system. It Wisconsin. I mean, he's still no good though.

Mordecai is no good. They're going to have to get a real quarterback to run that offense. Let's be honest, man. And I almost like now they went down to being two and a half point favorites against Illinois. And I know Illinois beat Maryland, but Maryland was coming off their first loss of the season, you know, to Ohio state. I kind of think Wisconsin bounces back because I think the good thing is now. Like they'll knock off the, I know that you want to run the air raid offense, but right now just like run the ball.

You know what I'm saying? I mean, it sucks losing the Lucy for the year, but maybe this week they'll just pound the ball with the backup quarterback. Hopefully because like the offense, I feel like I'd watch it and they'd be cooking, you know, it'd be like six yards, you know, seven yards here. Like they're just picking up all this yardage on the ground. And then for whatever reason, they'd throw the ball with Mordecai and he'd just get picked off.

So maybe they'll just ground and pound. They should be able to beat Illinois. I'd think Illinois sucks too. And this weekend's Ohio state Penn state, right? Yeah, baby. I bet the, uh, under in that game 48 and a half, it's down to 45, but for that game for CBS, I'm just going to be watching it while talking.

I mean, like, to be honest, if I'm driving around on Saturday, I would probably just want like updates on that game from noon to three or yeah, noon to three year time because it's crazy because I bet that's the case. You could just listen to the play by play, but I bet Penn state in the game, you know, but, um, I don't really know shit about either team. Like Ohio state.

Yeah. They beat North on Northwestern. They beat Notre Dame, but I think like Notre Dame's not very good. I mean, they got some guys, but they're not a good football team.

They're not very well coached. I'll say that, you know, in Ohio state, like they haven't really clicked yet. Offensively in Penn state, they have two really good running backs, but neither of them are averaging even five yards per carry because the offensive line hasn't been that good. And drew Aller, like everybody loves them, but dude, he's completed five passes this season over 15 yards down the field.

And now he has to see a real defense. So I like the under in the game. I like the first half under, I bet Penn state, but it wouldn't shock me if they got clobbered and they're no good or Ohio state's no good. The only thing I really know about the big 10 right now is Michigan's the best team in the country. I think it just comes down to, are they going to shit the bed in the playoff again? I think they're better than Georgia. I think they'd beat Georgia on a neutral field. And if they win Harbaugh's probably going to the NFL, maybe fingers crossed. If we'll flower doesn't get his shit together, would you want that?

I think I might, I would take her off for sure. He's got this year. Isn't really about like your Jordan love, unless you're bad, bad and you get Drake may. I kind of just want Jordan love back. You'll have to give him 20 million a year, most likely, which is ridiculous. But, uh, like if, if the floor doesn't figure his stuff out. Yeah, that'd be awesome. I don't know if Harbaugh would want to come to green Bay though. He might. We'll do some NFL picks. So Saturday though, if you're, if you're interested, Horvat does his countdown to kickoff show, which airs on 1250 in Milwaukee at 8 AM.

And he does that show from where he lives out in DC. I from 11 to four will be in the 1250 building doing my five hour show, which will not be aired in Milwaukee. Uh, that is a decision above my pay grade. I don't know why that still doesn't change, but clearly I'm not.

I have no feelings on it. I'm also, if you're on the Dan Chang YouTube stream, I'm in my living room today. This is where we do puzzles. There's our puzzle chest. You guys in the puzzles? Oh, we're doing a lot of puzzles right now.

Me and the boy. Yeah. Yeah. We're into puzzles too.

We still do puzzles. I have limited battery on my computer. Cause I forgot my charger at 1250. Yeah, but I didn't want to use my ring light cause it sucks up battery also. So I'm using natural sunlight and it doesn't even look that good. I actually just realized I also have that same issue.

I left mine at MGM national Harbor. I have 38%. So yeah, let's get going.

Okay. So Thursday night's game, Jacksonville and the saints will do the same bit again. I was a little more entertained than I thought I would be in this one. I'm glad that Michael Thomas had two touchdowns that ruled.

No, I mean, yeah, that, that was cool. Even though the saints got, uh, the saints won, they blew out the Jags. What was funny is all these dipshit NFL reporters. It was the NFL reporters against, uh, sports gamblers again, because the line, you know, it was two and a half. The saints were two and a half point favorites, pretty much telling you Trevor Lawrence wasn't going to play, but all day, the shefters of the world were like, he's going to give it a go. And all day we were telling you, it's a fucking short week.

They're foreign. They're one of the worst divisions. Why are you going to throw him out there on a short week against that pass rush dog? I wish Schefter would just report and not do like, Oh, I mocked up a McColl-Hardman chiefs Jersey real quick picture from last year. That's not why people follow Schefter. That's why people follow fucking JFA football or whatever these fucking accounts are now. Here's the problem, man. Like McAfee, now that he's with ESPN, all these guys think they're like, cool. They all want to do like viral stuff and they all want to like make jokes. And you know, I almost said something that would have got me in a lot of trouble.

McAfee had the interview of the year that, that dime Chargers fan. Dude, she's kind of a babe though. Fuck out of here. All right. No, she's, I mean, I maybe she has the sound.

Maybe I see. This is the kind of stuff though. Like I hate, I hate the simulation that we're in right now. I thought these times we were going to have like flying cars and I was going to be able to like put on a helmet and be like in the NFL game instead. I'm seeing some, I thought I was going to be able to take a little like bean and add a droplet to it. And then like a full spread of chicken wings would appear.

When's that happen? We have a chicken wing shortage. Yeah. Instead, when you think about it, life sucks. Life was a lot better. That's why I always talk about the nineties because the nineties were great, right? Like we had a while, man. All you really needed in the nineties when you think about it, you needed like 10 bucks, right? Because you would go to like McDonald's, Subway, get some food, you'd get some snacks.

And then you would just, you know, you'd watch games. I feel like even like games and sports were better in the nineties. I feel like guys cared more now. Like it's all like viral shit. I saw on social media today, GQ Australia, Ben Simmons on the cover shirtless. And it says Ben Simmons is back.

This actually has nothing to do with what we're talking about. But how many fucking times are we going to do this with Ben Simmons? He's no good. Like he's trash.

He doesn't care about sports. There anyway, you can look at fast. So when the world went from good to shit is when value meals started costing more than five dollars. Like used to get a burger, a drink and a fry for five bucks.

And then and then the line of demarcation is when Subway got rid of their sub club cards. Yeah. What the fuck?

And that happened when that happened, the world suddenly went from hopeful to we're just like floating on this rock until our inevitable doom. See, and this is the thing. I mean, it's it's it's crazy because like even I went to McDonald's back in the day, like, you know, the value meal would be like five dollars and sixty five cents, maybe like six dollars if you wanted to like upgrade it to the large. Now, like if I get Uber Eats for Nathan, because he loves fucking McDonald's, it's like 50 bucks.

But even I went there the other night at like one a.m. because it was the only thing that was open. And I was like, oh, you know, I'm just gonna get something small. So I got like three cheeseburgers and a small fry.

And they're like eleven dollars and twenty six cents. Yeah. The menu goes one to three. It says it says big two. But then then it lowers cheeseburger to seventy eight. Yeah. They advertise it as two. And then you get it.

It looks like it's fucking stepped on. You know what I mean? Like, that's why my dad always complain. Not complains, but we always talk about like five guys. And I'm like, oh, I love five guys. My dad's like, yeah, it's just so expensive. I'm like, when you think about it, it is. But everything's expensive.

And if I'm going to pay that much for a burger, I want it to at least look good. Not like somebody fucking stepped on it with their boot, which leads me to the Cleveland Browns, whose defense has been doing nothing this season. But stepping on people with their boots, they hit the road. They're taking on the Indianapolis Colts. Anthony Richardson out for the year. I need a new fantasy quarterback. Colts catching three at home. You know, I'm going to take the Browns here. I feel like this is a trap game, especially with no Deshaun Watson. But I like that Browns defense a lot, man.

Like a lot a lot. And Gardner Minshew, I bet on the Colts last week, it was a huge mistake. It was just really bad, but there's going to be a good Gardner Minshew game. Actually, you know what?

Actually, you know what? Now that we're at three, give me the Colts. Give me the Colts. I'm taking Indy.

I'm taking the horseshoe. Yeah, you're right. Screw everything I just said, because it was two and a half.

Now it's at three. I'll take it back. Jonathan. Yeah, he'll play better this week. We'll see Gardner Minshew shirtless on a GQ. Yeah. Or pantless, maybe. I think like another week, he'll be a little bit more comfortable in the offense. Plus Jonathan Taylor will be a little bit more comfortable. There you go.

The shirt's coming off. GQ. Yeah. GQ, Milwaukee. GQ, West Alice. That might be a B. Looking good.

Looking like you've been doing the flies. Anyway. I take the Colts. Me too.

Bill's eight and a half point favorites. And a TV for my bunghole. You actually do look exactly like Bemis, which is funny. I know, what the fuck? It's actually, that's pretty scary. My face is kind of melting off my skin. Sucks, but. Is it? Why? I'm getting old.

You should sauna. Too many brandies. What do you think? Brandies. What do you think about Buffalo eight and a half point favorites over the Patriots?

On the road. Patriots, I bet on them last week they should have covered, but Mac Jones is a stupid ass and he takes the safety. You know, Buffalo, man, they're beat up on the defensive side of the ball. Eight and a half points in the divisional games.

A lot of points. I'm going to take another dog here. Give me the Patriots to cover. Bill's the win. Bill's have been, uh, I mean that game Sunday night was ass, but the Patriots have no life.

I'm going to take Buffalo. Do you think they just put them out of their misery? Yeah, I still, I still think like there's a chance Belichick just stopped showing up for work for a couple of weeks. I think so. He don't want to get fired.

He don't want to like, I don't know. He was, w w bill Bellacheck's going to coach a three and 14 season. Would you rather have bill Bellacheck or Matt LaFleur for the rest of the year?

Cause you're a LaFleur hater. Yeah. I'd rather have bill. No, I, I don't know any more about that, man.

I maybe, I don't know. I want bill to bring along a young quarterback. Look what he's done with Mac Jones. Sheesh. It's been a mess. It's been a mess there.

Yeah. He fucked me last week, but we'll, we'll go back to that. Well, I will at least.

All right. I am going to take a favorite here. Give me the Raiders three point favorites on the road against the bears. The bears are shit.

There's no Justin Fields. I trust that Brian Hoyer knows the offense. And if something happens, the Raiders be my survivor.

No, I don't think so though, man. Cause this is a weird game. It's too bad. The bills were last week guys by the skin of my teeth. Now the thing about this game is I do want to take the Chicago bears because there will be, you know, Bajans going to have a nice game. And then, you know, our friends at the score will all of a sudden say, you know, it's going to be a whole week of that. So I like the bears to get a dumb win.

Yeah. I'm not going to like bet this game, but I am going to bet something in this game. In fact, I'm the tight I'm using Titans theory about the Raiders here. So now people are like, Oh fuck the Raiders are three and three. And then they're going to go shit one to Chicago. I'm going to take Devante Adams over six and a half receptions, and I'm going to take Devante Adams anytime touchdown came out. He's frustrated with the offense. Last time we did this, he did shit against us.

Wants more targets. Yeah. But, uh, this is the bears without their starting fucking corner. Eddie Jackson's out there. Two slot corners are out.

They're not good. Even with those guys on the field, give me the Raiders and give me all the Devante props. Just give me the light.

All right. Oh, the fighting Toby's go from being two and a half point dogs, the two and a half point favorites against the Giants. I'm going to take another favorite here, Bart.

Give me the fighting Toby's is two and a half point favorites. People are thinking, Hey, the Giants aren't that bad. They actually should have beat the bills. If Darren Waller would have got that flag in the back of the end zone when his cock was being held.

But here's the thing, right? The giants aren't good. And the commanders, their defense also not very good. You can hit them with the explosive passes, but you know who can't hit explosive passes? Daniel Jones. You know what happens if Daniel Jones can't play because he's still got a neck injury? Tarod Taylor plays.

He can't hit explosive passes. Even if they could, who the fuck are they throwing the ball to down the field? Maybe I'll take the commanders. I like the commanders this week.

The fighting Sam Hall. No, I'm here as a survivor. Give me the Toby's. Wait till you hear who my actual survivor pick is going to be.

You won't be mad about it. All right. Who do you like in the game? You like the commandos too? Well, I want to take the giants, but they cannot score. Yeah, they're fucking terrible. They can't score.

So I will take the fighting Toby's. Yeah. What are the giants and Bart Winkler in 2004 have in common?

They can't score. Yes. Got his ass. Kids still got it. Even on an hour of sleep, bay-bay.

All right. Although it is 2023, Ryan. The Dirty Birds from Atlanta hit the road. They traveled to Florida with a bunch of old people, a bunch of fucking hillbillies. But you know what's great about Florida, Bart?

The weather, the ocean, and you don't have to pay taxes. And you got Baker Mayfield hanging out at dive bars with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. What a feel good story. But you know what?

All good things, unfortunately, must come to an end. Desmond Ritter always plays like shit on the road, plays better at home. I think he shocks the world. There was a couple of touchdown passes to our boy Drake London, who is not in London, but he's scoring in Florida.

Just like Horvat did in spring break in the year 2006. I also got my eyebrow pierced and I got infected because I went in the ocean after it was a dumb mistake. I also had bleach blonde tips at the time.

I was listening to a lot of SR 71. Remember them? Give me the Dirty Birds.

Two and a half point. Dogs against Tampa. I just saw a tweet that Tampa is a 78% chance to make the playoffs if they win this football game. And I think that they will win this football game. Baker Mayfield is proving why he was selected number one overall. Just like all the great number one overall picks of all time, including Irving Fryer, the number one overall pick in 1984, to the New England Patriots. Yeah. This is how we should do the picks for the rest of the show today.

This is great. Just breaking it down like a classic NFL film spin. The Baltimore Ravens. Head back home to Baltimore. I'm 20 minutes away from this stadium and let me tell you, play sucks. The weather sucks. The food sucks. The people suck. It's a fucking dump.

Even the people, no, I'm just kidding. The Ravens are three point favorites. Dude, this game is going to be awesome against the Lions.

I think this is the one o'clock circle game for me. Especially because the Packers play at 425. This is the second biggest game of the week.

Let me say something really quick. I am so happy that the Packers play a fucking football game on a Sunday for what feels like the first time this year. Because I feel like every curtain long with Sparky, like we do it three times a week and there's like a game a month for the Patriots. Doesn't it feel like they just never play?

And then when they do, they just get their ass kicked and just like talk about it. It's like hard to really feel good when the last thing you remember was Jordan Love throwing three picks against the fucking Raiders. But I do like the Raiders this week against the Bears. And I also like another favorite here in the Baltimore Ravens. Lamar last week, his offensive line was healthy for the first time since week one. And I love what they're doing on offense, man. A bunch of three wide receiver sets.

When Lamar does run, he's running into light boxes, kind of like a young Horvat back in the day. And the defense for the Ravens get a little bit better every week because they get a little bit healthier in that secondary, which they do this weekend. I like the Lions. I think they're a good football team, but I think they they fall to five and two this week as Jared Goff throws a costly interception in the fourth quarter to Patrick Queen. And then everybody will be like, Horvat, remember when you wanted to give Patrick Queen?

We don't care about T Higgins anymore. Shut the fuck up. Give me the Ravens, baby. Three point favorites. The Lions are in a good spot because they're coasting behind the Niners and the Eagles. Like they're going to have this season with no pressure because everyone's going to be focused on those two teams in the NFC. Lions are going to win 13 some games here.

They're lucky. Like they need to look back and be thankful they lost that game to Seattle because had they not, they'd be the lone undefeated team. Then if they beat Baltimore, they'd be seven and 0. Listen to their upcoming schedule. This is the Lions schedule. Chargers, Bears, our shitty team, Saints, Bears, Broncos, Vikings, Cowboys, Vikings. That's a 12-13 win football season. Unfortunately, they will not win this weekend as Lamar Jackson with the big eight on his chest is going to get things done. And that is about the worst hype speech I've ever made for anyone, but he will accomplish his goal. I thought you were going to predict him to throw eight touchdowns for the jersey on his chest. Not one, not two, not three, but two touchdown passes for Lamar. Yeah, that sounds about right. All right. Arizona, Kyler Murray's back at practice.

What are you employing in this game? Could he win a quarterback competition against Josh Dobbs right now if they were paid the same amount of money and both guys came in for the first day? I don't think so. I think he is bad. Oh, I think he's good.

I think he's good when he's healthy. I think if he would have stayed in baseball, the A's would not even think about moving to Vegas. He really fucked over that city. They should be mad at him. That's not true. Nobody would have.

It is true. He would have saved the franchise. He would have been the premier second baseman in the game. He'd be batting 380. He'd be, he'd be like, he'd be 25. He'd be, he'd be, he would have done whatever Ronald Acuna did. He would have done that four times right now. No. Oh yeah.

He would be the first guy to steal 150 bases in a season. What do you think about the Seahawks as your survivor team at home? So here is why I don't want to take that.

Because every year in Survivor, the way that I get bounced is by that kind of game. Yeah, yeah. An afternoon game where it seems like they're, what are they, eight points?

Seven and a half. Yeah, you're close. And everybody's going to be on Seattle. So I'm in a little small one, the one I have on Splash Sports. I think I'll take Seattle in that one to hedge against the other one I'm doing. But we have not got to my survivor pick yet. And it will, like, I am basically, well, hey, every game's got two teams and you can only pick one. So I am, no, my survivor pick is, is criminal what I'm about to do.

Oh, like Fiona Apple. Yeah. All I need is a good defense. And I feel like I have that in my survivor pick. I feel like the Arizona Cardinals are going to be some smooth criminals and they're actually going to steal a victory in Seattle. Arizona is winning this game.

Arizona is winning this game. Dobsey, as frames would call him, he knows that Kyler Murray's coming back. So now he's going to try to ball out because, like, let's face it, he's not going to be a starting quarterback much longer in this league.

So he's playing with house money. I think he goes out there and throws not one, not two, but count them three Dobbs touchdowns against Seattle, wherever they play. And they actually win that game outright.

But I'll just take the points. Cardinals plus seven and a half. We head out to Los Angeles where the people are weird.

They don't need a lot of carbs. There's a ton of traffic. Clayton Kershaw and Matthew Stafford both live there now and they're best friends since childhood. The Rams are three point favorites. The Steelers three point dogs.

This is a tough one to call. I actually kind of like the Rams in this game to win. But give me the I got to take the points with the Steelers. Right.

It's Mike Tomlin is a dog. We're getting a full field goal. Maybe we're hyping up the Rams a little bit too much because Cooper cups back.

Yeah. Give me the Steelers. Steel town, bitches. Well, here's how I'm going to pick this game. Who do the Rams have next week? Rams upcoming schedule. They have the defenders.

No, they have the Cowboys. OK, because they're going to be the Rams are going to hover around. They're always going to be one game below or five hundred all season. And if they're five hundred now, that means they're going to lose next week. So they're going to win this game. Someone take the Rams to win this game.

In the Jerome Bettis Bowl, I will take the Rams. All right. And even a good call. Good call on that.

All right. We'll hold off on the Packers for twenty five game. So we will move on to ooh, Chargers, chiefs, chiefs, five and a half point.

I've already used as my survivor, so it ain't this one. I think they lose, too. I think the Chargers win this game outright now. Everybody thinks the Chargers stink. They just lost to a good Cowboys team. Justin Herbert's beat up, but he's got to have a bounce back performance.

Yeah. Give me the Chargers at least to cover. It's a divisional game. They always play on top. I think this is a field goal game.

So I'll take fighting Herbert's plus five and a half. A lot of shit talking about him this week. They'll bounce back. There's going to be a play where Caderia's Tony and McColl-Hardman run the exact same route. And McColl-Hardman will stop short and Tony will run into him and they'll like morph bodies and be the one person that will actually make up a good receiver.

And then they'll take a little splash of MBS and sprinkle it in. I'm with you on the Chargers. I am as crazy as that five headed lady. You know, I got to see she's the one person with a bigger forehead than me. And I got a full head just like Tyra. I think she is beautiful. Tyra or that lady?

The lady. You should sing some James Blunt to her. She could see from my face that I was fucking high. But on the radio, it's flying high.

It's flying. Yeah, I didn't like that, though. Like I wanted to know that he was high on that train, like too high to even talk to her.

Here's a radio music. I said that I could relate to you back in college. Like one time I was at the International Sandwich Shop with my boy John. And I think I fell in love.

That's so fucking baked. And I was on a couple of mushrooms, too. And I just I couldn't even form words. I just instead laughed. We played a game on the lack called it was Lady Gaga, you and I.

And she goes, thankful. I love you, Nebraska. You and I. But then WYXX and Green Bay found a version where she says Wisconsin.

And then my listeners were like, do what WYXX does. Oh, I was so mad about it. Yeah.

Why would you want to do that? Jake and Tanner, fucking pieces of shit. Oh, yeah. Those guys stuffed you in a locker. They cucked you. Yeah, they cucked me. They had them 22'd you.

Had the cream puff at the cream puff. Jesus. Are you on the Chargers in this game or the Chiefs? As passionate as that lady was for the Chargers, that's how I am when I see her.

I'm taking the Chargers. Who would you rather you know what with her or Taylor Swift? Taylor is the most beautiful woman on this planet. Oh, baby.

Now we got bad blood. Do you know that she put Travis Kelsey on the map? I think they're really in love. Hear me out. So Travis Kelsey now wants to actually move because he doesn't want the paparazzi all up in his business.

Like Ludacris once said, get the fuck about my business. Where does Taylor live? Does she live in the city of angels? I don't know. Is Kelsey going to request a trade to the Rams? Is Kelsey?

Yeah, maybe. All right. Here's a good one.

Here's a this is actually the Ryan Horvat. If this bet doesn't cash, I have to cut my own here. Gone is the Starbucks.

Got to make my own shitty coffee. And I actually got a fake COVID. Take one of these COVID tests and somehow fake it because I won't even be able to afford gas to drive into D.C. all week for work because I like the Philadelphia Eagles baby to bounce back. Everybody loves the Dolphins. Everybody thinks Jalen shit because they turn the ball over four times.

They go back home. I think they're going to run the ball right down the throats of those dolphins whose defense is still shit. Fangio, you old balls. Eagles minus two and a half. I bet this one pretty big last night, actually.

It went down to two and a half. So all the sharp money is coming in on Miami. I don't give a shit. I'll go.

I'll be a Joe on this one. The sharp money is coming in on Miami, huh? Yeah, people like Miami.

It opened at four and it's down to two and a half. I mean, I would have liked Miami at four, but under a field goal, I think the Eagles win this game and bounce back. And I've actually been pretty low on the Eagles this year. I think they're going to be able to run the ball, control the clock, keep doing that offense on the sidelines. Defense might even have a takeaway in this game.

Yeah. And, you know, Miami a little bit beat up in the backfield right now. I like the Eagles to bounce back. The Eagles are my survivor pick of the week.

Really? I'm doing it. I'm doing it. I got like 1K.

I'm doing it. It's a $50 pool. You know it. The winner gets like a year's salary. There's so many fucking people in this thing. Everyone's going to take Seattle. Seattle's going to lose.

And I'm going to be the one person. Did this guy mean to take the Eagles? You're goddamn fucking right I did. And if you're thinking you can give me the stats, you can give me the sharp money, what the sharps haven't done. I'll tell you what the sharps haven't done or they wouldn't bet on this game.

They haven't looked at the uniform database website where it shows you what these teams are wearing. The Philadelphia Eagles are wearing the Kelly greens and there ain't no way Jalen Hurts is throwing on the threads that QB Eagles made famous in Tecmo Bowl and not coming out of the vet with a fucking victory. Fly Eagles. Fly. Go birds. Yeah, people also forget that Bradley Cooper is an Eagles fan.

He will be in the box. My new updated power rankings of people I want to go to the club and get fucked up with. Number one, Matthew McConaughey. Number two, Bradley Cooper. Because I saw, remember the Spike TV Awards?

No. He won a Spike TV Award and he still has like the horns hung up on his wall. Number three would be Dr. Fauci. Who?

Dr. Fauci. Do you want to debate him? What the fuck is going on in Roger's head, man? I don't think he knows what year it is. I think he thinks it's 2020. Yeah, why is he doing this again?

I don't know. Yeah, the Eagles are my pick. No fuck. No fucking lie.

No lie. Yeah, me too dude. Because I would rather dip out of my survivor pool with a bold decision that I made rather than get fucked by Josh Dobbs. I feel like you know who's going to be a popular pick is this next game. Let's just hit on the Monday real quick and then do the Packers or do you want to do vice versa?

No, Monday. Okay, good. Because I feel like everybody's going to take the Niners because they're the Niners and everybody's going to think, oh, Minnesota shit. But Minnesota at home scares me a little bit and they weren't able to move the ball even without Josh. And now it's prime time, Kirk.

Yeah, yeah. I'm going to take the Vikings to cover though, the six and a half. I think the Vikings win this game. In fact, that's my bold prediction. I'm not going to like bet that with my own money. I wouldn't encourage anybody else to, but for show purposes.

Yeah, give me the skull, skull. My hands can't actually do it. It's like gravitational. If I told you, and I'm not talking, I'm not talking team success. You should pull question this or you should bring this up on CBS Sports or something. If I could tell you that, and again, it has nothing to do with team success throughout the fucking prime time record. Because I think that's a little overblown because I think Kirk Cousins is a good quarterback.

You know what's underblown? What? You?

What do you think about the Vikings? Hold on. What the fuck? Oh, yeah. Here's my question, right? I'm tired.

ADD is kicking in. So if I told you stats wise, Jordan Love for the next 10 years can have the same stat numbers as Kirk Cousins. Would you take that? Probably. Or do you think that there's a higher ceiling? I would settle in a Kirk stats.

Would you? I don't know. He's not going to be a Hall of Famer. Jordan Love's not going to be a Hall of Famer. But wait, week one after the Bears game, I think you announced he was going to be a Hall of Famer.

That's why I'm asking. I was just fucking with the Bears fans. No.

You can't do that. I think you said it against after the Saints too. Why were you fucking with the fighting the Tilliers? Why? So you're taking the Niners here?

The fighting the Tilliers. Why would you? You're like his favorite fucking person on earth, Mike the Tillier. We had him on the show last night. I love him. You look like a South Park character when you wear that hat.

I know. I don't like how I look. I don't like any part of this. No, right now it's a good look. You look like a guy. You look like the dude that's trying to sell the car. But he's also strung out on Coke, so you kind of feel uncomfortable even though he's probably going to give you the better deal. Well, it's the beanie and the polo look I'm going with.

It's just not a good look. Yeah, I call that sophomore year. You know what you should start taking? Every time I get sick, our bosses are always like, why do you take vitamin C? I take emergency. I'm like, yeah, that would help.

Or I could sell my child who goes to school with other fucking kids who are sick non-stop. All right, so the other survivor pick possibility was the Packers, but I'm just not touching that at all. Right, so I'm a little worried about this game. But I've decided, I told Steve this on the latest Curtin Long, that this is the biggest game of the year for the Packers. Yeah, because when I looked at their schedule, dude, there was like a couple wins that I had circled. Like, you know, we win loss. Raiders were a win for me.

What about you? They should have won that game. I like Romeo Dobbs over three and a half receptions. I don't think Jordan Love throws a pick in this game.

I think he plays much better. I'm a little worried, though. God, a lot of money coming in on Denver. That's actually kind of scary. People I like, too.

Sheesh. Do I have to pick this game? I don't want people to be mad at me. Let's not pick it. Let's not pick it.

I'm going to pick it. Packers bounce back, baby. Aaron Jones, 15 to 20 touches in this game. Give me all the Aaron Jones props.

This is a dream matchup. Here's how the Packers win this game, right? If Aaron Jones...

Okay, actually, let me cop out. Packers win if LeFoucke gives Aaron Jones 15 to 20 touches. Packers lose this game if Aaron Jones doesn't touch the ball until the second quarter.

Fair? I don't have a good feeling about this game is all I want to publicly say. I don't have a good feeling about this game. Broncos are terrible.

They are terrible. The rest of the year is going to be hard to watch if they lose this game, because the Broncos right now, I think, are intentionally trying to lose games. None of those guys want to be there. Jerry Jeudy wants out.

Courtland Sutton wants out. Everybody on the defense wants out. This is a team that let the Dolphins score 70 on that. I know they were competitive against the Chiefs, but I expected that because it was a standalone primetime game, and all those guys are trying to get traded into better situations, so they were going to go out there and play hard. Who gives a fuck at 425 when the Chargers are playing the Chiefs?

You know what I'm saying? And the Rams are playing the Steelers. And the Seahawks are playing. I will take the Packers. I'm going to take the Packers. Yeah, I'm going to say Packers. I'm going to say in a blowout, like 37-10. No, I'm going to take them to win. It's going to be a win where you actually feel like you lost.

I think, here's my prediction, okay? Packers, you know, they win this game 37-13, and the good people out in Wisconsin wake up to this report. The Packers defeated the Denver Broncos 37-13 on the road on Sunday afternoon at 4.25 p.m. Eastern. Jordan Love threw three touchdown passes 475 yards, setting a career high. Here's what he had to say after the game.

It was good. Next up for the Packers, they hit the road to take on, I forgot who they play next. That's what I think we get.

I think we get a report. I think they play Minnesota. The Packers hit the road to take on the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday night. At Lambeau on Sunday. The Packers return home to Lambeau Field to host the Minnesota Vikings. Yeah, Mark Murphy once said, if we're playing noon games at Lambeau, that means we suck. Three of their next four games are noon games at Lambeau. Justin Geferson will miss the game, but Jordan Atiessen will be healthy. K.J.

Jeffers will be active, and he also has a red convertible and loves the movie Casablanca and How to Be a Player with Bill Baderman. Guys, so we talked to Devin White, and he's got nine horses, and they're all named after fucking constellations. The best would be, hold on, let me do a little behind-the-scenes thing.

Let's just say what it is. Mike Clements would call in with his cuffs, and it was the most nerve-wracking part of my day, because if anything got fucked up, even though the system was shit, like literally ever were, he was pissed. Everything had to be perfect. So you would just ask questions, and he would be like, tell us about the fucking horses, Mike. Devin, oh, get this, Bart.

Devin White, he has three horses. Oh, whole shit. But the best or the worst, I should say, would be when you'd produce for Bill, and this guy was so fucking lazy that you would have to type up the cues like Radio Joe. Producing Bill's show was way too goddamn complicated. It was like you had to train for three weeks just before you got to produce a four-hour sports talk show, right? You had to put the cues in there, you know, the boner pill play of the week.

Oh, and this one comes from Jordan Addison, a 31-yard, and then you're trying to fire the clip, but the best would be for Clements, you'd have to have all the cuts and the cues, you know what I mean? And so he would just be, oh, and Mike, tell us about Devin White's horses. I don't know. Maybe it's just that you had to be their story, but doing a talk show should have never been better. Well, I don't think he read the key. Like, there's a thing in our business where we'll get copy and for some reason we won't read over it. Like, I was doing PA. I told the story, but not to you.

I was doing PA for a soccer game in Madison, 5,000 people there, and it was Latino night and they were honoring some lady who had this grocery store that really is the lifeblood of a neighborhood that keeps these people fed. And the word was underserved. And so I said, reading the copy for the first time, and she provides groceries to the undeserved. Oh, shit. Like, here, you don't deserve these fucking Cheetos, but take them anyway.

I don't know. It was bad. But, yeah, no, I mean, that was just I would always get a kick out of it, because I was like, man, I'm probably never going to host a show ever in my life, and this is just, and then just reading off a sheet. Anyway, those are the picks. What about thanks, as always? Yeah, 20 minutes turned into 41, as always. I'll see you later. Bye. Okay, it's the end of the show almost.

I have another voicemail to play for you fine folks. This is from Teacher Tom. Teacher Tom, who has been a great supporter of the show. Teacher Tom came to the tailgate, made a small donation to the tailgate. Teacher Tom has bought an Omaha Steaks with the promo code bar, type it in the search bar. Teacher Tom even sent, we asked for money for Tim's hat, so he could get a badger hat. Teacher Tom sent me a dollar on Venmo. Tom, I'm probably going to send that back to you, but thank you. Here's Tom. Teacher Tom.

Hi, this is Teacher Tom. I had two thoughts after reading the athletic this afternoon. One of them is talking about like the Bears and a couple other teams will maybe like sellers at the deadline. Might they want to trade away? Got me looking at the Packers' roster, and I doubt we would trade anyone away, but I'm kind of curious if maybe it would happen. To me, it looks like Preston Smith is probably the only candidate.

I'm wondering if there might be anyone else. Maybe Devondre Campbell, but it looks like he probably has too many years left on his deal to get traded. And then the other thought is about Brandon Woodruff's contract situation. Reading the athletic, he said to make probably about $11.5 million next year, and that would be a free agent after that. Will the Brewers pay him $11.5 million to rehab and sit next season? And then would they re-sign him in 2025? Would they pay him that much money to rehab and then just let him go after that and not get a future investment?

Kind of curious. They could not tender him. They could try to sign him to a multi-use contract after that.

So a couple of thoughts and questions after reading on the athletic today. Bye. All right, Tom.

Thanks for the voicemail. Yeah, with Woodruff, could you sign him now and just say, all right, let's give you a long-term deal? But then you don't know what kind of pitcher he's going to be after the injury. I'm thinking like, okay, now he's hurt because sometimes teams, you can take advantage of that. You can take advantage of the unknown.

It's a tradeoff. Yes, we don't know what you're going to pitch like, but if you are back and good, we'll get you on the cheap for what you're going to be. The risk is you might not be able to pitch, and then we're just paying you to be an ambassador or something. Corey Knable was a guy who the Brewers, if I remember right, couldn't re-sign. He was hurt.

He ended up signing with the Dodgers, but he didn't pitch until August of that year for $5 million because they were able to rehab him and they could afford it. So if anything, I don't know, this sucks. The vibes around the Brewers, not good. It does look like the ballpark is going to go through, the assembly passed it, the Senate still needs to, I think, and then the old Tony Evers signature, but that is very anti-climatic if that's the case.

I thought this was going to be a decades-long fight. But that's good. We don't want that. Maybe I'll get Dan Schafer back on to go through some of the updates as I've been picking his brain about it. I follow national politics enough, I think, but the local stuff, because they're never working. They're never there.

They're always like, all right, we're in session, gavel. Okay. All right. And then people get elected and then they're like, impeach. What are we doing? Can we just pass some laws? I don't even need to be pro the laws. Just go to work. These people are getting paid to do nothing. What a gig. What a life.

Holy in America. All right. So the other part, yeah, I saw maybe they could trade Preston or Keyshawn Nixon. I don't know. I don't know if they're that active. We'll see. We'll see. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I haven't really thought about it. We'll see. Sorry.

That's a shit answer. This is the end of the podcast. If you start to hear something else, it's a new strategy.

They did this before with Blue Wire. This is the end of my podcast. And if there's something else that plays after it, I can get money off of that if you listen.

So I'm not going to delete the feature. But I will tell you when my podcast ends and then to each your own. So it's just like it's the next episode. You just watch Judge Judy.

Now the news is coming on. Or maybe that doesn't happen. I don't know. I don't know. I don't really listen to my shows. I listen to my shows and I do them. I don't listen the next day. So some of you are like, hey, this happened. I've got no fucking idea. But I appreciate you telling me. All right. This is the end of today's Bart Winkler show.
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